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Sam and Chris


Chapter 24: We Can Dance Again


Finally, Chris's shows were finished and I had my boyfriend back with most of our weekends free. And, Brandon decided to join our gym group for our Tuesday and Thursday workouts.


The next Tuesday after Chris's shows had ended, I met the group outside of the rec center. Sawyer, Glen, and Brandon were waiting outside for Tom, Harrison, and me. I spotted the group and hurried toward them. Sawyer was the first to speak, "Sammie! It's good to see you. But, we need to start meeting inside from now on. It's fucking cold out here!"


"Good plan, Sawyer!" I answered. "I realize this is Illinois at the end of October, but I am not ready for cold weather. Maybe we should transfer somewhere warmer!"


"It ain't going to happen, men!" Tom announced as he and Harrison joined the group. "We're fucking stuck here for the duration!"


"Let's hit the gym, guys!" Glen suggested. "Take out your frustrations of the weather on the gym equipment!"


We changed and hit the weight room with enthusiasm. And, Brandon surprised us all by the amount of weight he was able to use during his workout.


"Brandon," Sawyer interjected near the end of our workout session, "you know, dude, you should show off your body more. I never really saw you in anything but a loose fitting t-shirt. In your case, tighter would be better!"


"Thanks, Sawyer," Brandon replied. "I never really felt comfortable wearing tight clothes. Maybe I'll have to go shopping and find a new look!"


"I'm sure Matt would be willing to help out, Brandon!" Tom added.


"He could be your fitting room assistant!" Harrison said with a smile.


"Shit, guys! Stop with the talk about my body! I don't want to hit the showers with a hard cock!" Brandon demanded. Fortunately, he was also smiling.


So, when it came time to actually hit the showers, our band of six very buff naked men caught some not too discrete glances as we trouped off to get clean. We met Chris in front of the pasta joint for lunch.


"Hello, sexy!" Chris greeted me with a kiss.


"Hi, babe!" I replied as we headed in to the restaurant to get food. "How was your day?"


"Excellent!" Chris answered. "I heard from Donald. The owners of the condo next door accepted our offer. We close on the last day of school before semester break starts."


"Congratulations, Chris!" I said. "Things went fairly quickly, didn't they?"


"Yup!" Chris continued. "The owners graduate at the end of this semester. They are headed west for graduate school. They wanted out!"


When we were finally settled at our table, Sawyer decided to move our discussion towards the weekend, "So, Chris... Sam... What do you think about showing the rest of the gang the ropes at the dance club on Saturday?"


Chris looked at me and said, "I'm game if you are, Sam."


"Sure! That would be fun," I replied.


"Terrific!" Harrison began. "Of course, we will need a costume consultant. Any suggestions?"


"Tight and butch are the keywords," Chris answered with a smile.


"That leaves out Harrison," Tom began. "He can wear tight... he just can't do butch! He's more of the Fay Wayne type than the John Wayne type."


"Fuck you, Tom!" Harrison interjected. "I think I remember it was you last night begging me to pound your ass harder!"


Tom blushed a bit, but said, "At least I used my butch Adam Levine voice!"


"Judging from my one and only experience dancing, just wear some tight, ratty jeans," I said as I tried to keep the Bickersons from getting too involved. "You will probably lose the shirt before the evening is over anyway!"


"Awesome!" Glen added. "We will need to do a little extra workout before we hit the bar on Saturday."


"I guess Matt and I will need to hit the shopping center on Saturday morning!" Brandon said to the group. "My little brother will be pissed he can't go. And, I'd like to send my mother a picture of us before we head out. That would really fry her brain—what little is left."


Finally, it was time to part company for our respective classes. Chris and I decided we would meet after class at Starbucks.


Tom, Harrison, Glen, and I took our usual front row seats for our computer science study group. Mr. Albertson entered and began organizing his material for the day's class, "You men look chipper today?"


"We're just looking forward to the weekend," Glen announced.


"And," Mr. Albertson questioned, "what is happening this weekend?"


"We're going to the dance club Saturday," Harrison answered.


"Ah! All of you?" Mr. Albertson asked.


"Yup," Tom started to answer the last question. "Chris, Sawyer, Brandon, and Matt are going with us."


"Outstanding!" Mr. Albertson said thoughtfully. "Maybe Marcus and I could join you. The last time we were out was the evening we met Sam and Chris."


"That would be cool," I added. "We haven't been anywhere since that night as well. Chris's show has consumed most of his time. But, at least, that is over!"


