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Sam and Chris

Chapter 29: Chicago Holiday


When we arrived at Lake Point Tower, I was very excited. We had seen the condo on a previous visit to Chicago, and, while it was nicely done, we had decided to make some changes to the unit.


Chris quickly found the assigned parking spot. We unloaded our things and headed upstairs.


When we arrived at our door, Chris whispered, "I should carry you over the threshold, but I'm afraid I might get carried away and rape you!"


"I know the feeling!" I answered. "The drive up has made me a very horny boy. However, I think we need to save that until later tonight. I promise to make up for lost time!"


"Is that a proposition?" Chris asked.


"Yup!" I answered as Chris opened the door. As we stepped further inside, I was awestruck with the view. I uttered, "Holy fuck! The view is spectacular at night!"


"It is amazing, isn't it?" Chris agreed. "It was nice when we saw the view during the daytime, but I had forgotten how beautiful the city is at night."


Chris took me by the hand and led me closer to the window. I was getting a little squeamish as we neared the edge, "Chris! I think this is close enough until I get used to the height."


"Whatever you say, dear man!" Chris whispered as he kissed me. "We'll take it easy. Now, I don't know about you, but I am hungry."


We were off to find the kitchen. As promised, Henry had stocked the fridge with a few items. And, he left a note: "Chris and Sam, Dinner is in the fridge. All you need to do is put the casserole dish in the oven for 30 minutes. There is a salad and dessert in the fridge. Also, there is a bottle of champagne in there as well. Vodka is in the liquor cabinet in the living room—along with anything else you might want. The dining room table is set. Marcy was here today and tidied up the place. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow morning for brunch! Enjoy! Love, Henry"


"Henry is a peach!" I effused.


"He is a remarkable man," Chris agreed. "And, just to let you know, Marcy is a Type-A personality. When Henry says she tidied up the place that translates to `she cleaned it from top to bottom!'"


"We need to do something special for those two," I thought out loud.


"My grandparents are sending them to France while we are in Florida. Their son lives in Paris," Chris explained. "We can put dinner in the oven while we stow our gear in the bedroom."


"Which is where exactly?" I asked. I had forgotten.


"We'll look for it in a moment," Chris replied as he put the dish in the oven to heat.


We grabbed our bags and headed off in search of the master bedroom. Chris announced as he pointed to a door, "I think it is the one with the western view, so it should be in that direction."


We found the bedroom and put our stuff in the appropriate places. I saw Chris put significant quantities of lube in the night stand. `I think we are going to have fun!' I thought.


When we returned to the kitchen, Chris asked, "We have a few more minutes before dinner is ready. Bubbly now or later?"


"Now is fine!" I answered. Fortunately, Henry had put out two champagne flutes on the island. "I think we will need to have an exploratory search in the kitchen to find out what is here and where it is located!"


"It should be fun looking!" Chris said as he popped to cork on the champagne.


I was looking around, "I also don't see a dishwasher! There has to be one, right?"


"Yes!" Chris answered. "I think it is hidden somewhere."


Chris sat at the island and handed me my glass of bubbly. He raised his glass and toasted, "Here's to our new home!"


We clinked glasses. I added to the toast, "Here's to my sexy future husband!"


Chris added before we clinked again, "And, to my sexy future husband."


"I think," I added, "we should avoid the use of the word `sex,' `sexy,' or any other derivative of the word until after dinner."


Chris agreed as he leaned in to kiss me, "Yea! It would be a shame to ruin Henry's creation!"


We adjourned to the dining room to enjoy Henry's feast. Naturally, it was superb! We took our plates into the kitchen after the meal. Chris found the dishwasher.


Chris explained his discovery. "Actually, there were two. One a regular one. The other with two drawers. The drawers are for the crystal and china."


I answered, "None of which we have."


"We don't really know!" Chris answered. "We might! This place is fully equipped, according to my grandmother. But, we are not going to look right now!"


Chris continued as he put the last of the diner dishes into the dishwasher, "I want my boyfriend in bed! And, I want him in bed immediately!"


As Chris pulled me in for a kiss, I whispered, "What would you do if I said we should wait to have sex until tomorrow night?"


"First, I would inquire if you had a head injury that would account for this sudden madness. If you haven't, I would carry you kicking and screaming into the bedroom," Chris began. "Then, I would rip your clothes off your body, and throw you face down on the bed so that I could fuck you!"


