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Sam and Chris

Chapter 39: The Rescue and the Pillow Fight


We had made it through January without any major weather events. So, when Chris suggested we head to Chicago for the long president's day weekend, I eagerly agreed. We wanted to see what was happening with our condo. The weekend also coincided with Valentine's Day on Saturday as well as the arrival of the entire Allan clan in Chicago. We borrowed the only unoccupied condo from the foundation. We had asked Sawyer and Glen to ride north with us.


We arrived at Lake Point Towers around 5 pm on Friday evening. We quickly unloaded dogs, bags, and a few supplies and headed upstairs.


Chris unlocked the door and we stepped inside.


"This will be home for the weekend," Chris explained. "Let's explore. I've never been in this one."


"Where are my parents setting up home base?" Glen asked.


"Next door," Chris answered. "Their place is exactly like this unit."


"Cool," Glen replied. "I will need to see if I can help unpack at some point."


"I believe there is a master bedroom over there," Chris said pointing to a hallway off the main entrance. Then, he pointed to another hallway at the opposite end of the living area. "The guest rooms are down that hall. Take your pick."


"When will your place be done?" Sawyer asked.


"According to our contractor, our decorator, our architect, and my mother, it will be done in time for Spring break," Chris answered. "We are going to look at it tomorrow. We were going up tonight, but we decided we should do this in daylight so we won't get too depressed!"


"Cool," Sawyer replied. "Does that mean you will be moving in during Spring break?"


"We are hoping that will be the case," I explained. "My parents had the stuff from their attic that we want to use shipped to our decorator's workshop. And, Dorothy was overwhelmed by the stuff we sent. She's so excited that we found what we did. She's possibly changing some of her original plans after she saw the furniture. We'll meet with her tomorrow morning."


When we were finally settled, we regrouped in the living room.


"We need to take Lincoln and Roosevelt out for their walk," I announced. "Do you guys want to join us?"


"We should probably go next door and see how the unpacking is going," Glen replied. "My mother is a Type-A personality, so I have this hunch that my father and brothers are in slave driver work mode."


"We can stop in to say hello after we take these two for a walk," Chris added as he motioned toward the door to the condo. Lincoln and Roosevelt were looking at us, but their tails were not in motion.


Once Lincoln and Roosevelt had done their duty, we knocked on the door of Allan family temporary residence. Glen answered, "Come in and join the chaos!"


"Mom, Dad!" Glen shouted into the inner sanctums of the condo. "Sam and Chris are here!"


Mr. and Mrs. Allan joined us at the front door. Jon and Jami, Glen's brothers, quickly followed.


Mr. Allan was first to speak, "It's great to see you again guys! Vanessa, this is Sam Williamson and Chris Johnson. Sam and Chris, this is my wife Vanessa Allan."


Mrs. Allan extended her hand, "It is so good to finally meet you two! We are all so grateful for everything you two have done for our family!"


"We are delighted to finally meet you, too, Mrs. Allan," I answered. "However, all we did was recommend people who we thought would be the best candidates to lead Home Front."


Jon and Jami both hugged Chris and me. Jami explained, "Thanks, too, for your recommendation, Chris. We start at Francis Parker on Tuesday. It is really an awesome school!"


"I'm certain you will enjoy your time there," Chris answered.


Jon turned to his mother and added, "When can we get a dog? Lincoln and Roosevelt have such great personalities."


"We'll talk about that later, guys," Mrs. Allan responded as she leaned down to pat Lincoln and Roosevelt. "They are adorable, though!"


"And," Mr. Allan explained, "with all of the help today, we are fairly organized here. Four people showed up to help with unpacking when the movers arrived. I don't suppose you two had anything to do with arranging the help?"


"We are not guilty," Chris answered. "I suspect my grandmother may have had a hand in arranging for the assistance. And, if you want to join us for dinner in about an hour, you are all welcome. Henry left enough food for an army in the condo before we arrived."


"Who is Henry?" Jon asked.


"He cooks for my grandparents," Chris explained.


"And, if the offerings are like Henry's other creations, we are in for a treat!" Sawyer enthused.




Our wakeup call came at 8 am when Lincoln and Roosevelt decided to wake us up. I startled awake as I felt a dog tongue on my face. Chris also woke about two seconds after I did.


"Can't a guy get a little sleep around here," Chris mumbled as he moved Roosevelt away from his face. Lincoln stopped licking and they both scurried off the bed.


