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Rule Of Thumb
by Robby Sr.

I was a 19-year-old hippie then. My tiny little hometown was seven miles from a college town. The huge university had over 10,000 students so there was a lot of student-type traffic cruising back and forth between the two towns. A lot of students lived in my hometown because the rent was cheaper. A lot of them didn't have cars: there wasn't a bus service between the towns, and there were hardly any taxis which were expensive anyway. The only other mode of transportation (which was safer then than it is now) to go to class or to work or just to travel between the towns for a party was to hitchhike. When I did have a car I almost always saw hitchhikers and always picked them up. When I didn't have a car -- which was most of the time -- I was on the road with my thumb out, too. It was actually quite fun. Hitching and giving rides was just a way of life for us then.

There was also a form of etiquette between riders and drivers. The biggest rule was the sharing of drugs. The idea was the rider supplied and offered to smoke a joint with the driver, and the two of us got nice and high on the short ride between the towns (I quit doing drugs when I was in my early 20's). Once in a great while one of us would have other drugs to share, but usually it was pot; either a joint or a pipe full. When I hitchhiked I always tried to make sure I had some pot with me to share with whoever picked me up. Since the only hitchhikers and drivers I'd run into then were college aged or younger, the odds were real good of getting high and everyone knew the rules.

Now if you were really lucky - you got picked up and got laid. That of course didn't happen very often at all, but it did happen to me a few times. Sometimes the guy would reach over and jack me off while he drove, and sometimes I'd lean over and suck his cock while he drove. A couple of times we found a place to pull off the highway and got naked and fucked. Once in a while driving down the highway you'd see a car pulled over and off the road. You'd see the driver just sitting in his car, and it was safe to assume that he was getting a blowjob - you just couldn't see who was leaning over giving him one.

In those days of the mid 70's, "free love" was all the rage. A few sayings of the day were, "If it feels good, do it," "Make Love, Not War," and "Don't knock it till you've tried it." People were fucking all over the place, and outdoors too. Especially in the huge grounds of the university it wasn't all that unusual to walk around the wooded areas and hear, if not walk onto, a couple of people in various stages of a good fuck. Mostly straight people, but still, it was a great mood of the times.

So it also wasn't unusual to see a car pulled off a road somewhere with a guy sitting in the driver's seat not appearing to be doing anything - except you knew he was getting his cock sucked. Most times the cops would just drive on by because they assumed it was a girl doing the sucking, and anything hetero was Ok even if it technically broke the law (having sex in public). If they suspected it was two guys though, all hell would break loose.

When I was 19 I had already made the decision to join the Air Force and had already seen the recruiter and started the paperwork. He needed information I didn't have handy so I had to run back and forth between my hometown and the recruiter´s office in the college town. Since I didn't have a car at the time, I hitchhiked back and forth.

On the way to the college town I had my thumb out and a car pulled over. Hitching for sex wasn't going on then, at least not in my hometown, and no one wore any teen slut kind of clothes in order to advertise. I was wearing a typical outfit for the day: Army kind of shirt - unbuttoned. I had big bell-bottom jeans with several patches on them. Some of the patches were needed to cover up holes, and some were decorative peace symbols and flags and such just sewed on here and there. My hair was past shoulder length, parted in the middle, and I wore a headband. It was summer so my shoes were sandals. I could have blended in with any group of young people anywhere.

I noticed the car that pulled over had an older guy in it. I didn't really care since I was in something of a hurry anyway. I'd already smoked a few joints, and so was buzzing real good and didn't worry that I wouldn't smoke any more on the way. I assumed that the old guy didn't smoke pot anyway.
So I jumped in his car, got a look at the guy, and burst out laughing.

He was an older guy all right, but he looked like he was trying to put on the air of still being hip with us kids, still with it, and that he still had it. I was thinking I'd be real surprised if he even remembered what "it" was!

He was wearing dressy bell-bottom pants that were a light pink and dark red plaid. Now in those days the bell-bottoms really showed off a body. They were hip huggers and low riders. They fit real tight around the waist and the butt and the thighs. Crotches were always real prominent and the butts looked great! At least you looked great if you had a flat stomach. If you had any kind of a gut at all, the bell-bottoms just made you look stupid. This guy didn't have a huge gut, but he had one, and the bell-bottoms only served to draw attention to it. But I guess he thought he looked good so he wore them anyway. And the plaid just made him look worse! He had a light pink shirt on with a red bandana tied around his neck like it was taking the place of a tie. He had on dark red socks that had gold threads all through them so it looked like they were sprinkled with gold glitter. The socks disappeared into some polished brilliant white shoes. I tell you what, guys, this dude looked like a classic picture of a dork! His hair was silver gray and about as long as mine was, parted in the middle but no headband. He was the first older guy I'd ever seen who had long hair like we kids did and the whole look did NOT work! When he greeted me he talked with a really pronounced lisp and I knew right away he was gay -- gay and dorky -- REAL dorky. With all the pot in me I couldn't hold back and got in his car and just started laughing.