Mr. Albertson started the class. When class was over, I said good bye to the gang and headed to Starbucks to meet Chris. He was busily typing away on his laptop.


I sneaked up behind him and said, "Hello, stud!"


Chris was a little started as he said, "Shit! You surprised me! But, I am not complaining." He pulled me to his lips for a kiss. When he released me, he said, "I needed that! May I get you something?"


"Dark roast, please," I replied to my boyfriend's question.


Chris retrieved my coffee and we settled in for our discussion.


"My grandmother called me after our lunch with the group," Chris began. "She had talked with my mother yesterday evening. Apparently, my grandmother has convinced my mother to—temporarily at least—move to Chicago."


"Is this a good thing?" I asked.


"Yes! My father went ballistic when she told him she was filing for divorce," Chris continued. "He didn't hit her or anything, but he was screaming about all kinds of hell and damnation ideas. She had already packed a couple of bags and put them in the car. She simply walked out on him during his rant, left, and checked into a local hotel."


"Wow!" I responded. "She's moving fast on this divorce business!"


"Yea!" Chris elaborated. "She's a lot like me. If she makes a decision to do something, she pursues it with a passion."


"I'll try not to get on your bad side, then!" I added with a smile.


"You, my dear man," Chris said to me, "will never get on my bad side! It ain't gonna happen!"


"But, the thing I need to talk to you about is this," Chris was leading us to another point of discussion. "My father's financial situation could take a really, really big hit. So much so that Matt might have some problems funding school, especially at Northwestern. And, if he finds out Matt is gay, I think the shit will really hit the fan!"


"Ah! I see where this is heading," I followed Chris's line of discussion. "We're talking about another emergency scholarship situation from the foundation, right?"


"Yup!" Chris softly replied.


"But, wouldn't your mother's trust fund put her in a position of not needing support from your father?" I asked.


"The trust fund is not in the mix! It is still in my grandparents' control, and is not a personal asset of hers. Besides neither my mother nor my father knows anything about the trust fund," Chris explained. "My grandparents never told them about it."


"Your grandfather did mention that he never trusted your father!" I remembered aloud.


"Exactly!" Chris agreed.


"The other item my grandmother mentioned has a lot to do with us," Chris again moved our conversation in a different direction. "My grandmother wants to name the two of us to the board of directors of the foundation."


"What?" I exclaimed. "We're not married yet. Hell, we just got engage. Isn't she moving a little fast on this?"


"Well," Chris expanded on his grandmothers thoughts, "my grandmother wants you on the board not because you and I are engaged or in a relationship, but because she thinks you would be an asset in the board's decision making process. She thinks very highly of you. She thinks you have a good head on your shoulders."


"I'm flattered, of course," I answered. "Can I think about this?"


"Sure!" Chris added with a smile. "But, I think you know my grandmother well enough to know that she will win!"


"Why did I think you were going to say something like that?" I asked rhetorically.


"So, how did your afternoon go?" Chris asked with a huge grin spreading across his face.


"Less eventful than yours, for sure!" I responded. "Mr. Albertson and Marcus might join the group at the dance club on Saturday night."


"Cool!" Chris confirmed. "They are really nice guys. I'd like to get to know them better."


"They are great guys, I agree," I added my thoughts.


"So, I was thinking...," Chris said. "Maybe I could convince you to hurry home and take a nap of sorts."


"That won't take much convincing," I agreed. "On the other hand, I don't think you have napping on your mind as something else!"


"You know me all too well, Sam!" Chris said as he put his hand on mine. "Let's dash!"


Chris and I loaded our things into our back packs and headed to our condo. When we arrived, all was quiet and peaceful.


"I guess Brandon must still be out!" Chris said with an evil grin as he led me into the bedroom. "Should I put out a do not disturb sign?"


"No," I answered, "just put on some music. I think Brandon might get the hint."


Once Chris had some music playing, he pulled me into his body and started to kiss me with passion. After a few moments into our make out session, Chris grabbed my shirt and began to unbutton the front so he could slip it off. I did the same to his. We never stopped kissing.


Next were the jeans. Chris unbuttoned my 501's and slid them down my legs. My hard dick popped against my stomach as the jeans cleared it. Chris knelt down to pull my jeans off me and slowly moved to nibble on my foreskin. He stuck his tongue underneath the foreskin and licked the tip of my cock.


I grabbed Chris's muscular arms and gently pulled him up so he was facing me. I managed to unbutton his jeans and slip them off before I said, "I want you in that bed! Now!"


