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Sam and Chris

Chapter 25: Life After Dancing

As we walked into the condo, Chris ask if any of us wanted a beer. Matt and Brandon declined and headed toward their room.

"Brandon," Chris interjected, "Why don't you see if Greg, Leo, and Brian would like to join us tomorrow?"

"I'll send dipshit a text before we head to bed," Brandon replied. They disappeared into their room.

Chris and I opted for the drink and settled at the kitchen island to discuss the evening's events.

"So, what did you think of our night out, Sam?" Chris asked.

"I think we all had fun! Even Brandon seemed to be enjoying himself, for the most part!" I replied.

"He did seem more relaxed than he has in several weeks," Chris agreed. "But, I suspect his mental state is not back to normal yet."

"You're probably right! But," I began, "I think I would like to make you a proposition!"

"Go ahead! Proposition me!" Chris replied with a smile.

"I think I would like to pull on some of your chains!" I hissed.

"They are yours for the pulling!" Chris answered. "And, if you want to pull on something else, just pull away! Ah...! Are you going to be my lover tonight or my fuck buddy?"

"I haven't decided yet," I answered. "It will depend on my mood when I finally get you naked."

"Then, let's not dally! Off to the den of iniquity!" Chris suggested.

When we were safely ensconced in our bedroom, Chris pulled me in for a passionate kiss before I gave him his instructions. "There will be no mercy tonight. But, I will give you exactly 60 seconds to get naked and on that bed!"

"Yes, Sir!" Chris responded. He was naked and in bed in record time. He was lying on his back in the middle of the bed. I also managed to free myself of clothing. Of course, we both kept our harnesses on.

I climbed on top of him, "You said you liked me laying on top of you, so here I am!"

"Yea! I do like this!" Chris answered. "I like this a lot! Now, do I get the pleasure of you topping me or do you want it the other way around?"

"Your choice as long as I get to pull on a certain chain," I answered.

"Can I have it both ways?" Chris asked.

"Whatever my lover wants!" I replied. "But, I want you to be my lover tonight and not my fuck buddy!"

"Hmmm! I guess I'll need to get used to being your lover then, huh?" Chris responded as he began to kiss me.

After several kisses, I lowered myself so that I could nibble on my lover's nipples.

"Shit, Sam!" Chris hissed. "You are going to make me cum if you keep that up!"

I looked up at my lover's face and said, "Then, I'll need to keep nibbling!" I lowered myself to Chris's cock and took it, in one gulp, down his entire shaft. When I felt his cock clear my throat, I began pulling on the harness chain connected to Chris's hard cock.

After several minutes of alternately deep throating Chris and licking his balls, I raised my body up so that I could kiss him.

"You know... what I love most... about you..., Sam?" Chris whispered between kisses.

"You like me... for my... mind!" I answered.

Chris began to laugh.

"What?" I asked as I stopped kissing him.

"That, too! But, I love you most because you love to make love about as much as I do!" Chris whispered back.

"Yea! I could do this all day and all night and never get bored!" I whispered back. "But, unfortunately, we need to eat; we need to sleep; we need to go to school. But, I think making love with you is constantly on my mind. Knowing I will be with you again makes each and every day so much more pleasurable!"

"Good answer!" Chris whispered back. "Now, kiss me!"

I started to kiss Chris again. He put his hands on my bare ass and began to play with it. I decided enough was enough. I rolled off Chris and found the lube in the night stand. I applied a generous amount to Chris's hard uncut cock. I pulled back the foreskin and added some more before I raised myself up and applied more lube to my ass. I positioned myself over Chris's cock and impaled myself with is hard cock until I felt Chris's pubic hairs tickly my balls.

"Oh! Shit! Yes!" I screamed. Enough of the whispering shit I thought to myself. I leaned down to kiss my lover. Our tongues were playing sword fight as I began to raise and lower myself on Chris's dick.

"I wanted you in me all fucking night, Chris!" I said as I continued to ride Chris's big dick! Chris's one hand was alternately playing with my nipples. His other hand was stroking my cock. Occasionally, he pulled on the chain that was attached to my cock ring!

