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Sam and Chris

Chapter 22: The Show Goes On


Chris and I awoke on Thursday morning to the all too frequent sounding of Chris's phone that announced our wake-up call. "Morning, lover boy!" Chris announced as he settled back into my arms and kissed my nose.


"The only thing that makes waking up so god awful early on Tuesday and Thursday morning is having you lying next to me!" I said to my sweet boyfriend. "And, before you give me orders, I am off to the shower! I need to wash off the scent of sex from last night!"


Chris let me go and added, "I'll go make you coffee, oh exalted one!" He padded off naked to the kitchen as I headed to the showers. I did my duty, dressed, made my way out to the kitchen, and kissed my boyfriend.


"You seem to be in a better mood now that you've had your shower!" Chris responded.


"The thing that put me in a better mood was kissing my still naked boyfriend," I smiled and gave him another peck on the lips. I settled beside Chris on the bar stool and began sipping coffee that was put before me.


"Do you need to study when you get home tonight?" Chris asked.


"I'm pretty much caught up. The last two nights you were rehearsing, I was studying. I think I'm in pretty good shape. Why?" I reported.


"Well," Chris began. "I was thinking that I might be convinced to take you out to dinner tonight. I could leave our guests something they can heat up. I think I want some alone time with my sexy boyfriend."


"I am pretty sure your boyfriend can manage to join you!" I answered as I added a kiss all of my own. "He told me that he craves the feel of your body next to his."


"He can have my body next to him anytime he wants to have me!" Chris answered.


"I hate to break this up, Chris, but I have to run!" I said as I added one last kiss before scooping up my stuff for classes. "Will you be joining us for lunch today, oh sweet one?"


"Sure! I'd love to!" Chris agreed. "Same time and same place?"


"Yes!" I replied and added one last kiss before I headed out the door.




The gym and lunch gang met Chris in front of the pasta joint at 11:45. I gave Chris a kiss as we walked into the restaurant. Once we were seated, Chris announced, "I have tickets for whomever wants one. You are in the center section in rows four through six. And, I expect a lot of applause!"


Chris handed out the tickets. Everyone was thrilled with the upcoming adventure on Saturday and Sunday. Chris also had tickets for Ben and Marcus as well as my parents, Chris's grandparents, and Randy, Matt, Greg, and Brandon.


We continued to talk and harass each other until it was time to head to our next class. As we were leaving, Chris planted a kiss on my lips and said, "That was just the beginning! You'll need to wait for the rest until later this evening!"


"I'll try to stay focused until the time arrives," I answered as I returned the kiss. "I'll see you at home, babe!"


We scurried off to class. I sat next to Glen, Harrison, and Tom. Mr. Albertson was busily arranging the material for our study session. I said hello to the gang and walked to Mr. Albertson's desk, "Here are the tickets for tomorrow night. You and Marcus are seated with a raucous band of people. However, my parents and Chris's grandparents will be there to set the appropriate tone to enjoy the evening!"


"We are really looking forward to this," Mr. Albertson replied. "I've heard from some friends that the students in this show are really talented."


"I've only heard Chris sing and play the piano. If they are anything like him, this will be a show to remember!" I effused. "And, don't forget Sunday at 11. Here is the address. This, I think, will be a fun brunch. Henry is coming down from Chicago to do the catering."


"Who's Henry?" Mr. Albertson asked.


"Oh! I forgot you wouldn't know him," I began to explain. "Henry is Chris's grandparents' chef."


"They have a chef? As in full-time chef?" Mr. Albertson asked. He looked a little puzzled.


"Yes," I added more to my explanation. "And, he's rather doting when it comes to Chris."


"I see," Mr. Albertson said with a smile. "I guess we will learn more on Saturday evening and Sunday morning."


"It should be a great time!" I effused.


Mr. Albertson started the class.




When I arrived home, Chris was curled up with a book on the sofa in the living room. "So," I said as I sat next to Chris, "did you have a good afternoon?"


"Very good!" Chris answered as he began kissing the back of my neck. "I knew I was going to see you this evening!"


