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Sam and Chris

Chapter 34: The Dog Days of Winter in Chicago


We were finally into the swing of the day. Saturday plans looked leisurely. Chris's tap dance last night and shower sex this morning took our mind off any unpleasantness of the previous days of my first semester at college.


Chris suggested we drive out to the country. I grabbed my camera, phone, and tablet as we headed out. A light snowfall during the night made the scenery very picturesque as we drove.


"Where are we going, Chris?" I finally asked as he headed out of the city. We had just finished breakfast at Ann Sather's on Belmont.


"I don't really know, but I thought it would be fun to drive out near Lake Forest," Chris answered.


"And, what is in Lake Forest?" I asked.


"Ah! Lots of nice homes. Interesting architecture. We can explore. If we are bored, we can move on to other areas," Chris explained.


As we drove through town, Chris was giving me the history of the town. After a few minutes, we seemed to be heading out of town toward a more country like setting.


As we arrived at what appeared to be a farm, I spotted a sign that read `Border Collies.' "Chris, what exactly are we doing here?"


"I just thought you might like to meet a very successful Border Collie breeder and maybe a dog or two," Chris explained. He was smiling broadly. "The lady who owns the place is Pat. I think you will like her!"


"Why do I think you have something up your sleeve that you are not telling me about?" I asked looking through my squinty eyes. I was suspicious.


Chris stopped the car in front of a big, white house. Chris got out of the car and headed to the front door. I followed.


Chris rang the bell, and an older woman opened the door and greeted us, "Christopher Johnson! I haven't seen you in ages! Come in! And, this must be Sam! Welcome to our home."


After we were both properly hugged, Pat, the lady who greeted us, ushered us into the family room. "So, please sit down and tell me all about yourselves. How many years has it been since we have seen each other?"


"I was a junior at Francis Parker high school," Chris answered. "So, that would be about four years ago."


"And, I understand you are still singing and dancing, Chris?" Pat ask.


"Yup!" Chris answered. "I'm not sure where all of this will go, but I am getting my undergrad degree in music and dance. I met Sam at school."


"And, Sam," Pat turned her attention to me, "I understand you are from Southern Illinois and your parents live on a farm."


"Yes," I answered. "I grew up in a small Southern Illinois town called Olney. That's about 250 miles from Chicago."


"I've actually been there," Pat answered. "I attended a dog show near there. However, you look a little confused. So, I am assuming Chris hasn't explained why he wanted to drop by today."


"That would be correct," I answered. "He said we were just going on a drive in the country."


"Well," Pat said as she stood, "there's no time like the present. Please follow me."


Pat led us into an adjoining room that held two, adorable black and white Border Collie puppies.


"Chris!" I said in sort of a whisper. "What have you done?"


"I just brought you here to meet Pat and see a couple of Border Collie puppies," Chris answered. And, yes, he was smiling. So was Pat.


"Chris called me a couple of months ago," Pat began to explain. "He said the two of you would be looking for a puppy near Christmas. So, I saved these two little guys. They are just over seven weeks old and are ready to be placed in a family now."


Pat scooped up both dogs and handed one to Chris and one to me. The puppy I was given immediately started to lick my face. I looked over to Chris to see his doing the same.


"I think they like you," Pat said. "Their father and mother both loved people in general and kids in particular. These two have never met a human they didn't like! Their parents also liked to take rides in the car. I think these two will follow closely in their parents' footsteps. We've had them in the car several times."


"But, we have to choose, right?" I asked. I didn't know if I could. They were both adorable balls of fur.


"Or, you can have them both!" Pat explained.


"Any suggestions, Chris?" I asked as we exchanged puppies.


"They are both cute as can be!" Chris remarked. I don't think he wanted to choose either. "So, knowing that we are both saps, I'd say we have two dogs!"


I went over to Chris and kissed him. "Sorry!" I said to Pat.


"Don't be sorry!" Pat began. "I think it is incredibly cute that the two of you both want these puppies. And, I can see that you love each other very much. That means a lot to me to know that my babies are being placed in a loving home!"


After about two hours and several hundred dollars later, Chris and I walked out with two Border Collie puppies on leashes. We named one puppy Lincoln and the other Roosevelt. Their names on the papers were a lot longer, but included their given names. Naturally, we also got the crates for traveling, a bag of puppy food they were used to, and a few other items. I frankly didn't think the dogs would ever see the inside of the crates, but Pat was adamant that they be available.


