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Sam and Chris


Chapter 27: The Dust Settles


Chris did not set his phone to wake us up. We all decided we needed as much rest as possible before the trip to Peoria to attend Chris’s father’s visitation and funeral.


A groggy Chris climbed out of the bed and headed into the kitchen to make coffee. When he returned, we had all began to stir.


“Coffee is on,” Chris announced. “Do we shower as a group or in pairs?”


“I vote for together,” Luke announced.


“Me, too,” Chris weighted in.


“Same,” Sean added.


“So, it is unanimous,” I agreed. “Have you ever had four people in the shower, Chris?”


“Just three,” Chris answered. “These two and I have christened all three showers at one time or another!”


“Let’s go for a world record!” Luke suggested.


We all headed to the shower. Chris adjusted the temperature. I grabbed extra towels for our guests.


“This isn’t that bad,” Sean announced as we filled the shower with naked male bodies. “We could still get a couple more in here!”


“I think it might be a little tight,” Chris answered.


“Maybe,” Sean continued. “But, just think of the fun you could have with six naked men packed together in here.”


We each grabbed a bar of soap and began to clean our respective lover’s bodies. I was making certain that Chris’s cock and balls were extremely clean when he announced, “Sam, don’t start something that you can’t finish!”


“Who says I can’t finish?” I answered.


I looked over at Sean and Luke. Sean was also making certain Luke has a clean cock and balls.


“Chris?” Luke began to ask. “Do you and Sam ever fuck in the shower?”


“From time to time,” Chris responded softly. “But, we like to refer to it as making love in the shower.”


“Shall we make certain our lovers have clean butts?” Luke whispered as Sean was still working soap over Luke’s manhood.


“Sam?” Chris whispered to me. “What do you think?”


“As I told you yesterday,” I answered Chris, “I can never get enough of you, lover boy!”


Chris maneuvered me so I was facing the tiled shower wall. He aligned his now rock hard cock with my waiting hole and began pushing into me.


Luke took the hint and moved Sean against the tiled wall and began inserting his hard cock into his lover’s ass.


Chris and Luke began their pounding of our respective asses. Luke spoke first between thrusts, “Chris…, do you… want to… try to… cum together?”


“Sure,” Chris answered. “But…, if you cum… before I am… ready…, I get to… fuck you. If I cum… before you are… ready…, you get to… fuck me.”


“Deal, buddy!” Luke responded.


“What about us?” Sean asked.


“You two can decide on your own course of action,” Chris decided.


Both Chris and Luke were ramping up our respective lovemaking sessions. It was obvious that they were pretty evenly engaging. After several minutes, both Luke and Chris began to moan. Finally, they were both almost screaming as they unloaded together. My ass flooded with Chris’s overdue load.


Chris leaned in to me and started to nibble on my ear before he announced, “You know, Sam, I think we should make love in the shower more often.”


“As you know, I promised not to sign up for another 8 am class, so you certainly will have more opportunity!” I whispered back.


Chris began to massage my hard cock. It didn’t take long before I was blowing a load on the shower wall. Sean was close behind me.


We stepped out of the shower and dried our lover’s bodies. When we were dry, we headed off to the kitchen to grab coffee. As we were enjoying our first cup of coffee, Brandon and Matt joined us in the kitchen.


“Shit!” Brandon started to say. “Now there are four naked mean in the kitchen!”


“And,” Matt began. “Why is that a bad thing, Brandon?”


"I think we know way, way too much about the competition!" Brandon replied. "There is no more expectation of finding more about these guys. We’ve seen it all!”




As we were preparing to set off to Peoria, Chris suggested I let Sawyer, Glen, Tom, and Harrison know that if they wanted to bunk together, Chris would have a room available for them. Sawyer and Glen retrieved the keys to the Mustang and sped off to pick up Harrison and Tom.


We all arrived at the Hilton at about the same time.


“You fucking car is amazing, Sam!” Harrison said as they met us in the lobby.


“It is fun to drive,” I added.


