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Sam and Chris

Chapter 10: The Awakening


My eyes fluttered open. I saw a smiling Chris cuddled next to me.


"So, my lover boy awakes from his slumber," Chris whispered as he leaned over and kissed me on the cheek.


"Yea! I'm slowly regaining consciousness," I replied.


."Coffee?" Chris asked.


"Yea," I replied, "but first I need the bathroom."


"You go do your duty and I'll go make coffee," Chris said as he moved off to the bed and headed for the kitchen. I couldn't get enough of the view of Chris's muscled butt.


After I finished with the bathroom, I headed into the kitchen where I smelled coffee brewing. "Smells good," I said.


"It should be done soon," Chris said pulling me into a hug and started kissing me.


"Keep this up and we'll miss the coffee," I whispered.


"Maybe," he replied as he let me out of his embrace and grabbed two cups from the cabinet and began to pour the coffee. "Here," Chris added as he handed me a cup of coffee. "Living room or counter?"


"Counter. It's closer," I replied. We both sat and started drinking our morning coffee to help us become fully awake.


"I just want to say, Sam," Chris began, "I had a great time last night. Dancing with you was great. Sex with you was even better."


"I couldn't agree more, Chris," I replied and leaned over to kiss him.


"Keep that up and I'll drag you off to bed again," he smirked.


"I'm counting on it," I replied with a smile and another peck on his lips.


"So, you liked it rough last night?" Chris asked.


"Yes, SIR!" I replied. "I like taking orders from you."


"Ah! That's music to my ears," Chris whispered.


There was a pause as we continued to drink our coffee. "Chris?" I finally asked.




"How kinky do you like to get?" I asked after another slight pause.


"Depends on how kinky you want to get," he replied.


"I don't know, but I have a few porn flicks that have some heavy stuff in them. I think I'd like to try some things."


"Such as?" he asked.


"It's up to you. The films have some bondage, domination, fucking, water sports, master/slave, whipping, fisting. Does any of that interest you?"


"All of the above," he replied with a smile. There was another pause and I could see Chris contemplating his next questions. "A... the water sports... in or on you?"


"Both," I replied.


"Have you ever actually done any of this?" Chris asked.


"No. But, I have jerked off to these videos many times. I want to try. I especially want to try with you. I trust you, Chris."


"Good. Because I want to try with you, too. I promise we'll go slowly. I won't hurt you," Chris said and then laughed and continued. "At least not too much."


"I can't wait!" I said in my best lusty voice.


"We won't wait. I need to piss. On your knees boy and get ready to take your first drink from the tap. Now!" Chris ordered.


"Yes, SIR!" I replied and got down on my knees in front of Chris's dick.


"Put your hand around the base of my cock, boy," Chris instructed and placed my hand where he wanted it. "You will control the flow so you don't spill a drop."


"Yes, SIR!" I took Chris's cock in my mouth and he began letting me have a stream of his piss. I squeezed the base of his cock as he instructed to limit the flow so I could swallow all of it. Finally, Chris's bladder was empty and I didn't spill anything!


"Thank you, SIR!" I said standing before Chris.


"Okay, boy. What did you think of the experience?" Chris asked.


"I like the way your piss tastes, SIR!!" I replied still standing in front of Chris. I was hard as a rock.


"Good." Chris said after a brief pause. "I'll fix us something to nibble on for breakfast. But, you had mentioned getting together with Sawyer and Darren for lunch or something. Do you want to call them and arrange things before we get into something we can't stop? I could even do brunch here, if you'd like."


"I don't want to make you slave over the stove all weekend, babe!" I replied.


"I'd love to do it! I told you I love to cook, but I need someone besides me to feed!" Chris stated with some excitement in his voice. "It would be more relaxing!"


"Yea! Maybe you're right. Let me give Sawyer a call," I replied. `I think I'd rather get into something we can't stop... but... I did promise Sawyer that we would spend time with them.'


I hit the call button, and Sawyer answered, "How are the dancing queens this morning, Sammie?"


"We are bright eyed and bushy tailed. How are you two getting along?" I asked


"Great! We talked a lot about everything from our love-life to Darren's educational goals." Sawyer said with excitement in his voice.


"Terrific! Chris suggested I call you and ask if you'd like to come over to his place for brunch!" I added.


