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Sam and Chris


Chapter 5: Back to School


Chris and I awoke at 8 am at the sound of the alarm going off. Chris shut off the alarm and gave me a quick peck on the lips.


“Good morning, baby,” Chris whispered.


“Good morning, stud.” I said to Chris.


“I’d like to ravage your body again, but I think we might get carried away and miss our first class,” Chris said. “So, what do you say I go start the coffee and then we can shower together?”


“Sounds like a plan,” I said with a smile.


Chris went to the kitchen, prepared the coffee, and returned to the bedroom. “Let’s hit the showers, stud.”


I moved out of the bed and followed Chris to the bathroom. He grabbed his tooth brush and began brushing his teeth. I did the same. When we finished, Chris led me into the shower and made certain the water was at the perfect temperature. He pulled me into the shower and we began washing each other’s bodies. We both prudently avoided paying much attention to the other’s private parts to avoid excess stimulation. When we finished, Chris opened the shower door and grabbed two towels and threw one to me. We dried ourselves off and moved into the bedroom. I slipped on my cargo shorts and t-shirt from yesterday and my flip flops.


“Coffee?” Chris asked.


“Definitely,” I replied.


Chris led me by the hand to the kitchen and poured us each a travel mug of coffee. “This should hit the spot!” Chris said.


“I need this,” I replied.


“I decided while I was washing your body in the shower that… I hope you don’t take this the wrong way… But, I loved when you fucked me yesterday! I want it more often. I mean… I want you to make love to me… And, I don’t think I will ever let another man fuck me but you!”


“Wow! You mean that?” I questioned with a very surprised look on my face.


“Yea! I mean that.” Chris answered as he leaned in to kiss me. “Another thing I wanted to ask. Would you be willing for the two of us to go get tested? If we both have negative test results, I’d like us to fuck each other bare. I want to feel you skin to skin.”


“You’re an amazing man, Chris. I never thought you’d be sitting here telling me you only want me to fuck you. Now you’re suggesting—if things go well—we could have sex without condoms. And, to answer your question, ‘I’d be honored to get tested with you!’”


“I know some people will say we’re going too fast, but I, for one, don’t care. I think I have finally met Mr. Right—at least for me.”


Normally, I’m not a crier, but tears were flowing down my checks. “Thank you, Chris. I knew I had strong feelings for you the first day we met. But, this weekend has been one of the best of my entire life. You’ve made me very, very happy!”


“I know we still have things to work out between us, but I wanted to tell you how I feel before we start a new week.” Chris added. He was a little misty-eyed himself.


We held each other for several minutes. I loved being held in Chris’s strong arms! Finally, Chris let go of me.


“I’d like to rip your clothes off you right now, but… we both need to get going! Ready to go?” Chris asked.


“I know! I’d like nothing better than to never leave this condo! But… let me get my stuff.” I said and I grabbed my back pack and threw in my laptop, left-over clothes, and toilet articles. I came out of the bedroom and announced, “I’m ready if you are.”


Chris dropped me off at my dorm at 9:30 am. Before he let me out of the car, he turned to me and said, “I had a really good time with you. And, I’m looking forward to many, many more.”


“If I say it was terrific being with you this weekend, I think it would be an understatement.” I replied.


“Can I call you later and see what your schedule is like?” Chris asked.


“I’d like that. I have a couple of projects I need to finish for classes this week, but I really, really want to see you again soon.” I replied.


“Great! You will hear from me,” Chris promised. With that he leaned over and kissed me good bye.


I didn’t want to leave this hunk, but knew I had too. “I’m looking forward to seeing you, hot stuff. Maybe we can grab coffee later in the day or week or whatever?”


“We’ll talk and make plans,” Chris replied. “Now go before I rape you.”


I opened the door and reluctantly got out of the car and headed toward my dorm.


When I opened the door to my room, Sawyer was just coming out of the shower in all of his naked glory. His dick was rock hard. I hadn’t realized Sawyer’s cock was about 8 inches, same size as mine, but cut.


“Hello, Sawyer,” I greeted him.


“Sammie! How was the weekend?” Sawyer asked.


“Terrific! No. More than terrific!” I replied.


“So, are you going to see him again?” Sawyer asked with his big shit eating grin.


“Definitely! We had a really, really good time together. He is such an interesting guy.” I said with a smile remembering the weekend. I decided to leave some of the details out.


