A Rose On My Pillow

Chapter 7

(c) 2001 by jackmeoffalot@hotmail.com

Author's Notes:  The following story is a work of fiction.  Any similarity of the characters to real-life people, places, late night sitcom characters, animals, vegetables or minerals is purely coincidental and unintended.

This story depicts acts of a sexual nature between two consenting male adults.  If that turns you off, or especially if it is illegal for you to be reading this due to your location, your age, or for any other reason, please leave immediately.  Yup, that means you! Scoot!  Shoo!  Scram!  So, if you're legal, willing, and all that, let's continue with our little saga ...  And I'm sorry it's taken so long, but I'll try and more adequately apologize for that at the end of this chapter...

From Chapter 6:

After about 2 or 3 minutes, Brian opened the door.  I was ready for him by the time he came in, waiting around the corner in the living room.

"Dude, I'm sooo ... sorry I was laughing, but ... if you could have ... seen yourself!" I heard him say, almost gasping for each breath, as he closed the door.  "Once I knew ... you weren't hurt...  But, man, with your butt ... up in the air ... and all those kids..."

His voice sounded so full of mirth that I was pretty sure he was about to have another laugh attack.  I, however, had different plans in mind for the evening.  You see, while he was still outside I had shucked all my clothes, and had worked myself hard in the process.  Yup, ol' Joel was primed, and ready for some action!  At that exact moment, Brian came around the corner, and saw me standing there, naked as the day I was born.

"Damn, boy!  You don't waste ..."

You know, that's about all the words I remember Brian getting out right then.  You see, that's about how long it took for me to cross over to him, and to plant on him the biggest, sexiest, horniest kiss I knew how to give.  You know, it seems like it only took a matter of seconds for him to be out of his clothes as well!  And then ...


Gee, I'm tempted to just skip the gory details, and cut to the next morning.  You know, like how they would film it for a G-rated movie?  Just imagining the looks on your faces when I said that, thinking to yourself, "What the hell?!?!?!", is enough to make anyone smile!  OK, OK, I'll share what happened, then, if that'll make you happy... 

As I kissed a rather startled Brian, I also started undressing him.  First, I ever-so-slowly pushed his tight, form-fitting shirt up and over his head, and it fell to the floor.  Next to go were his cargo shorts, leaving him in just his boxers and socks.  I was rather amused to see he was already hard.  Rock hard, if you must know.  Guess it doesn't take much for that boy!  Either that, or our  sexy little kiss was as good for him as it was for me...

He reached down to push his boxers off his hips, but I stopped him.

"Nope, Bri.  That's for me to do," I whispered to him.

He looked at me in reply, wondering what was coming next.  As he stood there, I started running my tongue down his neck, and began giving his chest the bath of its life.  I looked up as I went downwards, and a smile was starting to emerge on Brian's lips.  A rather large smile, in fact.  

I gently pushed him so that he sat down on the edge of the sofa.  I continued to push him backwards after he sat, and soon he was lying prone beneath me.  After we were both stretched out, I resumed my tongue bath of his body.  As I reached his chest, I continued kissing and licking his torso.  Starting with his left nipple, I licked and coaxed, and then nipped and slightly bit as I sucked.  I must have stayed on his nipple for a good 5 minutes.

"Damn, Joel," Brian moaned.  "Can't you move on to my other tit?  It's getting a bit lonesome, there, man, and this one's getting a little sore!"

Usually I enjoy the give and take with my partner, but this was one instance where I wanted things to be done my way.  Wanting to let him know that, just this once, I bit down on his nipple just a little more forcefully than I would normally have done.  That made him flinch a bit.  Not in pain, mind you, but I had the boy's attention.  And, with that little fact established, I worked my way over to his other nipple, repeating my performance.

Nibbling, nipping, licking ...  This routine was starting to become something we could both enjoy.  In addition to my lips, I also used my hands to memorize every contour, every crevice, every bump on his torso.  His athletic build was such a turn-on.

Seemingly fixated on his belly button, I lathered it in my saliva, using my tongue to wash it clean.  This caused Brian to give a slight arch to his back.

"God, Joel," he sputtered.  "Will you hurry up, damn it?!  I feel like I could shoot, and you're still playing with my chest!"

