A Rose On My Pillow
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The following story is a work of fiction.  All resemblances of the characters to real-life people are purely coincidental.  Yup, that's my story, and I'm sticking to it...

This story depicts acts of a sexual nature between two consenting male adults.  If that turns you off, or if it is illegal for you to be reading this due to your location or your age, then leave immediately.  Yeah, c'mon, this means you!  After all, if you're here...and reading this...just what were you expecting, anyway?!!  A nursery rhyme?  If you continue to read this, then you're doing so at your own risk.

Many thanks to some of the other Nifty writers who inspired me to write this story through their own fine writing, mainly my pal, Steve ("Working at the Club" and "Not the Only One"), Kev Mac ("RA Adventures"), and Richie Ryan ("What We Are").  And, of course, thanks to "Brian", who made this all possible...

And, now, on with the story.  Enjoy - and - play safe, fellas!

Chapter 1

Hi!  Joel's the name, and this story is about one of the best - and first - loves of my life.  A little about me?  Well, I'm 23, 6', with short, light brown hair and hazel eyes.  I have one of those not-overly-ripped builds that comes from doing lots of swimming and running.  I haven't really been a jock since high school, mind you, but I enjoy working out.  Oh, yeah, and I guess you've probably figured out that I'm gay, too, since I'm posting this tale to Nifty!  Always been a cock jockey, and always will be.... Can't say that I've had all that much experience, though.  I'd hooked up a time or two in and after my undergrad college days, but had never really been in all that heavy of a relationship up to this time.

Although attending grad school right after graduation was the furthest thing from my mind, as the summer came to a close I decided that that was the route to go.  I chose to get my masters at a college in my hometown, a large city in the Midwest.  As luck would have it, my parents had decided to go on sabbatical for the next 9 months (they're both college profs), leaving me their house to take care of while they were gone.  Take care of, did I say?  Yeah, right.  Moving out of my cramped little apartment, which I had shared with 2 buddies for the past 2 years, and into a rent-free 4-bedroom house with its own pool, game room, hot tub, and lots of other fun stuff was gonna be REAL hard to take!  Somehow, I just KNEW this was gonna be a fun couple of months!!

I'd never really lived in this house before.  The `rents had moved into it right after I'd graduated from high school, and other than for a few brief trips home for the holidays or for summer breaks, I'd never had much chance to get used to the place, or to scope out the neighborhood.  Well, except for the house right across the street, that is!  This cool family with 4 sons - the Pattersons - lived there, and all 4 of the boys were pretty studly jocks.  I had found not just a few excuses to meet all of them, since the two oldest guys were all about my age.   Jim, the oldest, was 2 years older than me; he didn't seem to be around all that much, since he had just started a new job, and was now out-of-school.  The two younger boys were in high school, I guess.  And then there was Brian.  The only word to describe him was "wow"!  I didn't know him all that well, but he seemed to have a great personality - he was warm, funny, smart....oh, yeah, and did I mention that he was also an amazing hunk?!  He's 20, pretty tall - about 6'4" -, and has real short dark hair, with the most amazing, flashing, large dark eyes that just seem to sparkle when he talks to you.  He also has a killer smile.  He had looks to spare - and with that personality, he really had the whole package!  And speaking of his package....it looked as if he was "gifted" in that area, too, if the ever-present bulge in his shorts was any indication.

The only time I'd ever talked at length with Brian was when I had been home for a week last summer.  I'd been outside our house, shooting some hoops.  Someone honked at me.  I looked up, and Brian was just pulling into their driveway across the street.

He yelled over, "Want a game?"  I yelled back, "Sure, let's see what you've got!"  He just laughed, and said he'd be right over.  I thought to myself, "Joel, you dork....telling this guy `let's see what you've got?"  Good grief..."

A few minutes later, Brian walked over.  "So, how long are you gonna be around this summer?"

"Just a week this time," I replied.

"Too bad", he snorted.  "I could show you a thing or two if you were gonna be around longer than that!"  Then he flashed me that killer smile of his, and winked at me before turning back to the basket.

I was left to wonder just what that was supposed to mean, I guess, as he quickly changed the subject, and started talking about how boring his summer job was, how he hadn't had any time to party or meet any chicks, and so forth.  We made the usual small talk while we shot around, and then I guess he decided to get serious, for when I went up for a shot, he stuffed my butt right onto the cement.  Once he made sure I wasn't hurt, he laughingly extended his hand, and said, "Welcome to the big leagues, boy!"

I laughed back, but knew I had my work cut out for me.  As the game progressed, I became amazed not just at Brian's physique, or his winning personality, but at what a great ballplayer he was.

"Geez, guy.  You really got the moves down!  You play on varsity in high school?"

