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Sam and Chris


Chapter 33: And, In the End There Was Hope


We were approaching the end of final exams. Chris and I only had one each left.


"How does it feel to be completing your first semester of college?" Chris asked as we were having cocktails while Chris cooked dinner.


"I am not taking anything for granted until I get my grades!" I answered.


"I have this inclination that my smart boyfriend will have all A's!" Chris answered.


"Chemistry will be my downfall!" I responded. "But, I will be finished being bored to tears seven plus hours each week!"


"I am certain you will do well!" Chris answered. "And, we have the closing on the condo next door tomorrow at 2 pm. We can have keys made for Sawyer, Glen, Tom and Harrison after the closing and then be on our way to Chicago by around 4 in the afternoon."


"We pick up Luke and Sean at the airport on Friday at 11 am, right?" I asked.


"Yup!" Chris confirmed. "Then, we meet with the decorator and architect to finalize the renovations on the condo at 3 in the afternoon. The last stop of the day will be dinner with the board of the foundation. After that, we will be free to do whatever we want until Tuesday when we head to your parents for Christmas!"


"My mother is psyched for the holidays," I added. "She has been preparing for this since shortly after Thanksgiving! There will just be the seven of us for Christmas Eve. Then, plan on hordes of people on Christmas Day. Every stray will be invited for Christmas dinner. I hope your grandparents won't be overwhelmed!"


"I doubt that will happen," Chris answered. "As you are probably very aware by now, my grandparents are very resilient!"


"I think Christmas Day dinner will be on the third floor," I explained further. "My mother had the room upstairs painted and the floors refinished. I think she is eager to show off the room. It was getting a little dingy from underutilization."


"Okay!" Chris began. "How many is she expecting? That room could hold tons of people!"


"I know," I answered. "I don't know exactly what has gotten into her lately, but she had the dining room table that my grandparents used in that room refinished. I think it seats about 30 people. So, who knows? She's even hired a caterer to do the food."


"My! My!" Chris responded. "This should be fun! Should we bring tuxes?"


"No, Chris!" I replied. "It is Southern Illinois, remember! Cow country! A Stetson hat and cowboy boots might be more appropriate!"


"Can I wear spurs?" Chris asked. He was smiling!


"Stud! You can wear anything you want," I answered. "Just don't forget to take them off when we go to bed!"


I poured us two glasses of wine as we settled in to enjoy another one of Chris's creations.


"This is terrific, Chris!" I commented on the food. "Not that I expected anything but terrific!"


"Thanks," Chris answered. "I only want to make you happy!"


As we ate, I moved the conversation to the board meeting of the foundation, "Chris, I need to show you the PowerPoint presentation I did for the homeless discussion. And, I want you honest opinion. I don't want to sound too entitled because, after all, this is only my second time meeting with the board."


"Relax, Sam! Everything will be perfect, I am sure," Chris reassured me. "My grandmother will be there and she has already paved the way with David, the board chairman. And, she has assured me that the entire board will be more than willing to take on this project."


"What if I make a fool of myself?" I pushed the subject.


"Sam," Chris quietly responded. "You will do fine! I know you have the passion for this project. And, I'm certain that will show in your presentation."


"I think you have more confidence in me than I do," I answered. I was still not totally on board with Chris's confidence in me. "Besides, what if they think I am nuts trying to spend $5 million on this scheme of mine? It could wind up being more than that!"


"Sam," Chris again tried to reassure me. "$5 million is not a lot of money for the foundation to spend on a project like this. Just think of all the good you will be doing for all the homeless gay youth in the city!"


"Maybe you could tap dance before I give my presentation!" I suggested.


Chris smiled and added, "The only time I will be tap dancing is when I get you home in bed after the meeting!"


"What about tonight?" I asked. "Maybe you need to practice!"




Thursday flew by. First our exams. Then, the condo closing. Finally, we took off for Chicago after giving Sawyer four sets of keys for him and the guys.


We unloaded the car and took our belongings to the condo. We found a note from Henry telling us about our meal, our champagne, and our clean apartment.


"Henry has outdone himself again," I said to Chris after he had read Henry's note to me.


"He tries to spoil everyone around him," Chris answered. "He does a pretty good job of it, too! How about we put our bags in the bedroom and then sip some champagne?"


"Excellent idea, stud!" I answered. "I need to get you a little tipsy so you can ravage my body tonight!"