Chris and I hopped out of bed, took a quick shower, and went in search of Lincoln and Roosevelt. They were curled up in the kitchen waiting to be fed.


"I think these two are beginning to be spoiled," I whispered to Chris.


"Beginning to be?" Chris answered with a question. "You get their food, and I'll get us something to munch on while we wait for the coffee. Then, we can take these two brats out for their morning walk."


After we all had some food in us, Chris and I bundled up to prepare for our walk with Lincoln and Roosevelt.


Sawyer and Glen appeared in their boxers looking a little sleepy, "We thought we smelled coffee. Are we correct?"


"Yup," Chris answered. "Help yourself and we will be back after we take these two out for their walk. Dorothy will be here at 10 to show us the progress on the condo upstairs. You're welcome to join us."


"Cool," Glen answered. "We are looking forward to seeing what has changed. Would you mind if my bratty brothers tag along?"


"They are more than welcome to join us," I answered.


"We will make ourselves presentable and be ready for the tour," Sawyer explained.


We returned after our 45 minute walk to find Sawyer, Glen, Jon, and Jamie looking dapper for the trip upstairs. Promptly at 10 am, Dorothy called to tell us she was in our condo and ready for us to look at the progress of the renovations.


"Okay, men," Chris announced as we put leashes on Lincoln and Roosevelt. "Let's move this party upstairs. I, for one, am eager to see the progress."


We let ourselves in and were shocked at the progress that had already been made. I was the first to speak, "I imagined saw dust scattered around everywhere. This place is really, really clean!"


"All of the dirty work is completed," Dorothy began to explain. "The painters will be in starting on Tuesday. The floors have been sanded and stained. So, now the fun part begins."


"This place looks huge with the walls taken out around the dining room," Sawyer effused. "Not that it looked small before, but this is amazing!"


"I am pleased with the results so far," Dorothy added as she pointed to the openings into the kitchen. "I left the doors open to the kitchen to give the place a totally open feeling."


"Doors?" Jamie asked. "What doors?"


Dorothy walked to one of the openings of the kitchen. "These doors," Dorothy explained as she moved one of the huge wooded panels to the closed position. "You can close off the kitchen from view with these four panels in case you have a catering staff working in the kitchen and don't want your guests to see the team at work."


"Cool!" Sawyer proclaimed. "What's replacing the white leather sectional?"


"We need to talk about that later, but I have several ideas," Dorothy began. "Sam and Chris uncovered some outstanding pieces from Sam's parent's attic. The dining room table, chairs, and buffet in an area near the kitchen. In the living room, we will start with the three Marcel Breuer chairs, a lovely leather sofa of the same era, and a few collector quality tables. I have located some interesting pieces that could complement those treasures."


"Why don't we let you three discuss your options while we explore," Glen suggested.


When the group had returned, we had finished our discussions with Dorothy. We would contact her after we made some decisions.


"This place is awesome!" Jon exclaimed. "I could move in here in about 2 seconds. Of course, I haven't been asked...!"


"And, I thought the unit we are moving into is phenomenal! This place is something most people only dream about," Jami added.


"Did you do anything with your bedroom?" Sawyer asked.


"Nope," Chris answered. "It stays the same. The furniture will all be replaced though."


"There's another bedroom?" Jon asked in amazement.


"It's the master suite as they say in the real estate business," Sawyer explain. "It's over there."


Jon and Jami went in search of the master suite.


"I hope they both decide on professions that make a lot of money," Glen added. "They tend to like the good life! This place is just giving them more ideas of what the good life really is!"




Chris and I had a terrific dinner at Yoshi's on Saturday to celebrate Valentine's Day. On Sunday, we did our thing with Lincoln and Roosevelt before heading to the Melrose Restaurant for breakfast. When we were exiting the restaurant after we had eaten, Chris noticed a young guy sitting on the sidewalk a few doors away from the restaurant with a sign that read, `Homeless. Need help.'


Chris walked closer to the guy and ask, "Robert? Are you Robert Donovan? Eric's brother?"


The guy looked up. He squinted at Chris trying to recognize him, "Yea! That's me. Who are you?"


"I'm your brother's friend from high school. We were in the same class at Francis Parker," Chris explained. "I'm Christopher Johnson."


"Christopher!" Robert answered. "I lost my glasses a few days ago. I'm sorry I didn't recognize you."


Chris was now kneeling in front of Robert, "If you don't mind me asking, why are you here?"


