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Sam and Chris


Chapter 14: The Week Things Happened


I called Sawyer while Chris was driving me back to my dorm room. I didn't want to walk in on Sawyer and Glen who might be in a compromising position.


Fortunately, my warning call paid off. Sawyer and Glen were dressed in cargo shorts—but they hadn't managed to find their shirts yet—when I let myself in at 10 am.


"Good morning, guys!" I announced.


"Hello, Sammie!" Sawyer began. "I see you're in good mood!"


"Hello, Sam! Thanks for letting me stay in your room!" Glen added.


"Anytime, Glen!" I replied. "You two also seem to be in a good mood!"


"We were. Now, I have to get back to reality! I have this feeling that today might drag on and on!" Sawyer admitted.


"I'm going to head out, men!" I said as I gathered the things I would need for the rest of the day. I thought the two love birds might want some alone time to say their good byes. "See you in class in a few, Glen. And, Sawyer, I'll be home shortly after my last class."


I headed off for a day of learning!


When Glen arrived at the CS 101 class, he sat in an empty seat beside me, "Sam?"


"Yes, Glen?" I asked.


"Thank you for introducing me to Sawyer! He's a terrific guy! I really liked being with him this weekend!" Glen beamed.


"Yea! He's a very special guy! I really lucked out on getting him as my roommate!" I agreed.


Our professor walked in about that time and began his lecture. At the end of the class, I said good bye to Glen and reminded him of our gym day tomorrow.


"I'll be there with bells on, Sam!" Glen effused. "Have a great day!"


Finally, the day ended with my very boring chemistry class. I headed off to the dorm room.


When I walked in, Sawyer was again at his computer with only his gym shorts on. "Hello, Sammie! Let me just finish this e-mail to my dip shit brother. We think we have our strategy with the parents planned."


I unpacked my back pack as Sawyer finished up.


"Done!" Sawyer announced.


"So, Sawyer, when do we want to talk? Now or later?" I asked.


"Now is good!" Sawyer replied.


"So, tell me about Glen!" I suggested.


"Well, Sammie! He's a really terrific guy! He's interesting. He's fun to be around. His body is incredible. He's easy going. He's extremely polite. And, he thinks he's a bottom!" Sawyer gushed.


"He THINKS he's a bottom?" I asked.


"Yea! I'll explain that in a minute, but, first, I think I should tell you a little about Glen. He said it was okay to tell you... But, please don't tell anyone—well, except Chris, of course," Sawyer further explained.


"I promise I won't tell, Sawyer!" I agreed.


"Okay... I'll try to cover everything... He had never had sex with anyone... Just like I hadn't until you and I did... He hasn't come out to his family because they are ardent Baptists. His father is a minister at a Baptist church in Iowa. He said he told you, Tom, and Harrison that... So, he dated girls, but couldn't bring himself to even think about having sex with them. Naturally, in his situation, it wasn't prudent to try something with a guy—even though he had a crush on one dude in high school. So, taking my playbook from you, I managed to be his first sexual partner. He fucking loved every minute when I was making love to him on Saturday night. We reversed positions. He said he liked making love to me, but he preferred it the other way around. And, then, on Sunday morning, he asked me to make love to him again—so I did. And... stop me if I'm giving you too much information, Sammie... I did it again on Sunday afternoon after our run. And, again on Sunday evening. And, again this morning. For some reason, the dude loves my dick in him!" Sawyer paused for my reaction.


"Congratulations, Sawyer! You've had your first virgin!" I added laughing just a little. "Do you think this is going somewhere?"


"I'm keeping my fingers crossed!" Sawyer answered.


"Just for your information, Glen told me that he thought you were a terrific guy and he liked spending the weekend with you. So, I think there is definitely some interest on his part." I said to a very happy Sawyer.


"I really like him, too!" Sawyer added. "But, I have to know how your weekend went with Chris and your parents!"