"Trust me," Chris answered. "I don't need to be tipsy to do that!"


We took our things to the bedroom and returned to the kitchen for a libation and a discussion of the day's events. We had been on the go since 8 am and haven't had time to relax. Now, it is time!


As we settled down at the kitchen island, Chris popped open the champagne and masterfully poured two glasses.


"Here's to my sexy boyfriend," Chris said as he raised his glass.


We clinked our glasses. I leaned in to kiss Chris, "And, to mine as well!" We clinked again.


"So, Sam, we have an entire month before we need to hit the grind again!" Chris added.


"Yea! It feels great to be finished with the semester," I agreed. "I'm going to enjoy just being with you on our break! I only hope you don't get bored with me!"


"Sam, I'll never be bored with you!" Chris answered with a big smile. "I'm sure we will think of something to get us excited during our break."


"Chris," I added. "I know that look on your face. And, we can't have sex all of the time!"


"We could try!" Chris answered.


"I think your dick would fall off if we did," I said quietly as I planted another kiss on him. "And, we wouldn't want that, now would we!"


"Speaking of dicks," Chris began. "Luke and Sean will want to hear all about your plan to end homelessness in the city. Luke was very interested in the idea when I explained your plan to him in an e-mail. He may even have some thoughts on the subject, and I am certain he will want to help with the project!"


"By the way, what are they doing for the holidays besides joining us in Florida with the other guys?" I asked.


"From what I understand, they will be with Sean's family in St. Charles," Chris answered. "Why?"


"I was just wondering," I answered. "I wouldn't want them to be alone for the holidays!"


"That will not happen, I am certain," Chris explained. "Sean has a very big family! Three brothers and two sisters—all married with kids. From what Luke has told me, the place is a madhouse when they are all together!"


"Sounds like fun!" I said. "Speaking of madhouses, I am eager to see what the architect and designer have in mind for this place."


"I am too!" Chris started to explain. "When I talked to the decorator, she said she thought we would love their ideas. And, she was totally onboard with our midcentury and cowboy guest rooms if that is what we want. She thought it would be fun!"


"I still like the concept. I think the midcentury one is great," I added. "However, I am not so certain about the cowboy one! Maybe we could just make that one a woody one instead."


"We'll see what both have to say," Chris answered. "Now, we need to eat before we get smashed."


After we had eaten and consumed the entire bottle of champagne, we cleaned the kitchen together as we discussed the rest of the evening. Chris made a suggestion, "I think we should decide which room we want to christen tonight, get naked, and see where the mood takes us!"


I leered at him and made my own suggestion, "I think I would like you to make love to me in the dining room. I know we have tried this room before, but do you have any thoughts on how we could use the dining room table?"


We left a trail of clothing from the kitchen to the dining room. Chris clicked the lights on and turned down the dimmer so the room was bathed in the soft glow of the can lights. He pulled me tightly in a big bear hug as he led us over to the dining room table. "Sit!"


I sat back onto the table. Chris began to kiss me passionately. I grabbed his big, black, uncut dick and began to massage it as Chris picked up the pace of our make out session. Chris reach down to find my hard dick and started to stroke me. His kisses became more urgent.


"If we keep this up," Chris said, "I will blow in a very few moments."


"Then," I whispered, "we'll just have to do this all over again until you get it right!"


"I like that idea!" Chris whispered back.


It didn't take long before we were both moaning and shooting all over each other.


"I guess we were both a little over stressed," Chris hissed as we both caught our breath.


"We won't need lube if you play your cards right," I whispered suggestively.


Chris scooped up our cum and rubbed a copious amount onto my awaiting hole and his still hard cock.


"I am so looking forward to having you in me, big guy!" I hissed. "It's been way too long."


"I did this last night in bed," Chris answered with an uncertain look.


"Just as I said before! `It's been way too long!'" I answered. I lined his still hard cock to my asshole with one hand and placed the other on Chris's ass. I began to push him into my hole with one hand until his dick was partially inside me. Then, I put my other hand on this ass and pulled him all of the way into me.


"You must really want this, lover boy!" Chris hissed.


"You don't know the half of it, stud," I hissed back. "I need to be properly fucked tonight!"


"Yes, SIR!" Chris responded as he began to ream my ass with his big, black, uncut cock. Slowly at first. The pace gradually quickened. Our breathing became heavier. Chris's sweat dripped from his muscled body onto mine. I was, indeed, getting properly fucked!


