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Sam and Chris

Chapter 30: Saturday with the Guys


My phone rang on Wednesday afternoon after we had finished lunch at the Melrose on Broadway. I saw it was Sawyer, "Sawyer, dude! How are things in Evanston?"


"Terrific, Sammie!" Sawyer replied. "I thought I should see how the city is treating you and ask about your plans for Saturday."


"The city is treating us wonderfully!" I answered and explain our week so far. "Are you still on for our adventure in the city?"


"I am, indeed!" Sawyer answered with enthusiasm. "Glen will be arriving from Iowa on Friday. And, the big news, the reaction to his announcement didn't meet with any yelling or screaming. I'll let him explain the details, but apparently his parents took the news fairly well. Somehow, I don't think they were as surprised as he thought they might be."


"That's good to hear!" I effused. "What are your thoughts about Saturday?"


"I talked to Tom and Harrison," Sawyer began. "We are going to take the appropriate trains into the city on Saturday morning. Where and when do you want to meet?"


"Do you want to meet at our place around 10 am and we can decide what to do after you get here!" I added.


"Sure! It'll be a piece of cake!" Sawyer answered with enthusiasm. "Dress code?"


"Casual. Just not obscene!" I responded. "You are staying the night, right?"


"Absolutely!" Sawyer answered. "What should we bring?"


"Toothbrush and a change of clothes," I told him.


"I'll let Tom and Harrison know. Darren wanted to come with us, but he has a date," Sawyer explained.


I gave Sawyer instructions for getting into the building. "It will be good to see you, Sawyer! Enjoy your time with your family and Glen!"


Chris was standing next to me on the sidewalk. Fortunately, he was smiling, "So, the masses will descend on Saturday morning!"


"They will, indeed," I answered. "Sawyer was hyped for the trip."


"Sawyer is always hyped," Chris explained.


"Ah! You've noticed," I added with a smile. "He also said that Glen's announcement to his parents went well. Glen is coming on Saturday, too. We can get all of the details then!"


"I'm glad we don't need the foundation to do another emergency scholarship!" Chris injected as he put his arm around my shoulders. He held me tight as he almost whispered, "How would you like to take the bus back home, get naked, and play with each other's bodies?"


"I would like that, Chris," I answered. "But, you promised to take me to the Brown Elephant Thrift Shop!"


"Yes, I did," Chris replied with a sigh. "After that?"


"Do you ever think about anything but sex?" I asked with a smile.


"Yes! I do, Sam! But, when my incredibly good looking boyfriend is right next to me, my mind tends to wander!"


"Okay! Brown Elephant! Home! Sex! In that order!" I agreed.


The Brown Elephant is an incredible thrift store. When we entered, I thought we had arrived at the Nordstrom's of thrift stores. Chris explained the store's popularity and reason for its vast size, "More than 220,000 people visit and 740,000 items are sold annually at the Brown Elephant Resale Shops, located in Chicago and Oak Park, IL. The revenue generated by donations and purchases at the Brown Elephant Shops help fund services for the more than 50% of Howard Brown Health Center clients who are under or uninsured."


"And, you know this how?" I asked.


"I looked it up on their website!" He answered with a smile. "So, let's go find something we just can't live without!"


After about 20 minutes of examining the merchandise, Chris held up an absolutely huge lava lamp! "Don't you think this would be perfect in one of the guest rooms?" At least he was smiling!


"You don't really mean that, do you?" I asked.


"Yup!" He answered. "I thought we could decorate each one in a different theme. This could be the beginning piece of our mid-century guest room!"


"You are serious, aren't you?" I asked. And, yes, I was smiling.


"Yup!" He answered.


"What are the others going to be themed as?" I asked.


"We can do each one on a find by find basis. When we see something we just can't live without, that will decide the theme! Don't you think it could be fun?" Chris smiled as he posed with his lava lamp find.


Just then, I spotted a cow lamp! I picked it up and showed it to Chris. "What do you think?"


"Absolutely fucking perfect!" Chris said with glee. I think he got the attention of several shoppers. Fortunately, they were all smiling.


