A Rose On My Pillow - Chapter 2
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The following story is a work of fiction.  All resemblances of the characters to real-life people, animals, places, or robots are purely coincidental.  That's my story, and I'm still sticking to it!

This story depicts acts of a sexual nature between two consenting male adults.  If that turns you off, or if it is illegal for you to be reading this due to your location or your age, then please leave immediately.  Yup, that means you, buster.

And now on to Chapter 2!

Chapter 2

"God, this heat!", I thought, as the sweat continued to pour off of me.  "This is nuts, but the more I keep at it, the sooner I can get done.....and then play," I grinned to myself.

Since my t-shirt was already drenched, I just ripped it off, and threw it on the steps.  I had probably made 2 more trips into the house from the car in the 10 minutes while I was waiting for Brian to come back over.  When I went back outside for a 3rd trip, there he was, bent over, reaching in the car trying to pull out a rather large box that I'd wedged in the back seat.  I noticed that he had changed from his work clothes into more comfortable shorts, a sleeveless t-shirt, and sneakers.

"Hey, guy.  Dude, I really, really appreciate your helping me out and all," I said.

He had the box in his hands as he backed up out of the car, and started towards the house.

"No problem, dude.  Happy to help.  Shouldn't take us all that long, anyway," he said back.

He was right.  It wasn't all that long, and too many trips in and out of the house, before we came to the last load for each of us to carry inside.  We'd been working pretty hard, both wanting to finish with this crap, and get out of the heat.  Brian got back to the car ahead of me, and reached back inside for the last 2 boxes that were in the back.  He had to twist his long, graceful frame to make it all the way into the far reaches of the back of the car, leaving his delicious rump sticking out of the door frame, almost in my face.

Now, usually I'm pretty reserved around people I don't know all that well.  You know, the stoic Northern European upbringing and all.  However, this guy had just scared the crap out of me a few minutes before this, and -- as the saying goes -- paybacks are hell!  I really don't know what possessed me.....but I drew back my hand, and brought it down on his butt cheek just about as hard as I could.  He lurched forward into the car, and sputtered, while I backed up several steps towards the gate to the backyard.

He quickly backed his bod out of the car, spun around, and I could see that his dark eyes were now flashing.

"What the fuck was THAT for?" he spit out.

I couldn't help myself, and started to crack up.  "Hey, what's good for the goose....!"

He just stood and looked at me for a second, and then a smile crept across his lips.

"Uh huh, if that's the way it's gonna go down, well, then.....You're gonna just LOVE this goose!", and then he ran at me.

Now, mind you, I was ALL for letting that boy "goosing" me, as it were, but I'm also not an idiot.  I thought to myself, "Geez, I'm in trouble now!", and took off through the backyard.  I hadn't gone more than 25 steps or so, when Brian caught up to me by the deck to the pool.  He threw his arms around me from behind, and picked me up a couple of inches off the ground.  His grip was so tight I couldn't move my arms at all.  Good grief, this guy was STRONG!

"Joel, Joel, Joel....  What am I ever gonna do with you?  You don't mess with The Man!", he said, chuckling.  "Why, I think you just need to cool off a bit, don't ya?"

With that, he moved to his left, towards the pool, while all the while my legs were flailing, and I kept trying to get free.

"Let me go, you big lummox!", I sputtered.  "I've got work to do, and...."

Brian laughed out loud.  "I really don't think you're in much of a position to argue right now, are you, dude?"

With that, he seemed to just fall to his left.  Since he still had me in a near-death grip, I fell, also.  Before I really realized what was happening, we hit the water and went under.  He continued to hold on to me as we sank towards the bottom of the pool.  When we got to the pool bottom, he let go of me, and used my shoulders to push himself upwards.  When his feet were level with my shoulders, he put one of his feet on each of my shoulders, and pushed me down again, then swam upwards for air.  OK, the guy is 6'4", after all, it didn't take a lot of work for him to get to the top of the water.....but it did take me a moment longer to surface.  I came up, struggling to catch my breath, since I hadn't taken all that big of a one when we had gone into the water.

"OK, dude?  Truce....for awhile?", Brian grinned at me.

"Yeah, OK, I guess I had that coming," I replied, chuckling, once I had caught my breath.  "At least its one hell of a lot cooler in here than in the backseat of the car!"

Brian wiggled his eyebrows at me, and grinned. "Yeah, dude," he said, "I'll just bet that back seat of your car has been hot most of the time, with a good-looking dude like you.  I'll just have to get you wasted, so you can tell me some of your best stories!"