“As much as I wanted to see how fast that puppy could go,” Sawyer explained, “I kept it at the speed limit! How fast can that thing go?”


“I don’t really know,” I replied. “I’ve never had it over 85!”


Chris met us with the keys to our rooms. Brandon and Matt were together. Sawyer, Glen, Tom, and Harrison were sharing. Chris, Luke, Sean, and I were also going to share our space for a few nights. “You only need to promise that you will not have LOUD orgies,” Chris suggested. “But, just for safety, I managed to have our parents and grandparents on another floor!”


Chris, Matt, Brandon, and I had two hours before we needed to be at the funeral home. The visitation seemed to stretch on forever. It was mostly uneventful with one exception. Luke’s father, the reverend, tried to speak with Chris’s mother.


“Gloria,” Luke’s father began, “I am so, so sorry for your loss.” Chris and I heard the beginning of the exchange. But, we weren’t prepared for Chris’s mother’s response.


“Reverend,” she began, “I for one think it might be wise if you were to leave. I am sick and tired of your hate mongering and idiotic attitudes about gay people. My son is gay. I am proud of him and his future husband. Your son is gay. And, I feel I am lucky to have known him and his boyfriend Sean. So, if you don’t mind, do not speak to me again. Ever!” Mrs. Johnson turned and headed towards my parents and Chris’s grandparents.


Chris leaned in to me and whispered into my ear, “As I said before, you want my mother on your side!”


Before Chris and I noticed, Luke, with Sean in tow, headed toward his father.


“Dad!” Luke said in a rather loud voice. “I thought you might like to properly meet your future son-in-law, Sean. Sean, this is my asshole father.”


“Heathens!” Luke’s father announced rather loudly. “You fagots will all burn in hell!”


Luke’s father turned and stormed out of the funeral home.


Luke and Sean again joined Chris and me. Luke said, “Well, wasn’t that a fun reunion!”


“I thought you were going to hit him!” Chris exclaimed.


“I might have, but Sean wouldn’t let go of my hand,” Luke admitted. “Besides, I think I got my point across!”


After the crowds had thinned out, our group reconvened in the hotel restaurant for a late night supper. As we were gathering, I heard Mrs. Washington announce to my father and mother, “Mr. and Mrs. Williamson! I am going to have a very, very stiff scotch on the rocks. Would you like to join me?”


My parents smiled, and Mr. Washington ordered drinks for my mother, Chris’s grandfather, Chris’s grandmother, and himself. Four scotch on the rocks.


Chris again whispered into my ear, “This could be an interesting supper!”




After our joint supper was finished, Chris, Luke, Sean, and I adjourned to our room. Sawyer, Glen, Tom, and Harrison said good night when we arrived at their room.


When we were comfortably settled in our room, Luke volunteered to get us some ice. When he returned, he also pulled out a half gallon of Grey Goose vodka. He proceeded to fix four vodka on the rocks.


“Here’s to Mr. Johnson,” Luke said as he raised his glass. “I always liked the dude until my father got to him! And, Chris, I think your mother is a class act!”


“Thank you, Luke,” Chris responded as we all raised our glasses. “And, yes, I think my mother is a class act. I only wish she had stood up to my bastard father a long time ago.”


“I’ll drink to that,” Luke replied.


“Sweetie,” Sean began, “you’ll drink to almost anything!”


After a little laughter, Chris announced, “I for one am going to change out of these clothes and into something more comfortable.”


Everyone followed Chris’s lead and began to hang dress clothes. Soon there were four naked men sipping our vodka on the rocks.


“So, you’re not going back to Champaign until Saturday afternoon?” Luke asked.


“Yea!” Chris began his explanation. “Matt, my mother, and I need to meet with my father’s attorney. I am told we need to discuss my father’s estate.”


“Do you think your father provided for Matt in his will?” Sean asked.


“I certainly hope so,” Chris responded. “That would be the ‘Christian’ thing to do, but I am not certain my father would have had the foresight or the balls to do so!”


“And, Matt does seem like a nice guy!” Luke stated.


