A Rose On My Pillow - Chapter 3
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Author's Notes:  The following story is a work of fiction.  Any resemblances of the characters to real-life people, animals, places, vegetables or minerals are purely coincidental.

This story depicts acts of a sexual nature between two consenting male adults.  If that turns you off, or if it is illegal for you to be reading this due to your location, your age, or for any other reason, please leave immediately.  Yup, that means you, buster.

From the End of Chapter 2:

I looked down, and saw to my dismay that my white shorts had become almost transparent from the water.  Not much was left to the imagination.....and what with all of the physical contact from this hunk, and seeing his body and all, I had begun sprouting a massive boner.  I was so embarrassed, I must have turned 50 shades of red.

I tried to stammer a reply:  "Ah, look, dude.  Sorry `bout that.  I was just, ah, surprised and all, errr...."

It seemed as if Brian was staring into the depths of my mind with those flashing eyes of his.  All of a sudden, he broke out into a half-smile, half-smirk.  He put his hand on my shoulder, and squeezed.  His other hand went to the side of my face, and his thumb began to lightly stroke my cheek.

"Don't sweat it, Joel.  I know what you're thinking, and I'm thinkin' the same thing.  Let's go upstairs..."

He grabbed my hand, and led the way....

Chapter 3

As we got to the top of the stairs, Brian surprised me.  Yeah, right, like I wasn't already surprised by the fact that a naked Adonis had just taken my hand, and led me up the stairs in my own house!  Me, of all people!!  But, as I said, he surprised me when, instead of turning left at the top of the stairs and going to my room, he turned right.  This led to the master suite.

"Uh, Bri.  My room's this way,"  I said, pointing in the other direction.

Brian just chuckled, and pointed down to his crotch.  In the 30 seconds or so since I'd last seen his cock, it had plumped up considerably.  My eyes became glued to his crotch.  I was guessing that he had to have grown to over 7 inches of rock-hard, cut steel, and he was incredibly thick, too.  Brian noticed that my attentions were focused in places other than to his voice, so he put his finger under my chin, tilting my head back up, so that I would look into his snapping eyes.

"Hey, haven't you ever seen those diving rods?", he responded.  "You know, those sticks that point you towards water in the ground?  Well, dude, MY diving rod is pointing me towards the most awesome shower I've ever seen, and I thought we could go there first!"

I just rolled my eyes at his corniness.  I mean, how could you do anything but smile at this guy, right?  Not only was his grin just a little off kilter, but so was his sense of humor!  So, I let him lead me toward the master bath.  The shower in this bath was pretty sweet, after all.  It was huge -- an open, tiled walk-in affair, with multiple shower heads, a bench, and the like.

"So, Bri, how did you know about this bath?  I mean, its kind of a sore spot between the `rents, as Mom kind of over-did it in my dad's eyes.  Neighborhood gossip, or what?" I asked, as we moved into the bathroom, still holding hands.

Brian turned around after we were both in the room, shut the door to the bath, and softly pressed me against the door.  One of his hands caressed my backside, while the other stroked my cheek, gently but persistently.  His face was now only a couple of inches from that of my own, close enough so that his steely eyes bored into my brain.....  I could barely breathe, let alone comprehend what he was saying.

"Your folks asked me to watch their place one time when they were out of town," he said, in a voice barely above a whisper.  "I came over every day, brought the mail in, fed and walked the dog, checked out the house, and, you know, did that sort of stuff.  Even though one of my bros or my mom was over a couple of times a day to see to the dog, you could tell the old mutt was getting a little lonely.....so I started spending more time over here every day, just hanging out.  Your folks were cool with that, and encouraged me to hang around as much as I wanted, and to use whatever I wanted to, as long as I didn't have anyone else over or anything.  After I saw this shower, I just knew I had to check it out.  `Course the only thing missing when I used it was that you weren't here....but I sure stroked off thinking of you, pretending you were here....."

With that, his face closed the gap.  Ever so lightly, his lips brushed against mine.  He nipped my lower lip, then immediately his tongue slipped over the spot on my lip he had just playfully bitten.  He pulled back a bit, and looked me directly in the eyes.  His own eyes, which had been dark blue, flashing pools just a few minutes before, were now smoldering.  He stared into my eyes for what seemed like minutes, but, in actuality, was probably only for a few seconds.  If he hadn't been pressing my body into the door, I think I would have gotten weak in the knees...no one had ever made me feel like this before, I can tell you that!

His lips then began searching my own in earnest.  My God, what a kisser this guy was!  His tongue felt like it was a part of my own mouth, so insistent, yet playful.  I felt like he was exploring parts of me that had as of yet gone unnoticed.

Brian then slowly but seductively began running his lips lightly, ever so slowly, downwards....over my chin.......to my abs, stopping for several minutes to lick and then nibble at each nipple, giving each several playful bites......then down to my stomach, jokingly darting his tongue into my belly button.....and then, suddenly he was on his knees before me.

