A Rose On My Pillow - Chapter 4

Author's Notes:  The following story is a work of fiction.  Any resemblances of the characters to real-life people, places, or shrubbery are purely coincidental.

This story depicts acts of a sexual nature between two consenting male adults.  If that turns you off, or if it is illegal for you to be reading this due to your location, your age, or for any other reason, please leave immediately.  Yup, that means you!  So, if you're legal, willing, and all that, let's get on with the story......

From Chapter 3:

I leaned my face down to his, and kissed him.  As the kiss deepened, and we once again started to stoke the fire, a distant noise caused us both to break from each others' lips with a start, and to raise our naked, prone bodies from the tiled floor.  As we were getting up, I noticed that some of my cum was still on his cheek, running in a line from his mouth to his right sideburn.

"Hey, you guys up here?" we heard from the hallway, in a voice coming towards the master bedroom door.

"FUCK!!!" Brian hissed.  "It's my old man!"


Instantly, we were both in a mad scramble for our clothes, only to realize - rather sheepishly - that Brian had left his wet shorts and boxers hanging over a chair in the foyer.  Unfortunately, the foyer was downstairs!  He shrugged at me, and I could tell he was on the edge of panic.  Somehow, my wits came back to me; I reached over to his face with a smile planted upon my own, put my finger on his lips, and whispered, "Shhhhh.  Let me handle this!"  And with that, as I gently kissed him on the end of his fingertips, I pushed him onto the bench in the shower area.

I threw a towel around my middle, purposefully strode over to the bathroom door, and opened it, letting it click shut behind me.

"Mr. P.?  Hey!  How ya doing?"  I called out to Brian's dad, as he was walking by in the hallway.  I strode to the bedroom door to meet him.

"Oops!"  Mr. Patterson grinned.  "Looks like I kind of caught you with your pants down, Joel!"

"Yeah, I guess so," I laughingly replied.  "I was so hot and sweaty, I thought I'd jump in the shower."

It was so easy to see from where Brian got his great personality, his killer body, and his striking face.  I mean, c'mon ... does one family's gene pool have to have everything, I ask you?  All one had to do was take one look at Mr. Patterson, and you'd probably be looking at a carbon copy of what Brian would be looking like in another 30 years.  All I can say is Brian's one lucky dude, if that's the case!

"Whew, I know what you mean.  It's a scorcher out there today!"  Mr. Patterson said. "I've been working out in the back yard for over an hour, and went inside to cool off...but the wife sent me over here before I could sit down."

"Dang, don't ya hate when that happens?"

His face grinned even wider.  When he smiled, his eyes danced, full of humor.

"Don't you know it," he replied.  "Well, anyway, Joel, the Missus wants to know if you'd join us tonight for a barbeque?  Nothing fancy, just the kids and us, but we'd sure like to have you over.  We're looking forward to getting to know all about you this summer."

"Ah, sure, thanks, Mr. P.  I haven't really had the time to go to the store or anything..."

"Good, then, it's settled," he interrupted.  "Why don't you come on over in an hour or so, and I'll flip you a brewski to get the night started?"

"Sounds great.  Uh, thanks."

"Say," Mr. Patterson continued, "do you know where that renegade son of mine is?  I knocked and knocked on the back door downstairs, but I guess you couldn't hear me up here, so I just came on in."

"Oh, good move, Joel," I thought to myself.  "Leaving the door downstairs unlocked before you were led up the stairs."  However, in retrospect, by the time I had the opportunity or would have had the desire to have locked the door, there was very little of the blood in my body still allotted to my brain; most of it was concentrated in my groin!

"Yeah,"  I replied.  "He's around here somewhere.  He was a big help to me today!  Brian did all sorts of things to help me out."

"Glad to hear that, Joel," Mr. Patterson said, with an amused look on his face.  "He really is a good kid.  I'm looking forward to your being around this year.  I think you'll be a good influence on him."

I must have blushed, for Mr. Patterson started to chuckle.

