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Sam and Chris


Chapter 16: The Tour of Chicago


I awoke on Saturday morning with Chris kissing the back of my neck and my ear lobes. I turned around to face him. "Was that my wakeup call?" I asked.


"Well, it could be. It's only 7 am, but I thought I might like to, at least, kiss you for a while before we hit the showers. But, I certainly will understand if you'd like to sleep more!" Chris whispered.


"No need for more sleep when the offer to kiss you is on the table!" I whispered back.


Chris rolled on top of me and began to passionately kiss me. Finally, I added between kisses, "Chris... you are... one... great... fucking kisser!"


"I have... inspiration... in you! Besides, you're... not... bad... yourself!" Chris moaned.


Chris pulled away from our kissing session, "You know, Sam, I would make love to you, but it would turn out to be a quickie. Do you mind waiting until later this afternoon or tonight?"


"I don't mind! We don't need to have sex every waking moment! Although, I'm thinking I'll need underwear to control my dick when we're out and about today!" I added with a smile.


"Nope! Wear cargo shorts. Commando. It's part of my secret plan for later today," Chris instructed.


"Anything you say, lover man!" I replied as Chris moved his body off mine and pulled me out of bed. We headed to the bathroom to make ourselves presentable for the day.


Once we were shaved, cleaned, and dressed, we moved downstairs to the family dining room off the kitchen. Mr. and Mrs. Washington were seated around the table. He was reading the newspaper and she was engrossed in some paper.


We were also greeted by Henry, "Coffee and juice, gentlemen?"


"That would be very nice, Henry," Chris answered.


"I trust you two slept well," Mrs. Washington asked.


"Yes! We were out like a light in no time!" Chris answered. "What are the two of you up to today?" Chris asked his grandparents.


"It looks like I am going to spend most of the day reading and grading these god awful papers! This is the first that students have turned in this semester. And, I see I have my work cut out for me in the next several months!" Mrs. Washington answered.


"At some point today, I need to buy a couple of new suites. I hate shopping, but Elaine has refused to go with me because she says I'm too picky. At least my friend Jacque at Brooks Brothers takes an interest in what I wear," Mr. Washington added as he smile at Mrs. Washington.


"That's because he gets paid handsomely for it! I don't!" Mrs. Washington added also with a smile.


Henry brought a cart with breakfast items into the room, and began to explain, "I hope everyone is hungry. We have scrambled eggs, bacon, turkey sausage, oven browns, and English muffins. I'll get more coffee. But, please help yourselves."


Mr. and Mrs. Washington were the first to serve themselves and then Chris and I took our turns, "Does Henry do this every morning?"


"Pretty much," Chris said with a smile. "He ramps it down a bit during the week."


"Looks great! Now, I see where you got your ability to cook!" I added.


"Yes," Mrs. Washington said, "If we had to depend on me, we would all starve!"


"When we first were married, we used to cook together all the time," Mr. Washington interjected. "We were actually very good at it after we got the hang of it. There were a few times we had to order pizza during the beginning, but we survived. Now, there is just no time for us to cook."


"If I remember, gramps, you did very well with Sunday breakfast!" Chris complimented.


"That's in the past. I think we will need retraining on the cooking front!" Mr. Washington said.


"Oh! Sam, please, don't let me forget, I need to bring my tux. I need it for the show!" Chris explained.


"I'll remind you," I answered. "This must be some show!"


"The director thought it would be good if we wore tuxes. Everyone except on person has one... So, we might need to change our plans if the director can't get him one." Chris added.


"What time will you be back so I can tell Henry when to have dinner ready?" Mrs. Washington asked.


"I'll make certain it is no later than 5 pm," Chris answered.


"Good! I think I'll need a cocktail about that time after I grade all of these essays!" Mrs. Washington quipped.


"Oh! Sam!" Mr. Washington began, "I talked to your roommate's brother, Darren, over the telephone the other day. He seems like a very bright and personable young man. I thought about offering him a summer internship at the firm so he could get a peek at what really happens in a law practice. Do you think he would be interested?"


