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Sam and Chris

Chapter 40: Spring Break


Our meeting with the Mayor of Chicago was set for Tuesday, March 24, the first Tuesday after our Spring Break began. Chris and I were nervous when we entered City Hall. We met Mr. Allan in the lobby before we were escorted to the Mayor's office on the fourth floor. The receptionist ushered us into the outer office of the Mayor. "Mr. Mayor will be with you shortly."


We waited for about five minutes until Mayor Emanuel greeted us. "Good morning! I'm Raul Emanuel," he said as he extended his hand first to Mr. Allan.


"I'm Randy Allan, Executive Director of Home Front. And, these two gentlemen are Sam Williamson and Christopher Johnson."


"I am so happy to finally meet you," Mr. Emanuel said as he offered each of us his hand. "I've heard a great deal about you over the last month. And, I want to commend you on your humanitarian efforts to help homeless gay youth in the City of Chicago."


"Actually," Chris spoke up, "Sam is the one who is the leader. I'm only along for the ride, so to speak."


"Chris has been my sounding board AND my inspiration for this project," I added. "I couldn't have made it this far without Chris. Also, the Washington Family Foundation and Mr. Allan significantly added to the rapid progress to help homeless gay youth. So, I'm certainly not alone."


"It takes teamwork for any project to succeed," the Mayor added. "Now, we will step into the press room shortly to begin the briefing. We have several local television and news outlets in attendance. And, a few national news organizations are also covering the announcement. Your efforts have been noticed not only in the city, but also around the country. I will make an introductory statement and give you an opportunity to say a few words. Then, we will open the proceedings for questions from the press. I'm certain the three of you will be asked several questions. Just be relaxed and open. Are there any questions?"


"Not a question, but rather a comment. If I faint, just keep going," I explained with a smile. "Maybe no one will notice!"


We finished the press conference after about 45 minutes. I never fainted, so all is good!


"So, I'm glad that is over with," I said to Chris and Mr. Allan during lunch. "I hope I didn't make a fool of myself!"


"You were terrific, Sam," Mr. Allan replied. "You did an excellent job with your statement as well as the answers to the questions that were posed to you!"


"Yes, Sam," Chris continued, "I am very, very proud of you! You should go into public relations!"


"Or, politics," Mr. Allan suggested.


"I think I'll pass on those ideas," I said to Chris. "I will be happy being a computer geek for the rest of my life!"


We were just finishing lunch when my phone began ringing. It was Sawyer. "Hello, Sawyer! How's it going?"


"Dude!" Sawyer exclaimed. "You've made the big time!"


"What are you talking about, Sawyer?" I asked.


"Glen and I just flicked on CNN! You and Chris and Mr. Allan were one of this hour's lead stories about Home Front!" Sawyer enthused. "You certainly got a lot of face time!"


"You're kidding!" I said in wonderment.


"Nope! You were definitely the core figure of a five-minute story," Sawyer added.


My phone was ringing again while I was talking to Sawyer. I saw it was my mother. "Sawyer, my mother is calling. I'll talk to you in a few!" I switched calls, "Hi, mom! What's up?"


"Your aunt called and told me you were on CNN. I just turned it on and saw the last of the story," my mother explained.


Chris's and Mr. Allan's phones began to buzz. They both answered the calls. I got up from the table and headed to the lobby, "I am amazed that it is on so soon! As you could probably tell, I was a nervous wreck!"


"No," my mother explained. "You were very poised and confident. And, you sounded so dedicated to the cause—which I know you are. You did such a good job. I told your father, and he can't wait to see it."


"I guess I will need to see it to believe it," I stated. By this time my phone was pinging with texts and e-mails. There were also a few calls that I let go to voice mail. "Now, I am not trying to change the subject, but you and dad should see the condo! The furniture you guys sent up really, really makes the place look fantastic!"


"Well," my mother said. "Your grandparents would be so pleased that you were able to take a few pieces their collection and make your home so attractive. I should let you go. I'm certain you will be hearing from a lot of people!"


"Talk soon, Mom," I ended the call.


Once Chris and Mr. Allan ended their last call, I added, "I am going to turn off my phone and let the world go by for a while. This thing has been pinging and beeping ever since Sawyer called me!"


