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Sam and Chris


Chapter 12: Visiting Sam's Parents

The week moved along quickly. I was in a funk much of the time because I didn't get to see Chris except during our Tuesday afternoon coffee session.

Sawyer, Tom, Harrison, Glen, and I agreed that we would meet at the rec center every Tuesday and Thursday for a workout and lunch afterward. It would help clear our minds to better attack our school work.

After we had completed our Thursday work out, took showers, and dressed, we headed for our now favorite pasta joint. We sat at `our' table after we had retrieved our food.

"So, what's happening over the weekend, Sam? Going dancing again?" Tom asked.

"No... I've been summoned home to the farm for a family discussion," I answered.

"So, you won't be seeing Chris for the entire weekend! Tom and I would be willing to keep him company," Harrison offered.

"Thanks for the offer, Harrison, but Chris is coming with me," I clarified.

Tom piped up, "Holy shit! You two must be getting really serious if he's meeting your family!"

"And, Sam is going to Chicago the following weekend to meet Chris's family!" Sawyer offered.

"Do we hear wedding bells?" Harrison asked.

"We haven't gotten that far along, and I don't foresee the necessity to rent a tux in the next few months!" I added.

"So, Sawyer, what will you do now that your roomie will be away?" Tom asked.

"Ahh... Well... Glen and I are going for a run on Saturday... Maybe grab dinner somewhere later on, right, Glen?" Sawyer announced

"That's the plan!" Glen effused.

"Is there something you'd like to tell us, guys?" Harrison asked Sawyer and Glen.

"Nope! Some things are better left unsaid... at least for the moment!" Sawyer stopped Harrison dead in his tracks. Sawyer and Glen were both smiling broadly at one another!

"So, Harrison, it looks like you are stuck with me again this weekend!" Tom announced to Harrison.

"Maybe we could go dancing?" Harrison offered.

"I think we need to wait until Sam and Chris can show us the ropes. We wouldn't want to get into any trouble! Right, lover boy?" Tom added as he squeezed Harrison's hand.

"Maybe! I guess we'll just have to entertain ourselves. Maybe we should rent a hotel room!" Harrison offered.

"There are lots of possibilities. Anyway, I think we need to scoot, guys! Classes await!" Tom decided it was time to end the conversation.

We headed out to classes. Tom, Harrison, and I led the way and Sawyer and Glen held back to talk.

Tom whispered to me as we were walking towards class, "I think we have potentially two more love birds in our group!"

"I think you may be right about that!" I answered with a smile.

Right before I entered the classroom for our CS TA session, my phone rang. It was Chris, "Hello, Chris! To what do I owe this unexpected pleasure?"

"Hey, stud! I have a temporary reprieve from these fucking rehearsals. Can you meet me at Starbucks after your last class?" Chris asked.

"I'd love too, babe. I am out at 3 and can be there a few minutes later!" I answered with a great deal of enthusiasm.

"Terrific! I can't wait to see you! I've missed the fuck out of you!" Chris added.

"Same here, babe. I have to run, but I'll be there as quickly as I can! Love you!" I signed off.

"Love you, too!" Chris ended the call.

I couldn't wait for the class to end. I know Mr. Albertson is wonderful eye candy, but I wanted to be looking at Chris instead!

As soon as Mr. Albertson ended the class, I made hasty good byes to Tom, Harrison, and Glen.

Chris was standing outside Starbucks when I arrived. He hugged me and put his arm around my shoulders to lead us into the coffee shop. "Fuck you feel good next to me!" I quietly said to Chris.

After we got our coffee and settled into our table, Chris asked, "About tomorrow..."

I thought he was going to bail on me, but instead Chris continued, "What time do you want me to pick you up tomorrow?"

"Well, I was thinking... depending on your schedule, I might be tempted to cut my chemistry class. If I did, I could be back at the dorm and ready to hit the road around 1:30."