"Sounds like fun to me!" I whispered back. "But, I just bought these jeans. So, I'll offer to take them off for you!"


Chris took my hand in his and led me to the bedroom. He popped his phone in the iPhone dock and clicked on some tunes.


"You do yours, and I'll do mine!" Chris hissed as he began a striptease dance. I followed suit.


As soon as we were both naked, Chris pulled me toward the bed. He positioned himself on his back in the middle of the bed. I snuggled on top of him, and we began a passionate kissing session.


After about 15 minutes of kissing, I leaned over to the night stand and pulled out the lube.


"Are you going to make love to me?" Chris asked.


"Nope!" I answered and began to massage the lube on Chris's massive dick! I added a little to my ass and aligned my hole to his dick. I quickly impaled myself on his cock in one swift stroke.


"You're getting to be a pushy bottom," Chris whispered. "But, I like it! I like it a lot!"


"You inspire me," I whispered back as I began to ride his dick. He assisted by tweaking my nipples. I decided to do the same to him.


Chris was soon moaning with every stroke and every tweak as he almost yelled, "Fuck, Sam! I'm going to cum! Fuck! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh..."


I leaned down to kiss my lover. Once he had regained his composure, he found my rock hard dick and begin to massage it. Little did he know that I was really, really close to cuming. "Shit, Chris!" I screamed as I shot ropes of cum onto my lover's six pack abs. When I was done convulsing, I lowered my body on top of his and kissed him.


After a few moments of silence, Chris asked, "Do we want a shower? Do we want another drink? Do we want to do this again?"


I answered, "I think I will answer `yes' to all three questions."


Chris rolled us over and he pulled me out of bed. When we arrived at the entrance of the shower, Chris studied the controls for a few moments before announcing, "This thing looks fucking complicated! So, we'll just need to learn the basics, and, then, we can move on to more complicated applications."


"I think we might be showering a lot until we figure this thing out!" I answered as Chris got the water running. "This is bigger than the ones at school!"


"I sort of think your whole gym group, Luke, Sean, and I could fit in here. Maybe we could add a few more," Chris decided as we began to soap on another up.


"Is my boyfriend planning an orgy?" I asked.


"Not yet!" He answered. He was paying special attention to my cock and balls. By the time we were finished, we were both hard as could be. "Even though I want to continue our playtime, I am going to suggest that we have a drink. Maybe you'll get even hornier!"


"Can't happen, but I am willing to wait until we have another drink," I answered as we dried each other. "Do people make love near the windows?"


"I don't know, but I'm eager to try sometime!" Chris answered. "But, now, I am going to make us a drink. What do you want to drink? Beer? Vodka? Scotch?"


"I think we should keep things simple tonight. So, I vote for a beer," I decided.


We made our way into the kitchen and Chris extracted two Coronas from the fridge. We decided to sit in the television area off the kitchen.


I decided to ask a very simple question, "Chris? Do you think this place is a little overkill? We'll probably use our bedroom, the kitchen, and this part of the condo most of the time!"


"Ah! But, think of what great parties we could have here!" Chris answered. "We could even turn on of the guest rooms into an orgy room!"


"Chris, I somehow don't think that is going to happen," I explained my position. "How would you explain that to your grandparents and my parents? Besides, you and I don't need an orgy room to have fun in. The bedroom is perfect!"


"You are probably right," Chris answered. "We could get creative and use the dining room table if we get bored with the bedroom."


"We could give it a shot sometime, but I somehow think I will never get bored with you in the bedroom," I answered as I planted a kiss on Chris's lips and a tweak on Chris's nipple.


"We'll see, but you are making me horny again!" Chris answered as he tweaked my nipple.


"Chris, you are always horny!" I explained. "But, I wouldn't mind part two in the bedroom, or the dining room table, or the living room window, or here, or the kitchen cabinet, or...!" I started to laugh a little. "We need to make it a goal to have sex in every room in this place!"


"Tonight?!" Chris asked in mock horror.


"Not tonight! I think we would be dead if we tried. But, over the course of a couple of weeks," I added.


Chris kissed me and then addressed the issue we were both thinking about, "Meet me in the living room in like two seconds."


I watched Chris beautiful ass as he retreated in the direction of our bedroom. I headed into the living room. When he returned, he was carrying some lube and a towel.