"I think you have become a superstar!" Chris answered. "Luke called me to let me know he had seen us—well, mostly you, Sam—on television!"


"I knew I should not get involved in this press conference business," I announced. "After this, I am going to resign as the `public face of Home Front'!"


"You can't just hibernate," Chris added.


"Watch me, big guy!" I answered as we headed out of the restaurant. Chris and I grabbed a cab to our condo.


When we stepped inside the condo, Lincoln and Roosevelt raced to greet us.


"Hello, guys!" I said to them. Chris and I both knelt down to give them some attention. They returned the gesture with a lot of dog tongue.


We stood and Chris explained to them, "We need to change, guys. We'll be right back."


Lincoln and Roosevelt ran toward the television area.


As we were changing, Chris made an observation, "We haven't been to the gym here. We should give it a try sometime this week!"


"Good idea," I answered. "I've never seen it. What's it like?"


"Picture the weight room at school. But, this one has a view," Chris explained.


"We should try it tomorrow morning after we walk Lincoln and Roosevelt," I suggested.


We both pulled on a pair of gym shorts before we headed toward the kitchen where our laptops were. As we were settling in to read our e-mail, Lincoln and Roosevelt scampered in to join us.


After a few minutes of catching up on our e-mails, Chris announced. "Matt wrote. He apparently has met someone. His name is Connor. He's a sophomore at Northwestern. Matt wants us to meet him."


"Terrific!" I answered. "I was a little worried that Matt might go into a funk after he and Brendon split. It's good to know the love Gods are still at work."


"Would you mind if we invite them over for dinner on Friday evening?" Chris asked.


"It would be fun," I answered. "Should we invite anyone else?"


"I had thought about reconnecting with Randy," Chris answered. "It would be good to have a doctor in the family!"


"And, I understand his boyfriend is fucking hot!" I added.


"Let me see if Matt would prefer it be just the four of us," Chris further explained as he pulled out his phone, dialed Matt's number, and put it on speaker phone. "Matt! It's Chris. I just read your e-mail. Congratulations!"


"Thanks," Matt replied. "I met him several weeks ago, but we just started to date recently. He's a great guy!"


"Sam and I wanted to know if the two of you would like to join us for dinner on Friday," Chris offered.


"That would be terrific!" Matt enthused. "Where?"


"Our condo in Lake Point Towers," Chris suggested.


"Sure what time, and what should we bring?" Matt asked.


"How about 7 pm and just bring your boyfriend," Chris decided. "We will have everything else covered. Also, would you mind if we asked Randy and his boyfriend?"


"I wouldn't mind at all, except they are in Mexico over spring break," Matt answered.


"I think the logistics, then, would be a nightmare!" Chris answered. "It will just be the four of us then. I hope you and Connor like dogs. We have two."


"We love dogs," Matt answered.


"Good! They will want attention from both of you," Chris explained. "We'll see you at 7 on Friday."


"Thanks, Chris," Matt said as Chris and he ended the call.




We were awakened on Friday morning with two fur balls licking our faces. It was 8 am.


Chris announced in a sleepy voice, "I think we can give up on setting an alarm. These two will wake us up whenever they want or need attention!"


We pulled on some jeans and a sweatshirt, and went to look for Lincoln and Roosevelt. They were standing beside the front door. "Their tails are not wagging," I began. "I think we might need to hurry outside."


We grabbed our coats and put the leashes on Lincoln and Roosevelt. Once outside, they both did their duty quickly. We continued around the dog walk until we reached the walk to our building.


Once we were finished Lincoln and Roosevelt, we took our showers. We were both standing naked at the sink while we brushed our teeth. No shaving this morning. Before we stepped into the shower, Chris pulled me into a kiss.


"I've missed my dick in your butt!" Chris announced enthusiastically. "What does your butt think?"


"My butt wants to ask your dick to crawl inside," I whisper to my boyfriend.


Chris adjusts the shower and pulls me into it. He pushes me against the shower wall and starts kissing me. Chris finally pulls away from me and gives me instructions, "Put your arms around my neck and hold on!"