"You ready... for my... load..., boy?" Chris hissed between breaths. I felt his body start to tense.


"Yes, SIR...! Fill my... ass..., SIR!" I screamed.


His body started to convulse and he began to moan loudly as I felt rope after rope of his cum fill my ass. I wrapped my legs around his back and pulled him closer so I could kiss my lover. After a few moments, I broke away from Chris to announce, "Chris, I think tomorrow... we will need to find... some oil... for the dining room table... before we get... a water stain!"


"Why?" Chris asked. "This also goes... to the thrift shop... before the workers... start construction!"


"We don't want... to give the thrift shop... damaged goods... do we?" I answered as I continued to kiss my man.


"One step at a time," Chris responded. He began to pull off me and pull me off the table as well. Without me really noticing his plan, Chris led me to the window lined up his already hard cock to my asshole and pushed.


"Ahh! Yes!" I screamed.


And, as had become his and my habit forming custom, he wrapped both arms around me. His usual left hand on my right nipple and right hand on my left. In unison with his thrusts, he kept tweaking my nips!


"Ahhh! Yes!" I moaned.


"I am... assuming that... you like... what I am... doing to your... body!" Chris hissed between thrusts in and out of my ass.


"Fuck yes!" I answered.


Chris continued for several more minutes. I was getting closer with every tweak! I hadn't touched my dick!


Finally, I leaned back on my man and spewed rope after rope of cum on the dining room floor. "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh!" I moaned.


Chris was right behind me. Apparently coaxed along by the convulsions in my ass. His moans were in keeping with the convulsions of his body.


When we regained our composure, Chris hugged me tightly, "Do we need a shower?"


"Nope!" I whispered. "I understand the smell of sex can be an aphrodisiac. Just think of the possibilities tomorrow morning if we don't take showers."


"I think my sexy boyfriend is becoming my sexaholic boyfriend," Chris answered.


"Do you have a problem with that?" I asked.


"Nope!" Chris responded as he kissed me on the back of my neck. "I actually like you best when you are all lusty. It makes my job of seducing you easier."


"We both know it never takes you too much effort to seduce me," I hissed. "I can't think of anything I'd like better than to wake up with my always horny boyfriend ready to make things happen!"


"Then," Chris added as he pulled out of me, "I think we need to get some rest so the seducing can begin early tomorrow morning!"


Chris led me to the bedroom, kissed me good night, and spooned next to me. Sleep came quickly!




I was slowly awakened, not by the sound of phones signaling our wake up time, but of Chris nibbling on the back of my neck. I stretched and turned to face my still groggy boyfriend.


"Good morning, stud!" I said as I kissed him.


"Good morning to you!" Chris whispered. "I love waking up with you in the morning. You are always so happy... Except, of course, on the days you were going to chemistry class. You could be a pain in the ass on those days if I recall!" He kissed me back.


"Those days of chemistry are behind us!" I answered and followed with a kiss. I felt his hard cock press against my hard cock. "I think we might need to take care of a few things before we get started with the day!"


"I think you may be right, Sam," Chris began. "Just to let you know, I desperately need to be thoroughly fucked this morning! Think you can handle the job?"


"I am certain I can handle your request," I whispered back and added another kiss. "However, I need to take a leak before I do!"


"So do I," Chris answered.


"Together or separately?" I asked.


"Together, of course!" Chris answered.


"Why do I think there will be shower sex this morning?" I whispered.


"That would be a reasonable assumption, I think!" Chris answered as he jumped out of bed and pulled me up with him. He grabbed the lube and led me by the hand to the shower.


First, Chris fired up the overhead rainforest shower heads. I could see the wheels turning in my sexy boyfriend's head as he added the butt level side shower jets. Once he had the temperature just right, he pulled me in to the now steamy shower enclosure. Then, we each took turns emptying our bladders.


Chris lathered my dick with lube and added some to his ass. He lined me up with his lubed hole and explained, "I need your dick in me, and I need it now!"


"As a lover or as a fuck buddy?" I asked.


"I don't know! Just do as you are told, boy!" Chris hissed.


"But...," I began until Chris cut me off.


"When you are in me, you can decide!" Chris explained.


"You mean, like, I'm not being given any direction?" I asked. I thought I needed clarification here.


"Yup!" Chris answered.


I decided to make Chris my fuck buddy this morning—I just didn't tell him yet! I quickly pushed into Chris's ass as he fortified himself against the tiled shower wall.


