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Sam and Chris


Chapter 7: Thursday Progress


Sawyer's phone sounded at 7:00 am. A groggy Sawyer shut off the offending alarm. "I'm never, ever signing up for an 8 am class again! I hate this fucking shit!"


"I see someone is in a good mood this morning," I said as I turned around and kissed Sawyer on the nose.


"Okay, roomie, let's get ready to head out and take the world by storm!" Sawyer added as we both moved out of bed.


"That's more like it, Sawyer!" I said as I moved to my side of the room and slip on my cargo shorts from last night and a polo from my drawer.


"See what you do to me, Sammie!" Sawyer said pointing to his hard cock.


"I have the same problem," I added.


We were finally dressed and our cocks had gone down. We dashed out of the room to our respective classes.


I suffered through another boring Chemistry lab. At least the TA was good to look at! After class was over, I headed toward to student health center to meet Chris. I was excited about the possibility of doing this together!


Chris and I arrived promptly at 10:45 at the student health center.


"Hello, stud!" Chris greeted me and pulled me into a hug.


"Same to you, oh hot one!" I answered.


"We have to go upstairs and register. So, we'd better be on our way," Chris instructed.


"I'm ready!" I replied.


We stepped off the elevator on the third floor and headed toward the testing center. We filled out what seemed to be reams and reams of forms. When we were finally done, we gave the forms to the receptionist and sat back down to wait.


"Are you nervous?" Chris asked me.


"Sort of. But, there is really no need to be," I answered. "My doctor did an HIV test last July."


"Yea! Mine, too," Chris added. "I will to say that I'm looking forward to all kinds of possibilities if we get good news!" Chris's face now sported a huge grin.


"Yea, me too! As a matter of fact, Sawyer said to me yesterday when I told him we were going to do this that we could save a lot of money on the condom budget!" I said. I, too, was smiling.


"How are things working out with Sawyer?" Chris asked.


"Well, we slept together again last night, and we're going someplace for dinner tonight to talk." I answered. "Are you sure you are alright with this, Chris? I never want to do something that would turn you away from me."


"Sam, I told you yesterday evening that I could see this coming. And, yes, I'm still alright with you and Sawyer exploring each other in a physical way... But, I want to hear all about it when it finally happens!" Chris said as he took my hand and grinned.


An extremely attractive man in a shirt and tie entered the waiting area and introduced himself, "Mr. Johnson and Mr. Williamson?"


"Yes, sir!" Chris stood and replied. "I'm Chris Johnson and this is Sam Williamson."


We both shook the man's hand as he introduced himself, "I'm Kevin Rodriguez. I'm a caseworker here at the center. I need to speak with you and discuss a few things before we proceed. Do you want me to talk to you together or separately?"


"If it is alright with Sam, I'd like to do this together," Chris replied as he looked at me.


"Definitely together," I confirmed.


"Great! We'll head to my office down the hall," Kevin said as he started down the hallway.


Chris grabbed my hand as we walked to the caseworker's office. Kevin opened the door and led us in to a small, but nicely decorated room. He smiled at Chris and I, "Have a seat, gentlemen!" Kevin pointed to a sofa under the window. He sat in an arm chair opposite us.


"Gentlemen, this is a mere formality, but the center believes it is best to point out some things before a student gets these kinds of tests. After we talk for a few minutes, you will go down to the lab and they will draw a sample. We will do one test immediately to tentatively confirm your HIV status. So, if you can wait for 15 minutes, I will give you those results. Then, tomorrow about this time we will have the results of a more accurate test. The first test is very accurate, but we want to do the second just to confirm your status. Along with the more conclusive tests for HIV, we will also test for any known STDs."


Kevin paused for a few minutes, "I am assuming that you two are boyfriends. Am I correct?"


"Yes," Chris said as he squeezed my hand more tightly.


"Okay," Kevin continued, "Are you hoping that today's test will allow you to dispense with the use of condoms during anal sex?"


"Yes," Chris and I both answered at the same time.


