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Sam and Chris


Chapter 4: Breakfast


I found my cargo shorts from earlier and put on my t-shirt from the back pack and headed toward the kitchen and the smells of food. And, there was Chris. Naked Chris. Cooking.


"Don't you ever wear clothes around here?" I asked with a smile on my face.


"Usually not. It might become a rule when you come over. Naked. Maybe a cock ring. Maybe a smile. No, definitely a smile." Chris said as he continued to make breakfast. "I hope you're hungry."


"Definitely." I answered.


"Good. Oh, shit! I forgot to ask. Are you a vegetarian or anything like that?" Chris asked, with a worried look on his face.


"No, definitely not. Not many vegetarians from Southern Illinois. That's farm country. Cows. Pigs. Chickens." I replied with my smile getting bigger.


"Good. Come here and kiss me then," Chris said.


I approached this handsome, naked hunk, and he pulled me in close and we shared a long, wet, passionate kiss. `This man can kiss,' I thought to myself. "That was a great call to breakfast," I said as we broke our kiss.


"Yea. I thought so." Chris said. "Now get naked and get ready to eat."


"Yes, SIR!" I said as I pulled my shirt over my head and dropped my cargo shorts to the floor.


"Coffee is over there if you want more. Sit." Chris said as he brought the plate of terrific looking food to the table.


As I sat with two cups of coffee, one for Chris and one for me, I said, "Looks terrific. Do you do this all the time?"


"No. just when I have someone to share it with." Chris said with his beautiful smile showing brightly. "So, tell me. How did you decide to be a computer geek?"


"We lived on a farm. There weren't too many kids my age within walking distance, and my dad didn't like me to watch too much television. So, when I wasn't studying or doing some chores around the farm or house, I took to electronic games at first. Then I became addicted to computers. I convinced my father to get me my first one when I was about 8. I started programing when it was just out of the box. We didn't have broadband out in the country until about 2 years later. So, I had to amuse myself with making the computer do things. Of course, when I finally got on the Internet, I was really hooked." I explained. `Too much information,' I thought to myself. "How did you get into music and dance?" I asked Chris.


"Long story, but I'll try to condense it." Chris began. "My mother was into her church music. She was in the choir. Nice voice. A little jazzy. She turned me on to the piano when I was about 6. I got hooked when I was about 8. Then, she sent me to Ms. Studs—that's her real name, I'm afraid—for singing lessons when I was about 10. Dancing lessons came next. I was in the choir in high school. Drama, too. So, when I thought about college, I just thought it was a natural fit. I might get my Masters after I finish my undergrad, so I can teach if I can't find work in the theater. I'm not sure just yet. So, there it is. The condensed version."


"I always wanted to take piano lessons," I said after Chris had finished his story. "But my father didn't think it was necessary. As a matter of fact, he said the day I was leaving for college that he regretted that decision."


"So,a computer geek that likes music. Nice!" Chris said with a smile as we finished the last bits of our breakfast. "I'll clear."


"Can I help?" I asked.


"Nope. I'll just shove these in the dishwasher." Chris said. "Just sit and relax. Enjoy the scenery."


"I'm definitely enjoying the scenery!" I said with a smirk.


"I don't have a piano in the apartment, but I do have a keyboard. Maybe I could give you lessons." Chris said. "I could take payment for the lessons in trade." Chris smirked.


"Naked piano lessons." I said.


"I might have to break my naked rule if I'm going to give you lessons on the keyboard. It might be too distracting, if you know what I mean." Chris said.


"Maybe," I replied.


Chris busied himself cleaning up from breakfast, whistling while he worked. When he finished, he sat across from me and looked me in the eyes. "What now?" he asked with a mischievous look on his face.


"As I said before, I'm flexible," I said with an evil grin on my face. "You tired of me? I can leave."


"No way! Anything but! I really enjoy being with you." Chris said. "Are you tired of me?"


"Nope. Not at all." I replied.


"Want to go for a drive? It's a nice day outside." Chris asked.


"Sure," I answered. "Where? What should I wear?"


"A flexible man of many questions." Chris laughed. "You're cargo shorts and that t-shirt will be just fine. We can just go where the spirit takes us. Maybe I'm being presumptive, but do you have any plans for the rest of the weekend?"


"Yea!" I said. "Hopefully being with you."


"Good. You're not only a flexible man of many questions, but you also have an endearing side, too - even for a computer geek." Chris said as he reached under the table and began fondling my knee.