I looked downward, somewhat coming out of the hypnotic trance I'd been in.  Brian was looking back up at me, not really smirking, but with a definite smile playing on the corners of his lips.

"Well, my boy.  What do you think we should do now?"  he said, in his sexy, whispering voice.

And with that, he started kissing his way down my thighs, then slowly came back up, until he was once again at crotch-level.  His tongue flicked out, and he started to ever-so-slowly lick at my rock-hard erection, which was still encased in my boxers and my shorts.  One of his hands moved down to assist his mouth, and he slowly began to rub me through my shorts.  As the action from his mouth quickened, so did the motions from his hand.  This guy was bringing me to an excitement level I didn't know existed...and we'd just started!  Finally, I realized that I needed to tell him just how excited he was making me, as this wasn't exactly the way I wanted things to begin -- or should that read end?

"Uh, Brian....If you keep that up...ah....I'm gonna ...uhm...have an accident in my shorts!", I panted.  I wasn't kidding, either.  I was getting real close.....

He just smiled, and said, "Well, then, Joel, we'd best do something about that, hadn't we?"

And with that, he got to his feet.  Once he had straightened up, he leaned his face back towards mine, and enveloped me in another passionate kiss.  Our tongues danced and flickered, and my breath was, once again, swept away.  When it was over, he playfully licked the tip of my nose, and rested his forehead against my own.  While he was doing this, his hands were undoing the buttons and zipper on my shorts.  When that little task was done, he sank, once again, to his knees.

As he smiled up at me, he reached his hands out to my hips, and slid both my shorts and boxers to the floor.  I kicked my feet out of the leg holes, and then found that Brian was once again pressing me back into the door, but this time with his hands.  Ever so slowly, his face descended towards my stiff, cut 6 1/2-inch cock.  He reached out with the tip of his tongue, and began licking all over it, coating it with his saliva until it shone in the light.

When he was ready, he just as suddenly engulfed me, deep throating my dick in one fluid motion.  I groaned, loudly.  I'm sure I was heard in the next county!

As he began to bob up and down on my turgid pole, he started caressing the underside of my dick with his tongue, swirling and swirling it around, hitting each and every one of the sensitive spots.  Damn, this boy knew what he was doing!  It had been quite awhile since I'd gotten off with someone, and I knew I wasn't gonna last long...

All of a sudden, the time was here, much quicker than I wanted, or anticipated.  I found myself moaning louder, and panting.

"Brian!  I'm gonna shoot!" was all I could manage to gasp out.

He just nodded as best as he could, and looked up at me.  It was if he was saying "Go ahead, dude.  Give it your best shot!"  So, I did.  With that, the torrent erupted....I felt like I was gushing buckets of cum, spurt after spurt after spurt.  As talented as Brian was in getting me to this point, he just couldn't keep up with the flood, and some of my jizz ran out of his mouth, and down his cheeks.

After one last lunge, it was over.  We were both spent.  He moved back on the tile, allowing me to fall to my knees.  It was several minutes before either of us could catch our breath, let alone speak.  Finally, drawing upon my the tingly feelings in my body, I  rolled over onto his prostrate form until we were face to face.

"Uh....thanks!  So...what ELSE have you been learning in college this year?"  I asked him.

We both cracked up!  We laughed until we couldn't laugh any longer, the sexual tension broken, and the surprises ended.....for now.

"No, seriously, Brian.  Wherever did you learn a....well, a technique like that?  Sheesh, I've never felt anything like that, ever before!"

"Dude, you might not believe this....but that's the first blowjob I've ever given," he replied, his chest kind of puffed-up with pride.

"No way!"  I said, incredulously.  "But....how....."

"Well, I didn't say I hadn't gotten any blowjobs over the years, dude.  I just haven't GIVEN any before.  Never really wanted to.  I..."  Brian paused, obviously collecting his thoughts.

"I was blown by a couple of girls in both high school and college, and even by a couple of dudes," he continued.  "You know, the big dumb jock, just getting his rocks off and all, and it isn't too damned hard to find someone willing to give you what you want, whenever and wherever you want it!"

"Yeah, Bri,"  I said, propping myself up on one elbow, stoking his cheek with the other hand, while my body was draped over his longer, chisled athletic form.  "But, how.....?"

He chuckled.  "Well, I'm NOT just a dumb jock.  I was taking mental notes with every lick and every nibble I ever got, and I've also read a lot of stories on the Internet over the years.  I just kinda put the pieces of the puzzle together, and hoped they'd fit."

"Believe you me, my man,"  I laughed.  "They did!  They did!"

I leaned my face down to his, and kissed him.  As the kiss deepened, and we once again started to stoke the fire, a distant noise caused us both to break from each others' lips with a start, and to raise our naked, prone bodies from the tiled floor.  As we were getting up, I noticed that some of my cum was still on his cheek, running in a line from his mouth to his right sideburn.

"Hey, you guys up here?" we heard from the hallway, in a voice coming towards the master bedroom door.

"FUCK!!!" Brian hissed.  "It's my old man!

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