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Sam and Chris

Chapter 6: Mid-Week Hump


The alarm on Sawyer's phone went off at 8 am. Sawyer began to stir. He reach over to the desk above our heads, found the phone, and shut it off. He snuggled next to me again and nestled close. I kissed him on the back of his head.


"Mmmmm." Sawyer murmured. "You feel so good beside me. I don't want to get out of bed."


"I know, Sawyer. I feel the same way," I whispered into his ear. "But, we have to get moving. Want to shower together?"


"That would be awesome, Sam!" Sawyer responded in a hushed, sleepy voice. He turned his body around to face me. "Can I kiss you again?"


I didn't answer. I just pulled an awakening Sawyer close to me. I began to kiss and lick his nose—then our lips met. He started to kiss. I felt his tongue eagerly enter my mouth. I reciprocated. We laid there engaging in a very passionate, loving kissing session. Both of our hard cocks were rubbing against our stomachs.


Finally, Sawyer pulled away from me, "You know, Sam... I hate to say this... but we need to get our butts rolling here."


I kissed him on the forehead, "Yea! We do. Shall we go get clean?"


"Yea, let's do it!" Sawyer replied.


I slipped out of bed. Sawyer's feet hit the floor beside me. I took his hand and led him into the bathroom. I turned on the water in the shower. When the water was warm, I pulled Sawyer into the shower with me. I took the bar of soap and began to wash Sawyer's chest. He took the soap from me and began to wash me.


"Sam," Sawyer finally said in a very quiet voice, almost a whisper, "I forgot I had to pee!"


I pulled Sawyer close to me and said, "Let's do it together."


"Here?" Sawyer asked. I think he was surprised at my suggestion.


"Yea! Here!" I whispered to Sawyer.


Soon we were both releasing our morning piss on each other. When we were both finished pissing, we continued to wash each other's bodies. I raised Sawyers arm and began to wash his pit. Then, the other. He did the same for me. I turned Sawyer around so I could scrub his back and ass. I paid particular attention to his ass. He moaned softly as the soap and my hand caressed his ass. He did the same to me.


"God! That feels good, Sawyer!" I whispered.


I turned around to face Sawyer and pulled him into a brief kiss. I moved my hands to his rock hard cock to clean it. I couldn't help myself and I began to massage his dick. Sawyer did the same to me.


"Are we doing what I think we're doing, Sam?" Sawyer whispered.


"Yea! I want to see you cum, roomie!" I answered in the same hushed whisper.


While I was jerking Sawyer's cock with one hand, I began to tweak his nipples with the other.


"Fuck, Sammie! That feels so, so good!" Sawyer responded. "Keep that up and I'm going to blow in a few seconds."


I kept working his cock and nipples. He did the same to me. I felt Sawyer's body tense.


"Ahhh. Shit! Sam I'm fucking going to cum!" Sawyer whispered. Finally, he started almost screaming as he began to unload in my hand, "Ahhh... Fuck... Shit... Ahhh... Ahhh... Ahhh..."


I came almost immediately after Sawyer had shot his load. I kissed him again. I decided to do something that I hoped Sawyer wouldn't mind. I knelt down and took Sawyer's still hard cock in my mouth to lick any remaining cum from his dick. I stood and kissed Sawyer again.


"You know, Sam," Sawyer began, "if we don't get out of this shower soon, we will look like prunes for the rest of the fucking day!"


I shut off the water, opened the shower door, grabbed two towels from the hook outside the shower, and handed one to Sawyer. We stepped out of the shower and began to dry our bodies.


When we were nearly dry, Sawyer said quietly with a huge grin on his face, "If that is what man-on-man sex is like, I am a confirmed gay boy!"


We walked out of the bathroom and began to get dressed for the day. We were both smiling.


It was supposed to be warm today, so I pulled out a tightfitting, black tank top and a pair of cargo shorts. Sawyer pulled out a blue t-shirt and yellow board shorts. He was standing beside his dresser in deep thought.


"You know, Sam," he began, "as much as I liked going commando, I think I will need underwear today because I might pop a boner thinking about our shower!"


"Yea! That was fucking hot!" I replied. "Do you want to grab a bit to eat before class starts?"


"Yuppers! I'm fucking starving!" Sawyer agreed.


