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Sam and Chris


Chapter 23: It's Showtime!


I arrived at the condo after classes. I missed Chris already, but I was looking forward to seeing him in his first show of the series tonight.


Greg and Matt were in running clothes and Brandon was sitting on the sofa reading a book.


"Hello, men!" I greeted everyone. "How was the day?"


"Terrific," Greg answered. "Matt and I are going for a run. Brandon has wimped out on us."


"I could run your ass off, bro," Brandon began. "I just need to get some more strength back before I do."


As Greg and Matt left, I sat next to Brandon, "How are things, Brandon? We haven't had a chance to talk about everything since you've been released from the hospital."


"Things are as good as can be expected," Brandon began. "Dr. Reid said it would take time before I get back to my usual activities."


"I'll bet you're going to miss Matt when he goes back to school on Sunday," I thought I would led into Matt and Brandon's relationship.


"I am going to miss him a lot," Brandon admitted. "But, I'm scared, Sam. I love Matt with all my heart. But, I think he might be better off without me in his life."


"Why?" I asked. I think I knew where this was going after our discussions with Dr. Reid at the hospital.


"Sam... Matt deserves a better boyfriend than me," Brandon continued. "I'm not up to my usual game. Matt spends a lot of the time we are together trying to cheer me up. I'm not sure I can live up to his expectations of me. I'm not sure he even wants me in his life anymore." Brandon was beginning to shed a few tears.


"What makes you think he doesn't want you in his life?" I asked.


"Well... Matt is a very romantic, sexual guy! We used to do things together. We both enjoyed sharing our bodies with each other. Somehow, I can't get to the point of even thinking of that anymore. I like it when he holds me, but I'm not sure I will be able to get beyond being held and a few kisses. Hell, I can't even feel passionate about getting kissed anymore." Brandon was now tearful.


"Have you talked to Dr. Reid about this?" I asked.


"Yes," Brandon answered. "He said it would take time. But, I don't want to waste Matt's time on waiting for me to get better. I don't even know if I will ever be better. I can't subject Matt to that. I love him too much."


"So far, he seems to be okay with the time you are taking to get better," I added.


"He would never say a bad word about me to anyone," Brandon went on. "He's too kind to admit to me—or maybe even himself—that he really needs more than I can give him right now... So, I'm thinking that I might tell him we are finished before he heads back to Northwestern."


"Brandon," I started to plead with him, "don't give up on your relationship just yet. Dr. Reid said it will take time. Please, give this more time before you do anything drastic like ending your relationship with Matt. I know you want what is best for him, but I think you might be a little premature about your decision. I think he really needs you, Brandon. I can see the love he has for you in his eyes. There is something special between the two of you. Maybe you can't be as intimate right now as you and Matt want to be, but, with time, you have a chance."


"Okay! I won't break it off just yet," Brandon agreed. "I'll talk to Dr. Reid before I do anything."


"I think that is a great idea, Brandon," I added. "I think Dr. Reid can help you with your relationship with Matt as well as getting beyond this whole situation."


"Yea! I think I'll go catch up on some reading for my classes. I need to get back into the swing of school," Brandon explained. "Maybe the school work will keep my mind off the problems with me and Matt."


"Anything is possible, Brandon," I agreed. "I need to get my body ready to go to Chris's show. I need to look my best!"


"You always look terrific, Sam!" Brandon effused. "Chris is one lucky dude!"


"Thanks! But, I think I am the lucky one!" I said as I headed to the bedroom to get dressed.


When I came out of the bedroom ready to go to Chris's show, a sweaty Greg and Matt were in the living room talking with Brandon. Matt announced to me, "As soon as Greg and I are showered, I am taking these two dudes out for some nourishment. When will you and Chris be home?"


"I don't know," I explained. "I'm sure it will be somewhat late."




I sat through Chris's and his group's show. I was mesmerized by not only Chris—okay, so I am biased—but also the five other students who were performers. There were four guys (including Chris) and two women. I have only been to a few professional musical reviews in my life. One was After Midnight on Broadway. But, this show seemed to be on the level with the professional ones I have seen.