"Extremely well!" I answered quickly. "My parents' love Chris, and Chris loves my parents! I'll explain more about that in a bit, but the big family discussion came in two parts. My mother has been accepted at Northwestern next fall in the creative writing Master's program. She is taking a sabbatical for a year to go to school. Then, she'll decide if she wants to go back to teaching or try her hand at writing. I hope she takes the writing path. She's an excellent writer."


"Wow! That could be exciting having a best-selling author in the family!" Sawyer enthused.


"Yea! I think she could make a name for herself!" I added.


"And, what is the second part?" Sawyer prodded.


"This is a little more complicated, but I will give you the short version. My father has been approached by a group of investors who are interested in buying the entire farm—except the house. They have already made a preliminary offer and are planning on making a final offer sometime this week." I paused to gauge Sawyer's reaction.


"Okay... I thought the farm had been in the family for several generations. Why would he want to sell it?" Sawyer asked.


"Good question, Sawyer. First, I have no interest in running the freaking farm. I'm just not cut out for that type of thing. Second, it is an offer that is way too good to pass up!" I explained.


"Ahh... It makes perfect sense, then! How much does something like that go for?" Sawyer questioned.


"The preliminary offer is for about $4,000 an acre," I answered.


"And, how many acres are we talking here?" Sawyer inquired.


"Ahm... Roughly 4,500 acres," I quietly stated.


"Holy fuck! I didn't realize your family had such a huge farm. That would be like almost $18 million give or take a few million," Sawyer realized.


"Then, there is the livestock and dairy operations. That could add another $2 million to $4 million," I summarized.


"Okay! Now, your family is in the rich category!" Sawyer realized.


"It's not a done deal, yet!" I replied to Sawyer.


"Okay! Now, tell me about Chris and your parents. I want to know all of the details!" Sawyer ordered.


"First of all, everyone got along really, really well. I think my parents love Chris almost as much as I do. And, on the drive home, Chris told me he wished his parents were like mine. I told him I would share!" I relayed that information to Sawyer. "Also, I heard Chris sing for the first time in my parent's music room. He has an amazing voice! I think—and I may be biased—he is a very, very talented guy! My parents are coming to his show next month!"


"I don't doubt that he is very talented! I'm beginning to think he does everything to perfection!" Sawyer added. "Wait a minute... did you say music room?"


"Yup. It's where the piano is," I added. "Anyway, I have one more thing to share with you and then we can go find food!" I stated.


"I'm all ears! And, I'm also hungry!" Sawyer stated.


"Chris asked me to move in with him next semester," I paused after delivering this particular bit of information. I awaited Sawyer's response.


"Fuck, dude! I'm so happy for you!" Sawyer almost shouted. "I'm going to miss your ass as a roommate, but I think, personally, you two are meant for each other! I should take you and Chris out to dinner and celebrate... maybe I can ask Glen, too!"


"So, you're not mad that I won't be your roommate?" I asked.


"No! I'll expect to be invited for brunch a lot, but other than that I am so, so, so happy for you, dude!" Sawyer enthused as he grabbed me and pulled me into a hug. "Now, I am starving. Let's go find food!"


After Sawyer and I finished eating, we attacked the books.


My phone began ringing at 10 pm. It was Chris, "Hello, Chris!"


"Nice to hear your voice, Sam! I'm on a short break and wanted to call you. How did today go?"


"Good! Uneventful. I think waking up with you beside me this morning was the highlight of the entire day!" I answered.


"Yea! I wish I could do that every morning...! Did you talk to Sawyer about living with me next semester?" Chris asked.


"Yup!" I answered. "He said he was really happy for us! He expects to be invited over for brunch on a fairly regular basis, however!" I added as I smiled at Sawyer who was listening in on the conversation.


"I think that can be arranged! It will be a small price to pay to have you with me! Besides, I can teach you both to cook, and you can make me brunch from time-to-time!" I could tell Chris was smiling on the other end of the phone connection.


"I'll tell him that! By the way, Chris, when can I see you again?" I asked.


