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Sam and Chris

Chapter 28: Onward!


We were awakened on Saturday morning by the telephone by the bed. Chris didn't stir, so I reached over and answered our wakeup call. The perky woman on the recording was not really something I wanted to hear at 7 am on a Saturday morning!


Chris finally started to stretch, but Luke just rolled over and snuggled up to Sean. I whispered to Chris, "Do you think we should go take a shower and let these two sleep?"


"I'm all for throwing some cold water all over them," Chris whispered back.


"I heard that, asshole," Luke groggily replied.


"I'll order coffee and some pastries from room service," Chris informed the group. "Then, Sam and I will take our showers while you two lounge. After that, it will be your turn in the shower."


"Sounds like a plan," Sean answered. He was still half asleep.


When Chris returned from ordering room service, he and I hit the shower to get ready for the attorney. Room service had arrived while we were in the shower. So, Sean had pulled on a pair of gym shorts to let the waiter in.


"The dude was staring at me during the whole time he was getting the coffee and pastries set out," Sean admitted after we came out dressed. "Too bad we didn't have more time, I wanted to rip off his clothes. And, he was cute as shit!"


"Listen, lover boy," Luke answered, "you are now officially with me! It's you and I together or not at all!"




Finally, we were all ready to depart. Luke and Sean were heading back to Chicago to catch their flight back to London.


Chris and Luke hugged each other, and Chris said as he and Luke were shedding some tears, "Thanks for coming, Luke. You made things better for me. I really, really appreciate your effort to get here."


"Christopher," Luke began. "I knew I had to be here for my best friend. You and I have been through so, so much together. We need to support each other through whatever life throws at us."


"I can't wait to have you two back in our lives," Chris added.


"Sean is trying to buy a unit in your building on the floor below you," Luke explained. "His father has contacted the real estate broker that has the listing. He's made an offer and is just waiting to hear from them. So, we might be neighbors once again!"


"Terrific!" Chris answered. "That would be awesome! I am buying the unit next door to ours. Some of Sam's friends are interested in renting it starting next semester."


"Maybe we should just buy the entire building and turn it into Gayville Condos," Luke thought out loud.


"So, Sam," Luke started as he hugged me, "it has been really good getting to know you! Please take care of Chris until we get back. He has a habit of getting lost!"


I hugged Luke back and said with a smile, "I'll be his GPS until you guys are back. And, I, too, am looking forward to being around you and Sean."


"I hate to break up this crying match, but we need to get on the road, Luke," Sean reminded his future husband. "Otherwise, we'll miss our plane." Sean hugged me good bye and grabbed Luke by the hand and pulled him toward the door.


We said our last good byes before we headed to the attorney's office with Brandon and Matt. We met Chris's mother and grandfather in the lobby of the attorney's office. Soon, we were joined by a distinguished—yet overweight—dude with graying hair. You could tell he might have been a really good looking man before he gained the excess weight.


"Good morning! Gloria, I am so, so sorry about your loss," the attorney said to Mrs. Johnson.


"Thank you, Rick!" Chris's mother began. "However, I'm sure you are aware that we were separated."


"Yes," the attorney answered. "And, I'm sorry about that, too!"


Chris's mother began the introduction, "This is my husband's attorney, Rick Tedford. And, this is my son Christopher, his future husband Sam Williamson, Chris's half-brother Mathew Henry, and his boyfriend Brandon McIntosh. And, of course, you know my father, Thomas Washington."


Mr. Tedford shook hands with all of us as Chris's mother introduced us before he said, "Now, if Gloria, Christopher, and Mathew will follow me, we can get this meeting started."


Chris spoke up, "I want Sam to be with me. And, I'm certain Matt will want Brandon to be present. Of course, we all prefer that my grandfather be involved."


Mr. Tedford paused for a few moments before he added, "I suspect, Christopher, your father didn't expect the others to be present, but there were no specific instructions to exclude them. So, let us proceed."