"When we talk to the architect, I think we need to provide for lube dispensers in every room," Chris said with a grin. "In the meantime, how close to the window can you go without freaking?"


"What's in it for me?" I ask with a leer.


"I want to make love to you as we watch the city tick!" Chris whispered. "Standing?"


"That works for me!" I answered as I bent down to lick his balls.


"Of course, I might not get very far if you keep that up," Chris hissed.


I stood and kissed him, "Your move, stud!"


Chris turned me around so I was facing the window and he began licking the back of my neck while he put copious amounts of lube on his raging hard on and my ass. Chris lined himself up with my ass and began the plunge.


"Ah! Yes!" I hissed.


As he bottomed out in my ass, I whimpered, "I think I have changed my mind. We might need to do this in every room tonight!"


Chris started to nibble on my ears as he put his arms around me. His left hand found my right nipple, and his right hand my left nipple. He started tweaking each as he began to thrust in and out of me. I reached behind him and caressed each of his ass cheeks with my hands.


"If you keep this up, Chris, I am going to blow a load really, really quickly," I whimpered.


"That is my plan!" he whispered. Chris's tweaking turned into slight twisting.


"Shit, Chris! I'm going to fucking cum! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... Ahhh..." I screamed as I shot several ropes onto the floor.


Apparently, the contractions in my ass pushed Chris over the edge. He too screamed as he unloaded inside me.


He turned me around to face him. He pulled me into a kiss and whispered, "Two rooms down!"


"I don't care about the rooms, Chris," I whispered back. "We could do what we just did in this room all over again, and I would be happy as shit. However, we have a brunch to go to tomorrow. Do you think we should get some sleep? It is just passed midnight!"


"Hmmm!" Chris interjected. "We could, at the very least, continue this in a horizontal position and see where the evening takes us."


"You're on, stud," I answered.


Chris and I were asleep shortly after we hit the bed. But, I was extremely happy to be held by my sexy boyfriend.




Chris and I arrived at his grandparents' home promptly at 10. We, as usual, entered from the back because Chris parked in the garage. We were greeted by the awesome smells of Henry's brunch and by Henry himself.


"Gentlemen!" Henry effused as we entered. "How was the first night in Lake Point Towers?" By this time, Henry had pulled us both into a hug.


"Excellent, Henry!" Chris responded. "And, your meal was stupendous, as usual!"


"Thank you, Christopher!" Henry answered.


"And, the champagne was wonderful," I added.


"Well, I am glad you liked that, as well," Henry continued. "I actually stole it from the collection downstairs." Henry turned to Chris and smiled broadly, "It is one of your grandfather's favorites. So, there is a lot more just like that in the collection. He'll never miss it! They are in the family room awaiting your arrival. I made a batch of mimosas."


When we entered the family room, we were instantly greeted and hugged by both of Chris's grandparents and his mother.


After we were settled with our mimosas, Chris's grandmother asked about our condo in Chicago, "Are you finding everything at the condo?"


"We haven't really searched the entire place," Chris answered. "Henry left dinner in the fridge. I managed to find the fridge. I managed to find the oven. And, I managed to find the dishwasher. So, we've found everything we've needed so far. Do you have any hints about what else is there?"


"Well, let me think," she began. "There are at least 12 place settings for the china and crystal. Less formal dinner service is at least that many. You might have Henry show you the ins and outs of the ovens and cooktop. From what little I know about them, they are technical marvels, which only means that I have no clue as to how they work. I think Henry had the cable, internet, and land lines fired up. Other than that, I think you'll need to form a search party to determine what else might be there. But, it is fully equipped."


"We thought we would explore when we have a free moment," Chris answered. "I want to take Sam to the Art Institute to see the new exhibit there. We've heard it is terrific."


"We were at the opening of the exhibit a few weeks ago," Chris's grandmother explained. "It is awesome to say the least. One of the students I supervise is a guide for the exhibit. I'll give you his contact information. Maybe you can go when he is there and can show you around."


"I've heard it is mobbed on the weekends!" Chris's grandfather added.


"Would you mind if I tagged along?" Chris's mother asked.


"We'd love for you to join us, Mom," Chris replied. "Wouldn't we, Sam!"


"Absolutely!" I answered.


