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Sam and Chris


Chapter 11: New Friend


I opened my eyes on Monday morning. Sawyer had the biggest grin on his face. I felt something rubbing the crack on my ass. I turned my head so I could see Chris. He, too, had a shit eating grin on his face.


"I would fuck you again, but we don't have time. Sorry, babe!" Chris said to me.


"Sawyer," Chris began, "do you think you can handle this later tonight? I, unfortunately, have two rehearsals this evening. One at 4:00. The other at 6:30. So, it will be up to you to make the boy happy!"


"Absolutely!" Sawyer exclaimed.


"Okay. I'll go make the coffee. Then, we'll shower. I'll be back in a second," Chris instructed.


"Is Chris always this fucking perky on a Monday morning?" Sawyer asked as he began to kiss me.


"Yes!" I replied and returned Sawyer's kisses.


Chris returned to the bedroom, "Okay men. Let's hit the showers."


Chris led the charge to the bathroom and adjusted the water. He turned on the `rainforest' shower overhead. We were finally finished with our cleanup, dressed, and gathering up our things.


"Sam, do me a favor and wear the cock ring all day!" Chris suggested.


"Fuck, Chris. I'll be hard all freaking day!" I responded in displeasure.


"Okay! Disappoint your boyfriend! At least wear it when you get home tonight!" Chris revised his suggestion.


"Yes, SIR!" I answered.


Chris poured us all coffee, and we sat for a few moments before heading out.


"Sam, I don't know when I will be able to see you next. Maybe a quick visit at Starbucks after your last class tomorrow, but I'm going to be booked every evening through Thursday." Chris explained his schedule. "And, it will probably be very late every evening when I get home."


"Call me anyway!" I pleaded. "I want to at least hear your voice, babe!"


"Okay! I will!" Chris agreed. He kissed me and Sawyer goodbye in the kitchen. Then, we headed to Chris's car.


After Chris dropped us off in front of the dorm, Sawyer and I headed up to our room to get things we needed for the rest of the day.


"Sam, what's your schedule like tomorrow? Would you want to meet and go to the gym again?" Sawyer asked as we were preparing to head off to our respective classes.


"Sure! That would be fun! Same time?" I asked Sawyer.


"Yea! That would be perfect!" Sawyer enthused. "And, Sam... I just wanted to thank you for such a great time yesterday! I really, really enjoyed being with you and Chris. It was awesome!"


"I agree, Sawyer! I really enjoyed the time with two of my favorite men!" I agreed.


"Anyway, Sammie," Sawyer said. "I have to run. I need to find something at the library before my English class starts. I'll see you this evening."


"Sure thing, Sawyer," I answered. "Have a great day today."


"Thanks. You, too," Sawyer replied as he headed for the door.


I busied myself and gathered up my things and was soon heading out the door to my CS 101 course. I got to class a little earlier and was taking out the things I would need for the class.


"Hello, Sam!" I heard a voice to my right. It was Glen


"Hi, Glen! How was your weekend?" I asked.


"Pretty boring, actually! I did schoolwork. Talked to my family. Ate. Slept. Ate some more. I did get a few new tunes from iTunes. I've been listening to them for most of the weekend. Oh! And, I went to the gym for the first time since school started. I also got in a run on Sunday afternoon. How was yours?" Glen finally asked.


"Chris and I spent the weekend together. We went dancing Saturday night. That was a highlight, I think!" I explained.


"Sounds like fun! So, you and Chris are getting serious, huh?" Glen asked.


"Yea! I really like him. He's so much fun to be with! This weekend, he told me he loved me. And, I told him I love him... So, you like to go to the gym?" I asked.


"Yea! I need to get back into the swing of things or I'll get fat!" Glen answered.


"You're welcome to join my roommate Sawyer and me. We're planning on hitting the rec center around 10:30 tomorrow morning." I added.


"If you wouldn't mind, I'd love to join you. I really hate working out by myself!" Glen replied.


"Sure! We can meet outside. Tom and Harrison were there last week. They were on the treadmill, though. We went out to lunch afterward. I'll call them and ask if they will be there tomorrow." I concluded as our prof started his lecture.


When the computer science class was over, Glen and I parted company. I grabbed something to eat before my 1:00 calculus class.


