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Sam and Chris

Chapter 37: Back to School


Finally, we entered the condo at school and let Lincoln and Roosevelt off their leashes. So far, they had only spent a few hours here.


"I hope they like it here," Chris said as we watched the dogs sniff out various parts of the condo. "They will definitely spend a lot of time here until summer arrives and we head to Chicago."


"I hope they won't mind staying home alone while we are in school," I added. "At least they will spend time in one space. It probably won't be as confusing as the last month."


"They will adjust, I'm certain," Chris answered. "Let's get our things organized so we can have a relaxing long weekend before hitting the books again."


"Good idea!" I agreed. "We can take the boys out for a walk after we get this stuff sorted. It will be nice to spend some quiet time with my boyfriend for a change."


"What?" Chris said as a smiled broadly. "You are over the fellowship of our six friends?"


"I just want some down time is all," I said. I kissed Chris as I threw some of my things into the laundry pile.


"I brought a couple of bottles of my grandfather's Champagne with us," Chris explained. "I bribed Henry to grab us a couple of bottles. I don't think my grandfather will miss them."


"Terrific! By the way, when are Luke and Sean arriving tomorrow?" I asked.


"Probably not until mid-afternoon," Chris answered. "Luke was not looking forward to driving the U-Haul truck down here. Sean's family gave them a bunch of stuff for the apartment."


"Are they bringing Sean's car?" I asked.


"Nope!" Chris answered. "They didn't want to drive two vehicles down. They will go back up north and collect Sean's car later."


"If they need one, they can borrow mine," I offered.


"I'm not certain I would let either one of them loose with yours," Chris explained. "I don't know if either one can even drive a stick shift!"


"That reminds me," I added. "We should take it for a drive tomorrow. It hasn't been started since before we left. That's like a month ago!"


We had finally finished our unpacking task and headed into the kitchen for a snack. Lincoln and Roosevelt had managed to take seats on the sofa in the living room, but they quickly jumped off and joined us.


I reached into the still packed box of kitchen stuff and pulled out the treat jar for the boys. I handed one to each of them.


"What do we want for diner?" Chris asked. "We don't have much here because we still need to go shopping."


"You choose," I answered.


"We could grab take out Thai food or order a pizza," Chris suggested.


"That's easy," I answered. "Pizza! That way we don't need to go out except to walk Lincoln and Roosevelt."


"Which we should probably do shortly," Chris suggested. "They are looking at us strangely!"


"I agree," I explained. "I think sitting by the door without wagging their tails means that we need to get moving before an accident happens."


We grabbed our coats and headed outside with Lincoln and Roosevelt pulling at their leashes.


"Where do we walk?" I asked.


"Well, since it is fucking cold out here," Chris began, "I would suggested a short trip around the block. We should pray that they do their duty quickly!"


Our two little ones, indeed, took care of business quickly, and we were walking into the condo after only a 15 minute walk. We wiped off their paws and were back at the kitchen island sipping coffee.


As we were sitting at the island watching Lincoln and Roosevelt explore more of the kitchen, Chris made an observation, "These two have grown in the four weeks that we have had them."


"Yea!" I added. "They are losing their puppy look! I should give them their dinner."


"While you feed them, I'll order the pizza," Chris offered. "The usual?"

"Yup!" I answered as I got the boys their food.


As we waited for the pizza delivery guy to arrive, Chris's phone rang. "It's Luke! I wonder what crisis he will be reporting...! Hello, Luke!"


Chris clicked the phone to speaker, "Are you settling in?" Luke asked.


"Yea," Chris answered. "We are waiting for a pizza to be delivered. We just walked and fed the dogs. So, it will be an early night tonight."


"We will be winding down soon, too. The truck is packed, and we've coerced two of Sean's brothers to help us move into the condo," Luke explained. "We will leave around 9 am tomorrow. I hope we will be there by 12."


"Sounds like a plan!" Chris replied. "Sam and I are going grocery shopping tomorrow morning. Do you want us to pick anything up for you guys?"


"Nope," Luke answered. "We have some of the basics in the truck—like a case of beer and some vodka. The rest can wait until we need a break to go get other things."