"I'm sure he would be thrilled! But, I don't know what family activities they have planned for the summer," I added.


"And, Chris, will you be up here for the summer, or do you have something you need to do at UIUC?" Mr. Washington asked.


"My drama coach is trying to get me an internship with a theater company here in Chicago. He has spoken to a few people he knows here. But, I'm sure I won't know until the summer is almost here. Why?" Chris ended with a question.


"Well, Elaine and I thought you and Sam might like to use one of the foundation's apartments in Lake Point Tower for the summer. I would think I could find a place for an aspiring computer expert to lend a hand at something during the summer. Maybe the family foundation." Mr. Washington paused as he gauged Chris's and my reaction.


Chris looked at me and beamed! "What do you think, Sam?"


"If it is not a problem or inconvenience, sure! I, for one, would be most grateful!" I added.


"Good! I'll check with our IT departments at the firm as well as the foundation to see where they might put you! I think you would learn a great deal!" Mr. Washington said with a smile. "Sometimes our IT group gets a little pompous and stodgy! It would be good to have a few new ideas floating about!"


"Now, I am sure you guys are eager to get out and about! It is a beautiful day... And, think of me because I'll be stuck indoors grading these papers!" Mrs. Washington ended our meal.


Chris and I went to his room and gathered our things for the day and put them in our backpacks. Then, we headed out to explore.


"I thought we would walk over by the Lake for a bit and then over to Michigan Avenue. We could try to catch the bus that goes through Lincoln Park and past the zoo. We'd end up in Lakeview. We could also walk... it's a long walk, but a very nice one," Chris explained his plans.


"We can walk if you want. I've never really had a chance to walk through Lincoln Park. I here it's terrific!" I added.


So, we set out on our adventure. It turned out we did walk up to Lakeview through Lincoln Park. I was amazed at the zoo and the conservatory. Finally, we arrived at Division and Broadway.


"This is really the beginning of the Lake View area. I'll show you a few of my favorite spots along the way," Chris explained.


We walked up Broadway over to Halsted at Cornelia Street until we stopped in front of the Chicago Dinner. "Are you hungry?" Chris asked. "This is a Chicago institution... that is if you would like to eat vegetarian."


"I'm actually starved," I added. "And, I would like to try vegetarian."


"Then, it's settled!" Chris said as he led me into the restaurant.


We were greeted by a very pleasant hostess who sat us at a window table. Our waiter was cute and VERY friendly! Chris and I both had the Mushroom Lentil Loaf. We lingered over dessert and coffee before heading on our tour.


Near the end of our time out and about, Chris announced, "This is also a Chicago institution and where I'm going to give you my surprise. Male Hide Leather has been around forever!"


We walked into the store and I was absolutely enthralled! "Fuck, Chris! The leather in this place made me instantly horny!" I whispered to Chris.


"I thought it might get your attention!" Chris smiled and led me toward a sales clerk.


"It also got my dick's attention," I whispered back to Chris before we talked to the sales person.


"What may I help you two men with today?" the sales clerk answered.


"Well, Ron," Chris replied as he obviously spied Ron's name tag on his leather vest, "I'm Chris and this is my boyfriend, Sam. We want to look at chain link harnesses. What are our options?"


Ron led us to a display of harnesses. We have several choices to choose from. First is a half harness," Ron pointed to a manikin. "We also have a full-body harness. And, finally, we have something that's sort of in between, which is a half harness with another chain that is attached to a cock ring."


Chris settled on a half-harness with the additional attached cock ring.


"Which one is this for?" Ron asked


"One each!" Chris responded.


Ron's eyes lit up like a Christmas Tree! "Oh! I see! This should be exciting! Oh! Sorry I got ahead of myself. We can fit each of you with on closest to your size. Then, we can add or remove links as needed. Also, we'll need to get you the right cock ring... And, we don't really have a dressing room!"


I leaned in to whisper in Chris's ear, "If you get me fucking arrested for indecent exposure, you're going to owe me big time!"


