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Sam and Chris


Chapter 18: The Attack


I felt my phone ping during my Friday calculus class. It was 1:45. I was near the back of the classroom and I pulled it out of my shirt pocket to see who had sent me a text. It was from Todd, our RA.


"Sam," it started, "please contact me as soon as possible. It is about Brandon and is urgent."


`Shit! Now what?' I thought. I grabbed all of my stuff, shoved it in my backpack, and headed for the rear exit.


Once I was in the hallway, I quickly dialed Todd's number. "Todd, its Sam. What's up with Brandon?"


"Where are you, Sam?" Todd asked.


"I just left my calculus class. What's going on?" I inquired knowing that something was up. Todd had an urgency in his voice. He sounded out of breath.


"I just got a call from Officer Kirkpatrick. I'm on my way to the Carl Foundation hospital emergency room. Brandon attempted suicide." Todd replied. "He was found on the lower level of the Student Union in an underused bathroom. He was found by a student. From what I know about this from Officer Kirkpatrick, Brandon apparently slit his wrists and was unconscious!"


"Shit! I'm on my way." I replied as I started running down the hallway.


"Can you call Sawyer and Chris? I think we might need them for morale support, Sam."


"I'll do that. Sure!" I ended the call with Todd and immediately called Chris.


"Hi, babe! What's happening?" Chris answered.


"I just received a call from Todd, our RA. Brandon attempted suicide. He's been taken to the Carle hospital ER. I'm on my way there."


"Where are you now? I'm in my car. I'm near Green and 6th."


"I'm on Green Street near the chapel."


"Stay there. I'll be there in a few seconds."


I heard the phone go silent. As Chris pulled up beside me, I hopped in. "I need to find Sawyer." I called Sawyer's number, but I was sent straight to his voice mail. "Sawyer! It's Sam. Call me as soon as you get this message. It's urgent!"


Chris found a space in the ER parking lot and we ran to the entrance. We found Officer Kirkpatrick and Mr. Davidson near the entrance.


"Where's Brandon? Can we see him?" I almost screamed at the two men.


"Sam, please calm down." Mr. Davidson said. "The doctors are in with him now."


"Is he going to be alright?" I asked in almost a whisper.


"We think so. The doctors will let us know more when they are finished," Officer Kirkpatrick added.


"Oh! God!" Chris muttered.


I noticed Todd rush through the emergency room entrance. "Where's Brandon?"


"The doctors are with him now," I replied in a very low voice.


"Let's go to the waiting room. They will find us when they have further news." Mr. Davidson suggested.


We all headed toward the room and sat down. Chris took my hand in his as we sat. I leaned on his shoulder and shed some tears. "It's so unfair," I softly said to Chris.


"I know, babe, but we have to stay strong... for Brandon." Chris whimpered through some tears of his own.


Mr. Davidson began to explain, "I had Brandon sign two documents last evening after the officers took his statement. I suggested that, as his attorney, I be named on his power of attorney. I also asked him who he trusted the most. He emphatically named his friend Matt and you two, Sam and Chris. So, the four of us are listed on Brandon's Power of Attorney and Medical Power of Attorney. Either one or all four of us will be expected to act on his behalf until his next of kin can arrive. My assistant is trying to find his family."


My phone began to ring and I answered, "Sawyer!"


"Sam! What's happening? You sounded frantic on the voice mail," Sam said.


"Brandon attempted suicide. He was taken to Carle ER. Chris, Todd, and I are at the hospital along with Officer Kirkpatrick and Mr. Davison. Where are you now?"


"I just got out of class. I'll be there in a few minutes."


"Okay! We're in the ER waiting room," I replied.


Sawyer arrived about 15 minutes later. "Sam! How is he?"


"We are waiting to hear," I said to Sawyer.


"How was Brandon when he left you this morning?" Officer Kirkpatrick asked Chris and me.


"He didn't seem to be depressed when we left the condo!" I answered. "What did you think, Chris?"