"Keep that up and we might not be going anywhere," I said.


"Mmmmmm." He snickered.


Chris got out of his chair and came around the table where I was sitting and pulled me up out of my chair. He turned me around. Our lips met. In no time, our tongues were working overtime. So were our dicks.


Finally, Chris released his grip on me and said, "Come with me. I have another great idea, you sexy man." He took my hand and led me to the bedroom. A naked Chris with a raging hard on lay on his back and pulled me toward him.


"Kiss me!" He demanded.


So, I lay on top of him and we began to kiss. Both of our cocks were responding to the passion. After several minutes of kissing and caressing, he took both of our cocks in his hand and began to massage them in unison. "Let's shoot all over each other. On your knees in front of me."


I moved to my knees and he took a similar position. We were facing each other. I grabbed my hard cock, and Chris did the same. We were stroking and kissing and fondling each other's nipples.


"I love it when you play with my nipples, Chris!" I whispered between strokes of my cock.


"I do too, babe! My nips seem to be hardwired to my dick!" Chris added. We were both getting closer and closer.


"I'm ready to cum, bud!" Chris almost shouted.


"Me, too." I whispered.


We worked our cocks in unison. Our breathing became heavier.


Finally Chris screamed, "I'm cumming. Fuck! I'm cumming."


"Yeaaaaaaaaaaah! Fuck! Me, too."


We shot our load on each other's stomachs. Volley after volley until we were both spent.


Chris leaned forward and kissed me and said, "God! That was hot!"


"Yea! Hot!" I said between kisses.


"Maybe we should see what our cum tastes like mixed together?" Chris said with a big grin on his face.


With that, he scooped up some of my cum from his stomach and some of his from mine and raised his fingers to my lips. I opened my mouth and let him deposit our cum on my tongue.


"Nice," I said. "Great flavor."


He did the same again and put it in his mouth. "I think we've created a new ice cream flavor." Chris said with his ever present grin on his face. "Let's wash up and go out for a drive. Maybe we can stop in the park and talk. That way we won't be tempted to, um, rip each other's clothes off."


"Good idea," I agreed.


We hit the shower for a second time that morning. This time together. We actually only took a shower even though we were both back to rock hard status.


"I may have to go back to the dorm and put on some underwear in case I can't control this thing," I said motioning to my hard cock.


"We can't get arrested for showing a boner through our cargo shorts ... but if you like." Chris agreed as we toweled each other dry.


I combed my hair and put my cargo shorts and t-shirt back on. Chris pulled some shorts and a t-shirt from his drawer and was dressed in no time.


"Off we go, stud!" Chris said as he walked to the kitchen and picked up his keys and phone.


He took my hand as we walked to his car. "I hope you don't mind," he said half asking.


"Nope," I replied. "I like it."


"Good," he said as he remotely unlocked the Beamer and opened the passenger door for me.


When we arrived at my dorm, Chris found a place to park.


"Want to come up?" I asked.


"Sure. I want to see you naked again." He said.


I led him through the door and into the lobby and unlocked the security door to let us both in. As we waited for the elevator to arrive, Sawyer hurried into the building.


"Have you been taking good care of this dude?" Sam said to Chris.


"I've been trying, but he's been a handful," Chris said looking at me mischievously at me.


"So, what brings you back here?" Sam asked me as we exited the elevator.


"I have to get some underwear," I said to Sam.


"Damn, dude!" Sawyer said turning his attention to Chris. "You must be a really good influence on our boy here. He never fucking wears underwear. I thought it was a gay thing."


"I'm not sure it was my influence," Chris responded. "It's to keep his privates private from the public."


"Oh! So you mean he gets a boner when he talks to you? Fucking cool, dude. Fucking cool." Sawyer said with an evil grin.


"Shut up Sawyer," I said as I cuffed the back of his head as we entered our dorm room.


"Sawyer is a slob, Chris," I said as we entered our dorm room. "If you will notice my side of the room, it is neat as a pin. His side is a fucking pig sty."


"At least I wear underwear," Sawyer interjected. Then, he turned to Chris, "Do you wear underwear?"


"It's none of your business, Sawyer!" I yelled.


"Alright, already," Sawyer said in defeat.


Chris was chuckling as Sawyer and I bantered. "What? What's so funny?" I asked Chris.


"I didn't know the discussion of underwear would be such a hot topic," Chris answered.


