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Sam and Chris


Chapter 19: New Beginnings on a Saturday


Shortly after Chris and I finished the second shower of the day, my phone rang. "This is Sam!" I answered.


"Sam, this is Randy." I hit the speaker phone button so Chris could hear. "I left Matt alone with Brandon for a while, but Brandon is looking forward to talking to you and Chris. I'm not sure what it is about, but he specifically asked if you were going to be here today."


I looked at Chris and he answered so Randy could hear, "We were planning on being at the hospital in a little bit. We just need to change clothes."


"I'll let him know that," Randy answered.


"How is Brandon doing?" I asked.


"He appears to be doing fine, but he's a little on edge," Randy answered. "The psychiatric nurse practitioner saw him this morning. A psychiatrist is supposed to be here later this morning or this afternoon. He was a little agitated last night so they gave him valium. According to nurse, he appears to less on edge today than yesterday."


"Has he remembered anything about the attack or suicide attempt?" Chris asked.


"He hasn't mentioned it to us if he has," Randy began. "There is another twist to this whole situation. There was a saved voice mail on Brandon's phone from the financial aid office. Apparently, his scholarship was terminated due to a morals violation. The fucking bastards didn't waste any time. I'm certain that didn't help Brandon's mental state."


"Tell him not to worry," Chris began. "I know from past experiences that Mr. Davison will be able to work things out with the financial aid office. Sam and I will explain more when I see you."


"Okay. Brandon, by the way, has been moved to a private room on the third floor. It's room 310. Greg and I are in the waiting room on that floor. I'm trying to give Matt and Brandon some privacy," Randy added.


We cut off the phone call, dressed, and found our way to the third floor. When we arrived, Randy and Matt were in the waiting room with Mr. Davison and another gentleman.


"Hi guys!" Randy said as we entered the room.


"How has the morning been?" I asked the group.


"So far so good!" Mr. Davison answered. "Sam, Chris, I'd like you to meet my partner Brian Adams."


We all shook hands and greeted each other. `So, Mr. Davison is gay!' I thought to myself.


Randy explained Brandon's mental state further, "Brandon remembered his scholarship being cancelled and is very, very worried about his ability to continue with school. I think it is worrying him more than some other things. He still doesn't remember much of the day yesterday."


A doctor entered the waiting room. "Good morning gentlemen! I'm Dr. Reed. Is one of you Randy?"


"Yes, SIR! I'm Randy Green, Brandon's half-brother," Randy answered. "And, this is Greg, Brandon's brother."


"May I speak with you two privately, Mr. Green?" the doctor asked. He led Randy and Greg into another room.


Randy and Greg returned to the waiting room after a few minutes. Matt followed shortly and explained, "The psychiatrist is with Brandon now. I hope he can help."


"I know Dr. Reed. I asked that he be the psychiatrist to evaluate Brandon," Mr. Davison started to explain. "He is an excellent doctor. I'm certain he will help Brandon through this trauma and get him back on track as quickly as possible. And, then, there is the issue of the scholarship cancellation. I am meeting with the dean of financial aid this afternoon. We should try to assure Brandon that his financial situation for the next semester is not a dire as it might first appear to be."


"Do we need to talk, Mr. Davison?" Chris asked.


"I think that might be wise, Christopher," Mr. Davison answered. "I think, Christopher, it might be settling for Randy, Greg, and Matt if you were to tell them a little about your background."


Chris began to explain his background, "Well... my parents were very, very strict evangelical Baptists. So, when they discovered I was gay during my sophomore year in high school, the proverbial shit hit the fan. So, after my sophomore year, my father shipped me off to live with my maternal grandparents in Chicago. My grandparents were extremely accepting. They took me in, provided financial support, emotional support, and a lot of love. I haven't talked to my father since I left his house. I was lucky. I had my grandparents to fall back on. There are others, like Brandon, who aren't so lucky. That's why issues like these tug at my heart. So, I want to do all I can to give Brandon some piece of mind." Chris wiped away a few tears.


"You know, Chris," Mr. Davison began, "you are a lot like your grandparents—very caring and very generous. And, Randy, Greg, and Matt, I think you should know that Chris's grandfather and I went to law school together."