Chris began to moan and his body tensed. He stopped playing with my dick and nipples. I took over stroking my cock.

"Shit, Sam! I'm fucking cuming!" Chris hissed. "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...! Shit! Yeas! Fuck!"

I was moaning and my dick began to shoot almost the instance Chris unloaded into my ass. I collapsed on top of Chris with his dick still spamming inside me.

When I caught my breath, I whispered to Chris, "Fuck that was good!"

"I think I've died and gone to heaven!" Chris announced. "Plus, I think you have totally worn me out!"

Chris rolled so we were both on our sides facing each other. As he did, his dick popped out of my ass. He pulled me in tight and announced, "I'm not letting go of you until morning!"

"Good," I answered.

We were soon both asleep.


My eyes flickered open on Sunday morning. Chris was facing me with his arms still firmly surrounding my body.

"Good morning, lover boy!" Chris announced.

"Good morning to you, stud!" I answered as I kissed him. "Have you been awake long?"

"A little while," Chris answered. "I was watching you sleep! You are a sexy sleeper"!"

"A sexy sleeper, huh?" I questioned Chris. "And, just what makes someone a sexy sleeper?"

"My dick gets hard when I watch you sleep. That is the best explanation I can come up with at the moment!" Chris answered.

I kissed him again before adding, "Don't you have a brunch to create?"

"Yes!" Chris answered. "But first, I'm going to shower with my boyfriend just to make certain he is clean enough for our guests!"

"Okay, stud!" I answered. "After last night's activities, I could use some help! Lead the way, oh clean one!"

Chris rolled off the bed and onto the floor. As he did, he pulled me up with him and led me to the shower. We washed each other carefully and then dried thoroughly. No shower sex for the hosts of brunch!

We slipped on our gym shorts and headed for the kitchen. Coffee was already made and Brandon and Matt were sipping on their first cup of morning coffee.

"Hello, guys!" Brandon greeted us. "I hope you didn't mind, but I made coffee."

"This house is your house, Brandon!" Chris replied. "Besides, that is one thing less I have to do this morning!"

"Did you guys sleep well?" I asked.

"Perfectly!" Matt answered.

"I was most grateful for Matt's help in calming me down from last night's excitement at the dance club," Brandon explained with a huge grin on his face.

"Translated," Matt continued, "I sucked his dick dry!"

"But, I couldn't reciprocate just yet!" Brandon added with his grin disappearing.

"We have the rest of our lives to get there!" Matt answered. "Besides, my hand did a pretty good job last night!" Matt paused for a few seconds, "I think, maybe, we're giving out a little too much information, Brandon."

"Oh! Chris, Greg asked if he could bring a friend who is a guy. Leo and Brian can't make it," Brandon explained.

"Is this a love interest?" Chris asked.

"I think maybe," Brandon answered. "Greg wasn't too specific."

"Turn Sawyer lose on Greg, and you will have a definitive answer!" I added.

Brandon and Matt laughed. "Maybe we should go take a shower and then help Chris with brunch prep!" Brandon said as he pulled Matt off the stool and led him into their room.

"I guess they are taking things one step at a time!" I said to Chris after Matt and Brandon left.

"This will take time, I am certain!" Chris answered.

We busied ourselves with brunch preparation. Chris gave the orders. I followed them. Soon, we were done. Brunch was an easy meal to prepare... if one knows how! Thank God for Chris. Otherwise, we would be eating rubber eggs and probably nothing else.

Matt and Brandon returned to the kitchen dressed and willing to help. "What can we do to help?" Matt asked.

"Why don't you two take drink orders?" Chris suggested.

"That we can do as long as the orders are beer and wine!" Brandon answered.

We went to get properly dressed and were back in the kitchen when the buzzer first sounded. It was Greg and his friend. Sawyer and Glen arrived at the same time.

"Greetings, guys," Greg announced as he entered the room. "This is Anthony. Anthony, this is my brother Brandon, his boyfriend Matt, Sawyer and his boyfriend Glen, and our hosts Sam and Chris."