As we were driving home, Lincoln and Roosevelt both settled in my lap as Chris drove back into the city. They occasionally exchanged places.


"Thank you, Chris!" I finally said as we were on the expressway. "I think we will both really enjoy these two guys."


"Yea! I have this feeling we will be very much attached to them," Chris added as he smiled at me. "They could be good practice for when we have kids some day!"


"I just remembered something! What will we do with Lincoln and Roosevelt when we head to Florida?" I asked with just a little worry in my voice.


"That, Sam, is one of the advantages of flying in a private plane rather than commercial," Chris explained. "I hope your parents like dogs!"


"They do," I answered. "We had a dog for a long time, but he got cancer when I was a senior in high school. We had to put him to sleep. It was a very, very sad day for all of us."


"I never had a dog," Chris continued. "My father didn't want one in the house. He thought a dog would be distracting for everyone. I personally could have used the distraction!"




After we arrived home, we settled in with our new pets. Lincoln and Roosevelt were happy puppies as they explored the condo.


At 6 pm, both dogs were standing beside the door looking at us. "I think they are trying to tell us they need to use the facilities," I told Chris. "Do we want to do this together?"


"Yes," Chris replied. "We can figure out where these two like to roam. Then, we can make a plan of action for future walks."


Luke and Sean were returning as we headed outside with the dogs on their leashes.


"Holy shit!" Luke exclaimed. "It's just like you, Chris! Not one dog, but two!"


"We couldn't decide which one, so we picked them both," Chris admitted. Chris pointed to each dog as he further explained, "This one is Lincoln. And, that one is Roosevelt."


"How can you tell which one is which?" Sean asked.


"Lincoln has a slightly narrower white area on his nose," I answered.


"And, they are how old?" Luke asked.


"Almost eight weeks," I answered.


"And, they are they potty trained?" Sean asked.


"I think the term is house broken," Chris answered. "But, the answer is `yes.' However, there may be accidents from time to time, especially if they are excited."


"But, you need to pick up after them?" Luke asked.


"Yes," Chris explained as he pulled out two plastic bags. "Hence the bags."


"Where do you take them for their walk?" Luke asked.


"There is a dog walk on the side of the building," I answered. "Would you like to go with us?"


"I think we should pass," Sean decided. "We have to use the people facilities. I don't think most dogs and dog owners would like to watch and Luke and I whip our dicks out of our pants!"


"I think you might be right about that, for the most part," Chris agreed. "There might, however, be a few `family' members who would give their eye teeth to see what you two have in your pants."


"Maybe on a warmer day," Luke offered. "We'll see you upstairs in a few minutes!"


As we were walking, Chris brought up a few more decisions to make about our new charges, "Where should these two sleep at night?"


"They could sleep with us," I answered. "And, I know what you are thinking, Chris! `What if we want to have sex?'"


"That was going to be a follow up question," Chris admitted.


"Maybe we could just tell them that we need some alone time," I decided.


"Do you think they will understand?" Chris continued his thoughts.


"I think they will catch on after a few times," I thought out loud. "Border Collies are one of the more intelligent dog breeds according to some experts."


"In other words, we will have two very smart puppies on our hands," Chris said as he started to laugh.




I sat in the television room with my tablet after dinner. Chris was reading a book. We each had a dog in our laps. I liked the way dog ownership was heading!


I decided to dash off an e-mail to Glen and Sawyer. I sent it to both e-mail addresses:


Good evening, guys! How are the holidays going?


There is news on our end:


1.) The foundation voted last night to fund our homeless project. We will be looking for an executive director fairly quickly. Chris and I were wondering if your father, Glen, would be interested in applying for the job. We do not have a job description yet, but you could let him know that he needs to contact Chris or me if he even thinks he might be interested.


2.) We are now the proud owners of two eight week old Border Collie puppies. We picked up Lincoln and Roosevelt today. They are cute as shit. We were only going to get one, but we fell in love with them both! You will meet them in Florida or here if you come to see us on Monday.


3.) Luke and Sean made it home yesterday morning! They are, as always, high energy!


How are you two spending the Christmas holidays? I know you were splitting time between your families. Who goes first?


We are looking forward to our time in Florida after New Year's Day. We should have a great time. Chris mentioned that there are two cars at the house. We can fight over them if need be.


