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Sam and Chris


Chapter 9: Dancing


I woke up with the sun streaming through the windows of Chris's bedroom. He was not in bed with me, however. I finally realized that I smelled coffee and food coming from the kitchen. I climbed out of bed, went into the bathroom, relieved myself, washed my hands, and headed toward the kitchen.


"Good morning, sunshine!" Chris said to me as I entered the kitchen. He walked over to where I was standing and pulled me in for a hug and kiss. "Sit! And, I will get you some coffee to help you wake up. I also have some eggs and toast."


I sat at one of the barstools and he brought me a cup of coffee.


We finished out breakfast and moved on to take our showers. Naturally, we showered together.


We were washing each other's bodies. When we finally began to wash our dicks and balls, Chris stopped for a moment and asked, "Can I fuck you, Sam?"


"You mean in the shower?" I ask to clarify the situation.


"Yes!" Chris replied.


"Bring it on, stud! Bring it on!" I excitedly confirmed my willingness to be fucked in the shower.


Chris turned me around so that I faced one of the tiled shower walls. He turned on the `rainforest' shower above us and soaped up his hard dick. "How do you want this, baby?" Chris started his question. "Slow and gentle? Or, fast and rough?"


"I'll leave the interpretation up to you, stud, but I want you to fucking pound my ass, Chris!" I added in a lusty bring it on voice.


"Your wish is my command!" Chris whispered in my ear.


Chris lined his big, hard cock with my ass and shoved it all of the way in.


"Ah! Yes! Fuck me, Chris! Fuck me!" I responded.


And, fuck me he did. He immediately began thrusting his cock in and out of my ass. His thrusts were forceful and in rapid succession. It didn't take Chris long before he screamed, "I'm going to fucking cum, Sammie! I'm going to cum in your ass!"


Chris added a few more thrusts, until he was screaming with ecstasy and pushing my dick hard into the tiled wall with each spasm of his cock! His spasms finally came to a halt. He leaned into my back and began to nibble on my neck and earlobes.


"Every time... I have sex with you... it seems to... get better... and better!" He whispered between breaths.


"Fuck yes!" I agreed.


After staying in position for a few minutes Chris began to pull his cock out of my ass. He turned me around and kissed me. We stood there kissing under the `rainforest' shower for what seemed to be a long time.


"We need to get out of this shower before we run out of hot water," Chris finally added as he pulled away from me.


He shut off the water and grabbed us both towels. We dried ourselves and stepped out of the shower.




It was about 10 am. Chris had just finished cleaning the kitchen. And, we had dressed. Chris insisted that we both keep the cock rings on.


"What does one wear for a night of dancing?" I asked Chris as we both sat sipping another cup of coffee.


"You will see it all, Sam," Chris said. "This is a small town. There will be a few drag queens, some leather boys, some shirtless gods, and some dirty old men, among others. But..., I know I'll be with the best looking man in the entire bar."


"I'll bet you say that to all of your boyfriends, Mr. Johnson," I said. "I need to go back to my dorm room and see what I have. You could help me pick something out."


"I'll help. Of course, I'm going to enjoy seeing you naked as you try things on," he smirked.


"Hmm. Let me call Sawyer and see if he and his brother, Darren, are going to be around." I said as I picked up my phone from the counter. I found Sawyer's number on my address book and dialed.


"Hello, Samie. How's it hanging?" Sawyer asked.


"Good Sawyer. Are you and Darren enjoying his visit?" I asked.


"We sure are! Dick head and I just got back from a five mile run. We're going to hit the shower in a moment. But, Sammie, you missed the excitement last night and early this morning."


"What kind of excitement?" I asked.

"Strange. Really strange. Ben Griffin, you know the arrogant dude down the hall, he and three of his friends got shitfaced last night. Our dorm monitor, Todd, was yelling at all of them. He's threatening to kick them all out of the dorm. Ben was threatening to beat the shit out of Todd. They finally quieted down after campus security arrived." Sawyer paused.


"But, the best part was this morning—really, really early! Ben's father arrived, and he threatened to give Todd shit if he took any further action. Just slap Ben on the hands and let it go. Todd got angry and was yelling at Mr. Griffin. Finally, someone called security again. Security arrived, and they called Dean Whittier. Dean Whittier showed up. It seems Dean Whittier knew Ben's father. Mr. Griffin happens to be an alumni. As a matter of fact, he's a very wealthy alumni who donates a lot of money to the school. Ben's father has apparently won. Todd lost. That in a nutshell was the excitement of the weekend. How was yours?" Sawyer said ending his rant.