I opened my underwear draw and pulled out a pair of tightfitting black 2Xist briefs and dropped my cargo shorts. I pulled on the briefs and reached for my cargo shorts.


"Jesus, Sam," Sawyer began, "have you no shame? And, aren't those just a little... gay? I mean they certainly leave nothing to be questioned."


"Shut up Sawyer!" I responded. When I had my cargo shorts on, I turned to a laughing Chris and said, "Ready to jet?"


"Yup. Bye, Sawyer. See you soon," Chris said to Sawyer.


"Bye Sawyer," I said. "I'll call you later. I will probably be back tonight."


"Okay, Dude. Take care, Chris. Take care of our farm boy," Sawyer said.


We headed out the door of my dorm room to the elevator to make our exit.


"Sawyer seems like a nice enough guy," Chris said to me.


"Yea, for a dumb fuck. He is," I replied. "He's been a good friend for the past few weeks. I think I've become closer to him than most of my high school friends."


"That can happen. You live in the same room. You share private times. You share some secrets, I imagine. You share new experiences. Besides you see each other naked practically every day," Chris said.


"You know, Chris, you are wiser than your years," I said. Then, I added, "And, cute, too!"


Chris unlocked his Beamer and said, "Get in before I rape you."


"Hmmm. Kinky, too!" I added. I noticed some of my CS classmates watching us as we got into Chris's car. I waved to them.


Chris walked to the other side of the Beamer and fastened his seat belt on the driver's side. "So, where do you want to go?" he asked.


"You're the boss," I said.


"Okay," Chris began. "I'll let you know when we are there."


"I'll be here," I said as I put my hand on Chris's thigh. "Nice legs!"


"Thanks. You might start something that we can't finish in the car!" Chris said.


"I'll take my chances," I replied.


"How about some air?" Chris asked.


"Love it!" I said.


Chris opened the sunroof. The wind felt good as we headed west of I-72. I had no idea where we were going. We drove in silence while we looked at the prairie outside. Chris turned off the exit that led us to Montecelo. We drove a little further down the road and turned into Robert Allen Park.


"This became one of my favorite places last year. It's quiet, beautiful, and peaceful. I used to just come here and sit and think. It's huge. So, even though there are hundreds of people here, one can have some alone time." Chris said.


"Nice. I've never been here. I didn't even know it existed," I said in response.


Chris parked the Beamer away from the other cars. "Let's take a walk," he said.




Chris and I walked for a few minutes up a path until we came to a grassy area with a small pond on it. "This is my spot," Chris said quietly. "I usually don't see anyone here most of the time. Do you mind sitting in the grass? I should have brought a blanket, but I really had no idea we were coming here."


"Grass is fine," I said.


We picked out a spot and sat side-by-side. Chris put his hand on mine. "I like being here with you. I know I might be rushing this, but I am very, very attracted to you."


"You're not rushing," I replied. "I feel the same about you."


"You're easy to talk to, you're intelligent, you have a nice body, and you're good looking. And, I think you love sex as much as I do."


"Sex is good, especially with you," I replied. "Wait! It hasn't even been a whole day!"


"I know. It seems a little quickly to become so attached, but I can't help myself. Anytime you feel I'm moving too fast, let me know." Chris said with a gleam in his eyes.


"I will. I'm still amazed that someone like you would be interested in a Southern Illinois farm boy." I said as I looked across the pond.


"Maybe that's what I like about you. The farm boy. I've never known an actual farm boy. A gay farm boy at that!" Chris said as he lay on his back and tugged me back with him. He put his free hand on the back of my head and drew me closer and kissed me. A short, but passionate kiss.


"Are you sure we should be doing this here?" I asked.


"At least you have underwear on and won't show a boner as much." He said with a smile.


I turned on my side facing Chris with my head propped up by one hand. "So, tell me about your grandparents."


"What do you want to know?" Chris asked.


"Everything." I said.


"Well, as I said earlier, my grandfather is an attorney with a firm in downtown Chicago. My grandmother is an art history professor at Northwestern. They live in Lincoln Park. My grandparents took me in after I came out to my parents. They couldn't stand the fact that their son-in-law, who was married to their only child, refused to accept a gay son. I had come out to them about six months before, so they were prepared for the worse even though they thought my father would eventually accept me. They have taken care of me ever since. Paid for my education. Bought the condo for me. Gave me the car. They support me both emotionally and financially. I think of them more as parents than my own. There. That's the short version."