Ron apparently heard my threat directed toward Chris, "Not to worry! We've been in business in Chicago for almost 30 years. No one has gotten arrested yet!"


Ron began the fitting process. We both took off our shirts and eventually dropped our shorts. Several of the other patrons of the store were keenly interested in our fitting. Once we were properly fitted, Ron led us to the counter for payment. "Will there be anything else, Chris?"


Chris thought for a minute, smiled, and then asked, "What kind of paddles do you have, Ron? We will only need one of those, however!"


Chris took my hand and followed Ron to the `Paddle Department.' He showed us several. After a short while, Chris decided on one of them. As we quickly checked out, Chris whispered in my ear, "We might try these out when we're home tomorrow evening!"


After shopping was complete, we scurried back to Astor Street via taxi. We hurried up the back stairs to stash our purchase before cocktail time. I also reminded Chris that we needed to touch base with Sawyer.


Before I made the call to Sawyer, I asked Chris, "What time are we leaving tomorrow?"


"We can be flexible... But, we should be on our way by 3 pm." Chris answered.


I picked up the phone and called Sawyer. "Sawyer!"


"Sammie! How's it going in the big city?" Sawyer asked me. He seemed perky enough.


"Great! We've had a wonderful time here! Chris and I walked down to Michigan Avenue. Then, we walked through Lincoln Park to Lake View. We ate at the Chicago Diner. Chris took me shopping at Male Hide Leather. And, now, we're getting ready to head back downstairs for cocktails and diner," I summed up the weekend.


"Sounds awesome!" Sawyer effused.


"How did it go with your parents and your news?" I asked.


"Well, after Darren and I picked them up from the floor, it went really well. They were, actually, not terribly surprised! It seems they had discussed the possibility of one or both of us being gay." Sawyer explained. "So, we're saved from the wrath of God!"


"I'm glad to hear that all went so smoothly! What's on your agenda for tomorrow?" I asked.


"Nothing much. We're just playing it by ear. What time do you want to leave tomorrow? Darren said he would drive me into the city," Sawyer added.


"Chris said we should be on our way by 3. Is that okay with you?" I asked.


"I can't be choosey, Sam! Where do we meet?" Sawyer asked.


I turned to Chris, "Darren is driving Sawyer into the city tomorrow. Where do you want to meet him?"


"Why don't they come here? Say, around 2 pm. I'm sure my grandparents would love to meet them both," Chris responded.


"Chris said we could meet here around 2. That way you can meet Chris's awesome grandparents!"


"Okay! How do we get there?" Sawyer asked.


"I'll let Chris explain," I decided and I handed Chris the phone.


Chris gave Sawyer driving directions and handed the phone back to me.


"Okay, Sawyer! We'll see you tomorrow! We need to dash," I said.


"Okay, Sammie. We can catch up on the nitty gritty in the car on the way back!" Sawyer interjected as we both hung up the phone.


We changed into something less casual and headed downstairs to the family room. It was, indeed, more casual, but yet tastefully decorated. `I guess that is my gay gene coming out!' I thought to myself. `Wait! I didn't know I had a gay gene!'


"How did your day go, guys?" Mr. Washington asked. He and Mrs. Washington had already settled in with their cocktails.


"We had a terrific time! We talked down to Michigan Avenue. Then, we walked through Lincoln Park and wound up in Lakeview. We ate at the Chicago Diner!" Chris summarized our day. Naturally, he left out the shopping part. "How was your day?" He direct the question to both of his grandparents.


Mr. Washington went first, "Jacque and I had a memorable bonding experience this afternoon! If that man ever retires, I will declare every day at the firm as casual Friday!"


"As I thought earlier, I spent the entire day reviewing my students' essays. If I didn't have cocktail time to look forward to this evening, I think I would be severely depressed!" Mrs. Washington replied. Then, she turned her attention to Chris, "Did you ever do anything about becoming a vegetarian, Chris?"


"Not officially," Chris began to explain. "I rarely eat beef or pork." Chris turned to me, "Would you ever want to become a vegetarian, Sam?"