"Fine. We had a really relaxing evening at Chris's place." I began to explain.


"Translated: Your test results were both negative and you were both fucking like bunnies until the wee hours of the morning!" Sawyer interpreted my explanation.


"Close!" I recounted leaving out the details.


"So, you're sort of walking funny today," Sawyer said sarcastically.


"Sawyer!" I exclaimed. "Anyway, we're coming over to the dorm room to pick out my outfit for tonight. We are definitely going out dancing. Will you be around?"


"We don't have anything planned other than a shower, Dude," Sawyer said. "Is Chris is coming with you?"


"Yes, Chris is coming with me," I answered. "I need help with what to wear tonight."


"So, you really ARE going dancing tonight... at a gay bar... Shit, man! You're having all the fun." Sawyer commented.


"We'll be there in about 30 minutes," I said.


"See you then, Dude! We will be finished with our shower by then." Sawyer said ending the conversation.


"Bye," I said as I hung up my phone. "So," I said turning my attention to a smiling Chris, "I told Sawyer we would be there in 30 minutes. Is that okay?"


"Yuppers!" Chris responded and we headed out the door to Chris's car. "We can take our time."


We parked in front of my dorm and sat on a bench for a few minutes to give Sawyer and Darren time to finish their showers.


"Hello, Sawyer," I said as I opened the door to the dorm room.


"Hey, Dudes!" Sawyer greeted us. He and his brother both had only gym shorts on. It was obvious they had just finished showering because their hair was still wet. Sawyer and I hugged each other and I gave him a kiss on the cheek. Chris also hugged Sawyer.


"So," I said as I turned to an almost identical Sawyer—except the brown hair, "you must be Darren!"


"Yea! I'm dickhead's brother!" Darren answered as he pulled me into a fierce bear hug. "And, I want to thank you for helping my brother here finally realize that he is gay!"


Darren kept me in his embrace, but I said, "I only helped him on his own journey. He made his decision himself. You should be very proud of him, Darren. He's a very special man!"


"I am!" Darren answered as he let me go from his hug. "And, you two dudes are just as hot as Saw said you were! I thought he might be exaggerating, but I can see he was being brutally honest!"


"Thank you! Darren!" I replied.


Sawyer said to Chris, "So, what's the wardrobe requirements for going dancing at a gay bar?"


"We'll have to see what cutie here has to wear," Chris said.


I went over to the closet and opened the door to examine the choices. "Here is what we have, babe," I said pulling out two of my most faded and tight jeans. One was a low-rise pair that I knew fit me like a glove. The others had a few holes in the ass and the crotch was well worn.


Chris turned to me, held out the low-rise pair, and ordered, "First these," he said as he handed me back the low-rise pair, "then the others."


I kicked off the flip flops and dropped my cargo shorts and pulled off my shirt.


"Shit, Dude! You do have a nice body!" Darren exclaimed.


"And, what's with the chrome cock ring?" Sawyer exclaimed.


"It was a gift from Chris!" I explained and slipped on the first pair of jeans. I arranged myself as well as can be and turned to Chris and said, "What do you think?"


"Hot!" Chris said. "Try the others."


So, I took off the first pair and slipped on the second pair which were definitely more distressed in the crotch and ass.


"Those! Yes! Perfect!" Chris said to me. "Now you need a shirt."


I went to my dresser and pulled out a tight black tank top. I pulled on the tank. It was tight and showed my chest and arms very nicely, I thought.


"Yes!" Chris exclaimed. "Fuck yes. I like. Boots?"


I pulled a pair of lace up black boots out of my closet and showed them to Chris.


"Perfect!" Chris said. "Let's see the whole package."


I drug out some socks from my dresser and put them on. I added the boots and laced them up. I stood there for Chris to examine.


"We need to rearrange your dick, Babe," Chris said. With that he unbuttoned my jeans and moved my cock around to his liking and buttoned my jeans back up. "Top button undone. Nice!" Chris said admiringly.


"Are you going to pimp him out, Chris?" Sawyer asked. "He looks like a fucking prostitute."


"Na! He looks fucking hot!" Chris disagreed.


"What do I know? I've never been to a gay bar. I'm new at this gay thing. I don't know how gay men are supposed to dress in a gay bar." Sawyer protested.


"Want to come with us, Sawyer?" Chris asked.


"Now, pray tell, what would I do with my underage younger, gay brother?" Sawyer replied smiling at Darren.