"Perfect! I'm really excited to see where you grew up!" Chris added.

"It's nothing to get too excited about, but I will definitely give you the royal tour! And, Chris, I know my parents will love you just as much as I do!"

"I'll try not to do anything stupid in their presence! Although it will be difficult for me to keep my hands off your body!" Chris exclaimed. He had this lusty look on his face.

"I'm sure we can find some time to be by ourselves. My parents may be from farm country, but they are not prudes." I reassured Chris.

"What do I need to wear and bring?" Chris asked.

"Polo. Shorts. Jeans. Maybe a pair of dress slacks. I have no idea what the rents have planned for us." I answered.

"Do they drink... as in wine, beer?" Chris asked.

"My mother usually drinks red wine. My father is more the beer type. If he drinks anything else, it's usually scotch." I answered. "Why?"

"I need to bring something!" Chris answered.

"You don't need to bring anything, babe! They don't expect it, for certain!" I added.

"Do your parents go to church? We never really discussed that." Chris asked.

"They might... Would you like to go?" I asked Chris.

"As long as they aren't Baptists, I'm game," Chris replied.

"No! They are not Baptists. By the way, how are the rehearsals going?" I thought it would be good to change the subject.

"Good! I think we will be more than ready! It's been a rough week. Next week, I hope, things will be a lot more settled!" Chris replied. "By the way, I think I need to ask... What will the sleeping arrangements be?"

"Well, I don't know since I've never brought a boyfriend home to meet my parents. But, on the bright side, my parent's bedroom is on the first floor in a new section that was added to the house about five years ago. My room and four other bedrooms are on the second floor. So, whatever they throw at us, we can make adjustments as needed. I am certainly not going to sleep without you in my bed!" I ended my description.

"I like the sound of that!" Chris added smiling brightly.

"Oh! I thought of another thing while I was lying in bed last night without you!" Chris beamed. "Is Sawyer going to visit his parents and brother next weekend after this one?"

"I think so, why?" I asked.

"Maybe we could give him a lift to his house," Chris offered.

"I'll talk to him. He might like that!"

"Okay! I hate to do this, but I need to get moving! I'm looking forward to this weekend, Sam! It will be good to get away from campus and everything." Chris added as he put his arm around my shoulder as we left the coffee shop. When we were outside on the sidewalk he pulled me in to kiss me!

`Fuck! That was nice!' I thought. "And, Chris... please call me tonight! I don't care what time it is!"

"Sure thing! If I wake you, I'll keep it short." Chris agreed as we turned to part company.

I walked slowly back to the dorm. When I got to our room, Sawyer was sitting in front of his computer typing furiously. He only had his tight gym shorts on.

"You must be desperate to finish something, Sawyer!" I mocked.

Sawyer turned from his computer, smiled, and said, "This is an e-mail to my dip shit brother. We are planning our strategy for the talk with Mom and Dad. I hope this goes well!"

"I'm sure it will, Sawyer. By the way, Chris asked if you wanted to ride up with us next weekend." I relayed the information from Chris.

"That would be terrific! I have absolutely no desire to get on a fucking train! I'll even buy the gas!" Sawyer happily accepted Chris's offer.

"We'll decide that later. For now, I am hungry. How about you?" I asked.

"Definitely! I could have eaten a house about an hour ago, but I was waiting on you to return!" Sawyer remarked as he added a t-shirt and flip flops to his body.

As we were walking to the cafeteria, I told Sawyer about meeting Chris at Starbucks, "We were only together for about 45 minutes, but it was really good to see him. And, we talked about meeting my parents. I think he may be a little nervous, but I tried to assure him that he will enjoy the weekend!"

"I'm sure Chris will role with the punches. Do you think you parents will be agreeable to the two of you sleeping together?" Sawyer asked.

"Well, as I told Chris, I have never brought a boyfriend home to meet my parents before. So, we will need to play it by ear. The good news is that my parent's bedroom is on the first floor and my room and four other bedrooms are on the second." I explained.

