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Sam and Chris

Chapter 41: The Dog Days of Spring


Chris and I arrived at the gym on the first Tuesday morning after spring break to find Tom, Harrison, Sawyer, Glen, Luke, and Sean waiting in the lobby.


"Hello, men!" Sawyer greeted us. "Brandon and Harvey will not be joining us this morning. They said they had something to do regarding Brandon's attack last fall."


"Then, let's get pumping," Luke decided.


We found lockers next to each other and began to slip into our gym clothes. After we were dressed, we began our work out on the free weights.


"Hey, Chris," Luke yelled to Chris. "I hear Matt found a new boyfriend. What's he like?"


"He's actually very, very nice," Chris answered. "He treats Matt like a king! He's even helping Matt with a family matter."


"Is he a stud?" Luke asked.


"I don't know about their sex life, Luke, but he's a little taller than Matt. He has blond hair and the bluest eyes you have ever seen!" Chris did his best to describe Connor.


"What about his body, Chris?" Harrison pleaded. "Tell us about his body!"


"He's definitely a gym-goer," Chris told the group. "He has a very well defined chest and six pack abs. His arms are huge as are his legs."


"Hairy or not?" Harrison asked.


"Smooth chest," Chris continued. "He has a slight dusting of blond hair on his arms and legs."


"Is he hung?" Sean asked.


"We didn't see him naked, but he certainly filled out his Calvin Cline low rise briefs. Right Sam?"


"Yup," I answered. "And if you compare the bulges of Matt and Connor in their matching briefs, I would suspect they are pretty well equal in that department!"


"I wonder who is top!" Luke thought out loud.


"We didn't talk sexual rolls," I gave Luke some of my thoughts. "But, if Matt is anything like his half-brother, I would say he pretty much takes charge. Right, sweaty?"


"I don't know if there is a genetic marker for that tendency," Chris answered my question. "So, the jury is still out pending other information."


"Hey, Glen," Tom yelled at Glen while he and Harrison were at the bench press. "We heard your twin brothers want to date the same guy. How is that working out?"


"When we left on Sunday to come back to school, they had managed to ask him out on their first date next weekend," Glen explained. "I only hope Conrad can handle the dynamic duo!"


"We didn't even know they were gay," Harrison said. "When did that decision happen?"


"Well," Glen started to explain his brothers' relationship. "According to Jon and Jamie, my father had a safe sex talk with them while they were freshmen in high school. I was like, `Why didn't someone fucking tell me?' I could have been spared years of worrying about how my parents would react to me being gay. But, I guess my father sort of put two and two together and came up with eight. They have slept naked in the same queen sized bed ever since I can remember. They do everything together... They have been having sex with one another since they were able to understand what sex was. So, I guess dating the same guy is not totally beyond their thinking."


"What if one of them want to break up with this Conrad dude and the other one doesn't?" Sean asked. "Wouldn't that be sort of devastating for the one who wants out?"


"I suppose it would," Glen explained. "I am not certain how this will play out. But, I am keeping my fingers cross that the three of them don't get hurt or hurt one of the others in this relationship."


"Hey, Chris," Harrison began as he changed the subject. "How did the condo turn out?"


"Sam and I were extremely pleased with the results!" Chris began. "The furniture we found in the attic at Sam's parents' house looks terrific, too!


"When are you having your house warming party?" Sawyer asked. "I ask only because I am hopeful that Henry will do the food again!"


"We are going to wait until summer break," I answered. "We haven't set a date yet, but it will be shortly after we are out of school."


We finished our workout and took our showers. I was still drying off when an extremely good looking guy wearing only a towel tossed over his shoulder spoke to me, "Hey! Aren't you the dude that was on television talking about Home Front?"


"Yes, I'm Sam Williamson," I answered and pointed to Chris. "Chris Johnson, my boyfriend, and I were both at the press conference."


"I thought that was you," the towel draped guy said. "Oh! Sorry! I'm Ron. My boyfriend and I saw the piece. We both thought that what you are doing is really terrific. We had a friend from high school who was thrown out of his parents' house because he was gay. He was on the streets like 2 days and a group of guys beat the shit out of him. When someone finally found him, he was dead."


"I'm sorry about your friend," I said in response. "I wish we could have been there for him."


"Anyway," Ron continued. "I just wanted you to know that we appreciate your efforts, and we thought about volunteering this summer."


"You can call Randy Allan who is Executive Director of Home Front. He will be coordinating volunteers until we have someone to do that task," I answer. I also realized that I am standing totally naked talking to a total stranger. "Let me get his business card for you."


I open my locker and find Mr. Allan's business card in my back pack. "Here is his contact information... I guess I should put on some clothes."


"Not necessarily," Ron said. "I think you look good naked."


"I do, too," Chris added. "Of course, I am somewhat partial!"