"I'll volunteer to take you out to lunch either before or after," Chris' mother added.


Henry appeared and announced, "Bruch is ready. Please help yourselves."


We headed into the dining room to feast on Henry's creation. Once we had filled our plates and sat down, Mr. Washington asked, "So, Chris! What do you and Sam have planned for this week other that the Art Institute?"


"We are giving Sam's computer science TA and his husband a tour of the city on Monday and Tuesday. And, we've invited them to dinner on Monday evening. We have an appointment to meet with the decorator and architect Wednesday morning at 10. We thought we'd hit the Art Institute on Thursday. Some of Sam's classmates are coming into the city to do something with us on Saturday. Other than that, we will take it one day at a time, Chris answered.


"It sounds like you will have a busy week," Chris's grandfather replied. "We were wondering if you and Sam would like to join your mother, grandmother, and me at the symphony on Thursday evening."


Chris looked at me and asked, "Sam? Would you like to go to the symphony?"


"Sure! That would be terrific!" I effused.


The discussion remained lively as we polished off brunch. Chris and I headed to Michigan Avenue to do some shopping before heading home to scope out the condo in a more detailed fashion.




On Monday morning, Chris's phone squawked the announcement of our wake up call. Chris found the phone to shut it off and snuggled next to me, "I need to change the alarm sound to something less annoying!"


I kissed Chris and replied, "At least this alarm is annoying enough to get our attention!"


"Hmm! You may be right," Chris agreed. "But, just the same, I think we should change it. It sounds like we are being attacked. So, it is now 8. We are meeting the guys at 11. I can go make coffee. You can stay right where you are, and I will be back momentarily to discuss our options."


I rolled on my back as I watched Chris's muscular ass while he made his way into the kitchen. When he returned, I watched his semi hard cock bounce with enthusiasm as he climbed back into bed with me. I kissed him as he snuggled on top of me, "What are our options, lover boy?"


He kissed me back before he responded, "Well, we could take our shower, get dressed, and sip coffee until it is time to leave for the W."


"I don't like that option much!" I answered pouting just a little.


He kissed me again before he told me the next option, "We could go back to sleep until 10, take our shower, get dressed, and leave for the W."


"Don't like that one either," I answered. `There is going to be a third option or I am not going to be a happy camper today!' I thought to myself.


Chris kissed me for a third time and smiled, "We can go to the dining room, you can make love to me there standing up, take our showers, get dressed, and, then, leave for the W."


I kissed him back, "I really, really like that option! But, you need to promise me that tonight, you will make love to me in the guest room after Ben and Marcus leave."


Chris kissed me back, reached for the lube on the night stand, rolled out of bed and pulled me with him. Once we were in the dining room close to the window he asked, "Will this do?"


"Perfect," I answered as Chris pulled me in for a brief kissing session.


While we continued to kiss, Chris handed the lube to me. "You'll need this!"


I put copious amounts of lube on my cock while we were kissing. I finally spun Chris around and lathered up his ass. I threw the tube of lube on the floor and pulled him close to me as I lined up my rock hard cock to his ass. I decided to take my cues from Chris. As I began to push into Chris's waiting hole, I managed to get my left hand on Chris's right nipple and my right hand on his left.


As I began to knead his nipples and start moving slowly in and out of my lover's ass, Chris began to moan, "Shit, Sam! I think I could get really used to this!"


As I continued to play with Chris's nipples and slowly move my dick in and out of my lover's wonderfully tight ass, I thought I needed some clarification, "Does this mean my handsome top stud boyfriend is becoming my handsome versatile stud boyfriend?"


Chris moaned back as I began to nibble on Chris's neck, "That's exactly what it means! Now, fuck me!"


"Yes, Sir!" I hissed back. I picked up the pace of my thrusts as I kneaded his nipples with a little more force.


"Shit, Sam!" Chris hissed as he began to jack his big dick. "You are going to make me cum, lover boy!"


"That's my plan! I want to feel your ass convulse around my cock as you shoot your load," I whispered.


"It's going to work!" Chris added as he jacked his cock faster. Soon, his body began to tense as he again increased the speed of jacking his cock. "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!" Chris shrieked as he unloaded ropes of cum onto the dining room floor.


My plan worked. I felt Chris's tight ass spasm around my cock setting of an explosion of my dick inside Chris's ass, "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh..."