"Yes, SIR!" Chris answered as he pulled me to the bed and slowly lowered himself on his back. He pulled me on top of him. "You feel good on top of me!"


"I like it, too!" I answered. "I can't get enough of you!"


Chris pulled my head in so our lips met. He started kissing me again. He put his hands on my ass checks and began massaging my butt. Finally, after several minutes, he rolled us so that I was on the bottom and he was on top.


When Chris grabbed the lube from the nightstand, I hissed, "Fuck me, big guy! Fuck me hard!"


"Yes, SIR!" Chris exclaimed. "Anything you say, SIR!"


With that announcement, Chris lined up his big, hard, uncut cock with my asshole after lathering both with copious amounts of lube and began his descent into my waiting ass!


"Oh! Fuck! Yes!" I almost screamed. He paused slightly before he began thrusting in and out of my ass.


Chris added a little speed and force with each thrust. Finally after several minutes of pounding my ass, with his sweat dripping onto my body, he screamed, "Fuck! Sam! I'm going to cum! Fuck! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... Fuck!" My dick was shooting at the same time.


Finally Chris collapsed on top of my cum laden body with his still hard dick lodged balls deep into my ass. When he finally caught his breath enough to speak he softly said, "Now, I think I understand Andy's fantasy! That was one hell of a fuck!"


"Yea! Just don't ever, ever tell me if you are going to be my lover or my fuck buddy!" I added. "I think the surprise is a lot of fun!"


"We must tell Andy that he and David were an inspiration!" Chris replied.


"Just don't tell Patti!" I whispered.


When Chris finally rolled off me, we hit the shower to wash the smell of man sex off our bodies. It was a long shower because we each cleaned the other very, very thoroughly!


When we were dried and scrounging for some gym shorts to put on, Chris's phone began to vibrate.


"It's Luke on Skype!" Chris explained as he tapped the answer call button and his phone came to life with Luke on the screen. "Hello, Lucus! To what do we have the pleasure of your call?"


"Listen, dick wad!" Luke began. "Why didn't you tell me you were fucking engaged?"


"I was going to send you an e-mail, but I haven't had time." Chris answered. "How did you hear about our engagement?"


"Andy sent me an e-mail," Luke began to explain. "He told me about your engagement. He also asked me where he could buy a whip. It seems he and David are getting kinkier by the day!"


"I see," Chris responded. "Would you like to meet my future husband?"


Chris pulled me into the view of the camera on his phone, "Luke, this is Sam. Sam, this is Luke."


Luke and I exchanged greetings. He finally turned his attention back to Chris, "Damn Chris. Sam is fucking cute! What the hell does he see in you?"


"He is, indeed, cute, Luke!" Chris answered as he pulled me closer to him.


"Another thing, Chris," Luke began to form his next question. "Correct me if I am wrong, but you two appear to be naked in the bedroom. Did I interrupt something?"


"Ah! No," Chris admitted. "We were just finished taking a shower when you called."


"So," Luke expanded on his question, "you just finished fucking like bunnies and were cleaning up the mess when I called."


"Don't embarrass Sam, Luke!" Chris chided his friend.


"Sorry, Sam," Luke continued. "I'm not trying to embarrass you. I just know how this dude operates!"


"How is jolly old England?" Chris asked to change the subject.


"Terrific!" Luke began. "We are actually looking forward to heading back to the states. London is exciting, but Sean has taken a deep interest in going to this really weird leather bar. He likes to watch the dancers do bondage numbers on each other. I think we might need to find a place where we can have a playroom when we get back. Otherwise, Sean will probably leave me for a more adventurous playmate."


"I doubt that will happen, stud!" Chris explained.


"Has Chris introduced you to his kinky side yet, Sam?" Luke asked me.


"Ah! He's taking his time, but we've had our moments!" I answered.


"Good!" Luke added. "A little kink keeps the doctor away... or something like that. Anyway, I have to run! So, again, congratulations on your engagement. We should be home before Christmas. And, I'm looking forward to meeting you in person, Sam. Chris is actually a really good guy. Take care of him, okay?"


"I will do my best!" I answered. "And, I think I'm very lucky to have him in my life. I'm looking forward to meeting you and Sean, too!"


Chris and Luke said their goodbyes and we headed into the living room. Brandon was in the kitchen working on his laptop.


"Hello, Brandon!" I announced our arrival. We had slipped on our gym shorts before we exited the bedroom.


"Hi, guys!" Brandon exclaimed. "How was your day?"