"I loved what we ate today! It was very tasty." I answered and then continued, "But... I don't think I would announce that to my parents. It didn't matter that I was gay... But, a vegetarian! I think I would be drummed out of the family in about two seconds! They are from COW country, Chris! They just wouldn't understand."


"Ah! I never thought of it that way," Chris said with a smile on his face. "We'll have to put that on the back burner for a while then!"


Mrs. Washington shook the ice in her glass.


"So, ready for another, grandma?" Chris asked.


"I thought you'd never ask! I want you to know that if I turn into a raging alcoholic, you will make sure that every single one of my students understands that they are to blame!" Mrs. Washington playfully added.


Chris made his grandparents both another drink and brought us two more Coronas.


"I'm almost afraid to ask, but do your parents drink, Sam?" Mrs. Washington asked me.


"Oh! Yea! My mother likes red wine and my father usually drinks beer. But, last weekend, he hit the scotch bottle!" I added.


"A man after my own heart!" Mrs. Washington began. "I think we will get along just fine. We can be drinking buddies!"


About that time Henry announced that dinner was ready. We all headed toward the more casual family dining room.


After we were seated, Henry explained diner before serving it. "In your honor, Chris, I made one of your favorites. Grilled Salmon with a Berne sauce, roasted vegetables, and a Risotto that you like."


"Thank you, Henry! You're so good to me!" Chris enthused as Henry served the four plates of food. Then, he disappeared into the kitchen.


"So, I hope you guys don't mind, but I made reservations at Yoshi's Café for brunch at 11:30 tomorrow," Mr. Washington announced.


"Great choice, gramps!" Chris effused. He turned to me to explain a little further, "It's on Halsted Street a few blocks south of Chicago Diner. It has a really, really good brunch!


"Is it Japanese?" I asked.


"It's sort of a Japanese-French fusion place," Mrs. Washington added. "Yoshi Katsumura and his wife have run it for 20 or 30 years. It just keeps getting better and better!"


"Trust me, you'll like it, Sam!" Chris confirmed. "If Henry has a day off, grandma and gramps usually eat there!"


"Should we tell Sawyer to come a little later?" I asked Chris.


"No! We'll be back by then, right gramps?" Chris asked.


"I'm sure we will. During Sunday Brunch, Yoshi likes to turn the tables a few times... No lingering!" Mr. Washington added with a grin.


"So, Sam," Mrs. Washington began, "Other than your roommate and this one here, have you met many people at school?"


"A few! Sawyer and I met two people from our dorm during the mixer event right before school started. Tracy O'Malley and Rick Livingston. Then, I met Brandon McIntosh down the hall, and three people from my computer science study group: Tom, Harrison, and Glen."


"The father of Ms. O'Malley wouldn't happen to be the State Senator John O'Malley, would he?" Mr. Washington asked.


"Ah... Yes. Do you know him?" I asked.


"Quite well, as a matter of fact," Mr. Washington replied.


"And, I know her mother, Candice," Mrs. Washington added. "But, we don't see eye to eye on several things, so maybe you shouldn't mention that connection to her!"


"Mrs. O'Malley and Elaine don't exactly share the same views on certain social issues," Mr. Washington quietly stated.


"Yes, there are certain pesky little things on which we differ. For example, we agree that we need to do more to lessen the homeless population in the city. However, she is more interested in getting the homeless off the streets because she doesn't like them lurking around and dirtying the scenery," Mrs. Washington added.


"Yea!" Chris began, "Don't get on grandma's bad side because she will eat you alive!"


"Christopher! I'm not that bad!" Mrs. Washington rebuffed her grandson.


"Ha!" Mr. Washington added.


The sparing continued throughout the rest of diner. Henry arrived when we were finished with our meal and retrieved the dishes. He then brought out a cheese cake for dessert and coffee. Apparently, the cheese cake was also one of Chris's favorites.


About 11 pm, Mr. and Mrs. Washington decided they were heading upstairs. Chris and I made our way to the kitchen to chat with Henry as he finished cleaning things up.


"Can I get either of you anything else?" Henry asked.