"Shit, Sammie! Not only is good looking and sexy, but the man can fucking cook! He's a keeper!" Sawyer exclaimed. "What time?"


"Let me ask Chris!" I said to Sawyer and then turned to Chris to ask, "What time, Chris?"


"Would 12:30 be okay?" Chris replied.


"Chris said 12:30. Is that okay with the two of you?" I relayed the information Sawyer.


"Sure! We'll be there with bells on!" Sawyer answered.


I gave Sawyer the address and explained the entry system. I hung up the phone and turned to Chris, "You know, babe," I began, "you are one terrific man!"


Chris pulled me into his arms and began to kiss me. Finally, in between kisses he added, "We have exactly... 2 hours... before our guests... arrive. I was thinking... we could... have a little... fun before... they get here."


"What... did you... have in mind?" I replied.


"Maybe... you could... fuck me!" Chris whispered between kisses.


"Where has... my boyfriend... the top... disappeared to?" I whispered back.


"He'll return... tonight...! I promise!" He answered.


"Get your... ass... on the... bed!" I demanded.


"Yes, SIR!" Chris replied as he pulled away from me and headed toward the bedroom. "How do you want to fuck me, SIR?"


"Face down!" I ordered.


"Yes, SIR!" Chris replied as me positioned himself face down.


I grabbed the bottle of lube and settled between Chris's legs. As I was smearing lube on my cock, I spread Chris's legs wider apart so I could have better access. I added some lube to Chris's hot ass. I put my cock over Chris's asshole.


"Do you want this slow and gentle or fast and rough?" I asked with lust filling my voice.


"Fast and rough, SIR! Pound my ass, please, SIR!" Chris begged.


I did as ordered and shoved my cock all of the way into Chris's ass in one swift stroke.


"Ahh! Yes! Fuck me hard, SIR! Fuck me hard!" Chris yelled.


Again, I performed as ordered. I had never done this before, but I was determined to give Chris what he wanted. I thrust my dick in and out of Chris's ass as hard and fast as I could. Chris was moaning in pleasure all the while. After several minutes of nonstop, rapid fire fucking, I was sweating profusely and breathing heavily. My sweat was dripping on Chris's body.


"Fuck! SIR! I'm going to shoot soon, SIR! Fuck me hard, SIR! Please fuck me hard!" Chris yelled.


"Yea! Boy! I'm going to cum in your fucking ass, boy! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh..." I screamed as I unloaded in Chris's eager ass.


About the same time that I popped my load, I felt Chris's ass contract around my dick! He yelled as he unloaded onto the sheets underneath him, "Fuck! Shit! Fuck! Ahhh... Fuck!"


I dropped my body on top of his back. My cock was still hard and still inside Chris's tight ass. We both started to breathe normally after a few more minutes of recover. I began to stroke Chris's muscled arms with the tips of my fingers. Finally, I asked as I pulled my dick out of Chris's ass, "Babe... are you okay?"


"I was just thinking..." Chris began as he moved so that we were both facing one another. "A few weeks ago, I never dreamed that I would be playing bottom boy—let alone begging some dude to fuck me harder. But, you know what? I liked it! More than `liked' it. I loved it. I'm not going to give up being a top, but I think we should share top and bottom roles more equally! How does that sound to you, stud?"


"I think I might like that!" I agreed. "I always thought of myself as a bottom. But, Chris, when I was just now fucking you, I felt something I've never felt before... I felt... I don't know," I said grasping for words.


"Just say it, Sam! Just say it. Over the last few weeks, we've shared our bodies with each other freely. I want us to be able to share our thoughts and feelings just as freely!" Chris said in an almost whisper.


"Okay! Here goes! I felt... powerful... Like I had power over your body!" I finally spit out the words. "Does that make any sense to you?"


"Absolutely! I think it's common when you're the top and are letting yourself get into the physical situation." Chris said.


"Besides, I wanted to give my boyfriend what he asked for!" I added with a grin spread across my face.


"And, you did very well, I might add!" Chris agreed. "Now, we have less than an hour to get into the shower so we don't smell too badly, get dressed, and get things started for brunch before our guests arrive."