We all greeted Greg's friend Anthony. Anthony was absolutely gorgeous. He was about the same height as Greg, almost 6 feet tall with jet black, straight hair. His hair was neatly combed back. He had on a blue button down oxford shirt and the tightest red 511 jeans I had ever seen. The bulge in the front of the jeans looked as though he might be really, really hung. I think he may be Italian because he had an olive complexion. `Greg certainly knows how to pick them!' I thought to myself.

Brandon retrieved two beers for Sawyer and Glen and two sodas for Greg and Anthony.

Tom and Harrison arrived along with Ben and Marcus. Matt fetched them beers.

"Everything smells wonderful, guys!" Marcus exclaimed. "And, I see no trace of Henry, so I assume you two did all of this on your own."

"Chris directed!" I answered. "I just followed orders."

"You work well as a team," Ben added. "Marcus is the cook in our house. I just eat!"

"Ben is in charge of entertainment!" Marcus continued. They both smiled at each other!

Timers were soon howling in the kitchen. So, Chris and I set out the food for brunch. Even though I helped, I am always amazed at how easy Chris makes cooking appear.

"Brunch is served, gentlemen!" Chris announced. "Help yourselves."

Every one loaded their plates with an egg casserole, oven baked home fries, turkey sausage, assorted pastries, and fresh fruit salad.

Chris and I joined Brandon, Matt, Greg, and Anthony while we ate.

"So, Anthony," Brandon started to ask a few questions, "do you and Greg go to the same school?"

"Yes," Anthony began. "I'm in a few of the same classes as Greg. When he walked into the first class we had together on his first day, he sat beside me. I thought to myself, `I hope this dude is gay because he is so fucking cute!'"

"We ate lunch together," Greg continued. "Anthony and I hit it off immediately! He lives down the street from Leo and Brian. So, we see a lot of one another!"

"And, my parents know Leo and Brian really well," Anthony added. "I didn't have to explain a lot to them about Greg."

"So," Matt started to ask, "they don't have a problem with you being gay?"

"Nope!" Anthony answered. "I have two gay uncles and a lesbian great aunt. They sort of paved the way for me. I was lucky I didn't have to go through what you and Greg did, Brandon. And, I'm so, so sorry to hear about the assholes who attacked you!"

"Thank you, Anthony!" Brandon answered. "Sam, Chris, Greg, Randy, and especially Matt made my recovery a lot easier. They are terrific friends."

"So are you, Brandon!" Chris interjected.

"I told him you, Brandon, Sam, Tom, Harrison, and Glen are computer science majors. That's what Anthony wants to major in!" Greg effused.

"Where are you going to school?" Matt asked.

"Well," Anthony began. "I've been accepted early at Northwestern, MIT, Stanford, and the University of Illinois here in Urbana. I think I am leaning toward UIUC. If I do, I'm going to live in the dorms and NOT with my parents. Besides my father may be heading to London to work there. My mother would follow after I finish high school."

"What have you decided about college, Greg?" Chris asked.

"Well, I'm still up in the air about that," Greg admitted. "I'm thinking about English or journalism at UIUC. But, I need to figure out where the money will come from. Who knows! I may be headed to boot camp so I can finance college."

Sawyer and Glen had joined our group. Glen added, "I don't think you would need to be that extreme, Greg!"

"I agree with Glen, Greg," Chris began. "Your brother found a way to stay in school. So, I don't think you will have a problem no matter where you decide to go." Chris looked at me with his famous grin spreading over his face. Just as quickly, he stood and announced, "There is more food in the kitchen, guys! Help yourselves. Sam does not like leftovers!"

We joined Tom, Harrison, Ben, and Marcus on the other side of the room. Harrison was the first to begin our conversation, "Chris! This brunch is terrific! Almost as good as Henry's!"

"Thank you, Harrison! I will take that as a compliment, for sure!" Chris answered. "I had help this morning!"

"What are you guys doing for the upcoming holidays?" Marcus asked.

"Well, my grandmother and Sam's mother have been scheming," Chris began.

"We have been told to expect Thanksgiving in Chicago with Chris's grandparents. My parents will join us," I began to explain. "Christmas at my parents in Southern Illinois also with Chris's grandparents and mother. And, a possible journey to Palm Beach for New Year's."