"So, they are well off?" I asked.


"Yea. They don't have much to worry about financially. My grandmother is tenured professor so she makes a decent salary. My grandfather is a partner in the law firm. Plus, my grandmother inherited a ton of money from her parents when they died. It didn't change my grandparents, though. They live on their salaries. As far as I know they haven't touched my grandmother's inheritance. So, tell me about you. Your parents and family."


"Well, it is a little different story than yours. Like I said, my parents accept that I'm gay, but there is a little more to the story that I didn't tell you before. I hope you still like me after I tell you this, but I guess now is the time." I started.


"Nothing you tell me will make me not like you. Like I said earlier, you're a good guy. You've got a good head on your shoulders. And, you're cute!" Chris reassured me.


"Okay. Well here goes... First off, my father is an only child like me. My grandparents had him when they were in their late 30s. They had this huge farm in Southern Illinois. My father has it now." I said.


"So you are a real farm boy!" Chris said.


"Yup." I answered. "Cows, pigs, corn, wheat kinda farm boy. Anyway, my father got my mother pregnant when they were 16. My grandparents weren't happy about it, but they insisted Mom and Dad get married and live with them. They had this huge house, one of the biggest in the area. It sits in the middle of 2,000 acres of farm land. I didn't really know my grandparents on my father's side of the family. My grandmother died of cancer when I was about 2. My grandfather didn't take it well. Then one day, my 19 year-old father found him in one of the sheds with a bullet hole in his head. He shot himself."


"Shit!" Chris exclaimed. "That's horrible, especially for your father."


"I know. But, since he was an only child, he inherited the farm from my grandfather. My mother, though, had wanted a different life than living on a farm, but... that wasn't going to happen." I continued. "She hated living 5 miles from our small town. She wanted a more urban environment. She wanted to go to college. She wanted a better life, even though after my grandfather died, my father was a fairly wealthy man. But, my Dad refused to sell the farm. My mother finally went to a community college for two years and then finished her teaching degree in English at Eastern Illinois University. She got a job teaching English at the local high school. She became more interested in teaching and her students. Finally, I guess she didn't need the big city as much as she originally thought." I paused. "I think that's enough for now."


"Wow! You're such a together guy. I would have never thought you're a farm boy." Chris said as he touched my shoulder and began to rub it.


"Thanks," I said. "So, do you still want to be around me?"


"Of course I want to be around you. You're family background has nothing to do with how I feel about you." Chris said reassuringly.


"Thanks," I said as I reached over and kissed him. "Thanks for understanding."


After a short pause, Chris asked, "Are you hungry? It is about 1."


"Starving, actually," I replied.


"Good. Let's head back and grab a bit to eat and decide what is next on our agenda."


We walked back to the car, and Chris headed back to town.


"What do you feel like eating?" Chris asked.


"Anything. You pick," I replied.


"You really do like someone to take control. Okay, how about Thai?" Chris said.


"I've never had Thai, but I'm up for anything," I responded.


"Good. Maybe afterward we can go back to my place and get naked," Chris said with a smile on his face. "All of this talking has made me horny."


"I like the sound of that, oh hot one," I replied.


We pulled into a parking space near the Thai restaurant in downtown Champaign around 1:30. I was starved so I was looking forward to some interesting food.


Chris opened the door for me and ushered us in. "Where do you want to sit?"


"I don't care. A booth over there?" I said motioning to the side where there were about five booths.


"Sure. Let's go, Tiger." Chris said as he led the way to a booth that was more isolated than some of the others. "This okay?"


"Yuppers," I responded as I slide into one side of the booth.


"I think I should sit opposite," Chris said as he seated himself on the opposite side of the table. "I might do inappropriate things to your body if I sat next to you."


Just then the waiter came over to greet us. "Hello, Chris," he said.


"Hello, Ben," Chris said as he greeted the waiter. "Ben, this is my friend Sam. Sam, this is my friend Ben."


"Nice to meet you, Sam." Ben said to me.


"Nice to meet you, too, Ben." I said to Ben.


"I haven't seen you lately. Where have you been?" Ben asked Chris.


"Well, I just got back in town when school started a few weeks ago," Chris replied.


"I'm glad your back. We missed your smiling face," Ben said to Chris. "What can I get you guys to start? Do you want your usual, Chris?"


"That would be great," Chris said to Ben then turned to me. "It's an appetizer we can share. We can discuss what you want to order while we are waiting for that."