"So," he asked, "what was your decision?"


"Fuck buddy," I answered. "Are you okay with that?"


"More than okay, stud!" Chris responded as I began moving my hard cock in and out of Chris's very tight ass.


With every thrust, I added a little speed and force until I was slapping against his ass at a fairly fast rate.


"Ahh! Shit, stud!" Chris moaned as he grabbed on the bars along the shower wall. He also added a little more explanation every time I bottomed out in Chris's tight, tight ass, "Now..., I know... why there... are so... many... grab bars... in this... shower!"


"I can't... wait... until... it is... my turn!" I hissed as I continued to slap Chris's ass.


"I promise... tomorrow... same time... and same... place!" Chris responded by thrusting his ass toward me as I rammed my dick into him.


I continued to pound Chris's ass until I heard him hiss, "I'm going... to... fucking... cum!" Then, he started almost yelling as I felt his ass contract around my cock as he unloaded on the shower wall. "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


His convulsing ass put me over the top too and I unloaded into Chris's well used ass. When I was finished cumming, I pulled Chris up so I could hold him with my arms around his stomach. I think both of us needed the support of each other to stay standing.


When we finally caught our breath, I felt Chris push my ass tighter to his.


Chris was finally able to explain, "You will do this again or I am going to pout all day!"


"Is that an order?" I asked.


"Yes," Chris answered.


"We will be prunes for the rest of the day, stud!" I whispered. "But, I am going to pound your ass at least one more time!"


"Does that me there could be more than one more time?" Chris whispered back.


I had already began to move my hard dick in and out of Chris's tight ass, "I am certainly going to give it a try!"


After my third orgasm of the morning, I turned Chris around so I could face him. I planted a kiss on my boyfriend's cute lips. "There is something else I need to do this morning before we get dressed."


"And, that is?" Chris asked.


"I need to make you cum for the second time," I answered. I went down on my knees in front of Chris's rock hard uncut cock. `I can never get over the sight of this treasure,' I thought to myself. Then, without warning, I slipped his entire cock into my mouth and deep throated my prize.


"Ah! Shit, Sam!" Chris hissed. "You are so, so good to me!"


I didn't respond with words. I just continued to work on Chris's hot cock. Chris leaned back against the shower wall and moaned in pleasure. It was like my mouth was on fire. I didn't stop until I felt Chris unloading down my throat!


"Fuck! Shit! Fuck! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!" Chris yelled in pleasure.


I stood again and kissed my now satiated lover, "I think we need to finish up here or we will be late for Luke and Sean."


"Right now," Chris answered. "I think they can wait until we get there. I'm liking just being with you way, way too much!"


Chris began kissing me. Finally, he shut off the shower and led the way for us to get dry.




We parked Chris's car at the airport parking lot and went in search of Luke and Sean. We were a few minutes early.


Soon the throngs appeared after being checked through customs. The loudest to appear was Luke who shouted across the baggage claim area, "Christopher! Get your butt over here and give me a hug!"


Chris turned to me and quietly announced Luke's arrival, "We have been summoned!"


We hurried to meet Luke and Sean. We were both pulled into a joint hug by the two weary travelers!


Luke explained their trip, "I thought we would never fucking get here! We were stuck in coach crammed together beside a very large, but funny, old lady! From now on, if we go to Europe, I am going to fly first class. I don't care what bank I have to rob!"


Chris smiled as he responded to Luke's comments, "We're so happy you had a great trip home!"


"It wasn't so bad!" Sean added. "I was flirting with this very, very cute flight attendant! He made the trip much, much more enjoyable!"


"Yea!" Luke responded. "Sean was in the aisle seat. I was scrunched between him and the larger than life lady! She snored, too!"


We all headed toward the baggage claim turntable and waited for Luke and Sean's luggage. Luke decided to continue our conversation, "You guys look really good! I assume life is agreeing with you!"


"We're good, Luke!" Chris answered. "Sam has been keeping me on the straight and narrow—no pun intended."


"We had a good end of the semester!" I continued. "I finished the last chemistry class of my life yesterday. So, I am happy! And, Chris has been feeding me well."


"I can only imagine what lover boy here is feeding you! That will be a different conversation, I think. We will fill you in on our last few weeks in London later," Luke explained. "Now, however, I am going to need a stiff drink over lunch!"