I looked back at him, and just rolled my eyes.

"Yeah, you bet, Bri.  I don't think there's enough booze in this city to make me talk," I retorted.

Brian just laughed that delightful laugh of his in reply.  By this time, he had swung his legs up and out of the pool, and was reaching his hand down to me, offering to help me out, too.  I reached for his hand, but then stopped, and looked up into his eyes.

"Are you really helping me out, or am I gonna go back under,"  I asked him.

He grinned, and said, "Let's just finish the car so we can relax, dude, `K?"  With that, he hoisted me out of the pool, and we sloshed our way back towards the car.

We were both able to get the last remnants of my stuff between us on that last trip.  I locked up the car, and we went into the back door of the house with the boxes.  As we entered the house, I set my boxes down on the floor, and tried to figure out how to make as little of a mess as possible, considering the fact that we were both soaked from head to toe.

"Dude," I said, "Maybe we had better get out of our shoes and stuff before we get the carpet too messed up, huh?"  I kicked off my shoes, and leaned over to pull off my socks.  All I had left on was my shorts and boxers, but I figured I could wait until I got upstairs to the bathroom before I would remove them.  Turning around, I started to say something to Brian, but stopped before I could utter a word.  He, too, had kicked off his shoes, but he had also removed his t-shirt, shorts and boxers.  Standing there before me, in all his glory, was this beautiful hunk of a man, naked as the day he was born.  He pushed by me with his shorts in his hand, and cracked open the back door so that he could wring out his clothes.

The only word that described his naked form was breathtaking.  His Adonis-like chest was well-developed -- he had a definite six-pack, and a tummy so flat you could shoot pool on it.  He had just a tiny patch of dark hair between his pecs, but otherwise his abdomen was smooth, except for the wonderful treasure trail that focused my eyes downwards.  His legs were powerful, muscled, and covered with just a dusting of his dark hair.  All in all, it was quite obvious that he was an athlete, and he worked hard on his body.  Few things in my life have rendered me speechless, but this was definitely one of those rare moments!

OK, OK -- enough about his bod.   You're all thinking, "What about the good stuff, Joel?"  Am I right?  Of course I'm right!

His cock was just as magnificent as the rest of him:  about 5 inches or so, and fairly thick, although he was obviously not erect.  He was cut, and it looked like he trimmed his bush just enough to even things up.

I must have spent more than a millisecond staring at him, for it took me a moment to register that he was talking to me.

"Errrr, what?"  I questioned.

"I said Earth-to-Joel, Earth-to-Joel!  Now, I know I have a body that women and men throughout the 5-state area are drooling over, but do you think I can snatch a towel, dude?"

I just chuckled, and shook my head.

"Sorry, guy, but I was a little surprised there when I turned around, and you were all, ah,  naked, as it were...."  I said.

"Uh hum," Brian laughed back.  "I kinda gathered that.  But I figured what the heck?  It's just us guys here, I was a sopping-wet mess, and you're a cool dude.  Besides, I think surprised isn't really the word you were searching for, either, dude."

"Oh, it isn't?  What do you think sounds better?"  I asked him.

"Well, excited, maybe," he said, with a Cheshire cat-like grin enveloping his face.  He then looked down at my crotch, pointed, and grinned even more, if that was possible.  "Looks like you've enjoyed what's going on just as much as I have been!"

I looked down, and saw to my dismay that my white shorts had become almost transparent from the water.  Not much was left to the imagination.....and what with all of the physical contact from this hunk, and seeing his body and all, I had begun sprouting a massive boner.  I was so embarrassed, I must have turned 50 shades of red.

I tried to stammer a reply:  "Ah, look, dude.  Sorry `bout that.  I was just, ah, surprised and all, errr...."

It seemed as if Brian was staring into the depths of my mind with those flashing eyes of his.  All of a sudden, he broke out into a half-smile, half-smirk.  He put his hand on my shoulder, and squeezed.  His other hand went to the side of my face, and his thumb began to lightly stroke my cheek.

"Don't sweat it, Joel.  I know what you're thinking, and I'm thinkin' the same thing.  Let's go upstairs..."

He grabbed my hand, and led the way....

Sorry to end this chapter there, fellas, but it seemed like a good place to quit.  Guess you'll have to wait until Chapter 3 to see what happens upstairs.....heh heh heh.  Thanks so much for all the feedback to Chapter 1; it was so cool hearing from you!  Feel free to drop me a note at jackmeoffalot@hotmail.com, and I'll try to get back with you asap.   See ya soon with Chapter 3!