"Okay, guys!" Greg announced as he entered the room from the kitchen. "I think I'm getting a complex. Every place I have been today, I am subjected to lovers sharing kisses and shit! I think I need to get a life!"


"Hello, Greg," I answered. "How was your day?"


"Good!" Greg answered. "I had lunch with Leo and Brian this afternoon. Then, I came back here and began to sift through information about the school they are going to send me to. I am going to call Leo and Brian this evening. They are going to spend mucho bucks on getting me into this school. I don't want to be a burden!"


"I'm sure Leo and Brian don't consider looking after you a burden," I answered. "Otherwise, they wouldn't have offered to take care of you until you finish high school."


"Besides," Chris began, "I think they plan on making you their indentured servant for the rest of your life."


"Shit head!" Greg admonished Chris as he threw a small pillow from the sofa at Chris. "But, you have to admit, being their indentured servant would be a piece of cake as compared with living with my lunatic mother! I think one could say it would be freeing!"


Matt and Brandon entered the living room from the guest room. "Hello, guys!" Brandon greeted us.


"How was your day?" I asked.


"Peaceful!" Matt added with a smile.


"'Peaceful' my ass!" Greg began. "There was so many noises coming out of that bedroom when I got back from lunch with Leo and Brian, I thought there was a party going on!"


"I was just telling Matt how grateful I was for all of the support he has shown me during this whole mess!" Brandon said softly. "We weren't making that much noise...! Were we?"


"I didn't hear a thing," Chris added to detract from Greg's comments. "I think Greg is just jealous!"


"Yea!" Greg answered. "Maybe I am a little jealous. Do you think I'll be able to find a boyfriend at this new high school?"


All of us looked at Greg. Our eyes were obviously wide.


Brandon was the first to respond, "Ah... bro! Are you saying... you're gay?"


"Well, let's just put it this way: I think so," Greg answered. "I'd like to see the look on our mother's face when she realizes she gave birth to three gay guys!"


"Wait! You think Randy is gay?" Brendon questioned.


"Fuck yes!" Greg answered. "When you and Matt left Randy and me alone, he told me he was gay! Does that bother you?"


"Shit no!" Brandon answered. "There is power in numbers! Why didn't he tell me and Matt?"


"He thought you guys had enough to deal with," Greg answered. "He even showed me a picture of his boyfriend. Another med student. And, just to set the record straight... pardon the pun... he's a gorgeous, hunky stud of Italian descent. His name is Anthony—Tony for short."


"With that revelation," Chris began, "I think a drink is in order!"


Chris pulled me off the sofa and led me into the kitchen to retrieve beers for everyone! When the guys had their beers, Chris announced our plans for the evening. "Sam and I are going out for dinner tonight. I have left a casserole in the fridge for you to heat for your dinner. There is also a salad. The dressing is in the door of the fridge. And, starting tomorrow, Sam and I will keep an eye out for a boyfriend for you, Greg!"


"You guys are most generous!" Greg replied. "While you're at dinner tonight, I'll make a list of things I would like to find in a boyfriend. You can feel free to distribute it to anyone and everyone you meet. But, please include my phone number and e-mail address if you do give it to someone."


Brandon and Matt disappeared into the guest room. Greg scurried off to the kitchen. Chris and I headed to our bedroom to get ourselves ready for our big night out.


"Where are we going, Chris?" I asked. "And, what do I wear?"


"The Italian place you and Sawyer went to," Chris began to answer. "Slacks and a sport shirt maybe with a sweater. It's getting cold out. You can choose to wear underwear or not. You won't have it on long after we get back! Trust me!"


"So, does that mean Viking Chris will be pillaging my body tonight?" I asked as I kissed him.


"Ahhhh! Shit!" Chris exclaimed as he returned the kiss. "I should have picked up my Viking costume from the dry cleaners!"


"We can save that until we no longer have guests. In the meantime," I whispered in Chris's ear, "why don't we get naked and shower together?"


"I like that idea!" Chris responded with another kiss. "But I am going to insist that we do not over react in the shower. You can have a hard dick, but I don't want you to cum. I want you to be a horny bastard tonight!"