“He is,” I explained. “We got to know him after Brandon was attacked. He stayed with us for almost three weeks.”


“What happened to the guys who attacked Brandon?” Sean asked.


“They’ve been caught and have been denied bail because they are considered a flight risk,” I added. “Brandon is terrified he will need to testify during their trial.”


“Are Matt and Brandon okay in their relationship?” Luke asked. “I know these situations can leave some lingering complications when it comes to having satisfying relationships.”


I paused for a moment before I answered Luke’s question. “Matt and Brandon get along okay. But, I don’t think Brandon is eager to be involved sexually.”


“Brandon has even asked me about our relationship, Luke,” Chris said. “I told him we were now best friends and that Sam and I are best friends and my sweat lover. I think there are wheels turning in his head, but I don’t think he is strong enough to act on them—at least at this point in his recovery.”


“Not to change the subject, but I’m going to change the subject,” Luke decided to move things to a different topic. “I like the way you two shave your cock and balls. Very sexy, don’t you think, Sean?”


Chris and I looked at one another and smiled.


“Definitely very sexy!” Sean agreed.


“Have you guys been tested?” Luke asked.


“You haven’t changed, have you Luke?” Chris responded. He was still smiling. “Yes, we’ve been tested. And, yes, we are both negative. And, I assume that you two have also been tested recently, am I correct?”


“Before we left for London,” Sean answered. “And, as much as I liked looking at the leather boys in London, I was just looking.”


“I threatened to castrate him if he even thought about doing it with the leather guys!” Luke interjected as he pulled his lover closer to him.


“And, now for the reason for my many questions,” Luke began.


Chris and I looked at me and smiled, he quietly said with a smile, “I told you!”


“For old time’s sake!” Luke began. “I thought it might be interesting to switch things around a little bit!”


“But, we don’t have to, if you don’t want to…, Sam!” Sean quickly added.


I looked at Chris and smiled at him.


Chris started to explain, “We had this discussion before you arrived. It was Tuesday evening. I told Sam that we needed an action plan is case this very subject came up! So, Sam?”


“Why is it up to me?” I asked. “I’m sitting here naked trying to contain a hard fucking dick, and you guys want me to be the decision maker? No fucking way!”


“Does that mean, you wouldn’t object, Sam?” Luke asked.


“It means exactly that I wouldn’t object, Luke!” I answered.


“You know, Chris, for someone who likes to be in control, I think you have competition in Sam here!” Luke added with a smile.


Chris leaned over and kissed me, “Sam never ceases to amaze me!”


“So, men,” Luke took the lead. “Why don’t we have another vodka while we get more comfortable?”


“Sounds like a plan,” Chris replied.


While Chris and Luke were dealing with the drinks, Sean came over to sit beside me. He pulled me into a kiss. We were lip locked for a few minutes. His hands found his way to my nipples as we continued kissing one another. Finally, when Chris and Luke had finished making our drinks, we pulled away from one another. Sean spoke up, “You were right, Luke! Sam here is a good kisser!”


As Chris handed me my vodka on the rocks, Luke added, “We both knew you had to be a good kisser, Sam. Otherwise, Chris here wouldn’t have asked you to marry him.”


Chris stood near Luke. They were both smiling! Chris replied, “If nothing else, I am consistent where my boyfriends are concerned! And, after the first time I kissed Sam, I knew he was my last boyfriend!”


Chris put his and Luke’s drinks on the coffee table in front of the sofa where Sean and I were sitting. He pulled Luke into a tight embrace and began passionately kissing his best friend.


Sean and I resumed kissing one another. I found Sean’s nipples and began to massage them. He pushed me so we were both laying on the sofa. Sean was on top of me. I could feel his hard 7 inch cock against mine.


After a few moments, I heard Luke mutter between kisses, “It’s been… a long time…, Chris! I missed… you while we… were in London.”


“Why don’t… we all… move this… to the bed,” Chris softly announced.