"Not for me, Henry! Dinner was excellent!" I said.


"Thank you, Sam!" Henry replied. "Could I get you something, Chris?"


"No thank you! I am stuffed!" Chris replied. "Dinner was indeed superb, as usual!"


"Thank you, Chris!" Henry said. "And, Sam, whatever it is you are doing, please keep it up. I haven't seen Chris this happy in a long time! And, I think you are responsible!"

Chris put his arm around my shoulder and I held onto his waist. Chris kissed me on my cheek, "I'd have to say that you are absolutely right, Henry!"


Henry pulled the two of us into a hug! "I won't see you tomorrow, so I'll say good bye now! And, don't be a stranger—either of you!"


We, too, headed upstairs. We were naked in no time at all, and, after a few minor bathroom tasks, we were snuggled together in bed.


"I've really enjoyed this weekend, Chris! Your grandparents are terrific! I think my parents would both like your grandmother's sense of humor!" I said.


"And, I can tell they really like you, Sam! Of course, who wouldn't?" Chris said as he kissed me on my nose. "And, Henry is right! Since I've met you, I think I am the happiest person around! And, the luckiest!"


"Actually, Chris, I have to keep pinching myself to make sure all of this is real!" I added. "By the way, where is Lake Point Tower that your grandfather mentioned earlier today?"


"Ah! That! I'll show you on the way out of town tomorrow! You'll love it! It's right on the lake and the view is tremendous! The foundation has three apartments there. They are all on the 32nd floor!" Chris said with a smile.


"Sounds terrific!" I effused. I paused for a moment or two. "Chris, will you make love to me tonight?"


"Let's put it this way, Sam! If you didn't mention it, I was going to just take your body by storm!" Chris replied with a little lust in his voice. "Between our little shopping trip this afternoon and laying here holding you, I'm feeling really, really fucking horny! And, you know what, Sam...? I love you!"


"And, I love you, too, Chris!" I whispered to my lover.


Chris grabbed the lube and positioned himself between my legs. The dim light drifted through the window from the full moon outside. After he finished putting lube on his dick and around my hole, he leaned down and softly began to kiss me. I felt his dick as he moved it over my hole. He pushed forward into me in one slow, gentle movement. He leaned down and kissed me again. Passionately. Softly. Lovingly.


He continued pleasuring me. All the while, he punctuated his lovemaking with soft, gentle kisses. After several minutes Chris picked up the pace. I took it upon myself to begin playing with my lover's nipples.


Chris whispered between strokes, "You know how to get to me, don't you babe!"


We both smiled at each other as Chris's continued his thrusts until he finally hissed, "I'm going to cum, babe! Shit! I'm fucking cumming in your beautiful ass! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... Fuck!" He finally collapsed on top of me.




The alarm on Chris's phone sounded at 8. My eyes fluttered open as Chris fumbled to shut off the phone. Once it was silent, Chris snuggled next to me and started to nibble on my ears. "You're habit forming, you know! And, you're handsome. You're smart. You're tasty... And, you're mine!"


"I don't come with an owner's manual, you know!" I answered him as he continued to nibble on my ears.


"Hmmm... Then, we get to make up the rules as we go... And, right now, I have to go... to the bathroom. Want to join me in the shower?" Chris purred.


"Yes! I think we should do that every day to save on water!" I answered.


Chris climbed out of bed and pulled me with him. We hit the shower. We dressed in slacks and our blazers. We packed our stuff, and, then, we headed downstairs around 9:30.


Mr. and Mrs. Washington were sitting in the breakfast room sipping coffee and reading the paper. When we entered, Mrs. Washington exclaimed, "My! You too look handsome today!"


"Thanks, grandma. We do clean up fairly well, I think!" Chris added with a smile. "Coffee, Sam?"


"I'd love some!" I replied.


When Chris had retrieved coffee, we sat on the window seat and enjoyed the warmth of the sun shining through the window.




My phone rang at exactly 2 pm. It was Sawyer, "Hello, Sawyer!"