"Well, I was thinking... I don't need to be at rehearsal until 6:30 pm tomorrow night. Would you want to come over to my place and get naked with me after your last class—which, if I remember correctly, is around 3?" Chris asked in his soft, sexy voice.


"I could be there by 3:15 and be naked in about five seconds!" I whispered to Chris.


"I'm looking forward to it, Sammie! Now, I have to run. Give Sawyer a hug and a kiss for me. I love you!" Chris added.


"And, I love you too!" I said before I ended the call.


"Okay, Sawyer, Chris asked me to give you a hug and a kiss from him. So, get your butt over here!" I ordered.


I pulled Sawyer in for a hug and a long kiss, "That was from Chris." I didn't let go of him and gave him another kiss which lasted longer than the first. "That was from me! Are you ready for a shower, roomie?"


"I'm always ready for a shower with you!" Sawyer whispered.


We were both stripped and headed into the shower in no-time flat. While we were washing each other, Sawyer began playing with my dick. It didn't take long before I was hard as a rock... So was Sawyer!


"What do you say we jerk off together in the shower," Sawyer suggested.


We began to jerk off while we were kissing.


"I'm really, really close," Sawyer announced after several minutes went by.


"Me, too! Let's shoot together!" I whispered.


We both furiously massaged our dicks and shot our loads on each other's stomach at the same time.


When we were finally recovered, Sawyer announced, "What do you say I hold you tonight?"


"Let's go!" I answered.


We dried ourselves and pulled the covers down on my bed. Sawyer slid in first. I climbed in facing him and we pulled each other close. We kissed a little bit until we finally fell asleep.




We were awakened at 7 am when my phone alarm started sounding. I shut the phone off and slid back down to face Sawyer, "Good morning, Sawyer! Did you sleep well?"


"Yea!" Sawyer said as he began kissing me. "But, I would love... some more shut eye... not that it's going to happen... but a guy can dream... can't he?


"Yea!" I answered. I pulled myself away from Sawyer and hit the floor running.


We both grabbed our stuff and headed toward our 8 am class! When the chemistry lab was over, I hurried to the rec center to meet with the gang. Sawyer and Glen were standing out front talking. Tom and Harrison were walking up to meet us.


"Greetings, men!" Sawyer said as everyone joined the group.


"If you don't mind, Tom and I are going to work with the weights today. We did enough aerobics over the weekend," Harrison stated with a big grin.


"Does that mean you two fucked like bunnies?" Sawyer asked.


"Let's just say we were trying to rekindle the flame!" Tom piped up. "Speaking of flames, how did you and Glen enjoy your weekend, Sawyer?"


"It was terrific! We went for a run on Saturday and again on Sunday. And, we had dinner out! Very relaxing!" Glen responded.


"Let's save the chit chat until lunch, men! I for one am eager to hit the gym!" I added trying to corral the group into the rec center. While we were changing into our workout clothes, I noticed Harrison's butt was a little roughed up. `Hmm! I wonder if they are into spanking!' I thought. I caught Sawyer's eye and he was grinning a bit, too!


We sailed through our workout at record speed. Sawyer was doing well on his own and didn't need my coaching as much as before. And, he was doing some serious weights. `Maybe Glen's body has something to do with his sudden burst of energy.' I thought.


When we were showered and changed, we headed toward the pasta joint. We grabbed our food, but our table was taken. So, we settled on an alternative one.


"How was your visit with your family, Sam?" Harrison asked.


"It was good. Very good, in fact. My parents loved Chris and Chris loved my parents. So, it all went well!" I responded gleefully.


"Tell them the other news, Sam!" Sawyer begged.


"My mother has decided to get her masters in creative writing from Northwestern next year, and my father is selling the farm!" I decided to be brief!


"Wow! Where will they live after the farm is sold?" Tom asked.


"They are keeping the house and the fifty acres it sits on. So, they will always have that as long as they want. My father says it is a money pit, so who knows!" I explained.