"Okay! I also want to explain—though I suspect you already know this—that if either of your tests come back positive we will do another series of tests just to make certain. Also, if either or your test results are positive, I hope you understand that HIV is no longer a death sentence. With today's medications, people with HIV can expect to live a normal life. Are there any questions?"


Chris and I both said `no.'


"Okay, I will show you where the lab is located. After you've finished with that, if you will have a seat in the waiting room you were just in, I will come and speak to you again. Probably in about 20 minutes. So, let's go!" Kevin said as we all stood and headed to the lab


After about 10 minutes, Chris and I were back in the waiting room and sat down next to each other.


"I would like to say that was painless, but that needle looked fucking big to me," I said to Chris with a smile on my face.


Chris added, also with a smile, "Yea. I'm no fan of needles myself. I still don't understand how people can get fucking tattoos!"


"Yea! I know, but some of them look really sexy, don't you think!" I added.


"Yes, they do! Okay, now that that is over with, where do you want to have lunch?"


"You pick. You know the places around here better than me. But, on Tuesday, Sawyer, Harrison, Tom, and I had lunch at the little pasta place near the rec center. It was actually good!" I said.


"Then, it's settled! We'll go there!" Chris agreed.


Shortly, Kevin returned to the waiting room, "Okay, gentlemen. Please follow me."


We followed Kevin down the hallway to his office. Chris held my hand a little tighter. We took the same seats as before.


Kevin smiled, "Good news, men! Both of your rapid HIV tests came back negative!"


"Thank god!" Chris said as he pulled my hand to his lips and kissed it.


"Awesome!" I added. Of course Chris and I were smiling at each other.


"When would be a good time for the two of you to come back here to get the final results?" Kevin asked us.


"Your last class is at 4, right?" Chris asked me.


"Yes," I answered.


"We could probably be here around 4:15 or 4:30 at the latest, right Sam?" Chris added.


"Definitely by 4:30," I confirmed.


"Okay. So, I will see you here at 4:30. Just tell the receptionist in the waiting room that you are here to see me. And, I'll be right there!" Kevin instructed.


We both shook Kevin's hand and made our way over to the pasta joint for lunch. We were both smiling! We got our lunch and headed over to the same table that the gym gang ate at on Tuesday.


"I am so happy that we are one step closer to eliminating condoms!" Chris whispered in my ear so the others around us wouldn't hear.


"I think that will definitely be a milestone in our relationship!" I said to Chris. We were both still smiling.


"What are you doing tonight? I have rehearsal until about 9:30 tonight! So, I'm pretty well booked." Chris explained.


"Well, Sawyer and I are going out to dinner and talk about things. We haven't decided where yet. Any suggestions?" I asked Chris.


"If you want a quiet place to talk that is near Campus, I'd recommend Italia one block from here on Green Street. Call for reservations, ask for Jeffery, and tell him you know me. He'll make sure you have a nice time!" Chris instructed.


"You should be a concierge! You know fucking everyone everywhere!" I replied.


"You'll like it! I promise!" Chris said as he beamed his signature smile.


"Thanks for the recommendation. If we like it, I promise to take you there sometime soon!" I added.


"So, I shouldn't call tonight, huh?" Chris asked. At least he was still smiling broadly.


"I don't know. Maybe, but it all depends on our conversation over dinner!" I said. I was suddenly feeling a little guilty.


"I see that look on your face! Don't feel like you are doing something bad to me. I want you to do this for you and for Sawyer. Besides, I have plans for your body on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!" Chris finished.


"I have to run, stud!" Chris said. "Call me if you have any free time tomorrow. I will probably be asleep about 2 seconds after I get home tonight! These things wear me out! But, I certainly will see you at 4:30 at the health center!"


"I have to go, too, oh hot one!" I said to Chris.


When we walked out the door of the restaurant, Chris pulled me into a hug and kissed me on the lips. It was just a peck, but it was in the middle of the fucking sidewalk... No one seemed to give a shit!