"I thought he was in good spirits. I know the conversation with his mother last night rocked his world, but he didn't seem depressed to me..." Chris added. "But, I guess we all should know more about the signs of depression."


Just then Mr. Davison's cell phone started to ring, "Davison!" There was a pause. "Yes, Mr. Green. I asked my assistant to try to locate you. Do you know Brandon McIntosh?" Another pause. "I have been retained as his attorney. Please don't panic, Mr. Green..., but Brandon tried to commit suicide earlier today." Anther pause. "We are waiting for news of his condition from the doctors at the Carle Foundation ER." Another pause. "He had a problem with his roommate. The roommate physically abused Brandon. Then, his mother called him and upset him terribly. But, the two people he stayed with last night didn't seem to think Brandon was depressed or even pondering taking his life." Again, Mr. Davison paused.


"How much do you know about Brandon, his relationship with his mother, and his relationship with his friend Matt?" Mr. Davison asked. He paused again. "So, you knew Brandon was gay and involved with Matt?" Another much longer pause. "Apparently, his roommate told Brandon's mother that he was gay. So, she called Brandon last night; she was apparently extremely agitated. Finally, he admitted to his mother that he was indeed gay. From what I understand about the conversation, she disowned him." Another pause. "Oh! I didn't know that!" Still yet another longer pause. "I will call the financial aid office." He paused once again. "We haven't talked about his younger brother. Are you concerned about him?" Yet another pause. "I'll see what I can do. In the meantime, when do you think you can be here?" There was still another pause. "Please call me when you are arriving."


Mr. Davison ended the call. He turned to the group assembled in the waiting room, "That was Brandon's half-brother, Randy. He will find Matt and they will be here as soon as possible. Did any of you know that Brandon was attending UIUC on a scholarship linked to an evangelical Christian church foundation?"


"I didn't even know he was on a scholarship," I replied. "I knew he was strapped for cash, but that's about it."


Mr. Davison added. "Officer Kirkpatrick, did any one find Brandon's phone?"


"I'll find out," Officer Kirkpatrick answered as he headed out of the waiting room.


Mr. Davison turned to the rest of the group in the waiting room, "Brandon's half-brother is also concerned about the other sibling who is still living at home with the mother. I'll see what I can do to make certain he is safe."


One of the doctors, Dr. Martinez, who was attending to Brandon entered the room, "Is there a Lee Davison here?"


"Yes, doctor," Mr. Davidson offered as he stood to greet the doctor, "I'm Lee Davison."


"Can you come with me so we could speak privately?" the doctor asked.


"Yes, but there are two others here who are named in Brandon's Power of Attorney. I think we should discuss this together. All of these young men have been very supportive of Brandon." Mr. Davidson replied.


"Okay, then," the doctor led Mr. Davison, Chris, and me to a conference room and began his explanation. "Brandon is a very lucky young man. I'll start from the beginning. It appears that, prior to slitting his wrists in an attempted suicide, he may have also been raped."


We all murmured in disbelief.


"We collected a rape kit and sent to the lab," the doctor added. "He lost some blood before he was discovered. Fortunately for Brandon, he slit his wrists across the wrist. So, his blood loss was not totally life-threatening. He may have used a razor blade or some other sharp, but thin, object. We started him on a blood transfusion and are administering fluids. We also sent urine samples to the lab for testing. We have a psychiatric nurse that will see Brandon shortly. She will make a recommendation on the state of his mental stability. We will have a private duty nurse in his room 24 hours a day until we can further evaluate his mental state of being. If you want to visit Brandon, please keep your visits short and nonconfrontive. When I left him a few minutes ago, he didn't remember events that led up to the suicide attempt. His only recognition was, this morning, leaving the two people he stayed with last night."


"That would have been Chris and me," I added for the doctor's benefit. "May we see him?"


"He was asking about you two. He was a little agitated, so we gave him a light sedative. I believe he is resting, but I will have his nurse contact you when he wakes up. Okay! I believe we have all of your contact information in case we need to reach you," the doctor summarized. "If there is any new information, which one should I contact?"