"Yes, SIR!" I do as instructed.


Once I had my arms around Chris's neck, he pulled my legs over his shoulders. As he continued kissing me, Chris lowered my ass onto his hard, uncut, black dick.


I felt his pubic hairs caress my balls as I moaned, "Ah! Shit, Chris! You feel so good inside me!"


Chris began to work his cock in and out of me as my back against the shower wall kept us stabilized. Chris lowered our bodies to the floor until I was resting on my back and he was working his dick in my ass.


"So, lover boy," Chris began, "I am not going to last long!"


"You'll just need to do it again after we rest," I whisper.


I began to tweak Chris's nipples.


"You are so going to make me blow a load," Chris hissed.


"That is my plan, lover boy," I hiss back.


Shortly, Chris was unloading into my ass, "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


Chris lowered himself on top of me and resume kissing until he was able to speak, "I'm sorry I came so quickly. But, I promise I will make it up to you in an hour or two."


"You never need to apologize, Chris," I whisper back. "I don't care if you are in me for two seconds or two hours, you complete me regardless!"


We lay there on the shower floor for several minutes. Finally, Chris began to pull out of me, "I think we need to get out of the shower. We don't want to look like prunes for our guests tonight, now do we?"


Once we were out of the shower and dried, we both slipped on gym shorts and headed toward the kitchen. Lincoln and Roosevelt were napping on the sofa in the television room, but they were quickly awake and circling our feet when they heard us in the kitchen.


While Lincoln and Roosevelt kept up with us in the kitchen, we busied ourselves with dinner preparation. I was in charge of chopping vegetables and making a salad. Chris did everything else.


At 6:30, Chris and I settled in to the kitchen island to await our guests. Chris poured us a glass of wine, "Here's to our renovated condo!"


We clinked glasses, and I added, "I think this place looks terrific! And, I'm glad we were able to use some of the furniture from my grandparents. It's from the 50's, but it looks classic."


"What are your parents going to do with the rest of the stuff?" Chris asked.


"I am not certain," I answer. "They mentioned something about an auction, but there are no specific plans. Do you think we need to look again to see if there is anything else we might want?"


"What would we do with it?" Chris asked.


"Maybe furnish our vacation home on Cape Cod!" I joke.


"So, now my lover wants a vacation home on the Cape!" Chris says in disbelief.


"I was actually joking, Chris," I answer. "I don't think we need another home just yet!"


The land line rings and Chris answers it, "Send them up Andrew.?"


Chris open the door after a few moments. Matt and Connor was coming down the hall.


Chris pulled Matt into a hug before we escorted Matt and Connor into our condo, "It is so good to see you, Matt!"


Chris turned his attention to Connor, "Hello, Connor! Good to meet you."


I also exchanged greetings with Matt and Connor. When we were inside, Lincoln and Roosevelt were scampering around our guests.


"These two," I began, "are Lincoln and Roosevelt. As you can see, they like attention!"


Matt and Connor both bent down and began to pet the two fur balls. Naturally, Lincoln and Roosevelt returned the attention with licks to Matt and Connor's faces.


Connor stood a few inches taller than Matt. His short blond hair and blue, blue eyes added to his well-defined body.


Chris and I escorted our guests to the living room. I took drink orders, "What can I get you guys to drink? Wine? Beer? Soda? Water? Vodka? Scotch?"


Both asked for beers. When I returned with the beers, Connor, Matt, and Chris were standing next to the window looking outside at the view.


"I knew this place would be phenomenal, but I never imagined the view," Matt effused. "Brandon told me you had just renovated the place, too."


"I could move in tomorrow," Connor added. "Where did you find the furniture?"


"Sam's parent's attic," Chris answered. "It belonged to his grandparents. They were collectors of sorts."


"You mean these are not reproductions!" Connor exclaimed.


"As far as we know, these are original items," I answered. "I never knew my grandparents, but they had all of this stuff in a farmhouse in Southern Illinois."


"Are you sure we should be sitting on these sofas?" Connor asked.


"Yup!" Chris answered. "This is our home, not a museum. Would you like a quick tour?"


When we finished our tour, Matt explained Connor's enthusiasm for the condo, "Connor is studying to be an architect. He loves places like this!"


