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Sam and Chris

Chapter 32: Moving Forward


I arrived at Starbucks shortly after my last class on Friday. Chris hadn't arrived yet, so I pulled out my laptop and started looking over information on homeless gay teens in the United States. I found a review in the Windy City Times of a documentary filmed in Chicago called The Homestretch! The review not only chronicled the efforts of film makers Kirsten Kelly and Anne de Mare but also some staggering statistics. As I was trying to digest the information, I saw Chris as he walked toward our table.


Once he sat down with his coffee, I started bombarding Chris with my findings. "Chris! I'm so, so glad to see you. I've been looking at information about homeless gay teenagers. You won't believe some of this shit!"


"And, I'm glad to see you, too, Sam!" Chris interrupted my tirade. Fortunately, he was smiling.


"Sorry, my sweet man!" I started to apologize. "How was your day?"


"Let's put it this way, I'm happy that this is Friday, and we have the weekend to look forward to," Chris answered. "How were your tests?"


"I think I did well," I answered. "I'll know more on Monday!"


"Now," Chris began. :"Tell me about homeless gay teenagers in Chicago!"


"Well, I have just started looking for information. However, what I have found so far is unbelievable! I'm getting even more bummed out!" I tried to explain my position.


"Please don't get too depressed on me!" Chris announced.


"I will try not to do that, I promise. First off, there are approximately 1.6 million children and youth who were in some homeless situation last year in the United States. And, of those 1.6 million 40% identified themselves as LBGT. Secondly, in the Chicago Public School System approximately 19,000 kids were in the "Students in Temporary Living Situation" program—that's "homeless" in most circles. But, the number is probably larger because the school system found that many students do not want the stigma of being labeled as homeless, so they are not in that program." I paused to gauge Chris's reaction.


"I'm no mathematician, but it seems to me that from your information one could assume there are approximately 8,000 gay homeless kids in Chicago. Correct?" Chris asked.


"I think that is one assumption you can make from these few statistics," I answered. "Or, about 640,000 in the United States!"


"All I can say, Sam, is that you have your work cut out for you!" Chris added. "Why? Is my first reaction."


"Mine, too!" I answered. "Statistics vary, but most sources put the average age of all homeless people between 6 and 9. So, the assumption is that most homeless children are part of a family unit that were forced in to homelessness by unemployment or underemployment. The average age goes down in areas that are less affluent. So, some of the most affluent areas have the highest average age of homeless people. So, that explains the 60% who are not LGBT."


"Why do I sense there is a `but' coming?" Chris asked.


"There are organizations—some government based, others non-profit based—who deal with homeless youth in Chicago. I have phone numbers for some to call on Monday. There is a terrific program in Chicago where people will take in LGBT people between the ages of 18 to 24. The `foster' family provides food, shelter, and, most importantly some say, mentoring."


"What about the younger ones?" Chris asked.


"From what I can tell, it has a lot to do with, and I am sure this is not a surprise for anyone, DCFS regulations." I answered and waited for Chris's response.


"Oh God!" Chris began. "Now my boyfriend is taking on the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services!"


"I think `taking on' is the wrong phrase," I answered. "I am, after all, just a college freshman attending a state university. How seriously can I be taken?"


"Let me correct you on that statement, if I may, Sam," Chris began. "You are a college freshman attending a state university who, along with his boyfriend, is on the board of directors of the Washington Family Foundation. A foundation that is LGBT friendly. And, a college freshman attending a state university who, along with his boyfriend, owns a condo in Chicago and pays significant real estate taxes."


"Hmmm! I never thought about it like that," I answered while pondering Chris's statement. "By the way, who pays for the real estate taxes on the condo?"


"They are withdrawn from my trust every year," Chris answered.


"One other question and then we can get back to our discussion about gay homeless youth," I added. "Who pays the condo fees?"


"Until we started actually living there over the holidays, the foundation did because they had use of the condo for visitors," Chris answered part of my question. "I haven't asked my grandfather, but I assume the condo fees will also be paid by my trust."


"But, Chris, I can't let you pay for everything!" I announced.


"Okay!" Chris began to think out loud. "I guess we could both dump an equal amount of money into a joint household account to pay for the condo in Chicago and the one here at school. How does that sound?"


"Perfect!" I agreed. "It will make me feel better if I am contributing to our living arrangements."


