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Sam and Chris


Chapter 26: Preparation and Realization


Chris's phone sounded our wakeup time. It was Tuesday, so it must be the dreaded chemistry lab. Chris shut off the phone and pulled me close so he could kiss me.


"I think," Chris began, "if you sign up for another 8 am class next semester, I am going to make you sleep in the guest room!"


"You don't need to worry about that. It won't happen. Even if I have to bribe someone!" I added.


"I'll lend you the money for the bribe if it comes to that!" Chris answered. "Now, I'll go make coffee and you get in that shower!"


Chris helped me out of bed and playfully pushed me to the direction of the shower. After I had showered, dressed, and shoved the stuff that I would need for the day in my back pack, I headed into the kitchen. Chris was smiling as he was looking at something on his tablet.


I grabbed a coffee and sat down beside him. "What's so interesting, Chris?"


"I got a note from Luke," Chris answered as his smile grew bigger. "He and Sean will arrive in Chicago tomorrow around 2 pm. They are going to rent a car and head either to Peoria or here depending on the arrangements. He wants me to make reservations at whatever hotel we are staying in."


"You aren't going to stay with your mother at her house?" I asked


"I don't think I could do that, Chris answered. "Too many memories that I do not want to deal with at the moment. I'm not even certain my mother will stay there."


"Sorry. I never thought about that!" I thought out loud.


"That's okay, Sam!" Chris answered. "I wouldn't have thought about it either, except this whole mess has brought up way too many memories for me."


"I'll tell you what, Chris," I began my proposition, "if you join the gym group for lunch, I will try to take you mind off things after I finish my computer science study group class!"


"Great idea, Sam!" Chris answered. "You be in charge of the agenda, okay?"


"Gladly!" I agreed. "I gotta get hopping! I have a fucking chemistry lab to attend!" I kiss Chris before I headed out the door."


During Chemistry, I wasn't thinking much about the lab work. I was thinking about what my `agenda' might be when Chris and I were together after classes end today! I was getting embarrassingly horny. So, I started to listen to the chemistry TA. That put me almost asleep! Finally, I was free and headed off to meet the guys for our workout.


I was early. Sawyer and Glen showed up next. I greeted them, "Hello, guys!"


"Hey, Sammie!" Sawyer greeted me. "How is Chris?"


"He appears to be taking all of this in stride, but I know he is dealing with some emotional issues that are eating at him." I answered.


"I think that might be expected," Glen added. "I've never been in a situation that involved this kind of tragedy. But, suicide—so I am told—can take its toll on the family members left."


"I promised Chris that after my last class I would help him try to get his mind off yesterday's revelations," I said.


"Translation," Sawyer began, "Chris and Sam are going to fuck like bunnies!"


I just smiled at them as Tom, Harrison, and Brandon arrived. We hit the locker room to change then onto the weight room.


Brandon sported a really tight, new tank top, clingy gym shorts, and a black jock strap. Harrison was the first to comment, "Did Matt help you find that outfit, too, Brandon?"


"Yup!" Brandon answered. He was blushing just a bit.


"It looks good on you Brandon," Tom added.


"I think you should get a few of those! It really shows off your body! I think heads will turn today!" Sawyer finally made it clear that he like Brandon's new look.


"Well, I am working on my body more than I ever had, so I guess I may as well show it off!" Brandon admitted.


During our workout, Tom, Harrison, and Brandon asked about Chris. I made an explanation similar to the one I gave to Sawyer and Glen.


When we were finishing our workout, Harrison quipped, "So, Sam, Chris is going to get lucky this afternoon, huh?"


"I think I'll be the lucky one," I admitted.


We headed to the locker room to shower and change for lunch. I swear there is a larger and larger group of guys watch us head to the shower every time we workout. I pointed that out to the guys when we were all in the shower.


Harrison—being Harrison—added to the conversation by saying, "Maybe we should put on more of a show!"


Tom added his comments, "Harrison has always been an exhibitionist!"


"If you've got it, flaunt it," Harrison interjected as we all headed back into the locker room to put on our clothes. "That' always been my motto!"