I noticed Lincoln and Roosevelt sitting near the coffee table looking at Chris and then Matt. I nudged Chris, "I think they are confused."


Chris looked at Lincoln and Roosevelt and noticed their look of confusion, "Lincoln, Roosevelt. Matt and I are brothers. Sort of like you two."


They must have understood because Lincoln hopped on the sofa next to Matt and Roosevelt took his position on the opposite sofa next to Chris.


"So, Connor, where are you from originally?" I asked.


"That is hard to say exactly. My father was an officer in the army. We bounced around a lot," Connor started to explain. "When my father retired from the army, we settled down in Belmont, Massachusetts. My father is working at a robotics firm outside of Boston. I went to high school there. My mother is a nurse and currently works at Children's Hospital in Boston."


"Connor is an only child," Matt added. "He was not only an army brat, but he is also a spoiled brat! Aren't you, sweetie?" Matt added a peck on Connor's cheek.


"Just for that comment, you will not get sex for a week!" Connor quickly warned.


"We'll see," Matt explained as he snuggled closer to Connor. "Connor can't go a day without sex let alone a week...! Connor has become my rock... I didn't tell you, Chris..., but my mother isn't feeling well... She has been diagnosed with cancer."


"Shit, Matt! I'm sorry," Chris responded. "Is this serious?"


"The doctor's told her she has less than a year to live," Matt quietly answered. "I've been trying to get her to come to Chicago to meet with some people at Northwestern Memorial. Randy has put me in touch with a couple of doctors who are doing research in her particular type of cancer. She said she can't afford it. But, I'm still trying to get her to at least have a talk with the doctors."


"We were in Rockford for most of our break trying to convince her to explore other treatment options here," Connor offered. "But, I now know where Matt gets his stubborn streak!"


"Tell them what she asked you to do, Connor," Matt said quietly.


"She asked me to take care of Matt after she's gone," Connor answered also in a quiet voice.


"This she asked my boyfriend of two weeks," Matt added.


"You are not getting rid of me, big guy," Connor told Matt. "You are stuck with me!"


"I need to finish dinner," Chris suggested. "Why don't we congregate in there? I promise not to put you to work!"


When we settled at the kitchen island, Chris started to finish dinner.


"This is an experiment," Chris announced. "I have never used the grill in the cooktop. So, if things go wrong, we have back up food."


When dinner was ready, we moved to the dining room. "You two," I announced, "are our first dinner guests since the renovation. So, let's enjoy!"


"What exactly did you do to this place?" Connor asked.


"There used to be walls around the dining area," Chris began to explain. "And, we opened up the kitchen to the rest of the main living space. However, the architect did the kitchen so it can be closed off in case we have a party with caterers running the show from there. Other than that, it was mostly cosmetic. Paint. Floors. Furnishings. Nothing too major."


Chris decided to change the subject, "Are you still in touch with Brandon, Matt?"


"Yup!" Matt answered. "We talk on the phone at least once a week. I met his boyfriend Harvey and Harvey's dads a few weeks ago. They all seem to be really, really nice people. I'm happy for Brandon. He and Harvey seem to share a real bond. Did you know Brandon's mother is in a psych ward?"


"Really!" I exclaimed. "When did this happen?"


"About two months ago," Matt answered. "She was terrorizing her neighbors. She actually threatened one with a gun while screaming about the demons that were attacking her. Brandon, Greg, and Randy have cut off all communication with her."


"It's sad that people don't get the mental health treatment they deserve," I add.


"I hear you two are advocates for gay homeless youth," Connor said. "Matt was telling me about all you have done so far."


"We've turned the organizations day-to-day operations over to the executive director," I explain. "So, we are only peripherally involved at this point. I think the executive director that we've hired will accomplish great things for those in need."


"Matt and I talked about being volunteers for the organization," Connor continued. "To whom should we offer our services?"


"Randy Allan is the executive director," I answered. "And, one of Harvey's dads, George Morgan, is our financial guru. Both of Harvey's dads are also fostering our first client. They've been really, really supportive. I will give you their phone numbers and e-mail addresses before you leave."