"Palm Beach? As in Florida?" Tom asked.

"Yes," Chris answered. "My grandparents have a house there."

"Near the water?" Ben asked.

"Ocean Drive, so yes!" Chris answered.

"And, we will be stuck in fucking cold Chicago!" Harrison added. "At least both of our parents will be joining one or the other for both holidays."

"We finally told them that we were boyfriends a few weeks ago when we were home," Tom interjected.

"How did that go?" Ben asked.

"It went surprisingly well," Harrison explained. "Both of our mothers decided we need to have kids once we finish school and tie the knot. I think they will both be pissed if we don't give them grandchildren!"

Ben followed, "Marcus and I will be doing our usual holiday rounds. Thanksgiving at Marcus's parents. Christmas at mine. We've been doing the travel thing for about four years now. Someday we will grow enough balls to insist that they visit us!"

"And, both of our parents have been asking when will we finish college and start a family!" Marcus added.

Finally, the crowd dissipated. Brandon and Matt disappeared into Brandon's room. Chris and I began to clean things.

"That was a very nice brunch, Chris!" I complimented my boyfriend.

"It was a great group," Chris answered. "And, I think Greg is happy he found Anthony!"

"I think Greg is very happy! Anthony is intelligent, well-rounded, and fucking cute!" I added.

"He is that," Chris admitted with a smile on his face. "But, I thought you were going to drool all over the floor when you first saw him!"

"Was I that obvious?" I asked.

"No, but I think I know you enough by now to know when you think someone is drop dead gorgeous." Chris added as he pulled me close to him for a kiss.

"I have my own drop dead gorgeous boyfriend to drool over!" I answered.

We continued to clean until everything was put away and the dishwasher humming. We settled at the kitchen island with coffee.

Brandon and Matt joined us a few moments later. Their eyes seemed to be a little red.

"Is everything okay, guys?" Chris asked.

"We have made some serious decisions," Brandon answered.

"I'm going to stay at Northwestern until I get my degree," Matt sadly announced. "We think it would be too distracting for Brandon to have a full-time, live in boyfriend in his space until he recovers more."

"Yea!" Brandon continued. "I love having Matt around, but I need to work through some more issues before I can be in a full-time relationship."

"We're still going to visit each other, though," Matt announced. "He's not getting away from me that easily!"

"I know it was a hard decision to make, guys," I interjected. "But, I think you both need time to adjust and heal!"

"You've both been through a really, really tough period," Chris added. "I can't imagine the struggles you've both weathered in the past several weeks! You guys only proved that you are both very strong people."

"Thanks, Chris, Sam," Matt said as he hugged us both. "I'm going to head back. I love you guys!"

"We love you, too, Matt!" I said as I pulled Matt closer to us.

"You're always welcome to visit, too!" Chris added.

When Matt had released Chris and me, Brandon offered to walk Matt to his car.


Chris's phone shattered our peaceful night's sleep. "Can't we just stay in bed all day, Chris?" I asked.

"We could!" Chris answered. "But, I think your parents and my grandparents would be beating down our door if we missed classes!"

"You have a point, my sweet man!" I added as I kissed him. "At least I get to shower with you this morning, right?"

"I wouldn't have it any other way," Chris answered as our feet both hit the floor.

When we were dressed and had a few sips of coffee, we bounded out the door to start a new day. Brandon had left us a note announcing he had gone to the library to do some work on a paper.

I trudged through my classes one at a time. I was bored, as usual, with my chemistry class. Just as my chemistry professor finished his brutally agonizing lecture, my phone began to ping announcing a text had arrived. It was from Chris:

"Sam! Please call me as soon as possible"

As I was heading out the door, I called Chris, "Chris! What's up?"

"Sam, I need to talk to you. Where are you?" Chris answered. He had a distinct panic in his voice.

"I'm just leaving chemistry class. Where are you?" I asked.

"I'm near Starbucks. Can you meet me there?" Chris asked.

"Sure! Give me 10 minutes," I announced as I began to scurry to Starbucks. I knew something was up!