We all paused long enough to get situated on the bed. Luke pulled me to him and we both began to explore. Our tongues were both in high gear in no time. Luke finally decided to roll me on my back so that he was on top of me. I was finally able to see Chris on top of Sean. They were both lip locked in a passionate kissing session.


“This is… fucking hot… Luke,” I managed to whisper between kisses. “My lover’s best friend… on top of me… and my lover… on top of yours.”


Luke managed to say, “Chris…”


Chris answered, “Yea…”


Luke continued, “You did… good… picking this one!”


Chris added as he was still kissing Sean, “That’s why… I asked him… to marry me…! I didn’t… want him… to get… away from me!”


Chris broke from kissing Sean, and he leaned over and kissed me, “I love you, Sam!”


I answered, “And, I love you, too, Chris!”


Luke began to kiss me again. I reached out and grabbed Luke’s ass cheeks. I felt his hard cock on my stomach. ‘I think he is bigger than Chris,’ I thought to myself.


Luke whispered to me, again between kisses, “If you keep… playing with my ass…, I will have to… fuck you…!”


“Good!” I answered. “Then…, I’ll keep… playing with… your ass!” I answered.


“Chris?” Luke quietly asked. “Can I make love to your boyfriend?”


Chris paused his kissing session with Sean to answer, “As long as I get him back when you are finished. I want this dick in me tonight!”


Luke paused the kissing session to reach over to the night stand and grabbed the lube. He pushed my legs apart sat up so he could apply the lube to his huge, black, uncut cock.


“Shit!” I whispered as I caught my first glance at Luke’s hard, veiny, uncut dick. It had to be at least 9 inches long and fatter than any I had ever seen—or dreamed of. “I thought Chris was big!”


“I promise I won’t hurt you, Sam!” Luke quietly added. “I’ll be gentle!”


“Don’t be gentle!” I whispered back to Luke as he pulled my legs over his shoulders and added some lube to my waiting hole. “I want that big dick in me, and I want you to fucking pound my ass, Luke!”


Luke handed Chris the lube who was by now between Sean’s legs. Luke waited until Chris was ready to fuck Sean. They both lined up their cocks with their mate’s asshole. Almost in unison, Chris and Luke began to press their hard dicks into their respective partner’s ass.


Luke didn’t stop until I felt his pubic hairs brush my balls and his balls on my butt. I moaned as he bottomed out in my ass, “Shit you feel good inside me!”


Somehow Chris managed to lean over and kiss me and added, “I knew you’d like that!”


Luke had paused so that I could get used to him. Finally, he began to slowly and gently move his cock in and out of me. Sean leaned over and kissed me as Luke picked up the pace of his thrusts. Both Chris and Luke were taking their time. Luke paused to kiss me from time to time. I was moaning softly as Luke’s dick massaged the inside of my ass. Luke and Chris ramped up the speed and force of their thrusts almost at the same time.


I started to play with Luke’s well used nipples. Softly and gently at first. As Luke began to put more energy into our lovemaking session, I began tweaking his nipples harder. I could feel Luke’s sweaty body tense when I decided to pull and twist his nipples. It wasn’t long before both Chris and Luke were almost screaming as they both shot their loads in our asses. “Fuck....! Shit….! Fuck…! Ahhhahhhahhhahhh….” Luke screamed as I felt his cum fill my ass. Luke collapsed on top of me and waited until his breathing began to return to normal. He was kissing me until he was able to speak, “Shit, Sam! You are one good fuck!”


Sean hissed under the weight of Chris’s spent body, “What am I, chopped liver?”


Luke answered as both Chris and I began to snicker, “Nope! You are my lover who I am planning on marrying!”


The four of us began to exchange kisses as we rested. Finally, Luke pulled out of me and he and Chris exchanged places.


“God, I love you, Sam!” Chris said as he climbed on top of me.


“And,” I answered, “I love you more and more every day I am with you.”


Sean decided he needed to ask a very important question, “Was that a proposal when you said that you were planning on marrying me?”


“Do you want it to be?” Luke responded.


