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Sam and Chris


Chapter 20: Reconnecting


Chris and I had sent Randy, Greg, and Matt on their way to the hospital after feeding them. We had just finished our showers when my phone rang. I noticed it was Randy so I hit the speaker phone button "Randy! What's up?"


"Sam, Brandon had a really bad night last night. Apparently, he had a bad dream and is starting to remember the attack. He doesn't want to speak with Matt, Greg, or me. He wants to see you and Chris. The psychiatric technician, his name is Henry, and his floor nurse are in with him now. They are trying to calm him down. Dr. Reed is on his way. His floor nurse, Mark, has been in and out of Brandon's room. He suggested I call you. How quickly can you two get here?"


"We just need to throw on some clothes," Chris answered. "We'll be there in a flash!"


"Thank you guys!" Randy responded.


"Maybe you should tell Brandon's nurse that we are on our way... You might contact Mr. Davison, too!" I said into the phone. I ended the call and Chris and I hurried to get dressed and out the door.


We arrived at the hospital in record time and raced to the third floor. We found Matt pacing the floor with a seriously dejected look on his face. "How's he doing?" I asked Randy.


"Apparently, they have calmed him down. But, he still wants to talk to you two," Randy answered. "I'll find his nurse so he can let the others know you are here."


After a few minutes, Chris and I were ushered into Brandon's room. It was obvious that Brandon had been crying. "Hello, Brandon," I said to him.


"Hi guys! I'm sorry I am such a basket case. I didn't want to bother you, but I need to talk to you both," Brandon greeted us.


"What do you want to talk to us about?" Chris asked as we sat on either side of the bed.


"I hurt... My ass hurts... And, I remember... I remember everything... I remember being dragged into the bathroom... I didn't see them... They blindfolded me... They knocked me to the floor... They held me down... They pulled my pants down... They fucked me... All four of them fucked me... I can't face Matt... He was the only guy I've been with... Now it's not... He'll hate me..." Brandon spit out between sobs.


"Matt will not hate you, Brandon. He loves you. He'll always love you," I responded quietly.


"They hurt you, Brandon. They raped you. You didn't let them. They took what wasn't theirs to take," Chris added.


"But, I've let other men fuck me... I don't deserve Matt anymore..." Brandon sobbed.


"Brandon," I added. "Everyone around you still cares for you. You are still their friend, still their brother, still Matt's lover."


"We are here to help you through this, Brandon," Chris tried to reassure him. "Everyone—Randy, Greg, Sam and me, and definitely Matt. We will help you through this."


"I think your reaction to your attack is a common one. Dr. Reed will help you work through this," I tried to reassure Brandon.


As soon as I finished trying to comfort Brandon, Dr. Reed walked into the room, "Good morning everyone! Could I speak with Brandon alone, please?"


"We'll be back after you finish your talk with Dr. Reed," I said to Brandon.


Once we were outside the door and in the hallway, I turned to Chris and buried my head into Chris's chest, "I hope those bastards who attacked Brandon rot in hell!"


Chris held me tight and kissed the top of my head. "Yea! Brandon doesn't deserve this shit!"


We sat with the group. Matt was still pacing. After almost an hour, Dr. Reed came out of Brandon's room. Matt joined the group.


Dr. Reed addressed everyone, "Brandon has experienced the realization that he was attacked and that he was raped. As I expected, he blames himself, and feels he has ruined his relationship with Matt. Before the attack, Brandon felt connected to Matt because he shared sexual experiences with Matt and only with Matt. Now, his perception of himself is sullied by the invasion of his attackers in what used to be loving and caring acts. So, Matt, I need to ask how you feel about Brandon knowing he was raped by four different guys."


Randy put his arm around Matt's shoulders. Matt began to speak though some obvious tears, "I hate the bastards who did this to him. But, I still love Brandon. I want to hold him. I want to comfort him. I need him in my life no matter what these assholes did to him. I want us to make love again. But, I know I have to be patient and give him time to heal."