"All in good time, my man," I laughingly replied.  "Besides," I continued, flicking his by now ultra-sensitive left nipple with my thumb and forefinger, "you need to learn a little patience.  If you want to shoot, go ahead!  I'm gonna take my time.  I expect that you'll shoot more than once tonight, anyhow..."

The flick to his nipple caused Brian to again arch his back.  Knowing that he was getting pretty turned on, I continued to work my way downward on his wonderfully toned body.  Momentarily getting up and off of him, I lifted Brian's right leg, and removed his sock.  Now, normally, feet just don't turn me on all that much, but I was really starting to get into this guy - and I mean getting into everything about him.  I brought his foot to my lips, and gently kissed the sole of his foot, then each and every one of his toes.  I looked down at Brian while doing this.  He was returning my gaze with tenderness, and his patented smirk indicated that he had a comment on the situation that would be shared shortly.

"Uhm, dude...  That's nice and all, and well, kind of kinky...  but isn't it kind of weird?"

"Shut up and enjoy it," I retorted, biting down on his little toe to emphasize my point.

Lowering his leg back down onto the sofa, I repeated the actions with his left leg, removing his sock, and kissing his feet.  This time Brian remained silent through all the attention.

Now the only remaining article of clothing on Brian's body was his tight boxers.  Just reaching for them and pulling them off didn't sound like all that much fun, so I again crawled up over his legs, and lowered my face to his crotch.  I nuzzled my face into his groin, enjoying the smell that was so totally Brian.  I noted that the front of his shorts was beginning to become a little damp, as he was leaking profusely.  I thought to myself, "Time to get this show on the road, Joel!"

Stretching my lips to the edge of his boxers, I bit down on the waistband of the shorts.  Ever so slowly I tried to lower his shorts off his body, peeling him like an grape.  This was sexy and all that, but I ran into a small problem:  in the position he was in, and  due to the fact that his boxers were so danged snug, I couldn't get them off of him!  

"Hmmmmm," I pondered, half out loud, and half to myself.  "What to do, what to do."

Brian looked at me quizzically.

"This isn't all that much of a problem, Joel.  I'll just take 'em off..."

As he raised his hips to do just that, I thumped him, forcefully, on his chest.

"Nope!", I commanded.  "Down, boy!  Stay!  Heel!"

Brian brought his hands up as if they were paws, and stuck his tongue out as if he were in the middle of a canine pant.

"Good boy, " I praised him, patting his chest where I had just thumped him.  "Maybe later, if you continue to be a good boy, I'll give you your very own bone to play with!  Now, here's what we'll do...."

And, surprising even myself, I stood up off of the sofa, grabbed the waistband of his shorts, and yanked as hard as I could.  Hey, I'd seen it happen in movies, so why not in real life, right?  Well, it worked.  Those puppies just shredded, and fell off Brian's body like they were sheets of tissue paper.  I love it when a plan comes together!

At first Brian was a tad bit startled, but he soon began to laugh.

"Damn, Joel!  And you called me impatient!"

"Yup," I replied.  "And don't forget that!"

Not too lost in the shuffle was the fact that Brian was now totally naked before me.  His wonderful cock was hard and throbbing.  I quickly knelt between his legs, and swallowed him whole.

Brian's moans were so loud, I had the fleeting thought that his parents must be hearing us clear across the street!  Luckily, though, I was able to keep my mind on the matter at hand, and could concentrate on what I was doing.

"Uhhh, God," Brian groaned.  "Shit, I love what you're doing..."

I knew he would last too long, and he didn't.  Before too many minutes, I felt him tense, and suddenly my mouth and tummy were filled with his sweet juices.  Continuing my bath, I kept on sucking him until he was dry.  Then, I crawled up onto his torso, and tenderly kissed him.

"Uhm-mmm.  Good!", was all that Brian could manage to say in the way of conversation, seemingly content to just stay as we were, stroking one another and occasionally kissing.

I raised up both elbows and looked down on him.

"What is this," I queried.  "A soup commercial?"

He laughed, but didn't have much else to say in the way of a retort.  I stood up, reached for his hand, and gently tugged him to his feet.

"C'mon, there, stud.  I don't know about you, but I'm wiped, and gotta get some zzzz's, 'k?", I asked.