“No!” Sean answered. “I want you on your fucking knees begging me to marry you! I want to see you grovel, lover boy!”


Luke rolled off Sean, put his feet on the floor, and pulled Sean up with him.


“Come with me!” Luke demanded. He stopped at his duffle bag and pulled something out of it. He led Sean to the living area.


“Do you think he is going to ask Sean to marry him?” I asked Chris.


“Nothing surprises me about Luke!” he answered.


Chris continued to kiss me until we heard Sean scream, “Yes! Yes, I will fucking marry you, Luke!”


“I guess it is official,” Chris whispered as he rolled us so he was on his back and I was on top of him. “While we are waiting for those two to finish, would you make love to me, Sam?”


“I’ll do anything you want me to do, stud,” I whisper back as I started to kiss Chris and alternately nibble on his ear lobes. “You make me… fucking horny…, Chris!”


“Then, do something about it and stick your dick inside of me,” Chris answered.


I grabbed the lube and applied a generous amount on my hard cock before I put Chris’s legs over my shoulders. I added some lube to Chris’s asshole. When I finally lined my cock up with Chris’s hole, I leaned in to kiss my lover as I began to push inside of Chris.


When I was all of the way in, Chris moaned, “God! I love it when you fuck me!”


“I promise I will do it more often if it makes you happy!” I agreed.


As I started pushing in and out of Chris’s tight, tight ass, he began moaning in pleasure. I paused every so often so I could kiss my boyfriend. As I was picking up the pace, Chris began to fondle first the cheeks of my ass and then my nipples.


“Shit! Chris!” I began. “You are going to make me cum if you don’t stop that!”


“Then, I won’t stop,” Chris replied as I began fucking even faster and harder.


It was only a scant 15 minutes before I was getting close to breeding Chris’s ass. “Fuck, Chris! I’m going to cum! Shit! Ahhhahhhahhhahhhahhh…!” I screamed as I shot my load.


When I finally collapsed on top of Chris, we heard an applause from our roommates.


“Very impressive!” Luke exclaimed. “I think this is a first! Seeing our bad boy Christopher getting his ass plowed!”


Chris pulled me in with his massive legs and arms before he replied to Luke, “Sam is the only man who has fucked me, so far!”


Luke and Sean lay on the bed beside us. Sean was on top of Luke at this point. Luke moved to roll them into a different position with Sean on the bottom and Luke on top. Luke began to kiss his lover and then he began to move downward. He stopped at Sean’s nipples before heading further down and swallowed Sean’s cock.


“Shit that feels good, Luke!” Sean responded.


Luke continued to work on Sean’s cock until Sean began to moan. “I’m going to blow in your mouth, Luke! Ahhhahhhahhhahhhahhh…!”


After Sean had completely unloaded, Luke moved on top of Sean to again kiss his lover. After a few more minutes, Luke announced, “I think all of you studs have taken all of my energy. I need to rest so I can repeat this again tomorrow!”




Chris and I were startled awake when the phone jingled beside the bed. Chris reached over and picked it up and listened momentarily before he replaced the receiver back on the phone. The other two were also stirring. Chris began his proclamation, “We need to be at the funeral home by 9:30. We need to eat breakfast. We need to get showered. The four of us cannot fit into this shower. It is now 6 am. By my calculations we need to be showering by 7:30. We can order room service. So, as I see it, we have about an hour before we need to be getting our acts together. What do we want to do? Go sightseeing? Go back to sleep? Or, make love to our respective boyfriends?”


A still sleepy Luke made his decision, “Chris, could you hand me the lube?”


Chris handed the lube to Luke, “I need it back as soon as possible, Luke.” Chris rolled on top of me and began kissing me while he waited.


Moments later, the lube landed next to me on the bed. “Chris, may I make a suggestion to save time?”


“Sure!” Chris answered as he was applying lube to his cock and my ass.


“Why don’t we fuck our men standing up? They can help themselves to each other’s bodies as we pillage them from behind!” Luke explained his plan.


Chris looked me and asked, “Sam?”