"You could bring me along!" Darren added.


"It's not going to happen, bro! Mom and Dad would have me by the balls if I took you to a bar—especially a gay bar!" Sawyer explained his position to his brother.


"You might be a hit there, Sawyer!" Darren said as he smiled broadly.


"I don't think so, Darren," Sawyer continued. "I need a little more time to confront my inner gay boy before I head out to a gay bar!"


"Okay. We'll give you time, Sawyer," Chris replied.


I changed back into my cargo shorts and regular t-shirt and flip flops. I folded my clothes for the night of dancing. "Chris and I are going out for lunch in a little bit. Want to join us, guys?" I asked Sawyer and Darren.


"Maybe we should do something tomorrow. That is if the two of you aren't hung over! I promised Dar I'd show him around the campus." Sawyer explained.


"Okay," Chris replied. "We will call you tomorrow and check in with you men. See you later, Sawyer. Darren."


"Yea, guys. Have a great time together!" I said.


"Take notes, Sammie. Dar and I will want to hear all about the evening!" Sawyer added as we were leaving.


"So, that went well," Chris said as we walked down the hallway.


"Hey Sam," I heard from behind. I turned around and saw Brandon from a few doors down hurrying down the hallway after us. "I heard through the grape vine that you are the `goto guy' for computer science problems. Can you help me some time with my CS homework? Nothing seems to be working."


"Hi, Brandon. Sure," I said to one of my CS classmates. "Brandon, this is Chris. Chris, this is Brandon."


"Nice to meet you, Chris," Brandon said as he offered Chris his hand.


"Same here, Brandon," Chris said as he shook Brandon's outstretched hand.


"How about Monday after my last class at 4 pm. I'll be near the CS lab," I said to Brandon.


"That would be terrific, Sam. I'm just fucking not getting this shit," Brandon said. "I'll meet you in the lobby of the CS lab at 4. So, where are you guys headed?"


"We're going out later," I said.


"Ahhh! So, Chris, you're the man who's swept our computer geek off his feet," Brandon said to Chris with a smile on his face.


"Isn't there anything private around here?" I asked Brandon.


"Nope. Pam saw you two getting out of that sweet ride of his, Dude. You know how fast her news travels. Her news gets around faster than Tracy's—if you can believe it!" Brandon said partly to me and partly to Chris. "Where are you going?"


"Dancing," I replied.


"Kool. Have a great time guys. I'll see you on Monday, take care Sam, Chris." Brandon said as he disappeared down the hallway.


"I guess word has gotten out that you have a boyfriend," Chris said quietly with a big smile on his face.


"Like I said, `nothing is private around here,'" I agreed.


When we got back to Chris's place, we decided to skip lunch and to order a pizza. We were both famished. After we ate our pizza, we talked, listened to some music, and watched a little news on the television. Then, we decided to take a brief nap before going out.


"I'm going to take this thing off." Chris said pointing to his cock ring. "Otherwise, I might be tempted to rape you."


I did the same.


We woke up at the sound of the alarm on Chris's phone. We took a shower together, dried each other off, and then began getting dressed.


"Don't forget this!" Chris said handing my cock ring to me.


We both put on our respective cock rings and moved onto our other clothes.


"Damn! You look hot," I said to Chris after we were finally dressed.


"You, too, sweetie," Chris replied.


We headed out to Chris's car and sped off into the night for my first visit to a gay bar. I was excited to be going, but I was even more excited to be going there with Chris. We arrived around 11 pm.


"So, baby cakes," Chris said as we pulled into the parking lot, "are you ready for your debut?"


"As ready as I will ever be," I replied. "I'm not going to be arrested for being underage, am I?"


"No!" Chris reassured me.


"Okay," I said. "Just make sure I do the right things so I won't embarrass you."


"You will not be an embarrassment, trust me," Chris said with a broad grin. "Everyone will want to know who the hot stud is that I'm with tonight," he continued as he leaned over and kissed me on the lips.


As we walked into the bar, Chris greeted the doorman, "Hey, Jake, Nice to see you again!"


"Christopher!" Jake responded as he grabbed Chris into a big bear hug. "And, who might this hot young man be?"


"This is Sam, my boyfriend," Chris replied.


"Nice to meet you, Sam, I'm Jake!"


"Nice to meet you, too, Jake," I said as I was pulled into the group hug.


"I'm actually jealous, Sam," Jake continued, "I've been trying to get into this guy's pants for a couple of years now."