We are heading to Southern Illinois to be with my family on Tuesday. Chris's mother, grandmother, and grandfather will arrive on Wednesday. My mother has invited hordes of people for Christmas Day. It should be festive.


We will catch up with you again before we head south. Do you want to get together on Monday before we leave? We could have an early Christmas celebration.


I have attached photos of Lincoln and Roosevelt. Do you want to be Godfathers?


S & C


I showed the message to Chris before I pressed `send.'


"We can ask Luke and Sean if they want to be Godmothers!" Chris decided.


"Godmothers," Luke exclaimed as he and Sean joined us in the television room. "Are you saying Sean and I are not butch enough to be your dogs' Godfathers?" At least Luke and Sean were smiling.


"Maybe we could just make everyone Godparents!" I answered. "A set of Godparents for each dog!"


"I can just see it now," Sean continued. "You two are going to leave these two furry creatures your trust funds if you both get hit by a number 52 bus in Lincoln Park."


"Oh shit! We need to make out our wills now that we have dependents." Chris announced. He, too, was smiling.


Before we went to bed, I sent an e-mail to my parents announcing the addition of Lincoln and Roosevelt to our family. Parents are sometimes the last to know.


Chris decided it was time to go to bed. Before we left, he asked Luke and Sean, "Do you think you two would like to bond with Lincoln and Roosevelt for a short time while Sam and I have a few private moments?"


Sean covered Lincoln's ears and Luke covered Roosevelt's before Sean asked, "So, you are going to fuck like bunnies?"


"Yes," Chris replied as he took my hand and led me to the bedroom.


Chris closed the door, "Are you okay with our alone time tonight? It is the dogs' first night here, after all!"


I look at Chris as he undressed. "Well, I was looking forward to some time with you. But, I do understand we need to make Lincoln and Roosevelt feel at home—especially on their first night living with us... God, Chris, we are turning into saps...! Let's go get them."


We both returned to the television room where we had left Luke, Sean, Lincoln, and Roosevelt. Luke looked up in surprise, "That was quick!"


"We decided we couldn't leave these two alone on their first night living here," Chris explained as we each picked up a dog.


"Does this mean the Christopher the sex addict I have known all of these years is having a change of attitude?" Luke asked. He was still somewhat in shock, I think!


"He's still there, Luke," I answered. "We will figure something out for the future! Otherwise, we will both go mad!"


Chris and I put our respective dog on the floor. They eagerly followed us to our bedroom.


After we stripped naked, Chris and I each grabbed a dog and put both of them on the foot of the bed. As we were getting comfortable, Lincoln and Roosevelt curled up at our feet.


"Maybe," I whispered to Chris as we spooned together, "we should get two dog beds and put them in our bedroom's sitting room in case we want to make love."


"Or, we can have a lot of shower sex!" Chris remarked. "I still need to give you your turn getting fucked by your fuck buddy in the shower!"


"Just think of the possibilities!" I answered. "I'm sure we can manage to get creative!"


We were asleep shortly after.




When I felt Chris nibbling at my ears, I knew it must be morning! I turned around and kissed him.


"Good morning, lover boy!" I whispered.


"Good morning to you," Chris whispered back as he returned the kiss.


Then, our furry friends woke up and were soon licking us as part of our wakeup routine. We were quickly wide awake. "They do like to be a part of things, don't they?" Chris asked between licks.


"Yup!" I answered. "They probably need to be walked. Then, when we get back and feed them, we could hit the shower!" I leered at my sexy man.


"Good plan!" Chris answered as he pulled me and a dog out of bed. "I especially like the shower part. How does one dress to walk a dog in the morning?"


"I think you shouldn't worry too much," I answered. "But, I think it is going to be cold as shit this morning! So, plan on warm."


"Don't think about cold," Chris added. "Just think about waking up in Florida in a few days. We won't need to put on all of these fucking clothes."


We opted for the jeans and shirts we wore yesterday and added a sweatshirt. We pulled on our socks and boots before heading out in our winter coats with Lincoln and Roosevelt.


When we arrived at the dog walk near our building, we saw a number of dog owners enjoying the morning crispness. One needs to stay positive when living in the Midwest.


As we were walking, we saw a handsome guy approach us. "Good morning gentlemen! Nice dogs! Are they Border Collies?"