“Since we can’t all it in the shower, I think that is an excellent idea!” I answered.


In a few short moves, Sean was standing and facing me. Sean pulled me into a long passionate kiss while our lovers prepared to make love to us.


I felt Chris’s rock hard cock rub against my waiting hole. About the time I heard Sean gasp. Chris didn’t waste time entering me, either. Sean’s body and my body were pushed together. Our hard cocks rubbed between our stomachs. I felt Chris grab my nipples and noticed Luke’s hand start to play with Sean’s.


I pulled Sean in close so I could kiss him as our lovers were slowly building speed and force of their thrusts. I grabbed Sean’s hard cock and began stroking it. Sean decided to reciprocate and grabbed mine.


Between the nipple play, Chris’s dick in my ass, and Sean stroking my cock, it wasn’t long before I moaned and began unloading onto Sean’s stomach. Apparently the contraction of my ass muscles put Chris over the edge as his cock began to spew cum into my ass.


“Shit! Ahhhahhhahhhahhh…!” Chris growled. His shuddering body was quickly quiet. But, he left his dick inside me.


I leaned down and started to give Sean a blow job. It was no time that Sean was unloading into my mouth!


“Fuck! I’m fucking cumming, Sam! Suck that dick! Fuck!” Sean yelled.


Sean's eruption must have caused a chain reaction because it wasn’t long before Luke was moaning and his body began to spasm as he filled Sean’s ass with cum.


Luke was still breathing hard, but managed to say, “So…, can everyone… manage to… get through… the funeral… without… getting horny?”


Chris spoke up, “I have this feeling that every time I look at the three of you today I will get instantly horny and possibly hard.”




We arrived at the funeral home at precisely at 9:30. Chris’s classmates, David and Michelle, would provide the music for the service.


Chris asked me to follow him as he greeted a man I didn’t recognize, “Uncle Harold,” Chris began, “I’d like you to meet my boyfriend, Sam. This is my Uncle Harold Johnson, my father’s brother.”


Chris’s uncle and I exchanged greetings before Chris resume his discussion, “Thank you so much for agreeing to speak about my father.”


“As you know, Chris,” his uncle explained, “your father and I did not see eye to eye about several things in life. However, he was my brother, and I thought he deserved to have a few kind words said at his funeral. It will probably be the shortest eulogy on record! But, at least it will be kind.”


We exchanged a few more pleasantries before Harold left to greet Chris’s mother.


As Chris and I were standing near the back of the funeral home, Matt hurried to talk with Chris and me. He looked worried as he started to explain his problem, “Guys! I may have a problem. My mother just arrived!” Matt pointed to a nicely dressed woman near the door.


“Go say hello to her, Matt,” Chris instructed. “I’ll be there momentarily.”


As Matt went to greet his mother, Chris grabbed my hand and pulled me in the direction of his mother. “Mom,” Chris began, “Matt’s mother just arrived.”


Without hesitation, Mrs. Johnson started to walk to where Matt and his mother were standing. Chris, with his hand still holding mine tightly, followed his mother. When his mother was close to Matt and his mother, she extended her hand to greet her and added, “Ms. Henry. I’m Gloria Johnson. And this,” she put her and on Chris’s shoulder, “is my son Christopher and his boyfriend Sam. I’ve only met your son a few times, but he is a fine young man!”


“Thank you, Mrs. Johnson,” Matt’s mother replied. “I hope you don’t mind, but I wanted to be here. I’ll just sit in the back and make myself unobtrusive.”


“No,” Mrs. Johnson began, “You will sit with your son, Matt, and the rest of us in the front of the funeral home. I won’t lie to you. You and I will not be friends, but your place is with your son who will be sitting with us.”


“Thank you, Mrs. Johnson,” Matt’s mother added. Chris’s mother rejoined a group of people she was originally speaking to.


There were a few of Chris’s father’s church members in attendance. Chris’s mother was again very polite as she, Chris, Matt, Brandon, and I went to greet them.