"My fucking asshole father kicked me out of the house," Robert snarled. "I wasn't a jock like Eric and some of the other kids were. So, he was disappointed in me. But then to make matters worse," Roberts was slurring his words slightly at this point, "he found out I was gay. Then, my dear father beat the shit out of me and threw me out of the house."


"Robert," Chris started to speak, "this is my boyfriend Sam. Sam, this is a high school classmate's brother, Robert."


"Hello, Robert," I said as I held out my hand. Robert didn't respond. After a pause, I asked, "When did your father kick you out of the house?"


"The end of October," Robert answered. "I've been on the streets since then."


"Does Eric know about this?" Chris asked.


"I don't think so," Robert answered. "I can't contact him because my phone was shut off in like two seconds after I was on the streets. Besides, my father cut Eric off financially when my father discovered Eric was gay. That was last year's news."


"How have you been getting by?" I asked.


"Begging, hustling, stealing, selling drugs," Robert answered. "I've done a lot of things to survive that I'm not proud of. But, I can't get a job because I don't have an address or a high school degree. And, I can't get an address or a high school degree without a job. I'm basically fucked!"


"Didn't you get help from the staff at Francis Parker?" Chris asked Robert.


"I couldn't tell them I was homeless," Robert said quietly. "I was ashamed to be homeless."


Chris looked up at me without saying anything. I knew what he was thinking. I nodded my head `yes.'


"Robert," Chris began, "Sam and I want you to come home with us for the night... at least. We can talk about your options. Maybe we can find Eric."


"Why would you want to do that?" Eric asked. He was shedding a few tears by now. "You don't know that I won't try to rob you blind!"


"We'll take our chances, Robert," I answered. "Besides we have two attach dogs at home!"


Robert looked at me trying to figure out what I meant, "Attack dogs?"


"Yea," Chris began, "Lincoln and Roosevelt will lick you to death if you try to harm either of us." That statement brought a smile to Robert's face.


Chris helped Robert up and we made our way to Chris's car. When Chris unlocked the car, Roberts whistled and then said, "Nice ride, Chris!"


"Thanks," Chris answered. As we drove to Lake Point Tower, we were engaged is small talk.


When we arrived inside the condo, Lincoln and Roosevelt were trying to figure out our guest.


Chris began the introductions, "This is Lincoln," he said pointing to Lincoln, "And this is Roosevelt."


Robert patted each of them.


"Chris," I began, "why don't you get Robert settled, and I will walk the dogs."


"I think that is a terrific idea," Chris responded to me. Then, he turned to Robert, "Would you like a shower before I get you something to eat?"


"I probably should take a shower," Robert answered. "I don't think you want the apartment smelling like I do right now."


He was smiling slightly.


"Okay," Chris explained. "I'll show you where the shower is and get you clothes to wear afterwards. I think you will fit into something we have."


"Thanks guys," Robert said. A tear was falling down his cheek. "This will be the first shower I've had in three weeks. I must be getting pretty ripe!"


While I was walking Lincoln and Roosevelt, I called Sawyer and Glen to let them know about our visitor.


"Do you want me to talk to my Dad?" Glen asked. "He can get into the job feet first!"


"Sure," I answered. "Tell him to call Chris or me when he can."


When I returned from our walk, Chris was on the phone with his grandfather. When he ended the conversation, Chris began to explain some of the legal ramifications regarding Robert's situation.


"Robert is only 17," Chris began. "He's underage. My grandfather suggested that he not stay here longer than tonight. I am going to try to find Eric. He could give permission for Robert to stay since he is Robert's brother and is of legal age to make these decisions. Otherwise, we'll need to get a social worker involved."


"How are you going to find Eric?" I asked.


"I'll check with some of our friends from school," Chris suggested. "My grandfather suggested calling Stanford where Eric was going to school. I hope he is still there."


We stopped our conversation as Robert joined us in the living room after he finished his very long shower. He was stunningly handsome. He was 5'10" tall with jet black, slightly curly hair, chiseled jaw line, and emerald green eyes.


"Thanks for the shower and clothes. I feel sort of human again," Robert announced. "I think I've lost weight, though."


"That can be fixed," Chris answered. "We were just talking about your situation. Do you have any family here that know what happened to you?"


"No," Robert announced. "It was just me and my dad. We have no other relatives. Eric is my only brother, and I haven't been able to contact him. My dad and mom were only children. My mom died when I was six."