Dr. Reed also put his arm around Matt's shoulders, "Good answer, Matt. No, it was not good... It was an excellent answer. Would you be willing to tell Brandon what you just told us?"


"Of course I will tell him," Matt answered. Tears began to flow. "And..., I mean... every... word!"


"Okay," Dr. Reed began, "Don't be surprised if he is a little wary of you even after telling him what you told us."


Dr. Reed left us in the waiting area as Matt entered Brandon's room. After 30 minutes, had passed, Matt came out of Brandon's room. "I just held him after I told him I loved him. We didn't say a thing for a long time. I just held him. He seems to be calming down a little. You don't know how much you really care for someone until something like this happens. I want him in my life forever!"


"I'm sorry I was eavesdropping," Dr. Reed said as he returned to the room. "I am certain that having all of you in his life will make a big difference in his recovery. An internal medicine doctor will be here to examine Brandon in light of Brandon's revelation this morning. After that, I want to talk to Brandon for a few moments. Officer Kirkpatrick wants to speak with Brandon about the attack. Maybe you should take some time to grab something to eat. I want to talk to Brandon again after Officer Kirkpatrick is finished."


"What do you say we get away from here for lunch? I know a great little Italian Restaurant a few blocks from here," Chris suggested.


"I agree. We do need a break from this place," Randy added.


We trouped off to the Italian place Chris had suggested. We arrived back at the third floor hospital waiting room and found Sawyer, Glen, Tom, and Harrison sitting in the room.


"Hi guys!" I said to the group.


"We're here to offer morale support!" Sawyer replied.


I introduced everyone. "Sawyer, Glen, Tom, and Harrison, this is Randy and Greg, Brandon's brothers, and this is Matt."


"How is Brandon?" Sawyer asked.


"It has been a rough morning for everyone," Randy began. "Brandon apparently had a bad dream and started to remember his attack. He is slowly calming down thanks to Matt. Officer Kirkpatrick was questioning Brandon about the events on Friday."


"He must be terrified!" Glen added. "After hearing about Brandon's troubles, I've decided I need to come out to my parents." Glen turned to Randy, Greg, and Matt, "My father is an evangelical Baptist minister in Iowa. I'm sure my mother and father aren't going to be happy, but I need to get this out of the way. I don't want to hide anymore, especially since I met Sawyer."


"Trust me, Glen," Greg began to explain, "My mother was shitfaced. I only hope your parents will take it better than she did. She went berserk and was threatening to break down the door to my room when the police arrived. And, I wasn't even the one she was pissed at!"


"I'm hoping to avoid that scene," Glen replied.


"Maybe we should start a support group. We could call it `Ostracized Gay Children of Evangelical Christian Parents,'" Chris added to the conversation.


"I think there would be a lot more people signing up for the group than you think," Harrison offered. "I was lucky. My parents were cool with me being gay. It was my maternal grandparents who went ballistic."


"And, Glen, if you have some time later," Randy began, "would you mind telling Brandon about your situation? It might help him understand he is not alone."


"If you think it would help Brandon, I would be more than willing to speak with him," Glen agreed. "Hell, who knows. Maybe Brandon can give me some advice."


Mat walked over to Glen and gave him a big hug, "Thank you! I hope things work out for you and your parents."


"We should probably get out of your hair," Tom added. "Let us know if we can help with anything."


"Thanks for stopping by," Randy said. "I think Brandon is lucky to have made friends with all of you."


Chris and I got hugs from the four guys as they left.


"I surmised Sawyer and Glen are together," Matt began. "Where do Tom and Harrison fit into the picture?"


"Sawyer and Glen have recently started to see one another," I started to explain. "Tom and Harrison are boyfriends. I met Glen, Tom, and Harrison through my computer science course. Sawyer was my roommate until I moved in with Chris."


We waited a few more minutes until Dr. Reed came out of Brandon's room. Dr. Reed began to explain, "Brandon feels traumatized by everything that has happened to him in the past few days. He is mostly upset that Matt may not want to be with him anymore. This will take some time for him to come to grips with, I think. But, despite all of his traumas, Brandon is showing signs that his emotional state is improving. Expect some ups and downs in his behavior for a while. The campus security interview has left some other holes in Brandon's recollections of Friday's episode. I think Brandon will need a lot of support. So, do any of you have any questions?"