When we were ensconced in the conference room, Mr. Tedford began. "If you don't mind, I am going to skip the formalities and summarize Mr. Johnson's wishes. First of all, your father, Christopher and Mathew, and your husband, Gloria, very carefully planned the distribution of assets so that there would be few, if any, negative tax ramifications. Mr. Johnson set up four equal trusts that are outside of the actual estate. One is for Christopher. One is for Mrs. Johnson. One is for Mathew. And, the final trust is for Ms. Henry. They are of equal value. The initial value placed into the trusts about 10 years ago was exactly $500 thousand each. These trusts were invested very wisely and are somewhere on the order of $750 thousand at this point. I will have the actual figures for you on Monday morning. I am named trustee for the four trusts." Mr. Tedford paused.


However, Chris's mother had a question, "I only have one question so far. Where in the hell did he get that kind of money?"


"From his parent's estate, Mrs. Johnson," Mr. Tedford added. "They left him a considerable amount of money when his father passed away."


"The bastard didn't tell me they left him any money!" Chris's mother added. She looked pissed to say the least.


"Now," Mr. Tedford continued, "the rest of his estate, including real estate, other investments, company pension, 401K investments, and other minor assets are left to his wife, Mrs. Johnson. Are there any questions?"


Chris's grandfather decided to ask a question, "Why was Ms. Henry not invited to this meeting?"


"Ahm... Well... Ahm..." Mr. Tedford stammered before he answered. "Ms. Henry was given access to her trust several years ago."


Chris's mother decided she needed more information, "Do I, at this point, actually own all of the physical property such as the house, the cars, and personal belongings?"


"The real estate, vehicles, several bank accounts, and personal belongings were owned jointly by both you and your husband, so, yes, you do own the items you mentioned." Mr. Tedford answered. "I will give the company the death certificate and settle the pension holdings with them. You, Mrs. Johnson, are listed as the beneficiary."


"Thank you, Mr. Tedford," Chris's mother answered.


"If Gloria and Christopher agree," Mr. Washington explained, "I will have someone from my firm petition for control of the trusts for both of them. I will also do that for the trust for Matt if he would like that."


Mathew replied to Mr. Washington first, "I would greatly appreciate that, SIR!"


Naturally, Mrs. Johnson and Chris agreed.


"That might add several weeks to the process of providing access to the trusts," Mr. Tedford suggested.


"If anyone needs immediate access, I will personally loan any or all of them money until control of the trusts is transferred," Mr. Washington added. "So, I don't believe that will be a problem. Also, I will need a copy of Mr. Johnson's will before I leave here today. And, I would like statements from each of Mr. Johnson's bank accounts by Monday morning at the latest."


Mr. Tedford look a little squeamish, but added, "Yes, Sir! I will take care of that for you!"


When we were assembled in the parking lot beside our cars, Mr. Washington told the group, "I am certain that you, Gloria and Christopher, do not need any of the trust money immediately. However, Mathew, do you need additional cash?"


"No, Sir!" Matt answered. "I am in no need of any money at this time. But, thank you!"


"You're welcome, Matt," Mr. Washington answered. "If that changes, please let me know."


"Thank you again for all of your help, Sir!" Matt answered.


"Stop the `Sir' stuff, Matt," Mr. Washington began. "Thomas works as does Mr. Washington. `Sir' makes me nervous!"


"I'll remember than, Mr. Washington," Matt again answered.


"Mom," Chris began, "will you be here long?"


"I just need to arrange for someone to sell the house, cars, and all of that," Chris's mother replied. "I need to go through some personal things in the house and then I'll be headed to Chicago. I'm done with this town as I am certain you will be as well."


"That's what I told Sam, Luke, and Sean yesterday," Chris answered. "I'm done here. I hope I never need to see this place again!"


"I will be at the Hilton," Chris's mother said. "I am not going to stay in that house."


We all said goodbye to Chris's mother and grandfather and headed off to Champaign after getting lunch on the way out of town.


Once we arrived back at the condo, Chris and I started doing work for school at the kitchen island. Brandon and Matt took off for Brandon's room.


After about an hour, Matt joined us in the kitchen. "Brandon is taking a nap. But, can I speak with the two of you for a moment?"