We walked to the pasta joint. Chris was standing just inside the door smiling as he saw us arriving. He kissed me and whispered in my ear, "I'm excited about this afternoon! The thought of an afternoon lovemaking session with you has definitely kept my mind off things!"


"I'm glad I can be of assistance, stud!" I replied.


We gathered our lunch and found our seats. Tom asked Chris, "How are you doing, Chris? Harrison and I were both in shock, I think, after Sawyer told us what happened!"


"I think I'm in shock, as a matter of fact," Chris explained. "The reality of it all hasn't hit me yet!"


"My favorite uncle—who was gay—committed suicide when I was a junior in high school. My mother's parents were not happy he was gay and never really accepted they had a gay son. They made his life a living hell," Harrison commented. "So, if you ever want to talk, I'd be more than willing to listen!"


"Thank you, Harrison!" Chris answered. I could tell Chris was moved by Harrison's revelation and genuine offer of support. "I might take you up on that offer when all of this is behind us."


When we were finished with lunch, we went to our respective classes.


Harrison, Tom, Glen, and I took our familiar seats in front of the class. Mr. Albertson was arranging his notes for class. He walked over to me and said in a slightly hushed voice, "Marcus and I were so, so sorry to hear about Chris's father. Is he doing okay?"


I made my now familiar explanation.


"Please tell Chris if there is anything we can do to just let us know, okay?" Mr. Albertson added before starting class.


After class was over I dashed home to find Chris sitting at the kitchen island eagerly awaiting my arrival. He had on a pair of very, very tight gym shorts that left nothing to the imagination!


"I already turned on some music in case Brandon arrives unexpectedly!" Chris announced.


I dropped my back pack on the kitchen floor and leaned in to kiss my hunky boyfriend, "Brandon mentioned that we would be studying with a friend of his. He's trying to catch up on some class work. His friend is in one of Brandon's classes."


"Does that mean I could rip your clothes off you right here in the kitchen, throw you over my shoulders, and drag you into the bedroom?" Chris inquired. He had a lust crazed look plastered on his face.


"I thought I was in charge of the agenda!" I exclaimed.


"Yea! I guess I did agree to that!" Chris said. "So, what is on your agenda?"


"Rip my clothes off and then, make mad, passionate love to me!" I instructed.


"Sounds like a plan," Chris added as he began to unbutton my shirt. When he finally was ready to remove my jeans, he took a nosedive to my rock hard cock and began sucking and deep throating me as I stood there with my jeans around my ankles.


"Keep that up, Chris, and I will be filling your mouth with my cum!" I hissed.


"Promise?" Chris asked.


"Promise!" I hissed back.


"And, then what?" Chris said between gulps.


"You will throw me back first on the bed. Then, you will stick your big, black, uncut dick into my ass and fuck me like you've never fucked me before!" I instructed. I was fucking horny and I wanted my boyfriend in my ass even if he did make me cum first.


"I like your agenda!" Chris whispered as he continued to ravage my dick.


Chris reached up and began to tweak my nipples which brought me to the brink. "Shit, Chris! I'm fucking cumming! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... fuck... shit!" I almost screamed as he sucked me dry.


Chris stood and began kissing me. He gave me a taste of my own cum before he stopped and led me into the bedroom. Somehow, I had managed to shed my jeans.


Once in the bedroom, he held me tight and lowered us both onto the bed. He was on top of me. He continued kissing me with the passion of a really horny lover!


He grabbed the lube from the nightstand and began to deftly apply a generous amount to my ass hole and his rock hard erection! Once he aligned his dick over my ass hole, he whispered into my ear, "Are you ready for me to make you happy?"


"I'm always ready for you, stud!" I answered.


Chris didn't wait any longer. He began his descent into my ass. One slow but deliberate push and he was again balls deep inside of me.


"Oh! God! Yes!" I almost screamed as he paused momentarily.


"You mean, you approve?" Chris asked as he leaned down to kiss me.