We both grabbed our stuff for the day and were headed to the door. Sawyer turned to me before he opened the door to our room and pulled me in to kiss me. It was a brief kiss, but I knew from his passion that our relationship was going to be a little different from now on.


When we arrived in the cafeteria, we selected our food and headed to an unoccupied table. We began to eat in silence.


"What are you going to tell Chris, Sam?" Sawyer finally asked.


"The truth!" I answered. "I slept in the same bed with my roommate, we kissed, we showered together, we jerked each other off in the shower."


"Do you think he will be pissed?" Sawyer asked.


I paused before I answered Sawyer's question, "I hope not! At least, that's what I am hoping."


"I hope I didn't fuck anything up between you two! I'd be mortified if I did." Sawyer reflected.


"I think things will work themselves out, Sawyer," I added. "I'm going to see if Chris can meet me for lunch or something to talk."


I began to shove my leftover breakfast and coffee cup into the trash can beside us, "Well, roomie, I have to get my butt going."


"I have to do the same!" Sawyer said as he disposed of his stuff.


We grabbed our respective backpacks and headed out the cafeteria.


"I'm meeting a CS study group around 3. I should be back around 5 or so," I stated.


"Okay, dude!" Sawyer said as he made his way to the bathroom. "Have a great day!"


"You, too, Sawyer! You, too!"


"See you," Sawyer said as he headed to his first class.


I decided to call Chris on my way to class.


He answered on the first ring, "Hello, Sam!"


"Did you have a good night?" I asked.


"It would have been better if you were with me, but, yes, I slept well and am ready to tackle the day head on!" He answered.


Ahm, Chris, could we meet for lunch or something? I'd like to talk to you about something." I said with a little hesitancy in my voice.


"Sure, babe. But, I can't do lunch. When are you finished with classes today? Could we meet for coffee? Or, you could come here!" he asked.


"I'm meeting my CS study group around 4 at Starbucks. That will probably last an hour or so. But, I can be at your place by probably 5:30!" I answered.


"Okay. I'll make us something light for dinner." Chris agreed.


"Terrific! I can't wait to see you, babe!" I replied.


"Yea! I'm getting hard just thinking about it! I have to go. I'm meeting my drama coach in a few minutes." Chris said.


"See you at 5:30 then, babe!"


"Take care, stud!" Chris said as he ended the call.


`I only hope Chris will understand!' I thought to myself.




Classes went well and finally, I was ready to head over to Starbucks to meet my CS study group. As I entered, I saw Tom, Harrison, and Glen in the corner around a round table.


"Hey, guys!" I said. "How are things?"


"Good," Harrison replied. "We just got here and found this table."


"Let me grab a coffee," I said as I put my backpack on the floor next to the empty chair.


When I returned, Harrison said, "I think we need to get to know one another. Don't you?"


We all agreed.


"Who goes first?" Harrison asked.


"Alphabetical order," Tom offered.


"That would mean I have to go first. How about reverse alphabetical order? That would mean you go first, Tom," Glen retorted.


"Okay. I'll go first," Tom started. "I'm from Northbrook, a suburb outside of Chicago. My dad is a plumber. My mom is an administrative assistant. I'm an only child. Harrison here and I have known one another since second grade. He's my best friend. How's that?"


"Good start, Tom," I replied. "My turn, I guess. I'm from a small farming town in Southern Illinois. My father is a farmer, and my mother is an English teacher in my hometown. None of my friends went to school here, so I am sort of alone except for my now best friend and roommate, Sawyer, and now you guys. Done."


"That was short and sweet," Glen said. "I like people who are accurate and concise. I guess it's your turn, Harrison."


"Like Tom said, we are both from Northbrook. My dad works for the state as an engineer. He went to school here. My mom stayed home and looked after my brother, sister, and me." Harrison explained. "And, as Tom also said, we've been best friends like forever. We room together in the dorm, too. Glen?"


"I'm not from Illinois," Glen started. "I'm from fucking Iowa. But, like Sam here, I lived in a very small, rural community outside of Des Moines. My dad is a minister at a local Baptist Church. My mom directs the choir at my dad's church. I have two younger brothers, twins. They are both weird. Done."


"Now, let's get down to business," Tom said.


We talked for a while about our project.


It was nearing 4:30 when Tom tapped me on the shoulder and said, "Hey, Sam. Isn't that your friend Chris over there?"


I turned to the counter where Chris was ordering his brew, and said to the group, "Yea! That's Chris." I waved as Chris turned around and he started toward our table.