"Who are your grandparents?" Randy asked.


"Thomas and Elaine Washington," Chris replied. "My grandfather is an attorney and my grandmother teaches at Northwestern."


"Shit! Is your grandmother Dr. Washington who teaches art history?" Matt asked.


"One in the same," Chris added.


"She's my art history professor! She is one of the best instructors I have this year! She's an excellent teacher!" Matt continued. "Is she as much fun in her personal life as she is in class?"


Chris and I were smiling. I decided to join this part of the conversation, "She is indeed!"


We chatted about other issues while we waited for the psychiatrist to finish. Finally, he appeared at the door of the waiting room. "Gentlemen. I would like to speak with Randy and Greg in private please. And, if there are any of the people named in Brandon's power of attorney present, you may join us."


We all stood and followed the psychiatrist into a conference room.


The psychiatrist introduced himself to the group. "I'm Dr. Reed, by the way. I am more than pleased to see that Brandon has a large circle of people to support him in the days and weeks ahead. He will need all of the love and understanding that you can muster." Dr. Reed paused to review his notes. "Brandon has authorized me to give you the details of my evaluation. Normally, I prefer to keep doctor and patient discussions between me and the patient. However, I think in this situation, you need to understand what might happen and be fully prepared to handle certain issues that may arise... While Brandon is in good spirits today, he is still unclear about the events that led to his attempted suicide. He may never fully recognize that he was a victim of an attack. But, if he does remember, Brandon could react to the revelations with a very dramatic change of attitude. He, more than likely, may blame himself for the attack. He may also have doubts about his self-worth. It may affect his relationships with his friends, his family, and, especially, his romantic interests. Are there any questions so far?"


We all answered no.


"I am not putting him on anything for the time being. I have left word with his nurse that he can be given valium if he gets too agitated. I plan on seeing Brandon every day for the next week at a minimum. After that, I will recommend a therapist who will more than likely want to see Brandon on a weekly basis for several months to come. If my evaluation goes well, I might recommend that Brandon be released from the hospital the end of next week... I will give you my business card. I have included my emergency cell phone number and the number of an emergency mental health hotline. The hotline is staffed by a mental health professional 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The hotline attendant can assist you with Brandon's reactions and advise you on a plan of action to keep Brandon safe. Please, do not hesitate to call the hotline or my emergency phone number. Another doctor will be in to examine Brandon to see if there are any other injuries that might have accompanied the attack. He was complaining about pains in his rectum. So, gentlemen, if there are no further questions, I will leave you gentlemen."


"Ah... Dr. Reed," Matt began, "Can I stay with Brandon tonight?"


Dr. Reed smiled at Matt, "I need say `no' at the moment, but Brandon spoke very glowingly of you. So, after a few days and further evaluation, I may allow you to stay with Brandon. However, there will be a psychiatric technician nurse in his room at all times when his family or friends are not with him. If any of you are in with Brandon and he begins to exhibit signs of excitement or extreme melancholy, you should press the call button to get immediate assistance."


"Thank you, sir!" Matt replied with a big grin on his face.


After Dr. Reed left, Chris and I went into see Brandon.


"Hi, guys!" Brandon enthusiastically greeted us.


"Hello! You seem to be chipper today!" I replied.


"Yea! They stopped giving me valium... at least, I think so," Brandon answered.


"I trust your visit with your brothers and Matt are partly responsible for your enthusiasm!" Chris added.


"Yea! I really, really missed Matt," Brandon answered. "It's good to have him around. I don't know how I'll feel when he goes back to school tomorrow afternoon."


"We'll still be around," I answered.


"Then, I don't know how much longer I can stay in school since my asshole mother told the scholarship people that I'm an immoral bastard! This may be my last semester," Brandon said with some disdain in his voice.

"I think Mr. Davison is working on a substitute so you'll be able to remain here at UIUC," Chris added. "I'm sure he will know more about that by Monday at least—maybe even earlier."


"We'll keep our fingers crossed," I said. "Meanwhile, I understand you talked to the psychiatrist."