"This is what I live for, Chris! Now, just fuck me!" I hissed.


Chris began to slowly thrust his big cock in and out of me. I was moaning in pleasure as he ramped up the pace.


I put my hands on his chest and began to massage his nipples. Finally, I stopped massaging and started to tweak and pull on them.


"You know how much I love that?" Chris asked.


"Yea!" I whispered back. "I want to make you so horny, you'll pop your load in my ass and then do it all again!"


"You moving the agenda in the right direction, then!" Chris whispered back as he kissed me before adding a little more speed and force to his thrusts.


Chris was sweating bullets, and I knew he was close. I just kept on playing with his now very sensitive nipples until his body tensed and he began to moan, "Oh! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Shit! Fuck!"


When I felt the last rope of his cum in my ass he leaned into me and lowered his body on top of mine. Finally, he started kissing me again.


After a few more moments of passionate kissing, Chris asked, "Did you really want me to fuck you again?"


"It's my agenda! And, yes! I want you to pound my ass, again! So, don't let your big dick out of there unless you want a very pouty lover on your hands," I answered.


"Your wish is my command!" Chris replied as he started to kiss me again. Soon, I felt Chris began to move his still hard cock slowly in and out of me.


As Chris began fucking me for the second time, I, again, found his nipples and began playing with them. Chris responded with faster and more forcefully thrusts.


"Are you trying to make me cum again?" Chris quietly asked.


"Yes!" I answered. "You are going to cum in me again and again until you have nothing left to give, lover boy!"


Chris didn't hesitate to increase the speed in which he was fucking me. He was now sweating profusely as he pounded my ass. After several more minutes of mind blowing fucking, Chris's body tensed and he began to again moan in ecstasy. "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahh... Fuck!"


Before he put his entire weight on top of me, he began to kiss me. In between kisses, Chris announced, "I think... you have succeeded... in draining... me!"


"Ah! Shit, Chris!" I pouted with a smile. "You mean you can't fuck me another time?"


"Can you give me an hour to catch my breath?" Chris asked.


"Deal!" I answered. Now, he was lying on top of me and nibbling on my ear lobes.


"I don't think," Chris whispered between nibbles, "I will need to work out tomorrow!"


"Probably not!" I answered. "But, I think we both need a shower!"


Once we were both showered and dried ourselves, Chris and I headed to the kitchen island to do some school work.


About an hour into our work, Brandon returned home from the library. "Hey guys! Did you have fun this afternoon?"


"It was an immensely gratifying afternoon," Chris answered for us both.


"Good! But, I promised myself not to ask about the details," Brandon responded to Chris's statement.


"Now, I need to get some more work done! I am so far behind, I think I will be working nonstop for several more days just to get current," Brandon added as he walked between Chris and me as we sat on the stools. He put each of his arms around our shoulders, "And, don't worry! You don't need to get dressed on my account!"


Brandon turned and headed towards his bedroom.


Chris's phone began to ring shortly after Brandon left, "Hello, grandpa!"


Chris paused and listened to his grandfather. He was writing down the information about the services. Finally, Chris began to speak to his grandfather, "Okay. I will let everyone know about the times. But, I'm a little baffled. Why do we need to meet with my father's attorney on Saturday?"


Chris again listened. "Okay!" Chris answered. "I'll let Matt know he needs to be there."


Chris was again silent as his grandfather spoke, "Okay. I'll make reservations for all of us, then. By the way, how is Mom doing?"


Chris listened again. Finally, he said to his grandfather, "Finally, he did something right! I'll talk to you tomorrow, grandpa! Thanks."


Chris hung up his phone and turned to me. "Well, the details have been arranged. However, the visitation and funeral will be at the funeral home—nothing at the church. It seems Reverend Binghamton—Luke's father—did not want a person with, and I quote, `two fagot sons and a long-term mistress' to be associated with his church any longer. So, the visitation will be Thursday from 5 pm to 8 pm and the funeral at 10 am on Friday. My mother, Matt, and I are meeting with my father's attorney to discuss my father's will on Saturday. So, now you know everything that I know. I need to call Matt and give him the details."