I even learned something about Chris that I didn't know. He can write really good songs. Anna introduced the country western song she was doing. "I was trying to decide what to sing before we started rehearsing this show. I was vacillating between two songs. Finally, my dear friend and confirmed city boy, Christopher Johnson, came to me with a song he thought I might like. He sat down at the piano, and I started singing. I was absolutely in love with the song. I asked Chris where he found this beautiful tribute to love between two people. I finally managed to beat him down until he told me where the song came from. He wrote it!"


`Chris! My city boy boyfriend is actually a very talented country western song writer. My father will be delighted!' I thought to myself.


Once the show was over, I headed backstage after the show to meet Chris. I knocked on the dressing room door and one of the guys opened it and let me in. "You must be Sam! I'm David!" he added as he closed the door behind me. "Chris said you were his inspiration tonight. And, based on his performance, I think you did a pretty good job of inspiring him! And, congratulations on the engagement!" During our conversation, David was leading me to where Chris was.


"Chris!" I exclaimed when I saw him. "You and your friends were terrific!"


He stood in front of me, pulled me into a hug, and kissed me. "Thank you! We encountered a few bugs, but I think tomorrow will be better! You've met David. This," Chris said pointing to the other male performers, "is Leo, Robert, and Terry! This is my boyfriend, Sam!"


We all greeted one another. Finally, Chris was ready to head for home. When we arrived at the condo, Greg, Matt, and Brandon were watching a movie. "How is our star performer?" Greg asked.


"Tired and cranky!" Chris responded.


"But the show was terrific! You'll enjoy it tomorrow night," I added to the conversation. "I may be a little biased, but I think Chris was absolutely superb! And, he even wrote a fucking country western song!"


"A country song? Our Chris? Are you sure it wasn't some other phantom Chris?" Greg responded.


"Yes, our Chris!" I replied.


"I think, Chris, you should put Sam in charge of your fan club!" Greg responded.


"He was my inspiration tonight! If he were just a fan, my goose would be cooked!" Chris began as he put his arm around my shoulder.


"Where did you guys go for dinner?" I asked as I snuggled closer to Chris.


"This little Italian place called Italia," Matt answered.


"And, how was Jeffery?" Chris asked.


"A very likeable guy," Brandon explained. "You know him?"


"That's where we had dinner last night," I answered.


"I've known Jeffery for a few years now," Chris further explained. "He is probably one of the best waiters in town."


"He's cute," Greg responded. "Do you think he has a younger brother?"


"Ask him on Sunday during our brunch," Chris answered.


"Ah, Chris... Exactly how many people will be at this brunch?" Brandon asked.


"Probably about 40," Chris said. "Give or take a few."


"Where are you going to put 40 people?" I asked.


"I've had that many here before," Chris informed me. "People tend to scatter."


"How is Henry going to do brunch for 40 people?" I asked my second question.


"He's bringing most of it with him already prepared," Chris explained. "All he will need to do is reheat a few things. Want a beer before we say goodnight to our guests, Sam?"


"Sure! Anyone else want one?" I answered as I headed toward the kitchen to grab our beers.


"Thanks, Sam, but we're good here," Brandon replied.


When I returned to the living room, Chris had settled into the love seat in the living room, "Here, babe!" I handed Chris his beer and scooted next to Chris.


"This is just what I need before I snuggle next to you in bed," Chris explained as he took his first swig of his beer and put his arm around my shoulders to pull me in closer to him.




The group, including my parents and Chris's grandparents were slowly assembling in the lobby of the Krannert Center for the Performing Arts on campus. I arrived with Brandon, Matt, Greg, and Randy in tow. My parents were waiting for us near the door. And, Chris's grandparents joined us shortly before Tom, Harrison, Sawyer, Glen, Tracy, Rick, Mr. Albertson, and Marcus arrived.


Sawyer grabbed my hand and looked at the ring Chris had given me on Thursday. He leaned in to whisper in my ear, "When did this happen?"


I whispered into Sawyer's ear, "Thursday evening. We are going to announce our engagement tomorrow during brunch!"


Sawyer whispered back, "I know you're not pregnant, so I am very, very happy for you! I'll keep your secret, too!"


We made our way into the Colwell Playhouse, found our seats, and were busily engaged in conversation. We were all very excited when the lights finally came down and the stage came alive.


Anna did her introduction of her country western song as she did last night. Sawyer leaned over to me and said, "Chris wrote a fucking country western song! I sort of thought his idea of country was Lincoln Park in Chicago!"