"Earlier, you had mentioned that Brandon was in some pain from the attack. When will you know if there is anything seriously wrong with him physically?" Randy asked.


"An internal medicine physician examined him earlier. He will be in a better position to answer that question. He will be in to see you later. The good news is that there are no signs of sexually transmitted diseases from the tests that were ran earlier," Dr. Reed explained.


"Thank you doctor," Randy answered. "We'll just wait here and hope for the best."


Dr. Reed left the waiting area about the time Mr. Davison and his partner arrived.


"Good morning gentlemen!" Mr. Davison greeted us. "How is Brandon?"


Randy explained Dr. Reed's assessment and that we were waiting for the internal medicine physician to talk with us.


"We can only hope Brandon can find peace so that he can get on with his life," Mr. Davison added. "While we are waiting, I'd like to discuss your living arrangements, Greg. Is that okay with you?"


"Sure. Now is as good of a time as any," Greg responded.


"Just to let you and Greg know, Randy, we can apply for assistance for living expenses if you and Greg decided you both want to live together. On the other hand, I am certain you have a very hectic schedule, Randy."


"Yea! I definitely keep myself busy. I have a job at Starbucks on the weekends. But, during the week, I'm usually in classes from about 9 am until 4 pm," Randy answered.


"I understand. And, Randy and Greg, the decision will be yours, but I'd like to offer an alternative. Brian and I would be willing to have Greg live with us until he finishes high school. We could get him into a private school a few blocks from where we live. Brain works from home most of the time. So, he would be around if Greg needs something," Mr. Davison explained. "And, we have a huge, old house! Brandon is welcome to stay with us, too."


"That's very kind of you, sir!" Randy began. "I know my place is pretty compact, but we could survive with a little planning. At least Greg doesn't snore."


"I don't want to put anyone out," Greg answered.


"Ah... My grandparents also offered to have Greg live with them for as long as he needs a place. But, it's up to you both, Randy and Greg," Chris added.


"Gee! I have three places! Maybe I could just make the rounds!" Greg replied with a grin on his face.


"Why don't we let Randy and Greg talk and let us know later? We don't need to make this decision right now," Mr. Davison concluded the conversation as the attending physician arrived in the waiting room.


"Leo! Nice to see you again!" the internal medicine doctor greeted Mr. Davison.


"And, you too Ron," Mr. Davison added. "Gentlemen, this is Dr. Ron Seavers." Mr. Davison introduced us all. "I assume you have examined Brandon."


"Yes. Brandon has some pain in his rectum and is a little sore from the attack. I think he may have been in more pain than any of us realized. I think the trauma may have masked that over the last few days. But, as he comes to grips with the circumstances of his situation, he has realized there are other difficulties," Dr. Seavers announced his findings. "The good news is that there appears to be no internal bleeding as a result of him being sodomized. And, there appears to be no external or internal physical injuries other than the soreness. His soreness and pain in his rectum will gradually subside over time."


"Thank goodness!" Mr. Davison announced.


"May I go see him, doctor?" Matt asked.


"I assume you must be his partner, Matt. Right?" Dr. Seavers asked.


"Yes, sir!" Matt answered.


"I think he does, indeed, want to see you!" Dr. Seavers answered with a smile.


"Thank you, sir!" Matt added as he bounded to Brandon's room.


"Now, unless you have any questions, I will leave you alone," Dr. Seavers announced as he turned to leave. "The staff at the nurse's station knows how to contact me if Brandon needs anything further."


"Greg, why don't you and I take a walk and discuss a few things," Randy suggested.


"Sure thing, bro," Greg responded. They both headed down the hallway.


I leaned into Chris as he sat next to me on the sofa, "What do you think Greg will decide?"