"He's never been to a Thai restaurant, so I'm going to give him some tips," Chris said to Ben.


As Ben walked away, I asked Chris, "Is there anywhere you don't know someone?"


Chris thought for a moment and said, "I didn't know anyone at Starbucks."


"No. I guess not," I replied. "So, where do you know Ben from?"


"He was in my American history class my first semester," Chris answered. "And, yes, before you ask, he's one of us."


"He's cute," I said.


"Yea! And, smart, personable, and just nice," Chris added.


When Ben came back with the appetizer, I let Chris order for me. He said we could share. I had no idea what it was I would be eating.


"So, how do you like my little spot so far?" Chris asked.


"It's cute... just like the company I'm keeping." I said.


"Awe. I bet you said that to all the guys," Chris said with a wink.


"Nope. You're the first. You know that you ARE the first guy I ever went on an actual date with right?" I said.


"You mentioned that! So, you're a dating virgin?" Chris said with his evil grin.


"Yup," I replied. "I'm afraid so. Do you mind training me?"


"Hmmm. That could be fun. Maybe even kinky. Do you ever want do kinky?" Chris asked as his big brown eyes looked into mine.


"I don't even know what kinky is, I'm afraid. I know people tie each other up and get rough, but other than that, I have no idea what kinky really is. Care to enlighten me?" I asked.


"We can talk about that later. There are a lot more things we can do with our bodies before we get into kinky. Do you like to fuck?" Chris finally asked.


"I don't know. I've never done it—fucked a guy, I mean," I said blushing. "All of the guys I've had sex with so far they wanted to fuck me. Most didn't even care if I got off. That's why when you did, I thought it was very polite and nice. Maybe it's just the way raw sex is different from other sex—love making kinda sex. Am I right?"


"Yes, I think you might be right," Chris answered. Chris moved the conversation away from sex. I think he was getting as boned up as me.


Ben came from the kitchen carrying a tray with our food, "Okay, men. Here it is." He began describing the entrees to us—or more to me, I think. "So, if you need anything else, just let me know. Meanwhile, I'll give you some privacy to continue your discussion," Ben said as he winked at me and smiled brightly at Chris. "So, you guys are boyfriends, right?"


Chris almost spit out the water he was beginning to sip and answered Ben after somewhat of a pause, "It's a little too early to tell because we just met Friday. But, we're working our way through getting to know each other. Right, Sam?"


"Right," I said thinking I'd like to be his boyfriend.


"Sorry to pry, but you make a cute couple. I'll leave you two alone while you eat. Enjoy!" Ben said as he turned to wait on other customers.


"So," Chris said as he began to dish some of one of the entrees into his plate. "Do you want to be my boyfriend?"


I blushed and said, "You are a direct little bastard, aren't you? And, to answer your question, `Fuck yes!' How do you feel about it, us being boyfriends, I mean?"


"To use your words, `Fuck yes!' I'm sure we have some things to work out, and I haven't asked you to move in with me. But, I'd like to see where this leads. I really like you!"


"I feel the same," I said and lifted my fork to have my first taste of Thai food. "A little spicy, but really good."


"I'm glad you like it," Chris said.


We finished our meal with more "getting to know you" conversation. Chris asked Ben for the check.


As Chris reached for his wallet and started to pull out an American Express card, I protested, "Let me at least get my half. Or even all of it. You paid for dinner last night."


"I asked you on a date, so I pay. No questions," Chris said adamantly.


"But the date is lasting a whole fucking weekend," I continued my protest.


"I know. Body ravaging takes a long time," Chris said as he waived the bill and card to get Ben's attention.


Ben took the card and check and returned a few moments later with the receipt for Chris to sign. "I think I see sex written all over your face, Chris."


"Ben, don't embarrass Sam here!" Chris admonished.


"I'm not trying to embarrass him, Chris. I just want Sam here to know what a fucking hot hunk he has here. Don't you agree Sam?" Ben said.


"I know he's a fucking hot hunk," I said looking into Chris's eyes and putting my hand over his. "Trust me, I know."


"The feeling is mutual, Babe," Chris replied. "Thanks for everything, Ben. As usual the service was impeccable and the food was terrific."


"See you soon, men!" Ben told us and returned to wait on another table.


"Thanks, Chris," I said as he grabbed my hand. "Thanks for introducing me to Thai food. Thanks for introducing me to Ben. And, thanks for being you."