"How big is the farm?" Glen asked. Sawyer was smiling broadly.


"Ah... Let's just say it is fairly large for the area!" I decided not to give them too much information.


Sawyer, on the other hand, had a different idea, "Sam! Don't be modest!"


"It's just a farm for fuck sake!" I offered. Sawyer was looking at me with glaring eyes. "All right, already. It's 4,500 fucking acres!"


"Holy shit!" Glen added.


"I take it that is a big farm?" Harrison asked.


"Well, being from a farming community myself, it's bigger than anything I've ever heard of!" Glen added.


"Oh!" Harrison finally said as he shut his mouth.


"Tell them the other news, Sammie... About you and Chris..." Sawyer begged.


"Ahm... Chris asked me to move in with him next semester," I quietly informed the group.


"Holy shit! That is big news, Sam! Congratulations! When did he ask you?" Tom said.


"Friday evening while we were lying in bed," I added.


"How did your parents take the news?" Glen asked.


"Very well, actually! Both of them said it should be Chris's and my decision. They were extremely supportive!" I answered.


"If that had been my parents facing that news, the house would probably explode from their anger!" Glen decided.


I was hoping to deflect some of the attention away from me, so I asked, "How was your weekend, Tom? Harrison?"


"It was fun! We did a lot of new things, didn't we, Tom?" Harrison responded.


"Yup! Lots of different things!" Tom confirmed.


"Did you fall down sometime over the weekend, Harrison?" Sawyer asked. "I noticed your butt was a little black and blue!"


"Let's just say we experimented with a few things!" Harrison blushed slightly and tried to move on from the subject of his ass.


Tom let the `cat out of the bag' so to speak, "Yea! I ordered a new paddle online and it arrived in the mail on Friday. I finally got to try it out on Saturday! I promised Harrison he could use it on me next weekend!"


"Can we watch?" Glen asked with a huge grin on his face.


"Okay! It's time we headed out!" Tom announced. I think he was becoming the official time keeper of our lunches. And to move the conversation away from he and Harrisons exploits over the weekend!


When we arrived at our CS 101 study group, Mr. Albertson was already arranging things on his desk. As was our custom, we took a front row seat.


"How was your weekend, gentlemen?" Mr. Albertson asked.


"For Tom, Harrison, and me, it was fun and relaxing. But, Sam here had some news!" Glen explained.


"Oh!" Mr. Albertson said as he looked at me.


I figured I may as well give the short version. Otherwise, I thought I would be harassed into spilling the beans. "Chris and I went home to visit my parents. My mother is taking a sabbatical from teaching high school English and has been accepted in the master's program in creative writing at Northwestern next fall. My father is selling the farm that has been in the family for five generations. And, Chris asked me to move in with him next semester." There! I was done!


"So, I guess you were busy! Congratulations to you and Chris. He seems like a very nice man," Mr. Albertson responded.


"Thank you. And, yes, he is a terrific person!" I added.


Mr. Albertson began the study session. I didn't hear much of what was being said because I couldn't get Chris off my mind! `Fuck! That man makes me so fucking horny!' I thought. At last, class was finished.


"Good bye, guys! I'm going to meet Chris. Have a good evening!" I said to the guys.


"You, too, Sam! I suspect yours will be more than good!" Harrison said with a big grin on his face.


I dashed off to Chris's condo. When I arrived, Chris buzzed me in. He had left the door to the apartment slightly ajar. When I walked in, my beautiful boyfriend stood naked awaiting my arrival. Without awaiting instructions, I dropped my back pack, kicked off my shoes, pulled my t-shirt over my head, and dropped my cargo shorts, and stepped out of them.


He pulled me into a hug and started to kiss me. Finally, Chris whispered, "You feel so nice next to me! I couldn't wait to see you! The day has been a blur knowing that I would be with you this afternoon!"


"I know! I couldn't wait for the day to end!" I added.


"So, babe, do you want a beer?" Chris asked.