"Yes," Chris answered. He further explained as he pointed to each dog, "This is Lincoln and that is Roosevelt."


"How old are they?" he asked.


"About eight weeks," I answered. "We just picked them up yesterday at Lake Forest."


"My name is Ian, by the way, and this," he said pointing to his dog, "is Ruffles. Are you guys new to the building?"


While our conversation with Ian continued, Ruffles, Lincoln, and Roosevelt began sniffing each other.


"Sort of," Chris started to explain. "We are students at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. We are here for a few days to talk to our decorator and architect about renovations we will be doing to the condo this winter. We are going to live here full time during summer break from school. By the way, I'm Chris and this is my boyfriend Sam."


"Nice to meet you both," Ian responded. "My husband, Larry, and I have lived here for almost two years. He works as an attorney for Bank of America. I'm a struggling writer trying to get my first book published. And, that is like pulling a rabbit out of a hat!"


The three of us made our way to the building lobby. By this time, Lincoln and Roosevelt had done their duty. Apparently, Ruffles had done the same. The three of them got along famously.


"I should give you my phone number," Ian offered. "Maybe we can get together sometime after the holidays!"


"That would be fun," Chris answered. "We could invite you over before the contractors rip the place apart."


The three of us rode the elevator up. Ian and Ruffles left us at the 30th floor. When we walked back into the condo, Luke and Sean were sitting in the kitchen sipping coffee.


"How was the walk?" Sean asked.


"Terrific!" I answered. "We met someone from the building while we were on our walk. His name is Ian, and he has a dog called Ruffles. Ian's husband's name is Larry."


"So, it is true!" Luke exclaimed. "Walking a dog is a great way to meet other gay men. Sean, we need to get a dog!"


"First, we need to get moved into the condo at school. Then, we can talk about getting a dog," Sean decided. "And, unlike these two, we will only have one dog at a time!"


I started getting breakfast for Lincoln and Roosevelt. They were hungry.


Chris walked up behind me and put his arms around me, "So, lover boy," Chris whispered. "Do you want to shower with me?"


I didn't hesitate and answered in the affirmative. We were both naked and in the shower in record time. Chris was getting pretty good with the shower by now. The overhead rainforest shower head and butt level shower sprays were on and adjusted in no time!


"So, Chris," I began. "I believe that it is my turn to be fucked in the shower!"


"Demanding today, aren't we?" Chris responded as he leaned in to kiss me under the blast of the shower.


"I missed having you in me last night," I pouted. "So, make up for lost time and stick your big dick in me!"


Chris didn't need any coaxing. He rubbed some lube on his very hard cock and placed it over my asshole.


"I'm not going to give you options today," Chris hissed. "You will do it my way! And, I have decided you will be my fuck buddy today."


"Don't waste time, stud," I hissed back. "I want your big dick inside of me, like, two hours ago!"


"Yes, SIR!" Chris answered as he shoved his big, black cock into my ass.


"Ah! Shit Chris! That feels so, so good!" I whimpered.


I leaned over and grabbed the bars on the shower wall as Chris started pumping my ass hard and fast. His balls were banging against mine in rapid succession.


After several minutes of non-stop fucking, I could feel Chris's body tense up and I heard him almost scream as he unloaded into my ass. "Shit! Fuck! Shit! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...! Fuck!"


I stood and leaned back against Chris's muscled body. As his breathing was returning to normal, he began to stroke my dick—slowly at first. Then, he increased the speed until I felt myself unload onto the shower wall. "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...! Fuck! Shit!"


We just stood in the shower as we both came down from our session. Finally, Chris whispered into my ear, "We have to stop meeting like this! We'll be wrinkled!"


I turned around and kissed my man! "God! I love you more and more every day!" I added after a final peck on the lips.


We dried ourselves and headed into the bedroom to get dressed. Our two fur balls were lounging on the bed. We dressed in casual clothes and headed to the kitchen for something to eat. We were followed by Lincoln and Roosevelt.




The buzzer sounded at 10 am on Monday morning. It was Sawyer, Glen, Tom, and Harrison.


"Damn, dudes!" Harrison began after being welcomed by Lincoln and Roosevelt. "These are seriously cute puppies!" Harrison reached down and picked up Lincoln. Tom picked up Roosevelt.


"How do you tell them apart?" Tom asked as he was being properly licked.


"Lincoln has a narrower white area on his nose than Roosevelt," I explained.