"Probably that should be me for the time being until we have some other items resolved," Mr. Davison answered.


Mr. Davison, Chris, and I returned to the waiting room. Mr. Davison explained to the others about Brandon's rape and recovery prognosis.


Officer Kirkpatrick spoke next. "I'll contact campus security. We have security cameras in the portion of the student union where Brandon was discovered. Maybe they will shed some light on what might have happened. And, in light of the discovery that Brandon may have been raped, I will ask that the state police get involved."


Todd finally piped up, "Okay. Does anyone but me need a little caffeine? I can run down to the cafeteria and bring us all something. I think this might be a long day!"


We all decided to accompany Todd to the cafeteria.


We waited for several more minutes until Dr. Matinez entered the waiting room, "The good news is that Brandon is awake and has asked to see Sam and Chris. We will want to keep Brandon here overnight and probably have a psychiatrist review the psych nurse's report and evaluate him tomorrow morning. But, he seems to be recovering from his suicide attempt very nicely. He is not aware, however, of the morning's events prior to his attempt to end his life. So, my advice, until he speaks with the therapist, is to avoid the subject of his attack unless he brings it up. Please, gentlemen, follow me "


Dr. Martinez led Chris and me to Brandon's room and we entered. Brandon smiled as we walked into the room.


"We understand you're feeling better, Brandon," Chris greeted Brandon.


"I guess. I'm still a little groggy. I can't remember much of the morning after I left you guys," Brandon quietly replied. "The doctors told me I tried to commit suicide! I don't remember even thinking about that!"


"They told us a psychiatric nurse will be in to see you later. Maybe he or she will help you figure things out," I answered.


"I just wanted to say thank you. You are both so kind and caring! I really appreciated spending last night with you two." Brandon said to both Chris and me.


"That's what friends are for, Brandon," Chris replied. "We're here for you if you need us. Please always remember that!"


"I feel like such a dumb ass," Brandon quietly added. "Has anyone contacted Greg? I'm worried about him."


"Mr. Davison is using his influence to check your mother's home to make certain Greg is safe," I added. "We'll let you know what happens with Greg. Don't worry about him. Just get better, okay?"


"I guess I have my hands full, don't I!" Brandon answered with a smile.


"Why don't we leave you alone? I'm sure you want to get some more rest. We'll let you know when Randy and Matt arrive. It should be almost anytime," Chris suggested. "And, please understand, Randy and Matt will stay with us for as long as they need."


"Who would you like to see next?" I asked.


"Probably Randy and Matt when they get here," Brandon decided. "I hope I haven't caused them too much inconvenience."


"I don't think they look at it that way, Brandon," I responded.


"Thank you, guys! I hope you don't mind me saying this, but I really love the two of you—like brothers!" Brandon meekly effused.


Chris and I both kissed Brandon on the forehead before we left him to await his next visitors.


We took seats next to Sawyer. "He said he didn't remember anything since he left Chris and me this morning." I said to the group.


Once we were situated in the waiting room, Mr. Davison's phone began to ring, "Leo Davison."


"We are in the ER waiting room. We'll be right out to meet you," Mr. Davison said into the phone and finally clicked off the call. "The brother and friend just arrived. We should meet them in the lobby."


We all hurried to the lobby and found two men hurrying into the hospital. "You must be Randy and Mathew," Mr. Davison said to the two new arrivals.


"Yes, SIR! I'm Brandon's older brother—half-brother that is. This is Matt Allan, Brandon's friend." Randy introduced the two.


"I'm Leo Davison. This is Sam, Chris, Sawyer, and Todd," Mr. Davison said as he pointed to each of us.


Matt did, indeed, look a lot like Chris. They are both about the same height and both sported an almost identical muscular build. Randy was about my height. He had dark brown hair with piercing brown eyes, and I could tell he had a well-defined body underneath his shirt.