Near the end of the show, David, one of the performers, made an announcement, "Ladies and gentlemen! Thank you for coming tonight. And, since this is a very special evening for many of us, Christopher Johnson would like to say something."


"Thank you all for being here! We greatly appreciate all of your support. And, with the blessing of my fellow performers, I would like to dedicate this next song to my future husband, Sam!" Chris announced to the audience. As he made his announcement, Chris blew me a kiss! The group began the next-to-the-last song of the evening, "Lead With Your Heart!"


When the song ended, I was trying to wipe the tears away. After the last song which included all of Chris's fellow performers, our group all stood and gave them a standing ovation. The rest of the playhouse followed suit. When the house lights went up, I was barraged by congratulations and hugs from everyone.


"Thank you, everyone!" I began, still wiping away a few tears, as we filed out of the auditorium. "I had no idea he was going to do that!"


When we were all in the lobby outside, I suggested we wait for Chris to join us. We waited a very short time before he appeared. He was still in his tux. "Thanks for coming, everyone! It was good to know the place wasn't empty!"


Everyone congratulated Chris on his excellent performance. The group said our goodbyes, and Chris and I started back stage to the dressing room to change his clothes. All of a sudden, Chris stiffened and stared beyond the crowd. "Mom?" Chris said in a hushed voice. "What are you doing here?"


A very attractive woman in a stylish yellow dress and stilettoes moved through the crowd and took Chris's hand in hers, "I came to watch my son in his show!"


"Where's Dad?" a stunned Chris asked.


"I don't know," Chris's mom replied. "I didn't tell him I was coming... I'm very proud of you, Chris. You were terrific in the show."


"Thank you, mom," Chris added. "Mom, this is my boyfriend, Sam Williamson! Sam, this is my mother, Gloria Johnson."


Chris's mother held out her hand, "It's a pleasure to meet you, Sam."


"Likewise, Mrs. Johnson," I replied as I shook her hand.


"I assume from Chris's announcement on stage tonight that you and he are engaged to be married," Mrs. Johnson said to me.


"Yes, Mrs. Johnson," I answered.


"Congratulations are in order, then!" Mrs. Johnson said. "I won't keep you, Chris. I just wanted to say hello before I leave tomorrow morning."


"Where are you staying tonight, mom?" Chris quietly asked.


"At the Hilton," she answered.


"Ah... mom? Why don't you join us for a brunch Sam and I are throwing tomorrow at our condo?" Chris asked his mother. "Grandma and Grandpa and Sam's parents will be there along with some of our friends."


"I don't want to disrupt your brunch, Chris. Besides, I need to get back home," Chris's mother answered.


"Please come, Mrs. Johnson," I pleaded. "I know it would mean a lot to Chris."


"Yea, mom. We'd like for you to join us," Chris suggested. "It starts at 11."


Chris's mom thought for a moment, "Okay! I'll be there at 11. I can't stay too long, however."


"Great!" Chris affirmed before he gave her the address. Chris hugged his mother before she left.


When we were finally alone and walking to the dressing room, Chris quietly said, "Wow! I had no idea she even knew about the show! And, I think there is something she isn't telling us!"


"Why?" I asked. "She seemed to genuinely like the show. And, she didn't freak out about us being engaged."


"Yea! Exactly!" Chris replied as he began to change out of his tux. "And, she never told my father that she was coming here either. She never does anything my father doesn't know about."


When Chris was finished changing, we headed back to the condo. We walked in silence for most of the way. Finally, we were back in the condo, which was also quiet.


Chris and I headed to the kitchen, "Beer?"


"Sure," I answered. "I'll get it." I retrieved two beers and opened them. I handed on to Chris and raised my bottle. "Here's to a terrific show... and the best boyfriend ever!"


We clinked our bottles, and Chris pulled me closer to him, "You know, Sam, I love you so much! You make me very, very happy!"


"And, I love you, too, Chris!" I added as he held me and planted a kiss on my forehead. We stood there for several minutes. "Is something bothering you, Chris?"


"Nope! I just like holding you!" Chris answered pensively. "I think I'm a little tired tonight."


"Then, you need to get naked and hold me in bed!" I answered.




We awoke on Sunday morning not to the usual sound of Chris's phone, but to the sounds of noises from the kitchen.