Brian nodded, and whispered his agreement.  The day-long sexathon had taken a lot out of him as well, so we turned out the lights, made sure the doors were locked, and went upstairs.  I quickly undressed, and joined Brian in bed.  He spooned his longer body around that of mine, and we were both drifting off in a matter of minutes.  As I started to fall asleep, I heard Brian whisper in my ear.

"I love you, dude."

Smiling, I replied.

"I love you, too, DUDE."

He chuckled.  And, with that, we were both soon asleep.

As I started to awaken, I was having the most wonderful dream.  I had just met this gorgeous guy, and we'd somehow just connected like no other relationship I'd ever had.  He was fun to be around, witty, charming, great looking, and I just couldn't wait to spend more time with him.  The sex was also fantastic...

Suddenly, my sleep-addled brain realized that I wasn't alone in the bed, and that I had an incredible sensation flowing from my crotch.  I groggily opened my eyes, and tried to focus downwards.  Sure enough, that guy I'd been dreaming about - that hunk - that incredible person - was real, and he was in bed with me, giving my morning woody a wonderful workout!

"Uhhmmm, what a great way to wake up," I purred.

Brian lifted his mouth from my cock to look up and me and smile.

"Morning, sweetie.  I was afraid you wouldn't fix me any breakfast, so I decided to get my own!  You know, kind of The Breakfast of Champions, so to speak."

I laughed out loud.  I was kind of glad he didn't, though, as he had resumed sucking me.  It took next to no time for him to get me off, and I was soon delivering his breakfast, just as he had ordered.

Satisfied that I was happy, and now fully awake, Brian kissed me good morning.  We stayed like that for several minutes, just lightly talking, kissing, and smiling at one another.

"Hey, bud," Brian said.  "Why don't you get your lazy ass up, and fix me some breakfast for real?  I've got to get over to my cousin's and help with the store inventory today, you need to unpack all the shit in this room, and time's awastin.'"

"Hey," I crooned.  "You wake me up like that every day, and I'll do damned near anything you ask me to do, mister!"

"Anything?" Brian asked, reverting to wiseass form, wiggling both eyebrows.  "We'll see, we'll see..."

We both laughed.  Brian then reached across me, and slapped me on my bare ass.  

"OK, up and at 'em, guy!  Go make me some vittles!"

I rolled my eyes, and got up.  I put on my boxers, and marched towards the door.  Just as I went through the door, I turned and looked towards the now dressing Brian.

"Ah, you remember that there isn't too much food in the house.  Don't expect much," I warned him.

Brian grinned.

"Surprise me," he laughed.  "I've already pretty much filled up my tummy!" he continued, rubbing his belly.

I just shook my head, chuckled back at him, and went downstairs.  Surprisingly enough, I was able to find a few things that had been left in the cupboards and the refrigerator, and was able to put some fruit, cereal, and toast on the table by the time Brian came downstairs.

"Damn, Joel.  You're gonna make a great wife some..."

Of course, he wasn't able to say much more along that vein, as I suddenly slapped my hand over his face.  

"Don't say that, Bri.  It's too damned early, and I haven't had any coffee yet to take any more verbal abuse."

He wolfed his food down, and, glancing at the clock, got to his feet.

"Dang it, I gotta run.  I promised I'd be there by 10:30, and it's clear across town."

We walked together towards the back door.  As we reached it, he leaned down to kiss me a quick good-bye.  Well, that was his intention, anyway, but I wanted him to think about me all day.  As we continued to kiss, I reached down, and started to stroke him.  He was instantly hard.

Brian just laughed as we broke our kiss, and he backed away.

"Yeah, go ahead and give me wood, there, Joel," Brian dared.  "Make me hard, and make me leak."

"Just wanted you to remember me all day, kiddo," I countered, joining him in laughter.

Brian just smirked at me, leaning against the wall.

"Well, Joel, ol' buddy, you probably have made me leak a little, and I probably will get hard and leak a bit when I think of you all day long...  But we're both gonna be able to enjoy that later today..."

As he talked, Brian lifted the waistband of his shorts, showing me the boxers that he had on underneath.

"You can think of me all day," he continued, "with this thought:  I'm wearing your last clean pair of boxers!  I sure as hell wasn't gonna go commando working all day with my family!  So if I leak, I'm leaking in your undies..."

Brian had apparently borrowed a pair of my boxers from my suitcase, replacing those that I had ripped off him last night.