We didn't notice Sawyer and Glen as they approached our table. When they were near us, Sawyer announced their presence, "Hey, dudes! What's happening?"


"Nothing much," Chris answered. "Sam is just hatching a plan to overthrow the State of Illinois government! Do you guys want to join us?"


"This I have to hear," Sawyer said as he and Glen sat across from Chris and me.


"I am not really trying to take over the State of Illinois government!" I countered Chris's statement. "I am just taking an interest in the gay youth homeless population in Chicago. Did you guys read the column by Mary Schmich in the Chicago Tribune?"


"The one about the homeless gay guy who was beaten to death in Lincoln Park?" Glen asked.


"That's the one," I affirmed.


"Glen showed it to me," Sawyer said. "We were both wondering why a 15 year old gay guy was, one, homeless, and two, in Lincoln Park after dark."


"That was our reaction, too!" I answered. "So, at Chris's suggestion, I sent off an e-mail to Mary Schmich. She answered my e-mail with a reply. She will call me around 4:30 on Monday afternoon to discuss the particulars of the situation. Then, this afternoon I began googling information about gay homeless youth in Chicago in particular and the country in general. It infuriates me that there are families in this country who turn their gay children out into a world with no hopes of finding adequate housing! And, I suspect that DCFS is to blame in some part because they are the ones who `approve' foster care families. And, I don't think, even in this day and age, that DCFS case workers are gay friendly! That's my take on things."


"You are probably correct about DCFS not being gay friendly," Sawyer added. "A gay couple my parents know tried to become foster parents and they were turned down because of `their lifestyle.'"


"So, Sam," Glen began, "I would like to know your plan! And, I am certain you are making one as we speak. I can see the wheels turning in over drive!"


"I don't have a plan yet!" I answered. "But, I hope to know more after I speak with Mary Schmich from the Tribune."


"As I reminded Sam earlier, we are on the board of directors for the Washington Family Foundation," Chris added as he smiled his killer smile at me.


"What does the foundation do at this point for the LGBT community?" Glen asked Chris.


"It has, in the past, provided financial aid to gay college students who have been abandoned by their parents for being gay," Chris explained.


"You mean like Brendon?" Sawyer asked.


"I am not at liberty to name names at this point," Chris added to deflect the conversation to another area.


"In other words, you two had a hand in keeping an unnamed student—or students—in school at the UIUC," Sawyer said with a smile.


"We cannot accept responsibility for those unnamed students," Chris explained.


"Just to let you know," Glen offered, "if you need help in putting your plan into motion, Sam, we would be willing to help as much as we can!"


"Thanks, guys!" I said. "And, I promise it will be nothing illegal!"


"That's really kind of you to think about us like that," Sawyer said with a smile. "I am comforted that I won't need to call my parents for bail money in the middle of the night."


"And, before we leave you two alone to scheme, we are organizing the gym group to hit the gym tomorrow morning at 10:30. So, if you are free then, we'd love for you two to workout with us," Glen announced. "Tom and Harrison are definitely in. We haven't heard from Brendon or Harvey yet."


I looked at Chris and he shook his head yes. I turned my attention to Glen and Sawyer, "We're in, too! I can take my exam frustrations out on the equipment instead of Chris!"




We arrived at the gym at 10:20 on Saturday morning. We were the first to arrive. Brendon and Harvey were next. By 10:30 everyone had assembled and we headed to the locker room.


"Any progress on your plot to overthrow the government, Sam?" Sawyer asked as we were changing into our workout clothes.


"Nope!" I answered. "Chris and I went out to dinner last night. No talk of our strategy for the coming months."


"What plan? What government?" Harrison asked as we all headed to the weight room.


"Sam has turned into an advocate for homeless gay youth," Sawyer answered. "He's on a mission to fight injustice!"


"And, what brought this on?" Tom asked.


"Mary Schmich's column in the Chicago Tribune. Did any of you read about the 15 year old gay boy who was attacked and killed in Lincoln Park?" I explained.


"Yea! That really pissed us off, too!" Tom admitted.


I saw Harvey looking at Glen. There was a sadness in his look.


Finally, Brendon spoke up, "Tell them Harvey. They will understand!"