We stepped into the shower together and washed each other's bodies. I made certain I cleaned the lube off Chris's ass for good measure. When we were finally dry, we moved into the bedroom to get dressed.


"I need your advice, Chris." I started to explain. "All I have are the shorts and t-shirt I've been wearing for the last two days, the jeans and tank I wore out to the bar last night, or a pair of gym shorts and another tank top. Which will it be?"


"Gym shorts and tank top!" Chris answered. "I'll do the same. But, leave your cock ring on! Maybe you should move a few more things here. I think I want you here more often!"


"Yes, SIR!" I replied and slipped on my gym shorts and tank.


Chris looked absolutely fucking amazing in his skimpy gym shorts and very, very tight tank!


"Before our guests arrive, Sam," Chris began as he prepped some of the food for brunch, "I wanted to tell you that... well... I've fallen for you big time!"


I went over to where Chris was working and hugged him, "I feel the same way, Chris! I want us to be together, like, forever!"


Chris put down the knife he was using to cut up some broccoli, put his arms around me, and gave me a kiss, "And, I love you, Sammie!"


He kissed me again. I think I felt tears well up in my eyes.


"I love you, too, Chris! With all of my heart!" I added as I buried my head on Chris's hard chest. "You've just made me a very, very happy person!"


Chris reached down and pulled me so our lips could meet for a long, slow, passionate kiss. "Promise me something, Sam?"


"Sure! What?" I asked


"Please don't ever leave me!" Chris added with a tear running down his cheek.


I wiped his tears away with my hand and added, "I'll be with you for a long, long time, Chris! I can feel it!"


He leaned in to kiss me again. When he finally pulled away, the buzzer, announcing the arrival of our guests, sounded.


"I'll get the door!" I said to Chris as I moved to let Sawyer and Darren though the security door downstairs.


"Yes!" I said into the intercom system.


"It's the Cunningham brothers!" Sawyer answered.


I buzzed them in and I opened the door. I stepped into the hallway waiting for the Cunningham brothers. They stepped off the elevator and headed towards me.


"Hello, Sawyer, Darren!" I greeted them.


"Good to see you again, roomie!" Sawyer replied.


When they were inside the door, I pulled Sawyer into a hug and gave him a kiss. "I just thought you'd like to know I haven't forgotten you!"


"Yup!" Sawyer replied and pulled the waist band of my gym shorts so he could get a look inside. "Just as I thought! No underwear! You owe me $5, Dar!"


"Do I get a hug and a kiss?" Daren asked.


I did the same for Darren.


Chris exited the kitchen and greeted our guests.


"Holy fuck!" Darren exclaimed as he got a good look at Chris's muscular body showing through his tank and bulge showing in his tight gym shorts. "Sawyer and I beat off four times since you were at the dorm room yesterday! And, my dick is still reacting to your body, Chris!"


"You're not too bad to look at yourself, Darren!" Chris reacted to Darren's statement. "And, you look good enough to eat, Sawyer!"


"But, I'm not on the menu!" Sawyer added with his shit eating smile.


"Okay! What can I get you men to drink?" Chris asked. "We have beer, soft drinks, orange juice, or I could make mimosas."


"I'll have a beer!" Sawyer decided.


"Hey, bro, can I have a beer?" Darren asked his older brother.


"As long as it's only one. You have a few hours before you drive home!" Sawyer decided.


"I'll get us all beers. Why don't you come into the kitchen and we can keep Chris company while he works his magic?" I added. Sawyer and Darren followed us into the kitchen.


"You have a really nice place here, Chris!" Sawyer complimented Chris.


"Thank you! It is home. Sam, why don't you give the guys a quick tour. I'll be done here shortly." Chris directed.


"Okay! Follow me, guys!" I said as I led the charge to show Sawyer and Darren around.


First, I showed them Chris's bedroom and master bath.


"Fuck this bathroom is huge!" Darren exclaimed. "I could live in here!"


Next was the guest room, office, living room, and, finally, back to the kitchen.


When we returned to the kitchen, Chris had everything in the oven. There was a fruit salad on the island.


"So, how did you learn to cook, Chris?" Sawyer asked as we sat on the barstools around the kitchen island.