"Yea! Dr. Reed is nice," Brandon explained. "I'm looking forward to working with him. I'm afraid I'm sort of in a funk about my mother's reaction to the news I'm gay."


"You'll work through it, I'm sure," Chris began. "I have first-hand knowledge of Baptists gone mad. My parents are evangelical Baptists. And, when they found out I was gay during my sophomore year in high school, my father sent me to live with my maternal grandparents in Chicago. I haven't talked to my father since I got kicked out. So, I have an idea of what you are going through."


"Chris, I didn't know," Brandon replied. "Was it hard to deal with?"


"For a while, but it definitely gets better over time," Chris explained. "It still bothers me from time-to-time. But, for the most part, I do okay!"


"Thanks for sharing that, Chris," Brandon added. "At least I know I'm not the only one with a nutcase parent!"


"Nope! I think there are a lot of us around," Chris agreed. "Should we go, Sam? I'm sure your brothers and Matt want to visit with you some more, Brandon."


"Sure! I think Brandon's in good hands," I interjected. "You can tell Matt really cares for you a lot... maybe more than a lot!"


"Yea! Like I said," Brandon started to explain, "Matt is the only guy I've ever been with. He's not only my best friend, he's very, very special to me. I haven't told him, but I love him lots!" Brandon was shedding a few tears.


"This might be a good time to tell him, Brandon. I think the feeling is mutual...! Okay! Let's go and let lover boy in to see you!" Chris added with a smile. "Call if you need something!"


We said our good byes to Brandon and joined the others in the waiting room. Matt went in to visit with Brandon. Mr. Davison and his partner left. As Chris and I were talking with Randy and Greg, my phone began to ring. "Hello, Sawyer! How are things in the dorm?"


"Well, word on the street is the police caught the four morons who attacked Brandon. Apparently, they decided to go drinking in an off campus bar. They were getting more and more rowdy as they drank, and the bartender called the cops. The cops recognized them from their photographs. To make a long story short, they are in custody."


"Awesome!" I replied. I relayed the information to Randy, Greg, and Chris.


"Everyone here has stopped by the room to show their support for Brandon. Tracy stopped by with a dude named Johnathan. He is president of the gay and straight alliance. From what I understand from Todd, the police haven't released any details of Brandon being attacked," Sawyer added


"We'll keep you posted on Brandon. Meanwhile, thank everyone for their concern," I added as we ended the call.


"Sam," Chris began to explain his position, "you and I need to speak with my grandparents about a few things. We'll go downstairs to call them. We'll be back after we've talked with my grandparents, Randy."


Chris and I went downstairs to Chris's car to make the phone call to his grandparents. Chris called his grandparents and put it on speakerphone.


"Christopher! It's good to hear from you," his grandmother answered.


"Good morning, grandma! Is grandpa there with you?" Chris asked.


"Yes, he's right here," his grandmother began. "Let me try to turn this thing on speakerphone. There!"


"Good morning, Christopher!" his grandfather greeted us.


"Sam is with me. There is something we'd like to speak with you about," Chris answered.


I was greeted by Chris's grandparents and Chris's grandfather asked, "Do you two know anything about the student who tried to commit suicide yesterday? There was an article today in the Chicago Tribune giving some sketchy details of him being found by another student. Naturally, there were no names released."


"Actually, grandpa, that's one of the reasons we wanted to talk with you," Chris began his explanation. "The person who tried to commit suicide is a friend of ours. He stayed with us on Thursday evening after an altercation with his roommate. There was concern over his safety in the dorms."


"I think I hear the voice of our St. Christopher!" his grandmother added.


"Yea. I'll try to give you the short version. Some of the information has not yet been released to the press, but..." Christopher went on to describe what we knew of the attack on Brandon, including the loss of Brandon's scholarship, and what Chris wanted to do to help Brandon and Greg.


"Good plan, Christopher!" Chris's grandfather complimented Chris. "I'll talk to Leo and he can make the necessary arrangements with the financial aid office. I'll talk to the foundation CFO today so he can have funds transferred to our contingency fund at UIUC."


"You have a contingency fund already set up?" Chris asked his grandfather.