"Once you have your luggage we will head to lunch," Chris suggested. "We need to be back at the condo by 3 to meet with the decorator and architect."


"I see my bag," Sean announced. "We had most of our stuff shipped back. It was easier that packing everything."


"And, there is mine!" Luke said pointing to his luggage. "Now, we can get out of here and head for a much needed drink and maybe a decent hamburger!"


"Luke has been craving burgers!" Sean explained. "The ones in London are sort of bland and mostly impossible to find!"


With bags in hand, we headed toward the car. We threw the bags in the trunk and Chris drove directly to the Burger Bar Chicago on Clybourn Avenue. Luke was ecstatic! "I'm even going to spring for lunch," Luke announced. "And, Sam, I want to know all about this gay homeless youth thing! After all, I think my father is probably responsible for half of the gay kids in Peoria being drummed out of their parents' home!"


Needless to say, Luke was in a good mood! We all ordered a beer and a burger. "So, Sam, tell Sean and me all about your plan to help homeless gay youth in Chicago!"


"Well, it all started when I read a column in the Chicago Tribune about a 15-year-old gay kid who was attacked and killed in Lincoln Park," I began. "And, it snowballed from there. As a matter of fact, Chris and I will be meeting with the board of the Washington Family Foundation tonight where I will give a presentation on a plan of attack. Needless to say, I am scared shitless I will make a fool of myself."


"I think you will do fine, Sam!" Luke assured me. "Besides, Chris will there to protect you!"


"I somehow think," Chris began, "that Sam will not need protecting on this matter. I can't wait for inner pit bull in him to come out!"


"That would be fun to see!" Luke replied. "I think that your grandmother, Chris, will be smiling during most of board meeting tonight!"


"I think that will be the case, myself!" Chris agreed. "Sam will do great things with this project!"


"Why is everyone else more confident in my abilities than I am?" I added. "Is there something I am missing here?"


Sean spoke up, "Listen, Sam! I've been around these two crazy men for a couple of years now. And, they are usually pretty accurate when it comes to people around them and what will be accomplished. I would bet on you making a big splash with this gay homeless youth project! So, relax and enjoy!"


"Now, that we have given Sam his pep talk and Luke his beer and burger, we need to head back to the condo to meet with the decorator and architect," Chris corralled the group into exit mode.


"While you two talk renovations, I think Luke and I need a nap!" Sean admitted. "I'm feeling the effects of traveling AND the beer!"


We arrived back at the condo and got Sean and Luke settled in the guest room. I suggested to Chris that we move the lava lamp to the living room so the decorator could see it!


Shortly after Luke and Sean retired to the guest room, the decorator and architect arrived. Dorothy the decorator and Gerald the architect were both armed with portfolios. I suddenly had this fear that the renovation project might be more than we budgeted based on their enthusiasm.


Dorothy the decorator was up to bat first, "Okay, Chris, Sam! Gerald and I have discussed several issues and have decided that most of the changes will be cosmetic with the exception of removing the dining room wall and possibly opening up the kitchen a little more. We will get to those issues in a few moments."


"So," Dorothy began as she opened her portfolio to show us colors and textures she thought we would like, "I thought we could start with some of the issues that you highlighted earlier. One, the whole place looks a little too beige for your tastes..." She showed us a drawing of the redone living room.


I couldn't help myself to think that Toto should be right around the corner. `Maybe we should get a dog,' I thought to myself. `Maybe that should be another discussion.' I returned my mind to listening to Dorothy.


Chris was the first to speak, "I'll let Sam weigh in on this shortly, but I do like the way you've arranged the room and added lots and lots of color. Sam?"


"Breaking up the sectional makes it less irritating," I answered. "But, why the white sectional?"


"Ah! I thought you might ask that," Barbara answered. "I actually did a little research on this piece. It was custom-made for the room by a Milan furniture maker. Probably, out of any piece in the unit, this is the most costly! But, if you really don't like it, I'm certain I can find a new home for it!"


"When you say most costly, how much is most costly?" Chris asked.


"It's probably somewhere around $30,000!" Barbara answered.


"Somehow, I can't possibly imagine living with a $30,000 living room sofa," Chris decided. "That's just not us, right Sam?"


"Maybe the Washington Family Foundation would like this in their reception room," I answered. "It certainly doesn't belong in our living room! One day, we hope to have a kid or two—and a dog. Somehow, I can't see this thing surviving cranberry juice, dropped pizza, and dog poop!"