"How are you doing, guys?" Chris asked the group as he put a hand on my shoulder. "I needed some caffeine. Are we still on for 5:30, Sam?"


"Definitely, Chris," I said. "These are my friends from the CS study group."


I introduced everyone and Chris greeted each one with a hardy handshake.


He had left his hand on my shoulder, "I have to run. Nice to meet you guys. I'll see you shortly, Sam?"


"For sure," I replied.


"Great!" Chris said. "We can discuss Friday evening when we have dinner." Then, Chris turned and left the coffee shop


"Nice guy," Tom said. "He's a dancer, right, Sam?"


"Yup," I answered.


"How did you meet him, Sam?" Glen asked.


"Student Union last Friday," I answered.


"Don't get me wrong, Sam, but I need to ask. Are Chris and you an item?" Glen asked.


Tom almost spit out the sip of coffee he was drinking.


"Why do you ask, Glen?" I directed this to Glen. I was curious. His family is Baptist after all.


"Um... Well... I asked because you looked like perhaps... Um... You're more than just friends." Glen finally said.


"It's too early to tell, Glen," I started to answer. "But, I think we are getting to be an item. Does it bother you, Glen?"


"No. I'm cool with it," Glen spoke. "If you know of any other single, gay guys, I'd be happy to meet them."


Now it was Harrison's turn to choke on his coffee, "You're gay, too, Glen?"


"Yes. I hope that doesn't turn you off," Glen responded.


"No, it doesn't, Glen," Harrison continued. "I guess we are the official gay study group in CS 101."


Glen's eyes got big as he asked, "You guys are gay, too?"


"Yes," Tom explained. "And, Harrison and I are boyfriends."


"Wow! I met only one other gay guy before I arrived at school here. Now I know four others! Shit! My dad would be hitting the fucking roof right about now if he knew." Glen explained.


We all laughed at Glen's statement before he continued, "Like I said if any of you know of other single, cute, gay guys, feel free to send them my way."


"While we are on the subject," Tom began, "do you think Mr. Albertson is gay? He certainly is handsome!"


"I've wondered," I replied. "He has a nice body."


"That he does," Harrison added. "I'd like to see him naked. As a matter of fact, I'd like to see Chris naked."


"Harrison likes naked men," Tom chided. "Speaking of Chris, he mentioned Friday night. What are your plans?"


"I don't know about Friday evening," I replied, "but he mentioned going out dancing on Saturday."


"Cool," Tom answered. "I'd like to do that with Harrison some night, right babe?"


"That would be great. Maybe we can all go sometime," Harrison said. "First, though we'll let Sam and Chris test the waters. We're going to need a full report on Tuesday!"


"I'll let you know how things go," I said.


We all gathered up our stuff, and we said our good byes. I headed off to meet Chris.


I decided I should let Sawyer know I wouldn't be home for a while. I called him on my walk to Chris's condo. "Sawyer, it's Sam."


"How's it going, Sammie?" Sawyer greeted me.


"Good! I thought I should let you know that Chris and I are going talk and have dinner at his place. I shouldn't be out too late, but don't wait up, okay! I explained.


"Cool! Say hi to Chris for me, but I have to go. I need to piss like a race horse!" Sawyer added.


"Okay, Sawyer, go take care of business!" I hung up the phone.


I arrived at Chris's condo promptly at 5:30 and he buzzed me into the building. He was standing in the doorway of his condo as greeted me, "Hello, stud! How was the study group?"


"Interesting, to say the least!" I answered.




"Yea!" I began to relate the details of our meeting, "It turns out that we are all gay!"


"Ahh! The blond—Glen, I think—is a cute dude!" Chris said with a smile.


"Yes," I answered, "he is cute!"


"I have dinner in the oven. It's something simple. We can talk first. You sounded like it was important on the phone this morning" Chris explained his thoughts.


"Sure!" I agreed.


Chris led me into the kitchen. "Would you like a beer, soft drink?"


"Beer would be good," I replied. Maybe it will help settle my nerves.


Chris located a couple of beers and opened them. He put one down on the island for me. We both took a big gulp. Chris took my free hand in his and led me into the living room. We sat on the sofa and drank more of our beers. Finally, Chris spoke up, "You look nervous, Sammie. Is something wrong?"