"Where is Brandon now?" Randy asked.


Mr. Davison explained Brandon's condition, including the possible rape "He said he wanted to see both of you when you arrived."


"Fuck!" Randy exclaimed. "Do the police know who did that?"


"They are looking at security cameras tapes from nearby security cameras for possible leads," Mr. Davison added.


"Did Brandon mention his younger brother, Greg?" Randy asked.


"He mentioned him to me. He was worried about him," I added


"I tried to call him on the way down here, but he didn't answer his phone. It went directly to voice mail." Randy explained. "I can only hope he is not alone with our mother."


"Do you think he is in danger?" Mr. Davison asked.


"Our mother has never been physically abusive in the past. But, with the revelation that her son is gay, I can only imagine her rage," Randy added.


"How old is the brother?" Mr. Davison asked.


"Seventeen," Randy explained.


"The mother is in Rockford, correct?" Mr. Davison asked.


"Yes," Randy answered.


"I know someone in the police department there. With your permission, I could asked that an officer accompany a DCF caseworker to the home," Mr. Davison offered. "If the brother is in any danger, he can be removed from the home. Would you be willing to assume temporary custody of your half-brother?"


"Absolutely!" Randy agreed.


"Okay let me make a few calls. I will be back as soon as possible," Mr. Davison explained.


We told Randy and Matt that Brandon wanted to see them as soon as they both arrived.


Matt and Randy returned to the recovery waiting room after about 30 minutes. As Matt sat down he began to cry, "Why did this asshole do this to him! Brandon doesn't deserve this. He is such a gentle and loving guy! Fuck!"


We waited for two more hours. None of us talked much. Matt went in to check on Brandon several times.


Officer Kirkpatrick's phone began to ring. "Kirkpatrick," he said into the phone. After a few moments, he continued. "Okay! Keep me posted. I'll notify hospital security and wait for the state police." Officer Kirkpatrick said into the phone after a pause.


"The security cameras caught four guys entering and leaving the area of the Student Union where Brandon was attacked. The tape appears to show a scuffle on the lower level of the area Brandon was found in," Officer Kirkpatrick announced to those of us who were waiting on news of Brandon's condition. "Two State Police officers are on their way over here with photos of the four guys. I hope we can figure out who these guys are from the photos. Would any of you recognize Ben Griffith and some of his buddies?"


"One of his friends live down the hall from us. I don't know his name, but I would recognize him. He was with Ben when the altercation happened in the hallway." Sawyer volunteered.


"Two others that I think he was friendly with live on a different floor," Todd added.


After almost 20 minutes, two state police officers entered the waiting room.


"Gentlemen!" Officer Kirkpatrick greeted the two officers. "You have the photos, I assume."


"Yes, we do! I am Officer Miller and this is Officer St. James," the first State Policeman said as he handed Officer Kirkpatrick an envelope. "We also have orders to assist with security if the victim is not in a restricted area of the hospital."


"He's in a private room with a private duty nurse. I'll talk with hospital security in a moment." Officer Kirkpatrick said as he opened the envelope and pulled out the photos.


"Do any of you men recognize anyone in these photos?" Officer Kirkpatrick said as he handed the first photo to Todd.


"That's Ben Griffith," Todd replied pointing to the first photo.


"That's Marv Highlander," Todd replied pointing to the second photo.


Todd looked at the last two photos, "I believe they are Ben Griffith's friends from the floor below. I don't know their names. But, I'm certain Jeff Wilson, the RA on the floor below, knows who they are."


"Thank you, Todd!" Officer Kirkpatrick replied.


"It's getting late," Chris said. "Maybe we should go back to the condo and try to get some rest."


"Yea. I'm a little stressed. I was doing 80 on the way down here. It takes its toll!" Randy added.


Chris and I went in to say good bye to Brandon. When we returned to the waiting room, Randy and Matt went in.


We waited in silence until Randy and Matt returned from their visit with Brandon. I could tell they both had been crying. Their eyes were red. It was almost 10 pm.


