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Sam and Chris


Chapter 21: Good News at Last


Chris’s phone sounded the beginning of Monday! It was our, now normal, 6:30 am wakeup time. Chris and I had slept the entire night facing one another with our arms around each other’s bodies. Don’t ask how we managed to do that, but we did.


“Good morning lover boy!” Chris whispered after he had shut off the villainous alarm. “I’ll go make coffee. And, set out some bagels for the group. I think I want some more time fondling your body!”


“I can help with the bagels,” I added. “I’ve gotten pretty good at using your bagel cutter. Shall we put on clothes?”


“Nope! I have come to the realization that this is our house,” Chris began. “We can be naked whenever or wherever we choose. Guests be damned!”


“Let’s hit the kitchen, my sweet man,” I said as we both hit the floor and plodded into the kitchen.


After we had the coffee going and the bagels cut, we went back to our bedroom for some quality time together. When we were appropriately back in bed holding one another, I whispered to my lover, “Chris, why is it that we fit together so nicely in bed?”


“I guess… we were just… made for one another,” Chris whispered as he began to kiss me again. “It’s going to be hard getting through today! I have this feeling I’m going to be thinking about you all day!”


“I like… the use of… the adjective… ‘hard,’” I whispered between kisses.


“I think… we’re both… pretty good… about… being hard,” Chris replied. He was still kissing me.


“Maybe… we could… finish this… in the shower,” I added.


“Two birds… with one… stone,” Chris answered as he pulled me out of bed and led the charge to the shower. We hit the shower after Chris had adjusted the temperature and turned on the rainforest shower head.


“How do you want to do this?” I asked Chris.


“Want to jack together?” he responded.


“I’ll beat off, but I need you inside me,” I said as I turned and braced myself against the shower wall.


“Okay!” He began. “I like the way you think! Lube?”


“Just stick you’re big black dick in my ass, Chris!” I hissed.


“Your wish is my command!” Chris replied as he lined up his cock with my ass. “Soft and gentle? Or, hard and rough?”


“Hard and rough, big guy!” I hissed again. “Don’t waste time! I need this and I need it now!”


With one quick stroke he was in balls deep. I was in heaven as he leaned in to kiss me. “You okay?”


“More than okay, lover boy!” I answered. “Just pound my ass like a real man!”


“You’re on!” Chris did the hissing this time.


It didn’t take long before he was, indeed, pounding my ass with quick, deep strokes. I grabbed my dick and mirrored Chris’s motions as I began to jack off. There was just more than a little noise coming from both of us.


“Sam, get ready for pay dirt! I’m about to cum!” He almost screamed.


“Me, too, big guy! Me too!” I answered as we both picked up the pace. Soon I was shooting ropes and ropes of cum onto the shower wall and Chris was dumping his load into me. We were both quite vocal.


Once we finished our lovemaking session in the shower, we dried ourselves and both slipped on gym shorts to make our way into the kitchen. The guys were devouring bagels and sipping coffee.


“Hello, men!” Chris greeted our guests. The three of them were grinning from ear to ear as they greeted us.


“I know this is your house and all,” Greg began, “but you might want to consider putting on some music or the news when you decide to bang Sam’s ass in the shower, Chris.”


I turned beet red as Chris spoke up, “You know, Greg, you are right about one thing. This is our house. Besides, I didn’t have time to put on any music.”


“Have it your way, Chris,” Greg responded. “But, for a virgin like me, I heard things I really shouldn’t have heard.”


“You didn’t seem to mind last night, Greg,” Matt interjected.


“Let’s face it! The three of us needed release badly last night,” Greg added. “Besides, it’s a lot more fun doing it with my brother and my brother’s lover than by myself!”


“Greg, do you think you are giving a little too much information to our hosts?” Randy admonished Greg.


“I’m just telling it like it is, bro!” Greg responded. “Besides, I doubt that we were the first ones to beat off in that bed, right Chris?”


“I think maybe Luke and Sean probably christened it,” Chris answered with a grin. “But, if you keep this up, Greg, I might need to take Sam back in for another shower!”