"Didn't mean to make you uncomfortable, son," he said.  "I just think you've got a real level head on your shoulders, and hope the two of you can spend some time together.  Well, I'm going back across the street now.  See ya soon!"

With that, he smiled and winked at me, and walked quickly down the stairs.  After waiting for a few more moments, I heard the outside door snap shut.  I glanced out the bedroom's street-side windows, and saw that Mr. P. was now crossing the street.  Smiling to myself, I trotted down the stairs, making sure this time that all the outside doors were securely locked, and ran back up the stairs.

As I went back to the bathroom, I noticed that Brian was still on the shower bench...only now he had pulled one knee up to his chest.  He looked absolutely good enough to eat, for lack of a better descriptor...and that was what I was about to do to him, anyway!

Brian looked at up at me as I approached him.  Some of the color had come back into his face, and he looked more like his usually upbeat self.

"Damn, that was close!" he stammered.  "It's not that I don't plan on coming out to the `rents this year or anything, but I really don't think having a cheek awash in sperm is really the way to do it, huh, dude?"

"Uh, no, Bri, I think there would probably be a few ways to tell them that might go over a bit better than that," I agreed, with a faint smile playing across my lips.

He smiled at me, then, and said, "I do plan on telling them, and soon.  I really wasn't all that sure before now, but you've just given me all the confirmation I needed."

I paused before answering him.  "You'll know when the time is right.  When it is, you'll just know.  We'll talk more about this later, `K, dude?"

"Yeah, I want to, babe," Brian replied, rather solemnly.  Then, plastering a big ol' grin across his face, he went on to say, "Oh, by the way, I believe you told Pop, `Brian did all sorts of things to help me out today?'  Just what sorts of things were you talking about, dude?"

"Well, I could have told your dad that you gave me the best damned blow job I've ever had, " I grinned back at him, "but I didn't think he'd be all that interested in the gory details.  Besides, I have a few tricks up my, errr, towel, to show you, too!"

With that, I pushed him back on bench.  I dropped the towel that had been around my torso, and rolled it up.  I placed it behind Brian's head, using it as a kind of lever to bring his head up to my head, his lips up to my own lips.  We kissed passionately, becoming reacquainted with each other's tongues after that brief period of respite.  Slowly but lovingly, I lowered the towel down to the bench, and pressed Brian's head down with it, wanting him to be comfortable.

As his body stretched out on the bench, I lowered myself onto his form.  Giving his lips one last kiss of farewell, I then greeted his neck with little nips of my teeth, and flicks of my tongue.  Continuing my exploration of his body, I next arrived at his nipples.  They were quarter-sized, and I found them to be ever so sensitive as I began to bite, lick and suck each nipple.  Brian's breath began to quicken, and I paid special attention to this area as he softly moaned.  I continued on my journey southward over his washboard stomach, and found a wonderful treasure trail.  Brian's body was almost entirely smooth, except for the dark hair that shaded under his arms, a tiny little patch between his pecs, and for that wonderful trail of hair that trickled down from his abs to his pubic hair.  There is just something about a smooth guy who has a defined treasure trail that just makes me a little wild, you know?  Anyway, I gave special attention to this area of Brian's wonderful body, believe you me!

As I neared his groin, with my lips never leaving his skin, I looked up at Brian's face.  He had raised his head, and was looking directly into my own eyes with his own steely orbs.  He was grinning, and shaking his head.

"Geez, Joel.  I can't believe how good this feels, and you haven't even gotten to my dick yet!", he panted out.

"All in good time, my friend.  All in good time," I replied, continuing my journey.

I slid off his body at the end of the bench, now kneeling at the bench's end.  I gently placed my hands on the backs of each of his legs, and placed one of his legs on each of my shoulders.

For a minute, Brian must have gotten the wrong idea, for his entire body went rigid.  He looked at me with a look somewhere between fright and flight.  He definitely wasn't smiling, that's for sure!

"Ah, Joel, I...uhm...don't think I'm ready for that...," he stammered, questioningly.

"Don't worry, babe," I assured him.  "I'm not either.  We're gonna take things slowly.  Trust me, OK?"