It was a busy day with classes. Even though my first class didn't start until 11 am, my mind was a blur with information as I was whirling through classes, and I had to meet Brandon at the CS lab at 4.


As I walked through the door, I heard Brandon, "Sam! I'm over here."


I turned to see Brandon sitting with his computer opened at one of the study tables in the café in the lobby. "Brandon! How are you, dude?"


"Good! Thank you for helping me, Sam! Can I get you something? Coffee perhaps?" Brandon asked.


"No, I'm good thanks," I said as I sat down at the table. "So, what seems to be the problem here?"


"I don't know really, but... I downloaded the stuff that my TA said I needed for the next assignment. That went well, but it won't install itself. It might be that my laptop is too old or something. It's sort of a relic! It says something about running as an administrator." Brandon explained.


"Ah, that should be easy enough to fix." I said looking at Brandon's computer. "The installation file is in the downloads folder?"


"Yes," Brandon answered, "when I click on the file like the instructions say, it hangs out a while and then this message pops up."


I clicked on the installation file, and sure enough after a long pause the message popped up just as Brandon had explained.


"Okay, here's how we fix it," I began my instructions to Brandon. Finally, after a few minutes we had his installation sailing along doing its thing. "Now, we wait."


"God! I feel like an idiot." Brandon admonished himself. "So, how was your weekend?"


"Terrific!" I replied. "Chris and I went dancing Saturday night. It was my first time in a gay bar."


"Chris seems like a very nice guy," Brandon added.


"He is indeed," I answered.


"He reminds me somewhat of my best bud from high school... well, more than high school. We've known each other since second grade. His name is Matt. He's at Northwestern. I miss him a lot." Brandon explained. "He looks a lot like Chris. Same height. Same muscular build. And, he's gay... And, the same color of skin."


"Really, I'll have to ask Chris if he has a younger cousin or something!" I replied.


Brandon sat staring at his computer then admitted, "He's the only guy I ever played around with. I dated girls, but hated it. He dated boys. But, I really enjoyed the sex we had together! He gave the best blowjobs. I loved giving him blowjobs. He loved to get fucked. I learned to love getting fucked. Jesus! I've never told anyone that! And, I'm certain Matt hasn't either. But, I do know I can't be gay! My mother would kill me!"


"Your secret is safe with me, Brandon," I answered. I felt honored that Brandon was comfortable enough with me to open up like he just did. "Why would your mother kill you if she found out you were gay?"


"Well, Sam, it's a long story. Suffice it to say, she's a Baptist—an evangelical Baptist at that—she has said many times that all gay people are the ruination of the country! It's all the hell and damnation bullshit the asshole minister of her fucking church spews constantly. At least I'm glad I don't have to listen to that bullshit anymore now that I am here. I worry about my younger brother, though! She's feeding him all of this hate this and hate that stuff. I don't think he is going to be like that himself. But, I know from experience, it's not a fun place to be when my mother goes off on a rage!"


"Is she violent?" I asked.


"No. She's not violent, but when she sees something on the news about gay marriage or gay rights or something similar, she just fucking loses it. She can rant on for hours if we gave her the chance. Greg and I—Greg is my brother—have a strategy: We just mention we need to do homework or some other shit and leave the room. It usually works!" Brandon finished his explanation.


"Okay! So your mother hates gay people, but you have no choice. It's something you are born with. Wouldn't your mother change her mind if she knew her son is gay?"


"I don't think that is going to happen. My older brother, Randy, left home as soon as he could after high school. He hasn't been back since he left. My mom is more than pissed that her oldest son can't stand her radical ways! He's in medical school at Northwestern. He did his undergrad there, too. He sees Matt occasionally." Brandon said with more than just a little sadness I his voice.


"How could your older brother afford Northwestern if you can't?" I asked because I thought there might be more to Brandon's story.


"Well... It's a little complicated, but Randy has a different father than Greg and me. His father happens to have money. My mother and Randy's father divorced when Randy was about two. From what I understand, he left because of my mother's religious bullshit," Brandon added.


"Stop me if I am being too nosey, but is your father still in the picture?" I asked.