"Do you know Eric's phone number?" Chris asked.


"I have it on my phone," Robert answered. "It needs to be charged to get it. I have been carrying around this fucking dead phone for months... It sort of symbolizes my life right now... Not working!"


"At least it's an iPhone," Chris said as he took the phone. "We can get this baby charged up in no time at all!"


"Do you want something to eat, Robert?" I asked.


"I could eat a fucking horse!" Robert proclaimed.


After plugging Robert's phone in to charge, he busied himself reheating leftovers from Henry's bountiful feast. We all sat in the kitchen as Robert devoured his food.


After he finished eating, Robert picked up his phone and retrieved Eric's phone number. "Here it is!" Robert excitedly announced.


Chris handed Robert his phone, "Use this to make the call."


Robert took Chris's phone and dialed the number, "Hello, Eric! This is Robert. My phone isn't working so I borrowed one. Eric, please, I need to talk to you as soon as possible." Robert added the number of Chris's phone and ended the call.


"I hope he calls," Robert added with sadness in his voice. "He's the only family I have."


"Let's sit in the living room," Chris suggested.


Robert chose to sit on the love seat and Chris and I the sofa. Lincoln and Roosevelt hopped onto the love seat. One dog was on each side of Robert with heads resting on Robert's thighs. Robert patted the dogs on the head and added, "These two are special!"


"Yes," I answered. "They are indeed special."


My phone began to ring. It was Mr. Allan. "Hello, Mr. Allan."


"Sam! Glen told me you wanted to talk to me," Mr. Allan responded. "I just returned from doing a few errands."


"We have a situation here," I began. "Chris and I discovered a friend of Chris's on the streets today. He's 17. He's gay. He's homeless. He's scared shitless. We need your advice."


"I'll be there in a few moments," Mr. Allan added as we ended the call.


There was a knock on our door. Lincoln and Roosevelt followed Chris to the door. "We have someone we would like you to meet," Chris said as Mr. Allan entered the condo.


Chris began introductions, "Mr. Allan, this is Robert Donovan. Robert, this is Mr. Allan who is the newly selected executive director of Home Front."


Once we were again seated in the living room, Robert began telling Mr. Allan his story of being homeless.


When Robert concluded his story, Mr. Allan began to explain what might happen in the next few days, "First of all, I want to tell you how sad your situation makes me. I don't know how any parent can just throw away a child. Now, how much has Chris and Sam explained to you about Home Front?"


"They just mentioned you were the new executive director, and you help homeless gay youth," Robert summarized his knowledge of Home Front.


As Mr. Allan was explaining Home Front to Robert, Chris's phone began to ring.


"Robert," Chris interrupted. "This is probably Eric." Chris handed Robert the phone.


"This is Robert," he said as he answered the phone. There was a pause, "Chris Johnson let me borrow his phone."


"Let's give Robert some space," Chris said as he herded Mr. Allan and me into the kitchen.


While Robert was on the phone with his brother, we discussed the strategy for the coming days.


After a good 15 minutes, a sobbing Robert entered the kitchen, "Chris, my brother wants to speak with you."


Chris grabbed his phone and headed into the living room.




Before we returned to school on Monday afternoon, Chris and I went on a shopping spree, courtesy of the Washington Family Foundation. We bought Robert a new phone and a computer. Then, we moved on to purchase some badly needed clothing.


As we left Macy's, Robert was emotionally thankful, "Your help means a lot to me. For the first time in months, I feel my life could be worth something. I don't know how I can possibly repay you."


"You don't need to think about repaying us," Chris explained. "We were told by the Washington Family Foundation to make sure you had things you needed... And we did! Plus, you are going to like the two guys you will be staying with. They started out as foster dads for one of our friends at school."


"When I talked to them on the phone, I was really struck by their kind nature," Robert answered. "There was something in their voices that is very calming to me. And, Eric wants me to go to California this summer to visit him. It will be good to reconnect with my brother. I've missed him a lot during his absence."


We took Robert to the foundation office to meet his foster dads, Ted Hunter and George Morgan.


After several minutes Chris announced we should be on our way back to school, "Robert, please call Sam or me anytime you want to talk. And, tell that brother of yours that I want to stay in contact with him as well."


"Thanks guys," a tearful Robert said as he hugged us both. "I don't know what I would have done if you hadn't recognized me. To be truthful, I was waiting on a trick to pick me up. I had met him earlier in the day. He was going to take me to his house. I was afraid of him because he said he wanted rough sex—with me on the bottom. So, thank you for saving me."