“You know, Sam,” Sawyer began, “you’re in a really good mood for this time on a Monday morning. My guess is that you two did more than have a good time. Is he a good lay, Sam?”


“I don’t kiss and tell, Sawyer,” I replied. I dumped the clothes from my back pack and loaded it with the essentials for the day. My first class was computer science.


All of my classes seemed to stretch on and on. I didn’t pay much attention to any of them. Harrison and Tom quizzed me after my CS class about the guy he and Tom saw me with yesterday, “Who was the dude with the BMW, Sam?”


“A friend that I met on Friday. His name is Chris,” I replied.


“Nice car!” Tom stated. “Where did you meet?”


“We accidentally met at the student union on Friday afternoon,” I said trying to keep it simple. “We had coffee afterwards.”


“What’s he do?” Harrison continued his questioning.


“He’s a music and dance major. He’s a junior.” I added.


“That explains his body,” Harrison said. “I will never have a body like that. Too much work.”


“Why is a junior majoring in dance and music interested in a computer geek freshman?” Tom asked.


“We just hit it off,” I replied. “Why the 20 questions, guys?”


“Just curious,” Harrison commented. “He seemed… he seemed… uh… touchy feely. Is he… uh… interested in you, Sam?”


“What do you mean, Harrison?” I questioned. ‘I don’t like where this is going,’ I thought.


“Uh… is he gay? Are you gay?” Harrison added.


“Why do you ask, Harrison? What does it matter?”


“Well, uh… we were just curious is all, Sam. No offense. It doesn’t matter to us, does it Tom?” Harrison asked turning to Tom.


“Harrison is just jealous, Sam,” Tom said as he smiled and turned to Harrison. “Isn’t that right, Harrison?”


Harrison glared at Tom, “I’m not jealous. Just curious is all.”


“Yes, and yes,” I replied because I could see all of this trying to avoid the elephant in the room was tedious.


“Cool, Sam! We are too… Gay, I mean,” Harrison replied.


“As a matter of fact, we’re boyfriends,” Tom added.


“Wow!” I replied. “How long have you been together?”


“We’ve been boyfriends since the beginning of our senior year in high school,” Harrison said. “A little over a year now.”


“Who else knows?” I asked both of them.


“A couple of guys on our dorm floor,” Harrison replied. “We’ve tried not to let the cat out of the bag to too many people at this point. Our parents know. Our families know.”


“We were thinking about joining the gay and straight alliance here on campus. That way we could meet more people… of our persuasion,” Tom said. “Maybe we could go out on a date with both of us and you and your new friend,” Tom added.


“I’ll talk to Chris. Maybe we should meet for coffee sometime,” I added. “Chris is alright with one computer geek, but I don’t know if he can handle three computer geeks!”


“Talk soon, Sam,” Harrison said as he turned to Tom. “We have to go do some studying.”


“Same here, guys,” I said. “I’ll see you tomorrow afternoon in the TA session.”


I went back to my dorm. When I opened the door, I saw Sawyer sitting at his desk looking at the computer. “Heh, Sawyer! How was your day?” I asked


Sawyer turned to me and replied, “Sort of shitty, actually. I have to finish a term paper for history tonight. Then I have to start a project for my accounting class that I’ve learned is due at the end of the week. And, finally, I need you to help me with my CS homework again. Yours?”


“I was bored out of my mind, Sawyer.” I started. “I can’t keep my mind off Chris.”


“Ahh—Love! Ain’t it sweet!” Sawyer deadpanned. “When are you seeing him next?”


“I don’t know yet, Sawyer,” I replied. “We’re going to talk later. I’m starved. Do you want to join me in the cafeteria for a gastronomical feast?”


“Yea,” Sawyer agreed. “I need sustenance before I start this shit. Maybe we can talk about my CS stuff.”


“Sure. Let’s go,” I said as I headed toward the door.


Sawyer and I grabbed our dinner, found a seat, and began enjoying our meal. We talked about his CS homework. About an hour later, we decided to head back to the room and get on with our work.


I was finishing up around 10 pm when my phone began to ring. I noticed it was from Chris so I answered it right away, “Hi! Chris! Good to hear from you.”


“Hi, Sam,” Chris replied. “I’ve been thinking of you a lot today.”


“I’ve been thinking about you, too, Chris,” I added. “A lot, actually. I’ve been thinking of you and the time we spent this weekend. I can’t get you out of my mind.”