We walked to Chris's car in silence with our hands still entwined. "What now, cutie?" Chris asked me.


"I hope you don't get tired of this line, but I'm flexible," I replied.


"Okay then. Let's go back to my place, get naked, and play with each other's bodies. How do you think that sounds?" Chris responded.


"Don't do it here, but if you put your hand on my crotch, you'd know it was more than okay by me." I replied.


We walked into Chris's condo and Chris did his usual - keys and phone on the counter in the kitchen. "Beer?" he asked.


"Sure. That sounds good," I replied.


Chris opened the fridge and extracted two Coronas and opened them.


"Let's sit. Is the living room okay?" He asked.


"Sure," I answered.


Chris led me by the hand to the leather sofa and pulled me down beside him. `Oh! God! He's going to dump me.' I thought to myself.


There was a pause in our conversation until Chris quietly asked me, "Would you fuck me?"


"Shit! Chris! I thought you were going to dump me." I said


"What?" Chris replied with a strange look on his face.


"Yea! You've been a little quiet since we left the restaurant. You sat me down here with a beer without ripping off my clothes. I thought we were going be ex-boyfriends for sure." I explained.


"Oh! I am breaking my rule about being naked in the house," Chris said with a grin. "Shall we do something about that and then continue our discussion. And, you are not getting away from me that easily." Chris calmly stated and leaned over and kissed me. He lifted my t-shirt over my head and threw it on the floor. He unbuttoned my cargo shorts and pulled them down to the floor. I stepped out of them. "And, then, there is the question of this pesky underwear. Stand!" I stood and he slipped them off.


"My turn," I said. I undressed Chris as quickly as I could. "At least I didn't have to deal with underwear, did I?" Our cocks were rock hard again.


"Nope. Now let's sit and talk. I do really want to talk. Sex can wait for a couple of seconds." He said with a big grin on his face. "So, will you fuck me?"


"Yes. If you want me to, yes. But, I have to reiterate, I've never fucked anyone before. I don't know what to do." I sheepishly said.


"Get your dick hard, which you're ready on that count I see, and shove it in my butt. Well, it might take a little more than that. I've never been fucked. I want you to be the first. We'll probably have to work on it a bit." Chris replied, again with a big grin on his face.


"You've never been fucked? Shit! I don't want to hurt you, Chris!" I exclaimed. I knew I probably had a horrified look on my face.


"We'll take is slowly. Lots of lube. A finger at first. Then, two. Maybe three. Then, we see what happens from there." He said in his take-charge manner that I am growing to really, really like.


"Okay," I said. "But if you don't like something—anything—please, please, please tell me and we'll stop. Okay?"


"I promise." He said softly. "Then, I get to fuck you."


"Deal!" I agreeably said as leaned over to give him a peck on his lips. "Are you always this horny?"


"Yes. Most of the time. Especially when I have a nice looking man sitting next to me naked." Chris answered. "Another beer first? I think I might need it."


"Sure," I said as he took my empty bottle from the coffee table and sauntered to the kitchen with his rock hard cock sticking straight up.


`God! What a body!' I thought to myself.


Chris came back with two, freshly open Corona's and handed one to me. "Here, handsome," he said taking a big gulp from his beer.


"Thanks," I replied and took a drink. "So, what if I can't?"


"What do you mean, `What if I can't?'" Chris asked.


"I guess they call it performance anxiety," I replied blushing just a little.


"We'll work through things no matter what," Chris affirmed. "I'm not worried from the looks of things. Your dick hasn't gone down since we've been naked."


"Yea. I guess you could say your turn me on." I replied with a grin.


"I want you to make love to me," Chris said softly. "I want to make love to you. Kiss me, babe."


I leaned over and put my lips to his and began a passionate kiss. Tongues. Hands touching each other's body. `God he turns me on,' I thought.


"Let's go in the bedroom and make ourselves comfortable, okay?" Chris said.


"Yea! I'd like that," I replied.


Chris took my hand and helped me up and led me into the bedroom. He pulled back the comforter and sheets. He lay on his back and pulled me on top of him. We continued our kissing and fondling. As we kissed my hands were rubbing his muscular arms while he gently fondled my ass and back.


I lowered my face to his balls and began to lick them. Finally, I raised his legs to my shoulders and moved my mouth and tongue to his muscular ass and began to hungrily rim his butt hole.


"God!" Chris exclaimed. "You're learning fucking fast, dude. I think you may have lied to me about not fucking someone before."