"You could always have sex in the barn! You do have a barn there, right?" Sawyer asked.

"Yes, there is a barn. And, yes, there could be potential to have sex there. We will, again, play it by ear!" I said as I grabbed a tray to get some food.

We sat at an empty table and were discussing Sawyer's and Darren's strategy for telling their parents about both of them being gay. We heard someone call out to us, "Sam. Sawyer!"

It was Brandon. "Do you mind if I sit with you?"

"Grab a seat, Brandon," Sawyer offered.

As Brandon was taking his place at the table, he asked, "What are you guys doing this weekend?"

"I'm taking Chris to meet my parents. We're leaving tomorrow afternoon. What's on your agenda?"

"Not much of anything," Brandon said quietly. "I'll probably hit the library so I can avoid my asshole roommate. But, other than that, I'm going to take things one step at a time. Oh! Sam, thanks to your help with my computer science homework, I got an `A' on my first assignment!

"Congratulations, Brandon! I really didn't do much except help you get the software installed." I added.

"What's happening with you this weekend, Sawyer?" Brandon asked.

"I'm not exactly sure where all of this will go, but Glen—from Sam's computer science study group—and I are going for a run on Saturday and maybe grab dinner later. Other than that, I really don't know what's going to happen?" Sawyer answered.

Brandon smiled broadly before he asked Sawyer, "Is this a date?"

Sawyer smiled back at Brandon and answered, "I hope! I'm keeping my fingers crossed."

"I'm sorry to eat and run, guys, but I need to call my brother Greg. He sent me an e-mail telling me he wanted to talk. This is about the only time he could talk freely without my Mom harassing him."

"We understand, Brandon. Take care!" I added to the conversation.

"Oh! Sam, have a great time with Chris and your parents this weekend... And, Sawyer, I'll keep my fingers crossed, too, that your date goes well!" Brandon stated as he turned and left the cafeteria.

"Maybe we should get going too, Sam! I thought, maybe, since this is your last night in the room until you get back from your visit, that we could have a little fun before we hit the sack!" Sawyer enthused.

"I'm sure we can think of something!" I told him.

Sawyer and I hit the books after we returned to the room. I was attempting to solve some calculus problems that I needed for tomorrow. I felt Sawyer lean down behind me. He started to play with my nipples through my tee-shirt.

"You know, Sawyer, if I didn't know better, I'd think you were trying to distract me," I said as I turned my chair around, grabbed Sawyer by his hands, and pulled him down to my lap. I began to return the favor by playing with Sawyer's nipples. He, however, had lost his shirt sometime during the evening.

"So, would you like to get naked and play with my body?" Sawyer hissed.

"Yup!" I pulled Sawyer's gym shorts down as he stood up. His dick was standing straight up. After releasing a few buttons on my cargo shorts and slipping off my tee-shirt, I, too, was naked and hard as a rock!

"Do we need a shower, Sammie?" Sawyer asked. We were still playing with each other's nipples.

"No! I've had enough showers for one day. Let's get busy. I for one am fucking horny!" I hissed.

"Your bed or mine?" Sawyer asked as he pulled me in for a kiss.

"Mine! It's against... our bathroom wall. That way..., Tom next door... shouldn't be able to... hear me scream... while you're fucking me!" I explained between kisses.

"Good thinking!" Sawyer agreed as he pushed me toward my bed and onto my back. He grabbed the lube from the night stand and began massaging it onto his hard cock. Finally, Sawyer lifted my legs to his shoulders, lined up his cock with my ass, and pushed all the way in me.

"Ahhhhhhhhh! Yessssssss! Fuck! I missed your cock in my ass, Sawyer! You feel so, so good in me!" I quietly complimented Sawyer's technique.