"Trust me, Chris! That will not be a problem!" I answered. "And, I think I will wear the tightest briefs I have in order to control myself!"


"Wear something you won't mind loosing!" Chris ordered with a leer. "I plan on ripping them off you tonight!"




Finally, Chris and I were dressed and headed out the door for our dinner date. "I don't know when we will be home, guys!" Chris began. "So, don't wait up for us!"


"No problem, Chris!" Greg replied. "We'll be in bed early so you can take Sam to bed and ravage him without complications! Maybe you could add some music!"


"Bye guys!" I said as we left them in the living room.


We walked to the Italian place and were greeted by Jeffrey, "Christopher! It is so good to see you! And, this is your boyfriend?"


"Yes, this is Sam!" Chris answered.


"Haven't you been in here before?" Jeffery asked.


"Yes! Chris recommended this place to me and a friend of mine!" I explained. "We had a great dinner that night!"


Jeffery led us to our table and gave us menus. "May I get the two of you something to drink?"


"How does champagne sound to you, Sam?" Chris asked me.


"Sure! I'm game!" I answered.


Chris turned to Jeffery and added, "I'll let you choose, Jeffery! But, something dry, please."


Jeffery's lit up, "Certainly, Christopher. I will be right back."


"Shouldn't you ask how much the bottle costs before you give Jeffery carte blanche?" I asked Chris.


"I trust Jeffery!" Chris answered. "Besides, nothing is too good for my boyfriend."


Jeffery quickly returned to our table with a bottle of Champagne and an ice bucket. "I hope this is to your liking, Sir!" Jeffery said as he showed to bottle to Chris.


"Excellent choice, Jeffery!" Chris answered.


Jeffery expertly popped the cork and poured Chris a sip.


"Perfect, Jeffery!" Chris answered.


Jeffery added Champagne to our glasses and scurried off to let us sit and talk.


"Here is to you and me!" Chris whispered as we raised our glasses to toast.


"I'll drink to that!" I whispered back as we clinked glasses.


"And, here is to you and your family! Congratulations on the sale of the family farm!" Chris again raised his glass.


I raised my glass to click with Chris's. "Thanks, babe! It's still sort of unreal!"


"I say that every time I think about you! You complete me!" Chris whispered as he leaned over to peck me on the lips.


"You're so sweet, Chris!" I whispered back. "I guess that's one of the many reasons why I love you!"


Jeffery returned to take our order, "May I take your order now? Or, would you like more time?"


"Now is fine, right Sam?" Chris asked me.


"Yup! I'm having what I had the last time I was here!" I replied as I gave Jeffery my order.


"Make that two," Chris added. "Plus, could we please get the Brochette before our meal?"


"Absolutely, gentlemen," Jeffery answered with a smile. "I will bring the Brochette out shortly."


Once Jeffery had taken our order, Chris got a very serious look on his face. "Sam, I want to ask you something. You don't have to give me an answer now if you want to think about my question."


"I'm all ears," I replied.


"Sam," Chris began as he dug a small box out of his pocket. "Will you marry me?"


I think my mouth dropped and I couldn't speak at first. Finally, I said—almost yelled, "Yes!" I jumped out of my seat and raced beside Chris and gave him a big sloppy kiss. By this time, we were both shedding a few tears of joy.


I sat back in my chair before Chris continued, "Sam, this is for you! I thought you might say `yes.'" He handed me the small box.


I opened the box and there was a simple gold men's ring with a green stone. "Chris, it is beautiful! Thank you! I only wish I had one to give you!"


Chris reached over and slipped the ring on my finger.


"It fits perfectly!" I enthused.


"Good! And, just in case you said `yes,' I had another one done that is identical to yours!" Chris added as he handed me another box.


I opened the box and there was indeed an identical ring. I took the ring out of the box and slipped it on Chris's finger. "I guess this makes our engagement official, huh!"


"Yes, I believe that is the purpose of the rings," Chris softly stated with a huge grin on his face. "Did you notice the engraving?"