“And,” Randy interjected, “I think we need to head over to the hospital. Brandon might like to see his boyfriend.”


“What am I? Chopped liver?” Greg retorted.


“Greg! I will give you two seconds, and if you are not headed towards that door, I will tie you up, put you over my shoulder, and drag you out of here!” Randy threatened.


“Okay! Let’s move it!” Greg agreed.


We said our good byes to our guests. Then, we cleaned up the kitchen before getting dressed and ready for the day. We were out the door by 10:30 am. I was on my way to my computer science class. Chris was headed for his music comp class. We agreed to meet for a quick lunch and then finish up the day with our classes before heading to the hospital to see Brandon and the gang.




Once we arrived at the hospital, Randy and Greg greeted us. “Brandon’s doing much, much better today. He had some really, really good news. One of the friends of the asshole roommate has turned on this Griffin kid. Apparently, he has agreed to testify against the others in response to a plea deal. It’s sort of a slam dunk according to Mr. Davison. There was also a forensic person here who examined Brandon’s injuries. Mr. Davison hinted that there might be even more evidence to support Brandon’s claim that he did not slit his wrists, but it was the attackers who did it to take the heat off their attack…. Matt is, naturally, in with Brandon now. There is talk that he might be released on Wednesday. But, he has a lot of work to do with the psychiatrist and therapist over the next several months. As a matter of fact, Matt is thinking about transferring down here so he can be with Brandon. That won’t happen until next semester, but, if Matt can manage to transfer to UIUC, I think Brandon will like having Matt around.”


“That’s terrific news!” I effused. “Have you talked to Dr. Reed today?”


“Yes! That’s when he told us he thought that he will release Brandon on Wednesday provided Brandon sees him a couple of days for the next few weeks, at a minimum,” Randy reported. “He’s still concerned about Brandon’s ability to deal with intimacy issues. He hopes to work through that during his sessions. But, Brandon and Matt seem to be getting along!”


“Great!” Chris added. “And, we told Brandon that he could stay with us until he is comfortable with the dorm or wherever he decides to live.”


Just then, Sawyer and Glen arrived to see how things were going, “Hello, men! How’s Brandon?”


Randy relayed the good news to Sawyer and Glen. “Do you want to see him?” Randy asked. “Matt and Greg are in with him now.”


“Sure! We can say a quick hello,” Glen added. “We both have a shit load of homework to do this coming week. So, we won’t stay long.”


Sawyer and Glen disappeared into Brandon’s room. Greg came out and joined us in the waiting area.


“I hope I didn’t piss you off this morning, Chris!” Greg apologized. “Randy has been giving me a hard time all day long!”


“You didn’t piss me off, Greg,” Chris answered. “If I was pissed, you would be the first to know it! I’m a devious old bastard!”


Chris turned his attention to me, “I thought about making a veggie lasagna and when I do it makes enough for an army. So, unless you want to have left overs for the next several days, we need more of an army. So, do you want to see if Sawyer and Glen want to join us for dinner, Sam?”


“Sure! I’m sure Sawyer won’t turn down free food!” I responded. “Besides it will keep my mind off the shit I need to do this week for school.”


Just then my phone began to ring. It was my father, “Hello, Dad!”


“Hello, Sam,” my dad answered. “Your mother and I just pulled off I-57. We stopped to find out where you were.”


“Chris and I are at Carle,” I answered. “We just dropped by to say hello to Brandon.”


“Why don’t we come over there? Your mother and I need to head back in a few minutes,” my father informed me.


“Do you want to stay for dinner?” I asked. Chris nodded his agreement.


“We’d love to, but we both need to get up at the crack of dawn tomorrow so we need to head back. But, thanks for asking,” my father explained.


“Chris and I are in the third floor waiting room. Elevator bank ‘A’ brings you up here,” I said into the phone.  “You can say hello to Chris and Brandon’s brothers, too.


“We’ll be there shortly,” my father agreed.


“My father said they can’t stay for dinner, but they are coming up to say hello to everyone,” I explained.


Sawyer and Glen came out of Brandon’s room. “He seems perkier than he has been!” Glen added.


“I think the news of him possibly getting out of here on Wednesday has brightened his spirits considerably,” Randy explain.


