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Sam and Chris



Chapter 8: Friday into the Night


I woke up because I felt Sawyer kissing my nose. I opened my eyes the best I could. We were still cuddled together—our arms around one another. "Good morning, Sawyer. I didn't hear the alarm go off." I greeted Sawyer


"That's because it didn't!" Sawyer began his explanation. "It's only 7. I just thought that, maybe, if I woke you up early, you could fuck me again."


I pulled back a little so I could see his face. He had this sexy smile on his face, "Ah! You want a little romp in the hay before the day begins in earnest!"


"That was my plan, Sammie! Any objections?" Sawyer asked as he leaned in to kiss me.


"Nope!" I replied. "I just need to take a piss. You?"


"Yea! Together?" Sawyer asked.


"Yea! Together!" I added as I pecked him on the lips.


Our feet found the floor and we made our way into the bathroom. "You know, Sammie, there ain't no way I'm going to get this thing soft enough to do this in the toilet. Want to try the shower again?"


"Great minds think alike Sawyer! Lead the way!" I answered.


Sawyer took my hand in his and led us to the shower. We faced each other and pulled tight. Sawyer leaned in to kiss me. As we stood there in our embrace and involved in a long, passionate kiss, both of our streams of piss started to run full blast over our bodies.


After we emptied our bladders, I asked Sawyer, "Do we want to shower so we don't smell up the sheets?"


"Nope! Besides... they are my sheets... and I can do anything... I want with them." Sawyer added between kisses.


Sawyer opened the shower door and led me to his bed. He crawled on his back, spread his legs, and held his arms up as if to draw me into a hug.


I grabbed a condom and some lube and positioned myself between Sawyer's legs. I rolled the condom on my hard cock and spread lube on both my cock and Sawyer's ass. "Do you want to do fingers this morning?" I asked.


"No! I want your big dick in my butt! And, I want it NOW!" Sawyer hissed.


I positioned my cock over Sawyers asshole and leaned over Sawyer's beautiful chest. He pulled me into another kiss. We kept kissing as I slowly started to push my cock into his awaiting hole.


"Don't stop, Sammie! I want it all the way in. No stopping!" Sawyer whispered.


So, I kept pushing my cock deeper into Sawyer's ass. When I felt my dick all of the way in, I looked at his face. He lay there with an almost angelic face with a slight grin. "Did I do okay, babe?" I whispered in his ear.


"More than okay, babe! Now, just be quiet, Sammie, and fuck me!" Sawyer added.


"I like a man who knows what he wants and goes after it!" I grinned at Sawyer.


Like last night, I began with slow, gentle strokes. Sawyer's smile got bigger. After several minutes of gently making love to Sawyer, he started to toy with my nipples.


"That, babe, is making me want to pound the shit out of you!" I said through gritted teeth. Sawyer didn't stop. Neither did he say anything. I picked up the pace a little with each stroke Sawyer made on my nipples. Finally, I was really ramming my cock in and out of his ass. Sawyer was moaning with every thrust. His head was slightly upturned, and I knew he was in sex heaven at that moment. I felt my body tense.


"I'm close, Sawyer! I'm really close!" I announced with a gravelly voice.


"Me too! Keep that up and I am going to blow in a second or two!" Sawyer said through his deep breaths.


"Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh..." I almost screamed as my body convulsed with a powerful orgasm. Sawyer was shooting his load all over his stomach and chest at the same time. When I finally gained control of my body, I lowered myself onto Sawyer. I felt our sweat and Sawyer's cum between us.


Once I gained control of my breathing, I began to kiss Sawyer on the lips again. Between kisses, I whispered, "That, babe, was fucking fantastic!"


"I know! It makes me want more!" Sawyer whispered back.


About then Sawyer's phone began buzzing announcing our 8 am wakeup call.


"Okay, stud! I hate to say this, but we need to wash the smell of sex off us before we hit the streets!" Sawyer added.


I moved off him and sat on the bed. Sawyer did the same. I took Sawyer's hand in mine and led us to the shower.


We took a little extra time in the shower, but finally we were done. We headed back into our room to get dressed.


Before we headed out the door, Sawyer turned to me and said, "You know, Sammie, the only thing that I regret not happening last night and this morning was not getting to suck on your big uncut cock!" He kissed me again.


"Sawyer," I added, "I think we will have plenty of time to do that another day! I want you to know that I really, really enjoyed last night and this morning. And, I hope we both continue to show each other how much we mean to each other. I want you in my life for the rest of my existence. Maybe we won't be lovers, but I want us to be there for each other all of the time."