A patron I think it was a guy dressed as a woman saw our joy in finding our respective pieces walked up to me and added in a very husky voice, "There is a darling cow girl outfit in the dress section. I didn't get it because it was a size 8 and I need something bigger!"


Chris and I decided to leave the cow girl outfit in the store. We grabbed a cab and headed home with our finds.




The landline rang at precisely 10 am on Saturday. I instructed the doorman to let the gang in.


"They are a precise bunch!" Chris said as we headed toward the door.


"Yup!" I added. "I think they all needed to get away from their families."


When the elevator doors swished open, the guys swished out and filled the hallway with excited talk!


Harrison was the first to gather his composure as everyone headed to the window, "You know, guys," he said to Chris and me, "you really need to get a bigger place! I think with all six of us living here we might feel a bit cramped!"


"And," Sawyer added, "I think you need one on a higher floor!" He had a smirk on his face.


Glen cautiously approached Sawyer and grabbed his hand, "I'm not certain I could do this 24/7. I'm a little squeamish with heights! I am the one who, after all, doesn't look out airplane windows!"


Tom decided to join the conversation, "I think you guys did good with this one! I've always wanted to live in the city and you can't get much more city than this!"


I offered they guys a drink, "I can get us something to drink, and, then, we'll take you on a tour! What will it be?"


Everyone decided on water. After I retrieved six bottles of water, we set out on our tour. Chris led the way, "Of course, this is the living room. The dining room is over there." Chris led us into the dining room. "We are thinking about taking out the walls so we can open everything up into one big space."


We made our way into the kitchen and television room off it, "This is where Sam will do all of the cooking!"


I looked at Chris and squinted my eyes, "You'll be sorry you said that, Chris! I will surprise you some day!"


Chris put his arm around my shoulders, "I will never be surprised at anything you can do! We thought about opening up this room to the others, but we probably won't. The last thing guests will want to see is a dirty kitchen!"


"Where's the fridge?" Tom asked.


Chris turned around and opened the two doors of the fridge. "Everything seems to be hidden here. We are not sure why. But, maybe the previous owners didn't cook and didn't want to be reminded of the actual purpose of the kitchen. We had a hell of a time finding the dishwasher the first night we were here."


"I told Chris on that first night that this place seems like overkill! So, far about the only rooms we have used are our bedroom, the kitchen, and the television room over there," I said pointing to the area off the kitchen.


"You could have one hell of a party or orgy in here!" Harrison decided. "Whichever you decide!"


Chris again took charge, "Our bedroom is over here." He led us to the master suite. "There are two walk-in closets over there, and the bathroom is behind those doors."


Sawyer drifted into the bathroom, "Guys! You've got to see this fucking bathroom!"


Glen, Harrison, and Tom followed Sawyer into the bathroom.


Harrison added to the discussion, "The bathtub is almost bigger than our in ground pool at home!"


We headed to the guest rooms and told the guys they could pick the one they wanted to use.


Tom decided that he needed to take the lead in the decision, "I think we should leave the middle one vacant. That way, when I tie up Harrison and whip him tonight, you won't hear him screaming!"


We finally finished the tour and were deciding what we wanted to do this afternoon.


Sawyer had a plan, "We could saunter up Michigan Avenue, grab the bus through Lincoln Park and explore Lakeview. I haven't been there in ages. I thought I was straight the last time I was there. It will be interesting to see things from a gayer prospective."


We grabbed our coats and began our parade up Michigan Avenue. And, because Glen didn't know Chicago as well as the other three, Chris was giving him a walking commentary.


The first item was the Pritzker Music Pavilion in Millennium Park that Frank Gehry designed. Then, as we strolled up Michigan Avenue, Chris pointed out all of the significant architecture.


Sawyer tuned to Chris as we were at the bus stop, "You know Chris! If you ever need a second job, you'd be a great tour guide. As it is, I think we will need to tip you at the end of the day!"


"I'll consider that, Sawyer!" Chris said with a smile.