I noticed Chris puttering around in the kitchen. I could tell he was in think mode. "If you two will excuse me for a moment, I will see if Chris needs any help."


I leaned over the kitchen island before I spoke, "So, Chris, what's on your mind? You seem pensive."


"I was just thinking," Chris answered.


When he didn't continue, I asked my next question. "Thinking about what?"


"Well, it is complicated. But, I was thinking about Matt's mother," Chris admitted.


"And, what about Matt's mother?" I continued my interrogations.


"I was wondering if we might want to offer her a place to stay if she were to seek alternative help at Northwestern Medical School," Chris finally said.


"I actually thought of the same thing," I explained my feelings.


"Should I ask about the foundation apartments or should we offer ours to her?" Chris asked.


"Here," I answered. "We will not be here much except for a weekend or two until the summer begins. And, I doubt that she will be here weekends."


"When do you want to suggest this to Matt?" Chris asked.


"Now is as good of a time as any," I tell Chris.


We took our seats across from Connor and Matt. Chris began to tell them about our offer, "Matt, you said you wanted your mother to come to Chicago to see specialists at Northwestern Medical School. So, Sam and I thought we could offer our condo here as a home base while she is here. Do you think that will help convince your mother that she can afford to come here?"


Matt looked a little startled with our offer, "You... I don't know what to say... You know you are offering your father's mistress the use of your condo? What would your mother say?"


"We understand that, Matt. But, you are my brother. My brother is worried about his mother's health," Chris replied. "So, we are offering the use of our condo to her during visits to Northwestern. And, my mother may have been pissed at my father for seeing your mother, but she is a compassionate person. She will not, I am certain, make it an issue."


Matt stands and crosses to where Chris is now standing and pulls him into a long bear hug. "Bro, you never cease to amaze me! I'll talk to her tomorrow. And, Chris..., I do love you! It's not often that someone finds out that he has a brother as kind and loving as you!"


Chris responds, "Don't get all teary eyed on me, Matt, or I will need to punish my little brother."


Suddenly Connor interrupts, "Matt! I hate to interrupt this love fest, but we just missed the last train to Evanston. We'd better grab a cab or we will be walking home!"


"Why don't you just stay here for the night," I offer. "We have three guest rooms. And, I am certain that we could find something for you to wear to bed." I smiled at my last statement. "We have put condoms and lube in the top nightstand draw in every guest room. So, as I see it, you are all set!"


"We get dressed when we walk the dogs in the morning," Chris added additional explanation. "However, we are not ones for formality otherwise. In other words, clothing is optional."


"I sort of remember that from my time staying with you after Brandon was attacked," Matt replied with a huge grin on his face. "So, Connor, shall we stay the night here?"


"Sure," Connor agreed. "I'm game. But, are you certain we won't be imposing?"


"We love having company," Chris answered. "Besides, it will give Matt and me more time to bond! Right, Bro?"


"Absolutely," Matt answered.




Lincoln and Roosevelt woke us up at 8 am on Saturday signaling we needed to take them for a walk. Once we were back, Chris made coffee and he and I took our showers. When we returned to the kitchen in our gym shorts, Matt and Connor were sipping coffee at the kitchen island. They were clad in matching red Calvin Cline low rise briefs.


"So, men," Chris began. "Did you sleep okay last night?"


"Once I got Connor into his pajamas, we were out like a light," Matt answered.


"I loved the guest room," Connor added. "Did that furniture come from your grandparents as well, Sam?"


"Yup," I answered. "Everything but the mattress."


My phone started ringing. I saw it was Sawyer. When I answered the phone, I turned it on to speaker phone, "Sawyer, Dude! What's up?"


"I hope I didn't wake you, Sammie," Sawyer announced. "We stayed at Glen's parents place last night. We were wondering if you'd like to get some breakfast somewhere this morning. My treat!"


"You don't have to treat us, Sawyer," I replied. "Matt and his boyfriend Connor stayed the night last night. So, we have company. Let me ask what we are doing. Chris?"


"I'm game," Chris answered. "If all six of us can squeeze into my car, we could go to the Melrose. Guys?"


We all agreed to Chris's suggestion.