"Sure, but my main goal is to get you in bed so you can make love to me!" I responded.


"I like the way you think, Sammie! I promise we won't take too long!" Chris added as he went to the fridge and pulled out two Coronas. He handed one to me and led me to the sofa.


We both took gulps of our beers as we sat close to one another on the sofa. "I want to give you these before we get too carried away!" Chris handed me a set of keys. "The single key if for the security door and apartment door. The key fob is for my car."


"Thank you, Chris, but why? Especially your car!" I questioned.


"Well, you are going to need the key to the condo next January, so I decided you should have it now. And, I added the car keys in case you need to use it." Chris answered.


"Okay! I'm not going to argue with you. I want you in bed!" I demanded.


Chris scooped me up in his arms and carried me into the bedroom. He deposited me on the bed and crawled between my legs. "How's this?" he asked


"God, I love you!" I responded.


"And, I love you! I'm also going to show you how much I love you, my sweet man!" Chris hissed as he lay on top of me and began kissing me. I responded by pulling his closer to me.


"I want my man..., and I want him now!" I hissed back between his kisses.


"We have exactly 90 minutes for me to make you a happy man! And, I promise you that I will make use of every one of those minutes because I don't want you to forget me until I can see you again on Thursday! Do I make myself clear?" Chris explained his position in no uncertain terms.


"Yes, you've made your position very clear! And, I think you should get started—even though I will never, ever forget you, lover man! The clock is ticking!" I explained my position.


Chris smiled and raised his body off of mine. He reached for the lube and began applying liberal amounts to his massive cock. He put my legs over his shoulders and position him cock over my ass. He began his decent and kept at it until I felt his crotch on my balls and his balls on my ass.


"You know why I love you, Chris?" I didn't let him answer. "I love you because your big fucking cock is perfect for my ass! Now, get to it, lover boy!" I squeaked.


Chris didn't waste time. He began stoking his big, hard cock in and out of my ass. Slowly and gently. "I like it when you get like this. There is no doubt in my mind what you want from me!" He added as he smiled at me and kissed me. And, he kept his slow and deliberate pace.


I felt myself getting close to cumming even though I hadn't touched my cock! "I think you're going to make me cum any moment now, Chris!" I whispered.


"Good! I'll be right behind you!" He added.


"Oh! Fuck yes!" I began to scream as my cock unloaded all over our bodies.


"Oh! God yes!' Chris hissed as I finished blowing my load. "Fuck! Here it come's baby!"


I felt his cum fill my ass.


When his body finished convulsing, he lowered himself on top of me and began to kiss me. He looked at the clock. "We have exactly 15 minutes left. And, I am going to stay right here and keep kissing you until the very last minute!"


And, we did stay in the exact position. His kisses were soft and gentle. I didn't want this to stop. But, all good things must come to an end.


"Do you want to shower?" Chris asked.


"No! I want to smell like sex all night!" I replied.


"Fair enough! As much as I would like to stay here, I need to hit the road!" Chris said as he raised his body from mine.


We went downstairs and walked together through part of the campus until we had to separate.




I let myself into our dorm room. Sawyer and Glen were standing naked in the middle of the room. They were lip locked.


"Sorry guys! I'll come back in a few minutes," I say to them.


"No, Sammie! Close the door and get your ass over here!" Sawyer orders.


I move toward Sawyer and Glen. They never really stopped kissing. Sawyer pulled me in for a kiss, "Get naked, Sammie! We have plans for your body!"


I dropped my cargo shorts to the floor and pulled off my t-shirt. It was Glen's turn to stick his tongue in my mouth.


"What kind of plans?" I asked.


Glen answered, "You going to fuck Sawyer. I'm going to fuck you. Then, Sawyer is going to fuck me."


"Where has our bottom boy Glen run off to?" I asked.


"He's been a pushy bottom all night," Sawyer began. "But, he has made up his mind. There is no stopping him."