"No. You're not being too nosey. I never get a chance to talk about this shit with people. I don't want to drive away the few friends I have. But, Sam, you are easy to talk to about this!" Brandon answered. He paused before he continued, "This may sound a little clichéd, but MY father couldn't stand my mother's rants any more than Greg and me. So, one day when I was in seventh grade, my father jumped off a fucking bridge and killed himself!"


"Holy shit! That must have been tough on you and your brother!" I was more than a little shocked that his mother was the cause of so much upheaval.


"Yea. But, at least he doesn't have to listen to my mother anymore. If it had not been for Greg, I might have considered suicide as an option. But, I couldn't leave Greg alone with her." Brandon said in a very hushed and sad voice. "I only hope that Greg can struggle through this year by himself. I do worry about him being all alone with my nutcase of a mother!"


"Do you think he will be okay?" I asked.


"Probably. We talk all of the time. Nothing has changed at home, but I hope he'll tell me if something is really bothering him. I thought about asking him to visit me some weekend, but I have a homophobic asshole of a roommate. It might be going from one bad situation to another!" Brandon finished.


"Who's your roommate? Do I know him?" I asked.


"Ben Griffin. You might have heard about his drunken rage last weekend. He and his friends were in our room getting smashed. I had to get out of there because things were getting out of hand. I went to the library to hang out until it finally closed at midnight. When I got back, asshole was passed out in his bed. I heard about the run in with our RA, Todd, the next morning. It wasn't pretty. Again, I left for the rest of the day. When I returned, my roomie was not around. I think he and his three musketeer friends got smashed in one of their rooms. He didn't come home until Sunday." Brandon said as he finished his story.


"Brandon, my roommate and I usually head down to grab a bit to eat about this time. Would you like to join us?" I asked.


"I don't want to intrude, but, sure, if he's okay with it. I'd love to eat with you!" Brandon replied in a slightly happier voice.


"Let me call Sawyer and see where he is," I said to Brandon.


"Thanks, Sam. I've tried to meet new people here at school, but so far I haven't had much success. Maybe it's my asshole roommate. " Brandon said looking at me then back to his computer. "Looks like we're done here! Now, I can actually do my homework! You're the greatest, Sam!"


"I lucked out on the roommate front. Sawyer is a really, really nice guy. We get along great. Let me call him and see what he is doing," I said as I got out my phone and called Sawyer.


"Sawyer, dude," I said into the phone.


"Hey, Sammie, what's up?" Sawyer replied.


"Brandon and I are finished. We're still in the CS building but are headed back to the dorm. We were wondering if you want to join us in the cafeteria for some much needed food in about 15 minutes."


"Sure, Sammie," Sawyer replied, "I'll make myself presentable and meet you there in 15. My stomach just started growling so I am very, very ready for food!"


I hung up the phone. Brandon and I headed to the dorm cafeteria to meet Sawyer.


While we were walking to the dorm, Brandon was somewhat quiet.


"I should give you my phone number in case you want to talk or hangout sometime," I offered.


"That would be great!" Brandon replied. "I can always use a few new friends. My asshole roommate and band of fucked up friends can get me into quite a funk sometimes."


We arrived at the cafeteria and Sawyer was standing just outside the entrance waiting for us.


"Sammie!" Sawyer yelled across the lobby as Brandon and I entered the building.


Brendan and I approached Sawyer. "Sawyer, this is Brandon. He lives down the hall from us. Brandon, this is my roommate Sawyer."


They both shook hands and greeted each other.


"I don't know about you dudes, but I am starving!" Sawyer said as he led the charge to the end of the cafeteria line.


"So, Brandon, are you a freshman?" Sawyer asked as we were waiting in line.


"Yup," Brandon replied, "I wanted to go to Northwestern with my friend Matt, but my Mom said we couldn't afford it."


"That's a pisser!" Sawyer responded. "How do you like the U of I so far?"


"I would like it a little better if my roommate weren't such an asshole," Brandon replied.


"Yea," I interrupted, "Brandon's having roomie problems."


"In that respect we're lucky, aren't we, Sammie?" Sawyer offered.


"Yes, we are lucky," I added as we were finally at the beginning of the line. "Finally, food!"


We gathered our food and headed towards an open table.


Once he had stuffed some food into his face, Sawyer asked Brandon, "Who's your roommate?"


"Ben Griffin," Brandon replied.


"He's the dude who got shitfaced drunk with some other freshmen and got into a screaming match with Todd," Sawyer said.