"You're married, Jake!" Chris said.


"Yea. Just kidding Sam. My husband would cut my dick off if he found me with Chris," Jake admitted.


"Go have fun, boys," Jake said as he patted us both on our butts and we made our way further into the bar.


"We will, Jake," Chris said as we headed towards the bar.


"Beer?" Chris asked.


"Sure," I replied as Chris led us to the bar.


"Hello, Robbie," Chris said to the guy behind the bar.


"Christopher! It's good to see you again!" the bartender said to Chris.


"You, too, Robbie," Chris replied. "I'd like you to meet my boyfriend, Sam."


"Nice to meet you, Sam," Robbie said to me before he turned back to Chris and continued. "This means you're off the market, Christopher?"


"I was never on the market, Robbie," Chris replied.


"Whatever you say, Christopher, Whatever you say. Now what can I get you guys to drink?"


"Two Corona's with lime, please," Chris told Robbie.


"Two Corona's with lime coming up," Robbie responded.


When Robbie returned with the beers Chris put down $20 and said, "Thanks Robbie. We'll be back."


Chris led me to the edge of the dance floor where the music was deafening. He was surveying the somewhat crowded dance floor, turned to me, and said into my ear so that I could hear him, "What do you think so far?"


"Un-fucking-believable!" I almost yelled into Chris's ear. "I've never seen so many hot, sweaty, sexy men in one place before. I think I've died and gone to gay boy heaven!"


"It is a nice sight!" Chris said. "Wait until it gets more crowded and the muscle boys start taking off their shirts. It will be testosterone city!"


We continued to survey the crowd and sip on our beers. The men on the dance floor were slowly getting into the music.


When we were finished with our first beer, Chris asked, "Want to dance, hot stuff?"


"I'm game, but I hope I don't embarrass you. I'm not that terrific of a dancer," I replied.


"You'll do fine. Just think of it as a warm up to hot sex," Chris said with his award winning smile on his face. "Let's go."


He led me onto the dance floor and we found a spot where we could call our own for a short while. Chris started to move to the music, and I realized what a hot, hot dancer he really was. Slowly, I got the hang of it and began to follow Chris's lead the best I could. There was more than a little crotch rubbing.


We danced non-stop for about 30 minutes and Chris leaned over to me and yelled into my ear, "Take your shirt off."


"Yes, SIR!" I replied.


Chris leaned over and pulled my shirt up. I lifted my arms and he pulled it over my head. "This is where it goes," he said as he stuck my shirt in the back pocket of my jeans. He did the same with his.


Chris's amazing body was glistening with sweat. I had trouble keeping my dick from getting hard. I could see his bulge was also getting bigger.


After about 30 minutes more of dancing, Chris leaned over to me and yelled into my ear, "I think we need to take a break. I need another beer."


He took my hand and led me back to the bar where Robbie was. It was a little quieter away from the dance floor. Chris ordered another beer and we moved over to a standup counter so we could survey the entire bar.


"So, what's the verdict?" Chris asked me.


"It's amazing," I replied as I looked out at the crowd of increasingly shirtless bodies. "This is an awesome experience. All of these men... gay men... having a great time. I'm glad you suggested we come here. I've never felt so... so... uhm... free!"


"I'm glad you are enjoying yourself!" Chris said as he, too, surveyed the crowd.


At that point, I spotted a hot looking guy standing at the bar with his shirt off and his arm draped over the shoulders of another hot, shirtless man. "Oh, shit! That's Mr. Albertson! My CS 101 TA!" I said as I pointed to the couple.


"Nice looking men!" Chris responded.


Just then, Mr. Albertson spotted me and waved. He took his shirtless partner by the hand and began leading him toward us.


"Now what?" I asked Chris.


"Go with the flow," Chris responded.


Mr. Albertson arrived and said to me, "It's Sam, right? CS 101 study group?"


"Yes, Mr. Albertson," I replied.


"As I said in class cut the Mr. crap. I'm Ben, especially in here," Mr. Albertson stated. Mr. Albertson turned to his shirtless partner and said, "This is my husband Marcus. Marcus, this is Sam from my CS 101 study group."


"Glad to meet you, Sam," Marcus said as he shook my hand.


"Same here, Marcus." I responded. "This is my boyfriend, Chris," I continued as I motioned to Chris.


Everyone exchanged greetings.


"How long have you been married?" Chris asked the shirtless couple.