"I don't know, but I think he might want to be close to Brandon," Chris answered. "I think they both need each other right now. Of course, he can stay with us until things settle down."


"I also thought about having my parents drive my car up here," I told Chris. "Matt needs to get to and from the hospital. We might also need to have wheels."


"Do you think they would mind?" Chris asked.


"There is one way to find out," I replied. I picked up my phone and called my parents. "Hello, Mom!"


"Sam! What a pleasant surprise!" my mother responded.


"Well... I thought I should call you and Dad. I guess I should start at the beginning... A friend of ours was attacked on campus on Friday morning. He also apparently tried to commit suicide." I explained. "He actually stayed with Chris and me at Chris's condo on Thursday after he had a run in with his roommate. But, he was attacked in the student union on Friday by the roommate and three of the roommate's friends."


"Oh my! That's terrible!" my mother exclaimed. "How is he doing?"


"He's working his way through things with the help of a psychiatrist and others here at the hospital. But, he still has a long way to go, we think," I answered my mother's question. "Which leads me to the other purpose of my call... Do you think you and Dad could bring my car up? We have Brandon's brothers and a friend of his staying with us, and we may need an extra set of wheels to get around. One of his brothers will be heading back to Chicago and taking his car with him."


"I'll talk to your father when he gets back from the store. He should be back within the hour. Would it be okay if we had the car there tomorrow sometime?" my mother asked.


"Sure! That would be great!" I added.


"We'll call you when your father returns. In the meantime, please tell everyone we are hoping for your friend's quick recovery," my mother added. "And, say hello to Chris for us, please."


"Will do! I'll look forward to hearing from you. Thanks mom! Love you!" I added as I ended the call.


"She asked me to say hello to you from them. They will call once my father returns from the store in a little while," I added.


Randy and Greg returned from their walk. Greg made his announcement, "With Randy's help, I have decided I would like to be as close to Brandon as possible. Besides, Randy showed me a few photos of his apartment, and he really is a slob! So, Mr. Davison, Mr. Adams, if the offer still holds, I would like to stay with you. But, I don't want to be a burden. So, you can kick me out anytime you think I'm being a pain in the ass!"


"The offer still holds, Greg," Mr. Davison replied. "And, trust me, you won't be a burden, and we doubt that you will be a pain in the ass. The other item of business, please address us as Leo and Brian."


"And," Randy turned to Chris and me before he began his announcement, "I'm going to stay for a day or two more if you don't mind. I'd like to know Brandon is on a definite road to recovery before I go back to classes."


"You're welcome to stay as long as you like!" Chris answered.


"And, we should have another set of wheels here tomorrow," I added. "My parents will bring my car up."


"Thanks, guys!" Randy said to Chris and me and then told the group, "I think we should let Brandon know what is going on with the two of us."


As Randy and Greg headed for Brandon's room, I added, "You might want to knock first!"


Randy and Greg smiled as they walked to Brandon's room. They returned a several minutes later.


Greg was the first to speak, "While I'm just a little pissed at my mother, Brandon seems to be really, really angry at her. He was also happy I won't be going back to live with her. I don't care if I ever see the bitch again after what she has put Brandon through!"


"He also said something else that was more than troublesome," Randy explained. "He doesn't remember slitting his wrists. He remembers the attack. He remembers the rape. He remembers the student finding him in the bathroom. He remembers the paramedics. But, he doesn't remember slitting his wrists."


"Do you think he was blocking that out of his mind?" Mr. Davison responded.


"I'm not sure," Randy answered. "He seemed to be troubled by that realization though."


About 30 minutes passed and then we heard a commotion in the hallway next to Brandon's room. A nurse went in. Dr. Reed entered Brandon's room shortly after the nurse.


Matt came out of Brandon's room. He appeared quite shaken.


"What's going on Matt?" Chris asked.


"I pushed the call button. Brandon is freaking out!" Matt said. He began to cry. He walked over to my side, and I hugged him close to me. "He thinks the bastards tried to kill him."


"Shit!" Chris exclaimed.


