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It all started out innocently enough. We decided to rent some movies and do a little drinking...nothing out of the ordinary. But before the night was over, plans had changed. But let us start from the beginning.

I am a 22 year old bisexual man. I have known, however, for only one year, three weeks, and and two days. That was not only the night that I discovered my sexuality. It was also the night of my first sexual experience and my first kiss. Here I will recount the tale that started me off on the road that I now follow.

Rob and I had known each other for a year and a half. We had very similar tastes in music, food, clothes, and just about anything else you can imagine. Also, we quickly became the very best of friends. I had never felt as close to another person before in my life--like he was a kindred spirit. To that point I had never thought of him in "that" way. Both of us were (or believed ourselves to be) heterosexual.

Well, I met him when my roommate flunked out of school. This 6'3", 145#, 18 year old young man with curly black hair was moving in with my next door neighbor in the dormatory. I despised my neighbor as he was one of the biggest assholes I had ever met and wouldn't subject anyone to the torture of living with him. I asked this young man, Rob, if he would like to move in with me. He readily agreed as he had just spent one night with my neighbor and already could not stand him.

That night, Rob had moved all of his stuff in and we had the room rearranged to allow for maximum floor space. But some extra baggage came along that I really didn't need. His girlfriend, Sarah, practically moved in with us. At first I didn't mind...but soon I began to regret it.

Sarah was flighty, annoying, loud-mouthed, and all around bitchy so she quickly started to grate on my nerves. And the icing on the cake: when they thought I'd fallen asleep, they fucked in the bed above me (we bunked the beds and I had taken the bottom). After a couple nights of that I decided to put an end to that...I won't get into the details here, but suffice it to say that it never happened again.

Lets get back on track here. Sarah would always brag about how well endowed Rob was, inflating his ego and disgusting the rest of us...I mean that's just not "dinner table conversation." But luckily for us (me and my other friends) we were soon rid of her as she had dicked Rob over and started dating someone else. He, however, was torn up about it. He really and truly loved her (don't ask me how), and was heartbroken that she'd dumped him. Always being the "motherly" type, I became his support group, advisor, best friend, and confidante. In a few months' time I had him back on his feet, somewhat, and he was almost back to his normal self. Being touch-feely people, hugs and pats on the back were common enough, especially when you were this close and it helped both of us to cope with disappointment after disappointment.

He tried dating a few other girls unsucessfully. And the school year ended. We kept in contact over the summer and when the next school year started up, we were just as close as when the last had ended. This year went on much like the last. Failed attempts on his part and mine to date women and lots of drunken depressed evenings. On April 4th, 1996, things changed. We rented movies and bought some wine and decided to have a little private party...just the two of us. We hadn't done that in a long time. I really thought that the night would be just like the other times we did this. Little did I know!

We spread out the flipchairs (futons, flip-and-fucks, whatever you want to call them) and lay down to watch the movies. I watched as he pushed his flipchair against mine and thought that it was odd because he always left a foot or so between them. After a glass of wine each, he got up and sat in a chair to have a cigarette. Afterward he started to leave the room to take a trip to the john, but he "tripped" and fell--on top of me. His hand was in my lap. He lay there a few seconds, not moving his hand, then got up and left the room. I thought, "Why did he do that? I know he's not drunk."

He returned from the bathroom and we each had another glass of wine and watched the rest of the first movie. He put in the second movie and coming back to the futons, he fell again, this time his head on my chest. He said, "You're heart--it's beating so fast," and continued to lie there. I ran my fingers through his hair, a feeling overcoming me that I would later realize was love. He sighed and said, "I think I'll sleep right here tonight." I said, "Go ahead." He sighed again and, after a minute, he returned to his futon to watch the movie and covered up with the blanket he had pulled from off his bed.

After about half an hour (making it about 12:30--just past midnight) I heard him make a strange noise. Looking at him, he appeared to be asleep. When he did it again, I saw a look on his face, almost a painful look. I rolled up onto my right side and put my left arm across his chest and asked him, "Are you okay?" That's when I realized that he was more than okay--he was masturbating. I said, "I'll leave," and started up to leave him to do his business. He grabbed my wrist and wouldn't let go until I laid back down beside him. He nudged my left arm toward him and I placed its hand on his hairless chest.

I don't know what came over me, but I soon began rubbing his chest while he continued to masturbate, making contented noises. My hand began to rub toward his stomache, he seemed more pleased than before. When I reached his navel and could feel the trail leading toward his penis he began to rub the head of his dick across the back of my hand. I continued lower until I was in his pubic hair and he released himself, as if expecting me to finish the job for him. I grabbed his cock and felt its thick, firm, eight inches. I began to jerk him off with the same style I use on myself, but it presented a problem as he is uncircumcised. I felt around, trying different grips until I found one that made him moan, writhe, and suck in his breath. In no time I had him spurting across his chest and stomache.

Soon after his climax was over, he rolled over to face me and gave me a tight, full-body hug with his right hand at the base of my neck and his left on my lower back. I hugged back, just as tightly. I figured it was over, he would now go to sleep or freak out and leave. But he just lay there. His breathing steadied. It appeared that he was asleep. His face was turned at about a 30 degree angle toward the ceiling. Mine faced directly forward. I felt content and happy that I had made him feel better than he'd felt in a long time.