"Yup," he replied.  "3-year starter.  In fact, I've got a scholarship to play at college this fall."

"Cool!  You'll do pretty well.  After all, you just beat my ass!"

He just rolled his eyes, and laughed.  "Yeah, like that was a big challenge".

I couldn't get mad at him, though, as I could see he was just kidding around.  He had to leave shortly after that, and I didn't see him again during that week home, or when I was home for a few days for Christmas.

Back to the present, however.  Soon it was August, and the `rents had just taken off for the year.  My car was parked in the driveway, so loaded down that you'd think it would burst.  I'd even had to put one of those little storage containers on top of the car.

I thought to myself, "What an idiot, unloading this crap in all this heat!  But, what the hell...might as well get started..."   And, so, I did just that.

After a trip or two into the house, I was just drenched in sweat from head to toe.  This was gonna be a long, long couple of hours, I thought, as I reached back into the hot car for another load.

Just as I poked my head out of the car, a blood-curdling scream from right behind me just about caused my heart to stop!  I dropped the box I was carrying, and pivoted around.  There I saw Brian, with this shit-eating, goofy grin plastered on his face.  He took one look at me, and started laughing hysterically.

"Oh, God, you should SEE yourself, man.  You're white as a sheet!",  he gasped between breaths.  "I'm sorry, but this was just too classic."  By this point, he was clutching his sides, laughing.

I had, of course, realized by this point that he was jerking my chain.  I mean, come on, I'm not an idiot....but sheesh, what would you do??  I didn't say anything to Brian for a couple of seconds.  I just stared at this bozo, and let my heart return to normal while he continued to crack himself up.

Finally he was able to speak.  "I'm sorry, dude.  Don't know why I did that.  You were just so zoned, and when you didn't even say anything when I called out to you from across the street, I just couldn't help myself.  Friends?", he said, as he through out his hand for me to shake, smiling his gorgeous smile all the while.

It must have been that goofy grin of his that did it.  I mean, normally I'd be pissed as hell for someone doing that, considering I'd just dropped the box I was carrying, I was incredibly hot and uncomfortable as it was, and then this guy was laughing at me so hard he could barely catch his breath.  But after seeing that megawatt smile of his, I just melted.

I offered my own hand in reply, but just had to tell him, "Yeah, right, guy.  Your ass is mine!"

He laughed even more.  "Promises, promises.  I hear that all the time!  But when is someone finally gonna deliver the goods?"

We both chuckled, and then I realized that I was still holding his hand.  I quickly withdrew my own hand, and got that killer smile back in return.

"I tell ya what, Joel, old man.  Let me quick go change, and I'll come back and help you unload.  Geez, you sure have a lot of, uhm....."

"Crap?", I offered.

He grinned again, and replied, "Well, better coming from you....."  He kept on chuckling, and then, all of a sudden quit.

"Hey, your folks are gone now, aren't they?, he asked.

I replied, "Yup.  The place is all mine."

"Oh, that is so cool, dude.  So, when's the first party?"

"Well, I'm sure I'll be having people over and all, but the `rents made me promise not to do anything too outlandish, since they're letting me stay here for free and all.  It's not that they're scared of what the neighbors might tell them or anything...", I tapered off.  I paused for a few seconds, and then grinned myself.  "Shit.  Actually, they don't trust me at all!  Why, were your parents enlisted to be on the official `Joel Neighborhood Watch'?"

We both cracked up.

He replied, "Nah.  Mom mentioned at supper the other night that you'd be staying here by yourself for the next several months, and that we boys should do whatever we could to make you feel welcome.  Guess my little scream was just my attempt to do just that!"  This set him off in an unsuccessful attempt at stifling a smile.  He soon lost that battle, and a huge grin enveloped his face.

"Say, do you have any plans for the rest of the day?", he asked.

"Nope", I said.  "I'm was just gonna unpack, finish getting settled, and chill a bit."

"Super", he replied.  "Let's get this car unloaded, drink a few cold ones, and then have some fun, OK?"

"Sounds great to me.  Actually, I'd really appreciate the help!  Whaddya have in mind for fun for the rest of the day?"

Brian just grinned, wiggled his eyebrows, and turned to go back across the street and change his clothes.  He yelled back over his shoulder, "Break out the bar, cool down that pool, and fire up the hot tub!  It's party time!", and then he was back in his house.

Ooooh boy, I thought to myself.  This was gonna be one interesting weekend.....and one interesting year!

OK, that's it for Chapter 1!  Yeah, I know....no sex.....but I had to set the story up, right?  Please let me know what you think.  You can write to me at jackmeoffalot@hotmail.com.  I'll try and answer all e-mails, except for the flames <G>.  And...take it easy on me - this is the first time I've ever written anything like this!!  Ciao!