“Same here, Sam,” Chris said. “When is your first class tomorrow?”


“Tomorrow is my early day. Eight fucking o’clock.” I replied. “Why?”


“I was going to see if you wanted to come over and spend the night, but I think you might need to rest tonight if you have to get up that early.” Chris admitted with a little sadness in his voice.


“Yea. I do,” I replied. “If I didn’t need to get up at the crack of dawn, I would be headed out the door already. Can I have a rain check?”


“Yes, of course, Sam,” Chris said. “When are you done for the day tomorrow?”


“Three tomorrow afternoon. Why?” I asked.


“Want to grab a coffee at Starbucks afterward?” Chris asked.


“Yea,” I replied. “What time?”


“I could be there around 3:15 you can come over whenever you’re able if that’s okay with you,” Chris stated.


“Perfect!” I exclaimed. “I really want to see you. I wish I could tonight, but…”


“I know, babe,” Chris said softly. “I’m sitting here with a roaring hard-on.”


“Me, too,” I said softly. “It will have to wait. I’m tired. Sawyer is shutting his computer down, so I think he wants to call it a night, too. We both have to be at class at 8.”


“Okay, baby,” Chris responded. “I miss you.”


“I miss you, too, baby,” I responded.


“Bye, baby!” Chris said.


“Bye, stud!” I said as I ended the call. I had a smile on my face and a raging hard-on in my shorts.


Sawyer turned from his desk and focused on me, “’Baby? Stud?’ I think you have it bad, Sammie. And, from the looks of that bulge in your shorts you have something other than talking to him on your mind!”


I turned to Sawyer and said, “Yea. I miss him. Fuck! What have I gotten myself into?”


“It’s called a relationship, Sammie” Sawyer said with a big grin on his face. “Shower time. You or me first?”


“You go first, Sawyer,” I replied. “I just need to shut things up. Eight will come early tomorrow.”


Sawyer undressed and dropped his clothes on the floor next to his bed and grabbed a towel and headed toward the bathroom. I heard the shower shut off. Finally, Sawyer came out of the shower naked as the day he was born with his towel slung over his shoulder.


“Your turn, Sammie,” Sawyer said as he dropped the towel and went to put something on his desk.


“Oh! Sawyer?” I asked as I started toward the bathroom.


“Yes, Sam?” Sawyer replied as he turned around to face me.


“When do you want to go to the gym today? I get out of my Chem lab at 10 today and don’t have anything until 1 in the afternoon. Want to go in between?” I asked as I shed my clothes.


“That would be super, Sammie! I’d like that a lot! Where and when do you want to meet?” Sawyer enthused.


“Outside the rec center at 10:30. We can spend an hour there, take a shower, and grab a bite to eat before I head off to the computer science TA session!”


“I’ll be there with bells on, Sammie! I think it will be fun!” Sawyer replied as pulled the covers down on his bed. He was facing away from me.


I still think Sawyer has a terrific ass! “Sawyer?”


“Yes, Sam?” Sawyer replied as he turned around.


“Even though I’m head-over-heels for Chris, I still think you’ve got a terrific butt for a straight boy!” I said as I grinned and again turned to head for the shower.


“Thanks, gay boy!” Sawyer replied as he crawled into bed.


I was next up for the shower and then to bed for some much needed rest.


The alarm rang on Tuesday morning at 7 am. I reached over and shut it off and heard Sawyer say, “Shit! Sammie this is so fucking early. Why do these dickheads need to start classes so fucking early?”


I laughed and replied, “I don’t know, Sawyer. I think they are into pain and suffering or something like that. I gotta piss and then get dressed. No time for a shower this morning.”


“Hurry, Sam,” Sawyer said. “I have to go, too!”


I did my duty in the bathroom and walked out to find Sawyer pacing just outside the bathroom door. “Your turn, Sawyer.”


“Thanks, Dude,” Sawyer said. “Just in the nick of time.”


I pulled out some cargo shorts from the dresser drawer and a tight-fitting polo from the closet. I also added my gym stuff. ‘This should be good for the day,’ I thought as I started thinking of meeting Chris later in the day.


Sawyer came out and pulled on his clothes from the previous day. I noticed he didn’t put on any underwear.


“Sawyer, did you forget something?” I asked look at Sawyer.


“What do you mean?” Sawyer replied looking a little confused.


“No underwear, Sawyer,” I replied.


“Nope. I thought I should see what it is like. You gay boys must know something,” Sawyer said with a smile on his face.