Harvey put down the weights he was using and stared at the floor while he collected his thought, "I was homeless the summer before my junior year in high school. My parents kicked me out of the house when they found out I was gay! No money. No food. Just a few belongings I could shove into my backpack. It was in the middle of the night—like around 9. I found my way to a park and curled up to go to sleep beside a tree. I was scared shitless! And, I was alone. My father demanded that I turn over my cell phone to him. So, I couldn't call anyone."


"What happened after the first night?" I asked.


"I just wandered around the city. I had no place to go, so I just walked. I found a homeless shelter at a church, but they only let me stay for one night because I wasn't 18 yet. But, at least they fed me and gave me some money so I could eat. I was alone for two months until I started back to school. The family of one of my friends let me stay with them while DCFS tried to get me placed in a foster family. But, whenever a possible foster family found out I was gay, they didn't want me in their home."


Harvey was still staring at the floor. Glen walked over to him and put his hand on Harvey's arm, "You don't need to tell us if you don't want to, Harvey."


"I need to. I've only told Brendon since arriving at UIUC," Harvey took a deep breath and continued. "I was finally placed in a foster home with an older man and woman. Their children were married and living across the country. They didn't see their kids much. They were pretty sad people. The old man got pissed one day—not at me—and took his anger out on me. He gave me a black eye and a couple of bruises. The next day the school called DCFS and took me out of that home after only a month. The case worker found an `unauthorized' foster family. They were two gay guys. They saved me from going mad. They gave me direction. They are helping me financially at here at UIUC. I don't know what I'd ever do if the caseworker didn't think outside the box."


"I take it you are still communicating with the gay foster family," Chris asked.


"Yea! Like once or twice a week," Harvey added. "They are like parents to me... best parents I've ever had."


"How did being homeless make you feel?" Harrison asked.


"Lonely. Afraid. Unloved. But, mostly lonely," Harvey replied. "Then, in the beginning of my senior year in high school, a couple of guys jumped me and dragged me behind the school. A couple of their friends were there waiting. All four of them beat the living shit out of me. My two dads were great, but the rest of the town felt that the faggot got what he had coming to him. My dads literally sold their house, quit their jobs, and moved us to Indianapolis. It was better there. People knew other people who were gay. Suddenly, I wasn't some outcast. I felt I belonged for the first time in my life."


"So, if I can ever help you, Sam, with this homeless thing," Harvey began, "I'll be there with bells on. I even think my dads would love to get involved, too. They are moving to Chicago in January. Ted, who taught math at the University of Southern Indiana, found a teaching position at Northwestern!"


"My grandmother teaches art history at Northwestern," Chris announced to Harvey. "You should tell your dad to look up Dr. Washington. She knows absolutely everyone who works there. And, if you need a rule broken, she is the one to do it!"


We headed to the showers. After we were dressed, we went to lunch at the Thai restaurant Chris had taken me right after we first met. At lunch, we planned to go dancing that night. Tom and Harrison were eager to debut their leather pants and vests. Brendon and Harvey decided against joining us.




We took cabs to the bar. Tom, Harrison, Sawyer, and Glen grabbed one near campus. Chris and I hailed one outside our building. Everyone arrive at about the same time.


When we were all inside, Chris was the first to remark on Tom and Harrison's new duds. "Fuck, guys! You look good enough to eat!"


"I like the way you... ahem... fill out the pants!" I added. I was admiring Harrison's bulge in the front of his pants.


"Thanks. We were a little anxious about wearing these out, but Harrison convinced me," Tom admitted.


"Well, I am no leather expert, but I think those pants and vests are perfectly!" Sawyer gushed. "Do you think we should get some, Glen?"

"Sawyer, it's only been a few weeks since I came out to my parents. I don't think I'm ready for leather... although I do think the guys look super-hot in them!" Glen responded.


After we had all ordered drinks, we found an empty stand up table near the dance floor. I noticed Ben and Marcus come through the door. "Look! Ben and Marcus are here!" I announced to the group.


"Shit!" Tom remarked. "I didn't count on my TA being here tonight. Maybe we should have saved these for another night."


"Don't worry, Tom," Harrison continued. "You might get a better grade!"


After Ben and Marcus had a drink in their hands, they headed toward us. Once Marcus noticed Tom and Harrison's outfits, he exclaimed, "You look fucking hot tonight dudes!"


"And, I think I am going to have trouble looking at you two in class from now on," Ben admitted. "The image of you two standing there looking hot in the leather attire is burning a hole in my brain!"