"I think Henry is doing his magic," Chris whispered to me. "And, as much as I want to do things to your body, I think we might need to get showered and dressed."


"Sounds like a plan," I answered still somewhat asleep. "Of course, I insist we shower together."


Chris rolled on his back and turned his head to me with a huge grin on his face, "I think when people ask us in 50 years about the secret to a long marriage, I'm going to answer that we showered together every day of our lives."


Chris rolled on top of me, kissed me, and rolled out of bed. He pulled me up with him and we headed toward the shower.


When we were finished showering and dressing, we headed into the kitchen. Henry was, indeed, doing his magic.


"Christopher! Sam!" Henry greeted us and gave us both a hug. "And, congratulations on your engagement!"


"Thank you, Henry," Chris answered.


"Yes, thank you!" I added.


"Now, if you will excuse me, I have a brunch to prepare," Henry said as he changed the subject. "There are eggs, toast, turkey sausage, coffee, and orange juice in the dining room for you and your house guests. Let me know if you need anything else."


We thanked Henry and headed into the dining room. Greg and Randy were already nibbling and sipping coffee.


"Good morning, guys!" I greeted our house guests.


"You know, Chris, I could get really used to having Henry around!" Greg enthused.


"We'd all be as big as a house," Randy added.


"Trust me, he knows when to throttle back. If he thought someone he was cooking for was getting fat, you would be on an instant diet! And, you wouldn't even know it!" Chris answered.


Brandon and Matt joined us as we were finishing our breakfast.


"It's about time you got your asses out of bed!" Greg scolded Matt and Brandon. "You almost missed Henry's warm up to brunch!"


"We had to take things slowly this morning," Brandon answered with a smile on his face. "I'm going to miss Matt's arms around me when we are asleep!"


"Buy him a teddy bear before you go, Matt!" Greg added.


"I'll be back next week if that's okay with you guys," Matt said to Chris and me.


"You're always welcome, Matt!" Chris answered. "As a matter of fact, you are all welcome to visit whenever you like."


"But, we should call first in case Chris and Sam are hosting an orgy!" Greg explained.


"Not to change the subject, but I think Sam and I need to check on Henry's progress," Chris said as he stood to check on Henry. Chris and I both grabbed some of the empty plates and headed toward the kitchen.




At exactly at 11 am, the buzzer began to sound and our guests began to stream into the condo. The first to arrive were my parents.


We were greeted by my mother exclaiming, "Everything smells so good! Did you do all of this by yourself, Chris?"


"No!" Chris began. "I imported my grandparents' chef, Henry, from Chicago. He's the one responsible for all of the great smells. And, I can guarantee it will taste delicious!"


"What would you like to drink? We have white wine, red wine, beer, scotch, vodka, gin, soda, and, of course, coffee." I asked my parents.


"White wine for me, please," my mother answered.


"As much as I would like a scotch, I think I will stick to beer," my father decided.


I retrieved the drinks and took my parents on a tour of the condo. When we returned to the living room, Chris's grandparents and mother had just arrived. We found them all drinks and made the appropriate introductions.


Soon, the condo was swarming with people.


Chris's fellow performers arrived as a group. David was with his boyfriend Andy. Leo brought his girlfriend Patti. Terry came alone. The two women from the group, Anna and Michelle, each had a boyfriend attached to their arm.


Everyone was mingling and getting to know one another. Chris and I were talking with Chris's grandfather and my father when Henry joined us, "Christopher, you should considering buying the condo next door so you would have a larger place to entertain."


Chris's grandfather silenced Henry, "Henry! Don't put ideas into Christopher's head!"


"Don't get so huffy, boss! I was only making a suggestion!" Henry replied as he smiled and returned to the kitchen to prepare reinforcement food.


"The place is actually going on the market in a few weeks, grandpa," Chris began his explanation. "I actually though it might be a good investment. We could rent it to some of our friends who want off campus housing. Like Sawyer and Glen. Or, Harrison and Tom. Or, Luke and Sean. Or, all of them."


"I guess you've already made up your mind, Christopher. Call Donald and give him the cost and what you think you can rent it for. If the numbers work, consider it yours," Chris's grandfather answered.


"Thanks, grandpa!" Chris replied with a huge grin on his face. "You won't regret this, I promise. Now," Chris began as he turned to me, "I think you and I have an announcement to make."