"Thank you, Sam! I think that is the most caring thing anyone has ever said to me. And, now, before I start crying, I think we need to head out!" Sawyer said as we opened the door to leave.


"Hey, men!" Tom—our next door neighbor—greeted us.


"How's it going, Tom!" Sawyer returned the greeting.


Tom began to talk in a hushed voice, "Ah... Sawyer, Sam... I just want you to know that the dorm room walls are a little thin... I heard you two going at it last night... I didn't mind... Actually, I thought it sounded hot... I even jerked off a couple of times listening to you... So, I don't mean to embarrass you, but I thought you should know."


"Sorry, Tom! We promise to be quieter next time," I said as Sawyer and I stood red-faced.


"Thanks, Tom!" Sawyer added as Tom went down the hallway.


"Well, that was just a little embarrassing!" Sawyer added as he broke into a grin.


"Yea!" I replied. "Have a good day, Sawyer!"


"You, too, Sammie!" Sawyer said as we both headed out of the elevator.


We went our separate ways for the day.




My morning classes dragged on and on. I thought they would never end. I didn't hear much of any of the lectures. My mind was on Sawyer and Chris. I kept running the events of last night and this morning through my mind. And, I couldn't wait to see Chris at the health center at 4:30!


I called Chris between my morning and afternoon classes. "Hello, Chris! I was just checking in with you! How was your rehearsal yesterday?"


"Hello, stud! It's good to hear your voice! And, rehearsal was just what I expected. A bitch! I got home at 11 last night and was asleep once my weary head hit the pillow! How was your evening with Sawyer?"


"It was great! Really good! And, Chris, thanks for the recommendation. The restaurant was cozy and a nice place to talk! Thanks!" I answered with some hesitation in my voice.


"I'll accept that explanation for now, but when I get you home I want a full, detailed account of the night's activities!" Chris replied


"So, are we going to meet outside the student health center?" I asked trying to change the subject. "I can be there, at least, by 4:15!"


"I'll see you there at 4:15! I'm really excited, you know! The thought of fucking you bareback tonight has me all horned up!" Chris said. I knew he had his trademark lust look in his eyes.


"Me, too! I have to run, babe. I'll see you shortly!" I said.


"See you in a few!" Chris added as we ended the call.


I grabbed a bite to eat before going to my first class of the afternoon. My calculus course, which I normally enjoyed, was a blur. The chemistry lecture was beyond boring! I made a mental note to immediately forget everything I learned in this fucking chemistry class once the semester is over!


I dashed out of my chemistry lecture and headed to the student health center. Chris was already standing near the entrance of the building.


"Are you ready for this, big guy?" Chris said. I could tell he was a little nervous.


"I'm scared shitless that something might go wrong! But, I'm still very hopeful!" I added.


"Let's do it then!" Chris said.


We went up to the third floor and checked in with the receptionist. We were seated only about a minute before Kevin greeted us and led us to his office. We all took the same seats as before.


Kevin smiled as he began his explanation, "Good news, gentlemen! Your both negative with no trace of STDs. Congratulations!"


Chris put his arm around me and pulled me in so he could kiss me. "Now we can relax, huh, babe?"


"Definitely!" I excitedly replied.

"I'll let you go, but first I want to say something to both of you. You make a very handsome couple. I can see how you care deeply about each other. That's nice. Very nice! But, I am supposed to give you this little lecture. So, please bear with me."


Kevin continued, "I urge you, if there is any sexual activity outside of your relationship, you need to promise me two things. Any outside sexual activity will always include condoms and playing safe. The other, I want you to promise me that you will be totally honest with each other. Honest communication about any possible sexual activity outside your relationship should be non-negotiable between the two of you."


"Definitely, sir!" Chris agreed.


"Yes, definitely!" I added my agreement.


Kevin paused for a few moments and then continued, "Okay. I'm done with my social work sermon. Go enjoy yourselves tonight and celebrate this milestone in your lives!"


We both thanked Kevin for his help and shook his hand as we left his office. Chris and I walked quietly out of the building. We paused outside the entrance.


"So," Chris said as he turned to look at me, "what do we want to do now?


"My vote," I started to explain, "would be to skip Starbucks, go to your place, and get naked, big guy!"


Chris smiled brightly, grabbed my hand in his, and led me down the sidewalk to his condo. We made it in record time, I think!