"No!" I replied as I slipped off my ring. "Holy shit, Chris!" I read the engraving out loud. "'Sam and Chris forever!' How did the jeweler get it all on there?"


"He's creative! And, yup! I think you are stuck with me!" Chris added.


"I think I will like being stuck with you—at least as long as forever!" I whispered to Chris.


"Same here!" Chris answered.


As I sat admiring the ring, I asked, "Chris? What kind of stone is this?"


"Emerald!" Chris answered. "It compliments your eyes."


"You are so sweet, Chris. I can't wait to tell mom and dad... then, of course, there is Sawyer, Glen, Tom, Harrison, Brandon, Matt, Greg, Mr. Albertson and his husband... Why don't I just take out a full page add in the New York Times?" I was rambling.


"Well, I hate to burst your bubble, but I called your parents to ask for their permission to marry you!" Chris demurely offered.


"When did you talk to them?" I asked.


"Right before Brandon's trouble with his roommate began," Chris answered.


"You mean they kept this secret all this time?" I asked. I think I was still in shock.


"Yes, but I didn't tell them when I would ask you. Only that I would," Chris offered. "I hope you don't mind, but I thought I should do this properly!"


"Who would have imagined at the beginning of the school year, we would be engaged?" I asked.


"I didn't think it would be this quick, but I knew you were the one after our first conversation at Starbucks!" Chris answered. "Besides, we can wait as long as you want before we tie the knot!"


Jeffery arrived with our Brochette, "Gentlemen! Here is the appetizer you ordered... And, I see two opened boxes on the table and two apparently new rings. Is this a special occasion?"


"As a matter of fact, Jeffery, Sam has agreed to marry me!" Chris beamed as he answered.


"Congratulations, gentlemen!" Jeffery began. "I felt a lot of very positive energy from the two of you when I showed you to your table. I knew something good was going to happen tonight. You two are a very attractive couple who are obviously in love!"


"Thank you, Jeffery!" Chris responded to our waiter.


"Now, I will leave you two alone until your entrée is ready," Jeffery said as he turned and walked away.


When Jeffery was out of ear shot, Chris whispered, "So, Sam, we have positive energy, are an attractive couple, and are obviously in love! Where do we go from here?"


"Home, bed, body fondling, orgasm, sleep, waking up next to my wonderful future husband." I answered. "Question! Do your grandparent know about this?"


"Yup!" Chris answered with a smile. "My grandmother had a hand in the ring selection. She contacted her jeweler and he drove down here with some rings he thought were possibilities. And, the rest is history!"


We continued to have a great dinner. Jeffery was most attentive and Chris left him an obviously large tip because the champagne was on the house!


When we were settled in Chris's car, I asked, "Would you mind if I called my parents?"


"Not at all, lover boy!" Chris said. He was smiling broadly.


It was only 9:30, so I knew they would still be awake. I dialed their number and my mother answered, "Mom! It's Sam!"


"It's nice to hear from you, Sam!" my mother replied.


"Is dad nearby? I have something to tell you both!" I suggested.


"Sure. Just a second while I turn this on speaker phone," my mother replied.


I heard the click of the speaker phone, "Hello, Sam! To what do we owe this pleasure?" my father asked.


"Chris just asked me to marry him, and I said yes!" I enthused.


"Congratulations, guys! We are very happy for you both!" my father responded.


"Yes! Congratulations! But, now I do feel old. My only son is engaged to be married!" my mother added.


"You'll never be old, mom!" I interjected.


"Thank you, dear!" My mother answered. "I needed to hear that. Can Chris hear us?"


"Yes. You're on speakerphone," I answered.


"Chris, from now on, you must address me as mom. I will not take no for an answer!" My mother said to Chris.


"Thank you... mom!" Chris replied.


"I take it you haven't talked about dates, places, or anything like that for the wedding... But, what about kids?" My mother asked. She could be blunt when she wanted answers.


"We haven't really talked much about kids other than we want one or two," Chris answered my mother's query. "Besides, it would be fun having a little Sam running around at some point. But, we both need to get through school before we make that commitment."