I took a deep breath and began, "Nothing is wrong... at least I hope it's not wrong..." I paused before I continued. "I guess I just need to say what's on my mind. I hope you won't be mad at me, Chris. So, please just listen for a bit, okay?"


"I'm all ears, Sam. You can tell me anything. You know that, don't you?" Chris said. He had a nervous look on his face.


I decided to do this on a stream of consciousness


"Okay... Here goes... It has to do with Sawyer... We went to the gym yesterday... Tom and Harrison were there doing a session on the treadmill... They came into the locker room as Sawyer and I were getting ready to take a shower... Tom and Harrison took a shower at the same time as we did... Sawyer was... um... looking rather intently at the guys while we were showering... Then, last night Sawyer asked me if I thought Harrison was as hung as he seemed to be... I said that I thought so... And, here's the hard part to tell you... Sawyer then asked me if I would have sex with him... I said yes... But, we didn't do it last night... We just kissed for a bit... Then, we slept together in his bed... And, in the shower this morning, Sawyer and I jerked each other off..." I stopped and looked, for the first time since I had started my explanation of the situation, Chris directly in the eyes.


Chris's concerned look turned into a big shit eating grin, "I was wondering when the two of you would come to the realization that you cared deeply about one another!"


"You mean, you don't hate me?" I asked, partly in shock from his reaction.


Chris pulled me close to him and kissed me, "No! I could never hate you, baby! That ain't going to happen!"


"Fuck! What did I do to deserve you?" I replied with tears forming in my eyes. "Wait! How did you know Sawyer and I would eventually get this far?"


Chris gave me another kiss, "Well, babe, ever since I met Sawyer and watched the two of you together—your reactions to one another, your chatter, and from some of your conversations with me—I just felt there would be a time of realization."


Chris put his arm around my shoulders and pulled me into a big hug, "When are you two going to do the `deed'?"


"Shit, Chris! I can't believe this! I'm sitting here talking to my boyfriend about when I'm going to have sex with my roommate!" I said to Chris as I reached over to his chest and tweaked his nipple through his shirt.


"Are you trying to start something, stud?" Chris asked. He had his `horny' face on!


"Yup!" I whispered and leaned over to nibble his ear.


"Like what?" he whispered back.


"Can we jerk off together again?" I asked


"Fuck yes!" he said as he pulled me up from the couch and hurried us into the bedroom. Chris was shedding his clothes on the way in. So was I.


I moved to my knees and Chris was facing me on the bed. I grabbed my hard cock. Chris grabbed his huge cock. We were stroking and kissing and fondling each other's nipples.


"I love it when you play with my nipples, Chris!" I whispered between strokes of my cock.


"I do too, babe! My nips seem to be hardwired to my dick!" Chris added. We were both getting closer and closer.


"Want me to jerk you, and you me? I asked.


"Definitely!" Chris whispered.


He took my cock in his hand and beginning to stroke. I took his cock in my hand.


"God! This feels good!" I whispered. We continued massaging our cocks. We brought each other close to cumming and, then, backed off. We continued this for another 10 minutes.


Chris almost shouted, "I'm ready to cum, bud!"


"Me, too." I whispered.


We worked our cocks in unison. Our breathing became heavier.


Finally Chris screamed, "I'm cumming. Fuck! I'm cumming."


"Yeaaaaaaaaaaah! Fuck! Me, too."


We shot our load on each other's stomachs. Rope after rope of cum spewed from our cocks onto our stomachs.


Once we were both breathing normally again, Chris leaned forward and kissed me and said, "God! That was hot!"


"Yea! Hot!" I said between kisses.


"Do you want to take a shower, babe?" Chris asked me.


"No! I want to keep your cum on me as a reminder of the hot man that I have as a boyfriend. Besides, I can shower before I go to bed." I answered as I smiled.


"Oh! I forgot to tell you. I made appointments for us to be tested tomorrow at 11:00 am at the student health center. You do have that time free, don't you?" Chris explained.


"Definitely! I'm done with my Chem lab at 10:00 am. Want to meet there around 10:45?" I suggested.


"Deal! Okay, stud! Let's go eat. It's already fucking 7:00! Shit! Where did the time go?" a smiling Chris commented.


After we ate, we dressed, and went out to Chris's car. He had me home around 8:00!


When I walked into our dorm room, I saw Sawyer laying on his bed in gym shorts starring at the ceiling again, "Hey, Sawyer."