"Of course," Chris answered.


"I just wanted to say thank you to the two of you for everything you've done for me," Matt began. "It's been a pretty tough week for me. Before all of this happened, I didn't know who my father was. Then, he was dead even before I got to meet him."


Chris answered, "We're always here for you, Matt. And, I meant what I said earlier. We are brothers. I will always be around if you need anything—and I mean anything."


Matt pulled Chris into a hug, "That means so much to me, Chris. I've never had anyone to talk to about things, except for Brandon. And, I haven't unloaded on him for a while because he is going through so much at this point in his life. I think, too, I need to tell you that Brandon has been having a difficult time the past few nights. He's been waking up and crying. Nightmares, I think."


"We'll have a talk with him after you leave," I responded to Matt's concerns. "He needs to know that we will be happy to talk to him any time so he can begin to finally heal. How are you two doing?"


"Not well," Matt admitted. "He doesn't want me to touch him. He doesn't even want me to hold him while we sleep. That hurts me."


I stood to hug him, "It is tough on him, I'm sure. And, probably just about as tough on you! At least he is still seeing Dr. Reid. But, it will take time to get through all of this. I know he is terrified that he will need to appear in court when it comes to that."


Matt started to shed some tears, "He also said that he wants us to be friends and not boyfriends. I know I need to respect his feelings, but he's been part of me most of my life. I hope I can handle this."

Chris spoke up, "You know, Matt, Luke and I were boyfriends when we were younger. But, we're like best friends now. He's still my soul mate—sorry Sam. I still love him, but Sam is my lover now. Sam is also my soul mate. But, Luke will always have a special place in my heart."


"I could see that," Matt added. "You two are good together!"


"You do have friends as school, don't you, Matt?" I asked.


"A few. My roommate and I are close. He's straight as an arrow, but he knows about me. He even tried to fix me up with a friend of his," Matt said with a smile. "I guess I will eventually have to figure out dating. I've never done that before. Brandon and I have always been together since, like, forever!" Matt paused for a moment before he continued, "Randy has been keeping in touch with me, too. He and his boyfriend Tony took me out to dinner on Monday evening after I found out about my father... Tony is nice..., and he's cute as shit!"


"Maybe," we heard Brandon say as he sauntered into the room, "Tony has a younger brother or something!"


"I am not going to start dating anyone for a while, Brandon!" Matt responded.


"At least you can start looking!" Brandon retorted! "Otherwise, you'll wear out your hand!"


At least they were both smiling when they both returned to Brandon's room.


"Do you think this is a good decision for both of them?" I asked Chris.


"Only time will tell!" Chris responded. "When Luke and I made the decision to not be boyfriends, I sulked around for a few weeks! Then, I let go and started looking... and I kept looking until I found you!"


I leaned over and kissed Chris before we continued with our school work.




On Sunday evening, I awoke to what I thought was someone screaming, "Stop! Stop!" I realized it was Brandon. I slipped out of bed and hurried to Brandon's door and opened it. By now, Brandon was sitting on the edge of the bed crying.


I moved beside Brandon and asked, "What's wrong, Brandon?"


"I was having a bad dream," he admitted. "I was being chased down a long hallway and people were hitting me... I didn't mean to wake you, Sam!"


"Dude!" I began. "Chris and I both told you we'd be here for you. So, here I am. Do you want to talk?"


"No," Brandon answered. "I think I'll just try to go to sleep again."


We didn't notice Chris standing at the door, "Brandon," Chris said very quietly, "do you want to sleep with Sam and me?"


"I don't want to be a bother, guys," Brandon answered.


"It's not a bother," Chris answered. "This is not a question now. You are going to sleep with Sam and me."


I pulled Brandon up by the hand and led him into our bedroom. "Middle or side?" I asked.


"Side, I think," Brandon answered as we all slipped into bed.




The gym group gathered for our last workout before Thanksgiving break began. The workout was intense, but we all were ready for a break from our routine. Glen, however, was a little preoccupied.