When we arrived at Belmont and Sheridan Road, we exited the bus and headed toward the Melrose Restaurant for lunch. The wait to be seated was short. When we were finally settled at a table, it was Glen's turn to fill us in on some of his dreams for the future, "Ever since I told my parents about being gay, I've been a lot more relaxed. And, in the short time I've been here with you guys, I have pretty much decided I want to live here in the city." Glen paused and turned to Sawyer, "Would you like that, Saw?"


Harrison almost spewed the water he was drinking out of his mouth, "Was that a proposal, Glen? If so, we need to break out the bubbly to celebrate tonight!"


"I think, Harrison," Glen answered as he put his hand on Sawyer's, "that might be a bit premature... But, I can dream, can't I! Besides, Sawyer hasn't met my family yet. The dynamic duo might scare him off!"


"I am going to meet them on Friday after Thanksgiving! I'm heading to Iowa," Sawyer admitted. "If you can handle my dip shit brother, Glen, I'm sure I can handle your brothers. They will be a piece of cake compared to Darren!"


"Now that you mentioned it Glen, give us the dirt on your parents' reaction to your announcement!" Harrison demanded.


"It went a lot more smoothly than I had anticipated!" Glen began. "I am pretty certain they had figured out I was gay long before I headed off to UIUC. They wanted to know if I had met anyone. Then, they asked me to keep it under wraps while I am home. My father is deciding about a career change and he doesn't want the shit to hit the fan until he has other options lined up. According to my mother, this gay issue and his congregation's position on it have been eating at my father for some time."


"Wow!" Tom exclaimed. "We are all happy it turned out so well!"


"Does your father and mother know what they want to do or where they want to end up?" Chris asked.


"Not really," Glen continued. "I think my father wants to get out of the ministry and maybe work with the homeless or something. But, my mother definitely wants out of Iowa! She's from Brooklyn and the countryside of Iowa is getting a little too boring for her! We'll see what options opens for my father."


Once we finished lunch, we made our plans for the rest of the afternoon. Everyone one agreed to stop by the Brown Elephant Thrift Store and then hit the leather store that Chris and I visited earlier in the fall.


While the guys were perusing the thrift store, our drag queen from last Saturday approached us, "You're the cute couple who were here last Saturday and you latched onto that nifty lava lamp and the cow lamp, correct?"


"Yes," Chris answered, "That would be us."


"I thought so!" Mr. Drag Queen continued. "I'm not exactly certain what you are looking for, but I saw this ottoman over in that corner covered in fake snake skin vinyl. I just thought you'd like to know!"


"Thank you," I added. "We'll be certain to take a look at it!"


"Ta ta!" Mr. Drag Queen added as he left us. We were trying not to laugh too much until he was a safe distance away.


Chris leaned in to whisper in my ear, "I think we need to be careful. We might get a reputation in this place. I wouldn't want to be stereotyped as a lamp nut!"


We were both laughing as the guys joined us.


Harrison asked, "So, do you know the drag queen dude?"


"Not really," I answered. "He's just someone we met here last week when we picked up a lava lamp and cow lamp."


"You collect lava lamps and cow lamps?" Tom asked.


"We just started on Saturday," Chris answered. "We'll see where the activity leads us. Now, where is our next stop?"


"Uhm..." Harrison started to ask. "Not to change the subject, but... where is the leather shop?"


Chris smiled as he answered, "We could walk there before we head back to the condo."


"I see a gleam of horniness creep across you face, Harrison," Sawyer declared.


"We will just be looking today," Tom answered. "We'll come back before we head back to school!"


As we began our journey to the leather shop, Chris whispered in my ear, "This ought to be fun, don't you think?"


I whispered back, "Yup! And, enlightening!"


We arrived at the leather shop and stepped inside. Harrison leaned into Tom, "God! I think I've died and gone to gay boy leather heaven!"


"Contain yourself, Harrison," Tom responded. "You look like you'll have a spontaneous orgasm."


"You can't tell me you don't like this, Tom!" Harrison corrected Tom.


Chris and I stood back and watched Tom and Harrison eagerly explore the store. Sawyer and Glen were a little more intimidated, but still interested.