It was Sawyer and Glen's turn to hold the dogs and get licked.


"They are certainly energetic and unafraid of people!" Sawyer managed to say between licks.


"And, Harrison is right they are very cute!" Glen added. "Be careful, or we might take them home with us!"


"That won't happen," Chris began. "We've become very attached. However, you are always welcome to visit them!"


"And, Sam and Chris proved the old adage about meeting gay men while walking a dog. Or dogs in this case." Luke interjected.


"Then, we will need to get a dog, right Tom?" Harrison added.


"Or, I could put a leash around your neck and have you crawl around the block," Tom said to Harrison.


"I never thought of that," Harrison answered. Fortunately, they were both smiling at each other.


Around 11:30 Chris decided it was time to head off to lunch. We agreed to go to the Chicago Diner on Halsted Street. "Okay, men. It's time to hit the road. Unless you are wimps when it comes to the cold, I suggest we take the T to Belmont and walk up Halsted."


"Why not drive?" Luke asked.


"I can't get everyone into my car," Chris answered.


"What? Are you telling me that limo service doesn't come with this place?" Luke added.


Chris began. "Luke, they won't let me put you in the limo. You need to be house broken!"


"Just for that comment, you can buy your own lunch!" Luke responded.


We made certain Lincoln and Roosevelt had plenty of water and were securely housed in our bedroom's sitting room.


After a short train ride from downtown to Belmont near Halsted, we headed up Halsted to our destination. When we arrived, our host ushered us to the table I had requested in the front window. `He has a nice butt and bulge, but so does my man!' I thought to myself.


Tom and Harrison decided to steer the conversation to Luke and Sean's time in London. "So," Tom began, "tell us all about Merry Old London! Harrison and I have talked about doing a semester abroad. Would you recommend London?"


Sean started to explain, "London was terrific. It was bloody expensive to be there, so I am not certain we would choose London again."


"Yea," Luke added. "Even though we were in student housing—which was not all that expensive—whenever we wanted to do something in the city, it almost broke the bank. So, we had to pick and choose what we wanted to see and do."


"I suppose that is the down side to living in one of the world's most expensive cities," Glen said.


"Yea! My mother wants to do a major European trip sometime," Sawyer interjected. "She wants to go to London, Paris, and Rome. But, my cheap ass father has decided that they will not be going until my brother and I are out of college. So, she's having fun planning. By the time they do manage to go, it will probably turn into a three-month tour of Europe knowing my mother!"


"Have you ever wanted to go to Europe, Sam?" Chris asked.


"I have," I answered, "but there are things I want to do in this country before I hit Europe or Asia."


"Like where?" Sean asked.


"Well," I began to explain my answer, "I've been to the most of the western states that are west of Illinois and most of the southern states on summer vacations with my parents. So, I want to hit New England. And, I'd go to New York City again at the drop of a hat!"


Luke spoke up, "So, Chris! Why don't you take your man to NYC for a romantic weekend getaway?"


"We might consider NYC in the spring or summer," Chris answered. "I do like the city around the holidays, but it is cold! Chicago is bad enough. So, I am not eager to walk a million miles in NYC in the freezing cold! That is, after all, why we are going to Florida! January may not be the ideal time to be in Florida, but it will beat January in Chicago!"


"What will you do with Lincoln and Roosevelt while you are in Florida?" Glen asked.


"They are coming with us," Chris answered. "We are keeping our fingers crossed that they like to fly as much as they like to ride in a car. Otherwise, we are going to have two sick puppies on our hands—no pun intended. I just hope they don't try to herd the Iguanas."


"Now, the big subject!" Sawyer switched the topic of conversation, "I am really eager to know how a $5 million proposal for a project to help for gay homeless youth turned into a $25 million project—signed, sealed, and delivered!"


"Sam can be very, very convincing when he wants to be," Chris answered with a smile.


"I told Sam," Sean continued with the conversation, "he will have a definite resume advantage when he hits the job market with this experience under his belt. Plus, the four of you have essentially started a website development business in the first semester of your freshman year in college."


"Back to the homeless gay youth project," Sawyer moved the conversation back to his original question.


"It was a board member who suggested we add funding for the next 10 to 20 years so the money being spent would not be a failed investment," I answered. "It really wasn't my idea."


"No!" Chris interjected. "It wasn't Sam's idea, but his enthusiasm for the project that made the difference."