"Is something bothering you, Glen," Harrison asked as we were getting ready to hit the shower. "You seemed a little off your game today."


"Well, now that you asked," Glen began to explain to us all as we were getting naked for the shower. "I've decided to come out to my parents over Thanksgiving break. So, I am pretty nervous about the whole thing. I don't know if my parents' reaction will be calm and accepting or a lot of hysteria and throwing things—perhaps at me!"


"We'll keep our fingers crossed," Tom added as we all headed naked to the shower.


"At least, my brothers promised they would be around in case it goes down badly. And, Sawyer and I have worked out a contingency plan in case things don't go well at home," Glen explained.


"And, that is?" I asked.


"I've already cleared it with my parents. Glen will be a house guest if it gets too nasty!" Sawyer answered. "My mother said he can always live with us if his parents go viral and things go astray."


When we finished our showers and we were beginning to get dressed, Brandon was approached by a towel clad hunk. "Dude," the hunk began, "aren't you in my English class at 10 in the morning with Professor McGuire?"


"Yea!" Brandon answered. "I thought I recognized you. I'm Brandon."


"My name is Harvey," the hunk introduced himself and extended his hand. "Maybe we could study together sometime. I can't get the drift of Professor McGuire's lectures sometimes."


A still naked Brandon rummaged through his bag and pulled out a piece of paper and pen. "Let me give you my number and e-mail address."


"I'll give you mine, too!" Harvey the hunk said as his towel dropped to the floor. After he had given Brandon his contact information, Harvey the hunk headed to his locker.


"Correct me if I am wrong," Sawyer started to question Brandon as we were finishing dressing. "Harvey was hitting on you, don't you think?"


"No way!" Brandon countered. "Why would he be hitting on me? He just wants to study for our English class!"


"Brandon!" Harrison added his thoughts. "You have become a fucking stud muffin since you started working out with us! If I hadn't fallen for Tom, I would be hitting on you!"


"Guys!" Brandon continued. "I'm just a computer science nerd! And, I'm not ready for a boyfriend just yet! Besides, how do you even know if he is gay?"


"Brandon!" Tom decided to add to the discussion. "Trust me! Harvey is gay as in G A Y! Gay!" Tom spelled out gay.


"I second that motion," Harrison added. "Tom and I have developed pretty accurate gaydar over the past few months."


When we arrived at the pasta joint, Chris was standing just inside the door. He smiled and kissed me when we entered. "Just what I needed after a dreadful day!" Chris began. "I have been on the phone with my mother this morning. It seems she found out that my father had bought Matt's mother the house she lives in... and the money came from an account in my mother's name—not his!"


"Opps!" I replied. "What is she doing about the missing money?"


"There is nothing she can do," Chris explained as we were getting our lunch. "But, if my father were alive, he would probably wish he weren't!"


After we had gathered our food and sat at our table, it was Sawyer's turn to speak. "So, guys, how are you going handle not seeing my smiling face for two weeks?"


"Somehow, Sawyer, I think we will manage," I replied.


"If you guys get bored in the suburbs, you can visit Sam and me in the city," Chris suggested. "We have plenty of room in case you want to stay overnight."


"Won't your grandparents be a little overwhelmed if we were all hanging around?" Harrison asked.


Before Chris or I could answer, a smiling Sawyer piped up. "They are going to be at their condo in Lake Point Towers."


Harrison and Tom looked at one another before they looked at Chris and me. Harrison asked the inevitable question, "Ahm... Your condo?"


"Yes!" Chris began to explain. "It seems that the condos the foundation uses are actually owned by my grandparents, my mother, and me. I just found out about the arrangement a few weeks ago. My grandmother thought we should stay there so we could decide how we want to refurnish it before summer arrives. It is a little too beige for our tastes."


It was Tom's turn to ask, "What floor?"


Chris answered, "Forty-one."


Harrison asked the next question, "How big?"


Sawyer answered for us, "Four bedrooms, four bathrooms, three thousand square feet, view facing north, east, and west—or so I am told."


"So," Tom began another question, "are you two going furniture shopping?"