I held onto Chris tightly as we recovered from our lovemaking session. "I'm glad there are hardwood floors in here," I finally said as I noticed the copious amounts of Chris's cum on the floor.


My dick popped out of Chris's ass and he turned around to face me and began kissing me again. After a few minutes, Chris paused the kissing and announced, "I think we need a little coffee and a shower. I don't think Marcus and Ben want their tour guides to be smelling of sex!"


"Don't be so certain!" I answered. "I think Marcus might have a kinky side!"


"Hmm! Is my boyfriend being a little devious?" Chris asked as he took my hand and led me into the kitchen.


"Nope!" I answered. "Just realistic. There is a spark in his eyes when the topic turns to something a little erotic!"


"I'll try to be more observant," Chris answered as he poured us both coffee.




We arrived at the W a little before 11 am and found Marcus and Ben in the front lounge waiting for us.


When they saw us the stood and headed in our direction. Marcus reached us first and pulled Chris and me into a hug, "Gentlemen! Good to see you. And, we are so grateful you agreed to show us around!"


"It should be fun," I added as Ben shook my hand. I think he was very aware that he was my teacher!


"We've both been looking forward to this visit for a long time," Ben added.


Chris began his explanation about our tour, "I thought we could saunter down Lake Shore Drive to Michigan Avenue. We could stop wherever you'd like. Hotel Burnham has a great place for lunch. It is near the old Marshall Field's flag ship store on State Street. We can show you where the Art Institute is and then we can see what else you might like to see!"


"Sounds like a plan to me," Marcus answered. "Ben wanted to stop by the Apple store if it is convenient."


"It's on the way," Chris assured them. "We can either stop on the way down or on the way back."


We set off on our tour of the city. Chris is an amazing tour guide. He explained the historically significant water tower on Michigan Avenue, the John Hancock building, the Aon tower (formerly Amoco and Standard Oil building), and the complete history of Marshall Field and his rise to fame and fortune. We had a great lunch at the Hotel Burnham. We left Ben and Marcus at the Art Institute so Chris and I could collect items needed for dinner.




Promptly at 7 pm, Chris had just put the finishing touches on the meal and appetizers when the land line announced the arrival of Ben and Marcus. We let the guys into the condo.


"Welcome, men," Chris offered.


"Holy shit!" Marcus exclaimed. "I thought our view out the hotel windows was terrific! This is absolutely amazing!"


"What would you guys like to drink?" Chris asked. "We have vodka, scotch, wine, beer, or some bubbly."


We all settled on Vodka on the rocks for our first drink. I vowed not to get smashed in front of my TA.


"This is some place you have here, guys," Ben announced. "It seems massive!"


"I wouldn't say it was massive," Chris replied. "Why don't we give you a tour?"


Chris and I led Ben and Marcus around the apartment. When we arrived at the fourth bedroom, Marcus announced, "Let me get this straight! This place has four bedrooms with as many attached bathrooms. Are you expecting to have a big family?"


I laughed and replied, "We haven't thought that far along! But, I don't think we will have four kids any time soon!"


We adjourned to the living room and enjoyed our drinks and appetizers Chris had prepared.


"What did you do after we left you?" I asked.


Marcus decided to answer, "We walked up Michigan Avenue and popped into the Apple store. Ben was like a kid in a candy store. We left with two new iPhones, two new iPads, and a laptop for Ben."


"Fortunately, I knew what we wanted so it didn't take too long!" Ben announced. "But, it was fun! And, the associate that was helping us was cute."


Marcus added to the conversation string, "I think he was hitting on Ben! Of course, Ben denies it!"


Ben changed the subject, "Chris these appetizers are terrific!"


"Thank you!" Chris answered. "I thought I should keep in simple until I get to know the kitchen a little better. Our first night here, we couldn't find the dishwasher! So, it has been an adventure!"


"I know I would get lost in there!" Ben answered.


"Ben tends to get lost in any kitchen," Marcus added with a smile. "He can do anything with a computer, but give him a pot and he is absolutely lost!"


Chris looked at me with a weird smile on his face.


"Do not say it, Chris!" I commanded. "I help from time to time!"


"I will admit, Sam is good with a knife and vegetables!" Chris attested. "Now, Sam, why don't you fix our guests and us another drink. I'll start the salmon!" Chris paused. "I never thought to ask, do you both like salmon?"