After several minutes of browsing, the guy who waited on Chris and me when we bought our harnesses moved to where we were standing, "I take it this is a long awaited expedition for those two." He nodded toward Tom and Harrison.


"Yup. I think today they are just looking, but will be back next weekend," Chris answered.


The sales person said to Chris and me, "You guys were in here to buy a couple of harnesses earlier in the fall, I believe."

"Yes," I answered. "We've had some excellent experiences with them, too!"


"I think I will ask them if they want some assistance," the sales clerk said to Chris and me. "I would love it if they were to try on a harness... or some leather pants... or a leather vest& maybe even a cock ring!"


He dashed over to Tom and Harrison and engaged them in conversation. Sawyer and Glen joined us.


"I think they should just buy one of everything and be done with it," Glen remarked.


"The sales person is eager for them to try something on," Chris responded.


"Why? Does he go into the dressing room with them?" Sawyer asked.


"There is no dressing room," I responded. "People try things on in the middle of the store. When we bought our harnesses, we had quite the crowd looking on!"


Sawyer raised an eyebrow and added, "Sam! I didn't know you had an exhibitionist streak! Now, I do!"


Before we left the store, the sales clerk had convinced Tom and Harrison to try on cock rings. Needless to say, the rest of the customers became very interested when Harrison and Tom dropped their jeans.


Finally, when Harrison and Tom decided on the perfect cock rings, we headed back to the condo on the bus. We arrived at the condo in time for drinks before dinner. We had agreed to have pizza and beer to keep things simple.


As we were eating Sawyer made a pronouncement, "I had really forgotten how fun it is to just wonder around the city. I hope we can do this a lot more. Maybe if we all find summer jobs around here, we can make this a regular event!"


"We will even spring for lunch if you and Chris host!" Harrison said to me.


"We'll see what happens, guys," I answered. "We still have the rest of the holidays and next semester to get through before we start planning summer!"


After several hours of banter, we decided to go to bed so we would be refreshed for the morning.


As we were departing to our respective bedrooms, Chris added, "There is a docking station for an iPhone in each of the guestrooms in case you want music tonight."


Tom turned to Chris and said with a straight face, "You mean you don't want to hear Harrison scream `Fuck me! Fuck me harder!'"


"Unless you want all of us to join you, you'd better put the music on," Chris replied as he smiled and led me into our bedroom.


"I didn't know I had a cruel boyfriend," I said when we arrived in our bedroom.


"I'm not cruel," Chris whispered as he began to kiss me. "I just get horny when I hear two men having sex."


"Chris," I responded as I kissed my boyfriend back, "you are always horny! That's one of the things I love about you the most!"


"Let me go put some music on!" Chris whispered. "I think we might need it!"




We were awakened by the sound of Chris's phone. He had changed the alarm to something less annoying. "That's better," Chris said as he shut off the alarm. "But, it still means we need to get out of bed!"


I kissed Chris. "Do you want us to shower together this morning?"


"How else would we shower?" he asked. "I should go make coffee first in case the natives are stirring! You just wait here!"


I pulled up the blankets and I watched Chris's muscular ass head toward the kitchen.


When Chris returned from coffee duty he was smiling, "I think Harrison might be getting some more. There is music coming from their bedroom!"


Chris slipped under the covers and I pulled him tight so I could kiss him. He kissed back. "Do you think we have time to do some body ravaging?" Chris asked.


"Definitely!" I answered. "I want your big black dick in me! So, go for it, stud! Fuck me!"


Chris bounded out of bed and hit the play button on the iPod. "We need to get a remote control for this thing! It will save time! Now, if you will please roll over on your stomach, I am going to make love to you and play with your nipples at the same time! Unless, you'd prefer to do this in the living room standing up."


"I don't care when we do it or how we do it, Chris. I just want your dick in me! Fuck me before I go mad!" I hissed.


Chris added lube to his rock hard cock and my ass. He positioned himself over the entry to my ass and shoved in with one quick, powerful stroke.


"Fuck! Yes!" I hissed again. "Fuck me!"