After about ten minutes of just lying there like that, he stirred. He straightened out his head to face directly toward mine and slowly moved toward me. He placed a gentle kiss on my cheek and moved back again. I leaned in and kissed him on the shoulder and leaned back again. Soon he leaned back in and placed his closed lips on mine. When I pressed back he opened his mouth and offered his tongue. I accepted it readily and we kissed passionately for at least 20 minutes. He was caressing my back, and I was doing the same to him. My hands never traveled any lower than his lower back, but his didn't stop there. He began to caress my buttocks and then his hand drifted on to my hip where it lingered for a short time. From there he went to my thigh and finally up to my groin. As soon as he made contact I emitted a gasp as the most exsquisite sensation struck me--I had never been touched like that by anyone before. He knew I was enjoying it and the neighbors would soon hear too as the walls are so thin.

He removed his hand from my dick and gently pushed me into a sitting position. He removed my shirt then I lay back and he removed my shorts and briefs. I felt a little embarassed as I am not extremely well endowed as he is, but I didn't resist. As soon as I was as naked as he was he engulfed my cock in his mouth. The softness and the warmth of this was so wonderful--the feelings he was giving me that I never thought possible. The sharp intake of breath and the quick jerk of my muscles let him know just how much he was pleasuring me. After a few minutes of this he moved to straddle my head. We had to move further down the futon to make room for his legs, but soon his large tool was staring me right in the face. I tentatively licked at the head and, realizing that I had the opportunity to make him feel as good as he was making me feel, I went down on him. It took two tries, but I took the entire length of his cock and he groaned around my dick in his mouth.

A short while later we rolled over onto the other futon so that I would be on top and have greater mobility to please him. I tried my very best licking around the head and the slit, tickling the underside with the tip of my tongue, gently rolling his large nuts around in my hands, and concentrating on taking the entire length down my throat as often as I could manage.

Soon his cock stiffened and he was ready to shoot. Immediately, he pulled my mouth from his cock and we traded positions again, returning to the other futon. He continued to suck me and when he was calmed down enough, he allowed me to continue on his delicious meat.

I became aware of an annoying noise and it began to distract me from these pleasures. I realized that the tape (which we only got to watch about 15 minute of) was over and the TV was emitting that wonderful static/hiss that you get on TVs/VCRs without the "blue-screen-technology." I fumbled around at my left side feeling for the remote while continuing my assault on his beautiful cock. Feeling the shapes of the buttons, I quickly found the power button and turned the TV off. Now, back to work.

He started experimenting more with his tongue and different pressures of sucking and this pushed me over the edge. I warned him that I was going to shoot, but he continued his onslaught of pleasure giving motions and I experienced the strongest orgasm of my life as he sucked me through it and swallowed my cum. I groaned, and sighed, and grunted as spurt after spurt shot from my cock into his eagerly waiting mouth. When I finally came down from off my high, I realized that he was no longer on top of me, but was kneeling beside me with my right hand in his hands and sucking on my fingers. In no time he had me excited again.

After treating each of my fingers to a delicate tongue bath, he got up and straddled my thighs. Then he stooped down and took my hard cock in his hand and guided it to his asshole. Pressing down, the head popped inside and he let out the strangest sounding noise. I can't describe what it sounded like, but it helped to excite me even more. As each new length of cock slipped into his steamy hole, the sound escaped from his mouth. The neighbors were sure to be aware of what was going on by now.

After my hair was brushing his ass, he leaned back onto me and had me pump my hips to provide the fucking motion that we are all familiar with. With each thrust of my dick, he begain to emit new, more passionate and content sounding noises. I began to thrust harder and faster and he just bit his lip, enjoying the sensations. I was grunting and panting beneath him and soon I was filling his guts with another load of hot cum. After I was spent, we lay joined together, panting, catching our breaths, and savouring the delicious feelings that we had supplied each other with. But he had only gotten off from the masturbation earlier.

I said, "Fuck me." He looked at me as if to ask, "Are you sure?" I looked deep into his beautiful hazel eyes and said, "Please."

He then moved atop me and raised my legs over his shoulders. He positioned his cock at the opening to my hole and looked again into my face for confirmation. I gazed back directly into his eyes and he knew it was okay. The large head of his cock pressed into my ass and it hurt like hell...but only until it popped in. I relaxed and the pain subsided--replaced by some of the most sumptuous feelings that I've ever felt. He waited until I appeared calm again and started to fill me with the rest of his thick eight inches (no thicker from top to underside than average, but so wide that I can't fit it into my mouth past the head when it is turned sideways). As the head brushed past my prostate I shuddered and moaned and precum began to leak from my hard (again!) prick. Before long he had his groin pressed tight against my ass. Now he started up his thrusting, pulling almost all of the way out, then slamming back into me. He had me groaning and whimpering and gasping for breath from the exquisite torture he was giving me. After another 15 minutes of deep, long strokes of that beautiful rod, he was spewing hot torrents of cum into my gripping, receptive body while I held him tight to my chest and shot another load of cream in between our hot, heaving bodies.

When we had both come around, we kissed once again and I knew that I was a bisexual man (if not gay) and that this man was the very person I'd been looking for all my life. I realized that the feelings I had for him were those of love...not just friendship. I am still in love with him to this day (April 27, 1997) and we treat each other to delicious bouts such as the one mentioned above whenever we have the chance.