"Well, I thought you might say that you'd rather get rid of it," Barbara admitted. "I do know of someone who is really, really interested in it if you do decide you want it out of here. I think you could easily get enough out of this one piece to totally change the furniture in the living room!"


"Then, it is gone!" Chris decided.


We discussed more options until it was time for Gregory the architect to add his thoughts to the renovation. I heard `no interior load bearing walls.' I liked his idea of opening the dining room to the living room. And, his best thoughts were on wide, wooden, floor-to-ceiling panels that could open the kitchen to the living space or close it off depending on the situation. We were done talking by 4:30.


After we let them out, I said to Chris, "Maybe we should just do this ourselves on an as needed basis!"


"Overwhelmed, huh?" Chris asked.


"Yup!" I answered. "I liked the idea of the floors, the dining room wall removal, and the kitchen. The rest, I hope we can just make this place as comfortable as the one at school!"


Luke came out of the guest room and he was scratching his balls. Luke yawned and added, "Did I miss anything?"


"I think Sam and I need to make a few decisions based on our talk with the decorator and architect!" Chris replied with a huge grin on his face. "Do you guys need any furniture for your condo at school?"


"Sean says we are renting furniture until we know what we want," Luke answered. "Why?"


"Do you want the stuff in the living room for your place at school?" I asked. "Dorothy the decorator said she can unload the white sectional. The rest is history, I think!"


"I'll ask Sean," Luke replied.


"I hate to end this conversation, Sleepy," Chris announced to Luke. "But, we need to get ourselves ready for the meeting tonight!" Chris announced.




The receptionist ushered Chris and I into the empty conference room. I set up the laptop with the presentation, and, then, we waited. Chris's grandmother was the first to arrive. She greeted us with a hug, "It is so good to see both of you! And, Sam, I am looking forward to your presentation!"


"Thank you," I answered. "I will be glad when it is over!"


"I've been telling him he will do a terrific job, but he is still nervous!" Chris explained.


"Not to worry, Sam. You are among friends," Chris's grandmother added. "Just be yourself!"


The other members were soon gathering in the room. David, the chairman of the board, addressed me, "Sam, we are all eager to hear about your plans. I understand from Dr. Washington that you have given this a lot of thought. And, your initial summary was very well done!"


"Thank you, Sir!" I answered. "I really do appreciate the opportunity to share my thoughts with the foundation about homeless gay youth here in the city!"


"And, we are here to listen," David replied. "Now, why don't we start with your presentation? That way you can enjoy diner without the presentation hanging over your head!"


After a few moments, I dove into my presentation. At first, I was scared shitless. Then, I saw Chris's smiling face and calmed down significantly. Before I realized I had even started, I was finished. The beginning and end of the presentation I remember vividly. The middle—not so much! I did notice Chris's grandmother smile and nod her approval.


David, the chairman of the board, was first to speak up, "Sam! Thank you for a terrific presentation. You enthusiasm for this project shows through very brightly. Now, are there questions for Sam?"


Richard, who is a banker by profession and a board member, made the first comment, "I agree with David. Your presentation was excellent. But, because I am a financial person, I am here to pick holes in your financial plan. It's nothing personal. It's what I am hired to do. I don't think $5 million will sustain the work that you want to do over the long term. Especially, after you described the shelter in Humboldt Park that is always in financial distress. I see by your operating budget that the annual cost could be as high as $1 million each year. And, your startup costs hover somewhere around $3 million. So, I would prefer to see the foundation commit to at least cover the annual costs for 10 to 20 years. Payable each year of course. I don't think any one of us have a doubt that this will be successful. And, we wouldn't want to make this commitment if it were not sustainable. What are your thoughts, David?"


"I agree with Richard," David replied. "Dr. Washington? Your thoughts?"


"Excellent presentation by the way, Sam!" Chris's grandmother began. "I think Richard's thoughts about funding the program would help attract the best management people to work on this. We also need the community to know that this is not some temporary fix for a serious problem. How long do you think it will take to hire an executive director, Sam?"


"I was given some names of people in the city who should be considered for the executive director position," I answered. "Chris and I also understand there might be a few others who do not at this point live in the city, but who have expressed a deep interest in working with the homeless population. So, probably not too long after the legal details are finished."


Chris wrote something on his pad of paper and turned it so I could see it. It read, "Glen's father might be free!"