"Good!" Chris announced as he put his arm around my shoulder. "Very productive!"


"Ah! So the sounds coming out of your bedroom were the sounds of productivity?" Brandon said with a smile.


"Ah! Yea!" I answered. "I guess you could say that. How was your day, Brandon?"


"Terrific!" Brandon began to answer. "I am getting back into the swing of being in class again. All of the profs have been very, very nice and supportive. But, I have a lot of work to do to catch up. I also saw my dipshit brother at Leo and Brian's house. He seems to really like the school he's going to."




Matt arrived from Northwestern on Friday early in the evening. He borrowed Randy's car. He and Brandon hit the shopping mall early Saturday. Chris and I were both working on school projects in the kitchen when they arrived back from their shopping spree.


"How was shopping?" Chris asked as Matt and Brandon dropped their bags on the kitchen floor.


"Well, I now know why I haven't gone shopping in a while," Brandon began. "The crowds were a bitch. The choices maddening. And, the prices totally out of line."


"But," Matt started to explain, "We were successful in finding Brandon a smashing outfit for tonight!"


"I think I look like a whore in heat! But, I'll let you decide." Brandon answered as he picked up one of the bags. "I'll go change."


"Brandon," Matt began, "Just change here. We've all seen you naked."


Brandon dropped his bag and then shed his clothes.


"You look good in that outfit, Brandon!" Chris said with a smile.


"I probably look less like a whore standing here naked than the outfit Matt picked out," Brandon replied, also with a smile.


Brandon reached into the A&F bag and pulled out a distressed pair of skinny stretch jeans. He pulled them on and adjusted himself.


Chris whistled before commenting on Brandon's new jeans, "Those really look good on you!"


"Thanks... I think," Brandon answered as he opened another bag and pulled out a stretchy black t-shirt. When he pulled the t-shirt on, it conformed nicely to his well-chiseled body. "Doesn't this just shriek `whore'?"


"You look good, Brandon! And, no, it doesn't scream `whore.'" I answered.


"Show them the boots, Brandon!" Matt encouraged.


Brandon pulled out a shiny new pair of black lace up boots. "I'm not going to put these on until later. I think if I sit down with these jeans I will pop a seam."


"Now, the jacket and belt, Bran!" Matt again encouraged Brandon.


Brandon pulled out a black leather belt with chrome squares and a black leather motorcycle jacket. "If I agree to wear this shit tonight, you guys had better promise to beat the shit out of anyone who laughs at me!"


"No one will laugh at you, Brandon," I added. "As a matter of fact, I think some men there will be drooling over you!"


"Besides, the shirt should be easy to pull off when you work up a sweat dancing!" Chris suggested.


"Oh! God! What have I gotten myself into?" Brandon exclaimed. "What if someone I know sees me? I will need to explain a few things that I may not be ready to explain!"


"We'll keep an eye on you, Brandon," Chris informed Brandon. "You might even make a few new friends."


"What are you guys wearing?" Brandon asked Chris and me.


"We haven't decided," Chris began to explain, "but I'm hoping to convince Sam that we should wear the chrome and leather harnesses we bought when we were in Chicago!"


"Oh! Shit!" I exclaimed. "At least Brandon won't be the only one uncomfortable tonight. We'll be drummed out of the gym gang. Me for looking like a leather queen, and Brandon like a hooker!"


We all laughed. Chris and I went into the bedroom to take a nap. And, this time, it really was a nap!




The gang of eight (Tom, Harrison, Sawyer, Glen, Brandon, Matt, Chris, and me) decided to meet at our condo before heading to the dance club. Chris and I were both dressed in the tightest, most distressed jeans we could find. Naturally, we decided on no underwear, cock rings, and the chrome and leather harnesses. After we finished with our ensemble, Chris pulled out a box and handed it to me.


"What's this?" I asked.


"Open it and find out!" Chris answered.


"But, you're always buying me things, Chris!" I sounded a little defensive, I'm sure.


"I like buying you things! Besides, I have some ulterior motives for this particular package," Chris explained with a huge grin on his face.


"Why do I think this might be part of your grand plan to make me look like a leather queen?" I answered. I was smiling, too! And, if I was really truthful with myself, I like it when Chris buys me things that are a little kinky. The first item in the box was a red and black flannel shirt.


"And, you decided I needed this because?" I asked.


"To put over the harness. It's a little cold out to go totally shirtless," Chris answered.