Mrs. Johnson spoke to the members of her former church, “I’m happy that you could attend. This is my son Christopher and his future husband Sam. And this,” with her hand on Matt’s shoulder, “is Christopher’s half-brother, Matt, and his boyfriend, Brandon. Now, if you will excuse us, I believe the service is about to begin.”


As we turned to head to the front of the room for the service, I noticed several of the church members had a very shocked look on their faces after Chris’s mother made her introduction.


Chris had coerced Sawyer, Glen, Tom, and Harrison into being four of the six pallbearers. When I asked Chris why he had asked them, he responded, “I thought it was a fitting tribute to my father to have four gay guys delivering his casket to his grave site.”


“Isn’t that a little harsh, Chris,” I asked.


“Nope!” Chris smiled as he responded. “Besides, it was my mother’s idea.” Chris took my hand in his and we strode to the front of the room to take our places.


The funeral, burial, and reception were finally over. Most people left Chris, Matt, Brandon, Luke, Sean, and me by ourselves. Chris’s grandparents also stayed to offer support for the meeting with the attorney the next day.




While Luke and Chris took Sean and me on a guided tour of their former hometown, Matt and Brandon decided to go to a nearby Starbucks to chat. Sean and I were given the grand tour of the environs in which Chris and Luke grew up. First, we saw Chris’s parents’ home, which was a very nice colonial in a new development. It has a pool and a three car garage in the back. We didn’t, however, go inside. They also drove by Luke’s parents’ home, which was not far from where Chris lived, but it was a smaller house in an older section of town. We drove by the grade school and high school before we headed back to the hotel.


As we were getting settled in the hotel, Chris mussed about our tour, “I don’t know about you, Luke, but I think today was the last I ever want to see this place again! I loved growing up with you, but it just holds too many bad memories for me.”


Luke hugged Chris and added, “I’m certain I won’t be back here! Fortunately, for you, your mother turned against the bigotry of my father’s hatred. I don’t think my mother will ever do that!”


Sean spoke up to add some levity to the situation, “At least Luke and I won’t need to divide our time among our families during the holidays!”


“Leave it to Sean to find the bright side of an otherwise messy situation!” Luke said as he grabbed Sean and hugged him.


“So,” Chris began, “it’s 5:45. Do we want to settle in and order from room service, or do we want to venture out and grab bite to eat?”


“I vote for me getting ice for our vodka on the rocks. Then, we get naked and let the party begin!” Luke explained his views.


“Sounds like a plan,” I added.


“I’ll help with the ice,” Sean offered. “Maybe the two of you can be our inspiration and be naked when we get back with the ice!”


Chris and I headed into the bedroom area where we quickly shucked our clothes. Chris pulled me into a hug and began to nibble on my ear lobes. He finally whispered to me, “Sam? I know I said you would be the only guy who would fuck me, but… I was wondering…”


I finished Chris’s thoughts, “You want Luke to fuck you.”


“How did you know?” Chris asked. We were still whispering to one another.


“I just knew, Chris!” I continued. “And, no, I don’t mind if you want Luke—or Sean for that matter—to make love to you. They are both great guys and very dear to you. I hope the four of us can form a bond like you and Luke have.”


Chris pulled me even closer and added, “You are an amazing man, Sam! I don’t know what I’d do without you!”


“Well,” I answered, “I don’t plan on not being around for at least another 90 years!”


Luke and Sean arrived with ice in hand. Luke stepped into the bedroom area and announced, “Let us catch up with you guys, and we’ll begin the festivities!”


After Luke and Sean finished undressing, Chris moved to his duffle bag and pulled out our chrome and leather harnesses. “Would you guys be opposed to us wearing these?”


“Nope!” Luke answered as he moved to his bag and pulled out two black leather harnesses. “Great minds think alike, Christopher! Like I said earlier, Sean has really gotten into the leather look. It turns him into a pig! But, he’s my pig!”


The four of us added the harnesses to our bodies. Then, Luke fixed four vodka on the rocks. Luke announced as we raised our glasses for a toast, “Here’s to the four musketeers!”




To be continued...


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