I stroked his stomach, and then the waistband of his pants, finally slipping my hand down the front of his shorts.  I grasped his cock, and squeezed his rock-hard member.

"Just be sure and return them without washing them, then, Bri," I countered.

He laughed, and backed towards the door as I removed my hand from his shorts.  Opening the door, he starting walking through it.  As he left, I suddenly remembered that I had wanted to give him something, so I called him back inside.

"Bri, wait.  Now where is that extra...." I said, as I fished through the drawer of the hallway table.  "Yeah, here it is!"

In my hands was an extra key to the house, with a clue to the 7-digit security code written on a tag.  All of this was secured to a long chain that one could wear around their neck for safekeeping.  I had borrowed that very key on past visits to the house, and knew that's where it was kept.

"Here, babe," I said, handing him the key.  "I might not hear you at the door, plus I do have to go to the store sometime today, so...  This was you don't have to borrow your 'rents' key, 'k?

"Cool, Joel!", Brian replied.  "Thanks!"  

He leaned over to me, and kissed me as a way to show his appreciation.  I knew this could go on for hours, and we'd soon end up back in bed if we didn't break this off!  So, regretfully, I broke the kiss, turned him around back towards the door, playfully swatted him on the butt, and pushed him outside.

"Now go, young man," I said, shaking my finger at him, "before I have to spank you for not doing your chores, and for keeping me from mine!"

"Ooooh," he cooed.  "Spanking!  Finally, something fun for later on tonight!"

I just laughed at him, as he stood outside on the front porch, bouncing up and down on the balls of his feet, wriggling his eyebrows at me.  Again, this could last forever....so.....

"Oh, and I've got just one more thing to say to you, Bri," I started.  And, with that, I closed the door in his face, laughing as I did it!

I could hear Brian laughing on the other side of the door.

"Real nice, you wiseass!  Just remember, you gave me the fricking key, moron!", he snickered, as I heard him turn and walk down the walk towards his house.

And with that, he was gone for several hours, and I was now alone.  I stared at the door for a few minutes after he had gone, smiling all the while.  I mean, after all, I'd started out the day just the previous morning alone, almost lonely.  Now, some 24 hours later, I'd had some wild sexual experiences, the kind that I'd only read about others having had previous to this time.  I'd also fallen head-over-heels for this gorgeous guy!  Knowing that I usually take a while longer to warm up to and trust others - quite a while, in fact - made me smile even more.  Brian was quite the guy, and I felt all warm and tingly while thinking about him.  Isn't that just sickening?  Ha!

Sighing, I knew I had a long day ahead of me.   There were mounds of boxes to unpack, clothes to straighten up, supplies to stockpile, troops to entertain...no, scratch that last one.  The sooner I attacked those projects, the sooner I'd have some time to rest and relax, and the sooner it would be before Brian was back home and my arms.

Barely stopping for a break, I worked up a sweat for nearly 6 continuous hours - unpacking this, putting away that, and so forth.  All in all, my room was set up just the way I wanted it, and I was starting to feel somewhat moved in.  I went downstairs to the kitchen, grabbed a cold drink, and went back upstairs to run a hot tub so I could sit back and relax for a half-hour.  I can't even begin to tell you how great that soak felt!  Finally, now that I was all squeaky clean and somewhat refreshed, I got up, dried off, and went back into my bedroom to get dressed.

Now, one would think that after all that unpacking I would know where everything was by now, right?  Nah, I'm not really all that organized when I'm moving and unpacking.  What can I say, it's genetic.  Anyway, as I looked for the rest of my boxers and 'other unmentionables', I was momentarily stymied.  Where in the world were those suckers, anyway?!?!  I - or should I say Brian and I - had already gone through all of the underwear that I'd brought along in my suitcase, and I hadn't yet had the time to do any laundry.  So, I started a little search and destroy mission through my few remaining boxes that I'd thrown in the bottom of my closet, intending to finish unpacking those within the next couple of days.  Sure enough, as I reached to the box the farthest from the closet door, there were my boxes!  Yippie, I could now get dressed.  