I smiled at him.


Mr. Dunlap, a board member and an attorney with Chris's grandfather's firm, added his thoughts. "I have the legal paperwork almost ready to go. Mr. Washington thought I should be prepared. So, we need to think of a name for the non-profit organization and get the board's approval. I will fill in a few blanks, and we should be legal within a month!"


"Okay! If there are no more questions or comments, we should decide where to go from here," David added.


"I motion that we go forward with the proposal with funding for the next 20 years," Chris's grandmother told the board. Everyone else on the board agreed.


Once the decision had been finalized, Chris's grandmother turned to me and smiled, "That is the fastest I have ever spent $25 million. I think we should do this more often!"




I think I was still in shock when Chris and I arrived back at the condo. Luke and Sean were watching Anderson Cooper.


"How was the meeting?" Sean asked as we joined them in the living room.


"I think we need to celebrate! Sam has managed almost single-handedly to get $25 million over 20 years to help homeless gay youth!" Chris declared.


As Chris was getting the glasses and bubbly, Sean and Luke wanted to hear all about the meeting and the plans for the project that had consumed my free time for over a month!


The four of us sat in the living room while we celebrated victory for the homeless project. Luke decided to weigh in on our victory, "I think, Sam, you will have one of the best resumes when you do get your degree and hit the workforce. How many just graduated computer geeks will have such a monumental achievement listed BEFORE graduating from college? Maybe you should be a politician instead of a computer whiz!"


"Let's not go overboard just yet," I said. "It was really Richard on the board that steered the discussion to sustainability."


"You are just surrounding yourself with the best available talent. Think of this project as a testament to your entrepreneurial spirit!" Sean added. "I think every venture capitalist will definitely be willing to listening to your ideas after you manage to put together a successful $25 million project!"


"Guys," I began, "I am not doing this alone. Chris has been onboard this project since I went off the deep end after I read a newspaper article. So, I cannot take all of the credit! Besides, I think I need another drink. Maybe we can change the subject, too! Luke," I turned to Luke as Chris was popping the cork on another bottle of bubbly, "ask Chris if he is going to tap dance tonight!"


"Sam," I heard Chris say as he brought over the bottle, "you are being incorrigible!"


Luke responded, "Can we listen through the doorway? I think this might be worth staying up for!"


"We will let you know when the festivities begin," Chris answered.


"Not to change the subject, but what kind of dog was Toto?" I asked the group. They all looked at me strangely.


"What brought this on," Chris asked. I think he was a little worried I had drank too much!


"Well, when Dorothy the decorator was making her presentation, I just thought about getting a dog," I answered. "Toto came to mind!"


Sean busted out laughing. "Let me get this straight—pardon the pun, which is a line from Chris earlier—you have a decorator named Dorothy and you want a dog like Toto. How does this relate to gay homeless youth?" Sean answered.


"It just came to mind when we were talking to Dorothy," I explained.


"What kind of dog would you like," Luke asked.


"I have always wanted a Border Collie," I answered.


"Oh! God! The fucker will eat us out of house and home!" Chris remarked.


"So, you are a dog hater!" I decided to make a statement. "It might be better to have a dog than a boyfriend!"


"Yea, Chris," Luke began. "You have a $50 million dollar trust fund! You can afford to feed a dog! Why are you so opposed to one?"


"I am not opposed to a dog," Chris answered. "As a matter of fact, I like dogs. And, to show my support of my boyfriend, I will take him to the Border Collie store tomorrow if he wants!"


I decided to rescue Chris from the discussion. I made my way to where he was standing and pulled him into a hug. "I really didn't mean the comment about `It might be better to have a dog than a boyfriend.' I would never trade you in on dog! Not even a Border Collie!"


Chris kissed me. He was smiling, too! "I'm glad to hear I will not be replaced by a BC! What color would you want?"


"Black and white," I answered. I gave Chris a kiss.


Chris poured us all another glass of bubbly before he raised his glass in a toast, "Here is to a great beginning to help homeless youth in Chicago, my sexy boyfriend, my dickhead best friends Luke and Sean, and any future dog that may come into our lives!"


We all clinked our glasses. I kissed my man again.


After we had consumed our glass of champagne, Chris announced our departure to the bedroom. "I have a private show to do for my future husband! So, guys, if you will excuse us, we will begin!"


Chris led me to our bedroom, closed the door, and began our show. I loved it!



To be continued...


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