I put on the shirt. It conformed to my body quite nicely. When I began to button the front of the shirt, Chris stopped me midway up. "Stop there," Chris instructed. "I think it is really sexy when you only button it up part of the way. That way it sort of shows off your chest and the harness underneath." He leaned in to kiss me.


The next item in the box was a black leather motorcycle jacket. I slipped it on and looked at myself in the mirror. "You know, Chris, I hate to admit this, but I really like the look. But, if some dirty old leather queen comes on to me, you need to promise me that you will intercede."


"I will be at your side at all times," Chris promised. "I have plans for you later, so I will not let anyone else lay a hand on you!"


Chris had on a similarly tight shirt, but his was a solid tan color. He also pulled out a black leather motorcycle jacket from the closet. "Leather boys! Here we come!" I said to Chris.


Just as we were walking out of the bedroom, we encountered Matt and Brandon coming out of their room.


"Holy fuck!" I exclaimed. "You guys look fucking hot!"


Brandon had on his new outfit he had modelled earlier. Matt was sporting some of the tightest jeans I had ever seen on a guy. They left nothing to the imagination. And, he had on a tight, white, almost see through sleeveless t-shirt that showed off every conceivable muscle on his upper body. He also sported black lace up boots and a leather jacket slung across his shoulder.


"I'd have to say the same thing about you two!" Brandon answered.


The buzzer began sounding announcing the rest of the gang. Chris let them in.


Chris, Brandon, Matt, and I were standing in the living room when the guys entered the room. "Holy fuck!" Sawyer exclaimed. "You guys have certainly upped the wow factor of this group!"


"Tom," Harrison began, "if I don't come home tonight, I'll be in bed with these four!"


"Harrison," Tom replied, "if you don't come home tonight, I'll cut off your balls faster than you can say `ouch!'"


"You guys look good, too!" Brandon put his two cents into the conversation.


"Yes, we do!" Sawyer agreed. "However, our more conservative dress highlights our innocence and creativity instead of the bad boy look you four came up with!"


"It other words," Glen added, "what Sawyer is saying is that he and I will need to go shopping before we venture out with the four of you again! Right, Sawyer?"


"Ah...! Yup, that pretty well sums things up," Sawyer said as he was smiling broadly.


"Do you guys want a beer or do you want to go directly to the club?" Chris asked.


"I, personally, am psyched for the club," Harrison answered.


We all agreed to head to the club to begin our night of dancing. Before we left, I suggested to the group that we take a photo. I had set up the camera on a tripod. For the first photo, I arranged Tom and Harrison standing back to back with their heads turned to the camera. Sawyer and Glen were facing one another with their arms around each other's waists. Brandon and Matt were both facing the camera with their arms over the other's shoulders. Chris and I were on the end and both facing the camera. I had set the camera up to take four successive photos. They all turned out to be fucking hot! Woof!


When we left, Chris drove. I was in the front passenger seat. Tom, Matt, and Sawyer were sitting in the back seat with their respective mates on their laps. It was like a clown show as we all poured out of Chris's BMW when we arrived at the bar.


As we walked into the bar, Chris's friend Jake met us at the door. "Christopher! You're back! And, I see you have brought some fresh meat... faces with you!"


"Hello, Jake," Chris acknowledged Jake's welcome. "You remember my boyfriend, Sam?"


"Of course, I remember Sam!" Jake said as he hugged me. "I understand Sam has been elevated to future husband! Congratulations, guys!"


"Thanks, Jake! I guess news travels fast!" Chris responded. "I'd like you to meet some of our friends." Chris introduced everyone to Jake and we continued into the bar. It was only 10 pm, so the crowd had not overwhelmed the place yet.


We walked up to the not so crowded bar and were greeted by Robbie, "Good to see you again, Chris! You're Sam, right?" Robbie said to me.


"Yes, nice to see you again, Robbie," I greeted our bartender.


Chris introduced the other guys to Robbie and ordered us 8 Coronas. With beers in hand, we checked our coats and then moved closer to the dance floor. There were only a few people dancing. One really well-built couple had their shirts off and were definitely bumping and grinding.


"Holy fuck!" Sawyer almost yelled into my ear. "This is really hot!"


"Just wait until the place fills up, Sawyer," I yelled back to Sawyer. "It gets better! Much better!"


Chris grabbed my free hand and took my Corona from me and put both of our beers on a nearby standup table. "Let's dance, oh hot one!"


"You're on, stud!" I answered Chris as he led me to the dance floor.