"Ahm... okay, I'm caught! It has been in place ever since Luke had his skirmish with his parents," Chris's grandfather confessed.


"Why does that not surprise me?" Chris added with a huge grin on his face.


"Secondly, you still have the foundation American Express card with you, correct?" Chris's grandfather asked.


"Yes, but I've never used it. Does it still work?" Chris asked. "And, why?"


"I think you and Sam need to go shopping. It sounds like your friend is in need of a new computer. You should probably get him a new cell phone. I don't think he should use his old phone number. That's the attorney in me speaking." Chris's grandfather added.


"And, Christopher," his grandmother began, "please tell Mathew not to worry about his classes. If he can give me his advisor's name, I can arrange to have him attend classes remotely. That way he can be with his friend and keep up with his classes. I assume he has a laptop with him?"


"If not, buy him one," Chris's grandfather added. "And, what about the younger brother. Was he able to get any of his things before he was removed from his mother's custody?"


"I'll ask Greg," Chris answered. "I don't even know if he is going with his half-brother to Chicago or staying here to be with Brandon."


"Whatever the case, do what you need to do to make both of them comfortable," Chris's grandfather added.


"Okay! You guys are terrific! I'll get Matt's advisor's name and e-mail it to you, grandma," Chris confirmed his duties. "And, we'll talk with Greg about his possessions."


"Make certain the younger brother has everything he needs. Now, we all have work to do!" Chris's grandfather brought the conversation to a halt.


We said our goodbyes and headed back up to the waiting room.


"How are things with Brandon?" I asked as Chris and I entered the waiting room. Matt had now joined the group.


"Another doctor is in with him now. But, he seems to be in good spirits," Matt reported.


"Good!" Chris responded to the news. "Matt, Sam and I talked to my grandmother. She suggested she could have you set up to attend classes remotely. So, if you give me the name of your advisor, she can get the ball rolling."


"You mean I can stay here with Brandon?" Matt asked excitedly.


"Yes, if you want to!" Chris answered Matt. We were both smiling at Matt's excitement. "Do you have your laptop with you?"


Matt's excitement turned to sadness, "No! In my haste to meet Randy, I left it in my room."


"Don't worry, Matt, I think between us we can, at the very least, loan you one." I added. Matt's excitement returned.


Chris's phone was ringing again, and he answered it. "Christopher Johnson."


"Hello, Mr. Davison. What can I do for you?" Chris said into the phone. There was a pause while Chris listened. "I think that will be a wise move." Chris listened to Mr. Davison some more. "Okay! Sam and I will wait until you get here."


Chris ended the call and whispered to me, "Mr. Davison will be here in a few moments to tell Brandon about an emergency financial aid package for next semester... including a new laptop and phone for Brandon... and whatever Greg needs," He had a smirk on his face.


It wasn't long before Mr. Davison and his partner arrived at the hospital. After exchanging greetings, Mr. Davison began to explain the arrangements for Brandon's `emergency financial aid.' "I talked with the financial aid department dean a few minutes ago. He has arranged for emergency financial aid so that Brandon can remain in school here at UIUC. I have some forms that need to be signed. And, Randy, the financial aid department would like your signature on these forms as well as Brandon's. But, I do want to stress this arrangement is not a loan. The arrangement will include a full ride scholarship to cover tuition, fees, books, and room and board. He will also get a small monthly stipend to cover his other living costs. And, as long as Brandon maintains a minimum grade point average, the scholarship and stipend will cover him until he graduates. He can also elect to move into off campus housing if he wants after his freshman year is complete. We don't believe at the moment that Brandon's scholarship grantor will be able to retract funding already provided for this semester, but there are exceptions. The monthly stipend will start immediately as will any fee, books, and room and board his current scholarship does not pay for."


"How did you manage this?" Randy asked.


Mr. Davison smiled at Chris and me and answered, "Let's just say I pulled in a few favors and leave it at that."


Chris squeezed my hand and we smiled at each other.


"And, Greg, I assume you weren't able to retrieve any of your clothes or other belongings from you house," Mr. Davison moved his attention to Greg.