"It's too early for that," I answered. I didn't tell them we were meeting with a decorator and architect to discuss a few renovations.


Chris again brought his suggestion to the group for further discussion, "So, if you guys get bored, you can join us on Friday or Saturday evening. Just give us a call."


"We are giving Ben and Marcus a tour of Chicago on Monday and Tuesday—or, I guess I should say Chris is giving them a tour," I added. "I'm just along for the ride!"


"Are you planning on going dancing?" Harrison asked.


Chris answered quickly, "Nope! Not this time. Maybe over the summer."


"What are you doing, Brandon?" Harrison asked.


"I'm staying local. I'm going to be with Greg, Leo, and Brian," Brendon answered. "Greg and I are going to do some brotherly bonding. And, I need to get to know his boyfriend better. Randy may come down on Thanksgiving Day with Tony—who I have yet to meet."


"When are you planning on having your discussion with your parents, Glen?" I asked.


"Sooner rather than later," Glen responded rather glumly. "I want to get the elephant out of the room as quickly as possible. My brothers have been asking them a few questions about their views on certain social issues. The dynamic duo thinks there is hope for a positive outcome—or at least one that includes minimal threatening behavior. But, the jury is still out on that. So, I've come to live by the rule of one day at a time."


"Good rule, Glen," Tom added. "If we hear any screams coming from Iowa, we'll know things went south! But, right now, we have a class to attend!"


I kissed Chris good bye and we headed to our computer science class with Mr. Albertson. We parked ourselves in our usual front row seats as we awaited Mr. Albertson's arrival.


When he did arrive and had his material in order, he neared my seat and said, "Marcus and I are excited about our trip to Chicago. Marcus made reservations at the W Hotel on Lake Shore Drive. Chris told Marcus it wasn't far from where you are going to be."


"That's what I understand from Chris. I would probably be a lost puppy if it weren't for Chris leading me around the city," I answered. "By the way, Chris asked me to invite you to dinner on Monday evening. He is excited about trying out the kitchen. He has decided he needs to have experience cooking in it to make certain whether he wants to leave it alone or change it."


"I'll ask Marcus, but I am confident he would love to have dinner with you," Mr. Albertson answered. "He's in love with high rise buildings. I personally stay away from windows that are above the third floor!"


"It is going to take me some time getting used to living on the forty first floor," I added.


Mr. Albertson turned to the rest of the group, "What are your plans for the holidays?"


"Most of us will be doing boring family things," Harrison answered. "Glen, however, is taking a big step over our break."


"And, how is that, Glen," Mr. Albertson asked.


"I'm coming out to my parents—my Baptist minister father and other wise conservative mother," Glen answered.


"Oh!" Mr. Albertson replied. "That is a big step. I hope everything goes as planned and it is an uneventful conversation!"


"You and me both," Glen answered. "I have prepared myself for the worst. But, after Brandon was attacked, I decided I needed to get this out of the way!"


"Good luck," Mr. Albertson said as he turned to begin the class.


After the class, I hurried to Starbucks to meet Chris. He was sitting in the back booth as I entered. He glanced up from his tablet and smiled. God I love it when he smiles like that!


"You look happy, stud," I said as I put my back pack on the floor and kissed my hunk of a boyfriend.


"I am now that you're here," Chris answered. "Can I get you your usual? I have some exciting news to tell you after we are settled."


"Usual is fine," I answered.


When Chris returned with my coffee, he sat down and began to explain, "I had a very interesting call this afternoon from the artistic director of a theater on Halsted in Chicago. They have a summer program for kids interested in theater and music. He wants to hire me to help with the program this summer!"


"Congratulations, Chris!" I enthused. "That's terrific! How did he find out about you?"


"From one of my professors here at UIUC," Chris answered. "I think it will be fun! And, it's during the day time and no weekend work. That way I will have a lot of time with you!"


"Terrific!" I enthused. "I am so, so happy for you, Chris! I know you will do a wonderful job with the kids! And, before I forget it, Mr. Albertson told me that Marcus made reservations at the W on Lake Shore Drive. He is also checking with Marcus about dinner on Monday. He will let us know."