"Brandon is pretty tired. I think the nurse gave him something to help him sleep," Randy informed us.


Mr. Davison's phone rang. "Lee Davison!" He answered. "We'll be right out." He said into the phone and then ended the call. "Greg is in the lobby with the DCF caseworker. I told the caseworker we would be right down."


We all hurried down to the lobby to greet Greg. When we arrived in the lobby, a tearful Greg lunged to pull Randy and Matt into a hug. "I am so glad to see you guys. I thought Mom was going to really hurt me. I locked myself in my room. She was banging on the door demanding I let her in when the police arrived. They took her into custody for assaulting a police officer. I've never seen her like that before!" Greg was sobbing on Randy's shoulder. "Can I see Brandon?"


"I'll go in with you. He might be asleep, but at least you can see that he is alright," Randy offered. "We'll be back here first thing in the morning."


Randy took Greg to Brandon's room. Mr. Davison and Officer Kirkpatrick left Chris, Matt, Sawyer, Todd, and me to wait for Randy and Greg. We waited for about 15 minutes in the lobby before they returned. Again, we could tell Randy and Greg had been crying.


"Are you ready to head out?" Chris asked Randy and Greg.


"Yea! We're good to go," Randy replied solemnly.


"Sam, why don't you go with Randy, Greg, and Matt and start getting them settled. I'll drop Sawyer and Todd off at the dorm," Chris suggested.


"Sounds like a plan!" I added. We headed to our respective vehicles.


"Why don't you drive, Sam?" Randy suggested. "You know the way. After the day I have had, I would only wind up driving around in circles!"


I took Randy's keys and drove us to the condo. Once we were in, I gave them a quick tour. "Would anyone want a beer or soft drink?" I asked.


Everyone but Greg decided on a beer. He wanted water. "You can figure out your sleeping arrangements," I began. "The guestroom, as you saw, has the king bed. The office has a pullout sofa bed. Both have bathrooms attached."


"Greg and I can bunk together," Matt offered.


"It is a king bed, guys," Randy began. "I think we might all like the company!"


We discussed the next day's chain of events. It wasn't long before Chris arrived. He grabbed a beer and joined us in the living room. "The guys decided that all three of them want to bunk together tonight," I informed Chris.


"Makes perfect sense to me!" Chris replied with his trademark huge smile. "How do you want to work tomorrow?"


Randy spoke first. "We will head to the hospital early. Visiting hours start at 9 am, and I think we want to be there first thing, right guys?"


"For sure! We can send Matt in to wake up my brother!" Greg answered. Naturally, he was smiling. "I'm sure Brandon will be ready for a tongue bath by then!"


"Schmuck..." Matt replied as he cuffed Greg on the shoulder.


"There are toothbrushes, razors, shaving cream, soap, shampoo, and towels and things in the bathroom. Please help yourselves." Chris offered our guests. "Do any of you need something to wear tomorrow? I'm sure we can find something."


"I think we should be alright for tomorrow. We might smell like wet dogs after that," Randy answered.


"Help yourselves to anything in the fridge. We'll have coffee going around 7 tomorrow morning," Chris added. "I might even round up some bagels and cream cheese."


"We appreciate everything you've done for us and especially for Brandon, guys!" Matt offered as he pulled Chris and me into a hug. Randy and Greg did the same.


Chris and I headed to our bedroom and hit the shower. It felt good to finally rinse the grim off our bodies after such a sucky day. Of course, there was the obligatory fondling and kissing. I offered to wash Chris's cock and balls. They were very, very clean by the time we were finished.


We dried off and snuggled into bed. We were facing each other. "I know we had a long and stressful day, Chris. And, I know we are both tired... But, I'm feeling needy... Would you make love to me tonight, Chris?"


"I think that could be arranged, my dear man!" Chris answered with a smile as he pulled me tighter and started to kiss me. Chris rolled me on my back so that he was on top of me. We continued to make out. Soft. Sensual. Loving kisses.