"No. I pretty much left with my phone and the clothes on my back," Greg added with some sadness.


"Okay. We will address that as soon as we have Brandon's situation resolved," Mr. Davison added. "But, I want to assure you that you will not face hardships because of your mother's actions."


"Thank you, SIR! I really appreciate all of your help," Greg told Mr. Davison.


"On that note, Randy and I should go in to explain the arrangements to Brandon," Mr. Davison instructed.


Mr. Davison and Randy went in to explain the financial aid package to Brandon. When they returned to the waiting room, they were smiling broadly.


Mr. Davison explained, "Brandon is extremely pleased with the arrangements for him to continue at UIUC. He asked to see Sam and Chris first. Then, Matt."


We walked into Brandon's room. He had a huge grin on his face.


"Hello, Brandon," Chris greeted Brandon. "I understand you are feeling much better!"


"Yea! I get to stay in school! I can't believe it!" Bandon said joyfully. "I know Mr. Davison said it was an emergency financial aid package, but... did the two of you have anything to do with this?"


"Mr. Davison arranged all of the details with the financial aid office," Chris answered. And, it really wasn't a lie.


"Mr. Davison also asked Chris and I to buy a few things Greg needs. Apparently, he left the house rather quickly." I added.


"Thanks guys! I don't know what I did to deserve friends like you two. Of course, I really owe a debt of gratitude to Sawyer, Glen, and Todd too." Brandon said.


"We're glad we can help, Brandon," I replied. "You can express your gratitude to Sawyer, Glen, and Todd when you see them next."


"My grandmother is also arranging for Matt to attend classes remotely so he can stay in town. You can tell he really, really likes you!" Chris said.


"Matt is my rock! I don't know what I would do without him and my brothers," Brandon replied.


"We'll go so your rock can visit," Chris added with a smile.


"We'll see you tomorrow," I added. "But, if you need us for anything, please call us!"


"Will do, guys!" Brendon said as we left the room.


We went back to the waiting room and reported our conversation with Brandon. "Sam and I are going to do some errands," Chris began. "Write down sizes and we will pick up a few clothes for the three of you. We can't have you running around in the same clothes every day. And, we will expect all of you back at the condo after visiting hours. We will have dinner ready."


They all agreed as they handed us the sizes. We hit the local Best Buy store to get the necessary electronics. We ended up with three laptops and two activated smart phones. The next stop was a department store. The sales person was ecstatic as he rang up six pairs of jeans, six polo shirts, along with the appropriate underwear and sox. The last stop was the grocery store to gather food for dinner. We returned to the condo and dropped the groceries in the kitchen then dumped our other purchases in our bedroom. Chris and I started to get dinner ready for our guests. We drank a beer and hit the showers to wash the grit off our bodies.


Around 8:30 pm the buzzer sounded from the lobby. It was Randy, Greg, and Matt. Chris let them in. The smells of dinner wafted through the condo.


I greeted our guests in the doorway. "Hello, guys! Dinner is almost ready. May I get you something to drink before we eat?"


Randy and Matt settled on a beer. Greg asked Randy, "Can I have a beer?"


"Have you ever had a beer?" Randy asked.


"No!" Greg answered.


"Okay. But, you need to drink it slowly and stop if you're feeling a little woozy," Randy qualified his answer in the affirmative.


"Yes, Dad!" Greg replied. Randy ruffled his hair.


"After dinner, you can try on the clothes we bought. If they fit, we can throw them in the laundry so they will be ready for tomorrow," Chris suggested.


"You guys are way too generous!" Randy added.


"We're not spending our money! We're just doing as we were told!" Chris responded.


"Thanks anyway," Matt added to the conversation. He directed the next statement to Randy and Greg, "Besides Sam and Chris probably don't want smelly people living with them."


We herded the guys into the kitchen to fill their plates. We had put together a pasta dish—well, actually, Chris did—and a salad with garlic bread. It smelled good even if I do say so myself!


After filling our plates, we headed into the living room to eat and discuss the day's activities.


"How was Brandon when you left him?" I asked the group.