“Sawyer and Glen, do you want to join us for dinner tonight? Chris is in a creative mood,” I asked.


Sawyer and Glen looked at one another. Sawyer eagerly accepted our invitation. “What time?”


“Any time after 7:00,” Chris decided. “I hope you like vegie lasagna.”


“We’ll eat anything that’s not dorm food, right Glen?” Sawyer added.


“Definitely!” Glen agreed.


My parents found their way into the waiting room. I quickly hugged my father and hugged and kissed my mother on the cheek. “Thanks for bringing up the car! I think it will be useful in the next few days.”


“We’re glad we could help,” my mother said. “Hello, Chris!” she said to Chris as he hugged her.


“Glad to see you again,” Chris interjected.


“Mom, dad, I’d like you to meet Sawyer and Glen,” I began the introductions. Sawyer and Glen stood and shook my parents’ hands. “And, this is Brandon’s brothers, Randy and Greg.” They, too, shook my parents’ hands.


“We were so sorry to hear about your brother! We hope he is doing better,” my mother added.


“He’s in much better spirits today than he has been,” Randy added.


“Do you want to at least say hello to him and his boyfriend?” I asked my parents.


“We’d be delighted to meet them,” my father replied.


I took them into Brandon’s room and introduced them to Brandon and Matt. They talked for a little while until my father announced they needed to hit the road. I walked them down to my mother’s car and said good bye and thanked them profusely for delivering the car.


When I returned to the waiting area, Greg spoke first, “Your parents are really, really nice, Sam! I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the produce department! Or, whatever that saying is.”


“Thanks, Greg. They are terrific parents, I will say that!” I replied to Greg.


Chris and I went in to say goodbye to Brandon and Matt. Soon, Sawyer, Glen, Chris, and I were headed downstairs to the parking lot.


“You can ride with me or Chris,” I said to Sawyer and Glen as I unlocked the Mustang.


“Holy fuck! Sam! This is some car!” Sawyer interjected. “Is this what I think it is?”


“It’s a Cobra,” I answered.


“And,” Chris began, “He drives like a bat out of hell in it! I thought mine had a lot of get up and go, but this thing would leave mine in the dust!”


“Can you drive a stick, Sawyer?” I asked.


“Sure! I learned to drive in my mother’s Miata,” Sawyer answered.


I threw him the keys, “I’ll ride with Chris. Just park it next to his in the condo lot.”


“You’re going to trust me with your car? You might not see us again!” Sawyer quipped.


“I know you will eventually show up. We’ve offered you free food!” I answered.


“See you there in a few, guys!” Sawyer answered. Chris and I climbed into his car and watched as Sawyer sped out of the parking lot.


“I’m glad it is heavily insured,” I added as I grinned at Chris.


We dropped by the store to pick up another refresher pack of beer. When we arrived at the condo, Sawyer and Glen were waiting to pull beside Chris’s car.


“This thing moves, Sam!” Sawyer exclaimed. “If you ever decide you need a more sedate family car, I’ll be happy to take it off your hands.”


“We aren’t expecting any kids for a while,” Chris added as we headed toward the condo.


Once we were inside the condo, Chris began his magic act as he created dinner. Sawyer, Glen, and I sat at the island and watched. We also polished off our first beers. By the time, Randy, Greg, and Matt arrived from the hospital at 8:30, dinner was coming out of the oven.


I retrieved beers for Randy, Greg, and Matt. They, too, huddled around the island while Chris put the finishing touches on his magnificent creation. We decided to eat in the kitchen. Greg kept us entertained during our meal.


After everyone finished devouring Chris’s lasagna, Randy announced his departure. “I think I’m going to head back to Chicago tomorrow afternoon. Brandon seems to be getting better by the minute. But, I’ll be back down here on Sunday morning to pick up Matt.”


“Ah… Not to change the subject, but if anyone wants to see our student show this weekend I can get tickets,” Chris offered. “Sam’s parents and my grandparents are going to see it on Saturday evening. I’ve made Sam agree to see them all so we won’t be performing to an empty theater.”