"Nope. I've rimmed a few butts, but I've never fucked anyone." I whispered in response. "You have the best ass I have ever seen and touched. I think I'm liking this a lot."


"Here," Chris replied as he handed me the lube. "Fingers first. Lots of lube."


I opened the lube and shot a good amount on my hands and rubbed it into his hole. Then, I started to gently massage his hole with my index finger. Chris did have a very tight asshole.


"Shit! You're good!" Chris whimpered.


I continued to work my index finger gently into Chris's now eager hole. He whimpered some more.


"Time for the second?" I asked.


"Yea. I think so," he replied.


I started to massage his hole with my index and middle fingers. He whimpered more. I continued to work my fingers in and out. He was still whimpering—almost moaning with delight. I continued until Chris muttered, "Another, please. That feels so, so good, baby."


I inserted three fingers in him and continued working and massaging. Several minutes later, his moaning and grunting pleasant sounds grew pretty frequent. "You think you're ready, babe?" I asked.


"Yea! I think so," Chris responded in a guttural voice.


I reached for the condom and ripped it open. I rolled it over my hard cock and generously applied more lube. I moved Chris's legs over my shoulder and positioned my cock on his eager hole.


"You've really never done this before?" Chris asked.


"No," I replied. "Ready, baby?"


"More than ready."


"Tell me if you want me to stop or if I'm hurting you, please?" I asked.


"Yup. Now, fuck me. Please!"


I started to massage Chris's hole with my hard, condom covered cock. `Maybe I could like this fucking thing,' I thought to myself. "Tell me when you're ready, babe."


"I'm ready. Just go slowly at first. I trust you, hot stuff," Chris replied.


I started my decent into Chris's tight hole. I watched his eyes to make sure I wasn't hurting him. He had a smile on his face. I made it half way in and paused. "You okay?"


"Yea, man. I'm better than okay. It hurts a little, but it feels great! I think your cock was meant for my ass! Keep going, please. Just like you were. Slowly." Chris whispered.


Again, I slowly pushed my dick further in. One long, slow push and I felt Chris's ass hit my balls. I gave it one more push.


"I think we're there, baby. Are you okay?" I asked.


"God! Yes! Hold it there for a little bit." Chris whispered. "This may get habit forming."


"I know," I replied. "I didn't' know how good this feels, baby. You have one tight ass." I leaned down and kiss Chris softly on his lips. He grabbed my head and pulled me tighter. We were passionately kissing, tongues deep in each other's throats.


"Now, fuck me, big boy. Fuck me!" Chris said as he released my head.


"Tell me if I'm hurting you, okay?" I asked.


Chris shook his head yes.


I slowly started pulling out and pushing in. Short strokes at first. Finally, I pulled my hard cock almost out of his ass and thrust it back in in one quick stroke.


"Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me." Chris almost yelled.


I started fucking his hole in and out in long, strokes. Several minutes later, as I gained momentum, I could feel myself getting closer. "I think I'm close."


"Breed me, Baby. Breed me. Let me have it." Chris yelled.


Finally, I couldn't hold it any longer and I felt my dick spasm one volley after another. "Fuck! Yes!" I screamed.


Chris grabbed my head and pulled it so our lips met. He caressed my mouth with his tongue. Another volley of hot passionate kissing until I felt my cock deflate and finally pop out of Chris's hot hole.


"Fuck that was good!" Chris exclaimed.


"Oh! God! Yes!" I agreed.


I flipped off of Chris and put my head on Chris's sweaty, muscular chest.


"I have to catch my breath." I whispered. "I didn't know fucking was so strenuous. I won't have to go to the gym for a week."


Chris laughed at my comment and pulled me up so he could kiss me. "Yea! But, it's worth every effort. At least, I think so." Chris said as he paused our kissing.


Finally, after a few more minutes, he stopped kissing and asked, "Want a beer? I think we need to rest before I fuck you... that is if you want me too."


"Yes, Chris, I definitely want you to fuck me. I can't get enough of your cock in me. A beer would be good, I think," I replied.


"Follow me," Chris said as he grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the bed with him.


We sat and talked for a little while. Finally, Chris said, "Want to watch a movie? I have some on DVD."


"Sure," I agreed.


While we were watching the movie, I woke up still sitting on the sofa snuggled up to a sleeping Chris. I moved slightly and he slowly began to stir.


"Hey, cutie," Chris whispered.


"Hey, to you, too," I responded.