Tom, Harrison, Glen, and I arrived at our computer science study session with Ben about 10 minutes early on Tuesday.


"How was Valentine's Day, guys?" Ben asked as he was organizing his stuff for the class.


Tom was the first to speak, "We had a quiet celebration at home."


"Sawyer and I helped my family unpack at the condo in Chicago," Glen answered.


"Chris and I went to Yoshi's for dinner," I answered.


"And, on Sunday, Chris and Sam helped a gay homeless boy get a fresh start," Glen added.


"Oh?" Ben turned his attention to me.


"It's a long story," I answered. "Chris and I can explain later. Chris recognized him as the brother of a high school classmate. How was your Valentine's Day?"


"Excellent!" Ben answered with a smile on his face. "Marcus and I stayed home and regrouped."


When class was over, I headed home to study and wait for Chris to get home. Lincoln and Roosevelt eagerly greeted me as I walked through the door.


"Hello guys!" I said as I dropped my backpack beside the kitchen island. I knelt in front of them and asked, "Have you been good boys?"


Their response was dog tongue on my face.


I turned on my laptop and started studying as I waited on Chris to return. When he walked through the door, Lincoln and Roosevelt were at Chris's feet hoping to get a pat on the head. Of course, they not only got a pat on the head, but they were given a chance to lick Chris.


Chris gave me a kiss as he sat down beside me. "I missed you!"


"And," I replied, "I missed you even though it's only been a few hours."


"I have other news," Chris began to explain. "I talked to Eric after I left you."


"How is he doing?" I asked.


"He survived when his father cut him off financially," Chris answered. "But, it has been a struggle. He is also more than pissed at his father for throwing Robert out on his ass. Apparently, Robert didn't tell him how he survived. I didn't explain in detail. I suggested that he have a heart-to-heart talk with his brother."


"I am still amazed that Robert survived as well as he did," I added. "I'm not certain I could have managed to do what he did without going crazy!"


"I think you would figure something out," Chris decided. "You are resilient to say the very least."


"Thanks for your vote of confidence," I answered. "I think we have a couple of fur balls that need to go out. Together or not?"


"Together," Chris replied as he planted a kiss on my lips. "After we get back, we can feed the dogs and then take a shower. What do you think about that idea?" Chris was leering at me!


"Sounds like a plan, love," I said as I planted a kiss on Chris's lips.


We didn't make it to the shower immediately after we took Lincoln and Roosevelt for a walk. My phone began to ring, but I didn't recognize the number. "Hello. This is Sam Williamson."


"Sam, this is Randy Allan!" Mr. Allan announced.


"Hello, Mr. Allan. What can we do for you?" I said as I switched my phone to speaker phone mode.


"Well, it appears that news of Home Front's formation has burst into the limelight. So, I have two things. First, I have had a couple of calls from the press today. Mary Schmich, a columnist from the Tribune, and another from a reporter from the Windy City Times. They both want to speak with you, Sam. You probably would want to include Chris as well," Mr. Allan began. "I will give them your phone number and e-mail address if that is okay with you."


"Sure," I answered. "Why did they want to speak with me?"


"Apparently, word has hit the streets that Home Front is officially running," Mr. Allan answered. "I gave them some of the details of the formation of Home Front, including your help in organizing the funding. I believe you have talked with Ms. Schmich before."


"Yes," I answered. "When I was trying to get information about homeless gay youth in Chicago. She was most helpful. After all, it was her column about a homeless gay guy who was murdered in Lincoln Park last fall that got me mad and motivated to do something."


"Also, Mayor Emanuel called inquiring about Home Front," Mr. Allan announced. "He wants to get his community relations staff involved in assisting us with our planning of the organization. There may even be some city funding for the organization if we want to deal with the city bureaucracy. I'm not certain that we want that, but we need to discuss the option with the board. So, when can you and Chris arrange to be in Chicago for a meeting with the Mayor?"


"A meeting with the Mayor?" I asked dumbfounded. "Why would he want to talk with me? Shouldn't you be the one to meet with him?"


"Well," Mr. Allan began, "I will certainly be at your side for moral support, but I believe—and this summarizes the words of the Mayor—he thinks the young gay man who started the ball rolling should be the `public face' of the organization when he announces his support for Home Front at a press conference sometime soon."