When we were inside Chris's condo, he put his phone and keys in their place on the island. I dropped my backpack on the kitchen floor. We were both smiling brightly, but we didn't say anything at first.


Then, Chris pulled me into one of the tightest bear hugs I've ever experienced. When he finally released me, he asked, "Beer first then naked. Or, naked first then beer?"


"Naked first then beer! I want to see your beautiful body!" I answered.


We both flicked off our flip flops, dropped our cargo shorts, and pulled off our shirts. `Getting naked in the summer or early fall is quick and easy,' I thought to myself.


Chris pulled me into another bear hug and said, "I have plans to ravage your body later, but, now, I want us to relax. And, I want to hear all about your evening with Sawyer. Every single sordid detail!"


Chris retrieved two Coronas from the fridge and led me to the living room. We sat on the sofa—Chris occupying the middle and me next to him. I wanted to feel the heat radiating from this gorgeous hunk of man!


"First a toast, Sammie!" Chris began as he raised his beer. "To you and me and our test results! To our time together moving forward! And, to Sawyer and you as you grow closer!"


"Cheers!" I said as we clinked our bottles. "I want to add something. To one of the most handsome, generous, kind, loving, intelligent, talented man I know. I hope you will be part of my life forever!"


"Thank you, sweetie! Cheers!" Chris added as we again toasted with our beers.


"Now," Chris continued. "Spill!"


"Okay!" I began. "I actually can't believe that I am sitting here about to tell my wonderful boyfriend about my evening with Sawyer! But, here goes. You can stop me at any time. First, it was an amazing experience! I know this is a little corny, but I stopped on my way back to the dorm room and bought Sawyer flowers. He was, to say the least, very surprised and grateful for the offering. We kissed a little and showered together. It was, by the way, the third time we have showered together. We were careful not to start anything we didn't have time to finish. Is this too much information, Chris?"


"No! Not at all! Just to let you know I'm getting hornier and hornier as you go on!" Chris said with a huge grin spreading over his face and his dick was hard as a rock. "Please continue! Leave out no details. We promised Kevin, remember!"


"Yes, stud, I remember!" I started again. "We leisurely walked to the restaurant and were delighted by the coziness, the quietness, and the excellent service! The food was really terrific. We both had a pasta dish, and Jeffery was very nice and accommodating. After we were finished, we walked back to the dorm. We held hands for part of the journey. When we got back to our room, we undressed each other. We stood there naked and finally pulled each other tightly into a hug. We kissed and fondled each other's nipples for several minutes. And, you of all people know what stimulating my nipples does to me!" I paused for a few minutes and to take another gulp of my beer.


"Yes, I do! And, I suspect Sawyer is the same way, right?" Chris prompted.


"Yea! He's definitely turned on when he gets his nipples played with." I continued. "We finally made it to bed. Sawyer was on his back. I was between his legs. I sucked on his cock and balls for a while. Then, Sawyer begged me to fuck him. So, I put some lube on my fingers and tried to prepare his ass for my dick. He took one finger, then two, and finally three. I put on a condom and fucked his brains out! Then, we switched positions and repeated the whole process. This morning, Sawyer woke up an hour before the alarm went off and wanted to be fucked again. I obliged. He wanted me to fuck him hard. So, I did. Sawyer started to play with my nips. I fucked him harder and harder. We both came at almost the same time. I stayed on top of him and we kissed some more. Finally, the alarm, which was set for 8 am, went off. We showered together. We left for classes. But, as we were leaving, Tom, our next door neighbor, pulled us aside. He heard EVERY THING last night and this morning through the walls of our dorm room. He said he jerked off a couple of times while listening to us. We were more than a little embarrassed. We'll have to try to be quieter next time. Any questions?" I smiled at Chris when I finished. He was hard as a rock!


"So, to summarize: You have a probably gay next door neighbor who gets off on hearing you two have sex and Sawyer enjoys getting fucked more than fucking?" Chris asked smiling widely.


"Tom didn't say he was gay, but... Yea, you are probably right. And, I don't think Sawyer has made any determination about the position he enjoys most. But, he has definitely decided he is gay."


"Come here, babe," Chris said as he opened his arms to hold me. "I'm really happy that you two had such a great experience together. But, I have another question. Do you think Sawyer would be willing to participate in a three-way with you and me—after he gets his gay legs more firmly on the ground, of course."


"We didn't discuss that, but I do believe that he would be willing to explore the possibility at some point in the future!" I replied.