"Okay, babe! I should tell my parents. They want to be there," I told Chris. Chris headed toward his study and I hung out at the kitchen island. I relayed the information to my parents.


I thought I should let Sawyer know as well. "Sawyer! How's it hanging?"


"Great, dude!" Sawyer answered. "Glen and I" were just talking about you!"


"About?" I asked.


"Well," Sawyer began. "Glen and I were discussing your relationship with Chris. And, you don't need to answer this if you don't want to answer our inquiry. We were wondering if you and Chris ever talked about having sex with other people now that you were engaged."


"I don't mind answering that!" I added. "And, the answer is we haven't talked about the subject. Why?"


"Well, since you two are the only ones we really know who are in a serious, life-time relationship, we were wondering how sex with others should be handled."


"In other words, you are wondering if you want a monogamous relationship with each other," I summarized.


"Yup!" Sawyer answered. "That pretty much sums up our discussion."


"I think that would depend on the two of you rather than a third party," I answered.


"So, you aren't going to be any help, right?" Sawyer asked.


"Nope!" I answered. "But on to the reason I called you!" I explained the details of Chris's father's funeral.


"Well, Glen and I want to be there to support you and Chris, but we don't know how we will get to fucking Peoria!" Sawyer answered.


"I'm certain I will be going with Chris, so you could use my car," I answered.


"You mean you'd let us drive up in your Mustang?" Sawyer asked with amazement in his voice.


"Of course!" I answered. "It's just a car!"


"Wow!" Sawyer said. "Sure! We'll use your car!"


"Good!" I answered. "Now, I need to run! I've got some other things to do before we head to bed."


"I'm sure it has something to do with Chris's dick!" Sawyer added.


"Good bye, Sawyer. Give my regards to Glen," I said as I ended the call. Chris was coming back into the room.


"I missed you," Chris said as he sat down beside me again.


"And, I missed you, too," I replied as I kissed Chris. "I just talked to Sawyer and gave him and Glen the details of your father's funeral. I told him that I would let him use my car if he and Glen decided to attend the services."


"That was very thoughtful of you, Sam!" Chris replied as he returned the kiss.


"He also asked me a question. And, if it were anyone else, I would think he was nuts. But, we both know Sawyer goes where most would not!" I prefaced my thoughts. "He asked if you and I had discussed having a monogamous relationship. I told him we haven't discussed it. I think he and Glen are trying to establish some basic rules to live by."


"That makes perfect sense," Chris injected. "I think we should have that discussion. But, I'm not certain I am ready to do that at the moment!"


"I agree," I replied.


"Matt is heading down here tomorrow on the train, and he is going to ride to Peoria with us. I don't think he wants to be alone!" Chris explained.


"I can understand that," I added. "I assume Brandon will want to go to be with Matt."


"Are you two naked dudes talking about me again," Brandon interjected as he came out of his bedroom.


"You were mentioned," Chris answered with a smile. "Are you going to Peoria with Matt?"


"Of course!" Brandon replied. "I just talked to Matt. He was there for me when I needed him and I am going to be there for him when he needs me!"


"We thought that might be the case," I told Brandon.


"I sent an e-mail to Luke and Sean about the details, so we might have a house full tomorrow night," Chris answered.


"I somehow think it might be a long night tomorrow evening!" I added. "When is the last time you saw Luke and Sean?"


"Right before they left in the middle of August," Chris answered.


"I'm sure there will be a lot to catch up on," I added.


"Knowing Luke and Sean as well as I do, I can assure you there will be tales to tell," Chris interjected. "They never do anything like normal people. So, there will be a lot of talking!"


"Chris," Brandon asked Chris. "You've known Luke for a long time, right?"


"Yes! We've know each other for many, many years," Chris answered. "Did I ever tell you the story of how I managed to be kicked out of my family's house before my junior year in high school?"


"No," Brandon answered.