“Sounds like fun!” Randy agreed. “I can probably shift things around so I could be here on Saturday.”


“And, we’re going to celebrate here on Sunday with a brunch!” I added. “We arranged for my parents and Chris’s grandparents to stay at the Hilton. So, Randy, Greg, Brandon, and Matt can stay here. I have this feeling someone might be banished to the pullout sofa in Chris’s study, however.”


“Leo, Brian, and I head to the school to get me registered on Monday. I’m supposed to stay with them starting Sunday, so you won’t have me kick around anymore. But, I’d love to see you do your thing, Chris.”


“And, if you think of anyone else who wants to go, let me know,” Chris added. “We want bodies in all of the seats. And, there are six shows.”


“Why are you doing this?” Matt asked.


“It’s a music performance class requirement. There are six of us. Plus all of the lighting, sound mixing, and set design are also student led efforts,” Chris answered. “So, please clap even if we fall on our asses!”


Sawyer and Glen decided to leave at 10. The rest of us headed to bed around 11.


Chris and I were naked and comfortably settled into bed. We began to discuss the upcoming week, “I have an English paper due on Friday, a chemistry exam on Wednesday, and a set of calculus problems due on Friday. So, my week is going to pretty much consumed. Yours?”


“I have rehearsals on Tuesday and Wednesday,” Chris said. “My other classes have taken a back seat until this show is over.”


“I understand… Now, what do you intend to do about this big black dick that is poking me in the stomach?” I asked Chris as I added a kiss.


“You’re a horny bastard, aren’t you?” Chris hissed.


“You have that effect on me,” I responded. “I know a great spot where it will fit perfectly!”


“So do I!” Chris added as he grabbed the lube. “How do you want this, lover boy?”

“On my stomach! That way you can really pound my ass,” I whispered. “Let’s give Greg something to remember!”


“One ass pounding coming up!” Chris hissed as he rolled me over on my stomach and began to nibble on my ears and the back of my neck. He lined up his lubed hard dick over my hole and started his descent.


“Ahhh… Yes, Chris… You feel so, so good inside me,” I hissed back as his balls lapped at mine. “I may not let you out of bed tomorrow!”


“I have a rehearsal tomorrow at 4,” Chris whispered into my ear as he began thrusting his hard cock in and out of me. “But, I might be tempted to blow off the rest of the day!”


Chris continued his assault on my eager ass. Every so often he picked up the pace until his balls were slapping mine in quick succession.


“I like… this… but… I want… to see… your face… when I cum inside you,” Chris hissed. Somehow he managed to flip me onto my back. His dick never left my ass. “Yea… I love… looking at you… and kissing… my beautiful… boyfriend.”


I grabbed his head in my hands and pulled him into a long, long kiss. His sweat was dripping from his muscled body onto mine. I was moaning in pleasure.


“Are you… ready… for my load… lover boy?” Chris asked. He was definitely breathing heavily from his protracted workout.


“Only if you promise to do this again… before we go… to sleep!” I answered in a soft, but guttural voice.


“Deal!” Chris answered. Just then, I felt his body tense. His moans of pleasure turned to louder grunts until he almost yelled as I felt his dick explode into my ass, “Fuck! I’m fucking cuming, Sam! Ahhh… ahhh… ahhh… ahhh… ahhh…! Fuck! Yes!”


Chris lowered his body to rest on mine. His sweat now coated both of our bodies as we lay together in post-sexual bliss. After a few moments, Chris resumed kissing me. “I hope… you meant… what you said… about doing it… again… tonight!” Chris whispered between kisses. I felt him begin to deliver another round of thrusts in and out of my ass.


“Please… don’t stop… until you… don’t have… another drop… of cum… in you!” I whispered back between his passionate kisses.


Chris continued his thrusts as he continued his kisses, “This… will probably… be it…! You have… a way… of draining me!”


He was moving his cock in and out of me in another rapid fire lovemaking session. And, it didn’t take long before he was administering my ass pounding in fast, steady thrusts. I was holding onto my lovers sweat laden, muscled arms. I fucking wanted his cum! “Please, Chris, please fucking cum in me!”