"Uhm... I guess you could say `in the trenches.' My grandparents entertained a lot. At first, I just watched Henry, my grandparents' cook, as he was making things. Then, I finally graduated to an assistant. After I bought this condo, Henry taught me survival cooking. Henry's basic tenant is that if you can read, you can cook!" Chris ended his narration.


"Your grandparents have a cook?" Darren asked. "As in full-time cook?"


"Yea! Henry lives in an apartment in the coach house. His wife, Jean, takes care of the house." Chris explained as he casually sipped his beer.


"And, where is it your grandparents actually live?" Darren continued.


"Lincoln Park, Astor Street," Chris calmly explained.


"Holy fuck!" now it was Sawyer's turn to be surprised. I think Sawyer saw the confused look on my face. "I know you are not from the Chicago area, Sam, but Astor is one of the most expensive places to live in the city. Right, Chris?"


"Ahm..." Chris began as he stared at his beer, "it ranks near the top, I would say."


I was staring at Chris.


"Sam," Chris began to add to the conversation, "I think, maybe, I have to fill in a few more details after our guests leave."


I smiled at Chris. He was visibly embarrassed by the direction of the conversation, "Don't worry, babe, I'll love you even if your family IS filthy rich!"


Chris smiled at me. "Now, I think we are ready to eat!"


Chris removed the brunch items from the over and placed them on the counter, "We have here an egg, broccoli, and cheese casserole; oven-baked hash browns; bacon; turkey sausage; fruit; and strawberry bread. There is also orange juice and coffee on the counter next to the sink. Help yourselves, gentlemen!"


Sawyer and Darren led the charge and filled their plates. Chris and I followed. We all sat at the bar stools around the island and began to chow down on the feast before us.


After he had sampled a little of everything on his plate, Darren exclaimed, "This is fucking terrific Chris!"


"Yea, Chris!" Sawyer added. "I think we need to give old Henry a round of applause for teaching you his tricks of the trade!"


"Thank you guys. I love to cook, but I only do it when I have someone to share it with." Chris replied.


"Hey! I forgot to ask! How was the dancing?" Sawyer asked.


"It was awesome, Sawyer!" I started my description of dancing. "It was wall-to-wall men. Sweating men! Hairy men! Smooth men! Gorgeous men. And, we met my shirtless hunk of a CS TA and his shirtless hunk of a husband. I felt so fucking free with all the gay men around me."


"Wow!" Darren responded. "At least I have that to look forward to in a few years!"


While we ate, Chris got the conversation going again, "So, Darren, do you have any thoughts on where you might want to go to college?"


"Well," Darren began, "Saw and I were talking last night about that. I think I probably want to come here—only because I don't want to have a mountain of debt when I get out of school. If I go here, I'll just have a few hills. I'm thinking about either architecture or law school."


"If he plays his cards right, he could probably get a swim team scholarship!" Sawyer proudly added.


"Why didn't you do that, Sawyer?" I asked.


"I didn't have a chance. Dar has the advantage in that he works out all of the time. Gives him more strength. I never had that." Sawyer answered.


"And, Darren," Chris added, "If you want, I can introduce you to my grandfather. He loves talking to potential law school people. He could be a great resource as you make your career decisions. He actually graduated from law school here at UIUC."


"I think I'd like that, Chris!" Darren told Chris. "I'd like that a lot. I need to figure some shit out before I apply to a college next year."


"I'll give you his phone number before you leave. I'll let him know to expect your phone call." Chris instructed.


"Terrific!" Darren enthused. He paused a moment. It was obvious something was on his mind. "Ah, Chris, can I ask you another question that's totally unrelated to your grandfather?"


"Sure! Ask away!" Chris replied.


"Ahm... Why were you so willing to let your boyfriend have sex with my brother?" Darren asked softly.


Sawyer almost choked on his orange juice. "Dar! Is that really any of your fucking business?"


"I just wanted to know, Saw. I'm just curious. After all, I'm new at this gay thing, too!" Darren answered.


"I don't mind, Sawyer!" Chris began. "A childhood friend of mine, Luke, was my first love. And, we still have a relationship... A lot like the one your brother and Sam are developing."


"Why didn't you and Luke become boyfriends if he was your first love?" Darren eagerly asked.


"That's a fair question." Chris began to explain Darren's second question. "Luke and I are too much alike. We're both horny black tops... and we both like horny white-boy bottoms."