"Well, Luke and I had been really, really good friends for as long as I can remember." Chris began. "We had slept over at each other's houses since we were like 8 or 9. Then, when we were both freshmen in high school. We started to experiment with each other's bodies. Finally, in our sophomore year, things were ramped up to include a lot of very gratifying sexual experiences. I thought I love him. He thought he loved me. But, Luke's father found some graphic text messages on Luke's phone from and to me. Luke's father dashed off to discuss this behavior with my father. There was a lot of hell and damnation talk. He threatened to kick me out the night he discovered he had a gay son. But, my mother convinced him to let me stay until the school year was over. Luke and I continued to get together from time to time in spite of our parents orders not to. But, Luke and I were a lot alike. We both loved sex and we both loved to be the top dude. So, our relationship turned into one of the closest friendships I know of. That is the story of me and Luke. He's like a brother to me!"


"So you consider Luke to be your best friend?" Brandon asked.


"Let me qualify that so Sam doesn't pout for the rest of the evening. Sam has turned out to be my best friend and lover. Luke is my non-lover best friend. Does that make sense?"


"It makes perfect sense to me, Chris," Brandon answered. "I sometimes wonder if Matt and I will become best friends, but not boyfriends."


"People change as they grow," Chris continued the discussion. "Luke and I changed. There is nothing I wouldn't do for Luke. And, I am certain there is nothing Luke wouldn't do for me. But, we needed to move our relationship to a different level."


"Were you sad?" I asked.


"Nope!" Chris answered. "We both knew it wasn't going to work with us. Besides, I would have had to dump him after I met you. Then, Luke and I probably wouldn't be friends."


"Good point," Brandon admitted. I think the wheels were turning regarding his and Matt's relationship.


Brandon went back to his room. Chris and I ate dinner before heading into the bedroom.


We were quickly in bed. Chris was holding me as we faced one another. "So," Chris began after he kissed me on the lips, "do you still want me to make love to you again tonight?"


"Absolutely!" I answered as I returned his kiss.


"Good!" Chris agreed. "But, before I do, I want to ask you something. I didn't want to talk about this earlier tonight. But, with Luke and Sean coming here tomorrow, we may need a plan of action."


"And, what would this plan of action relate to?" I asked.


"Do you want a monogamous relationship?" Chris asked.


"Well, let me put it this way," I started to explain, "I am not going out looking for a boyfriend. However, I think I know why you are asking this. Do you think Luke and Sean will want to have sex with us?"


"That is a distinct possibility!" Chris admitted. "It would be both of them. And, I would never want to have sex with anyone if you were not involved. I want to know what you think! I don't want you to ever be worried about our relationship. And, I never want you to be jealous!"


"Well, I have to admit that the time you and I had sex with Sawyer, it was pretty hot!" I answered and also planted a kiss on Chris's lips.


"I agree," Chris replied to my statement. "It might be exciting and hot, but I want you to be happy with the decision."


"Let me see if I have the players right in this potential scene," I began to summarize. "Luke is a top. Sean is a bottom. You are a top. I am a bottom. You and Luke would probably fuck me. And, you and Luke would probably fuck Sean."


"I think that is how the scenario might play out," Chris answered with a smile on his face. He added a kiss.


"Is Luke as good as you are?" I asked also with a smile.


"I think we are pretty well equal in that respect," Chris said. "But, you and Sean would need to be the judge of who is what!"


"Well, I know one thing in particular," I went on to my next statement. "No matter how good Luke is in bed, I will always prefer to be with you! And, if it does turn out that we have sex with Luke and Sean, I'm wondering if we should discuss this again?"


"On a case-by-case basis! And," Chris ended the conversation, "I feel exactly the same about you. Now, this sex talk has made me really, really horny! Do you still want me to make love to you tonight?"


"I always want you to make love to me, Chris," I answered as I kissed him on the lips again. Chris and I didn't say another word. We just kept kissing passionately until he rolled us so I was on my back and he was on top of me. He continued kissing me. Finally, he grabbed the lube, applied some to his rock hard cock, and lifted my legs over his shoulders. As he was pushing his cock into me, I pulled his head down so that I could kiss my man!