"Sawyer. Sam. Bed. Now!" Glen instructed as he guided us to my unmade bed.


Sawyer lay on his back and I crawled between his legs. As I grabbed the lube, Sawyer added in a soft voice, "You smell like sex, Sammie!"


"You two don't exactly smell like the fragrance counter at Macy's," I said as I finished applying a liberal amount of lube to my hard dick.


"Just shut up, Sammie, and fuck me!" Sawyer hissed.


"Yes, SIR!" I answered as I lined my dick over Sawyer's ass. I watched Sawyer's face erupt into a pleasure based smile as I slowly push my dick into his ass. When I was all the way in, I leaned down and kissed Sawyer.


Between kisses, Sawyer whispered, "Fuck! I love your dick in me!"


Glen crawled over the two of us and positioned himself on his side. He back was against the wall. "I want to have a ring side seat while I watch my boyfriend get fucked by his best friend!"


"I'll try to make the show worth the price of the tickets," I whispered to Glen before I kissed him. I began to work my cock slowly and gently in and out of Sawyer's tight ass. I gradually picked up the pace as Glen took over the kissing Sawyer role. It was hot to see the two of them making out while I fucked Sawyer senseless. "I think I'm close, Sawyer! Are you ready for my cum, roomie?"


"Give it to me, Sammie! Make me feel it!" Sawyer whispered back. He was beginning to moan in pleasure.


Sawyer reached up and started playing with my nipples. "Shit! Sawyer! I'm fucking cumming! Fuck! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... Fuck!" I almost screamed and collapsed on top of Sawyer. Between breaths, I asked, "How... was the... show... Glen?"


"Awesome!" Glen responded as he kissed me and then his boyfriend.


As Sawyer was rubbing my ass, one of his fingers found its way to my hole and stuck it in me. "Thanks to Chris, Sammie here is pre-lubricated, Glen. Now, Sammie, I think Glen needs a piece of your ass!"


Somehow, without stepping out of bed, we changed positions. Glen climbed between my legs, kissed me, and then, whispered, "I've wanted to do this since the first time I saw you naked in the shower!"


"Then, don't waste time! Fuck me, hot stuff! Fuck me!" I almost pleaded.


Glen lined his six inch hard cock up with my ass and shoved it in in one quick stroke! He may not be as big as Chris and Sawyer, but Glen made up for the size in his earnestness as he began to pummel my already used hole. At one point, I thought the bed was going to walk itself to the other side of the room.


"Shit! Glen! Fuck me! Fuck me harder! Please fuck me harder!" I said during Glen's pounding of my ass. I reached up and began to play with Glen's nipples. His body tensed. Sweat was dripping off Glen and onto me.


Glen began to make noises at first. Then, I felt rope after rope of his cum flood my ass. "Fuck! Yes! Fuck! Ahhh... Fuck!" Glen hissed as he shot his load into me. He finally lowered his muscular body on top of me and kissed me. Then Sawyer. Then back to me. "You know guys," as Glen stopped kissing me for a moment, "I might need to rethink being a bottom where Sam's ass is concerned!"


"He has that effect on people!" Sawyer dryly added. "Now, roomie, move over so I can make love to my boyfriend!"


We switched positions once again. Now, it was Glen on his back. Me on my side. Sawyer between Glen's legs. Once Sawyer had his cock sufficiently greased, he began his ascent into Glen's ass. It wasn't long before Sawyer was all the way in. Glen was moaning in delight.


"If Sam has taught me only one thing, it's to make love to a person you really care about with passion! So, get ready for passion, sweetie!" Sawyer whispered into Glen's ear.


Sawyer began to thrust his hard cock in and out of Glen's tight ass with slow, gentle movements. Sawyer occasionally leaned down and kissed his boyfriend—also with passion.


"I could do this all night, lover boy!" Glen whispered to his partner.


"Yea! But, realistically, it's not going to happen. I would probably die of exhaustion and you would be looking for a new boyfriend!" Sawyer whispered to Glen. They both were smiling and looking into each other's eyes.