I tried not to look at him and laugh right in his face, and kept looking ahead, but every time a spasm of laugh calmed down I'd glance over at him and just start laughing all over again. He was trying to laugh with me, and I guess he didn't pick up that I was laughing at him. He asked me if I was high and I told him I was. That was a good excuse to cover why I was laughing, and I didn't really care if he stopped the car and told me to get out anyway. I knew I could get another ride, and probably with someone I wouldn't be embarrassed to be seen with. But he just laughed and said he knew what I meant.

I laughed even harder at the thought of him, "knowing what I meant." I had long assumed that anyone over 30 didn't do drugs or know anything about what us young folks did and this guy was certainly WAY over 30! Just to test him I asked him if he wanted to smoke a joint, and I was shocked when he said he did! So I figured what the hell and pulled out a joint and lit it, took a hit and passed it to him. I was surprised when he actually took a hit of it, and held the smoke in a long time. After a few hits he was pretty high and the whole thought of me sitting in a car with a really stupidly dressed old guy who was trying to act young and smoking pot together just made me start laughing all over again.

When the joint was about halfway done he passed it to me, and then let his hand fall onto my thigh. That's all he did, just let his hand lay there. I remember thinking, 'Damn - you mean this guy still gets horny !' If I weren´t high I probably would have turned him down. Nicely since he was gay, but I'd have turned him down anyway. Since I was really stoned, though, I thought the whole thing was funny, so I took a hit and just waited to see what he'd do.

He didn't do anything else right away. He took his hand off my leg to take the joint, then he'd take a hit, pass it back to me and let his hand fall back on my leg. I thought I'd tease him a bit so I leaned back some and spread my legs a little. He started slowly moving his hand up and down my thigh. I couldn't believe it, but I was actually getting turned on by it (I'm sure the pot helped there!) When I put the joint in a roach clip he told me to go ahead and finish it and just kept slowly rubbing my thigh, now and then giving it a light squeeze.

I figured what the hell? It couldn't get much funnier than this and there was no one around to laugh at me, so I thought I'd have some fun teasing this guy. I put my hand on his and moved his hand right to my crotch. I thought I'd maybe let out a little moan or something to see what he'd do, but he beat me to it. He squeezed my crotch and even though I didn't care if it happened or not, my dick actually started getting hard. But I was, after all, still a teenager then. And like any teenager if there was any kind of sexual overtones at all you could have told me I was an ugly sack of shit and I would have gotten hard anyway. So I just leaned back and smoked the roach and let him play with my dick through my jeans.

He was really fondling me now. He'd rub my cock and rub my thigh and go right back to my cock. He was working it pretty good, and it was trying to straighten out in the confines of my tight jeans. I thought this was the weirdest thing I'd ever done, but I was so high I didn't care. So I reached down and unzipped my pants and his hand dove right inside. I wasn't wearing any underwear so his hand immediately wrapped around my cock and squeezed. He sucked in a gulp of air. I remember wondering how many years it had been since he'd felt any other cock except his own.

I unsnapped my pants and let him pull my cock out and stroke it. I egged him on by moaning a little and watching him jack me off and smiling. He was moaning himself. He reached inside my pants again and worked my balls out and played with them, too. At that point I guess I started to feel sorry for the guy. I assumed he hadn't had any action since his hair turned gray -- whenever that was -- so I thought I'd go ahead a let him have a thrill as long as no one saw us, and I asked him if he wanted to suck me off. He just closed his eyes and smiled real big. I remember thinking it was dangerous with him trying to drive with his eyes closed!

We were coming up on the entrance to the local airport. The airport was real tiny, but had an area that was out of the way where cars could park and watch the planes land and take off. The area was always empty since the airport only handled about one plane a day. I'd been there before with a couple of other guys and it was kind of a known place to go and suck cock in your car since there was nothing around. The drive up to it was long enough to see someone coming in time to sit up and stuff your cock back in your pants before whoever was coming could figure out what was going on. I started to tell him to go there, but he already had his blinker on. He made the turn and headed to the parking lot. I knew then that he'd been there before -- and once again I was shocked. I even started snickering at the thought of ever going into that parking lot and seeing a couple of older guys going at it in their car.

Normally if the guy doing the sucking was the driver, the guys would switch places in the car so the guy getting sucked would always be sitting in the driver's seat in case anyone drove by. This guy had his hand wrapped around my cock while he drove up the lane and parked. He was a bit too anxious and I was a bit too high and we didn't switch places. He just put his hands on my thighs and leaned over. Thinking back, it seems like he was moving in slow motion, almost as if he was contemplating my cock while he was getting closer to it. My cock was standing straight up and twitching when he leaned over and swallowed it whole.