"I thought he was doing better," Matt whispered. "He was happy Greg was going to be near him. Then, all of a sudden, he got this terrified look in his eyes. He started to shake. He started to cry. I tried to hold him. He was sobbing. He said they tried to kill him. That's when I pushed the button for the nurse. I didn't know what to do!"


We were all silent. I still held onto Matt.


Chris noticed Officer Kirkpatrick and Officer Miller as they hurried into Brandon's room. "Why would campus security and the state police be here?" Chris asked.


"Maybe Brandon has more information for them," Mr. Davison answered. "We'll wait and see."


Finally, Dr. Reed came from Brandon's room and addressed our little group, "The officers are talking with Brandon at the moment. After they are finished, you can go visit with him, Matt. And, he remembered some other details of the attack—very vividly, in fact. That's why the officers are with him now... At first, Brandon was terrified of what his attackers tried to do to him. Now, he's angry. He wants to talk about the details with you, Matt. I'll check on Brandon again after the officers leave. Then, you can see him. It shouldn't be too long."


After Officer Kirkpatrick and Officer Miller scurried out of Brandon's room and Dr. Reed checked on Brandon, Matt eagerly went in to see Brandon.


When Matt returned to the group about 30 minutes later, he announced that Brandon wanted to talk with Chris and me.


"Hello, Brandon!" I said as Chris and I entered the room. "Matt said you wanted to talk to us."


"Yea! I told Matt about everything I remembered. I wanted to tell you guys. I'm not certain I want Greg to know. I don't want him to be even angrier than he is," Brandon remarked.


"That's very brotherly of you Brandon," Chris replied. "You're trying to protect your younger brother. I'm not certain he really needs protecting, but that is your call."


"Yea! He could probably beat the crap out of me if he wanted to. But, still I don't want him to worry," Brandon added. "Anyway, I remembered more of the details of the attack. At first, I thought I was going nuts, but then I realized it was real. I remember all four of them having a turn in my ass. After I was raped, I heard one of the attackers say, `Marv, give me the razor blade.' Then, I realized it was the voice of my asshole roommate. I was even more certain it was him when I heard the same guy say, `Hold the faggot's arms still.'"


"Another dude almost screamed, `Ben, what are you gonna do?'"


"And, then my roommate said, `I'm going to make it look like the faggot killed himself.'"


"I remember feeling the pain as he sliced one wrist and then the other," Brandon added. "I thought I was going to die. After they left, I tried to get up, but I couldn't. I remember a guy coming into the restroom. He screamed `Holy fuck!' I could hear him on the phone with 911, but I couldn't talk. The paramedics were there in a flash—at least it seemed like it. I remember the paramedics loading me into the ambulance. I must have passed out on the way to the hospital because the next thing I remember is waking up in the hospital."


"Officer Kirkpatrick said I might have to testify in court against my attackers," Brandon interjected. "I hope not, but I will do it if I have to."


"If you do need to testify, we'll be with you," I said to Brandon. "You won't be alone."


"Thank you guys!" Brandon replied. "I'm glad Greg is going to stay around here. I really did miss him when I went away to school."


"I think Greg missed you, too!" Chris responded. "He has an interesting sense of humor, too."


"He does, doesn't he?" Brandon agreed. "He can be wicked funny when he is in the right mood. He could always make me laugh—even at some of the idiotic things my mother said and did. I think that is how we kept our sanity!"


"Randy is nice, too!" I added.


"Yea! I haven't been around him much," Brandon began. "He couldn't stand my mother's stupid rants. So, when he did visit, it was for short time spans. I hope we can spend more time with each other."


"I think he has plans to do that. He told us he planned to stay a few more days until he knows your okay," I said. "We should probably go. We need to feed your brothers and Matt tonight."


"Thanks for letting me vent, guys! I really appreciate you listening to me," Brandon said. "Hopefully, I won't have to stay in this fucking place for long!"


"When you get out of here, plan on staying with us for a while," Chris suggested. "That way you won't have to be by yourself or in the dorm room."