"Good answer, Chris," My father added to the conversation. "You'll need to have some time on your hands to deal with a little Sam. We know that from experience!"


"You're making me sound like a spoiled brat!" I objected.


"No! Not a spoiled brat, just a brat," my father returned the volley.


"If you keep that up, Chris will divorce me before we're even married!" I retorted.


Chris came to my aid, "No chance, Sam. You're stuck with me for life! Remember!"


"We should let you go," I said to my parents. "I think Chris might want to call his grandparents."


"Okay! We'll see you on Saturday," my father began. "But, I want you to know that your mother and I are very, very proud of our two sons!"


"Thank you, dad! That was a very nice thing to say... We'll talk more when we see you this weekend, but we wanted you to know that we are officially engaged," I added. We all said goodbye and ended the conversation.


Chris and I had a similar conversation with his grandparents before we headed back to the condo. When we arrived, Greg was still in the kitchen making his boyfriend wish list and Matt and Brandon were watching a moving from Netflix.


"Hello, men!" Chris said as we entered. "How has your evening been?"


Brandon answered for all of them, "Good! Matt and I have been watching this really, really bad—but funny—movie. Greg has been bombarding us with the updates to his boyfriend wish list. How was dinner?"


"It was an excellent dinner, wasn't it, Sam"" Chris answered Brandon's question. Chris looked at me and indicated I should be the one to break the news to our guests.


"We have some other exciting developments to report as a result of our dinner," I began. "Chris asked me to marry him. I said yes!"


"Holy shit!" Greg exclaimed from the doorway of the kitchen. "Congratulations, men!" He hugged us both as Brandon and Matt also surrounded us.


Brandon and Matt pulled us into a four way hug as Matt started to gush, "Wow! We are so, so happy for you!"


Brandon added his opinion, "Yea! I thought you two would be together forever after the first time I met you in the hallway! You'll make a great... What do we call it...? Husband and husband?"


Greg piped up, "We can work on terminology later! But, I think we need to make ourselves scarce so the two lovebirds can get into what lovebirds get into!"


Our three guests headed to the guest room. `I guess Greg, Matt, and Brandon are sharing the bed,' I thought to myself. Chris grabbed my hand and almost pulled me into the bedroom.


"I'm going to undress you," Chris said as he began to kiss me. "Then, I am going to... rip your underwear off... your beautiful body. And, finally..., I am going to make... made passionate love... to my future husband... Do you like... that plan?"


"Yup...! I like the plan," I started to explain. "But..., I get to undress you... before your rip my underwear... off my body... I think it's only fair!"


"Deal...!" Chris whispered between kisses. "But..., you won't... have the pleasure... of ripping... my underwear off! I didn't... wear any!"


"Why... does that... not surprise me?" I whispered back.


Chris slowly undressed me. He added a few kisses between pieces of clothing. I did the same for him.


When we were both naked except for my underwear, Chris whispered into my ear again, "I've changed my mind. I'm not going to rip off your underwear. I'll just slip them off."


Chris gently pulled my briefs down my body so I could step out of them. My hard dick slapped against my stomach when it was released from its confinement. Chris was on his knees as he began to lick the tip of my cock and moved down to suck on my balls with his tongue.


"Chris, that feels so good!" I softly moaned.


"Get used to it!" Chris added between licks. "This is what husbands do to their spouses. It's a requirement of marriage! It's in the wedding vows. Thou shall lick thy husband's balls every night before bed!"


He stood and kissed me on my lips again before he scooped me up and carried me to our bed. He laid me gently down in the middle and positioned himself on top of me.


"I am going to make certain that you are the most loved boyfriend in the world. Then, after we are married, we'll work on most loved husband in the world," Chris whispered into my ear before he began nibbling on my ear lobe.


I put my arms around Chris's muscled back and pulled him closer to me so I could kiss him, "Chris..., I can't... get enough... of you! You taste so good!" I added the last statement because I was licking his nose between kisses.