"Now, do you want another beer while I put some dinner together? Or, something else?" Chris asked.


"As much as I want to get your beautiful body into bed, I think I want tonight to move along at a leisurely pace." I started to explain to Chris. I broke into a huge grin, "Plus, the longer we wait the hornier we will be!"


"You are wise beyond your years, babe!" Chris replied. "Let the festivities begin."


Chris took my hand in his and pulled me into the kitchen. He retrieved two more beers.


I sat, sipping my beer, behind the island on a bar stool while Chris took a few dishes from the fridge and popped them in the oven. I had no idea what he was making, but it smelled fabulous! While dinner was heating, we sat and talked and laughed and drank our beers. `This is nice,' I thought to myself.


Finally, it dawned on me that we had never talked about his friend Luke, "Chris, can I ask you a question?"


"Ask away!" Chris replied.


"I just realized I never asked you about Luke. Did the two of you ever see one another after you went to live with your grandparents in Chicago?" I asked.


"Well, yes... At first, we communicated with each other with occasional phone calls, texts, and e-mails... Then, the summer between our junior and senior years in high school, Luke enrolled in a three-week Bible study session for high school kids at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. His father was so fucking happy that Luke was interested in studying the Bible that he paid big bucks for Luke to go to Moody... The first day, Luke went to the orientation session. He picked up his books and room key... And, he never went back until the last day... He stayed with me and my grandparents the whole time... My grandparents were great. They let Luke stay in my room—knowing that we would be `getting it on.'" Chris supplied the air quotes. "We really had a great chance to explore each other's bodies!"


"I really want to meet your grandparents. They sound like really together people!" I added.


"Yea! They are great!" Chris agreed and then continued his story. "Anyway, during our senior year, Luke was accepted at University of Illinois here in Champaign Urbana. He's a pre-med student."


"You mean Luke goes to school here? Why haven't I met him?" I asked. I think I was a little hurt by this revelation.


"You will soon. This semester, he and his boyfriend, Sean, decided to do a study abroad thing. They are studying at Cambridge University near London. When he comes back, you'll definitely meet him." Chris added. I think he sensed that I was a little annoyed.


"Ahh! I thought you were hiding something from me!" I added. I was a little embarrassed at not trusting Chris.


"Anyway... Luke is really bright. He did exceptionally well in high school. And, he's here on a full-ride scholarship. But, he conveniently didn't mention to his parents that I was also going to school here!"


"So, are you still close with him?" I asked.


"Yup! Luke and I have a Sawyer and Sam relationship." Chris added as he smiled and kissed me before continuing.


"So!" I said as a light bulb went off in my head, "Is that why you were so understanding about Sawyer and me?"


"Yup! We've become sort of brothers in a way... Brothers with benefits!" Chris said with a huge smile.


Just about then, the alarm on the oven sounded. "We can continue this conversation over dinner—that is if you want to hear more?" Chris said as he pulled me up from the sofa.


"Of course, I want to hear more... I want to know everything there is to know about you, Chris!" I added as I followed Chris into the kitchen.


Chris pulled dinner out of the oven. "We're having Chicken Masala," he began to describe dinner, "with roasted broccoli and potato wedges. But, I have to admit, I cheated. I picked this up from Whole Foods before we met at the health center! I hope you are hungry!"


"Definitely! It smells terrific!" I added.


Chris placed two plates on the island and we both sat to enjoy our meal.


"So, tell me more about Luke!" I almost pleaded.


"Okay... Luke met his boyfriend, Sean, the beginning of last year."


"Ah! A new arrival!" I beamed at the insight.


"Yup! Sean went with Luke to study in London... They rented a flat near the school. They are going to stay in Europe after the semester ends until school cranks up again here in January." Chris continued. "But, here is the sad part... About the middle of spring semester last year, my mother was talking to Luke's father after church one Sunday and mentioned that I was going to school at UIUC. Luke's parents were in the car in, like, two seconds on their way to confront Luke. They thought we were living in sin and wanted to put a stop to it! Apparently, his parents followed another student into the dorm and went directly to Luke's room. They calmly knocked on the door, and Luke, who is pretty out to his dorm floor, opened the door. He was stark naked... and Sean was naked laying on the bed."


"Holy fuck!" I added.