"Yea!" Glen added. "It wouldn't have been a well thought out project had it not been for your enthusiasm for this idea, Sam."


I decided to move on because I was becoming a little uncomfortable with the line of questioning, "Did you mention this to your father, Glen?"


"Yup!" Glen answered. "He likes the idea of being involved in this in some way. He's not certain he wants the responsibility of being the executive director. He thinks he's not cut out to be in charge of a $1 million annual budget."


"If he is a great leader, he won't be the one directly responsible for the budget. He will just need to surround himself with people he can trust," Chris explained. "That's something my grandfather mentioned yesterday when we talked about all of this. He hates to deal with financial details of his law firm even though he is the managing partner. His big thing is determining the destination of the ship—not steering it."


"Good point!" Glen answered. "He does want to speak with you about this. He is eager to dump the congregation. My mother said he cringes every time he deals with some of the bigots in his church."


"He would at least have motivation!" Luke answered. "And, you can thank you lucky stars, Glen, he is not like my father the bigot!"


"Yea!" Glen answered. "For that I am indeed grateful. You all know how much I dreaded the conversation about being gay. I didn't know it would be so easy... I think I may have approached the subject earlier if I had known the outcome. He and I have become closer since I came out to my parents!"


"And," Sawyer added with a smile, "they really, really like Glen's choice in boyfriends!"


Glen threw his napkin at Sawyer and said to our group, "As if you haven't noticed, Sawyer is extremely humble!"


"And," Sawyer added, "don't forget warm, caring, empathetic, charming, and cute!"


"Okay," I decided to change the subject. "Are you guys excited about our Florida adventure?"


"For sure!" Tom answered. "I think the whole trip will be just what we need before we head back to school. Can you actually sit on the beach in January?"


"Usually," Chris answered. "You may not want to be in your bikini or go in the water, but you can definitely hang out on the beach. And, the pool is heated. If necessary, we can crank up the overhead heaters around the pool area."


"Are there any gay bars in Palm Beach?" Harrison asked.


"There are a couple," Chris answered. "But, most of the gay bars and restaurants are in Fort Lauderdale. We can pop down there for the day, have dinner, and hit a bar in the early evening. We need a designated driver because the cops between Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale are like flies!"


"How could all of us get down there?" Luke asked. "There are eight of us!"


"We can probably all scrunch in to the Escalade that seats 8 if we aren't afraid of being close!" Chris answered. "There is also another car there if we need it."


"How far is Fort Lauderdale from Palm Beach?" Sean asked.


"Less than an hour without traffic. Several days if you go during rush hour!" Chris answered with a smile. "We could also go to Miami Beach another day if you like. Lincoln Road for people watching and lunch. Then, we could see the muscle boys and deco hotels in South Beach."


"I like muscle boys! I could skip lunch!" Harrison added. "Speaking of muscle boys... does anyone want to go to the leather store?"


"We can go there after Christmas, Harrison!" Tom interjected. "We will probably want a day away from the rents after all the family time we will be having!"


"At least you have Chicago to get away to," I told the group. "Chris and I will be in Southern Illinois. We will probably be socializing with the cows before its time to leave for Florida!"


"I like cows!" Chis protested.


"Christopher," Luke began. "Unless Sam points out a cow, you probably won't know when you actually do meet one!"


"I know what a cow looks like!" Chris added. "I saw a whole herd of cows being milked when we were at Sam's parent's house a few months ago! I was even introduced to Mabel."


"Mabel?" Everyone ask in unison.


"Yea!" Chris answered. "Mabel is the queen of cows on the farm, right Sam?"


"Sort of," I answered with a smile. "Mabel is probably the oldest cow on the farm. Normally, older cows are sent off to be processed. But, no one could part with Mabel. So, she just hangs out, eats grass, and moos whenever she sees Chris!"


"Does she moo at anyone else?" Harrison asked.


"Nope!" I answer. "Just Chris."


"I'm usually not this curious about cows," Harrison continued. "But, why?"


"It could be that Mabel and I are almost the same color," Chris answered.


"Oh!" Harrison answered. "Or, maybe she's hot for your body!"


"Okay!" Chris began. "I think we have talked enough about the relationship Mabel and I have. Now, what do you men say we head to the Brown Elephant Thrift Store and see what we can find there?"



To be continued...


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