I sucked in a breath and my eyes widened. I was surprised with some things about this guy -- shocked even -- but what I really wasn't ready for was finding out that this dorky and stupid looking old guy could SUCK!! Soon as his mouth clamped down on my cock I thought he was about to suck my balls right up through it. I gasped and choked on the hit I'd just taken of the joint and he kept right on sucking. Every time his head bobbed up I raised my butt up off the seat a little and it felt like he was just sucking so hard that he was sucking me right off the seat. I automatically put one hand on the back of his head but he sure didn't need any help.

His car was one of those where the front seat was all one seat; you know, a bench type seat. I don't remember doing it on purpose but I found myself squirming around and turning to try to face him. I thought to myself, 'Hell with the joint,' and without realizing it at the time I tossed the joint out the window -- roach clip still attached (I was really flyin´!) I put both hands on his head to fuck his face and he met each thrust and swallowed my cock over and over again.

One thing about bell-bottom pants, they are real easy to take off. I don't even remember how he did it, but I wound up with my back against the car door, one leg over the back of the seat, sandals still on my feet, and my jeans were on the floor. I spread my legs wide as I could in the car and his head stayed right where it was with my cock in his mouth. He sucked from the very tip of my piss slit all the way to my bush over and over again. His tongue was working magic all on its own and I just moaned and said things I don't even remember what they were. He put a hand between my legs and worked a couple fingers up my ass. Until then I had no intention of letting him fuck me, but by the time he'd started fingering my butt I was ready to let him do anything he wanted. I figured if he could fuck like he could suck, I wanted it. I was almost at the point where I didn't care who knew about it or who heard about it. I was just feeling too damn good with the pot in my head and that damn industrial strength vacuum cleaner mouth of his on my cock.

His two fingers up my ass found my prostate real quick. I know it didn't happen that way for real but it seems like I remember feeling those fingers actually wrap themselves around that gland and squeeze. When I exploded in his mouth my ass wasn't even touching the seat. My little butt cheeks were squeezed together so tight I doubt he could have pulled his fingers away even if he'd wanted to. In those days I could shoot several squirts and I was getting used to seeing some of my cum run down my cock from the guy's mouth as he tried to swallow and keep up while I shot... Not THIS guy! Dammit I could probably fuck his nose and he'd just inhale each squirt of cum. Seems like my cum shot out of my cock and went right down his throat without touching anything in between. He sucked for another couple of minutes after I got done shooting and I just sat there with my legs spread and whimpered.

Finally he let my cock slide out of his mouth and he sat up. I'd made some assumptions about this guy, and today I'm thinking I probably didn't fool him for a second with all my laughing when I first got in his car, but now he was the one snickering as he knew he had me. I didn't care. He deserved it. I just sat there with my legs spread. Seems like my cock was looking at me, waiting for me to tell it what the hell just happened, and I stared at him with my mouth hanging open. If he'd pulled his cock out right then I'd have gone down on him without a second thought. But when he reached between his legs I looked, and there was a wet spot on his pants meaning he'd already shot his load. I didn't realize it then, but he probably couldn't get it hard enough and maybe that's why he didn't make a move to fuck me.

I tried to tell him how good it was but I doubt I made any sense. He just reached over and patted my cock a few times and thanked me for letting him get a taste of it. Then I remembered I'd tossed my roach clip out the window somewhere and said I needed to go find it. I reached for my jeans but he stopped me and with a chuckle said to just go on and go find it. He wanted me to walk around the parking lot without my pants so he could watch me! No one was around so I figured if I couldn't let him in my ass I could at least let him have a look at it. Besides, I was still high. So I got out of his car and walked around half bent over searching the ground. I even hiked my shirttail up over my back so he could have a real good look at my ass and flexed my cheeks a lot. When I saw my roach clip I kept my legs straight and bent way over to pick up the clip so he could get a look at my smooth hole.

I got my pants back on and stuffed my still wet cock in them while he drove me the rest of the way into town. He was back to looking dorky and stupid but I wasn't laughing any more. I just sat in his car with a big smile on my face. He dropped me off on a corner in town and before he could say anything I reached over and squeezed his hand and thanked him.

They say the best lessons learned in life are the ones you learn from your own experience, and that's true. That day I learned two. The first was that the only safe assumption to make about any guy of any age is if he can open his mouth, he can suck: just like any other guy. In fact, since then I've always had a philosophy that any assumption I make about anybody is written in pencil until I find out for sure. The other lesson I learned was to always keep a good supply of erasers on hand because I sure go through them.

Well guys, this little tale ends the same way too many of them end: I never saw him again. I remember once when I borrowed a friend's car I'd just smoked a joint and was thinking about him and so drove into the lot of the airport on the chance I might see his car there, but of course it wasn't. I found I was disappointed about it. He could have been a transient just passing through town but I doubted it or he wouldn't have known about the parking lot at the airport. I don't even know if he's still alive today as I never asked him exactly how old he was. He was already gray and wrinkled and this happened to me well over 20 years ago. Even if I saw him today I probably wouldn't recognize him, but I'll never forget that blowjob or the lesson he taught me.


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