“Let me know how it works out,” I said as I started toward the door with my backpack on.


“You’ll be the first to know, Sammie, my friend,” Sawyer said following right behind me.


Sawyer and I went our separate ways once we were out the door. My first class, Chem Lab, was boring as usual. I moved on to meet Sawyer at the gym. I arrived right on schedule to see Sawyer waiting at the entrance. “Hey, Sawyer, how was your first class?” I said as we high-fived each other.


“Hi, Sammie! Boring as fucking shit! I almost fell asleep listening to the prof drone on about the Revolutionary War! Damn! I wish that dude would pep things up a bit!” Sawyer replied as we headed for the locker room to change.


We found two empty lockers next to each other and began to dress for our workout session. Sawyer and I were both out of our street clothes ready to dawn our gym apparel in no time flat. Sawyer had his jock strap on and was rummaging around in his backpack for his gym shorts.


‘Damn! His ass looked good in that jock!’ I thought to myself. I finished dressing for the gym about the same time as Sawyer and we shoved our bags into our lockers.


“What do you want to do today, Sawyer?” I asked.


“You tell me! I have no fucking idea what I need!” Sawyer replied.


“How about we work on the chest and arms today? That should be a good start!” I suggested.


“Lead the way, Sammie! I’m right behind you.” Sawyer added as we stood before an empty free-weight bench.


The hour went by quickly. I was showing Sawyer some basic exercises for his chest and arms. I did a set and then let Sawyer do the same. He did really well for not working out much before.


“Okay, Sammie, boy! I think it’s time to hit the shower! I, for one, am all in!” Sawyer suggested as we wiped the equipment down.


We headed for the locker room and began undressing so we could hit the shower before grabbing a bit to eat.


“Sam!” I heard from behind. I turned around to see a very, very sweaty Harrison and Tom.


“Hello, men!” I said standing there naked as a jay bird. “What brings you here?”


“We just finished a session on the treadmill,” Harrison replied.


“Guys, I’d like you to meet my roommate, Sawyer,” I said as I began introducing a very naked Sawyer. Harrison and Tom were already out of their gym attire and were also standing there naked. “These are my CS 101 classmates, Harrison and Tom. Guys this is Sawyer.”


They greeted each other with handshakes.


“I think there are four very smelly men here who need a shower!” Tom added with a huge smile on his face.


We all hit the communal showers. Sawyer and I were opposite Harrison and Tom. I couldn’t help but notice Sawyer eyeing my two classmates’ bodies. I was mesmerized myself. They both had extremely lean and slightly muscular bodies. They were both about my height. Tom had a light covering of dark brown hair on his chest, stomach, legs, and arms. Harrison sported an almost smooth body. They both had semi hard cocks near the end of the shower. Both were well-endowed, but Harrison’s looked to be about the same size as Chris’s nine inch dick. Tom, I thought, was probably 8 inches. They apparently shaved their cock and balls and trimmed their pubic hair very neatly.


We all shut off the showers about the same time, grabbed our towels, and dried our bodies. When the four of us headed stark naked back to our lockers, I noticed a few heads turn to watch as we passed. Oh, well.


“Sawyer and I are going to grab a bite to eat before our next class. Care to join us, guys?” I asked.


“I’m game,” Harrison responded.


“Count me in! I am fucking starving!” Tom added.


Once we were dressed, we headed for an off campus pasta joint across the street from the rec center. We all got our food and found a table near the window so we could watch the people pass by.


“So, Sam, we didn’t have much of a chance to talk yesterday. How was your date with Chris?” Harrison asked.


“It was really, really nice!” I said excitedly. “He’s a wonderful guy!”


“The date lasted until Monday morning!” Sawyer said with some sarcasm. “Sam was in a very good mood when he finally returned to our room!”


“Wow! You must have had a good time, Sammie!” Tom added.


“I did, indeed!” I replied with a smile on my face.


“Is he good in bed, Sam?” Harrison asked with a straight face.


“Harrison! Don’t put Sam on the spot,” Tom scolded.


“Must have been! Sam’s been walking funny ever since he returned yesterday morning!” Sawyer added to the conversation.


“Let’s put it this way, men! He knows how to use what he’s got!” I said to the group.


“And, what has he ‘got,’ Sam?” Harrison queried with a smile plastered all over his face.


“Spill it, Sammie!” Sawyer implored.