"Hey, Sammie. How did your discussion with Chris go this evening?" Sawyer asked.


"Great! He is such a sweet guy! He told me that he thought it was only a matter of time before we came to the realization that there was something between you and me! I, for one, didn't know it was that noticeable." I explained.


"Shit! I didn't know it showed!" Sawyer mused.


"He also asked me when we were going to do the `deed'!" I said adding the air quotes.


Sam smiled at me.


"Chris also asked me to go with him to get tested at the student health center tomorrow," I added.


"You'll certainly save on condoms if all goes well. By the way, Sammie, how did your computer science group meeting go?"


"Good Sawyer," I replied. "We are the official gay CS 101 study group."


"No shit, Sammie," Sawyer began. "All four of you are gay? Did you know this before?"


"I knew Tom and Harrison were boyfriends," I answered. "None of us knew Glen. He's from Iowa. His father's a Baptist minister. I think there is more to this story. We will find that out in due time."


"Introduce him to Tracy. She'll get it out of him," Sawyer stated as he moved off the bed.


"Yea," I replied. "She knows no mercy."


I asked Sawyer, "How's the free-balling going?"


"The what?" Sawyer asked.


"Free-balling. No underwear," I answered.


"It has its merits, Sammie," Sawyer answered. "This winter, though, I am sure I will be ready for the long underwear. I don't think I want to freeze my dick off."


We both immersed ourselves in studying until my phone rang around 10. Chris's name was on the caller id. "Hello, Chris!"


"Hey, hot stuff," Chris replied. "It was good to see you, even for a brief time this evening."


"I enjoyed being with you, too, Chris," I answered.


Chris stated. "Now! About Friday? Do you want to come over here after school? Or, we could meet at Starbucks then head to my place?"


"Okay," I replied. "Starbucks a little after 4. I think I'll need the caffeine!"


"Deal! I am really, really looking forward to this weekend, stud. Do you have anything on your agenda for the weekend?" Chris asked.


"Other than being with you, no," I replied. "I'm pretty well caught up on school stuff. So, if you want, I'll be all yours this weekend."


"Hum! I like the sound of that. I have plans for your body," Chris said in a whisper.


"You're getting me hard, man!" I said in a low voice so Sawyer wouldn't be distracted.


"I heard that, Sammie," Sawyer shouted from his desk.


Chris and I both laughed. "We'd better call it a night," he said. "I have to get some much needed sleep. So, if you will excuse me, hot stuff,


"See you Friday," I replied.


"Yea, bye!" Chris said as he clicked off the call.


"Okay, Sawyer," I stated, "who's first in the shower?"


"You go. I'm finishing up a few things here."


"Okay," I said as I pulled off my t-shirt and dropped my cargo shorts. I grabbed the towel and headed into the shower.


When I came out, Sawyer was standing naked by his bed. He grabbed his towel and did his thing in the shower.


As he finished drying off, he asked, "Sam, will you sleep with me again tonight?"


"I thought you'd never ask!" I said as I headed over to Sawyer's bed. I grabbed him and pulled him in for a kiss. "Sawyer," I began between kisses, "what are you doing... after class tomorrow?"


"Um... tomorrow is Thursday... Nothing urgent...! All of my shit... that needs to be handed in on Friday... is already done. Why?" Sawyer questioned between our kisses.


"I was wondering... if you would be interested... in taking... our relationship... as friends... to the next level." I added.


"Fuck yes!" he answered and pulled away from our kissing so he could say more. "How do we go about this?"


"Well, I thought maybe... we could make it into a date. You know, go out to an early dinner somewhere decent. Then, come back here, get ourselves comfortable, and see where things lead." I thought aloud.


"Sammie, you amaze me sometimes with your really kind way about you! I would be honored to go on a date with you. What about Chris?" Sawyer replied.


"I'm seeing him on Friday. He and I have no plans for tomorrow. Besides, I need some quality time with my roommate! We can talk about where once we are both finished with our classes tomorrow." I whispered to him and gave him another peck on the lips. "Let's go to bed!"


"I want to hold you tonight!" Sawyer added.


"Deal!" I replied.


Sam crawled into bed and I slid in beside him. When he pulled me tight against him, I felt his hard cock pressing on my ass. "Good night, Sawyer!"


"Good night, Sam!"


In no time we were both out like a light!



To be continued...


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