Chris’s body tensed and he was again unloading rope after rope of cum into my well used ass, “Yes…! Yes…! Fuck…! Ahhh…! Ahhh…! Ahhh…!” He collapsed on top of me again and tried to regain a normal breathing pattern. “I think you’ve just used up about a week’s worth of cum from me.”


“All I can say…” I replied between his kisses. “You’d better… be ready… again… tomorrow night! Or…, there will be… hell to pay!”


“Where has my… easy, happy go lucky… lover gone?” Chris asked as he continued to kiss me.


“I’ll still… be easy and… happy go lucky… as long as… the sex with you… remains this… fucking good!” I replied as I was enjoying the attention Chris was paying to my lips.


“Do we… need a… shower?” Chris asked.


“Nope…! I like… the smell… of my… sweaty… lover’s body!” I answered.


“Then…, smell… I will,” Chris added as he rolled us on our sides and pulled my body closer to his. “I think… we need… to get… to sleep! You have… an early… day tomorrow.”


“Don’t… remind me… about… tomorrow! Just… hold me!” I whispered to Chris.




Chris’s phone went off signaling the beginning of Tuesday! He shut off the phone and pulled me out of bed with him. “You have early classes today. Go hit the shower, and I will prepare to feed the hungry masses.”


“If I must!” I answered sleepily. “I still don’t know how you can be this perky this early!”


“It’s my sunny disposition! Shower! Now!” Chris instructed as he pulled on his gym shorts and left our bedroom. I did a quick shower and dawned a pair of tight fitting jeans and polo and sweatshirt. I also scooped up the stuff I needed for classes and the gym. When I finally found my way into the kitchen, I saw my bare-chested, muscled lover sipping coffee and devouring a bagel. I sat beside him at the island after getting myself some coffee.


“Want to join the gang for lunch after the gym?” I asked Chris.


“Sure!” Chris replied. “I’d like that. After the weekend we’ve had, it will be good to commune with your gang.”


“Great!” I added. “We’ll be there by 11:45! I need to get going. I can’t wait to get into this fucking chemistry lab!”


“I can tell you are overjoyed,” Chris deadpanned. “The look on your face is one of complete anguish!”


“Bye, sweet man!” I said as I kissed my lover goodbye and headed out the door.


Chemistry lab drug on. I almost fled the room in anticipation of meeting the gang and hitting the gym. When I arrived, Sawyer and Glen were waiting outside. Tom and Harrison were right behind me.


“Greetings fellow athletes!” Sawyer effused. “I, for one, am eager to take my frustrations out on the gym equipment!”


We all agreed as we headed into the locker room to change. As we were changing, I noticed Sawyer and Glen had done a little manscaping since I had seen them last. Their hairless bodies—including the crotch—were nicely and recently shaved.


After we were dressed and headed toward the weight room, I leaned in to Sawyer’s ear and whispered, “I see the two of you have had some fun with the razor since I last saw you.”


“Yea! We decided to try it!” Sawyer whispered back. “It was such a turn on shaving Glen’s body! I especially liked doing his crotch, cock, and balls! We haven’t decided if we will keep it this way, but… it was fun!”


We hit the weights and everyone did our thing. And, I think, most of us did take the weekend’s frustrations out on the equipment. When we were finished, we headed to the locker room and shower. As the five of us were walking naked to the showers, Harrison turned to Sawyer and Glen, “It looks like you two had a great time this weekend!”


“It was an experiment!” Glen replied. “Plus, we did it to show solidarity to Sawyer’s brother whose swim team is starting competition. We just got a little carried away!”


“It looks good on you. Now all you need are a couple of tattoos and you’ll be ready for anything!” Tom added.


After we hit the showers and dressed, we headed to the pasta joint. Chris was waiting outside.


“Hi, babe,” I said to Chris as I planted a kiss on his lips.


“Hi to you, too!” Chris replied as he took my hand in his and followed the group into the restaurant.


When we were settled at our table with food in place, Tom turned to Chris, “I hear from one of your biggest fans that your show starts this Friday!”