Chris began his thrusts in and out of my ass. After a few pumps, he had positioned his hands over my nipples and began playing with them. I raised my chest up so he could get adequate access.


"Shit, Chris! You make me feel so fucking horny!" I whispered as Chris picked up the speed of his thrusts in and out of me.


After several minutes, Chris began to slow slightly. "I'm really, really ready to blow. How about you?"


I didn't have time to respond. I began shooting my load into the sheets with a few whimpers as I did. Chris was right behind me! "Here I cum, big guy!" he almost yelled. "Ahhh... ahhh& ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...."


Chris collapsed on top of me as he his breathing began to subside to a normal level. "I have this feeling& that showers... are in order!" Chris managed to get out between breaths.


"And, eventually the sheets in the laundry!" I added.


Finally, Chris rolled off me and pulled me on top of him. "I think, Sam, you are fucking habit forming!"


I kissed him, "You are turning into a sexaholic! Maybe we should start a 12 step program."


"No fucking way!" Chris said in mock horror. "I would have nothing to live for!"


He finally planted another few kisses on me and then pulled me out of bed and towards the shower.


When we finally arrived in the kitchen wearing only our gym shorts, Sawyer and Glen were sipping coffee. They both had on a pair of gym shorts without a shirt.


"Good morning, guys!" Sawyer greeted us in an extremely buoyant voice.


"Good morning, Sawyer, Glen," I responded. "Someone seems happy this morning! It is so not like you, Sawyer!"


"We just had a really good night's sleep, right Glen?" Sawyer answered.


"Yup!" Glen agreed. They were both smiling broadly.


"Are the other two moving about?" Chris asked.


"We heard music coming from their room as we were walking by," Sawyer announced. "So, we really don't know if they are out of bed or just awake!"


"Ah! Music in the air! That seems to be going around this morning!" Chris said as he put his arm around my shoulders.


"So, you got some special attention this morning, Sammie?" Sawyer asked. At least he was still smiling.


"I'm not going to answer that, Sawyer!" I said in my most indignant voice I could muster. "You?"


"As a matter of fact, Glen and I had a really terrific time last night and this morning!" Sawyer confided.


"It has been one whole week since we've seen each other!" Glen added as he leaned in to kiss Sawyer on the cheek.


About then Tom and Harrison appear in the kitchen doorway. They, too, were wearing gym shorts without shirts.


"Good morning, men! This must be the stay over with Chris and Sam wardrobe," Harrison said as they moved to sit beside Glen and Sawyer.


"It does appear that way," Chris answered. "Coffee is over there. Help yourselves."


"Thanks!" Harrison said as he got Tom and himself a cup of java. "How does one dress for Yoshi's?"


"Casual. Jeans are okay. Slacks are okay. Naturally, you will need a shirt!" Chris answered.


"Cool!" Tom added. "Are we walking, busing it, or cabbing it?"


"Neither! We can drive there. They have valet parking!" Chris informed the group.


"I heard it was a really good brunch!" Sawyer said to the group. "My mother said she has wanted to go there like forever, but my father is a cheap ass. So, she hasn't been there yet!"


"It is really, really good!" I added.


After we had consumed more coffee we headed to our respective bedrooms to dress for brunch.




Chris handed the car over to the valet dude and we went inside. We were greeted by Yoshi's wife. Mrs. Katsumura greeted Chris with a hug, "It's so good to see you Christopher! How are your grandparents? We haven't seen them here in ages, but I understand they will be in today."


"They are terrific! I'd like you to meet some friends. This is my boyfriend Sam. He was here with my grandparents and me earlier this fall. This is Tom, Harrison, Glen, and Sawyer."


As Chris was introducing everyone Mrs. Katsumura was shaking everyone's hand. "It's so nice of you to come for brunch! Oh! And, congratulations Chris! Your grandparents told us you were engaged."


Chris put his arm around my shoulder, smiled broadly, and said, "Yes! He swept me off my feet and I didn't want to let him get away!"


At this point, Mrs. Katsumura was leading us to a round corner table. "I will send Jeffery over to take your drink orders."