“Yea!” Tom began, “we’ve got to know what our competition is!”


“Well,” I started, “not to degrade any of you here right now, but he is definitely the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen!”


“Let’s do it this way, Sam,” Harrison again started, “cut or uncut?”


“Uncut,” I answered.


“Okay, so far so good,” Harrison continued, “hairy or smooth?”


“Smooth,” I again answered.


“Chest, muscular or not?” Tom continued.


“Muscular,” I answered.


“Under, or over 8 inches?” Tom asked.


“Over,” I again answered.


“Top or bottom?” Harrison asked.




“And, you are a top or bottom?” Harrison added.




“Roommate. Does he have one? Yes or no,” Tom continued the questioning.


“No,” I responded.


“Condo or apartment?” Tom was on a roll.




“How many bedrooms?” Sawyer asked.


“Technically, three. One Chris uses as a study and a home gym.”


“How many bathrooms?” This time it was Tom’s turn.


“Three,” I answered again.


“What did you like most about him?” it was apparently Harrison’s turn.


“His mind and his smile,” I said with a smile.


“Shit, dude,” Tom began, “you’ve found an incredibly handsome black Adonis with a smooth, muscular chest and a big uncut dick, likes to fuck you silly, drives a BMW, lives in a three bedroom three bath condo off campus, and you like his fucking mind and smile? Cut the crap, Sammie!”


“As Tracy, she’s a friend who lives one floor below us, aptly summarized the situation when Sam was being grilled in our room the other day. She said, ‘Sam, this could be your ticket off the farm!’” Sawyer added to the conversation.


We were all laughing.


“I hate to break this up, boys, but we need to be headed out,” I reminded everyone.


We gathered up our things, threw the remains of lunch in the trash and headed out. Sawyer went on his way by himself. Tom, Harrison, and I walked to our CS TA session.


We arrived at the classroom 15 minutes early. We all took seats next to one another. I was on one end, Harrison in the middle, and Tom on the other end of our threesome. I grabbed my backpack and pulled my stuff out of it and put it on the desk.


 “When are you going to see your stud boyfriend again, Sammie?” Harrison asked.


“We talked on the phone last night. I missed him all day yesterday. He said he missed me.” I reported. “We’re going to meet for coffee this afternoon.”


“I’ll bet it is not just coffee!” Tom added. “He’ll have your ass in bed so fast you head won’t stop spinning!”


The TA, Benjamin Albertson, arrived just about then and we quieted down to listen to the dude. He was a tall guy, around 6’2” I thought. Nice looking. Super jet black hair that was cut sort of short but had some spikes to it. He was dressed in a tight-fitting polo and slim fit pants that showed off his muscular body very, very well. He’s in the PHD program in computer science. I had, in my mind after the first day of class, named him Dr. Dreamy. ‘He’s a cutie,’ I thought to myself. ‘Wonder if Ben is one of us?’


About 30-minutes later, Dr. Dreamy announced a project that we would complete over the course of the semester. “So, I would like you to work in groups of four to complete this. The project should be a joint effort. You and your three partners will all receive the same grade. Do any of you want to work together?”


Several of us, including Tom and Harrison, raised \our hands.


“Okay, Mr. Williamson?” he said to me. “That is correct is it not?”


“Yes, SIR!” I replied.


“Who would you like to work with, Mr. Williamson?” he asked.


“Tom and Harrison to my right, SIR,” I replied.


“Cut the ‘sir’ crap and call me Ben or Mr. Albertson—anything but ‘sir,’” he said. “Okay. You need a fourth.” Ben surveyed the room and looked directly at a very cute blond guy sitting to Harrison’s right. “Would you like to work with these three hoodlums?” Ben asked the cute guy.


“Definitely, Mr. Albertson. Definitely,” the cute blond guy responded with a smile on his face.


Mr. Albertson continued to divide the class into groups of four while Tom, Harrison, and I introduced ourselves to our new partner.


“I’m Tom,” Tom said as he reached out to shake the cute guy’s hand. “This is Harrison,” Tom said pointing to Harrison. “And, finally,” he said pointing to me, “this is Sam. You are?”


“Glen,” the blond said to us. “It’s nice to meet you. I haven’t met anyone who is a CS major until now.”


“I guess we need to find a time to get together,” Tom said. “When and where?”


“I’m meeting Chris after this session ends at Starbucks,” I stated.