"One in the same," Brandon said rather sadly.


"I haven't had much interaction with him, but I would pretty much agree with your selection of adjectives. Some of his crowd is rather rude and crude from what I've heard." Sawyer said sympathetically to Brandon. "If things get heated, you can always knock on our door."


"Yea, Brandon," I reiterated, "don't hesitate to come over to our room—even in the middle of the night!"


"Thanks, guys," Brandon replied, "I really appreciate the offer. It means more than you know!"


"That's what friends are for, Brandon!" Sawyer added.


After we had finished our dinner, we headed back to our respective dorm rooms. Sawyer and I both hit the books the moment we arrived in our room.


My phone started ringing around 10 pm. It was Chris. "Hello, Chris. What's up?"


"I just wanted to say hello," Chris began. "I miss you, you know!"


"Yea. I miss you, too!" I replied.


"I'm still at rehearsal, but we are on a break. I was wondering if you wanted to meet me for coffee tomorrow afternoon after class," Chris suggested.


"That would be terrific, babe! What time?" I answered with enthusiasm.


"I can be there around 3:15. You?" Chris asked.


"I finish my last class at 3. It's right around the corner though. Shortly afterward?" I answered.


"I can't wait, stud!" Chris responded. "I guess I'd better let you go for now. I know you have an early, early class tomorrow. I want you to get your rest!"


We talked a while back and forth. Chris was using a lot of sexual innuendos.


"I'm going to have to go, Chris. You have me hard as a rock and horny as fuck!" I finally responded.


"Go take care of it, stud! And think of me while you jerk off! Good night!" Chris added.


"Night babe! See you tomorrow!" I responded as I clicked off the call.


"I think, Sammie, we should hit the shower," Sawyer said as he shut down his laptop and turned off his desk light. "From the sound of that phone call, I think you might need some company in the shower!"


"Maybe," I answered.


Sam stripped and picked up his towel and headed toward the bathroom. I spotted his cock standing erect as he went into the bathroom. I shucked my clothes and followed Sawyer into the bathroom. He already had the water running.


Sawyer and I stepped into the shower. Without speaking we began to wash one another's bodies. His touch felt very, very good on my naked body. We were finished cleaning ourselves, shut off the water, and stepped outside to dry ourselves.


"Sam, you seem sort of pensive tonight. Is something bothering you?" Sawyer finally broke the silence.


"My conversation with Brandon before you joined us at the cafeteria... There is a lot more to his story than you heard... I'll fill you in with the details later... Right now, I just want to snuggle in bed with you and hold you if that's okay with you?" I, too, broke my silence.


"I'm looking forward to it, roomie! Your bed or mine?" Sawyer added as we both hung our towels on the hook to dry.


"We could use mine, if you like! My sheets haven't seen much use since I changed them!" I said as I smiled at Sawyer.


"Let's do it, then!" Sawyer replied.


Both of our dicks were rock hard as we headed into our room from our bathroom. I pulled the sheets of my bed down, but, before we slid under the sheets, Sawyer grabbed me and began to kiss me.


When Sawyer pulled away from our kiss, he whispered to me, "Sammie, I've decided you need to be held tonight. And, as much as I want to have sex with you, I think that will have to wait until another time! So, let's get our asses in bed!"


We climbed into bed. I spooned into Sawyer and he pulled me in close. We were out like a light in no time!


Sawyer and I awoke to the screeching of my phone indicating that it was seven fucking am. I shut off the phone.


Sawyer whispered into my ear, "Sammie... I know we don't have much time... But, can we at least have a little make out session before we head off to the real world?"


I turned myself around to face Sawyer, "I think we can spare a little time!"


We both began a very passionate kissing session. His lips were all over mine and our tongues were sliding in and out of each other's mouths.


After about 10 minutes, Sawyer pulled away, "As much as I'm enjoying this, we need to get our butts moving. Otherwise, we will be fucking late for class!"


"Yea! I know," I hesitantly answered. "Maybe we can knock off studying early tonight and do a little exploration of each other's bodies before we go to sleep!"


"Great minds think alike, Sammie. Now, move it!" Sawyer ordered.


Sawyer and I quickly dressed and were about to head to our respective classes. Sawyer reminded me of our gym date.