"I don't know about you, but I think we need to go to bed and get some unfinished business taken care of," Chris whispered in my ear while he stroked my nipples.


"Yea! I'd like that! I'd like that a lot!" I answered.


Chris stood and pulled me up with him, "From the looks of our dicks, I think we are ready!"


"Yea! Definitely!" I said as Chris took my hand in his and led me into his bedroom.


We were standing beside the bed. Chris pulled me into a kiss and wrapped his arms around me. He held me tightly to him. Finally, he pulled out of the kiss and whispered to me, "If you don't mind, can we do this with you on your stomach?"


"Gladly!" I whispered back. I took my position in the middle of Chris's king sized bed on my stomach.


Chris grabbed the lube and another condom. He took his position between my legs. He pushed my legs wider apart as he was rolling on the condom and lubing his cock. I felt him gently add some lube to my waiting hole. My dick was rock hard between my stomach and the sheets. I felt the tip of his cock on my asshole.


"Ready, baby?" He asked.


"Oh! Yea! Baby! I want your dick inside me." I almost yelled.


He began to push his hard cock against me. In one, long, slow motion, he forced his cock in my ass. I felt his big black balls against mine balls. Chris began to nibble on my ear before he started to pound my ass.


"Are you okay, baby?" Chris whispered.


"Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Fuck me like you've never fucked me before!" I answered with lust in my voice.


Chris lifted the top of his body by his arms and began to fuck me. He was slow at first, but he thrust his big dick in and out of me using long, smooth strokes. My cock and my body moved with his every movement—rubbing the soft sheets on the bed. His balls slapped mine every time he shoved his cock into me.


Chris paused for a moment, with his cock all of the way in me and whispered in my ear, "Are you doing okay, baby?"


"Shit! Chris! You feel so... good in me! Please make it last, baby! Please!" I answered in a hushed voice.


"My pleasure!" Chris replied with one last nibble on my ear.


He started fucking me again. He picked up the pace slightly. I could feel the sweat dripping from his muscular body onto mine. Gradually, his thrusts increased in speed and force. Finally, he was slamming his cock into me with a force I had never experienced before. His balls were smacking mine. The bed moved with Chris's body.


"Shit, Chris! I think I'm going to cum! Fuck me harder, baby! Fuck me harder!" I almost screamed as I could feel my orgasm closing in.


I didn't think it was possible, but Chris managed to stab his big cock in and out of me with such force that I was moaning like I was in pain. Finally, I shot my load between the sheets and my stomach. My ass contracted with every volley around Chris's big cock. I felt Chris's body tense. He was breathing hard.


"Ahhh! Fuck, baby! I'm cumming, baby!" with every rope of his beautiful cum he slammed into my ass. "Fuck! Yea! Baby! Fuck! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh..."


Chris collapsed onto me. He was breathing hard. I felt his hot, sweaty body stick to mine.


Chris began to catch his breath and finally whispered in my ear, "Damn, baby! Every time we fuck... it gets better and better... I didn't think that was possible!"


"Yea!" I whispered back, "It does get better every time! You are habit forming!"


We lay quietly. I loved the way Chris's body felt on top of me. I was liking it a lot.


"I could stay like this all night," I finally said. "Your dick is perfect for my ass!"


"Yea! Or, your ass is perfect for my dick!" Chris replied as he again nibbled on my ear. "I would love to stay like this all night, too, but I think I might wake up in the middle of the night and want to fuck you again."


"That's a possibility, I suppose," I answered.


"But, all good things must come to a temporary end," Chris finally said, "because I have to piss."


"Okay. I'll forgive you this time, but I want to try it sometime soon!" I responded.


"Deal!" Chris added. He nibbled on my ear again and then raised his body up by his arms. He began to pull his still hard cock out of my ass.


When his cock popped out of my ass, I felt empty... happy as shit, but empty.


Chris moved out of bed and headed toward the bathroom.


I watched him pad into the bathroom. `I love that man's ass!' I thought to myself.


When Chris returned to bed, he rolled me onto my side and kissed me, "I hate to say this, but I think we need to sleep. Tomorrow is a school day," Chris said.


"Yea," I said sleepily.


"What time is your first class tomorrow?" Chris asked.


"Eleven," I said.


"Mine is the same. I'll set the alarm for eight? Will that give you enough time?"


"Yes," I said as Chris turned me on my other side and spooned into my body. We settled in for a slumber.




To be continued...


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