"We can all bond while we are in the back seat," Sawyer announced. "If we are going to be that close, Glen and I will definitely need to shower!"


"Stop here when you are ready and then we can head out," I suggested.


"See you guys in a few," Sawyer closed our conversation.


"I guess we will need to skip the shower sex this morning, huh, Connor!" Matt added.


Matt and Connor headed to the shower as Chris and I dressed.


Shortly after Matt, Connor, Chris, and I were resettled in the kitchen after showers and dressing, Glen and Sawyer knocked on the door. Lincoln and Roosevelt raced to the door ahead of me.


Sawyer and Glen were greeting Lincoln and Roosevelt immediately upon entering the condo.


"I'm glad to see you, too," I announced.


"Sorry," Sawyer said as he stood and hugged me. "These two are just so cute!"


"My brothers have convinced my mother to get a dog," Glen added as he pulled me in for a hug. "So, if these two go missing, you can head downstairs for a recon mission."


Chris, Matt, and Connor joined us. "Sawyer, Glen. You remember Matt. And, this is Matt's boyfriend Connor."


The four of them greeted each other. Finally, we were ready to leave. "Good bye, boys! We'll be back in a few hours." I said to Lincoln and Roosevelt.


"Do you think they understand you?" Connor asked.


"We don't know," Chris answered. "They seem to understand some things we say."


"Yea," Sawyer interjected. "Like, `Lincoln and Roosevelt, Sam and I are going to the bedroom. Don't disturb us because we will be fucking like bunnies.'"


Once we were settled into Chris's car and were headed to the Melrose, Sawyer decided to share his feelings at the moment, "Chris, we need to plan more trips like this. I like to be squished together between two hot men."


"So, Connor," Glen began to question Connor, "Where did you two meet?"


"Funny you should ask," Connor began. "We were both at Starbucks just off campus. I asked Matt if I could share his table because the others were filled. We talked for a while, and decided we had some mutual interests, such as both being gay. Then, we got together a few more times before I worked up the courage to ask Matt out on a date. And, the rest is history. You guys?"


"Well, it's a simple story," Glen explained. "Sam asked one day if I wanted to join his gym group. Sawyer was part of that group. One thing led to another, and here we are."


"Glen's father is the new executive director of Home Front," I added to clarify Glen's relationship to our group."


"Yea, but, when Sawyer and I met, my father was still a minister of a Baptist church in Iowa," Glen added. "My parents didn't even know I was gay. So, we had a coming out issue. I thought I was going to be one of the gay people who would turn out to be homeless, but my parents surprised the shit out of me. And, then, Sam and Chris spirited my family out of Iowa with a job offer. You can't begin to understand how happy my father and mother are now that they aren't under the scrutiny of some very conservative Baptist church members."


As we were shown out table at the restaurant, we heard familiar voices calling Glen's name. Glen's twin brothers, Jon and Jamie were at a table next to ours. "Hey, bro!" Jon exclaimed. "You left mom and dad alone unaccompanied?"


"I think they can be left alone without supervision from time to time," Glen announced. "Why did they let you two out of your cages?"


"A friend from school is meeting us here," Jamie announced.


About then, a very attractive, extremely tall guy with a jet black mop of hair arrived and greeted the twins. "Hello, Jon, Jamie!"


"Hi, Conrad," Jon greeted their friend. "The group over there includes my older dipshit brother Glen. His friends are cool. He is a bit deranged, though. We haven't figured out Sawyer, though. He and my brother are boyfriends. So, we are not certain he has all of his marbles. But, we are giving him the benefit of the doubt!"


We made out introductions to Conrad and disappeared into our own conversations.


After a great breakfast and equally terrific conversation, we decided to head back to the condo.


Matt and Connor took the train from Belmont back to Evanston. As we were walking to Chris's car, Jon and Jamie decided to hitch a ride home with us after Conrad left the restaurant. Jon asked his brother Glen a question as we were walking, "Bro, do you think Jamie and I could both date the same guy?"


Glen stopped dead in his tracks and turned to Jon and Jamie, "Did you just ask me about dating a guy?"


"Yup," Jon answered. "Why?"