"Sammie! We're in front of this huge house at 1400 Astor. Did I get the address wrong?" Sawyer asked in an excited voice.


"Nope! You're here. Chris and I will be out in a second," I replied as I grinned at Chris.


"We should go help them in!" Chris added. We hurried to the front door and greeted an excited Sawyer and Darren, "Come it guys!"


"This is where your grandparents live?" Sawyer whispered as they were walking up to the front door.


"Yup! They are in the back. We just returned from brunch about 15 minutes ago!" Chris said as he led a spell bound Sawyer and Darren into the family room. Chris began the introductions, "Grandma and grandpa. This is Sawyer Cunningham, Sam's roommate, and Darren Cunningham, Sawyer's brother. Sawyer, Darren, these are my grandparents, Tom and Elaine Washington."


Chris's grandparents both moved toward Sawyer and Darren and offered their hands. "It's nice to meet you gentlemen! And, young man," Mr. Washington said to Darren, "I really enjoyed our conversation the other day. It's a pleasure to meet you both!"


"Welcome to our home," Mrs. Washington added, "may we get you something to drink or eat?"


"No thank you, Mrs. Washington," Sawyer began, "my mother made certain we were sufficiently stuffed before she let us out of the house this afternoon. You'd think we haven't eaten for weeks the way she has fed us all weekend!"


"That's what parents and grandparents do when their charges head off to college for the first time. Right Chris?" Mrs. Washington replied.


"Absolutely! You and Henry used to send me back to school with an entire grocery store in the trunk of my car the first year!" Chris added with a grin.


"Chris, why don't you and Sam take Sawyer and Darren on a brief tour? You can explain some of the history of the house, too!" Mrs. Washington suggested.


Chris led us on a tour of the formal part of the house. He also showed Sawyer and Darren his bedroom suite as well as the library on the third floor.


As we were heading back downstairs to join Chris's grandparents, Sawyer asked, "So, the Wrigley's actually lived here?"


"It was actually William Wrigley Jr's daughter who married James Offield," Chris answered as we headed back to where Chris's grandparents were sitting. Chris retrieved coffee for us and we sat near Chris's grandparents.


Mr. Washington was the first to speak, "So, Sawyer. I know your brother here has a possible interest in pursuing a career in law. What about you?"


"Well, it's funny you should ask. I'm actually a business major in school, but after talking to my father and my uncle this weekend, I'm sort of leaning toward going to law school myself. But, first I need to finish my undergrad work." Sawyer explained. "As I get deeper into the business aspect of things, I'm beginning to see that I might not be cut out for all of this stuff."


"You have plenty of time to decide that. But, a business degree could be a great steppingstone into a successful law career," Mr. Washington said.


"That's sort of what my uncle mentioned. He spoke of a law firm here in Chicago that has a group of attorneys who manage careers of several athletes and other celebrities. It sounded like that might be a terrific career path. But, it's way too early to decide that." Sawyer added.


"Your uncle is indeed correct. I suspect he may have been talking about a group of attorney's in my firm," Mr. Washington began. "As a matter of fact, I was thinking that if the two of you wanted, I could probably arrange for you to be an intern with my firm next summer. It would give you both an insight into the real workings of a law firm. I might even find something for you in the Career Management practice. You could see firsthand if something like that would be of interest to you. I guarantee, working in a law firm is not as exciting as some people think."


"That would be awesome, wouldn't it Darren!" Sawyer effused.


"Absolutely!" Darren agreed.


"I'll ask around. We usually begin offering summer internships in January. So, it's not too early to get your name in the pool. If you would both leave me your e-mail address, I'll have my assistant send you an application. You can send it directly to me when you have it finished, and I'll make certain it lands in the right hands." Mr. Washington suggested.


"We certainly would be very appreciative of any help you can give us," Darren replied. "Our dad, though, has been pretty adamant that Sawyer and I need to make a little money during the summer. He thinks it builds character!"


"Rest assured, guys. Our firm only offers paid internships," Mr. Washington assured Darren and Sawyer.