"I can't wait for this weekend, Chris! I'm excited to go out dancing. Have a good evening and get some rest tonight!" I said as Chris and I pulled apart.


"I will sleep well, I'm sure. But, I doubt that you and Sawyer will be calling it an early evening tonight!" a smiling Chris said as he turned to leave.


I headed toward my calculus class on the other side of the quad. At least the professor made things interesting. Later, I saw Tom and Harrison in the CS lecture, and I waived at them. But, we never caught up with each other.


When classes finally finished, I was nervous and excited at the same time. I called the restaurant and made a reservation with Jeffery at 6:30 pm. `I hope this goes well tonight!' I thought to myself.


On my way back to the dorm I did something really corny. I bought flowers for Sawyer. I also grabbed a cheap vase.


I walked into the dorm room. Sawyer was sitting at his desk in front of his computer with headphones in his ears. He just had his gym shorts on. His bare upper body really turned me on. And, I can be devious sometimes. I walked up behind Sawyer and tapped him on the shoulder. Needless to say, he almost jumped out of the chair!


"Sammie, you scared the living shit out of me!" Sawyer almost screamed.


"Nice to see you, too, Sawyer." I said as I pulled the flowers from behind my back and handed them to my roommate.


"Shit, Sam! You bought me flowers! No one! I mean absolutely no fucking one has ever bought me flowers." He laid them on his desk and pulled me in for a bear hug and a kiss. "You're too good to me, Sammie!"


"Maybe you'll be good to me tonight! I have ulterior motives!" I said as I smiled at Sawyer.


"I like the sound of that!" Sawyer replied as he pulled me in for another hug and kiss. "By the way, where are we going for dinner?"


"Chris suggested Italia on Green Street. I made reservations for 6:30 if that is okay." I explained.


"I've walked by there. It seems nice! Are you sure we can afford it?" Sawyer asked.


"I'm taking you out to dinner tonight. Let me worry about the cost!" I replied matter-of-factly.


"Okay, roomie!" Sawyer started. "It's 5:00 now. That gives us 90 minutes before we need to be there. It's a 15 minute walk. And, we need at least 1 hour to get ready. So, shouldn't we get going?"


"No wonder you are a business major, Sawyer. You are so, so logical and organized! Let's hit the showers!" I added as I started to strip for the shower.


"Together or separately?" Sawyer asked.


"Together would be nice." I answered.


"I was hoping you'd say that!" Sawyer said as he, too, shed his gym shorts.


"But, we have to be careful not to start anything we can't finish!" I added as I turned on the water to the shower.


"Yes, Dad!" a smiling Sawyer added.


We stepped into the shower and, as we did this morning, we began washing each other. We took turns. I washed Sawyer's chest. He washed mine. I washed his arms and pits. He washed mine. I washed his back and beautiful ass. He washed mine. When we got to our cocks, I had to give Sawyer a brief lesson in cleaning under the foreskin of an uncut cock.


"God! That feels good Sawyer!" I whispered to my shower mate as he washed the head of my uncut cock after pulling back the foreskin.


We have both been hard as a rock ever since we took off our clothes. Before we started to shampoo each other's hair, Sawyer pulled me into a hug and began kissing me.


"I could kiss you all night, Sammie, but right now we have a mission to get ready for dinner!" Sawyer added as he pulled away and reached for the shampoo.


We stepped out of the shower and dried ourselves.


"Now," Sawyer asked as we walked out of the bathroom and into our room, "what do I wear?"


"I was thinking a polo and nice slacks," I replied.


Sawyer came over to me with his choice for the evening: black dress slacks and a red polo.


"Perfect!" I complimented Sawyer's choice. I pulled out a pair of grey slim fit dress slacks and a yellow polo that I knew showed off my upper body. I showed them to Sawyer.


"Great!" he exclaimed. "Underwear or not?"


"I definitely think underwear is called for in this situation. I don't want to be walking around with my dick sticking straight up all night!" I added.


We took our time walking to the restaurant. When we arrived, it was precisely 6:30.