When I arrived, Chris was pacing near the entrance. His eyes were red.

"Chris, what's wrong?" I exclaimed.

Chris led me into Starbucks. Once we were seated, Chris began his explanation. "My grandfather called me a few minutes ago. It seems my father shot and killed himself!"

"Fuck, Chris!" I exclaimed. "I'm so, so sorry! When? How? Where?"

"Around 1 this afternoon," Chris began. "A neighbor saw Luke's father, Reverend Bennington, leave my father's house around 12:30. Then, she heard a gunshot around 1:00. She called 911, and the police came and found his body. The neighbor called my mother. My mother talked to my grandfather. And, he just called me."

"Why?" I asked. I was about as stunned as Chris.

"It seems he confessed to Reverend Bennington that he had been having an affair for the last 20 years and had another gay son, Matt," Chris further explained. "He left a note. Apparently, the good Reverend was not a warm and fuzzy man when he found out about my father's affair or his second gay son! My father said in the note that he could not face the members of his church—he said nothing about my mother, me, Matt, or Matt's mother! So, he's just as fucked up as he always was."

"Does Matt know?" I asked.

"My grandfather called Randy," Chris answered. "Randy is going to break the news to Matt. No one knows how to get in touch with Matt's mother."

"Who's going to handle the details?" I asked Chris.

"My mother," Chris answered. "My grandfather and she are heading to Peoria to handle things. At least my mother won't need to pay for a divorce attorney!"

"How are you doing, Chris?" I asked.

"Stunned!" Chris answered. "I never expected this. But, I am really not that emotional, especially after what he did to me and my mother! Maybe I will get emotional when things really hit me! I don't know yet!"

Chris phone began to ring, "It's Matt," he said as he answered it.

"Hello, Matt!" Chris greeted Matt.

"Yes, I heard from my grandfather a few minutes ago," Chris said into the phone. "How are you doing?"

Chris listened and then answered, "Yea! I am feeling pretty much the same."

Chris listened again and again answered, "My mother and grandfather are headed to Peoria to take care of the details. Who is going to break the news to your mother?" There was another pause. "Okay! I'll let you go. But, I will call you as soon as I have more information, Matt... And, Matt, if nothing else, we can lean on each other... We are brothers after all!"

Chris hung up the phone. Tears were forming. "Sam, could you get us some coffee?"

"Absolutely!" I answered. "I'll be right back, or do you want some time alone?"

"No! I need you here," Chris whispered as he wiped the tears away with his hand.

When I returned with the coffees, Chris told me about the phone call with Matt. "Matt is just as stunned as I am. He didn't even know my father was his father until Randy told him. He's going to call his mother's minister or a friend who will break the news to her. This is going to be really awkward for everyone concerned."

"How do you think your mother will handle this?" I asked Chris.

"I'm not sure, but she is a really strong person," Chris explained. "I think just by the fact that she announced she was divorcing my father after years of knowing about the affair tells me that she was pretty fed up with the whole situation."

"What can I do to help, Chris?" I asked.

"Just be here, Sam!" Chris answered. "I can feel myself getting angrier and angrier whenever I think about what my father did! He's a fucking gutless pig!"

"I'll definitely be beside you all of the way," I replied as I put my hand on top of his. "Are you going to let your friends know? Oh! Shit! What about Luke?"

"Oh! Shit!" Chris replied. "I don't think he communicates with his mother or his father, but I think he needs to know. It's five hours later there. That would make it almost 10:00 in the evening. I should try him on Skype."

Chris pulled out his phone and fired up! Skype. "I'm going outside. I'll be right back!"

I waited for Chris to return from his Skype call to Luke. He returned about 15 minutes later. "Luke and Sean are coming back for a few days. He and Sean are checking the airlines now. I tried to talk them out of coming back, but Luke insists on being here. He's pissed at his father, mostly, but he is concerned about me and my mother!"

"He's a real friend, isn't he?" I asked knowing Chris's answer.

"Yup! He is that!" Chris answered. He was actually smiling.

"What?" I asked.

