Rushing Alec

Although college life was just beginning, Alec thought he had been there for two years nearly. You see, Alec had an older brother in a Fraternity at University and had gone to many of the parties that they threw; more so since he had just turned 18 about six months earlier.

Alec was a fairly well-rounded sort of guy. He and his brother were from the ritzy side of Nashville where it was all "Champagne wishes and Caviar Dreams" so-to-speak. Alec drove a Jaguar Coupe that his father got tired of. He graduated 8th in his private school class of 80 or so. He was also a pretty athletic guy also. Alec was the captain of his high school swim team, so naturally he had a wide-shouldered physique. Standing at about 6'5", his torso was well defined. Nice full pecs eased down from his wide shoulders in the classic V-shape to his narrow waist accentuating his six pack. What made the girls, and guys for that matter, swoon for him was his wavy longer brown hair with his soothing green eyes. Narrow cheeks that made his uber-cute dimples standout each time he flashed his pearly-whites every time he smiled. He was that classic All-American poster boy living the dream.

His brother, Jason, came over to the dorms where Alec was moving in. Jason had brought a couple of his Fraternity brothers over to help him settle in since his parents had to get back to their businesses. Another surprise Jason had brought with him was a couple of Killian's six packs that didn't last too long. Jason took up some donations and went out for a beer run with one of the two brothers which left Alec with Stephen. Stephen helped Alec to the best of his drunken ability to unpack Alec's stuff. When Stephen nearly dropped Alec's beer stein he had gotten in Germany, Alec told him just to sit back and rest.

From all the moving and unpacking, the dorm was sweltering hot and so were the guys. The shirts they were wearing were sticking to their sweat soaked bodies making them look like two painted models. While Stephen was about to pass out on Alec's not-yet-arrived roommates bed, Alec saw the outline of Stephen's flaccid tool through his athletic mesh shorts. Alec cringed with excitement and adjusted himself to not reveal his growing cock.

"So have you thought about going Greek here on campus?" Stephen asked in his slurred voice.

"Yeah," Alec sounded out happy that he and Stephen were starting to have a conversation not including girls and sex. "Jason has been trying to convince me that its not such a bad thing after all, and he's almost got me convinced."

"Well that's good." He said then adjusting himself which made it even harder for Alec to focus on the conversation at hand. When Stephen saw Alec watching him adjust he made a grabbing motion purposefully making his cock lay to the side with the shorts tucking around it exposing each contour of his growing cock.

"You know, your brother is one of my best friends," Stephen added, "and I'm glad to see that you might be falling in his steps."

Stephen made eye-contact with Alec. Alec was getting so hard at this point he began looking around for excuses to get out of the room.

"You know I think I'm finished unpacking for right now," stammered Alec. Alec saw his way out when he saw a towel he had unpacked at the top of his closet. "I think I'm gonna go take a shower."

Stephen stopped him and said smilingly, "well you have to get undressed to get in the shower...might as well start now."

Stephen's hand was down his mesh shorts massaging his balls insinuatingly. At this point, Alec could barely cover up his saluting soldier down below. Stephen stumbled to get up and walked over to Alec and helped him get ready for his shower. He pulled Alec's shirt over his head as Alec stood their stunned that his brother's brother was undressing him.

"You know, Fraternities are very secretive organizations, so naturally I have to find out if you can keep a secret if you want to pledge my Fraternity," Stephen said suggestively as both of their hard-ons brushed against one another's as Stephen pulled off his shirt.

Seeming dumbfounded, Alec nodded naively and Stephen placed his finger upon Alec's lips and said, "So this stays between you...and me."

Finally getting the suggestion, Alec took Stephen's hushing finger in this mouth, closed his eyes and pulled Stephen closer. "That's the idea," Stephen said taking his other hand and putting in under Alec's waistband of his shorts and sliding it down the crack of his ass.

Alec took his free hands and reached up Stephen's shirt and began massaging Stephen's nipples and Stephen dove into Alec's neck licking and kissing. Alec backed up releasing Stephen and pulled off his shirt. Alec was standing in front of Stephen's naked chest that had a glazing of sweat and hair. Nice pecs that were not as full as Alec's but just as nice. A thicker trail of hair came down the center of his torso making a sexy happy trail down to the waist line of his shorts.