Sawyer began his campaign to ravage my ass. Sawyer didn't wait long before he began plying my ass with long, hard, swift strokes of his cock.

"I could do this all night, Sawyer!" I hissed.

"I don't think that is at all possible, Sammie! Your ass feels so, so good!" Sawyer hissed back before he leaned down to kiss me. First his lips on mine. Then, his tongue and my tongue were playing sword fights.

Sawyer picked up the pace as I reached up and started to play with his nipples. He was going gangbusters and sweating profusely. Suddenly, he slowed to a more deliberate and even pace.

"I don't want this to end. I need to slow down a bit or I'm going to pop a load way too early!" Sawyer instructed. He leaned in to kiss me again. His breathing slowed to a more relaxed rate.

I began to play with Sawyer's nipples again.

"Oh! Fuck, Sam! You know how to get me going!" Sawyer whispered.

"Yea! Why do you think I'm playing with your hot nips?" I hissed.

Sawyer again began to ram his cock in and out of my ass. He was going like a bat out of hell. His breathing was again labored and he was sweating like a pig.

"Yea! Sawyer! Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Please fuck me hard!" I almost yelled.

"I'm cumming, Sammie! I'm going to fucking cum in your fucking hot ass, baby! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhhh... Fuck! Shit! Fuck!" Sawyer was yelling at this point as I felt his cum explode in my ass. He leaned his body to rest on top of mine. "I fucking... love... your... ass... Sam! Shit! You're ass... feels so... fucking good!"

Sawyer lay on top of me until he was breathing more normally. He started kissing me again. We made out for, like, what seemed to be forever. Sawyer's still hard cock was and still in my ass.

"You know, Sawyer! You feel so good laying on top of me!" I told my roommate.

"Do you want to go to sleep like this?" Sawyer asked with a smile on his face.

"I wouldn't mind, but I think you might be uncomfortable." I declared.

"Then, we can roll over, but I want to face you, okay?" Sawyer added. He was still smiling.

We rolled over on our sides. Sawyer kissed me. I kissed him back. We held each other tight. Soon, we were sound asleep.

At 11:30 my phone began to ring. It was Chris. I answered it, "Hello, stud!"

"I woke you up, didn't I?" Chris asked.

"Well, yes, but I'm glad you called. I like to hear your voice before I go to sleep!" I told Chris.

"Thanks, stud!" Chris almost whispered into the phone. "I hope I didn't wake up Sawyer, too!"

"No, but I did when I had to roll over him to grab my phone!" I confessed.

"Tell him I'm sorry!" Chris injected. "I am glad you answered, though. I like hearing your voice, too! I should let you go! Besides I have to get some sleep myself!"

"Okay, Chris! I love you!" I said into the phone.

"I love you, too, babe!" Chris replied as he cut off the phone call.

"Chris asked me to tell you he is sorry he woke you!" I relayed Chris's apology.

"That's okay. Now, I can kiss you again!" Sawyer interjected before he started another kissing session!


My phone screeched promptly at 8 am warning us of our wake up time.

"Do you want to hit the shower together?" I asked my sleepy roommate.

"How else would we shower?" Sawyer replied in a very groggy voice.

We hit the shower, and we washed each other's body.

"You know, Sawyer, this is getting to be a habit—showering with you that is," I finally said as I was putting the finishing touches on his hair.

"Yea! I like it! I'll miss this while you're gone. Even last weekend, I had Darren to shower with!" Sawyer answered as he shut the water off.

We stepped back into the room to get dressed.

"I think I'm going to wear jeans today," I announced.

"And, underwear?" Sawyer asked.


"How about the cock ring Chris gave you?" Sawyer inquired.

"No. But, thanks for reminding me. I'm going to pack it! Maybe I'll need it when I show Chris the barn," I added with a big grin on my face.

Finally, we were headed out the door.

"Have a great time with Glen tomorrow!" I said as I left Sawyer to head to my first class.