"Yea, Sawyer... I don't think I told you. I invited Glen from my CS study group to join us. I hope you don't mind!"


"The more the merrier, they say! Does he have a nice bod on him?" Sawyer questioned with a sexy grin on his face.


"It's hard to tell. He usually wears somewhat baggy shirts and things. I guess we'll find out when we change at the gym!" I said with a smile.


We headed out the door.




I arrived at the rec center a little early. Sawyer showed up about the same time as Glen.


I made the introductions, "Sawyer, this is Glen from my CS study group. Glen, this is my roommate Sawyer!"


They both extended their hands. I noticed the handshake seemed to take a little longer than usual. And, both Sawyer and Glen gazed into each other's eyes before they spoke.


"It's... nice to meet you... Glen!" Sawyer spoke up. Their hands were still clasped together.


"Ah... yea... nice to... meet you... Sawyer!" Glen finally spit out. They let go of one another's hands.


`I think there might be some chemistry here,' I thought to myself.


We headed into the locker room and began to change into our workout clothes. Tom and Harrison arrived in the meantime and began to get into their workout gear.


Sawyer was not too discretely looking at Glen's body. Sawyer gasp slightly when Glen took off his shirt to reveal a very muscular, smooth body. I couldn't help myself either. Harrison and Tom took notice, too. Glen was in remarkably good shape. He had a muscled chest and six-pack abs. The dude had seriously worked out before. And, Glen was uncut! Glen was not exactly ignoring Sawyer's body either!


`Yup! There's something happening here!' I thought to myself as Tom and Harrison headed for the treadmill. Glen, Sawyer, and I moved to the free weight area.


I again helped Sawyer with some exercises. Glen pulled me aside while Sawyer was engaged in a chest press set.


"Sam! Is Sawyer gay?" Glen ask in a hushed voice.


I quietly answered, "Yes. He only recently came out to himself. So, he's sort of a newbie. Why?"


"Just curious... Does he have a boyfriend?" Glen queried.


"Nope!" I smiled at Glen as I answered his question.


We continued our workout. After about an hour, we headed to the locker room to get cleaned up. Tom and Harrison arrived about the same time we did. All five of us naked, gay boys headed to the shower. We received some serious attention as we marched to and from the showers.


After we dressed we headed to the pasta joint for lunch together. And, we were lucky enough to find our seats by the window unoccupied. I slid into one side of the booth with Sawyer next to me and Glen next to Sawyer. Tom and Harrison occupied the other side.


As we began to eat, Tom and Harrison began grilling me on the night of dancing, "So, Sam, did you have a good time dancing on Saturday?"


"Yea. It was serious fun. Most of all it was sort of liberating... Seeing all of those gay men gathered in one place and enjoying the music and each other! It was an amazing experience, actually." I replied.


"What did you wear?" Tom asked.


"Just jeans and a tank top," I answered.


"'Just jeans and a tank top,' my ass!" Sawyer ranted. "Chris had him pimped out in a body fitting tank top and tightest fucking jeans I have ever seen—with holes in the ass and a crotch so distressed it had to be paper thin at best. His outfit left NOTHING to the imagination! He did look hot, though! And, Chris...! Shit that dude can wear clothes!"


Tom, Harrison, and Glen were laughing at Sawyer's description.


I decided to change the direction of the conversation, "Chris and I met Sawyer's brother who was visiting over the weekend."


"What's he like?" Glen asked Sawyer.


Before Sawyer could answer, I did. "Just think of a brown haired Sawyer. They look almost identical. They even act identical. Darren is just a slightly younger version of Sawyer!"


"Yea," Sawyer agreed. "We're a lot alike. I didn't realize until this weekend, though, how much I miss the little shit!"


"And, they both like to run," I added for Glen's benefit.


"You run, Sawyer?" Glen turned his attention to Sawyer.


There was a look in both Glen's and Sawyer's eyes that just screamed `boyfriend material!'


"Yea, I do. Darren and I did a five mile run on Saturday morning before Sam and Chris arrived to select Sam's outfit." Sawyer added.


"Maybe we could go running sometime, Sawyer. I did five miles this weekend, too. It gets a little boring by myself." Glen suggested. They were still staring into one another's eyes.