After a little more conversation, we all headed to the dance floor. As we were getting into the music, I noticed several people taking quite an interest in Tom and Harrison's attire. Chris noticed to. He leaned in to say into my ear, "I think half of the bar is lusting over our leather clad friends."


"Maybe more than half," I answered back.


As we danced, shirts came off until almost all of the dancers were naked from the waist up. Chris and I decided to take a break from dancing. Sawyer, Glen, Ben, and Marcus joined us after a few minutes.


"Dudes," Sawyer said over the music. "This is outstanding! Unless Tom and Harrison really do something stupid, I think the two hunks dancing next to them might proposition them. How do you think Tom and Harrison would react?"


"Too early to tell," I answered. "They are engaged, but somehow, I don't think they will say `no!'"


"You may be right," Sawyer answered. "Did you and Chris ever come to an agreement?"


I knew Sawyer was asking if we were planning on being a monogamous couple. So, I answered as best I could, "We've decided to take it on a case-by-case basis."


"In other words, you haven't made a decision!" Sawyer added with a grin.


"I think that is a pretty good assumption," I answered. "However, I am extremely happy with just being with Chris! I don't know of many men who look and feel as good as he does! What about you two?"


"We've talked, but we don't know where we will be going with all of this," Sawyer answered. He was barely heard above the music. "We're not quite as far along as you and Chris! But, just like you, I'm extremely happy with my man!"


Sawyer turned to Glen and dragged him out to the dance floor. Chris was engaged in conversation with Ben and Marcus. I joined them, "Sawyer and Glen are having an awesome time. And, I think Tom and Harrison like the attention they are getting!"


"I think if Tom and Harrison would wear their leather outfits to class, I would have no choice but to give them `As'." Ben admitted.


"I think my husband is rethinking the leather experience!" Marcus said as he smiled broadly and pulled Ben in for a hug.


"Where are your harnesses?" Ben asked Chris and me.


"We didn't have time to plan, so we just threw on some clothes. Maybe next time," Chris answered.


"I'm trying to convince Ben to be a little bolder in dressing when we go out," Marcus added. "We both bought some nice leather pants and a vest when we were in NYC last summer. I just can't get him to wear them out of the house."


"I would be embarrassed if some of my students saw me out dressed in leather!" Ben admitted. "As it is, I have five students from my classes here tonight!"


"Who is the fifth?" I asked.


"Wayne," Ben answered. "He's one of the leather boys dancing with Tom and Harrison. The other guy is his boyfriend, but I don't have him in class. I forget his name." Wayne is a super looking 6' tall white guy with a muscular body and close cropped hair. Wayne's boyfriend was Asian and stood just slightly shorter than Wayne. He, too, had a great body!


I lean into Chris, pointed to Wayne and his boyfriend, and ask, "What is the significance of the red handkerchiefs in their pockets?"


Chris smiled as we said into my ear, "Fisting! Red right is the receiver. Red left is the giver."


"Oh!" I answered. "I'm sorry I asked."


Tom and Harrison and Wayne and his boyfriend left the dance floor and headed towards us. They were all dripping in sweat!


Tom began introductions, "Wayne, Kino, these are our friends. Chris and Sam. Ben and Marcus."


We all shook hands. Wayne was the first to speak to Ben, "I'm just a little embarrassed, Mr. Albertson!"


"Don't be, Wayne," Ben answered. "And, in this space, my name is not Mr. Albertson, but Ben! Sam, Glen, Tom, and Harrison are in another of my classes. Besides, you two make a great looking couple!"


"Thanks," Wayne replies.


"We are on our way to the bar to get a drink!" Tom announces. "We worked up quite a thirst!"


The four leather boys headed to the bar.


Chris asked the group that remained, "Do all computer science students have great bodies?"


Ben answered with a smile, "We have to. Otherwise, we would all be labeled geeks. And, we gay boys can't be geeks now, can we?"


Our conversation continued until Chris pointed to the corner of the bar. Harrison, Tom, Wayne, and Keno were lip locked. The coupling was Harrison and Wayne together and Tom and Keno together. "I guess we know where they stand as a couple!" Chris added as he smiled.


"Why?" I asked. "You don't approve?"


"It's not that," Chris answered. "My dick tells me I'm jealous!"


"I'll take care of your dick when we get home!" I said to calm Chris's jealousy. Chris pulled me in for a hug.