"Thanks!" Sawyer answered. "Call me if you and Chris need help with anything!"


I dashed home after my calculus class and put some items in a duffle bag. My phone rang at 1:30 sharp. It was Chris. "Hello, stud!"

"I'm downstairs. I can't find a place to park," he explained.

"Okay. I'll be right down!" I ended the call, retrieved my back pack and duffle bag and headed downstairs.

Chris popped open the trunk. I dropped my duffle bag in and shut the lid. I pitched my back pack into the back seat and climbed in the passenger seat. I leaned over and gave Chris a kiss. "I've been waiting to do that all fucking day!"

"Mmmmm! Nice!" he added as Chris put the car into gear and then put his hand on my thigh.

We talked incessantly during the two-hour drive south.

Chris asked me to drive the last hour of the trip. We passed through the outskirts of my home town and headed further south into the country. "I'll give you a tour of the town tomorrow. Trust me, it won't take long!"

I finally pulled into the long driveway that led to my parent's house. When you first pull into the driveway, you can't see the house because of the trees.

"Holy fuck!" Chris exclaimed when he caught his first view of the house. "That looks like a fucking mansion!"

"Just don't tell my parents. They've tried to make the place as unassuming as possible!" I informed my boyfriend.

"Well! It didn't work!" Chris answered.

The house was pretty impressive. My great-grandfather built it around 1920. The house is three stories high and is built of red brick with white trim, including the columns that frame the front entrance. It looks somewhat like you would expect it to be in the south on a southern plantation. It's had two additions since.

"I'll give you all of the details when I give you the grand tour!" I promised Chris as we pulled into the circular driveway in front of the house.

We grabbed our back packs from the back seat and our other bags from the trunk. I opened the front door. Chris was right behind me.

"We're here!" I yelled.

"We're in the kitchen!" my mother yelled back.

Chris and I headed to the kitchen. I hugged my mom and dad. Then, I began the introductions. "Mom, Dad, this is Chris Johnson! Chris, this is my mother and father Charlie and Ellen Williamson."

"It's so nice to finally meet you, Chris." my mother enthused.

"It's very nice to meet you as well. I've been looking forward to this!" Chris confessed. "This house is very impressive. Sam said his great-grandfather built it?"

"Yup. My father's father built it. Sam is the fifth generation to live here." My father explained.

"Sam told us you are a music and dance major! That must be exciting!" my mother added

"I enjoy it. It was sort of in my blood, I guess!" Chris answered.

"Sam, why don't you and Chris take your things up to your room? Then, come back down and we can have a drink before you show Chris the rest of the house."

"Okay, Mom! We'll be down shortly!" I said as Chris and I grabbed our things and headed upstairs.

"This is some staircase!" Chris enthused.

"Yea! It was fun when I was a kid. I figured out how the slide down the banister without killing myself." I explained as I opened the door to my room. "Holy fuck! A king bed! There used to be two twin beds in here!" I exclaimed as I almost dropped my bags.

"I guess that resolves this issue of sleeping arrangements!" Chris added with a huge smile plastered on his face.

"Do you think?" I added.

"Nice room, though! It's big," Chris complimented.

"It used to be my parent's room. The others are pretty big, too, but this is the largest," I answered. "Let's go back downstairs and see what my parents will be offering for drinks!"

We back headed downstairs. `It will be interesting to see where all of this leads,' I thought to myself.

When we returned to the kitchen, my parents were settled in the family room that is connected to the kitchen.

"Mom. Dad. Thanks for the bed, but... Why?" I had to ask.

My mother spoke up, "It was your father's idea, but we didn't think it was fair to Chris to have you both sharing a twin bed."

"Now," it was my father's turn, "what do you guys want to drink? I have a scotch and water; your mother has her red wine. We have red or white wine, beer, vodka, gin, scotch, and, of course, several selections of soda."

"Ahm... beer is good for me," I answer somewhat hesitantly because my parents had never offered alcohol as a choice before.