"We can have lunch for you guys," Chris offered.


"Thanks! That would be terrific!" Luke answered.


"Will you need any help with moving stuff in?" Chris asked.


"Nope," Luke explained. "We had the stuff from our storage locker delivered. And, we don't have tons of stuff we are bringing down. And, Sean's brothers are butch! They will have everything out of the truck in no time at all. Then, Sean and I will bring out our inner gay boys and do the decorating on an as needed basis. Speaking of inner gay boys, how are the two of you doing?"


"We are planning a quiet night," Chris answered. "With all of the activities the past few weeks, these two gay boys are tired and need to rest!"


"Sounds like a plan," Luke added. "I will let you go, but I wanted to tell you about our plans for tomorrow."


With a few more pleasantries, Chris ended the call.


After devouring our pizza, Chris and I cleaned up the kitchen. We returned to our place at the island, Chris pulled me in for a kiss. "I know we are tired, but I was wondering if you would be up for a little body ravaging!"


I didn't answer. I stood, took Chris's hand, and led him into our bedroom. We were naked shortly after the door was closed. I slid onto the bed on my back and Chris was on top of me.


As Chris began to kiss me, I began to moan softly. "It's been... a long... time," I whispered between kisses.


"Last night?" Chris whispered back.


"Yup!" I said as I found Chris's nips and began playing with them.


"You know that what you are doing is going to make me cum even faster," Chris whispered as he paused kisses.


"Yup," I answered as I rolled Chris on his back. I kept tweaking his nips and I lowered myself so I could get my mouth on Chris's rock hard cock. I stuck my tongue under the foreskin and began to lick.


"Oh! Shit!" Chris hissed.


I kept going. Finally, I had Chris's cock down my throat and began bobbing up and down on it. I could hear Chris breathing harder with every stroke. After several more minutes, I felt Chris's body spasm as he unloaded into my mouth.


"Shit! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh..." Chris moaned. I took in every drop. `


After he had completely unloaded, I moved up so I could kiss my man! "Was that as good for you as it was for me?"


"You are the best boyfriend a guy could ask for," Chris answered. "Now, what about you?"


"It will be your turn tomorrow morning," I answered.


"Deal," Chris answered as he got up and opened the door. "Are you guys coming to bed?"


We heard eight feet run from the kitchen. The dogs climbed onto the bed at our feet.




After dog walking duty, shower sex, and dressing, we headed downstairs to see if my car will start. I flicked the unlock button on the key fob and the doors unlocked. "That's a good sign!" I said. "At least the battery is still alive."


I turned the key and the engine sprung to life. I loved the way the car sounded—even when it was idling.


"So, tell me again how big the engine in this car is!" Chris questioned.


"It is a 5.0 liter 435 horsepower V8," I answered. "Or, it is about 100 horsepower more than most Mustangs."


"That seems like a lot of horses," Chris began. "How is the gas mileage?"


"Ah!" I explained. "One does not buy a car like this if gas mileage is your main concern. It is less than 20 mpg on the highway. One of these days, I am going to take you out to the country and make you learn to drive this thing! You will be amazed at how fun it is to drive!"


"I don't know if I can handle all of those horses!" Chris remarked.


I backed out of the parking space, and we sped off to buy food and other supplies at the grocery store. Once we had everything we needed, we tried to shoehorn everything into the car.


"This isn't a go-to-market kind of car," I announced.


"No shit!" Chris answered. "It may be fast, but it is not convenient for this sort of thing."


"So, are you willing to learn to drive a stick shift?" I asked.


"Sure!" Chris added. "But, as you said earlier, you will need to take me out to the country so I don't kill anyone!"


"We can do that!" I decided as we pulled into the condo parking lot. Two trips later, we were sitting at the kitchen island discussing the next few days.


"Luke and Sean should be here shortly," Chris said after looking at his watch.


"Tomorrow," I added, "Sawyer, Glen, Tom, and Harrison will arrive. Glen's father and brothers are coming along to help get him settled."


"So, what did you think about our discussion with Glen's father about being executive director of the homeless project," I asked Chris.