Ben and Marcus replied almost in unison, "We love it!"


"Good!" Chris answered as he scampered off to the kitchen to finish dinner.


While we ate dinner, Chris decided to get to know Ben and Marcus a little better, "Marcus, what type of law do you want to practice?"


Marcus began his description, "My father wants me to be a prosecutor—maybe even try to suck up to some mucky mucks so I could get a judgeship. I'm not that interested in that though. I have thought about corporate law, but that seems a little cut-throat at the very best. I have been talking to a few people about being an advocate for people in the gay community. I might even consider working for one of the LGBT organizations. I really won't need to make that decision until Ben is finished with his PhD program. But, I know my father's reaction when I announce that idea will be, `You are going to waste a Harvard Law degree for that!'"


"It's your decision, Marcus, not his!" Ben added


"And, our community can always use a legal voice," I added. "I'm not certain what Brendon's position would have been if Chris's grandfather hadn't recommended Mr. Davison. There wouldn't have been anyone to help him!"


"And, Ben wants to use his skills to become a mad scientist and take over the world," Marcus interjected.


"Actually, I'm leaning toward teaching," Ben added. "We'll see what is available when I finish."


"You want to go back to Boston, right?" I asked.


"That was our original plan," Ben explained further. "But, Marcus and I were talking after we got back to the hotel. Chicago is a terrific place. It's dynamic. It's diverse. It has a lot more to offer than Boston, in many ways. Boston is just a big, small college town. But, we'll see!"


"Then, I guess we need to do a sales job tomorrow!" Chris interjected. "My grandfather and grandmother know tons of people here. So, if you decide to settle here, let me know and I will see what we can do for you!"


"Thanks, Chris," Marcus added. "We'll keep that in mind when we make our decision. I do know that both of our parents would be delighted that we settle in Chicago rather than Boston—less of a commute for visits."




After Marcus and Ben left and we cleared away the remains of dinner, we decided to sit in the television room and discuss our evening.


Chris was first, "That was fun! I am beginning to really, really like those guys."


"They are fun and interesting," I agreed. "I think they make a great couple."


"Speaking of a great couple," Chris decided to change the subject, "I was wondering if you wanted to follow through with your suggestion of making love in one of the guest rooms tonight."


"I thought you'd never ask," I answered.


Chris led me into one of the guest rooms. We left a trail of clothing behind us. Chris already had a towel and lube in the room.


"It looks like you were prepared," I whispered in his ear.


"I just wanted to make certain we had everything!" Chris began to explain as he switched on some music. "I hope you don't mind, but I thought we could listen to a little Mozart."


"Chris, I could listen to fire engines if it meant being with you!" I answered. "And, I have this feeling that unless you start kissing me, you will definitely have a fire to put out."


Chris pulled me in tight to him as we began a passionate kissing session. Somehow, we found ourselves in bed with me on my back and Chris on top of me. While Chris was plying me with kisses, I started to massage his ass cheeks.


"If you don't stop that, I will need to fuck you until tomorrow morning!" Chris hissed.


"Well, I'm not going to stop," I answered back in a guttural voice. "So, do your stuff! I want your big black cock in me, and I want it now!"


In a flash, Chris had applied lube to the appropriate body parts and was beginning his ascent into my ass. Once he was in, I hissed in delight, "You are fucking habit forming! Fuck me, big guy! Fuck me hard!"


Chris didn't need any more encouragement! He began pounding my ass with his big black cock. His balls slapped my ass and his crotch rubbed my balls with every thrust. Occasionally, he slowed to kiss me. But, he regained momentum.


After several minutes, I found his nipples and began to play with them. It was very apparent that Chris and I had the same reaction to nipple tweaking. He was drenched in sweat and his body began to tense. I tweaked his nipples extra hard, and he was blowing his load in my ass.


"Fuck! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... Fuck!" Chris screamed as I felt him unload into my ass. He finally collapsed on top of me to catch his breath.


I put my arms around him and held him until his breathing returned to normal.


"I think you have exhausted me, Sam!" Chris whispered in my ear as he began to kiss me again. When he stopped kissing, he pulled out of me and rolled on his back beside me. "So, do you want to retire to our bedroom or stay here?"


"Ours!" I answered as we both managed to crawl off the bed and made our way to our room.




To be continued...


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