“I am free at 4 almost every day,” Glen said to us. “So, any time after that on whatever day is good for your guys.”


I suggested to the group. “Would Wednesday, tomorrow, after 4 at Starbucks near campus work?”


Everyone agreed to meet around 4 tomorrow. I get the feeling Starbucks will be my home away from home this year. We said our goodbyes after class and made our way to the next activity.


I to head over to Starbucks and do some homework until Chris arrived. I was deep in thought when someone sat down across from me and said, “Hello, handsome.” It was Chris.


“Fuck! Your scared the shit out of me,” I said as I almost jumped off the chair. “I was deep in thought.” I leaned over closer to Chris and said, “Hello, stud. How are you? You look good enough to eat.”


“I could say the same to you, babe,” Chris replied. “It’s good to see you again. I missed you!”


“Same with me,” I replied. “Sawyer told me I ‘had it bad.’”


“I can barely keep my hands off you right now, hot stuff,” Chris said. “I would like to ravage your body, but I am going to control myself for the time being. Unless you want to skip the coffee and come over to my place.”


“I would love to, but I am afraid I need to study after we have coffee.” I said.


“Classes first. Body ravaging second,” Chris said. “What would you like?”


“It’s my turn to buy, sexy,” I said to Chris.


“Okay dark roast,” Chris said.


I got the coffee and returned to the table. “So, how was your day?” I said as I put the coffees on the table.


“Terrific! My dance instructor told me he wanted me to be in a show in a couple of months,” Chris said.


“Super!” I replied. “So, am I going to see you do your stuff?”


“I hope,” he said. “I’d be disappointed if you didn’t come. My grandparents will probably be there too. You can finally meet them.”


“Great,” I said. “Meeting the family—does that mean what I think it means?”


“Yup!” he replied. “It means I’m… I think… uhm… I’m, as Sawyer said, ‘I’ve got it bad.’”


I smiled. We talked for almost an hour before I announced I had to head back to the dorm to study.


“So, that means no body ravaging today, huh,” Chris said sounding a little disappointed.


“Hmmm!” I thought out loud. “Would you consider a quick blowjob?”


“Let’s get the fuck out of here! I’ll even drive you back to your dorm afterwards!” Chris hurried to clean up our stuff.


I leaned over and we pressed our lips together. At that point neither of us really cared who saw us. When we ended our little kiss, there was an applause from the crowd of coffee drinkers. We both were a little embarrassed and we gathered our stuff and headed quickly out the door.


Chris had the door to his condo open and was standing in the kitchen naked in no time. I was too!


“Here or the bedroom?” Chris asked.


“Your call!” I added as he pulled me close to him and kissed me.


“Bedroom!” Chris decided as he led me by the hand to his now familiar bedroom.


Chris lay on his back in the middle of the bed. I climbed on top of him and began kissing him on the lips with a little tongue for good measure. I nibbled on his earlobes before heading south to munch on his nipples.


“You make me feel so good, baby!” Chris whispered.


“That’s my goal here,” I whispered back.


I continued on my trek down his body to my prize. ‘We may not have much time, but this is going to be absolutely what I needed.’ I thought to myself.


I loved the smell of his crotch. Musky from the day’s activities. The aroma of this hot man almost made me cum on the spot.


Chris began groaning as I took his dick in my mouth. I was in fucking heaven.


“Shit, baby!” Chris again whispered.


I again gulped his big, fat, uncut cock down my throat and began working his tool. First slowly. Then, I picked up the pace when I heard him groaning louder and louder. I knew I was making my man feel good—really good!


“God, baby, I’m close. Cum with me, please,” Chris pleaded.


I knew it wouldn’t take much to get my dick pumping cum. I was so horny for this hot man. With a few quick strokes I felt ready to blow a load.


“God! I’m cumming, baby.” Chris almost screamed. “Ahhh… ahhh… ahhh… ahhh… fuck….”


I felt his load explode into my waiting throat. My cock began an almost simultaneous explosion! I stayed sucking on Chris’s still hard cock so that I could milk any remaining cum from him. He tasted so, so good!


Chris pulled me from his cock and up to his lips. He kissed me and kissed me. I didn’t want to stop. Apparently, neither did he. Finally, he turned us on our side and stopped the kissing.


“I just want to say, baby,” Chris began, “you not only have a great ass, but that mouth of yours is so, so talented!”


“Thanks,” I replied and smiled at my naked stud muffin, “I aim to please, stud!”