"I'd like that, Glen!" Sawyer agreed.


Glen and Sawyer exchanged phone numbers.


"Okay, men! Unfortunately, we need to break up this love fest and head to class." Tom announced.


As we headed out the door, Sawyer and Glen lagged behind talking quietly to one another. `I'll find out more later!' I thought to myself.


When we arrived at our CS TA session, the four of us took seats near the front of the room.


Mr. Albertson walked into the room and began to put his things on the desk. He looked around the room as it began to fill. Finally, he turned to Sam and asked, "Did you have a good time Saturday after we left?"


"We left shortly after you guys, but yes," Sam replied.


Harrison, Tom, and Glen turned to me with an inquisitive look in their eyes.


"What?" I said to the group.


"It's okay to tell them, Sam," Mr. Albertson said with a huge smile on his face.


I turned back to the group and said, "Chris and I saw Mr. Albertson and his husband at the bar Saturday night."


"Husband?" Harrison quietly asked.


"Yea," Sam replied. "I'll explain more after class, guys."


Mr. Albertson stood in front of the room and began our CS101 study group session.


I couldn't control my hardening cock as I watched Mr. Albertson in front of the class. `God! What a body!' I thought to myself.


When class was over, Harrison, Tom, and Glen cornered me as I packed up my backpack to leave. Mr. Albertson looked at me and gave me a huge smile as he strode out the door.


Tom was the first to speak, "Okay! Sam, give it up!"


"What?" I said with a confused look on my face.


"Mr. Albertson and his husband. Spill the beans," Tom continued. "We want to know everything!"


"Well," I began to explain the evening, "Chris and I had just finished dancing and were at the bar getting a drink. I spotted Ben about the same time he spotted me. He and his husband came over to where we were standing. He introduced his husband Marcus. He's an attorney. Nice guy. They had just finished dancing as well and both had their shirts off."


"Bodies, Sam," Tom said, "explain the bodies. Is Mr. Alberston as built as he looks?"


"Yup!" I replied. "So is his husband."


"Where are they from?" Harrison queried.


"Ben is from Springfield, Illinois and Marcus is from Ames, Iowa." I continued. "They met in their junior year at Harvard. Ben finished his Master's program at Harvard last spring and Marcus finished Harvard Law also in the spring. They got married in June. Then, they moved here when Ben was accepted into the Ph.D. program. That's the short version, men. Now, I have to go meet my boyfriend."


We all left the room.


"One more question, Sam," Harrison began as we were walking down the hallway. "Did you and Chris have your shirts off?"


"Yea!" I replied.


"Fuck, we should have went out Saturday, Tom!" Harrison said looking at Tom.


"See you later, men!" I said as we parted ways.


I headed to Starbucks to meet Chris. He was sitting at `our table' reading something on his tablet. He spotted me as I came in and stood to greet me. I dropped my stuff on the floor and Chris pulled me into a big hug and a kiss.


"Fuck! It's good to see you! I only wish I had more time. I'd take you back to my place and fondle your body!" Chris said as he looked into my eyes and held my hand. "I got you a coffee. Dark Roast. Is that okay?"


"Perfect, Chris. Thanks," I answered.


Chris let go of my hand and looked down at his cup of coffee before he began, "I mentioned on Sunday that we should probably talk about a few things. I was hesitant to bring some of this stuff up because I didn't want to sound too arrogant or over-privileged!"


"I understand, Chris. We're still just getting to know one another. Of course, I know I like what I see!" I added hoping it would make Chris relax just a little.


"I don't really know where to start... So, I'll just do it... Do you know the actual name of the student health center?"


"Not exactly. I think it is something like the Washington Student Health Center," I replied.


"Well, actually... It is officially named `The Thomas and Elaine Washington Student Health Center.' It was named after my grandparents..." Chris offered the first bit of news.


"Holy fuck!" I answered with my eyes probably as wide as a saucer.


"Yea... I said that my grandfather was an attorney in a large firm in Chicago and that my grandmother was an Art History professor at Northwestern." Chris again began.