"Yea! Shit hit the fan. Luke's father was screaming at his son about hell, eternal damnation, and all that shit. Fortunately, one of the guys who lived next door to Luke heard the commotion and found the floor RA. The floor RA called campus security. When campus security arrived, they escorted the Reverend and his wife out of the dorm and threatened to arrest them if they continued their, and this was Luke's words, `assault' on Luke and Sean. The Reverend and his wife left campus and returned home. Shortly thereafter, Luke's debit and credit cards didn't work. The asshole cut his only son out of his life!"


"What a piece of crap! How could anyone do that to their kid? I know your parents did, but this religion shit is getting out of hand!" I added with a little anger in my voice.


"Yup! I couldn't agree with you more! You're lucky, Sam. Don't ever take that for granted!" Chris said as he started to clean up the remains of dinner.


"I know I am lucky with the parents! I always took their acceptance for granted. I know now that I lucked out in the parent department. Bye the way, dinner was excellent, Chris!" I complimented him.


"Thanks. I'm glad you liked it. I want to actually cook dinner for you sometime." Chris explained. "We can continue with Luke and Sean's story later. But, I think I need to take my cute, naked boyfriend into the bedroom and get seriously involved with our bodies. What do you think?"


"I think it is an excellent idea, stud!" I replied.


Chris led me to the bedroom. He sat on the edge of the bed. "Sit!" he instructed.


I complied. Chris sat next to me. He reached into the drawer and pulled out two boxes. One wrapped. The other not.


"These are for us! I bought them with tonight in mind!" Chris instructed. He was smiling his usual broad grin. "Open it."


I ripped the paper and bow off the small box and lifted the box cover. The box contained a shiny chrome cock ring. "Fuck, Chris! Thank you! I've heard about these, but I never knew where to look for one. What's in your box?"


Chris opened his box and showed me the contents. It, too, was a chrome cock ring—only his was larger... that made perfect sense to me!


"I think, Chris, we are going to have a really, really good time tonight," I said. "But, I have one question: How the fuck do I put this on?"


"I'll show you!" Chris said. He put his cock ring on his semi-erect dick and pulled his balls through the ring. "Now, you try it!"


I mimicked Chris's motions. `I'd better get this on fast or it will never go on my hard cock!' I thought to myself. Finally, I was successful.


Chris started to lay on his back on the bed. He pulled me with him. We kissed.


"Do you want to fuck me first? Or, do you want me to fuck you first?" Chris asked.


"I want you to fuck me first! I want to feel your bare cock in me, and I want to feel your cum fill my ass! I've been thinking about this all day long! All of my classes were a blur!" I answered.


"You must have been a very, very distracted boy today!" Chris added with a smile. "Your wish is my command, babe!"


Chris turned us over so that I was on my back and he was between my raised legs. He lifted my legs over his muscled shoulders and began to lube his hard 9 inch cock. He added some to my ass. "Do we need fingers tonight?" Chris asked.


"No!" I replied. "I desperately want to feel you cock in me. I'm ready for that now!"


Chris lined up his cock over my asshole. He moved up to my lips and kissed me softly. Then, he lifted his body up by his strong arms and began his decent into my ass. He slowly pushed. He didn't pause. Finally, I felt his beautiful balls against my ass.


"How does that feel, babe?" Chris asked as he kept his dick all of the way in me.


"Absolutely fabulous. It feels so much better bare than with a condom!" I moaned.


"I couldn't agree more, babe! You are the first man I have ever fucked bare! I can't wait until you experience your bare cock in my ass! You'll be hooked!" Chris whispered in my ear.


Chris began to thrust his giant cock in and out of my ass. First, he was slow and gently. Then, a little faster and more deliberate. Finally, he was really pounding my ass!


"Ahhh... fuck, yes, Chris! Fuck yes!" I screamed.


"God! You feel so good, baby! But, I don't know how much longer I can last without seeding your ass! I'm so sensitive without a wrapper around my cock! " Chris exclaimed.


"Do it, baby! Fuck me hard! I want your cum in my ass!" I yelled.


Chris increased the tempo even more. Finally, he was screaming as I felt his cum being released in my ass. It felt so, so good!


"That was amazing, stud!" I finally said as Chris collapsed on top of me. "The feeling of your cum shooting into my ass was absolutely amazing!"


Chris added between breaths, "I've never enjoyed... a fuck more than this...! You've made me... a very happy man!"


We lay there in silence for a moment until Chris announced, "I think we need to take a break and have another beer!"


"You're on, baby!" I answered. "But, I want to lick your cock clean first!"


"Deal!" Chris replied as he pulled his softening dick out of my ass and rolled on his back.