Chris took my hand in his and led me to the middle of the living room. "May I have your attention?" Chris announced to the group. When the group had quieted, Chris continued, "Thank you all for coming to our little brunch. Sam and I are thrilled that everyone is mingling and getting to know the others. I am also very excited that my fellow classmates David, Leo, Terry, Anna, and Michelle are getting to know our friends and family. And, I want to officially announce that Sam and I are engaged. I think most of you were aware of that by now, but we wanted to share our happy moment with all of you."


Everyone applauded—everyone except Michelle's boyfriend that is. He seemed to be a little squeamish. I noticed him say something into Michelle's ear. She did not look happy! Chris and I continue to circulate and mingle with our guests.


Chris and I approached Terry and Greg who had been chatting for some time, already, "So, Greg, Terry. Are you enjoying yourselves?" Chris asked.


Greg answered first, "We're having a great time, Chris. Terry was just filling me in on some Christopher Johnson tales. Maybe Sam would like to hear about a few of these stories." Greg was smiling.


"What have you been telling this impressionable boy?" Chris asked Terry.


"Just a few incidents that happened last year," Terry confided. "Nothing too incriminating. Mostly stories that included Luke and Sean."


"Ah! Luke and Sean stories," Chris reiterated before he turned to me. "If Luke and Sean were involved, then I may not have had full control over my well-being. Isn't that correct, Terry?"


"You have a point, Chris!" Terry answered. "No one was fully in control if Sean and Luke were involved. They are devious individuals!"


Chris put his arm around my shoulders and pulled me closer to him before he again spoke to Terry and Greg, "Terry is a great story teller, Greg. And, Luke and Sean are, indeed, characters to say the least. So, only believe some of what you hear!"


We turned and headed to speak with David, Andy, Leo, and his girlfriend Patti. Leo began the conversation, "Chris! I have two things to say. First, you are making us single people look bad by asking Sam to marry you. Second, Henry is one awesome chef! Where did you find him?"


"I'm not trying to make anyone look bad, Leo!" Chris began. "You know when I really want something I go after it with a vengeance. And, I really, really wanted Sam in my life forever! He said yes despite my many faults. As for Henry, he works for my grandparents in Chicago. I borrowed him for the day."


Patti looked a little lost, but she finally asked, "Do your grandparents own a restaurant?"


"No! He just feeds them at home," Chris answered.


"Oh!" Patti replied. She still looked a little confused.


Andy decided to join the conversation, and said in his British accent, "Your rings are smashing, gentlemen! Where on earth did you find these?"


"My grandmother's jeweler, Enrique St. Albins," Chris answered.


"What are the green stones?" Patti asked.


"Emeralds," Chris answered.


"As in real Emeralds?" Patti asked.


"Yes," Chris answered softly.


Leo put Patti's hand in his, "Patti, I think we need to grab another soda..." Then he turned to Chris and smiled as he said, "You really do know how to throw a terrific party, Chris!"


"Thank you," Chris answered as Leo and Patti headed toward the drink table.


As David was watching Leo and Patti depart, he whispered to Chris and me, "I don't think Patti gets around much! Let's see how long they last."


"But, they just started dating a few weeks ago," Chris added.


"That's about a week longer than I thought it would last," David answered.


"With that vote of confidence, I think Sam and I need to say hello to Anna and Michelle," Chris said to David and Andy.


As we were moving toward Anna and Michelle, Michelle's boyfriend hurried out of the condo.


"So, Michelle, is there a problem with your friend?" Chris asked.


"No! He was just a little uncomfortable with the makeup of the crowd," Michelle answered. "I don't think he and I see eye to eye on some social issues."


"In other words," Anna's boyfriend began, "he's uncomfortable being around so many gay people. I hope Michelle has finally figured out that he is an ass!"


"Thanks, Jay!" Michelle added and then turned to Chris and me, "My brother is direct if nothing else!"


"So, you are Michelle's brother?" Chris asked Jay.


"Yea! She and I are twins. I got the looks and she got the voice!" Jay answered.


"And, then, in a moment of stupidity, I introduced him to my best friend. When they began to date, I realized what a mistake I had made!" Michelle added to the conversation. Michelle eventually smiled.