Just as I reached for the pile of underwear to put into the dresser drawer, I felt 2 hands caressing my bare bottom.  At first I was a wee bit startled.  I mean, c'mon, who wouldn't be, right?  As the hands roamed over my buttocks, one hand drifted over my rosebud, sending a shiver down my spine.  At least I think that's why I shivered...  I was naked, after all, and the air conditioning was on high blast.  Nah, it was because of the hand roaming around down there.  Anyway, I digress!  No words at all were being spoken by either of us for at least a minute or so, but being head-first and butt-up in the closet was not exactly my idea of foreplay, so I decided to say something that was guaranteed to rile Brian.

"Oh, Jim.  YEAH!", I moaned, invoking the name of Brian's not-forgotten brother.

Brian jerked his hand back from my bottom as I turned around to face him.

"Jim, is it?  JIM??!!  And why, pray tell, did you think it was my bro?", Brian queried.

I kind of knew I was in trouble when I took one look into Brian's eyes.  Not in trouble as in I thought Brian even remotely thought I had a thing for Jim.  No, he had this devilish look on his face, with his lips set into a smirk, and his nose somewhat narrowed at the nostrils.  Yup, I was in for it, no doubt about it.

Before I could completely back out of the closet and get to my feet, I suddenly found myself airborne in the general direction of the bed.  Now, remember, I'm not all that tiny!  I'm around 6' tall, and not all that thin.  Even though Brian had me by several inches (no, in height!  Get your mind out of the gutter!), still, he had picked me up and tossed me several feet as if I weighed next to nothing.  However, I didn't really realize that little fact until later.  At that particular moment, I was trying to process the fact that as I hit the bed, Brian was following my trajectory through nearly the same orbit, and was about to land right on top of me.  Unfortunately, all of this happened so fast that I couldn't even begin to move out of his way.  He landed smack-dab on top of me, causing me to nearly to have the wind knocked out of me.  

Brian looked at me with this odd look.  I say odd in the sense that his lips were still smirking, but his eyes showed only tenderness.  As he was on top of me, our faces nearly touching, I must admit he had my attention!  Before I could regain my breath, Brian placed one of his hands on each of mine, and stretched them above our heads, causing me to be prone beneath him, completely at his mercy.

"OK, there, Joel.  Now, I'll ask you again, and I'll ask you nicely.  What's with this Jim shit?"

Yeah, I should have just cried uncle then and there, and maybe he would have made me a bit more comfortable.  But, noooooo...  Once a wiseass, always a wiseass.

"Uhmmmm,"  I said, softly, "the hands were so soft, so loving.  They obviously belonged to someone who knew his way around a good butt when they saw one.  I figured that they just had to belong to Jimmy!"

"Well, then," Brian replied, in a somewhat staccato voice, very clipped and short with each syllable, "we... need... to... show... that... ass... just ... who... it... belongs... to...  Right, Joel...  buddy?"

He lowered his lips to mine.  His kiss was tender, but it was also...what's the word I'm looking for?  Insistent?  Hungry?  Powerful?  Maybe all three would somewhat fit the bill.  He was making it very clear that this was, in no uncertain terms, his show to control, and that was fine by me.

"Now, as my head travels downward on you," Brian growled, softly, "you keep your hands up where they are.  Don't move 'em."

And, with that, he began his journey south, with my body as his map.

Author's Notes:   Man oh man, a guy loses his muse, takes a little break from writing, and you wouldn't believe the nasty e-mails that have been piling up in my mailbox!  Whew!  LOL  I figured I'd better crank out another chapter - one that's even a wee bit longer than usual - and then beg for your humble forgiveness.  ;-)  That said, I hope you're all doing well.  Sorry it's been so long in coming, but it's been really difficult to write lately.  Then, just as I got some free time and motivation, my computer went belly-up AGAIN!  Argh!  It's now working, everything's safely backed up, and all is right in my little corner of the world once again.  Now that you know the story of my recent life, am I forgiven?  Purty please?  OK, I'll let you ponder that question, and hold off on your answer as you wait to see how long it takes for another chapter.  Luckily, I have it all sketched out and already on the way this time.  Thanks so much to everyone for the e-mails.  They are all very much appreciated!  I love hearing from you, even when you're bitching me out, nagging at me to get off my ass and to get writing.  That lets me know that you're reading and enjoying the story!  If you'd like to drop me a line, you can reach me at: jackmeoffalot@hotmail.com .  Until next time, then, take care!