"Oh! Fuck, Chris!" I said between kisses. "I don't think I can ever get enough of you inside me!"


He kissed me some more before he increased the pace and force of his thrusts. I couldn't resist, so I began to play with both nipples. This was getting habit forming! Every time I gave one or both a little tweak, he managed to moan in ecstasy. After about 30 minutes of nonstop love making, my man was sweating bullets as he brought himself—and me—closer to cumming.


"Shit, Chris!" I almost shouted. "I'm fucking going to cum! Shit! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh..." I felt Chris unload ropes of cum in my ass at the same time I was spewing my load.


Chris lowered his entire body to rest on mine as we both started to recover. Finally, I spoke up, "I don't think Luke or anyone else will ever make me feel like you just did, lover boy!"


"I know! You took the words right out of my mouth!" Chris answered. "Shower? Yes or no?"


"No!" I answered.




Chris and I arrived home from our Wednesday classes around 5 pm. We scurried around the condo attempting to whip the place into shape before Luke at Sean arrive. They had planned on being here around 6 pm.


"I guess we need to put on clean sheets," Chris announced with a grin on his face. "You will learn that when you are around Luke and Sean, you need to be prepared for almost anything!"


"You make them sound like hoodlums or something!" I added to the conversation.


"They aren't hoodlums, but they can both be very, very sinister," Chris advised. At least he was still smiling.


At about 6:15 the landline began to ring. Chris answered, "Hello!"


Chris paused and then added, "Why don't you just use the fucking key? You always let yourself in."


Chris paused again before he said, "That is very considerate of you, Luke, but Sam and I are dressed and standing in the kitchen! Now, get your butt up here!" Chris punched in the code to open the security doors.


I was smiling as Chris said to me, "All of a sudden, Luke is trying to be polite! Now, I know we are in trouble!"


The door opened and Luke headed toward Chris and pulled him in for a big bear hug! "It's good to see you, asshole!"


Luke released Chris and walked over to me and pulled me into a hug, "Finally, I get to meet the man of Chris's dreams! You're even better looking in person! Are you sure I couldn't convince you to dump him and you and I can ride off in the sunset!"


Sean walked over to Luke and me after he greeted Chris, "If you do, Lucas, you will have two people beating the shit out of you! Chris and I are not usually violent, but I think we might be angry at you!"


Sean pulled me into a hug and added, "It's good to meet you, Sam! And, please ignore this one," Sean added pointing to Luke, "He is certified insane!"


"It's great to meet both of you!" I added.


Chris joined us and he put his arm around my shoulders, "That, Sam, was initiation by fire!"


"At least Sam knows who we are now!" Luke added.


Luke was very, very handsome. He was slightly taller than Chris's 6 foot height. His dark skinned body was definitely sculpted by some very attractive muscles. His hair was close cropped and he had a very significant bulge in the front of his jeans. The clothing he wore left not a lot to the imagination.


Sean, too, was strikingly good looking. He had longish dark blond hair and was about 5' 11" tall. He, too, had a well-defined body and the most intense blue eyes I have ever seen. There was a trace of chest hair visible under his blue button down shirt.


"Can I get us a drink?" Chris asked.


"Sure!" Luke answered. "But, I think you need to see what is in here! It is your unofficial engagement gift from Sean and me!"


Chris took the bag and pulled out a chilled bottle of champagne. "Thank you, guys! Shall we start on this or do you want to save it until later?"


"Your choice, dude!" Luke answered with a smile. "I know what a lush you are, so I thought we might get you well lubricated before dinner!"


"Bitch!" Chris responded. "In that case, I will get the glasses. You pop the top!" Chris handed the bottle to Luke.


We were soon sitting in the living room sipping champagne. It was Sean's turn to ask a few questions, "I know you've been dating since the beginning of the school year, but how you meet?"


I blushed and Chris answered, "We met at the student union after classes one day. We talked at Starbucks, and the rest is history."


"What part of the student union?" Sean asked. He was smiling when he did so.