"Luke is a pit bull!" Chris responded. "You will always want him on your side. I suspect he might rip his father a new asshole unless we restrain him."

"This should be an interesting situation," I began to explain my position.

"I should call some friends from the show," Chris added. "Maybe we could go home and do the calling thing. We don't want to disturb others."

We slowly walked back to the condo. Chris held my hand all of the way home. We walked in silence.

When we arrived, Brandon was waiting for us, "Chris! Matt called! I'm so, so sorry to hear about your father! Are you okay?"

"I'm still in a state of shock, I think," Chris answered.

"Matt heard from his mother's friend who broke the news of your father's death," Brandon continued. "She's apparently hysterical!"

"I think she may have more to lose than anyone else," Chris answered. "I'm sure she is hurting! But, I need to make a few phone calls. Sam, could you call Sawyer, and ask him talk to your other friends?"

"Absolutely!" I answered.

Brandon went to his room to speak with Greg.

Chris went to his study to make his phone calls. I settled down at the kitchen island. I talked to Sawyer who readily agreed to call Tom and Harrison. Glen was in Sawyer's room. The next call was to my parents.

My mother answered, and I quickly ask her if my father was around. She put the call on speaker phone.

"What's up, Sam?" my father asked.

"I have some unpleasant news," I began. "Chris's father committed suicide this afternoon!"

"Oh! Dear!" my mother exclaimed. "How are Chris and his mother taking the news?"

"Chris said he was in shock," I answered. "I think his mother might be, too. Chris's grandfather and mother are on their way to handle the details."

I explained what we knew about when, how, and why Chris's father shot himself.

"Please give Chris and his mother our condolences. Oh! I almost forgot, how did Matt take the news?" My mother announced.

"Same as Chris at this point," I added. "I'll let you know what the details are when Chris has them."

"Thank you for telling us, Sam," my father added as we ended the call after several `I love you' phrases.

Chris returned from his study about the time I finished the call to my parents.

"David is going to tell the rest of the group," Chris explained.

"So is Sawyer," I added.

"Good!" Chris began. "I don't know about you, but I could use a fucking beer!"

"That would be good, Chris," I answered. "I think we both need to unwind."

I grabbed to beers from the refrigerator and we settle on the sofa in the living room.

"What's next?" I asked Chris.

"We wait for my mother's or grandfather's phone call. We wait for news of when Luke and Sean arrive. We wait to see what Matt will do." Chris answered. "Tomorrow is a school day. So, we go to school. And, you will go to your favorite class at 8 am tomorrow!"

"Gee! Thanks for reminding me, Chris!" I added with mock horror. I snuggled closer to Chris and he put his arm around me.

Brandon came into the living room from his bedroom. "I talked to Matt again. He's panicking about how he is going to pay for school. His mother just told Matt that your father was paying for his school."

"Next time you hear from Matt, please tell him not to worry!" Chris instructed Brandon. "Things have a way of working out! I can almost guarantee that, at the very least, my grandmother will pull out the stops to keep Matt in school. She is one feisty and powerful woman!"

"I'll tell him, Chris," Brandon replied. "He's also wondering if you're pissed at him. He seems to blame himself for your father's suicide!"

Chris reached for his phone and dialed Matt, "Matt, this is Chris. Brandon was talking with Sam and me. He said you were worried about the cost of school. I will tell you exactly what I told Brandon, `Things have a way of working out! I can almost guarantee that, at the very least, my grandmother will pull out the stops to keep you in school, Matt. She is one feisty and powerful woman!' And, do not, I repeat, do not blame yourself. Like I told you earlier, Matt, as strange as it may seem, you and I are brothers. We will stick together like glue! Understand?"

Chris listened to Matt and finally added, "And, Matt, I love you, too! Sam, Brandon, and I are all on your side, Matt. We will work through this!"

Chris again paused, "I'm certain he will call you in a few minutes! Bye!" Chris ended the call.

"All I can say, Chris, is" Brandon began, "I'm fucking glad you are on my side!"

We all laughed.

"I, for one, need my beauty rest," Chris announced. We all headed to bed.


To be continued...


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