I took my position between his legs and started to lick Chris's cock. As I finished the task before me, I dove down to have a few laps of his balls. I love the way my man smelled and tasted!


Finally, we pulled ourselves together and headed for the kitchen. We sat on the bar stools and enjoyed a cold beer! We talked for about an hour about nothing in particular.


"You know, Chris," I started to say, "you are one of the easiest people to talk to. You are actually interested in what other people are saying!"


"Thank you, sweetie," Chris replied. "You are too! I enjoy our discussions—and the sex! Speaking of sex, I want your cock in me. What do you say about getting that going?"


"Lead the way, oh horny one!" I said with a smile.


We walked into the bedroom. We were both immediately sported rock hard cocks.


"If you don't mind, I'd like to ride your cock tonight!" Chris enthusiastically stated. "I've been thinking of this all fucking day!"


"I'm game!" I agreed.


"On your back!" Chris ordered.


I lay down in the middle of the bed and waited for Chris's next move. He moved his ass over my cock and bent down to kiss me. It was a long, passionate kiss. He grabbed the lube and began to apply a generous amount to his ass and my cock. He raised his ass over my hard cock and aligned himself with my rock hard tool. As his ass touched the tip of my cock, I felt a sensation like I've never felt before. And, Chris didn't stop. In one long movement, he impaled himself on my dick.


"Fuck! That feels so good!" Chris almost screamed.


"Fucking fabulous, babe! I don't want to fuck you any other way but bare, babe!" I added.


Soon, Chris was bouncing up and down on my cock. He was tweaking my nipples with one hand and steadying himself on my chest with the other.


"Babe, I don't know if I can last much longer!" I whispered. I didn't want this to end, but Chris was ravaging himself with my cock.


"Same here! How close?" he asked.


"Very! Like almost immediately!" I added.


"Good! Then fucking shoot in my ass! Breed me. Please, babe, breed me!"


I almost immediately began shooting my load into Chris's eager ass. His cum began to spew from his cock at almost the exact time I came in his ass!


After we unloaded completely, we stayed in the same position for a while. We didn't say anything. Chris was still sitting on my still hard spent cock. His breathing had slowed to practically normal level. He rubbed his cum all over my stomach. And, somehow, without disengaging his ass from my dick leaned down and kissed me.


"So, does my beautiful boyfriend want to fuck me again, or do something else?" Chris said as he pulled from our kiss.


"I, for one, don't think I have the energy left in me to go at your terrific ass right now. Of course, you did all the work. I just shot my load in you! So, I think it's your choice, handsome!" I replied.


"As much as I would like to ride your cock again, I think I need to do something about my bladder! I have to piss, and I don't think you are ready for water sports just yet!" Chris said with his trademark smile.


"No, maybe, your right! I think I could use a piss, too. But, before you move, I just wanted to say again: I have only fucked two men in my entire life—you and Sawyer—and this was by far the most erotic of all!" I added.


"So, let me get off this thing, and we can go take care of business!" Chris said before he pulled off my cock. After my dick popped out of his ass, he leaned down and kissed me again. "That's so you don't forget me, stud!"


"I'll never forget you, Chris... Ah! Chris? Sawyer and I... a couple of times... couldn't get our dicks to go down enough to hit the toilet. We did it in the shower and pissed all over ourselves. Want to try?" I asked.


"Oh! My sweet innocent boyfriend is letting his kinky side out! Let's do it!" Chris said as he jumped out of the bed and pulled me up and into the bathroom.


He opened the shower door, stepped in, and pulled me tight to his body. "Whenever you're ready, hot stuff, I'll be right behind you."


We both stood there luxuriating in our bodies held tightly together. My stream started first and a few seconds later, Chris began to unload. We held each other until our bladders were empty.


"I think we need to take a quick rinse in the shower. We both smell of piss, sweat, and cum!" Chris whispered in my ear as he turned on the overhead `rainforest' shower head. Chris let the water run over our bodies for a few minutes. "Think we're clean, sweet man?"


"Yes!" I whispered.


Chris shut off the shower and we stepped out to dry ourselves.


"Let's get some rest!" Chris started. "It's almost 1 am! And, we both have a big day tomorrow."


Chris led me out of the bathroom and toward the bed. We both climbed in facing each other and Chris pulled me tight to his body. "You know, Sammie, one of the things I like most if we are not having sex is holding you and sleeping with you!"


"Yea! It's nice!" I added.


A few moments later we were fast asleep.



To be continued...


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