"We were married last summer," Ben answered. "Marcus and I met in our junior year at Harvard. I finished my Master's last spring and Marcus graduated from Harvard Law. We decided to tie the knot when I was accepted in the Ph.D. program here."


"So, you're both from the East then?" Chris asked.


"No," Marcus began, "actually I grew up in Ames, Iowa. Ben is from Springfield, IL. We just wound up at Harvard. We want to go back to Boston once Ben finishes his Ph.D."


"So, cows aren't your thing then, huh?" Chris added.


"No," Marcus replied. "We've both seen enough cows to last a lifetime."


"Same here," I stated.


"So, what about you two? Where are you guys from?" Ben asked us.


"I'm from Southern Illinois. Chris is from Chicago," I answered for both of us.


"You're a CS major, right Sam?" Ben asked me.


"Yes," I replied. "I've always been sort of a computer geek and thought this would be a fun career path."


"And, you, Chris?" Ben asked turning his attention to Chris.


"I'm a dance and music major," Chris replied.


"Ah! I guess that is what accounts for your body," Marcus stated with a big grin. "What year are you in school?"


"I'm a junior," Chris replied.


"How long have you two known each other?" Ben questioned.


"Sam and I met a few weeks ago at the student union," Chris answered as he put his hands around my waist and pulled my butt towards him.


"Ben and I want to go to Chicago for a weekend sometime soon," Marcus said. "Neither one of us has spent a lot of time there, especially after we started college. What's a `can't miss' from a local perspective?"


"Chicago is a great city," Chris started to explain. "But, you'll enjoy yourself more if you go when it is warm. Chicago can be brutal in the winter. My favorite hotel is the Burnham across from Macy's. The Art Institute is a few blocks away on Michigan Avenue. Then, there's the Magnificent Mile—the northern part of Michigan Avenue—for decadent shopping. Lincoln Park is beautiful. Lincoln Park Zoo is great. It's the only remaining free zoo and it's in the heart of the city. I grew up in the Lincoln Park area.


"If you want something funkier, I'd recommend spending some time in Lakeview," Chris continued. "Broadway in Lakeview is the home of some funky and fun shops. And, then, there is Halsted Street: the nightlife hub for the gay community."


"Wow," Marcus said as Chris paused his brief description of Chicago, "you seem to know the city really well. Maybe you'd consider being our tour guide some weekend."


"Well, I love the city," Chris explained. "I moved in with my grandparents in Lincoln Park in my junior year of high school. But, I loved wandering around and discovering everything about the city. And, my grandparents were great. They loved showing me all of the historic spots, especially the art museums. My grandmother is an art history professor at Northwestern. My grandfather is an attorney and he works on Wacker Drive. I guess I had great teachers."


"I also want to take Sam to Chicago for a weekend," Chris said as he kissed the top of my head. "I want him to meet my grandparents and see the city. Whenever you go, please let me know and I'll make some recommendations of places to see and things to do."


"That would be great, wouldn't it babe?" Marcus said to Ben. He turned to me and Chris, smiled, and said, "You must be getting serious... meeting the family and all."


"I can only hope," Chris said and he again kissed the top of my head. "But, before I have a wet spot on my jeans, I need to use the facilities. I'll be right back."


As Chris released me and headed for the bathrooms, Ben turned to me and said, "Chris seems like a really nice guy. You make a great couple. And, you have that look in your eyes. Right Marcus?"


"Yea!" Marcus replied. "I remember the feeling well."


"Thanks," I replied. "We're just getting to know one another, but I think he's a very special guy."


"And, good looking too!" Marcus said. "I'll bet he's good in bed, too."


"Marcus!" Ben protested as he glared at his husband. "Leave it to you to be so bold."


As I turned beet red, Marcus continued, "I'm just saying, babe, if I hadn't met my one true love, I'd definitely be interested in getting him in the sack!"


Ben turned to me and said, "I'm sorry, Sam. Marcus can be incorrigible at times."


"That's okay, Ben. I will have to admit that our physical relationship is absolutely terrific!" I replied.


Ben, Marcus, and I discussed various issues until Chris returned from the bathroom.


"Have I missed anything?" Chris asked as he walked up behind me.


"Just Marcus being an ass," Ben replied.


"Speaking of asses," Marcus said as he turned to Ben, "I think it is time I took yours home. We have things to do tomorrow."


"I think your right, Marcus. We should go before you make a complete fool of yourself," Ben said to Marcus. They both had their arms around the other's waist.


"It's been nice meeting both of you guys," Marcus said to Chris and me. "I hope we see you again soon."