Chris began to pull himself lower on my body. He nibbled on my nipples which sent me into an instant frenzy, "Oh! God! Chris! Shit! You make me feel so fucking horny when you do that!"


"Then, I will need to nibble on them for a while longer! I like it when you are in a frenzy!" Chris whispered as he continued his nibbling.


"Shit! Chris, you're going to make me cum all over you if you don't stop that like right now!" I moaned.


"We can't have that now, can we? The evening is still young," Chris softly growled as he lifted one of my arms and dove into my armpit and began licking. He switched armpits and then headed south to kiss and lick my abs.


When he was satisfied he had my abs wet, he lifted my legs over his shoulders and moved to the tip of my cock. He kissed my cock head and stuck his tongue under my foreskin.


He didn't stay there long as he leaned down and shoved his tongue in my butt hole. Then, he moved up to suck and nibble on my balls and then moved up—pushing my legs back—as he dove in to kiss me on the lips again.


Suddenly, after several minutes of passionate kissing, Chris rolled off me and grabbed the lube. He started applying liberal amounts to my dick.


"Chris, what are you up to?" I whispered.


"Just making sure my future husband remembers the night I proposed to him," Chris whispered as he positioned his ass over my cock. He began to impale himself on my rock hard dick!


"Shit! Chris!" I moaned as he bottomed out on my cock. "Your ass is perfect for my dick!"


Soon, Chris was steadily riding my cock. Occasionally, he leaned in to kiss me on the lips. As he began to pick up the pace, he started breathing heavily and sweating profusely. His beautiful black cock was flailing as he rammed my dick in and out of his ass.


"Chris, I'm getting really close!" I moaned.


"That makes two of us baby!" Chris groaned as he grabbed his cock and began stroking in rhythm to him riding my cock.


"Shit! Chris! Here it comes! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...," I almost screamed as I unloaded ropes of cum into my boyfriend's hot ass. He was moaning and shooting at the same moment!


"You know what..., Sam...!" Chris whispered between breaths. "I am going... to rub my cum... all over... your stomach... Maybe..., we'll... stick together... when I lay on... top of you."


When he leaned down to lay on top of me and kiss me, my still hard cock slipped from his ass.


"That, Chris," I whispered into my lover's ear as he began to kiss me, "was amazing...! I thought... my balls... were going to... blow!"


"We couldn't... have that..., now, could... we!" Chris replied between kisses.


"No...! We couldn't!" I whispered to my lover. "It's your turn..., lover boy!"


"My turn... for what?" Chris muttered.


"Your dick... in me...! I... need it!" I quietly announced.


"You really are... horny!" Chris answered.


"I want... my future... husband... in me!" I added.


"I think... that can be... arranged!" Chris whispered as he began to nibble at my ear lobes again. "I like... the way... you taste!"


Chris added a few more kisses before he moved down and began nibbling on my nipples. I was wreathing in ecstasy. Eventually, he raised my legs over his shoulders and aligned his big, rock hard, uncut dick over my asshole. "Get ready, baby! I need this about as much as I think you need it!"


Chris didn't waste time. He pushed into me until I felt his pubic hairs on my balls. He paused momentarily before he began plowing my ass is slow, gentle strokes. "Consider this practice for our honeymoon!"


"Chris, you can practice anytime and anywhere you like. We want our honeymoon to be perfect. Just like now!" I whispered back at my lover.


He kissed me a couple of times before he began to pick up the pace of this thrusts. His big, black, hard cock popped barely out of my ass before he thrust it back into me. His sweat rolled off his body onto mine. I clung to his muscled arms as he rammed his dick in and out of my ass. I was groaning in pleasure. Chris grunted every time he bottomed out in my ass.


Finally, I felt his body tense. "Fuck! Sam! I'm cumming! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh..." Chris shouted as ropes of his cum flooded my ass. Once his cock stopped pumping cum into my ass, he lowered himself to rest on top of my body. He was trying to catch his breath.


"Fuck...! Sam..., that was... indescribable!" Chris whispered. "Are you okay?"