“Yup!” Chris answered. “If anyone wants to attend, I’ll make certain you have free tickets. I’m trying to make sure we actually have an audience. It would be rather embarrassing to play to an empty house!”


Everyone decided to attend the Saturday show and gather for an early brunch on Sunday at the condo. We finally headed for our respective classes.


“I’ll see you after my rehearsal. I should be home by 9 at the latest. I left something for you to heat up for the guys and you for dinner in the fridge.” Chris explained as he kissed me good bye.


“I’ll miss you,” I said as we parted ways.


Tom, Harrison, Glen, and I took front row seats for our computer science study group session. Ben was already at the front of the room preparing for class. “Good afternoon, men! How was your weekend?”


“We were a little busy!” I started to explain. “The student who was attacked last Friday is a friend of ours. We spent a lot of the weekend at the hospital.”


“I’m sorry to hear about that. Marcus and I heard rumors about someone being attacked. How is he doing?”


I explained the attack, the attackers, and Brandon’s condition to Ben.


“Please tell him Marcus and I send out best,” Ben added after I finished recounting the events. “And, if Marcus and I can be of any help, please let us know!”


“Thank you,” I replied. “I’ll be certain to tell Brandon.”


Ben started the study session. When the session was over, Ben asked, “Sam, may I see you for a moment?”


“Sure,” I replied as I headed toward the podium to speak with Ben.


“I saw on the school events website that there is a student musical review this weekend. I think I saw your boyfriend’s name mentioned. Am I correct?” Ben summarized.


“Yep!” I answered. “Chris is in it. If you and Marcus would like to come, let me know and Chris can get tickets for you. He’s worried that they will be playing to an empty house.”


“We’d love to see the review,” Ben answered with enthusiasm. “We miss having something cultural to do. We were sort of spoiled living in Boston for six years.”


“I’ll tell him tonight,” I answered. “There is a group of people who are going Saturday, including Chris’s grandparents and my parents. There is also an early brunch at our condo on Sunday morning. You’re invited to join us for both.”


“Terrific!” Ben answered. “I’m sure Marcus will be equally excited.”


I caught up with our little group. We were joined by Sawyer at Starbucks. Glen kissed Sawyer on the lips and hugged the new arrival, “I missed you, babe!”


“I missed you, too!” Sawyer replied. He whispered something into Glen’s ear. They both smiled broadly.


“So, Sawyer, shall we make plans to attend a wedding?” Harrison asked.


“That might be a bit premature,” Sawyer replied. “We have the little detail of Glen’s parents to contend with before we make wedding plans.”


“My dip shit brothers have both offered to be our attendants,” Glen added with a smile. “Of course, we will need to ask Darren, too!”


“And, then, there is Sammie here!” Sawyer continued. “Naturally, we would need to round out the wedding party with the very Mary Tom and Harrison! Chris could sing!”


“I have this feeling, Sam and Chris will beat us all to the altar!” Tom stated. “I can see the gleam in Chris’s eyes when he looks at you, Sam! And, I think you sparkle just a little when he’s around!”


“Sparkle?” I interjected. “Like a fairy, huh?”


We continued our banter for about an hour and then the group went our separate ways. When I walked into the condo, my phone started to ring. It was my father, “Hi! Dad! What’s up?”


“Good news, Sam! I have your mother here on the speaker phone. I think you might want to sit down!” my father began. “It seems like we have a signed contract for the sale of the farm!”


“Terrific! Dad!” I effused. “How did things turn out?”


My father continued. “Well, first of all, Julie handled the negotiations. When she first told me this afternoon about the terms of the sale, I thought she was kidding or something. But, she was dead serious. She is a miracle worker at the very least.”


“Now, you’ve really got my attention!” I replied.


“I’ll give you the short version and e-mail you the signed contract so you can grasp the whole situation more thoroughly! Of course, Julie will get her cut! And, I am very pleased to hand over every dime. She is certainly worth it.”


“Spill, Dad! Spill!” I excitedly instructed.


“Okay!” my father began. “There is an upfront non-refundable deposit of $1 million that will be transferred into an escrow account tomorrow. Then, the final sale amount will be $52 million—after Julie takes the firm’s cut. The law firm will be paid $10 million.”