"Same for me. Thank you, Mr. Williamson!" the ever so polite Chris answered.

"Two beers coming up! But, Chris, cut the Mr. stuff! It's Charlie," my father instructed.

"And, please, Chris, call me Ellen... or mom...," my mother chimed in.

Chris and I sat on the sofa while my father retrieved two beers from the kitchen

It was my mother's turn to talk after we had our beers, "We were originally going to talk over dinner, but since you are here a little early, we'd like to get this out of the way. We want us all to enjoy ourselves this weekend."

"If you want some privacy, I can entertain myself for a while," Chris offered.

"Thank you, Chris, but that won't be necessary," my mother continued. "We know you've become a big part of Sam's life, so we think we should share this with you, too. First of all, Sam, you know I've always wanted to write."

"Yea, mom, and you're a terrific writer!" I responded.

"So, I've decided to finally do something about writing. I'm taking a sabbatical the next school year. And, I've been accepted to attend the master's program at Northwestern in creative writing."

"Mom! That's awesome!" I effused.

"Congratulations!" Chris complimented.

"I'll start next September and will finish at the end of the summer session. I'll decide if I want to try to write on a permanent basis or continue teaching after that," my mother continued. "We'll need to find a place to rent for the year. If you have any suggestions, Chris, we would greatly appreciate your help. I understand your grandmother teaches at Northwestern."

"Yes, she teaches art history there. And, I am certain, she would be delighted to help you out in any way she can! She and my grandfather know practically every inch of the city and surrounding area." Chris answered.

"Well, that's my news! Your dad has a few things he wants to share with you," my mother turned the conversation over to my father.

"I'll try to make this brief," my father began. He was always trying to make things brief. That's his nature, I think. "Our organic farming experiment has apparently caught some people's attention... Just so you know, Chris, it was Sam's idea to convert a five-hundred acre plot into an organic farm trial... And, this is in a preliminary negotiation stage... A group of investors—who have fairly large contracts with Whole Foods—are interested in buying, not only the five-hundred acres for organic crop, beef, and dairy production, but the entire farm."

"Holy shit!" I exclaimed. "Sorry mom, I just got a little excited."

"We would keep the house, of course, and the 50 acres it sits on," my mother added.

"No one would want this drafty old house anyway. It's become a real money pit!" my father continued. "We didn't think that you, Sam, would be interested in continuing to run the farm, but we need to make sure.

"No, dad," I answered, "I don't think I'm cut out to be a farmer. It just isn't my thing... but you knew that, I'm sure."

"That's what we thought!" my father replied.

"Just out of curiosity, how much do you think these investors would be willing to pay for the farm?" I inquired.

"Well... because we have used almost no pesticides for the last several years, they are willing to pay a premium for the property. Their preliminary offer was on the order of $4,000 an acre for the farmable land—which is right around 4,500 acres," my father paused to gauge my reaction.

"Holly... cow!" I almost said shit again.

"And, we haven't even discussed the dairy operation or the livestock portion of the farm," my father continued. "According to some people I have been talking to, that could be worth another 2 to 4 million dollars. I never dreamed that anyone would come along and potentially offer this much money for the farm. So, if you're in agreement, Sam, I think we really can't afford to pass this up."

"Go for it!" I answered with more than just a little enthusiasm.

"We've also decided that, if the sale goes through, we would put half of the proceeds into a trust for you, Sam, to be used to further your education or help you get started somewhere after you graduate," my mother chimed in again.

I looked at Chris and he was smiling broadly, "It looks like I might not be the only trust fund baby in this relationship."

"I guess!" I answered.

My parents were also smiling.

"What would you do if you do sell the place, dad?" I asked. "I mean, after all, you've done this your entire life!"