We both hugged Brandon good bye. He was a little teary eyed when we left.


Chris and I stopped and bought a shit load of pizzas for dinner. We also decided we needed to replenish the beer supply. It had, after all, been a long day for all of us. Randy, Greg, and Matt arrived around 8:30.


"How was Brandon when you left him tonight?" I asked.


"He was in amazingly high spirits," Randy explained. "He and his dorky brother are beginning to grow on me!"


"I may be a dork, but I'm not a slob!" Greg admonished Randy.


We continued to talk until it was around 11 pm.


Chris and I were finally naked and in bed. We were facing one another and Chris had his arms wrapped around me, "You know, Chris, this has been one very, very odd day! But, I can safely say being here in bed with you now is the highlight."


Chris rolled on his back and took me with him. As I began to kiss my lover, he added, "You know, Sam, a few nights ago you said you were feeling needy. Well, I'm feeling needy tonight. Make love to me, please, Sam."


"You don't... have to... ask twice... love!" I said between kisses. "I think... we might... be a little... tired... tomorrow... But..., I think... it will be... worth it!"


I continued to shower my lover with soft, gentle kisses, but I couldn't resist moving down Chris's body so I could nibble on Chris's nipples.


"Fuck, Sam!" Chris passionately whispered. "You know that drives me fucking wild!"


"I know!" I added. "Your dick is hardwired to your nips. I love that about you."


Chris continued to moan with pleasure. But, I had other ideas. I slowly slid down further on Chris's muscled body. I kissed his six-pack abs. Then, I kissed the tip of his rock hard cock. I licked his balls, but pulled his legs over my shoulders and stuck my tongue in the crack of his ass. His moaning grew louder. Finally, when I thought he had enough ass licking, I reversed the process. His balls. The head of his cock. His rock hard abs. His nipples. My lips finally landed on his again.


"Baby," he finally whispered, "if you keep this up... I am going to fucking blow my load... all over you... before you... even get your dick in me. And..., we can't have that... now, can we?"


"But..., I am... enjoying myself... so much!" I added. "But..., I know... my lover... wants to... get fucked!"


I didn't wait for Chris's response. I grabbed the lube and slathered it on my cock and Chris's waiting hole. I positioned my dick over his asshole as I bent in to kiss him again. I started my descent into Chris's ass. One long, gentle thrust until I felt my pubs hit his balls. I kissed him again.


"God! Sam," Chris moaned. "You can do this for the rest of my life and I won't mind!"


"But, we'd have to get married first!" I added as I started kissing him again and began pulling in and out of his sweet, tight ass. I took it slowly until I was really, really ready to cum.


"I'm close, Chris," I whispered between thrusts and kisses.


"Then, pound my ass. Fuck me really, really hard, baby!" Chris hissed.


I picked up the pace of my thrusts. I was finally pounding my lover's ass. My sweat was dripping from my body onto his. Chris had his eyes closed, but he had his smile of contentment plastered on his face. `God!' I thought, `I fucking love this man!'


I couldn't take it anymore. I began to breathe heavily as my body tensed and I began to shoot my load into Chris's ass. Rope after rope of cum. "Fuck! Ahh... ahh... ahh... ahh... shit!" I think I yelled as I collapsed on top of Chris.


Neither of us moved for a long time. I just lay on top of Chris's body. He had his arms around me. My dick was still hard and still inside his ass.


Finally, Chris spoke, "You know, Sam, I never knew anyone could love another person as much as I love you."


"Maybe it's just the afterglow of hot, steamy sex," I whispered.


"Nope!" Chris whispered back. "Maybe you're right."


"About what?" I asked.


"Maybe we should get married," Chris said. "I'm going to be around you for the rest of my life. So, maybe we should just make it official sooner than we had planned."


"You're kidding right?" I asked.


Nope! I'm very, very serious!" Chris replied.


"All I have to say about the matter is... set the date and I'll be there!" I whispered back. "In the meantime, are you going to make love to me tonight?"


Chris rolled us over so he was on top of me. He kissed me...




To be continued...


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