The four of us laughed at Chris's explanation. "And, I'm especially fond of this white-boy!" Chris added as he looked at me.


"So, Sam," Darren said as he turned his attention to me, "does that mean you are a bottom?"


"I thought I was... until I met Chris and then your brother!" I answered.


"You know, bro," Darren grinned and turned to Sawyer, "if you play your cards right, you might end up in bed with these two studs after I leave."


"Darren!" Sawyer shouted.


"Speaking of leaving," Darren added, "I've got to hit the road if I want to get home by dinner time. Mom would be shithouse if I were late for Sunday dinner!"


We all said our goodbyes to Darren. Of course that included a hug and a kiss from all of us.


"I'll walk Darren to his truck and then I'll head back to the dorm," Sawyer told Chris and me as he was preparing to leave.


"Why don't you stay a while, Sawyer?" Chris pleaded.


"I'm sure you two want some private time together," Sawyer replied.


"At least come back for another beer!" I suggested.


"Sure! That would be nice. I'll be back in a moment!" Sawyer said with a smile on his face as he left to walk Darren to his truck.


"Darren is a nice guy," I said to Chris after Darren and Sawyer left.


"Yea! He is," Chris agreed. "Ahm... Sam... when Sawyer comes back up, do you think we should... try to seduce him?"


"Ooooh! I like the way you think, big guy!" I whispered in his ear before I planted a big kiss on him. "But, we can't do anything with him unless he's ready, okay!"


"Deal!" Chris answered as he began loading the dishes into the dishwasher.


Chris just finished cleaning the kitchen when the buzzer sounded again. It was Sawyer, so I let him in.


When Sawyer came through the door to Chris's condo, we could tell Sawyer had been crying. "A tearful goodbye, Sawyer." I said in a hushed voice.


"Yea! The little shit and I were downstairs bawling our eyes out before he left," Sawyer started to explain. "I didn't know this would be possible, but I think this weekend brought us even closer! I'm going to miss him!"


"I know!" I brought Sawyer to me in a hug and kissed him.


"Here's a beer, Sawyer. Maybe it will help quiet your nerves." Chris said as he handed Sawyer a beer.


Sawyer turned to Chris and took the beer. I didn't let him go. I continued to hold him close to me while we drank a few swallows of our beers.


"Thanks for asking me to come back here for a while. I thought I could go back to the dorm and be okay. But, I'm not sure I want to be alone just yet. But, you have to promise me that if the two of you want some alone time, just tell me to get the fuck out. Okay?" Sawyer said.


Chris smiled at me and then at Sawyer. Then, Chris moved in front of Sawyer and pulled us both in a bear hug! Chris started to kiss Sawyer. Sawyer didn't resist!


"What?" Sawyer asked. "Are you trying to get me to go to bed with you?"


Chris kissed Sawyer on the forehead and then said in a hushed voice, "As a matter of fact, yes! We are, Sawyer. Do you have a problem with that?"


"Fuck no!" Sawyer replied. "I just don't want to get in the way of you two."


"You're not going to get in the way, Sawyer," Chris reassured him. "But, I have to explain my one rule in the condo. At first, I was only going to make this applicable when Sam and I were alone... But, since you're family now, I've decided to extend the rule to include you. Get naked, Sawyer."


Sawyer chugged his beer. Chris pulled off his tank top and shucked his gym shorts. I did the same. Chris pulled Sawyer's shirt off and I undid his shorts and pulled them off. All three of us were now naked with dicks standing straight up.


"God! Chris! Sam was right! You are one beautiful looking hunk of man!" Sawyer exclaimed when he saw Chris's hard muscled body standing in front of him totally naked. Finally, Sawyer added, "And, fucking hung, too!"


"Thank you, Sawyer!" Chris smiled broadly as he responded. "You're a fine looking piece of man, too!" Chris pulled Sawyer into a kiss.


As Chris pulled away, he asked, "Okay, men. Do you want another beer and relax on the sofa for a few minutes. Or, do you want another beer and relax on the bed for a few hours?"


"Bed!" Sawyer and I both exclaimed in unison.


"Shit, Sam!" Sawyer whispered to me. "I can't believe I'm about to go to bed with you and your fucking beautiful boyfriend."