“Holy shit!” I almost shouted. “Sorry Mom!”


“Don’t worry, Sam,” my mother announced. “Those were my exact words when your father first told me about this.”


“Then, for the next 5 years, we will receive an additional $1 million each year,” my father continued.


“Why?” I asked.


“To guarantee that I will not enter into another business and potentially compete against the group who is buying the farm,” my father explained.


“Shit! Dad!” I exclaimed. “I guess you won’t need to work for the next five years, huh?”


“I think that is what all this means,” my father answered. “I’m still in shock about everything.”


“How exactly did Julie manage to get the money and the annual payments?” I asked.


“She did her research and based the sale on a probable business model instead of just land prices and assets,” my father further explained. “It seems the group has made a killing on other deals in northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin. She based her evaluation of the worth of the farm business on the actual profits those operations have yielded. And, the group will still turn a tidy profit. She also insisted that all of the employees we now have will be guaranteed a job for the next ten years. She even negotiated permanent employee status for our employees that we employ only seasonally.”


“And, once the funds are available,” my mom began to explain, “Julie will set up your trust and our trust. And, we’re still splitting the proceeds by half.”


“We will need to pay taxes on the sale, but we should wind up with about $20 million in each trust,” my father explained.


“Not to change the subject,” I began, “but you two are still coming to see Chris’s show on Saturday, right?”


“Absolutely!” mom answered. “We wouldn’t miss it for the world.”


“Good!” I replied. “Chris and I have booked you two a room at the Hilton for Saturday night. We also booked one for Chris’s grandparents. We are having a brunch at the condo on Sunday. You can meet some more of our friends as well as Chris’s grandparents.”


“We’ll bring the champagne!” my father added. “We’ll celebrate Chris’s success with a bit of bubbly!”


“Sounds terrific!” I added.


“We’ll let you go, Sam!” my mother continued. “We just wanted to share the good news with you! Please give our regards to Chris, too!”


“Will do, mom, dad!” I answered. “We’re looking forward to this weekend!”


“Bye, Sam!” my father said. “We love you!”


“Love you guys, too!” I added as I ended the call.


I studied until our two guests buzzed when they returned from the hospital. I let them in and offered them beers. Naturally, the two of them accepted.


“How’s Brandon?” I asked.


“He was in a really good mood today!” Matt answered. “He’s looking forward to being released tomorrow. I don’t want to push him into anything. So, we’re just taking things slowly! We’ve talked a lot. We’ve held hands. He smiles a lot. But, nothing more. I haven’t even talked to him about us as a couple. I realize I just need to be patient with him.”


“Randy left around 3 this afternoon,” Greg added. “Brandon and I were sorry to see him go. The three of us have really gotten to be much, much closer.”


“That’s good to hear!” I enthused. “You seem to blend very well as brothers! I’ll heat up the dinner Chris left for us. It should be ready soon.”


Chris arrived promptly at 9. He was eager to hear about Brandon and the latest developments. Once our guests were fed and we discussed the events of the next few days, Chris and I went into our bedroom and were almost immediately naked. We climbed into bed after Chris and I took a shower together.


When we were finally holding each other under the covers, I made my announcement. “My parents called today!”


“Are they still coming for the show on Saturday?” Chris asked.


“Yes, indeed! They are both looking forward to the show and brunch!” I answered. “They had some other news.”


“Good news, I hope!” Chris answered.


“Very good news,” I said as I began to relate my parents’ news of the sale of the farm.


“Holly fuck!” Chris interjected when we heard the details of the agreement. “I am so happy for you and your parents!”


“My father said he owes it all to Julie who handled the negotiations,” I added. “I hope she gets a big, big bonus!”


“I suspect she will be adequately compensated!” Chris espoused. “The firm is most generous to successful staff members. I think Julie may be in line to be a partner after the dust settles on this. Now, as much as I want to celebrate by making love to you, I am dead tired. Do you mind if we postpone our lovemaking until tomorrow evening?”


“Not at all, lover boy!” I agreed. “Just hold me.”


We both snuggled closer and soon drifted off to sleep.



To be continued...


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