"I'm going to hold you to that!" Chris demanded. "And, I'll take care of yours! Maybe we can put on the harnesses!"


Chris pulled me into him so my back was facing him. He put his arms around me and located my nips. My left in his right hand. My right in his left hand. He began to fondle them. Chris also started to caress my neck with his tongue. I began to react with a stiffening dick.


Tom and Harrison and Wayne and Kino rejoined us. Harrison was the first to speak to Chris and me, "You two need to get a room!"


I replied as best I could because Chris was still massaging my nips, "And, like, you four are with Dorothy and Toto?" I could see Harrison blush.


"I think we need one more dance," Keno announced. The four leather boys headed toward the dance floor. Chris was still massaging my nips.


"Stop that, Chris! You're going to make me cum in my jeans! And, I don't have on any underwear!" I softly said to Chris.


"But, I'm enjoying myself!" Chris answered. He did finally stop, but he didn't let go of me. In fact, he pulled me in more tightly to him.


After a couple of more songs, our leather boys returned from the dance floor. It was Tom's turn to make an announcement. "We're going to call it a night, guys! I think we've overdone the dancing for tonight."


As Sawyer and Glen joined us, Chris spoke to the group, "I'm going to take Sam home as well. He needs his beauty sleep!"


I punched him gently in the ribs with my elbow. We all decided to head out. None of us put on our shirts after we grabbed our coats from the coat check. Tom, Harrison, Wayne, and Keno were in one cab. Ben and Marcus in another. Glen and Sawyer in another. Finally, Chris and I hailed a cab back to the condo.


When Chris and I finished hanging our coats, he led me to the kitchen and retrieved two beers for us. He motioned to the island and we both sat and clinked our glasses in a toast. "Here's to a great evening with my great boyfriend," Chris said.


I didn't say anything back. I just kissed him after I had swallowed some of the beer.


"How do you think Tom, Harrison, Wayne, and Keno will get along?" I finally asked Chris.


"Well," Chris began. "If the respective partners don't freak out, I have this feeling that they will enjoy themselves very, very much. What do you think?"


"I hope everything goes well," I began to answer. "I know Tom and Harrison like to experiment. We'll find out when we see them next. I know Sawyer will drag it out of them if he has to! However, I'm more concerned about this sexy man sitting next to me right now. I suspect his dick might be getting hard." I reach down to Chris's crotch to feel his bulging crotch. "Yup! I was right! How would you like me to take care of this, stud?"


Chris answered as he kissed me. "I think we need to get naked immediately. Then, we can see how things go from there!"


"I like your plan!" I answered as we were both shedding clothes on our way into the bedroom. The only things we didn't take off were our chrome cock rings. I slid onto the middle of the bed. I was laying on my back as Chris was taking his position on top of me as he started to kiss me. I started to massage his ass. We were both moaning in pleasure.


After about 20 minutes of passionate kissing, Chris announced, "I think we should go to sleep!"


"No fucking way that is going to happen, Chris! Not until you have thoroughly fucked me!" I answered in horror!


"Then, I guess we should get busy!" Chris answered as he grabbed the lube from the nightstand.


He raised his body on his knees between my legs and began to apply generous amounts of lube to his raging hard 9" uncut cock. He also added some to my asshole for good measure.


"I need to take a survey!" Chris began. "Am I going to be your lover or fuck buddy tonight?"


"Lover!" I answered.


"Hard and fast? Or, slow and easy?" Chris posed his second set of questions.


"Hard and fast! But, I want you to last at least until 1 am!" I hissed.


"But, it's only 11:30!" Chris answered.


"That's not my problem, stud!" I replied. "Just make it work! I don't care how many times you need to cum, but you are committed to be in my ass until 1 am! I will not take `no' for an answer! Now, just fuck me!"


"Yes, SIR!" Chris answered as he lined up his big black dick with my asshole. He began his descent into me. It wasn't slow and easy like sometimes. He just started and did not back off until he was in.


"Ah! Shit, Chris!" I screamed. "You feel so good in me!"


"I'm glad you like it!" Chris said softly. "Because I have become addicted to you!"


"Good!" I answered. "And, I will not allow you to join any 12 step support groups! Do your thing, stud! Fuck me like you've never fucked me before!"