"I liked him," Chris answered. "And, most of all, you could tell he already cares for the people he would be responsible for helping."


"I'm hoping the committee won't take too long to make a decision," I added. "I think I can see the urgency of getting this going as quickly as possible. It would be tragic if another young gay guy or girl wound up dead because we aren't moving fast enough."


"Sam," Chris began, "please don't let this get you down. You have helped move things forward faster than I ever thought possible. By some standards, you are a miracle worker."


"Thanks for your vote of confidence," I said to Chris as I gave him a kiss.


"Don't start something we can't finish until later," Chris said with a smile. "I would go mad if you get me too worked up before dinner!"


Chris's phone began to ring. "It's Luke," Chris announced as he answered the call on speaker phone. "Hello, Lukie!"


"We have arrived!" Luke answered. "Remind me never to rent a U-Haul truck again. I haven't bounced around this much since Sean and I first went to bed together!"


"Do you want us to come down and give you a hand?" Chris asked.


"Nope!" Luke answered. "If you don't mind, there are four guys here who need to take a leak. Can we use your bathroom?"


"Of course," Chris answered.


"We'll be there in a few quick moments," Luke said as he clicked off the call.


Chris opened the door. Luke made introductions, "Guys. This is Connor and Rudy," he said as he pointed to Sean's brothers. "And, this is Chris and Sam. Sam is the sane one. Chris, we're not sure about."


We shook hands and pointed out bathrooms to our guests. Lincoln and Roosevelt's tails were wagging. They wanted attention.


When the guys returned from the bathroom, Sean introduced the dogs, "These two are Lincoln and Roosevelt."


Connor was the first to kneel in front of Roosevelt. Roosevelt was in immediate lick mode. Rudy did the same with Lincoln.


Rudy said as he was being smothered in licks, "I hope this means they like us! I somehow don't think they will be terrific guard dogs. They might lick an intruder to death, though."


After a quick lunch, Sean, Luke, Connor, and Rudy started unloading the truck. Chris and I took a nap.


We were awakened by Lincoln and Roosevelt frolicking on the foot of the bed. When they realized we were awake, they crawled over us and each took a face to lick.


"I think Rudy was right, these two could lick an intruder to death," I whispered to Chris as I tried to fend off a dog tongue.


"Do you think we could get a break on our homeowners insurance?" Chris asked. "We have attack dogs!"


Lincoln and Roosevelt jumped from the bed onto the floor. They were not wagging their tails but looking at us with their puppy dog eyes.


"I think they need to go for a walk!" I announced. "Do you want me to take them?"


"I'll go with you," Chris answered as he swung his legs onto the floor. "We could stop at the Sean and Luke residence on our way back to see the progress."


It didn't take the dogs long to do their duty, so we were back in the condo building about 20 minutes after we had left. We knocked on Luke and Sean's door.


A shirtless Sean answered the door, "How's it going guys?"


"We thought we should stop by and check on your progress," Chris suggested.


"We are ahead of schedule," Sean answered as Luke, also without a shirt, greeted us. "Everything is out of the truck. Now, we just need to find the right boxes for the right rooms. When we left for England, we didn't mark everything."


"And, Sean is blaming me for that," Luke explained. Fortunately, he was smiling. "At least, we have all semester to find everything."


"When do you want to stop in for dinner?" Chris asked.


"We may not be finished, but we plan on quitting in an hour," Luke answered. "I think all four of us are just a little tired from the day's activities."


"We will see you in an hour or so," Chris suggested. "We will have cocktails followed by dinner."


A freshly showered Luke, Sean, Connor, and Rudy arrived at precisely 7 pm. Luke was the first to speak, "I don't know about these three, but I could use a vodka on the rocks! This has been one hell of a day!"


"I'll have the same thing lover boy is having," Sean decided.


Connor and Rudy asked for Corona's. The four settled in the living room while Chris and I made everyone drinks.


Connor was looking around our condo, "I thought you said yours is just like this one. This one looks different—maybe bigger?"