When we walked in the door a handsome man greeted us, "Good evening, gentlemen! Do you have a reservation for tonight?"


"Yes," I began, "I made one earlier. I'm Sam Williamson and this is Sawyer Cunningham."


"Oh! Chris's friend!" the man exclaimed. "I'm Jeffrey. Nice to meet you! Let me show you to your table!"


Jeffrey led us to the side of the restaurant and picked a booth, "Will this be satisfactory?"


"Absolutely," I answered. Jeffrey waited for Sawyer and I to settle in on opposite sides of the booth.


"Could I get you men something to drink? Beer wine, perhaps?" Jeffrey added as he handed us our menus.


"I'm afraid neither of us are 21 yet, so no." I announced shyly.


"Not to worry, gentlemen. We only serve beer and wine. We do not serve liquor. So, you only need to be 18." Jeffrey instructed.


"A beer would be nice, then. Do you have Sam Adams Seasonal?" I asked.


"Why yes, of course!" Jeffrey replied as he turned his attention to Sawyer. "And, you, sir?"


"The same!" Sawyer ordered.


Jeffrey headed to get our beers.


"Nice choice, Sammie," Sawyer said to me after Jeffrey had made his exit.


"Yea! Chris was right it's quiet and conducive to talking," I said.


"What are you going to have?" Sawyer asked as he looked at the menu.


"The basil, ham, and peas with pasta sounds good. You?"


"Actually, I was looking at that, too. Yup. That's what I'll have." Sawyer decided.


Jeffrey returned with our beers. "Ready to order, gentlemen?"


We gave our orders and continued our conversation.


"Speaking of talking, I should tell you this before I forget." Sawyer began. "I asked Darren to come down this weekend. I wanted to tell him about my situation, and I didn't want to do it on the phone. Is that okay with you?"


"Absolutely, Sawyer. I'd love to meet him. When will he be here?" I asked.


"Between 5 or 6 tomorrow evening, and I definitely want you to meet him... and Chris, too, if he can." Sawyer explained.


"We'll make time, Sawyer!" I whispered across the table. "What's he like? Is he like you?"


"Darren is about my height, but I think he will eventually be a little taller than me. He has brown hair where I have blond. Same blue eyes. His body is more ripped than mine. He's on the swim team in high school like I was. We both like to run." Sawyer finished.


"I didn't know you were on the swim team or that you liked to run!" I answered with surprise.


"Yea! We're both like fish in the water. I think his workout routine makes him a stronger swimmer, but we both have the same stamina because of the running. Last summer, we were running 5 miles every day." Sawyer added.


"Does he have your sense of humor?" I asked.


"Yea! Me and the little shit act pretty much the same. What you see with me is what you get with Darren." Sawyer said with a smile. "I miss the little prick! That's another reason I wanted him to come down here to visit."


"He can use my bed," I offered.


"Probably won't be necessary. We sleep together a lot. Don't get me wrong! We haven't done anything sexually, except to jerk off together." Sawyer added shyly.


Jeffrey returned with our orders pasta. We began eating.


"You'd think we haven't eaten in weeks the way we are shoveling this down! But, it is really good!" Sawyer said with a smile.


"I think we might need the energy later tonight," I added coyly.


"Do you think?!" Sawyer replied.


After we finished eating, I whispered to Sawyer, "You know, I like this place and all, but I think we'll like it back in our room better!"


"Okay! Let's blow this pop stand!" Sawyer enthused.


I got Jeffrey's attention and he brought our check. I paid the bill with my debit card and left a generous tip. I figured, since he was Chris's friend, I should tip like Chris does.


Our walk back to the dorm was at a more brisk pace than our walk to the restaurant. At one point, I reached over and took Sawyer's hand in mine. He looked at me, smiled, and squeezed his had gently around mine.


When we were finally in our room, we stood looking at one another for a brief moment before Sawyer asked, "What do we do from here?"


"I think we should undress each other piece by piece. What do you think?" I questioned.