"That's easy. I know Chris all too well," Luke spoke up. "Downstairs bathroom, right Chris?"


"Yes," Chris answered Luke's question and turned to me. "Luke will beat the truth out of you eventually, so I've discovered it is easier get embarrassing moments over with as quickly as possible.


"And, Sam, Chris told us you were from Southern Illinois, right?" Sean asked me.


"Yup!" I answered. "I grew up in the middle of cow country! On an actual farm, too."


"So what does a farm boy see in our city boy?" Sean asked me.


Chris spoke up before I could answer, "Ah... Sam's family farm consisted of about 5,000 acres. Their farm house is this three story mansion with a ball room on the third floor. It's probably just as big, if not bigger, than my grandparents place on Astor Street. His parents just sold the farm land to this huge organic food conglomerate for a lot of fucking money. His mother is going to Northwestern next fall for a masters in creative writing. We actually have a lot in common. He likes sex just about as much as I do! I think that pretty well puts things in prospective."


Sean laughed as he asked the next question, "Well, since Chris offered the information about sex, I assume, Sam, that you are a bottom, or at the very least, versatile."


"I think you can assume that, Sean," I answered.


Chris decided to change the subject, "What did you guys most like about London?"


"Sean took an interest in London's leather scene," Luke answered. "I, on the other hand, was more interested in the cultural activities that London had to offer!"


Sean decided to counter Luke's comments, "And, you didn't like the leather boys, Luke?"


"I can't say I didn't look!" Luke answered. "But, I think Sean would have immersed himself in the leather scene if I hadn't beaten some sense into him. We were there to study, after all!"


Chris filled our glasses one more just time before Brandon and Matt arrived.


Chris made his way to Matt and pulled him into a hug. When he release Matt, Chris began the introductions, "Guys, this is Brandon and Matt." Chris announced as he ushered the guys into the living area. "Brandon has been staying with us. Matt is his boyfriend... and my half-brother."


Sean, Luke, Matt, and Brandon shook hands before Chris continued, "This is Luke and his boyfriend Sean."


"How was your trip from London?" Matt asked.


"We slept during most of the plane trip," Sean answered. "We didn't get any sleep the night before, so we were out like a light as soon as the plane took off!"




Brandon and Matt headed to Brandon's room after dinner. Luke, Sean, Chris, and I lingered in the kitchen. We had long since downed the champagne and were savoring a vodka on the rocks before we hit the bed. Luke and Sean were both losing steam as the evening wore on. Even Chris and I were slowly winding down.


Finally, Chris made his announcement. "We are going to give you a choice of accommodations for the evening. You can use the pull out sofa in the study or you can share the bed with us in our bedroom."


Sean looked at Luke. Luke finally spoke up, "I know Sean and I will be out like a light once we hit the bed. However, I do like the idea of sharing, if that is okay with you two!"


"It's fine with us," I answered.


"And, we just put on clean sheets before you got here," Chris added.


"Shit!" Luke exclaimed. "We don't get to use the cum stained ones? That takes all of the fun out of sleeping with you!"


The four of us headed to the bedroom. Before we slipped out of our clothes, Chris pulled Luke into a hug, "I'm so glad the two of you are going to be with us. At first, I didn't think this would be that much of an emotional deal for me, but I think I was wrong and just in shock."


Luke responded, "I know, big guy! Even though he fucking threw you out when he discovered you were gay, he was your father. There is a connection that you can't deny. But, if my father shows his face, please don't let me make a fool of myself. If anything, I think he is the one who bears a great deal of the responsibility for your father's death. And, you know, Chris, I love you like a brother. I think we will always be there for one another."


Chris pulled away from Luke. There were a few tears being shed by both of them. "I know. I feel the same way."


Luke turned to me and added, "Sam, Chris and you are both very lucky to have found each other. In just the short time since we arrived, I can tell you are soul mates. It shows: the way you look at each other; the way you touch each other; the way you talk to each other." Luke hugged me.


After a few moments, Luke announced, "Now that the mushy stuff is over, let's get naked!"




To be continued...


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