I reached up to Sawyer's chest and began to fondle Sawyer's nipples. Glen took over nipple duty as Sawyer increased the pace of his thrusts. Sawyer was dripping in sweat by now. He was breathing much heavier! They were still smiling and looking into each other's eyes.


"Fuck! I'm going to cum, baby! I'm going to fucking cum in your sweet ass! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh..." Sawyer hissed. He finally lowered himself on top of Glen's muscular body. He and Glen began to kiss. Finally, Sawyer added, "You know, baby, you have managed to wear out your boyfriend. I think he needs to rest."


My phone began to ring. I crawled over Sawyer and Glen, grabbed my phone, and went to the other side of the room to answer it. It was Chris, "Hello, Chris!"


"Just thought I would touch base with you before you went to sleep. I'm finished with this fucking rehearsal and am heading home!"


"It's good to hear your voice!" I answered. "I missed you already!"


"Is Sawyer taking good care of you?" Chris asked. I knew he was smiling.


"Yea! Glen is here, too!" I answered.


"Ahh! Am I interrupting something?" Chris asked with a chuckle in his voice.


"No! I'll tell you about it when I see you next! When will that be?" I asked.


"Well, we are not having any rehearsals after tomorrow night until next week. So, I thought you might be able to come over here after your last class on Thursday and spend the night with me. Do you think you can do that?" Chris asked.


"I'd love to do that, sweet man!" I answered.


"Good! I'm almost home and I need to get some sleep... You might need that as well... So, I'll let you get back to your guest!" Chris chuckled.


"Okay, big guy! I'll be at your place around 3:15 on Thursday. I love you, babe!" I stated.


"I love you, too! More than you can know! Now, get some sleep!" Chris said as he hung up the phone.


When I hung up the phone, Sawyer and Glen were laying on Sawyer's bed. Sawyer began to explain, "While you were on the phone with Chris, Glen and I talked about sleeping with you. But, these beds are a little on the small side, don't you think!"


"Yea! Besides, I'm going to conk out once my head hits the pillow." I agreed. I went over and kissed Sawyer and Glen goodnight, then I headed to the bathroom, and, finally, my bed. I was out like a light in a very few moments.





On Wednesday and Thursday, classes seemed to drag on endlessly! My only high points were going to the gym, having lunch with `the group,' and seeing Chris at 3:15.


As we were sitting at the pasta joint having lunch, we were talking about things in general for most of the time. Finally, Tom asked, "When are you leaving for Chicago, Sam?"


"I'm cutting my chemistry class again. We're going to leave about 2:30. We're dropping Sawyer off at his house, and going to Chris's grandparents shortly after that!" I explained the plans.


"Where do they live?" Harrison asked.


"Lincoln Park area," I said.


"More specifically, Astor Street!" Sawyer added. I gave him a dirty look, but Sawyer was smiling widely.


"Holy shit! They must have more than a little money!" Tom added. "Chris's grandparents names are?"


"Thomas and Elaine Washington," I answered.


"Ah... correct if I am wrong, but isn't the student health center named The Thomas and Elaine Washington Student Health Center?" Harrison asked.


"Yup!" I answered.


"Is Thomas Washington an attorney by any chance?" Tom asked.


"Yes, he works at a fairly large law firm on Wacker Drive," I added.


"It wouldn't happen to be Billingsley, Gifford, and Washington?" Harrison asked.


"Yes. Why?" I asked. Harrison's jaw was slightly ajar.


"My cousin is a first year associate at the firm," Harrison replied. "Billingsley, Gifford, and Washington is one of the most prestigious firms in Chicago!"


"So I've been told!" I added.


"Okay, guys! It's time to end this interrogation and head to class!" Tom announced.


The four of us headed to our CS 101 TA session and Sawyer proceeded to his class. Once the session was over, I bid my classmates good bye and headed to Chris's condo.



To be continued...


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