"Perfect!" Sawyer whispered in my ear and moved his lips over mine and began to kiss me. We pulled away from each other.


I took off Sawyer's shirt. He did the same to me. We pulled each other close, our naked chests rubbing, and we were kissing again.


"Sit on the bed, Sawyer, so I can get you shoes and sox off," I ordered. Sawyer complied. I removed Sawyers shoes and sox. We reversed positions so he could get at mine.


I unbuckled Sawyer's belt, unbuttoned his pants, and slid his zipper down. His pants fell to the floor and he stepped out of them. He unbuttoned my pants and they were off in an instant.


Again, we stood looking at one another and pulled the other in for a kiss. Our hard cocks were straining against our briefs.


"I can't take this anymore, Sawyer," I whispered as I slipped Sawyer's briefs to the floor.


Sawyer pulled my briefs down. While he was kneeling in front of me, he started to lick and kiss my hard cock. He stood up, "Sam, before the night is over, I want your gorgeous cock inside of me!"


"I think that can be arranged, roomie!" I added. "I want you in me, too!"


"Bed?" I asked Sawyer.


"Yes! Me on the bottom. You on the top." Sawyer replied.


Sawyer climbed in to bed and lay on his back. I took my place on top of him. "Kiss me, Sammie! Please, kiss me!" Sawyer whispered in my ear.


"Gladly," I responded. I moved to Sawyer's mouth and began to graze his lips with mine. I felt Sawyer's tongue on my lips. I let it in. We stayed there passionately kissing and fondling each other's nipples for several glorious minutes.


"Sam," Sawyer began, "it's time. I need your dick in me. I can't stand it anymore."


I pulled off Sawyer and reached for the bottle of lube and a condom. "We're going to start with one of my fingers. Then, two. Maybe, three." As I was instructing Sawyer on the process of getting him properly fucked, I was rubbing the lube onto my fingers. I touched Sawyer's ass on the outside. He whimpered.


I slowly pushed my finger into Sawyer. Very gently. Until I found his prostate. That sent Sawyer into hysteria, "Sam, fuck that feels good! Shit! Fuck! So good!"


"I'm going to put in the second finger. Please tell me if it hurts," I whispered to Sawyer who was still laying still with a pleasured look on his face.


"Okay, Sam! I trust you completely."


I continued to finger Sawyer's ass.


"I want your cock in me, Sam! Please, do it now!" Sawyer whimpered.


I pulled my fingers out of Sawyer, rolled on a condom, and lavished my condom covered cock with lube. I put it up to Sawyer's ass, "Okay, Sawyer. I'm going to be gentle and slow. It might hurt a bit as I first go in. I'll wait until you are ready. Tell me if you want to stop, and I'll stop immediately. Ready, sweet man?"


"Yes! I want your cock in me so badly, Sam!" Sawyer whispered.


I slowly started to force my cock into his ass. As I got the tip just inside, Sawyer started to softly whimper. "Are you okay, Sawyer?"


"Yes. It hurts a little, but it feels good, too." Sawyer whispered


I stayed still until Sawyer's whimpering stop. I, then, pushed in further. I paused about half way in. I saw a very, very blissful look on Sawyer's face. I leaned down and kissed him on the lips. He kissed back. I pulled back from the kiss and pushed further. I didn't stop until my balls hit Sawyer's ass.


"I'm in all the way, Sawyer!" I whispered.


"Your big cock feels fantastic in me! It hurts a little, but I think your cock was made for my ass!" Sawyer added as he pulled my head down to his so he could kiss me. We stayed locked in a kiss, until he said, "Fuck me, Sammie! Fuck me, please!"


I slowly started to slide my cock in and out of Sawyer's ass. I kept the slow pace for a few minutes and then increased the speed of my thrusts.


Sawyer was groaning constantly, "Yes... yes... yes...," every time I pushed all of the way in.


"I am close, babe! I'm fucking close to cumming!" I finally whispered and I picked up the pace of my thrusts.