"Mmmmm!" I purred. "Ain't life sweet?"


Chris returned with the beers and handed one to each of us. He took one of Sawyer's hands. I put my hand on his butt. We led him into the bedroom. Chris climbed into bed and positioned himself on his back in the middle of the bed.


"One of you on my right. The other on my left!" Chris ordered.


I took the left. Sawyer took the right. Chris pulled us both into a hug and began to alternately kiss Sawyer and me. He pushed Sawyer and me toward each other and our lips met. We kissed each other.


Finally, Chris spoke to both of his bed partners. "I have a mission here. Sawyer, you and my beautiful boyfriend, I believe, love each other very much. I love my boyfriend. My boyfriend loves me. So, Sawyer, because we share all of this love for each other, I love you, too. Understand, Sawyer?"


"Sort of!" Sawyer replied. "I might need a little time to process all of this!"


"Deal!" Chris replied to Sawyer as he kissed both Sawyer and I. "Where do you men want to go from here?"


"I want you both to fuck me!" I almost demanded.


"Sawyer, what do you think of that idea?" Chris asked.


"Fuck, yea!" Sawyer exclaimed. "Pass me the condoms!"


"Can I ask you something, Sawyer?" Chris asked turning to Sawyer.


"Shoot!" Sawyer replied.


"Why do you need a condom?" Chris asked. "Sam told me you hadn't had sex with anyone else before him. Is that right?"


"Yes," Sawyer replied.


"And, I'm certain you had to have an HIV and STD test before you could be admitted here. Right?" Chris again asked.


"Yes," Sawyer again replied.


"Sam and I were just tested and we're both negative. You knew that, right?" Chris again asked Sawyer.


"Yes," Sawyer replied. The look in Sawyer's eyes told me he understood where Chris was going with these question. "So, I can't give anyone HIV or STDs!"


"Yes, Sawyer. That's exactly right." Chris replied. "So, do you want to fuck Sam without a condom or with one?"


"That's fucking easy, Chris. Without, of course! Is that okay with you, Sam?" Sawyer asked me.


"More than okay, Sawyer! I want to feel your bare cock in my ass and your cum explode inside me!" I answered excitedly. "Enough of this conversation. I'm horny and I want to get fucked. So, come here, Sawyer, and fucking kiss me! Then, fuck me when you are ready!"


I positioned myself in the middle of the bed on my back with my legs spread. Chris was to my right. Sawyer climbed on top of me and lowered himself on top of my body. We began to kiss. First, it was light and very sensuous. I was holding Sawyer in my arms and caressing his back and ass. Sawyer's kissing became more passionate. Our tongues and lips were in overdrive.


Finally, Sawyer hissed in his sex induced voice, "Sam, I need to fuck you now. Otherwise, I'm going to cum all over your fucking stomach."


Sawyer assumed the position so he would be in a perfect location to go at my ass. He pulled my legs above his shoulders. Chris handed him the lube. Sawyer worked copious amounts of lube on his cock and my ass.


"Slow and gentle, Sam? Or, fast and rough?" Sawyer asked.


"Your choice, stud. My ass is yours for a while!" I replied. I looked over at Chris and he was smiling broadly.


"I think I'm in a fast and rough mood right now!" Sawyer hissed as he lined up his cock to my asshole.


Sawyer began his descent into my ass. He didn't pause. He kept pushing until I felt his pubic hair on my balls. Sawyer held his cock in my ass and leaned in to kiss me.


"Fuck, Sammie...! My cock feels... so good in your ass...! This is ten times... better than with a condom!" Sawyer hissed between kisses.


Sawyer began thrusting his cock in and out of my ass. With every stroke, he picked up the pace and force of his ramming of my ass. I grunted every time Sawyer's balls hit my ass and his crotch teased my balls. Chris moved close to me and nibbled on my ear.


"This is fucking hot, Sam!" Chris whispered.


After several minutes, Sawyer pressed his cock in and held it. He leaned down and kissed me. Then, he kissed Chris. "I have to slow down a little, Sammie, or I'll shoot. I want this to last a little longer!" Sawyer kissed me again and then Chris.