They began to take off the rest of their clothes. Alec was standing stark naked after taking off his shorts showing off his 7" piece of cut meat. Stephen then bent over taking off his shorts revealing his fully erect uncut cock. "Uncut beauty" Alec thought to himself as his eyes grew and licked his lips. Stephen noticed and grinned as he was bent over in front of Alec's member removing his feet from his shorts.

After removing his shorts, Stephen fell to his knees and dragged a finger up the underside of Alec's cock that curved a bit to the left. Once his finger reached the end he placed the rest of his fingers around the pole and began slowly jacking him off. He finished his stroking spell by resting his hand at the base of his shaft and proceeded with his warm, wet mouth over his head. There he knelt to Alec massaging his head with his tongue and fondling Alec's balls with his free hand. Alec tilted back his head as if it were dangling by a thread, lifted his hand and bit a knuckle trying to suppress his moans of enjoyment but not for long. Stephen then pulled off long enough for Alec to look down and see him wet a finger or two in his mouth, Alec knew what was coming.

Alec twisted where he was standing while Stephen's vacuum of a mouth was detached and collapsed on his bed throwing both of his legs up on Stephen's shoulders. Stephen eased the insertion of one finger in by rimming Alec's rosebud while inserting one...two...three fingers. Alec was in painful ecstasy. He was being finger fucked and eaten out on his first day of being at college.

The feeling was getting to Alec. He let out a quick and somewhat surprising squeal. Stephen's free hand went straight to Alec's mouth and hushed him. "Shh, remember?" Alec nodded as best as he could with the most perturbed look on his face.

Stephen pulsated the fingers in and out of what seemed like a virgin hole, it was so tight. Inserting slowly and widening the fingers causing Alec to gasp. Out came the fingers compressing and repeating the rhythm. Stephen progressed faster and faster to the point where Alec had grabbed himself a pillow to muffle his whimpers. Finally, Stephen pulled out, with a mischievous look on his face. He propped himself up high upon his knees to where his dick was at head level with the crack. Stephen lined up and, due to Alec's already loosened hole, quickly slid into Alec's ManGina.

Balls deep in Alec's ass, Alec could feel each time Stephen would pull out and ram back into him. Alec loved the feeling of Stephen's ball sack smacking his ass, but you wouldn't be able to tell for the contorted look Alec carried on his face.

Alec grabbed hold of his own cock and began quickly stroking it as he felt Stephen picking up speed figuring he was about to nut deep inside him. Alec was not wrong. Stephen bit his lower lip and made a grunt or two as Alec jerked himself so quickly it was a wonder it didn't come off with his final strokes. Alec felt Stephen's cock swell inside him followed by six spasms of warm man juice shot deep within him.

At this, Alec could barely contain his pent up hormones. Faster and harder, Alec leaned up, grabbed a handful of Stephen's hair and pulled his head to his crotch, and directly aimed his tool at Stephen's face and shot his load straight in his hair, open mouth, and chest.

For a moment they sat there in after glow but realized it had been awhile since the other two had gone so they would be returning soon.

Alec stood up and tossed Stephen a towel and said, "I have got to get a shower after that." Alec got his clothes and a towel of his own. "You can use that towel to wipe up; I'll be back in a sec."

When Alec returned sure enough the room smelled of stale sex and Jason and the other brother had returned; both sitting in the same place Stephen had just ass raped Alec. Jason gave a slightly suggestive order to the other guys that they were all going to go but they invited Alec out for RUSH the next night. Once Jason and the other brother had left the room, Stephen held back for a second and said, "It was a pleasure RUSHing on you, but remember it's our little secret...for now." Stephen smirked and pecked Alec on the cheek. "See ya tomorrow, dude!" Stephen walked out hurrying to catch up with the others. Alec looked dumbfounded after Stephen's last statement wondering what he meant. Nevertheless, Alec shut the door and opened the next box to unpack.