Matt replied, "He was a little sad to see us go, but he knew we weren't allowed to stay there. I felt bad leaving him. I wanted to curl up next to him and hold him... Maybe another time!"


"Mr. Davison wants to talk with Greg and me tomorrow about Greg's living situation," Randy began. "I don't know what he will be proposing, but we will find out tomorrow, I guess. You might need to learn how to share a really compact space, Greg, if you come to live with me! And, I am guessing that might be the case. So, beware, I'm basically a slob at home during the week."


"I think I'd rather live with a slob than a mad woman!" Greg replied. "I'll adapt to whatever is thrown my way."


"Besides it might be nice to have some company," Randy confirmed.


After we finished eating, Chris and I cleared the dishes and cleaned the kitchen while the guys tried on their duds.


The guys returned to the living room. Chris took their new things and threw them into the washer.


When he returned, we decided to end the evening by giving Greg and Matt their new electronic equipment.


"One final thing and then we can get some rest," Chris began. "Let's start with Greg. Here is a phone. It's a new number at Mr. Davison's request. We also got you a laptop since you can't go home and retrieve yours."


"You mean these are really mine?" Greg asked.


"Yes, they are yours," I instructed. "We have the same setup for Brandon when the time is ready. We put Brandon's new number in as well as Chris's, Mr. Davison's, and mine. You should add Randy's and Matt's whenever you can."


"And, Matt," Chris continued, "we decided to get you a laptop so you can do your classes remotely and not need to go to Evanston and then back. It's a scaled down version of the one we got for Greg and Brandon, but it will do what you need it to do."


"You guys are awesome!" Matt said as he hugged both Chris and me. "I was worried I wouldn't be able to stay with Brandon this week."


"We couldn't have that! Okay, men! Off to get some rest. Do you three still want to share the guest room?" Chris asked.


"Fine with me. Guys?" Randy added.


Both Matt and Greg agreed.


Chris and I turned off the lights and made our way into the bedroom.


We were naked and lying in bed holding each other in no time.


"I'm so lucky to have you in my life!" I whispered to Chris.


"Not as lucky as I am to have you in my life!" Chris whispered back. He put his lips on mine and began to kiss me softly. Naturally, I responded.


"Don't start something you can finish, big guy!" I whispered between kisses.


"Who says I can't finish?" Chris answered.


"Then get to work!" I replied.


"Yes! Sir!" Chris growled. Chris grabbed the lube from the night stand and applied it to his hard cock and my asshole. He positioned himself over me and began to smother me with kisses before he began his descent. I felt his pubic hairs rub against my balls as he bottomed out in my ass.


"I think I'll make you my hobby. I will need to devote my entire life pursuing it," Chris muttered between kisses.


Chris began his thrusts in and out of me. Slowly at first. He added a few kisses along the way. He increased the speed and power of his thrusts until finally he was really pounding my ass. His sweat was dripping on my body.


"Chris, you're going to make me fucking cum," I finally hissed.


"I'll be right behind you," Chris managed to say.


"Shit, Chris! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... shit!


Chris's body suddenly tensed as he shot rope after rope into me. Chris collapsed on top of my body. Once his breathing returned to almost normal Chris whispered in my ear, "I am pretty sure I am going to enjoy our new hobby for a long, long time!"


"Me, too!" I answered. "I only hope we weren't too loud."


"We will find out tomorrow morning when our guests are eating breakfast," Chris added as he put his arms around me and pulled me to him. "I can't wait to practice some more tomorrow!"




Chris's phone sounded at 6:30 am again. We snuggled in bed for a few moments before getting our showers. Once we were dressed, we headed to the kitchen to make breakfast for the three hungry guys who were to appear at 7 am.


The guys arrived in good spirits and were wearing their new duds. In my mind, Matt looked extremely handsome... of course he looked a lot like my boyfriend, so I was a little biased.


"Thanks for the clothes, guys!" Randy effused. "I don't know how we can ever repay you for everything you've done. But, please know we are all very, very grateful for all of your help. Brandon is a very lucky guy to have friends like you two!"


"Just make certain Brandon gets better!" I added. "Besides, we've met three very nice friends in the process!"







To be continued...


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