“I hate to shoot and run, but I promised to get you back to your dorm at a reasonable hour,” a smiling Chris stated.


“Yea,” I replied. “As much as I would like stay here naked with you, I have to do some studying or I’ll be out on my ear. I don’t think my parents would be any too happy.”


“I understand, hot stuff.” Chris replied. “At least do me a favor… Kiss me again please!”


I obliged.


“Let’s get us both dressed and be on our way!” Chris ordered.


We went to the kitchen and retrieved our discarded clothing. We were dressed and on our way to Chris’s car in record time.


“Can I call you later tonight,” Chris ask.


“Yes, SIR!” I replied. “About the same time as last night?”


“Yup,” he replied and leaned over and kissed me. “Bye.”


“Bye,” I said as I stepped out of the car to head back to the dorm.


When I returned to the dorm room, Sawyer was sitting in front of his computer. “Hello, Sawyer.


“Hey, Sammie!” Sawyer replied. “How did your date with Chris go?”


“Great!” I replied. “I’ve been invited to a show that Chris will be doing in a couple of months. I get to meet his grandparents, too!”


“Oh!” Sawyer started. “This IS getting serious!”


“I guess,” I said. “I miss him already. Do you think this could be the real thing or is it just lust?”


“I don’t know, Sammie,” Sawyer answered slowly. “Of course, who am I to judge? I’ve never been in a serious relationship with anyone—boy or girl! But, meeting the family is certainly something, I would say.”


“Yea. They sound like nice people,” I replied and emptied my backpack. “I don’t know about you, but I am starving! I think it is a coffee buzz.”


“Food, then,” Sawyer said. “Onward to the cafeteria. We need to keep up our strength, especially you, lover boy!”


I cuffed Sawyer on the back of the head as we headed out to the cafeteria. While we were eating, Sawyer and I discussed our day. I told him about the CS project group, Dr. Dreamy, Tom and Harrison, and Glen, the cute blond in our group.


Sawyer said with a smirk on his face. “I don’t know about you, but I need to go do some serious studying.” With that Sawyer and I got up and dumped our trays and headed to our room.


As promised, around 10 Chris called. “Hello, Chris!” I said with some excitement in my voice.


“I have to be brief because I need to get up at the crack of dawn tomorrow.” Chris stated. “What are you doing over the weekend?”


“No plans. Why?” I replied.


Chris replied. “Do you like to dance?”


“Yea,” I replied. “At a gay bar?”


“Yes. A gay bar. There are a couple here in town.” Chris answered.


“I’ve never been to a gay bar.” I stated. “Besides, I’m underage.”


“That doesn’t matter. You’re 18.” Chris said. “Besides, I know a few people.”


“You know someone everywhere!” I said matter of fatly.


“So, are you up for it?” Chris asked.


“Sure. How does one dress for a night on the town?” I asked.


“Depends on the image you’re trying to project,” Chris said with a grin. “I’d say you would attract attention with some tight ass jeans and a tight tank top or t-shirt.”


“I like your enthusiasm,” I replied smiling.


“Okay. We’ll talk during the week, but I have to get to bed,” Chris said.


“Okay. Until tomorrow then, baby,” I replied.


“Okay. Bye,” Chris replied and my phone went blank.


“Was that lover boy?” Sawyer asked.


“Yea. He wants to go dancing next weekend,” I replied.


“Dancing?” He questioned. “As in gay bar dancing?”


“It appears so, Sawyer,” I said. “I’ve never been to a gay bar.”


“Neither have I,” Sawyer replied. “I’ve got to get some rest. I’m going to hit the showers.”


“Okay,” I replied. “Oh! Sawyer?”


“Yes,” Sawyer replied.


“How was it without any underwear?” I asked.


“It felt different. But, the jury is still out,” Sawyer said as he dropped his cargo shorts and shucked off his shirt. “Off to the showers.”


When Sawyer returned, again, naked, he sat on his bed looking at me from across the room. He finally asked, “I was wondering, Sam, is Harrison as hung as I think he is?”


“I think so,” I replied. “I didn’t know straight guys scoped out other naked men.”


“Well,” Sam began, “you have to know what’s out there. I was also wondering, and correct me if I get the terminology wrong, who do you think is top and who is bottom in that relationship?”


“I haven’t been given that piece of information just yet,” I answered as I gathered stuff for my shower. “If you want, I can ask them tomorrow. I can tell them that my straight boy roommate wants to know these things.”