"Public face? Press conference?" I again dumbfounded asked. "I think I am getting in way over my head! I'm a college student for Christ sake! Opps! Sorry Mr. Allan."


"Don't worry, Sam," Mr. Allan suggested. "I have used worse language in my days. Think about it overnight, Sam, and call me with your answer. I think it would be good for the organization, but I understand your desire to keep your name out of the press."


"I'll let you know in a few days," I answered. "And, Chris and I will decide when we can be in Chicago for the meeting."


"That will be great, guys," Mr. Allan added. "I'll let you go, but I hope you can see fit to get involved with this. I will try to keep your time limited so you can devote yourself to your studies."


"Thank you, Mr. Allan," I answered. "We will be in touch with you about our timing."


"Terrific, Sam!" Mr. Allan answered. "But, please cut the Mr. Allan. It's Randy."


"Okay, Randy," I added. "You will hear from us soon."


Once we hung up with Mr. Allan, I turned to Chris, "Fuck! What in God's name have I gotten myself into?"


"The public face of Home Front," Chris answered with a smile. "Besides, would you rather have more homeless gay youth murdered in the City of Chicago?"


"Well, since you put it that way," I began. "No!"


"What do you think about that shower now?" Chris asked.




The weekend after our trip to Chicago, we decided to go dancing with the gang on Saturday evening. Tom, Harrison, Sawyer, Glen, Luke, and Sean joined Chris and me. We grabbed two cabs and headed off to the club.


"Do you think we all look a little slutty?" Harrison asked.


"Isn't that the point?" Luke asked.


"I think we need a drink and then head to the dance floor," Chris suggested as we moved toward the bar.


After we had all been served, we found a standup table so we could watch the goings on of the crowd of revelers.


"When are people going to start undressing?" Sean asked. "I think that will be the highlight of the evening!"


"Get your head out of the toilet, Sean," Luke managed to chastise his boyfriend. "After all, you have me to look at 24/7!"


Chris whispered into my ear, "Let's cut the cat fight and dance!"

"You're on, stud!" I answered as we moved toward an open space on the dance floor.


As we began to move with the music, Chris pulled me closer so our crotches were rubbing.


"Chris, you are going to make me so fucking hard I won't be able to hide it," I smirked.


"Do you think that is not my plan," Chris almost yelled into my ear over the music.


"You are evil, stud! Simply evil!" I yelled back.


Sawyer and Glen joined us on the dance floor. Sawyer yelled at the two of us, "Get a room, sluts!"


"I'm certain that will be later," Harrison screamed as Tom and he joined the four of us.


Soon Luke and Sean were enjoying the music. Chris was the first to pull off his shirt. An unknown dance neighbor took notice of Chris's phenomenally developed chest and screamed, "More!"


After a few more songs, the eight sweaty men in our group were shirtless. Finally, we made our way to the bar for refreshments.


"God! That was fun," Harrison effused.


"We might skip the gym this week," Sean suggested.


"Not until I get your wimpy ass back in shape," Luke teased. "I don't like mushy boyfriends." He and Sean were both smiling.


"As if your black ass doesn't need a little work," Sean shot back.


"At least I have one, white boy!" Luke again attacked with a smirk on his face.


We continued our dancing frenzy until we were all ready to collapse. "I think it is time this white boy and black boy head home," Sean suggested. "I, for one, need the energy to study tomorrow!"


We all agreed to make our way outside to hail a cab. Once we arrive at the condo building we went our separate ways. Lincoln and Roosevelt were scampering around our feet when we entered the door.


"I think they have been having a pillow fight," I whispered to Chris as I noticed one of the pillows that used to be on the living room sofa in shreds near the entrance of the condo.


"What do we do now?" Chris asked with concern in his voice. "Do we ignore this? Or, do we reprimand them?"


I picked up the pillow and turned to face Lincoln and Roosevelt. I held up the pillow for them to see, "Okay, boys! What's up with the pillow?"


They both lay on the floor with their heads between their front legs looking glum.


"I think they are saying they are sorry," Chris suggested. "Now what?"


"No more destroying the furniture," I sternly explained. "We are not mad, but you must not do this anymore!"


Lincoln and Roosevelt looked at each other, stood on all four legs, and walked to us with their heads down. All of a sudden, both dogs were sitting on their hind legs with their front paws dangling.


"They must be sorry," Chris decided. "Want to go to bed, guys?"


Lincoln and Roosevelt ran to our bedroom before we could turn around.



To be continued...


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