Sawyer spent the next few minutes slowly pushing his cock in and out of my ass. He began another onslaught of pounding me fast and furiously. His sweat was dripping on my body. Finally, he was hammering my ass again. I kept groaning with every thrust up my ass.


Finally, I felt Sawyer's body tense. "I'm going to cum, Sammie! I'm going to cum in your fucking ass! Shit! Fuck! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... fuck!" I could feel rope after rope of Sawyer's cum spew into me. Finally, when he had unloaded completely inside me, he lowered his body on top of mine and rested until his heavy breathing subsided.


Between breaths and kisses, Sawyer announced, "I hope... Sammie...! You don't mind... but I've decided... that I think... I want to be... a top!"


"I certainly don't mind, roomie!" I answered.


Sawyer leaned into Chris, began kissing him, and added, "Thank you, Chris... For letting me... use your... boyfriend's ass!"


"My pleasure... Sawyer... that was... fucking hot!" Chris whispered.


Sawyer turned his attention back to me, "As much as I like my cock in your hot ass, I think I need to give Chris his turn, Sammie!" He pulled back and his softening cock popped out of my ass.


"Sawyer," I added, "I want to lick your dick... just to make sure there is no more cum left in it!"


Sawyer moved his cock over my mouth so I could get at it. I licked the tip so I could get the last drop of his cum. Then, grabbed Sawyer's butt with both of my hands and pushed him down into my mouth until his balls were hitting my chin. I swallowed and release Sawyer so he could roll on his side.


Sawyer was lying beside me as he kissed me and said, "Sammie! You're so good to me!"


Chris was already positioning himself between my legs. He poured some lube into his hands and began to massage it on his huge, hard cock. I felt his cock against my ass as Chris leaned down and kissed me.


"I'm not going to ask how you want it, boy! That ass is mine now!" Chris hissed.


"Yes, SIR! Thank you, SIR!" I replied as Chris began to shove his cock into me.


"Ahhh!" I moaned as Chris bottomed out in my ass. "Oh! Fuck, yes, Chris! Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Please, SIR! Fuck me hard!"


Chris didn't waste time until he was battering my ass full speed ahead. "Ahhh!" I moaned every time he shoved his huge cock balls deep into my ass. Chris increased his pace. His balls were slapping my ass in a steady fast rhythm. His sweat was dripping profusely from his muscled body. His muscles bulged with every thrust. His breathing was deep and fast. I felt his whole body tense.


"I'm going to cum, boy! I'm going to fucking cum in your fucking ass, boy!" Chris screamed. "Fuck! Yes! Fuck! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!" Chris collapsed on top of me while his breathing relaxed and finally began to subside. He kissed me. I felt him move slightly, but his still hard cock was firmly in my ass.


"Fuck! That was so hot! I almost blew another load just watching the two of you!" Sawyer finally said to an exhausted Chris and me.


Chris reached over and ruffled Sawyer's hair. "Thanks, big guy!" Chris whispered to Sawyer. "I had inspiration in Sam's beautiful ass!"


Chris kissed me before he spoke, "There is nothing I would rather do that have another turn at your ass, Sam. But, I think Sawyer wants some of your big dick in his mouth. We should share, don't you think?"


"Yes, SIR! Anything you say, SIR!" I answered.


Chris raised his upper torso and smoothly slid his still rock hard cock out of my ass. I felt empty! But, I felt loved.


"Sawyer, I think Sammie here should get off, too. Don't you?" Chris asked Sawyer.


"Yup! And, I'm just the man to do this. Sam, I've wanted your big cock in my mouth from day one. I hope you enjoy this as much as I will!" Sawyer whispered to me as he kissed me.


Sawyer moved between my legs and scooted down so his mouth was over my cock and balls. "Sam, please let me know if I am doing something wrong!"


"I'm sure you'll do just fine, Sawyer!" I said softly.


"Just remember, Sawyer, watch your teeth. And, he loves his balls licked!" Chris instructed.


Sawyer started to lick my balls one by one. Finally, he had one of my balls in his mouth. He was alternating between them now.


Chris moved his mouth over mine and began to kiss me.


I felt Sawyer's tongue lick the shaft of my hard dick until he got to the top. He stuck his tongue under my foreskin and moved it around the entire circumference as he nibbled on my foreskin. He was driving me wild working on my dick. Chris was driving me wild with his kisses!