“Maybe it’s best left unsaid, Sam,” Sawyer decided.


“Okay! I’m off to get clean!” I told Sawyer as it made my way to our shower.


When I returned to the bedroom from the shower, Sawyer was sitting on his bed with his back against the headboard—still naked—reading something on his tablet. His cock wasn’t hard, but it definitely was a little plump.


“Still awake I see Sawyer!” I said as I draped my towel over the desk chair.


“Yea, I was just thinking. I can’t get into this history text tonight,” he added.


I sat on my bed and plumped up my pillow for the sleep that I needed. I crawled between the sheets and shut off the light on the table next to the bed.


“Sam?” Sawyer began. “Can I ask you a question? You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to.”


“Sure,” I responded, “ask away!”


“Um… I don’t quite know how to ask this other than being blunt. So, here goes… What’s it like to have sex with another man?”


I immediately sat up and turned the light back on, “Why do you ask, Sawyer?”


“Just curious,” Sawyer added. “You don’t have to answer if it makes you uncomfortable!”


“Ahm… Let me first give you what my perspective is based on,” I began to explain to Sawyer. “Until Chris came into my life, I wouldn’t have answered your question. But, he has given me a whole new perspective on sexual intimacy!”


“I can see that, Sam. I can tell you care for Chris very, very much.” Sam added.


“Anyway, I have never had any desire to be with a woman. But, being with Chris is like heaven to me. I love the way his body looks. I get an instant hard-on when I see him naked. I love touching his chest, his arms, his legs, his ass, his dick! He makes me feel very, very safe and cared for. When we have sex, it is an electrifying experience. Even before Chris, when I was having sex with some of my straight buds, I loved the feeling of having a cock in my ass or mouth. It was just natural to me.” I ended my rambling.


“Wow!” Sawyer said.


“Did I say too much, Sawyer?” I asked.


“No! Your answer was perfect…. Can I ask you another question, Sam?” Sawyer said


“Absolutely, Sawyer. Ask away!” I replied.


“You can say ‘no’ if you aren’t comfortable with what I’m about to ask…. Would you have sex with me sometime, Sam?”


“I’m not going to answer that just yet. I need to ask you a question first. What brought this on? I thought you were a died-in-the-wool straight boy.” I added.


“Good question, Sam,” Sawyer started to reply. “Before I met you, I just assumed I was straight. But, from the first day I met you here in the dorm room, I’ve been thinking about you a lot! I don’t want anything to come between our friendship or our ability to get along as roommates. I feel like you have become, in this very, very short time, my best friend. I can tell you anything. You can tell me anything. I like that. But, I just wanted to perhaps experience man-on-man sex with you. Maybe I won’t like it as much as I think I might. I might still be straight. But, I don’t know. Do you hate me now, Sam?”


I got out of bed and went over to Sawyer’s bed and sat down on the edge beside him. “Sawyer, I could never hate you. And, truthfully, I’ve had the same feeling for you. I think you are a very, very special man, Sawyer. I think we will be friends for the rest of our lives…. At least, I hope so! And, lastly, if we do have sex—and I don’t think it should be tonight because we are both tired—I want us to be naked. I want to kiss you. I want you to kiss me. I would never, never hurt you, Sawyer! Never! So… the answer is ‘yes,’ Sawyer. I just want it to be the right time and place.”


“You’ve made me a very happy man, Sam! Very happy, indeed!” Sawyer said in almost a whisper. “And, I understand about it not being tonight. You’re right. We need to be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.”


“Good…. Can I kiss you, Sawyer?” I asked.


“Yes!” Sawyer answered in a quiet, maybe even lusty, tone of voice.


I leaned in and cupped his face in my hands and pulled his lips toward mine. Our lips met. Our tongues engaged. I felt Sawyer relax. There was definitely a spark between us. We continued our kiss for a while. Sawyer finally pulled away.


“Sam… would you sleep with me tonight? No funny business. I just want to feel your body next to mine!” Sawyer finally admitted.


“I’d like that, Sawyer. I’d like that a lot! But, there is only one way we are going to fit together on this fucking twin bed. Turn over on your side.”


Sawyer turned away from me and I slide under the sheets. I pulled him tight to my body.


“I like this, Sam!”


“I do too, Sawyer. I do too.” I added.


Sawyer found my hand and put his on top and squeezed. We were soon fast asleep.



To be continued...


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