"Not to change the subject, but we talked to your grandmother, Chris, and your mother, Sam! I just loved being around them. They are so real. And..., so very, very proud of you both!" Anna dove into the conversation.


"Thank you!" I answered. "Chris and I are very lucky in the family department!"


Chris spoke up as he was surveying the room, "I think my mother is trying to sneak out. We should go say goodbye!" Chris led me to where his mother was standing near the door.


"So, mom! You're leaving so soon?" Chris asked.


"Yes, Chris! I really need to get on my way," she began. "I just want to thank you for asking me to this brunch. You have a really fine bunch of friends. And, Sam, your parents are delightful!"


"Thank you, Mrs. Johnson!" I answered. "We are really happy you could join us."


"Let me walk you to your car, mom," Chris said to his mother before he turned to me. "I'll be right back, Sam! Hold down the fort!"


Chris and his mother left and I found Harrison, Tom, Glen, and Sawyer standing beside the dessert table. "How are things guys?" I asked.


"Terrific, Sammie!" Sawyer answered. "We were just eyeing some of Henry's dessert creations."


"But, I think," Tom began, "if Harrison eats one more thing, we will need to build reinforcements for the bed!"


"Thank you, dear!" Harrison responded. "I'm so happy to know that you have my best interests at heart!"


"Let's face it, Harrison," Tom added. "I'm shallow! I don't want my boyfriend to get fat! I would need to trade you in on a new model!"


"At least, he's honest, Harrison!" Glen put in his thoughts.


I saw Chris return from seeing his mother off. He walked over to where we were standing and put his arm around my shoulder again, "Could I borrow Sam for a few moments, guys?"


"He's all yours, dude," Sawyer answered. "We're contemplating a forward attack on Henry's dessert table! Trust me, I think it might be a feeding frenzy!"


Chris led me into the bedroom and closed the door behind us. "Sam, I need to tell you something. Then, after the brunch is over, we will need to figure out how to handle this..."


"What's wrong, Chris?" I asked. I could see Chris was upset about something.


Chris sat on the edge of the bed. I sat beside him.


"I don't really know how to begin, but my mother gave me some rather disturbing news," Chris began his explanation. "It seems that my mother will be filing for divorce from my father."


"Oh! I'm sorry to hear that, Chris," I answered.


"It seems my father was having an affair... for a number of years... She's known about the affair, but she decided not to confront him... until this week... She found out that he and the other woman have a son... She discovered that my father is paying for the son's tuition at Northwestern... He's a freshman... His name is Mathew Henry..."


"Holy shit, Chris! Our Mathew? Is she sure?" I replied in disbelief.


"Yes," Chris answered in a hushed voice. "What do I do, Sam?"


"Talk to your grandfather!" I answered quickly. "He'll know what you should or shouldn't do! Do you want me to ask him to talk with you in here?"


"Yes, please!" Chris answered. I think he was still in shock.


I returned to our guests, found Mr. Washington, and asked him to follow me into our bedroom.


"Sam said you wanted to speak with me, Chris," Mr. Washington said.


Chris relayed the news from his mother to his grandfather. After Chris had finished, Mr. Washington said, "That fucking bastard! I never did trust him. I think that's why we never gave your mother control of the trust."


"What do we tell Matt?" Chris asked his grandfather.


"I don't think you want to be the one to tell him," Chris's grandfather began. "It should come from his father or mother, but not our side of the family. Does this bother you, Chris?"


"No," Chris quietly answered. "I always thought it would be great to have a brother... But, you're right, grandpa. I don't think we should tell Matt. I think he and Brandon have enough to deal with at this point... Should we head back to our guests?"


"I'm ready if you are, Chris," I answered. "Besides, we should see if Sawyer and his dessert bandits left anything for our other guests."


We returned to mingle with our remaining guests. My parents left shortly after we emerged from the bedroom and our conference.


Mr. and Mrs. Washington were huddling before joining Chris and me. Mrs. Washington was the first to speak, "I plan on speaking with your mother about what is going on. I'll let you know as soon as I have more information. And, I agree with your grandfather, I wouldn't want to be the one to break the news to Matt. Let's hope his... father has the... balls to tell him."


"I promise not to say a word grandma!" Chris answered. "I think you are both right about keeping the details under wraps... I just can't believe that he had the nerve to kick his gay son out of his house when he has been having an affair for almost 20 years!"