"I think this might be a very exciting summer for all of us!" Mrs. Washington added.


"Okay guys!" Chris announced. "It is time we hit the road. Tomorrow is a school day, after all!"


We all said our good byes. Chris's grandparents hugged us both. I think Chris's grandmother was a little misty eyed as we were leaving.


Chris headed south on Lakeshore Drive. "The black building on the left, Sam, is Lake Point Tower."


"Holy shit! Chris! The views must be terrific from there!" I enthused.


"They are, indeed," Chris reassured me.


"Ah... Not to be too nosey, but how, exactly, does Lake Point Tower fit into the weekend?" Sawyer asked.


"Ah... My grandparents offered us the use of one of the family foundation's condos there this summer." Chris explained.


"Holy fuck!" Sawyer exclaimed. "Ah... Chris... Do you think your grandfather will be able to get Dar and me an internship at his firm this summer?"


"Ah... He is the managing partner of the Chicago office. So, yea... I think you might plan on it unless you rob a bank or flunk out of school!" Chris explained. "My friend Luke worked there last summer. And, the firm pays its interns fairly well."


"Is it too early to tell Tracy? I can't wait to see her face when I tell her!" Sawyer explained.


"I think you might wait for a little while until you know for sure," I answered.


"Okay! It will give me something to look forward to, though!" Sawyer added with a huge grin on his face.


We discussed our weekend activities the rest of the way back to school. Sawyer confessed to missing Glen considerably!

Once we hit town, we decided to eat at pizza place near campus before dropping Sawyer at the dorm.


"Would you mind if Glen joined us?" Sawyer asked.


"Not at all, Sawyer! Give him a call. We can swing by and pick him up," Chris answered.


Sawyer was on the phone almost immediately.


Glen was waiting for us in front of his dorm. He made his way beside Sawyer and kissed him.


"I really missed you, you know!" Glen added.


"Same here!" Sawyer agreed.


We arrived at the pizza place and ordered two large pizzas. We continued our discussion.


"How was your visit with your family, Glen," I asked.


"Nice! A little on the quiet side, but nice!" Glen responded. "I guess the big highlight was on the way out of Ames, my dip shit brothers asked me if I had found a boyfriend yet! Needless to say, I was a little taken aback! But, they assured me that my secret was safe with them."


"How did you respond? And, what made them ask?" Sawyer inquired.


"They said that they knew I was gay for a long time! And, I told them that, yes, indeed, I found a boyfriend!" Glen said as he smiled at Sawyer. "They promised to support me no matter what my parent's reaction is when the time comes to tell them."


"That's awesome, Glen. By the way, what are their names?" Sawyer asked.


"You aren't going to believe this, but one is Harry and the other is Terry," Glen explained. "They are dating twins now."


We chatted more as we ate our pizza. Finally, Chris and I dropped Sawyer and Glen in front of the dorm.


When we were safely ensconced in Chris's condo, Chris asked, "Do you need to study tonight?"


"Unfortunately, I should work on my term paper for English. You?" I explained.


"As much as I want you naked and in bed with me now, I do have things I need to accomplish," Chris confessed. "So, how about we both do our thing for a couple of hours!"


"Deal," I agreed as I kissed my boyfriend. I pulled my stuff out and set to work on the kitchen island and Chris disappeared into his office.


I had a difficult time concentrating knowing Chris was in the next room, but I did manage to accomplish a lot.


After two hours, Chris reappeared in the kitchen and put his arms around me. He began to kiss the back of my neck.


"Mmmm..." I purred. "I missed you!"


"And, I missed you, too! I think we need to get another desk for the office. I like to have you close to me," Chris announced his plans.


"Do you think that might be too distracting?" I asked.


"Nope... Well, maybe... But, I think we should try it... At least I can look at you from time to time..." Chris explained as he continued to kiss the back of my neck.


I turned around on the stool to face Chris. I pulled him in for a kiss. Finally, I asked, "When are you going to take me to bed?"


"I think now would be good!" Chris answered as he pulled me from the stool and led me into the bedroom.




To be continued...


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