Sawyer's moaning continued. After few more minutes of fucking this man's ass, I said to Sawyer, "Babe! I'm about to cum. I'm going to fucking cum!"


I started to shoot my load into the condom, "Fuck! Yes! Fuck! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh..." I collapsed on top of Sawyer as we both tried to catch our breath.


I started to roll off Sawyer and he whimpered, "Please stay on top of me, Sammie. I love to feel your body on top of me!"


I stayed. We began to kiss. Lips. Tongue. Passion!


Finally, I pulled up a little, smiled as I looked into his eyes, and whispered to Sawyer, "So, do you think you want to be a gay boy?"


"Definitely, Sammie! Definitely!" he returned his answer in a soft, sexy voice. He had the biggest smile on his face.


After a few more minutes of passionate kissing, I pulled away from Sawyer's lips and asked, "Do you want a turn at my ass?"


"More than anything in the world right now, Sammie! I want to know what it feels like to be inside your hot, sexy ass!" Sawyer answered.


"I'm all yours, Sawyer!" I whispered as we changed positions.


Sawyer put his whole body weight on top of me and began to kiss me. `This man is on a mission to drive me wild,' I thought to myself.


"God! I love kissing you, Sammie!" Sawyer whispered between kisses. "I just can't get enough of you right now! I could do this all night... But, I want my dick in you. Are you ready?"


"More than ready, Sawyer. I've wanted your dick in my ass since the first day we met!" I whispered back.


Sawyer raised his body between my legs. He rolled a condom over his beautiful cock and applied lube to it and my ass.


"Do you want fingers, Sam?" Sawyer asked.


"No! Just your cock. Fuck me hard, Sawyer! Fuck me hard!" I pleaded.


Sawyer lined his cock against my asshole. When he touched my ass with his hard cock, I felt like there was an electrical current passing between us. Sawyer raised his upper torso with his arms firmly planted on the bed next to my chest. He leaned down and kissed me with his tongue. I felt the electrical current again! We continued our kiss as Sawyer began his descent into my ass. The next think I know I felt his balls rub my ass and his pubic hairs caress my balls. I was in heaven!


"Are you okay, Sam?" Sawyer asked in a low voice.


"More than okay, Sawyer! Way more than okay! Now, just fuck me! Please fuck me!" I whispered as I looked into Sawyer's beautiful blue eyes.


Sawyer began to fuck me slowly and gently at first. He picked up the pace with every stroke. I raised my hands to Sawyer's nipples and began to fondle them gently.


"Oh! Shit! Sammie! You really do know how to turn me on!" Sawyer whispered between strokes.


I kept fondling and Sawyer kept fucking!


Sawyer's sweat was dripping on my body. I knew Sawyer was getting close to unloading in the condom. So, I picked up the tempo of playing with his nipples. He picked up the pace of fucking my ass.


Sawyer began to scream, "Shit! Sam! I'm fucking cumming! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh!"


His screaming stopped, but his body was still tense and convulsing slightly as he recovered from his orgasm. He lowered his body onto mine. "Sam! That was incredible. It was like I felt some sort of energy pass between us!"


"I felt it too when I was fucking you! I think we might have formed a connection with our bodies and minds! I have a feeling we will be there for one another for the rest of our lives!" I whispered to Sawyer as he stroked my hair.


"I've never felt this way! Ever! Is it always this way when you have sex with a guy?" Sawyer asked as he pulled himself up slightly so we could look into one another's eyes.


"No! At least in my experience, there are only two men that I've been with that I felt so exhilarated as now... First, it was Chris. Now, my dear man, it's you! You are very, very special to me. You always have been from the day I met you. And, I think you always will be!"


I pulled him closer so I could kiss him and lick his nose!


"I feel the same way, Sammie! You're a sweet, sweet man!" Sawyer replied.


We somehow managed to roll on our sides as we were engaged in yet another passionate kissing session. I noticed the clock on my desk across the room that is was 2:00 am!


Somewhere along the way, we fell asleep holding each other face-to-face.



To be continued...


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