"Same here, guys," Chris said to Ben and Marcus as he shook both of their hands. "Let me know before you head to Chicago. I'll write down some tips on what to see."


"Thanks Chris," Ben said as he, too, shook Chris's hand. "I'll see you in class, Sam. Have a great evening!"


Marcus and Ben headed to the exit.


"Nice guys," Chris said to me.


"Yea. They are very nice. There was some discussion in our study group if Mr. Albertson was gay... Now we know."


"Christopher!" a very tall, black haired man pulled Chris into a bear hug. "Where have you been? I haven't seen you in ages."


"Hello, James," Chris replied. "It has been a long time."


"Who's this stud?" James asked as he turned to me.


"This is my boyfriend, Sam," Chris replied. "Sam this is a friend of mine, James."


"Nice to meet you, Sam," James said to me. "How did you snag this one?"


For the second time tonight, I started to turn red but answered, "Nice to meet you, too, James. We met a few weeks ago. The rest is history."


"Chris is a good guy," James said to me. "I just saw you and wanted to say hello. I'm on my way out the door. I have an early day tomorrow."


"Thanks for saying hello," Chris replied. "It's nice to see you again. We should get together and talk about old times."


"I'd like that, Chris," James replied. "Take care guys. I'm off." James turned and began his move to the door to leave.


"He's very tall," I said to Chris. "How do you know him?"


"James and I went to school together at Francis Parker. And, yes, he is very tall. Other attributes match his height." Chris said as he smiled at me.


"Oh!" I replied.


"Do you want to go back to my place?" Chris asked. "It is getting late. And, I'm getting horny."


"For sure, babe. For sure."


We both grabbed our shirts from the back pockets of our jeans and pulled them over our heads as we made our way out the door of the bar.


A few minutes later, we stepped into Chris's condo.


"Clothes off!" Chris said as he put his keys on the counter in the kitchen.


"Yes, SIR!" I replied as I immediately started to undress.


When I had completely stripped and was standing in front of Chris, he said, "Now, my clothes."


"Yes, SIR!" I said as I started to pull Chris's t-shirt over his head.


"Shoes!" Chris ordered.


"Yes, SIR!" I replied as I kneeled down and slipped Chris's shoes off his feet.


"Jeans!" Chris again ordered.


"Yes, SIR!" I replied as I stood up and unbuttoned Chris's jeans and started to pull them down. His gorgeous, 9 inch uncut cock stood erect. Chris stepped out of his jeans and I put them over the back of the sofa in the living room.


"Suck!" Chris again ordered.


"Yes, SIR!" I replied as I leaned down and began to take Chris's rock hard cock in my mouth.


"Good boy! Yea! Suck that big black cock. Oh! Yea! Good boy"


I continued to suck on his tool and Chris started to push my head further down on his cock.


"Good boy!" Chris said as he released his hands from pushing my head.


Chris pulled my mouth from his cock and grabbed me by the wrists and led me into the bedroom.


"Bed. On your hands and knees. Ass up." Chris ordered.


"Yes, SIR!" I replied as I went to the bed and took the position he demanded.


Chris moved to the night stand and removed a tube of lube. He generously lubed his hard cock and positioned it over my hole. I felt his cock enter me with one full, swift motion. He didn't stop until I felt his crotch on my ass. He was in. He paused.


"Good boy!" Chris said as he began pumping in and out. In and out. Faster. Harder. With each stroke, I felt his cock pop out of my ass before he plunged it back in all the way.


After several minutes of pounding my ass, I heard Chris's heavy breathing and I knew he was almost ready for his cock to explode in my ass.


"Ahh! Fuck, boy! I'm cuming! Ahh! Ohh! Yea!" Chris screamed as I felt his cum explode in my ass.


I felt Chris's body start to relax as he kept his cock in my hole. Finally, his breathing was returning to normal.


Chris pulled his now softening cock out of my ass. "You okay, boy?"


"Yes, SIR!" I replied. "More than okay. That was probably one of the best fucks I have ever had."


We both collapsed on the bed. Chris pulled me toward him. "I hope I didn't hurt or scare you."


"On the contrary," I softly muttered. "That was great. When do I get more?"


Chris smiled, "Soon, I hope. I've been wanting to do that ever since I met you. Now, though, I think we need to sleep so we can repeat. Good night stud."


"Goodnight, babe... I mean, SIR!" I replied.


Soon we were both sound asleep in each other's arms.



To be continued...


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