Sawyer moved his mouth over my cock and began to take it into his mouth. He paused when my dick hit his throat. He worked his mouth up and down my cock. His mouth was so warm and soft against my cock. He jammed his mouth down on my cock again. This time he took a big gulp and my dick slide down his throat. I could tell he gagged slightly, but he still continued to take all of my cock down his throat a few more times.


Chris slipped down slightly and began to tweak and nibble on my nipples. Sawyer moved from swallowing my cock to working his mouth up and down on my shaft. I could feel myself tighten.


"Keep... this up... guys... and I'm... going to blow!" I managed to say.


Chris stopped nibbling long enough to say, "That's the plan, babe! That's the plan!"


Sawyer began working my cock with his mouth even faster.


"I'm cumming! Fuck! Fuck! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...! Fuck!" I screamed as I unloaded into Sawyer's mouth.


Sawyer kept his mouth over my cock until he was certain he had every last drop of cum from me.


Sawyer climbed beside me. I took Sawyer in my left arm and Chris in my right arm. I drew them both in for a hug and kiss.


"I have the two men I love the most beside me right now! I am a very happy guy!" I whispered to both.


We lay there a few more minutes until Chris's stomach started to growl.


"I don't know about you two, but I am hungry!" Chris stated. "As I see it, we can do one of two things. We can take a shower, have a beer, and find something in the fridge to eat. Or, we can skip the shower, have a beer, and find something to eat. What shall it be?"


"I like the smell of sweat and cum on your bodies," Sawyer weighed in.


"Then it's settled! Let's head to the kitchen, my smelly lovers!" Chris exclaimed.


Chris retrieved three Coronas from the fridge and handed one each of us.


"Cheers! Men!" Chris raised his glass in a toast. Sawyer and I followed suit.


A moment later, Sawyer's phone began to ring. "It's Darren!" Sawyer said as he answered the phone, "Hi bro! Did you make it home okay?" Sawyer hit the speaker phone and put it on the kitchen island.


"I got here like two hours ago, bro!" Darren answered. "We finished dinner a few minutes ago. I had to answer a hundred questions. `How is Sawyer?' `What's his roommate like?' `Has he made any friends?' I just told them that my brother and his roommate, at this very moment, are making out with his roommate's boyfriend!"


"Darren!" Sawyer interrupted.


"Naw! Bro, relax! I told them how nice everyone was to me, including my shit head brother, and how friendly everyone is. But, bro, I think we need to have a conversation with Mom and Dad together. You know about us."


"Together?" Sawyer asked with a little hesitancy in his voice.


"Yea, bro! Together! We need to support each other as brothers. I don't want to do it without you. And, I have a feeling you don't want to do it without me." Darren replied.


Chris and I were nursing our beers and smiling at the conversation!


"Okay! When?" Sawyer begrudgingly agreed.


"This weekend. The following weekend at the latest. I, for one, don't want this hanging over my head." Darren explained.


"Okay! The weekend after next. I can't this coming weekend. I'll think about the logistics and give you a call later in the week. But, don't, I repeat, don't tell Mom and Dad just yet that I will be coming home!" Sawyer added equivocally.


"Okay, bro! I'll await word from you. I gotta go and get some things ready for tomorrow morning!" Darren began to sign off.


"Okay, Darren. Love you, meat head!" Sawyer said with a smile on his face.


"Love you, too, bro!" Darren added as he hung up the phone.


Chris pulled together dinner from whatever he had in the fridge. I really think he has a grocery store attached to his kitchen somehow. But, I'll leave that for another time.


After eating and cleaning up the kitchen, we talked for a while. Then, we headed to bed.


Chris gave us orders for sleeping positions. "Sam, you're in the middle. I'll spoon up behind you. Sawyer, face Sam and hug me tight."


"You know, Chris! I get to kiss your boyfriend all night!" Sawyer pronounced.


"Yea! But my dick is rubbing against his ass. If you wake up and the bed is shaking, you'll know what is happening!" Chris proclaimed. "Now, let's get some rest. We've had quite a workout this afternoon!"


Sawyer and I both said good night to Chris. Sawyer and I did manager to kiss for a few moments before we all zonked out.



To be continued...


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