He nodded, gave me a slight smile, and put his head back down on the rolled-up towel.

I went back to kissing around his legs, knowing that he needed to relax once again.  Rather than concentrate strictly on his groin, I decided to draw out the process a bit, and regain his trust.  I kissed and licked down his marvelously long legs.  As I reached his toes, I kissed them gently, nipping at the tips of each of them.  I normally have never thought much about someone's feet; actually, if the truth be known, feet have always kind of turned me off.  There was something about Brian's feet that was just right, though...  They were perfectly formed, and just the right shape and size for someone of his tall height.  As I continued to kiss and nip at his toes, Brian started to giggle.

"That's just strange, man.  That tickles!", he laughed.

"Shut up and moan," I retorted, resuming my actions.

Brian laughed out loud, obviously relaxing again, and getting into the attention he was receiving.  Since I knew he was now ready for the main event, I began kissing my way back up his legs, and before long was back at his crotch.

As I grasped his rigid pole, Brian's entire body jerked.  His skin was so soft.  I marveled at how something so rigid, so taut, could ever be so soft.  He had by this point expanded to his full 7-plus inches.  I thought to myself that although we were about the same length, Brian was much, much thicker around.  Hoping I wouldn't get lock-jaw, I lowered my lips to my prize.

Lovingly, my tongue caressed his rigid cock, slavering it in kisses.  When I had lubed it up with enough saliva to hopefully allow it to slide down my throat, I eased over the large head.  My mouth had never been stretched so wide, or been so full!  Slowly I eased more and more into the back of my throat, then came back to the tip.  I tried to duplicate Brian's wonderful tongue work, hoping to give him as much pleasure as he'd given me.  By the sounds of his groans, he must have been enjoying my efforts.

Eventually my throat got used to his girth, and I was able to bob up and down, licking, kissing, caressing him as I went.  Brian's moans became louder and more pronounced as I quickened my pace.

Suddenly, he shouted, "Oh God, here it is.  Yeah, babe, take it.  Take it!", and he filled me with his sweet juice.  Spurt after spurt filled my mouth, more than I could ever handle by swallowing.  I did the best I could, and let the rest run down the sides of my mouth.

Afterwards, I sat up, and lowered my body over his.  We kissed, not so much passionately as contentedly.  We stayed that way for several minutes, just enjoying each other's company.

Brian gazed into my eyes, smiled, and said, "This is gonna be one crazy year, huh, dude?"

I laughed.  "Yeah, I think you're right.  Now, let's get your lazy ass up off this bench, showered, and over to your folks' house, before someone ELSE comes looking for us, `K?"

We quickly showered (together, I might add, although the touching was kept to a minimum; well, for the most part, anyway!).  I dressed, while Brian pulled on his wet shorts, and gathered his other belongings to take back across the street.

We entered the side door of the Patterson home, into the back hallway.  One door out of this hallway led to the back stairway, which the Patterson boys used to reach their bedrooms.  The other door, which we entered, led into their friendly, open kitchen.  One could tell immediately that the kitchen was a place where the family gathered not only to have their meals, but to talk to one another, host their friends, and the like.  Both of Brian's parents, as well as Brian's older brother, Jim, were in the kitchen when we entered.

"Brian Patterson, what on EARTH...", exclaimed Mrs. Patterson, as she took one look at her still wet, barely-clothed son, enter the kitchen.

"Well, Ma, you see", Brian responded, "ol' Joel here pushed me in his pool, clothes and all!  I really don't know why he did it, either.  Guess we have just another mean ol' fart moving into the neighborhood!"  As he finished answering his mother, he looked over at me rather smugly, and shook his head as if to say, "Top that one, new boy!"

His mother wasn't buying any of it.  She tried to look at him sternly, but couldn't keep a smile from breaking out on her face.

"Oh, sure, dear, and I was born yesterday.  If there's a sweet and innocent party to all of this nonsense, it most assuredly isn't you!  My money would be on Joel!  Now get your obnoxious rear upstairs, and get out of those wet shorts.  Now!"