Jeffery took our drink orders and our conversation continued. Tom asked his first question, "So, Chris! How is it that you know these people so well?"


"My grandparents come here all of the time. It's my grandmother's favorite place for Sunday brunch," Chris answered.


"That explains a lot!" Tom responded. "Do you think you would like to live in this neighborhood?"


"I haven't really thought about it," Chris answered. "What do you think, Sam?"


"Chris," I began my explanation. "You know as well as I do that I'm still trying to figure out the city in general. I have no idea where we might eventually settle. However, I'm excited to try out Lake Point Towers."


"I think I would be excited too!" Glen added. "I've never stepped foot in a place like that before! I've lived in the same four bedroom house almost my entire life. And, I want to live in Chicago after we graduate."


"We could buy a house in Lakeview, Glen!" Sawyer announced.


"That is the second reference to a long-term relationship between the two of you," Tom thought out loud. "Is there something we should know?"


"Nope!" Sawyer announced. "Everything will depend on my meeting Glen's family. I may not be an acceptable candidate for a relationship with Glen!"


Glen leaned over and briefly kissed Sawyer on the cheek, "They will love you, Saw! Just like I do!"


Harrison turned to Tom, "I think we need to keep an eye on this relationship when we get back to school in case there are wedding bells!"


"You can hold off on that for a few more weeks, at least!" Sawyer answered Harrison. "I haven't been asked yet!"


Jeffrey returned with our drinks, took our orders, and left us alone to continue our conversation.


It was Tom's turn to speak amp up the conversation. He held out his hand and pointed to the ring on his finger. "Harrison popped the question last night!"


"Holy shit!" Glen exclaimed. "I think its celebration time!"


I returned the excitement, "That's great guys!"


Harrison turned to Chris and me, "We saw how happy the two of you are and decided to follow suit! You're great role models."


"I don't know about role models," Chris joined in the reverie. "I realized Sam made me the happiest I've ever been. So, we decided to make our relationship permanent!"


"Same here," Tom answered. "Now, we need to shop for a ring for Harrison."


"Here's to the latest engagement," I added as I raised my glass. The others followed.


About that time, Chris's grandparents entered the restaurant. I nudged Chris and nodded to the doorway, "Chris, your grandparents are here!"


Chris's grandparents strolled to our table. Chris stood and greeted his grandparents, "Grandma, grandpa. It's good to see you!" I did the same.


"You remember Harrison, Tom, Sawyer, and Glen," Chris added.


"Of course! Hello, gentlemen!" Chris's grandmother announced. "I see you've found the best Sunday brunch in town!"


"And, we've turned brunch into a celebration! Tom and Harrison are engaged as of last night!" Chris added.


"Congratulations! It's always good to know that love is still in the air," Chris's grandfather added.


"Thank you, SIR!" Tom and Harrison replied in unison.


"You're welcome," Chris's grandmother responded. "And, if any of you want to drop by our house after Thanksgiving dinner with your family, you are all more than welcome to do so!"


With a little more conversation, Chris's grandparents joined another couple at their table.


Harrison decided to ask another question, "Who are those seriously good looking men with your grandparents, Chris?"


"Ah! That's Kevin and Grant. Grant teaches with my grandmother! They are like a second set of parents to me." Chris explained.


Harrison decided to plunge further, "Ah! Are they a couple?"


"Yup!" Chris answered. "They've been together for as long as I remember. I'll introduce you to them before we leave."


Before Jeffery arrived with our food, he walked to our table carrying a bottle of Champagne in an ice bucket. "This," Jeffery explained, "is from Mr. and Mrs. Washington and their friends. I understand there is a celebration happening here!" He turned to Harrison and Tom, "Congratulations, gentlemen!"


Tom and Harrison again said in unison, "Thank you!"


We ate a terrific brunch. Chris introduced us to Kevin and Grant. We said good bye to Chris's grandparents and the other two gentlemen. Then, we set off in Chris's car to deliver the guys to the train station for their ride back to the suburbs.



To be continued...


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