"Now, about tomorrow," Chris began, "I can pick you up after your chemistry class and whisk you off to Chicago. We should be there by 7 at the latest. Henry is buying a few essentials at the grocery store. He will leave them at the condo so we can have something to eat tomorrow night. My grandparents have invited us to have brunch with them on Saturday morning. Then, I have made reservations for us on Saturday night at Les Nomades in Streeterville. It is one of the last classic French white-tablecloth restaurants in Chicago. So, you need a blazer and tie!"


"Jacket! Check! Tie! Check!" as I said each word I kissed my hunky boyfriend.


"The rest of the time in Chicago will be much more casual," Chris added. "That is until Thanksgiving Day arrives. My grandparents—and Henry—go all out! And, be prepared for a very, very large group. My grandparents gather strays like chickens lay eggs."


"My parents are the same way," I added. "So, I'm used to large crowds for the holidays."


"And, I believe my grandparents are taking everyone out to Yoshi's for dinner on Wednesday evening to give Henry time to work his magic for the next day," Chris explained further.


"I loved that place!" I answered. "And, I'm looking forward to helping you with refurnishing your condo."


"Sam," Chris began to lecture—I could tell by his tone of voice. "The condo in Lake Point Tower is our condo as is the one here. Do not forget that, okay, Sam! Otherwise, I will need to punish you!"


"Yes, SIR!" I answered. "And, exactly how would you punish me?"


"Withhold sex until after Thanksgiving break is over!" Chris added with a smile.


"Then, I'm pretty safe, I think," I answered also with a smile. "You could never go two days let alone two weeks without sex!"


"Ahhh... you know me all too well, Sam," Chris said with an even broader smile.


I leaned into Chris and whispered, "Why don't we go back to our condo so I could make love to my sexy boyfriend?"


"Deal!" Chris replied as he scooped up the now empty coffee cups along with his back pack. I did the same as we charged out the door.


As we entered the condo, we searched for Brandon's whereabouts. There was a note on the island saying he was meeting Harvey the hunk at the library to review for a tests. He also said he would be back around 8 this evening because he and Harvey were grabbing a bite to eat after they studied.


Once we knew we were alone, we began surreptitiously removing one another's pesky clothing. "It takes me longer to get you naked in the winter than during the summer!" Chris explained. "There are jackets, sweaters, shirts, t-shirts, boots, sox, and pants. At least we haven't needed to stoop to wearing underwear this winter!"


After a few moments, we were completely naked and standing in the kitchen near the island. "Do we want a drink?" Chris asked.


"Nope!" I answered. "I want my boyfriend's dick in side of me. I just need to decide how I want it—on my stomach, on my back, on my knees, or standing up... I've decided! I want it on my stomach. I love the way your balls slap mine!"


Chris led me into the bedroom and lowered me on my back with him on top of me and began to kiss me. "You will... get to turn over... in a moment! But..., I want... to make certain... you are... well kissed." Chris added.


As Chris was kissing me, I felt our hard dicks between us. We were both at full mast! I began to play with Chris's nipples as he kissed me. Finally, he hissed between kisses, "Stop that...! You get to... pick the position... I get to control... the action..., and... I will be... playing with your... nipples!"


"Yes, SIR!" I hissed back as I removed my hands from his chest. Instead, I started to massage the cheeks of his ass. "Sam?" Chris asked.


"Yes," I answered.


"I am going to turn you over..., apply some lube..., and then stick my big, black, uncut dick... into your ass," Chris instructed. "And..., I plan on... making you cum... more than once... before I let you go. How does that sound, lover boy?"


"If you don't... get started soon..., I'm going to... take matters... into my own... hands," I announced.


Soon, I was on my stomach with lube on my asshole and lube on Chris's raging hard cock! He wasted no time in pushing into me until I felt his balls rubbing against mine.


"Shit, Chris!" I almost screamed. "You are the best lover any man could hope for! God! I love you in me!"