"Well... your mother and I have discussed this a little bit. I've always wanted to have a business other than farming. So, with the experience I've had with the organic farm trial, I've been told I could have a future as a consultant to people who are trying to establish organic farms. But, that's a little premature right now," my father ended his explanation.

"When do you think this could happen?" I asked.

"We should have the final offer next week. If all goes well, we could be farmless by next summer, at the latest," my father explained.

There was a slight pause in the conversation.

"Charlie, why don't you get us all another drink before we have dinner," my mother suggested.

"Coming up!" my father said as he went to retrieve our refresher drinks.

"We can help, dad," I offered.

When we returned from the drink run, my mother turned her attention to Chris, "So, Chris, please tell us more about you and your family. Sam told us about your parent's displeasure when they discovered you were gay—which we think is terribly unjustified—but what about the rest of your family?"

"It was tough at first when my parents sent me to live with my grandparents in Chicago, but I think of grandma and grandpa almost as my parents now. They are really terrific people." Chris began to tell his story. He talked mostly about his new life in Chicago with his grandparents, and his decision to major in music and dance. He mentioned very little about his life prior to getting sent away. When he finished, I thought I saw tears in my mother's eyes.

"You know, Chris, your grandparents sound like remarkable people. But, I still can't believe that parents would let religion get in the way of their love for their children!" my mother replied as she wiped her eyes. "I know we would never allow that to happen."

"I can see you both love your son—gay or not—very much," Chris added as he took my hand in his and turned to me. "You're a very lucky guy, Sam. Don't forget that!"

"Okay!" my mother began to announce, "I think it's time for dinner!"

While we ate dinner, Chris and I talked about our schoolwork and Chris's upcoming show. He invited my parents to the opening next month. My mother cleared away the dishes after dessert and we headed off to the family room.

"So, what do you two have planned for the rest of the weekend?" my father asked.

"I was going to show Chris around the farm. Then, I thought I would show him the big city of Olney. The latter task will probably take all of two seconds!" I answered. "By the way, have you driven my car?"

"Yes," my father answered. "We take it for a spin at least once a week. The keys for the Jeep are on the peg board in the garage. You'll probably want to use that to show Chris around the farm."

"Okay, dad!" I replied. "Now, I think it's time we get some rest. We have a busy day tomorrow!" I added smiling to Chris.

We bid my parents good night and headed up the stairs. Chris and I were both naked and in bed in no time flat!

"Your parents are really, really nice! Very easy to talk to and very down-to-earth," Chris complimented.

"Thanks, Chris! I can tell they like you a lot, too! Believe me, I was a little more than dumbfounded when my mother told you to call her Ellen... or mom!" I decided to be frank.

"That surprised me a little, too!" Chris responded. "Before I attack your body—which I assume you would be a willing participant—I have something that I want to ask you."

"Ask away!" I responded.

"When do you need to sign your dorm contract for the next semester?" Chris asked. He was trying to be dead serious, but it wasn't working. He was stroking my nipples!

"Before the end of this semester. Why?" I asked.

"I was... I was wondering if you would consider moving in with me!" Chris finally spit out.

"Holy shit! Are you serious, Chris?" I asked in a louder than planned voice.

"Very serious. I want you around me more. I like you just lying next to me when I go to sleep. I like you lying next to me when I wake up. It would probably even save me money because I might cook at home more. So, what do you think?"

"Chris, I really like the idea a lot! But..." I started to say.

"You don't want to abandon Sawyer, right?" Chris asked.

"I do feel a little guilty leaving him to fend for himself!" I added after a slight pause. "But, I know we won't be roommates forever. Besides, you might even have time to teach me to cook."

"I'd love to teach you how to cook!" Chris replied. "At least think about it, okay?"

"Definitely, Chris. I want to say `yes' immediately, but I need to get my head together about a few things." I answered. "In the meantime, will you make love to me tonight, Chris?"

"I thought you'd never ask!" Chris answered as he pulled us tight and began to kiss me.


To be continued...


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