I nodded my head before Chris continued. "My grandfather is actually the managing senior partner of Billingsley, Gifford, and Washington. It's one of the larger and more prestigious law firms in Chicago. My grandfather grew up in Bronzeville, a predominantly middle class black neighborhood in the south side of Chicago. He went to school here at UIUC, including law school. My grandmother grew up in the Manhattan. She did her undergraduate studies at Wellesley near Boston. Her masters is from Harvard. Then, she went to the University of Chicago for her Ph.D. She met my grandfather in Chicago. And, that's where they have lived ever since. Are you okay with this so far, Sam?"


"Yes, but there is more, I take it," I added hoping that Chris would just relax and spill the beans. "Chris, just to let you know, I am not going to change my opinion of you one way or another. You'll always be the charming, witty, lovable man I met at the Student Union. I love you. Nothing will change that!"


"Thanks, babe!" He said taking my hand in his once again. "My grandparents make an exceptional amount of money with their jobs. But, my grandmother inherited a bundle of money when her parents passed away. She was an only child. Her parents, which I am sorry to say I never had the opportunity to meet, were among the wealthiest families in New York City. Her father developed a great deal of real estate in the city as well as in the suburbs of New York. Plus, he was involved with several other businesses. He made a bundle. So, when my grandmother inherited her parents' fortune, she put most of it in a charitable trust that disperses a great deal of money to various causes each year."


"That was very thoughtful of her. She must be a very caring person!" I added.


"Yes. Both of my grandparents are extremely caring and sympathetic to various causes. But, she put the rest of her inheritance into three trust funds for her family. One she and my grandfather control—but, I don't think they have ever used any of it. The second, was set up for my mother. And, finally, the third was for me." Chris paused to gage my reaction.


"Not that it is any of my business, but how much is your trust fund worth?" I asked meekly.


"I have never shared any of this with anyone. But I want to share this with you because I think we will be together for a long, long time... I haven't looked at the statements in the past few months, but there is something on the order of... $50 million in mine." Chris ended his explanation and was now squeezing my hand tightly.


"Holy shit!" I exclaimed. "So, your grandmother basically kept $150 million for her family, but you said she put most of it in a charitable trust. How much was this inheritance worth."


"Again, I don't really follow the charitable trust that closely, but I think it has somewhere around $500 million in its endowment," Chris softly said. He was looking down at his coffee cup again.


"You know, I hope, that I was never attracted to you because of money. Sure, you drive a nice car and own a very nice condo. But, the things that attract me to you the most are you, Chris. I love the way you treat me. I love the way you care about people. But, most of all, I love you! The money really doesn't matter to me. Granted, I've never known anyone who is worth $50 million, but that's not me. The money doesn't matter to me. I just want to be happy... I just want us to be happy. And, besides, I didn't tell you everything about my parents either. Yes, my father is a farmer, and my mother is a high school English teacher. But, the farm happens to be a 5,000 acre farm," I stopped for Chris to decide where he wanted to take this conversation.


"That's a lot of fucking cows!" Chris said with a smile overtaking his frown. "Besides, my grandparents still control my trust. They will until I'm 25. And, they also control my mother's trust. I'm not certain where all of that stands at the moment. They are not exactly on the best of terms with my mother—let alone my father."


"Okay! Now that that the elephant is out of the room... what else do you have to tell me?" I said as I squeezed Chris hand.


"Other than I am madly in love with you, I don't have much more to say. You?" Chris moved the conversation back to me.


"Same here, sweetie. I love you more than I ever thought I could love someone! I won't tell anyone about what you've told me today. I promise that," I added.


"Thanks. If you want to tell Sawyer some of it, that's okay. Maybe not the amounts, but everything else is okay, Chris added.


"I'll give Sawyer a summary of our conversation—if I even mention it to him. But now, I have a favor to ask you," I began. "I talked to my mother earlier today, and she asked if I would come down for a visit this weekend. She and my father want to talk about some things that affect the family. I know it is sort of sudden, but... would you come with me? My mother specifically asked if you could join us!"


"On one condition..." Chris began to accept the invitation, "if you will come with me to Chicago when I visit my grandparents the following weekend."


"Deal!" I replied.


"Now, babe, I hate to say this, but I have to go. Do you mind if I kiss you good bye?" Chris asked.


"You can kiss me anywhere or anytime you want, stud!" I answered.


Chris pulled me up and planted a big, sloppy, wet kiss on my mouth! And, just like outside the pasta place, no one watching gave a shit!



To be continued...


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