Finally, I couldn't take it anymore, "Chris, I need you in me now. Please, Chris... Please!" I whimpered.


Chris lifted his body off mine and grabbed the lube. He had his incredibly hard, beautiful cock slathered with the stuff in a flash. He added some to my asshole. He leaned in to kiss me as he lined his cock up with my awaiting ass. His descended into me in one, slow, gentle push.


"Fuck, Chris! You make me feel so good!" I whispered. "Every time you make love to me is just a little better than the last!"


In between kisses, Chris added, "Then, we'll... need to... practice... more often!"


After each thrust in and out of my ass, he added another kiss. I was in heaven!


"As much as I am enjoying this, I can't hold off much longer," Chris announced after several minutes of lovemaking.


"Then, fuck me hard, Chris! Pound my ass!" I pleaded.


Chris immediately picked up the pace and forced of his thrusts. He was breathing hard and sweating profusely.


"Ahhh... Fuck babe... I'm cuming...! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh!" he groaned as he unloaded in my ass. I felt his cum hit the lining of my well fucked ass. Chris collapsed on top of me. I pulled him tight to my body and licked the sweat off his forehead.


"God! I love you so fucking much, Chris!" I whispered.


"And, I love you so fucking much, Sam!" He whispered back after his breathing began to normalize. "When do we get to practice again?" He started to kiss me again. We continued for several more minutes until Chris rolled off me. He rolled us onto our sides and pulled me tight. "Unless you need me to, I'm not going to let you go until morning!"


"I'm fine... I'm actually more than fine!" I answered. We soon drifted off to sleep.




When Chris's phone sounded our morning wakeup call at 6:30, he was still holding me in his arms. Once he shut off the alarm, he resumed holding me. "As much as I like this, I think we need to wash the smell of sex off our bodies before we greet our guests!" Chris finally announced.


Once we were clean and dried, Chris suggested, "I think we should put on some clothes. We don't want to make our guests uncomfortable."


"You're probably right as usual. What do we wear to make bagels and coffee?" I asked.


"Tank and gym shorts. Leave off the underwear because I think I am going to attack your body after our friends head to the hospital."


Once we were dressed we headed toward the kitchen. As Chris made the coffee, I asked, "What can I do?"


"Slice some bagels. They are in the pantry next to the fridge. I have a bagel cutter in the lower drawer next to the range. I find it easier than dealing with a knife and the potential to hurt myself!" Chris answered.


About 7 am, our three guests appeared from the guestroom. They had obviously just showered. "Your bathroom is bigger than my whole apartment, guys!" Randy announced.


Matt looked Chris and I over. I think he enjoyed our outfits.


"And, once we figured out how to work the shower, we all three jumped in to save time and water!" Greg added with a smile.


"Yea!" I responded with a smile. "Chris and I are big believers in conserving water!"


Our three guests quickly scooped up their food. Finally, Randy announced, "Guys, if the offer still holds, we might take you up on the offer of a clean t-shirt. We decided ours were a little smellier than we thought."


"Sure!" Chris answered. "Tight, comfortable, or lose?"


"Matt's should be tight. He needs to get my brother's attention!" Greg answered. "Comfortable for me."


"Comfortable for me, too!" Randy answered.


Chris and I retrieved three t-shirts from our collection. When we were making our decisions in the bedroom, Chris held up his black, tight-fitting A&F t-shirt and asked, "Do you think this will get Brandon's attention?"


"Definitely!" I answered. "It always gets my attention when you wear it!"


We returned to the kitchen and handed the guys fresh t-shirts. The three guys pulled off their well-worn t-shirts and pulled on the new ones.


When Matt had his on, Greg remarked, "That will certainly catch your boyfriend's eye!"


"I can only hope!" Matt answered. After a few more minutes, our guests headed out the door.


Once Chris and I had the kitchen sparkling again, Chris led me into the bedroom for another `practice' session.





To be continued...


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