"And, knowing your mother, she will take him to the cleaners! She takes after me in that respect," Mr. Washington added.


"On a brighter note, your mother, Sam, and I have been hatching a plot for the holidays," Mrs. Washington began. "We need to work out the details, but Tom and I might be hosting Thanksgiving in Chicago. Your mother, Sam, wants to have everyone at their home for Christmas. And, if I can get my tightwad husband to commander the big Gulfstream, we might head to our place in Palm Beach for New Years. What do you guys think?"


"Sounds like a plan, grandma!" Chris answered.


"I agree! It would be awesome if everyone could get together!" I agreed.


"I'm glad you both agree! We will work out the details," Mrs. Washington summed up her plans.


"I hate to break up this very fine party, but your grandmother and I need to be headed back to Chicago," Mr. Washington changed the subject. "I have a ton of meetings tomorrow, and I don't want to be the grumpy one."


Chris's grandparents said goodbye to our guests and headed home.


Randy, Matt, Brandon, and Greg turned their attention to Chris and me. Randy spoke first, "Chris... Sam... Thank you for everything. We, Matt and I, need to head back to Evanston. We'll drop Greg off at Leo and Brian's house." Randy put his arms around Chris's shoulders and mine. "You and your classmates, Chris, were absolutely terrific in the show last night. I have a feeling you will accomplish great things in your musical careers... And, Sam, I think all of us need to thank you for being such a caring and loyal friend. I don't know of anyone but you two who would have been so hospitable and kind about everything these past few weeks."


"That's so nice, Randy!" I added.


"It's just what friends are for! And, I'm pretty sure we will all be very, very good friends," Chris responded.


Matt pulled us both into a hug and added to the conversation, "I love you guys!" He was also shedding a few tears.


"I'm not going to get all mushy and teary-eyed. And, I promise to bug the shit out of you from time-to-time," Greg interjected. "I will be just a short jaunt away!"


"You can bug us anytime you want, Greg!" I added.


"Good! Because I want to ask your boyfriend to teach me how to fucking dance, if it is okay with you, Sam!" Greg responded.


"I think you and he will need to take up that issue!" I replied with a smile. I was getting used to Greg.


"Anyway, we need to dash, men!" Randy suggested.


"I'll walk you to your car," Brandon said to the guys. "I'll be right back, Sam... Chris."


Matt and Brandon had their arms around each other's waist as they left for their car.


Tom, Harrison, Sawyer, and Glen left along with Mr. Albertson and his husband Marcus. We were alone with Chris's fellow performers.


"One more show tonight, and, then, we'll be free until next weekend!" David reminded the group.


"At least I'll have my boyfriend back in my possession for a few days!" Andy added. "I have plans for him. Just don't tell him."


"Andy has this fantasy. He has two boyfriends. One he makes love to... the other he fucks!" David explained.


"And, I haven't decided which one you will be tonight, my dear David!" Andy said with a mischievous smirk on his face.


Patti's response was apparently quite natural for her, "You mean you cheat on David and he knows about it?"


"Patti, I think I need to walk you home so I can join the others for our show tonight," Leo suggested. "It's going to be a long walk." The last comment was to everyone else but Patti.


"Are you going to see the show tonight, Andy?" I asked.


"Yes!" Andy answered. "You?"


"It depends on how our friend Brandon is doing. His boyfriend Matt just went back to Northwestern with Randy. I'm not sure how he will react," I answered Andy.


"Bring him with you, Sam," Chris suggested. "It might keep his mind off things."


"I'll see what he wants to do," I added. I spotted Brandon returning to the condo. At least he was smiling!


I excused myself from the group and headed toward Brandon, "Are you okay, Brandon?"


"Yea! Matt told me he loved me. He said he wanted me in his life forever!" Brandon answered. "He said he would wait as long as I needed him to be patient."


"That's good news, right?" I asked.


"Yea! That's good news, Sam," Brendon reiterated.


"Do you want to go with me and Andy to see Chris's show again tonight?" I asked.


"I'd like that, Sam," Brandon again answered with a smile. "Sam, it's nice to have you to and Chris as friends. And, like Matt said to you earlier, I love you guys!"


"Thanks Brandon! We love you, too!" I answered. "I think we need to join the others and make plans for this evening!"



To be continued...


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