Chris began his pillage of my ass. Hard, fast, long strokes in and out of my ass. As he began to gain momentum and speed, he began to sweat profusely. His sweat was dripping onto my body. We were both glistening in his sweat.


Finally, Chris slowed slightly and began to kiss me. "You know... lover boy! I need to... slow this down... for a few moments... Otherwise..., I will... not last!"


"Then, slow down, stud!" I whispered. "I'm in no rush!"


Chris drove his big, hard cock all of the way in me and stopped for a moment. He leaned in and amped up kissing me. Finally, he slowly began to move in and out of me, but he didn't stop the kisses.


After a few moments, Chris was again ravaging my ass. I was beginning to moan in pleasure. Chris's body tensed and started to unload in my ass. "Shit! Fuck! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...! Shit!"


Chris eased his body on top of me as he caught his breath. When he was finally breathing normally, he asked, "Do I get extra credit for outlasting your 1 am deadline?"


I looked at the clock. It read 1:25 am. "I guess, Chris, we might need to change your batteries for tomorrow! The energizer bunny can only last so long in one charge!"


"Trust me, Sam! I'm rechargeable!" Chris added. "Can I do something for you now?"


"Yea!" I responded. "Promise me that by tomorrow morning, you'll be able to do this all over again!"


"I promise!" Chris answered. "As a matter of fact, I look forward to a repeat! And, then, we can make certain you are a happy man!"


"As long as you are in bed with me, I am a happy man," I whispered to Chris as he rolled us both on our sides. We were asleep in a very, very short time.




We all assembled for our Tuesday morning workout. Even Chris decided to join us because his vocal coach had a conflict.


"So, Tom, Harrison," Sawyer began as we were changing for our workout. "How did things go with Wayne and Keno?'


Tom threw his underwear at Sawyer. Harrison almost managed to fall backwards as he was trying to put on his jock strap.


"We had a good time," Tom finally announced. "I think Harrison could attest to our good time, right Harrison?"


"Let's just say that Wayne and Keno enlightened us a bit," Harrison added with some hesitation. "Sam, how is your homelessness plan working out?"


"Good, I think," I explained. "I talked to Mary Schmich yesterday afternoon. She gave me a bunch of contacts who will be able to shed more light on the vastness of the problem. So, that will be a project, for sure!"


"Give us a list of questions, and we will help you make the initial calls," Sawyer volunteered.


"Yea!" Harvey added. "I will definitely help!"


"Maybe," Chris began, "if you don't mind airing your story about being homeless, Harvey, you could share it with some of the agencies. It might make an impact!"


"That would be a great idea, Harvey," I added. "If you can do it emotionally!"


"I think it would be sort of cathartic for me," Harvey added. "Even after I told you guys about it, I felt better."


"Why don't we do a phone bank sometime?" Tom offered. "Give us a list of questions so the information we gather is consistent, and we'll contact people you suggest. If we all handled a few, it wouldn't be too much work, I would hope!"


We attacked the weights with a vengeance.


Glen was watching Chris bench press an inordinate amount of weight, "How do you do that, Chris! I can barely make 50 pounds!"


"Work up slowly," Chris explained. "I used to do more. When I was lifting a 100 pound body over my head in a dance routine, I got used to lifting this amount."


"Sam," Harrison questions. "Does Chris ever lift you over his head?"


"No comment!" I responded. "Some things are left unexplained."


"We only have 8 foot ceilings," Chris answered. "So, I would be afraid Sam would bump his head! Then where would I be?"


We continued our discussion as we worked out. When we finished, we made our way to the locker room and the showers. After we dressed, we headed to the pasta place for lunch.


Once we were seated with our food, Sawyer continued questioning Tom and Harrison, "I'm only asking this for informational purposes! But, do you guys get together with other people often?"


Tom answered, "We don't make a habit of going home with other people, but we were both psyched about getting together with Wayne and Keno. Why?"


"Just curious," Sawyer answered. "Glen and I have been discussing our relationship. How did your time with Wayne and Keno make you feel?"


"Were we jealous?" Harrison began. "No! We were both turned on by them. It's not something we want to do all the time. But, we have decided to make no rules and see where things go."


Sawyer smiled as he added, "Similar to Chris and Sam. On a case by case basis. I assume that means less decision making all at once!"


"Okay!" Tom announced. "Now that everyone knows about our sex life, I think it is time to head to class!"




To be continued...


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