"Nope," Luke answered. "They both started out with the same layout. Christopher had some walls removed, reworked the kitchen and all of the bathrooms, and had a decorator put some finishing touches on this one We did not have that opportunity."


"But, our place will be home for the next few years," Sean announced. "Did Luke tell you? I'm planning on attending law school here after we get our undergrad degrees."


"Terrific!" Chris responded. "I think you will make a great attorney! What will you be doing while Sean is in law school, Luke?"


"I have no clue," Luke answered. "I have this feeling I will be slaving away at some job to put my future husband through law school. Then, I plan on being a house husband and raising the kids while Sean makes tons of money as an attorney!"


"That's one of the reasons we bought the condo," Sean added. "We will be here for a few more years! But, I am not convinced about the house husband thing!"


"We can discuss that in private, dear!" Luke explained to Sean. They were both smiling!


"And, I saw your websites you and your friends did for Chris and that other guy, David something. Very nice," Connor said to me.


"Thanks," I replied. "We did Chris's as a computer science project. David asked us to do his after he saw Chris's. There is another one coming up this semester."


"Maybe I should talk to you about something I am planning on doing," Connor added. "I'm starting a business with a friend. We will eventually need a website."


"Cool!" I answered. "Let me know when you want to talk."


"What kind of business are you starting," Chris asked.


"An eco-friendly landscape business," Connor answered. "We want to design landscaping that requires very little water during the summer. No one in the area has advertised a plan like this, and we thought it would be a great business and fun, too!"


"Speaking of little water," Luke began. "Could I bother someone for another vodka on the rocks?"


After dinner, four very full but very tired guys headed to bed at Luke and Sean's condo downstairs.




My phone rang as Chris and I were finishing breakfast. I saw it was Sawyer, "Hello, Sawyer," I answered. "How is the trip down going?"


"I just pulled off the interstate," Sawyer answered. "So, I should be there in a few moments."


"Call us when you get here, and we can help you get your things upstairs," I offered.


"It won't take too long," Sawyer added. "Glen and I both dropped most of our room stuff at the condo before we left school."


"We'll see you when you get here," I answered as Sawyer ended the call.


"So, the first of our tenants will be arriving shortly," Chris commented on the conversation with Sawyer.


"Yup," I answered. "I hope we did the right thing in getting the condo next door. What if the four of them become an annoyance?"


"We'll raise their rent," Chris said with a smile.


Soon Sawyer knocked on the door. When I answered the door, Lincoln and Roosevelt were scampering around Sawyer when he entered.


"Hello, guys," Sawyer said as he pulled Chris and me into a hug. Next, Sawyer was greeting Lincoln and Roosevelt. "These two have grown since we got back from Florida!"


"Do you want help with your stuff?" I offered.


"Sure, if you don't mind," Sawyer answered.


Chris and I pulled on our coats and let Lincoln and Roosevelt curl up on the couch as we headed out to help get Sawyer settled.


"As I said I don't have too much," Sawyer again explained. "Of course, my mother had to send me down with a year's worth of food. She has this fear that I will starve to death without the dorm cafeteria. And, it looks like I have inherited my mother's old Miata. And, it doesn't hold much except a year's worth of food!"


"Mothers are sometimes like that," I answered. We made a couple of trips and Sawyer's belongings were in the condo.


As we put the last of the boxes in Sawyer and Glen's bedroom, Sawyer's phone rang. It was Glen. "Hey, babe! Where are you?" There was a pause while Sawyer listened. When he hung up, Sawyer turned to us, "Glen and his family are on their way up. He gave them each a box!"


When Glen walked through the door, Sawyer pulled him into a hug. Glen began introductions, "You guys know my father, but these two monsters are my brothers, Dork and Mork."


We exchanged greetings before Glen's father added, "It's nice to see you guys again. I am really grateful for your recommendation that I talk to the board in Chicago. I'm meeting with them this Thursday."


"I hope you get to meet my grandparents at some point," Chris explained as he took a box from Glen's father and put it on the kitchen island.


"I believe my wife and I will join them at dinner on Thursday evening," Glen's father answered. "Some place on Halsted Street.


"That would probably be Yoshi's—one of my grandparents favorite places," Chris answered.