Chris took the lead, naturally, and I followed suit. Soon, we, too, were bumping and grinding with the best of them. Finally, after a few songs of following the beat of the very loud music, Chris leaned into me and said into my ear, "Shirts off, Sammie! Let's show them how this is done!"


We both shucked our shirts and stuffed them into the back of our jeans. We began another frenzied dance. Our gang stepped forward and surrounded us. They were leaving nothing to the imagination. After a short time we were all shirtless, sweaty, and really getting into the music. I spotted Ben (Mr. Albertson) and Marcus dancing not too far away from us. They, too, had lost their shirts.


I leaned into Chris, nodded to the direction of Ben and Marcus, and then yelled into Chris's ear, "If only our CS 101 class could see us now! Ten geeks dancing!"


Chris leaned into me, and said loudly in my ear, "It could be the title of a great musical!"


At about the same time, we all decided we had enough and needed a break. We regrouped around the standup table, and sucked down what remained of our now slightly warm beers.


A sweaty, shirtless Ben and Marcus joined our group. Marcus proclaimed, "You guys look like you are certainly enjoying yourselves tonight! And, I can safely say you have brought the sexy average of the club up a few notches."


"We're just following Sam and Chris's lead," Harrison announced. "They are the leaders of this lust crazed group!"


Chris spoke next, "As the leader of this lust crazed group, I think we all could use another beer! Follow me, studs."


Chris leaned into the bar and said to Robbie, "Ten more Coronas, please, Robbie!"


"Coming right up, stud!" Robbie answered as he pulled 10 Coronas out of the cooler and popped the tops.


As Chris was starting to pay for the drinks, Harrison spoke up, "Let us get these, Chris!"


"Nope! They are on us. We're celebrating tonight!" Chris answered as he pulled out a $100 and handed it to Robbie.


"What are you celebrating tonight, Chris?" Tom asked.


"Good times with great friends!" Chris replied. I noticed he left Robbie and even bigger tip than before.


"Thanks, Chris," Sawyer added. He raised his bottle to the group, "Here is to great friends and an even more lust filled evening."


When we were finished clinking bottles, Ben announced, "I think I have to watch out or my reputation in this town will be ruined!"


"Sweetie!" Marcus began. He had a wicked grin on his face, "We all know your reputation left town a long, long time ago!"


"Watch it, hubby, or I will have to divorce you!" Ben answered also with a smile on his face.


"Don't even think about it, Ben," Marcus added. Fortunately, he was still smiling. "I'm a Harvard trained attorney. I would take you to the cleaners and leave you nothing but that computer geek brain of yours!"


We all laughed.


I walked over to where Brandon and Matt were standing. Brandon was backed into Matt's front and Matt had his arms around Brandon's sweaty upper body.


"How are you doing, guys?" I asked.


"I, for one, am having a great time, Sam!" Brandon answered. "It makes some of the shit we've gone through seem like it was years ago! Who knows, I might even let Matt have a stab at my dick later on tonight!"


"It sounds like I might be getting my lover back one dance at a time!" Matt responded as he kissed Brandon on the back of his neck. "But, we have a lot more dances to go and the rest of our lives to do them. We don't need to rush!"


Brandon turned around to face Matt, "What did I do to deserve you, Matt?"


Matt kissed Brandon on the forehead and added, "Just being my loving, sweet Brandon! That's all I really want in my life."


"Shit! You're going to make me cry!" Brandon said.


By now, Glen had joined us and had heard Brandon's last statement, "No crying allowed tonight. Just dance!"


Matt put their beers on one of the standup tables and pulled Brandon out on the dance floor again.


Shortly, we all descended on the dance floor and were again bumping and grinding and getting sweaty! I started nibbling on my lover's ear when I pulled him close to me.


"Stop that, Sam!" Chris announced. "If you do much more of that, my dick will pop the buttons on my jeans!"


"Promise!" I added.


I pulled on the chain that was connected to my lover's dick. "Yes, Sam, but I don't want to get arrested for indecent exposure. I don't think my grandfather has an attorney on staff who specializes in that area of the law!"


"Okay!" I said. "But, can I pull on it when I get you home?"


"When we are home, you can pull on anything you like, lover boy!" Chris managed to squeak out.


We were all pretty exhausted after two more sets of dancing. Sawyer, Glen, Tom, and Harrison decided to get a cab back to the dorms.


Before everyone began to disperse, Chris said to the group, "Guys! Why don't you come to our place for a late brunch tomorrow? Maybe 1?"


Everyone agreed to drop by the condo at 1 for one of Chris's magical brunch moments.




To be continued...


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