"Good," he answered quietly as he began to lick the back of my neck. Soon, I felt his hands slide under my chest. He grabbed my right nipple with his left hand and my left with his right hand and began to pull and twist.


I was finally able to whimper, "I think I've died and gone to heaven. I have my stud boyfriend fucking my ass. He's playing with my nipples. And, he's licking the back of my neck!"


"I think that was why I was put on this earth, my dear man," Chris whispered as he paused licking my neck.


Chris was beginning to sweat on top of me as he picked up the pace of playing with my nipples and moving his dick in and out of me. After about 30 minutes or so, I began to almost scream, "Shit! Chris! I'm going to cum! Fuck! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh..."


I think I caused a chain reaction because Chris was shooting his load into my ass moments later. When his cock stopped spewing his load into my ass, he put all of his weight on top of me and tried to catch his breath.


Finally, I whispered to my lover, "I could stay like this all night!"


"Me, too," Chris added. "And, I have no plans to move for at least a few moments."


After a few minutes of rest, Chris began to nibble on my ear lobes and play with my nipples. Shortly after that, he began to slowly move his still hard cock gently in and out of my ass.


Slowly, Chris began to move faster and with more force. After about 20 minutes, his nibbling stopped so he could concentrate on pounding my ass. I heard Chris moan as he finally unloaded into my ass.


When Chris settled on top of me, I whispered, "Want to do that again?"


"Do I want to... yes! Can I... maybe after a break... Besides, we need to eat. It's almost 6:30. It's cocktail time!" Chris whispered back in almost a stream of consciousness announcement. "Besides, we have the rest of our lives to make sure you are well fucked!"


Chris stayed where he was, and I didn't move. "I think," Chris finally began to speak, "we might need a shower!"


"Do you think?" I answered. "Two sweat laden men with the smell of sex all over them is kind of hot, don't you think?"


"Do we want to be smelling of sex when Brandon gets back from his study session?" Chris asked.


"I guess you are right!" I answered as Chris pulled out of me and began to pull me out of bed and into the shower.


Chris and I were sitting at the kitchen island reading our e-mails when my phone rang. It was Brandon. "Hello, Brandon!"


"Sam," Brandon began, "Harvey and I are almost at the condo. I'm going to lend him some of my notes for English. Are you two naked or dressed?"


"We have on gym shorts and nothing else!" I answered. "Can Harvey handle that?"


In a few moments, we heard the key in the lock as Brandon and Harvey entered the condo. "Hi, guys! This is Harvey. Harvey, this is Sam and Chris. They are the two I was telling you about."


We greeted one another before Chris spoke up, "What did you tell Harvey about us?"


"It was all good," Harvey spoke up. "Brandon said you were very kind to him."


"Hang on and I will get my notes," Brandon added as he moved to his room.


"So, Harvey, what are you majoring in?" I asked.


"Political science," he answered. "I think I want to try law school after I graduate. But, there are so many out of work attorney's now, I may need to rethink my decision."


"Are you a freshman?" Chris asked.


"Yup!" Harvey replied.


About that time Brandon returned with his English notes and handed them to Harvey. "I hope these helps, dude."


"Thanks, Brandon!" Harvey said as he took the notes. "You've been a big help! I'll call you over break and we can talk about some of the other things we mentioned, okay?"


"I'd like that, Harvey," Brandon replied. "Thanks for buying dinner, too! It's been fun getting to know you."


Harvey left and Brandon stayed behind to talk for a few minutes.


"He's nice," Brandon said. "He's fun to talk with, too! He was actually beaten up in high school, so he says he understands some of what I'm going through. We're going to talk more after break."


"And," I asked, "is he gay?"


"Yup!" Brandon answered. "Harrison, Tom, and Sawyer were right. He says he is still not up to developing a relationship with anyone—even after a year! But, he wants to be friends."


"You can never have enough friends, Brandon," Chris explained. "Especially ones who you can bond with."


"Anyway, I need to get some stuff done for tomorrow," Brandon announced. "I'll see you tomorrow before you leave."


"Have a good night, Brandon!" I said as Brandon headed toward his room.



To be continued...


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