"You two are gay?" Glen asked in surprise.


"Well, yea!" Jamie answered. "We thought you knew that already!"


"I guess the idea didn't even bounce off my radar," Glen answered. "Do the rents know about this development?"


"Of course," Jamie explained. "They knew about us before you told them about you!"


"Holy shit!" Glen answered as we crowded into Chris's car. "Ah! Sam, Chris, Sawyer, I need help here!"


"Wouldn't you be sharing some intimate moments with the three of you?" I asked. "Would that bother the two of you and, of course, Conrad?"


"Let me put it this way, guys," Jamie began to explain. "We've slept together since we were conceived. We do everything together. And, we both like Conrad a lot!"


"I knew you guys have slept together naked for years," Glen added. "But, you've had sex with each other?"


"Glen," Jon countered. "I am going to repeat Jamie's comment, `We do everything together!' It's hard to have a private moment to get your rocks off when you are with your identical twin brother all of the time. So, yes! We've had sex with each other. We started when we discovered masturbation. Then, things just went on from there as we matured."


"Let me see if I have the whole picture here," Sawyer entered the fray. "You masturbate with each other, you've had oral sex, and you've had anal sex?"


"That would be correct," Jamie admitted. "Do you have a problem with that?"


"I don't," Sawyer announced. "Others might, however. You would not only be dealing with being gay, but also having a multiple partner relationship. That might be a lot to deal with for some people in your family and friendship circle."


"I think we are aware of some people's disdain for our situation," Jamie continued. "But, I am not going to give up having sex with the man that I am the closest just to make other people feel comfortable."


"How does Conrad feel about this?" Chris interjected.


"That was the purpose of our lunch conversation," Jon explained. "Conrad has been our friend ever since we started school at Francis Parker. He's a great guy. He's smart. He's cute. He's built. He's loving. He's warm. He's our best friend. The three of us think we want to at least try to have a relationship."


"Do mom and dad have any clue about this phase of your life?" Glen asked.


"We had a talk with dad a week ago," Jamie answered. "He thought we should ask you, Glen, what your opinion would be about the possibility of us having a relationship with Conrad."


"Does dad know about the two of you having sex with each other?" Glen asked.


"Yes," Jon explained. "He had a talk with us several years ago about safe sex, condoms, and the ramifications of having sex with each other."


"This was how long ago?" Glen asked with an incredulous tone in his voice.


"We were freshmen in high school," Jamie admitted to Glen.


"Okay! I was afraid to come out of the closet until the beginning of my freshman year in college," Glen admitted. "And, you and dad had the safe sex discussion four years prior to that?"


"I guess that sums it up pretty well," Jon said.


"Why didn't someone tell me?" Glen almost screamed. "I could have avoided the whole closet thing if someone had fucking told me about all this!"


"I'm sorry, bro," Jamie said as he took Glen's hand in his. "We didn't know you were gay. Dad told us to be careful about who we told about our situation. He didn't want us to get hurt. We wanted to tell you, too, but we took dad's warning to heart."


Sawyer leaned in a whispered something into Glen's ear.


"Sawyer!" Glen almost screamed. "You want me to have sex with my younger, twin brothers?"


"It's just a thought, lover boy," Sawyer answered.


Jamie continued to hold Glen's hand, "The three of us could bond, bro!"


"Or," Jon thought, "We could ask our future brother-in-law to join us! It would be a family thing!"


"Stop this shit," Glen screamed. He paused for a moment before he continued. "I'm not saying `no,' but I want to talk to Sawyer. This information is a lot for me to take in."


We arrived at the condo and piled out of the car. Jon and Jamie and Glen and Sawyer went to the Allan residence. Chris and I continued onto our condo.


Once we were inside, Chris and I were greeted by Lincoln and Roosevelt. We decided to have coffee at the kitchen island.


"That was some conversation in the car," Chris began.


"I'll say," I replied. "I thought we were going to need to scrap Glen off the sidewalk when Jon and Jamie broke the news to him."


"I would like to be a fly on the wall in the Allan home right now," Chris admitted. He was smiling.


I paused before I pursued my next question, "Chris? Would you consider having sex with your brother Matt?"



To be continued...


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