"More than okay, Chris. Maybe you didn't notice because you were busy, but I came almost exactly when you did!" I answered. "So, yes, I am more than okay!"


Chris began to kiss me again.


"Chris?" I began to ask between his kisses. "Move your arm pit over my mouth!"


Chris moved his body so I could lick the sweat from his armpit. I think I cleaned him up pretty well before he moved so I could work on the other one.


"Do you like that, lover?" Chris whispered.


"No! I love it! I like the taste of my sweaty lover!" I answered, also in a whisper.


Chris rolled off my body and pulled me into a hug. He kissed my forehead before asking, "Do we need a shower?"

"Not on your life! I want to sleep with my smelly, cum covered lover tonight. There will be plenty of time for a shower tomorrow morning!" I answered.


"You mean we're going to sleep?" Chris whispered. He had a grin on his face.


"Chris," I whispered back, "it is 12:30 in the morning! We've been in this bed for two fucking hours. And, as much as I love the hot sex, I need to rest. You have exhausted me! And, tomorrow night, you will be on stage giving your heart to the audience!"


"The only person I will give my heart to is in bed with me now. But, I have to admit, you have exhausted me. However ..., I just thought I should ask!" Chris whispered as he kissed me on the nose.


We drifted off to sleep at some point as we held each other in our arms.




Chris's phone sounded at 8 am on Friday morning! We had decided last night that we would sleep in a little later than usual. We hit the shower, dressed, and headed toward the kitchen. Greg was sitting at the kitchen island eating a bagel and sipping orange juice.


"Good morning, Greg!" I greeted him.


"Good morning, guys! I guess you needed to sleep in after last night's marathon session in bed, huh?" Greg responded. He was grinning from ear to ear.


"We did think it was necessary to sleep a little later today," Chris admitted. "Where are Matt and Brandon?"


"Matt decided to escort Brandon to his therapy session with Dr. Reid," Greg explained.


"So, what are you going to do today?" I asked.


"Not sure. I'll probably take a walk. I might even go for a run," Greg added as he was thinking out loud.


ll be back here after my last class at 4," I announced. "Chris is going to the theater so we won't see him until tonight's performance is over."


"Cool! I'm looking forward to seeing you do your stuff tomorrow evening!" Greg said to Chris.


"Thanks! I only hope we don't fall on our asses," Chris replied.


"I doubt that will happened," Greg offered. "Speaking of asses, I'm a little worried about Brandon and Matt."


"How so?" I asked.


"Well, it's hard to put my finger on it, but Matt and my brother seem a little off," Greg began to explain. "Before all of this shit happened, Matt and Brandon were... like... in bed doing whatever it is that they do. Now, all I've seen or heard is that Matt holds Brandon. They might kiss from time to time, but nothing else. I know Brandon has been traumatized, but I'm worried he might decide that he and Matt aren't good for each other anymore."


"It will take Brandon time to heal, Greg," Chris reassured Greg. "But, I'm certain Dr. Reid will be working through things with Brandon."


"It's... like... weird," Greg continued. "Brandon has insisted I sleep with them every night. Matt holds Brandon, Brandon holds me. Last night we even decided to beat off together. Matt and I got off, but Brandon couldn't finish the deed."


"Give them time, Greg," I added. "I think they will sort things out eventually."


"I can only hope! They are meant for each other. Hell, they usually complete each other's fucking sentences!" Greg explained. "Maybe, Sam, you could talk to Brandon. He trusts you probably more than anyone else—maybe even Matt."


"I'd be happy to talk to him, Greg," I answered as I put my hand on Greg's shoulder. "Maybe this afternoon after I get home from class and before Chris's show."


"I'll take Matt out for a walk," Greg plotted. "That way Brandon might be more open about his feelings with you.


Chris and I headed out the door to our classes. When we were ready to part company, I kissed Chris good bye, "I'm looking forward to the show tonight. I'll be there for morale support, lover boy!"


"Thanks, babe!" Chris responded. "I'm going to miss you all day. I'll just think about getting you into bed again tonight!"


We said our good byes again and headed in opposite directions.




To be continued...


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