"Ah, yes, that's the one," Glen's father replied. "My wife is also excited because we are staying at an apartment at Harbor Point. I understand it is a terrific building—according to Glen."


"I just noticed! Some of the furniture here looks familiar," Sawyer remarked.


"Yea!" I answered. "We had some things moved down here from the place in Chicago that we aren't using after the renovations are done. Both bedrooms came from there. And, this stuff in this living room is from our Chicago television room."


"And, we have things for the dining room that will be delivered mid-week," Chris further explained. "And, the four of you can decide what you want to do with the third bedroom or office or whatever you want it to be. We will get stuff for that, too."


Glen's brothers returned to the group after exploring the condo. "This place is f... huge!" He almost said the `F' word.


"And, the bathrooms in all of the bedrooms are bigger than our whole bedroom," the other brother announced.


`It is impossible to tell these two apart,' I thought to myself.


Tom and Harrison let themselves into the condo as Glen's father and brothers were preparing to leave, "Hey guys!" Harrison said as he came through the door.


Glen introduced Tom and Harrison to his family. "I'm going to walk them down to their car. I'll be back in a few moments. Want to come, Sawyer?" Glen asked.


"Sure," Sawyer answered as he followed the group out the door.


"This place looks really nice," Tom exclaimed. "My mother was worried we would be living with cheap, rundown furnishings. But, I explained to her that you two had great taste! She was a little more at ease with everything, but she wants pictures as proof we aren't living in squalor."


We explained to Tom and Harrison the furnishings and plans for the rest before we left everyone to get settled.




We had dinner for the group on Sunday evening. We also included Ben and Marcus, Brendon and Harvey, and David and his boyfriend.


"You guys all look like you got a fair amount of sun while you were in Florida," Brendon commented on our tans.


"We managed to get as much sun as possible," Harrison answered. `


"And, we can show you our tan lines when we hit the gym on Tuesday," Tom added with a grin.


"Speaking of gym, what time are we meeting?" Brendon asked.


We all agreed to meet at our usual time at 10:30.


"This year I do not have any classes before 10 am," I announced. "Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are pretty packed with classes, but I only have the cs study group on Tuesday and Thursday from 2 until 4 in the afternoon."


"Do you mean I have the four of you again?" Ben asked.


"Yup!" Tom answered. "We thought we would give you another semester of our star studded team."


"I wish all of my class last semester were as enthusiastic as you four," Ben explained. "I think some of the students I had last semester should not have been in the computer science program."


"And, I am certain you told them," Marcus added. "Ben is not the most diplomatic person in the world at times."


"My down fall will be the advanced differential equations course," Glen explained. "I fear I bit off more than I can chew!"


"What time is your differential equations course," Tom asked.


"It is 10 am on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday," Glen answered.


"We're in that one," Harrison explained.


"So am I," I added. "We can be a support system!"


"What are your others, Sam?" Tom asked.


"Physics at 11 am," I began to explain. "A break between 12 and 1. Then I have a computer science class with Dr. Harmon at 1. And, finally, English Lit at 3 in the afternoon."


"I don't see how you guys do all of this science and math shit," Sean announced. "I guess that is why I am a political science major and am going to law school."


"Sean has a hard time balancing his check book," Luke announced. "He hasn't quite grasped the spend less than you take in theory."


Sean threw a pillow at Luke.


Once we had eaten and the guys left, Chris and I curled up on the sofa in the living room. Lincoln and Roosevelt were beside us.


"You know, Sam," Chris began. "I was thinking when the guys were here. I am the luckiest guy around. I found you. You put up with me. And, you love me like I love you! Amazing, don't you think?"


I looked up at Chris. I think I was getting a little misty eyed, "That was so sweet, Chris! And, you know what? I feel the same way. I don't know what I would be doing now if we hadn't met at the student union that day! You make me complete!" I planted a kiss on Chris's lips.


Lincoln and Roosevelt got into the act. They both began to lick us.


"Okay, guys," Chris said between licks. "I get it! I get it! Sam, grab a dog and let's all go to bed."




To be continued...

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