Brian pretended to meekly obey his mother, but, as he walked past her he enveloped her in a huge bear hug, and kissed her on the cheek.  As he pulled away from her, one could see that he had transferred quite a bit of the dampness from his shorts and torso to his mother's body.

"Brian!  Get out of here...NOW!", hollered Mrs. Patterson.  As an exclamation point to her comments, she swatted him on the butt as he moved past her, and then by me.  I was still standing in the hallway door, and had to move aside so he could get past me.  As he drew near, he looked me in the face, pursed his lips, and wriggled his eyebrows.

"And, Brian!", his mother yelled after him.  "Don't you DARE put those wet shorts in your hamper!"

"Yeah, Ma," he answered back.  "I've thought of a much better place for `em."

WHAP!  Something hit me in the back of the head, and caused me to whirl around.  I peered down the hallway, and got a brief glimpse of Brian's naked ass rounding the stairway to go upstairs, his laughter following his chiseled cheeks upwards.  His water-logged shorts, after clobbering my head, had fallen to the floor at my feet.

I must have had a stricken look on my face, for when I turned back around to face the 3 Pattersons in the kitchen, they were all laughing.  I think they were chuckling as much at my reaction as they were at Brian's actions.

"That boy's given me more gray hair than the other 3 combined," Mrs. Patterson said, shaking her head, laughing.  "Now, c'mere, and give us a hug."

With that, Mrs. Patterson grabbed me, and gave me a huge hug, and a kiss on the cheek.

"We're so glad you're around, Joel!", she declared.  "Your folks are so dear to us, and we feel like you're already a part of our family.  You will consider this house to be your home, too, dear."

"Uh, thanks, Mrs. P.  That's really nice of you..."

"Nonsense on the nice, Joel.  You're family.  And it's Helen.  Mrs. Patterson is my mother-in-law!", she responded.  With that, she bent over, picked up Brian's shorts, and draped them over the back of the nearest chair.

I smiled, immediately warming to the woman.  "OK, Helen it is."

"Good.  Bill, let's get the barbeque started outside.  I've already got the dishes ready to go."  And with that, Helen was on her way outside.  The woman seemed to be a whirling dervish, constantly in motion, allowing one to only catch those words that were said as she was moving past you on her way to her next task.

Mr. Patterson rolled his eyes at me, smiled, and patted me on the back as he swept past, following his wife to the backyard.  Before he left the room, he told me to help myself to a beer in the fridge, and to make myself at home.

I reached over to the refrigerator, pulled out a beer, and sat down next to Brian's brother.  I noticed that Jim hadn't said a word to me in all this time, which I thought was a little strange, but I guess we didn't really know each other all that well, either.  I decided to try and break the ice.

"So, Jim, how's it goin'?" I started.  "My folks told me that you've got your own place now, and a pretty sweet job and all."

Jim looked over at the doorway where his parents had just left the room, as if to ensure that they would be unable to hear his reply.  He then looked over at me, and leaned back in his chair.  Looked at me?  Actually, he was staring at me in a very intense, direct manner.  The longer he looked at me, the more uncomfortable I became.  I finally averted my eyes.  Then, for something to do, I picked up my beer, opened it, and took a big swallow.  Just as I was in mid-swallow, Jim chose that very moment to speak to me.

"So, Joel.  How long have you been fucking my brother?"

Author's Notes:  Gee, if this was a soap opera, there'd be organ music playing right about now, huh?!.  No, not THAT kind of organ music....sheesh!!!  <G>  Hope you're enjoying the story.  I've really been amazed by all of your e-mails, and I'm so appreciative you took the time to write!  Thanks!!  If you'd like to drop me a line, I can be reached at: jackmeoffalot@hotmail.com .  I'm sorry that this chapter took a bit longer than normal to post, but I took some time off and got out-of-town for a couple of weeks.  That was great, I tell ya!  I'll try and answer your e-mails just as soon as I can get caught up, OK?  Until then, take care!