A still naked Chris held out his hand and as Ron greeted Chris, "It's good to meet you. You look pretty good naked, too! As a matter of fact, your whole group looks good naked!" Ron added the last comment as he surveyed the members of our group who were starting to get dressed.


"Sam," Sawyer decided to join the conversation. "Maybe you should do naked press conferences. You might get a lot of attention for the cause!"


"Thanks, Sawyer," I replied to his suggestion. "However, I did my one and only press conference."


"I need to run, but it was good speaking with you, Sam," Ron said. "Thanks for the information. I hope to see you around campus. Take care, guys!"


"You're welcome," I said as I turned to Chris. He was smiling broadly. "What?"


"Should I be jealous?" Chris asked.


"No! Why?" I asked.


"I think a lot of people here at the gym notice that you look good naked," Chris whispered.


"Let's get out of here and get lunch," I said as I pulled on my jeans and tucked in my shirt. "I, for one, am hungry."


We arrived at our pasta place and grabbed our food. Our usual table was occupied, so we selected on near the back of the restaurant.


Glen was the first to speak, "I wonder if Ron goes to the gym to stalk good-looking naked men?"


"He certainly got his money's worth today," Harrison piped up. "Eight naked men at once. I wonder if that is a record for Ron. And, here I thought I was the only one who stalked naked men at the gym!"


"By the way, Sawyer," I added. "Did Branden say what he and Harvey were up to regarding his attack?"


"He didn't really say too much," Sawyer explained. "I think it was something related to the possibility of him needing to testify."


"I thought one of the attackers agreed to a plea if he testified against the others!" I told the group.


"I did too," Sawyer said. "Branden seemed pretty down!"


"I think I would go nuts if I thought I had all that behind me and then it resurfaced," Tom suggested.


"Speak of the devil," Glen said as he motioned toward the door. Branden and Harvey arrived and headed toward our table.


"Hi, guys!" Branden said to the group. "We thought you might be here."


We pulled two more chairs around the table so Branden and Harvey could sit and join us.


"How are you doing, Branden?" I asked.


"I've had better days," Branden began. "Tom and Brian met Harvey and me at the DA's office. The good news is that I won't be asked to testify in court. The bad news is that I need to make a victim's impact statement. I just wish this shit were behind me."


"Tell the guys the rest, Branden," Harvey prompted.


"The whole bunch could get a suspended sentence with three years' probation," Branden quietly said.


"You mean they would be let loose?" Chris asked in a fairly loud voice.


"It seems money talks," Branden added. "Ass wipe's father is at it again! He knows this person who knows that person and on and on. However, the school has kicked all of them out. No one can set foot on campus. So, needless to say, I'm a little down."


"Branden had been doing better during the past few weeks," Harvey added. "Then, when he heard there was something amiss yesterday, his nightmares returned last night."


"Are you still seeing your therapist?" Sawyer asked.


"Yea," Branden began. "I was down to once every two weeks. I suspect I will be back to once a week, or maybe even twice a week again. This whole thing just freaks me out!"


"We're all here for you, Branden," Tom announced. "If you can't reach one of us, just start down the list."


"Thanks guys," Branden said. "Now, I need to move on to my next class. I'll keep you all posted."


Branden and Harvey left us while the rest of us put the remains of lunch in the trash. Tom, Harrison, Glen, and I went to our computer science study group.


Tom decided to offer some levity to the situation, "At least Mr. Albertson's body will offer some eye candy to take our minds off this shit!"


"Now, there's one dude I would like to stalk at the gym locker room," Harrison said. "I suspect Ben and Marcus would look terrific naked!"


We took our seats in the front of the classroom. Mr. Albertson was lining up his material. "Hello, guys! How was your break?"


"It was good to leave school behind for a week," Harrison offered. We all agreed.


"Marcus and I caught the press conference on television," Ben said. "You did a terrific job, Sam! We were both very impressed!"


"Thanks," I answered. "That was my first and last press conference! I was scared shitless!"


"You didn't look like you were scared or nervous!" Ben answered. "Now, onto class matters."


When we finished class, I went directly home. Chris was sitting naked at the kitchen island with sheet music stretched out in front of him, "Hello, stud!" I said as I came into the kitchen. Lincoln and Roosevelt were romping around my feet as I kissed my boyfriend. "What's all this?"


"This, my dear man, is my first attempt at writing a song for my music composition class," Chris said as he gathered up the papers. "It still needs a lot of work!"


"When do I get to hear it?" I asked excitedly.


"Not until I have worked out the bugs," Chris answered. "And, there are still a lot of bugs... I received a call from Pat. You remember the breeder from whom we got Lincoln and Roosevelt? Well, she has a two-year-old border collie, a brother to Lincoln and Roosevelt, who needs a new home. The current owners need to move into assisted living and they can't take the dog with them. So, Pat asked if we knew of someone who would adopt the little guy. Do we know anyone?"


I looked at my boyfriend with squinty eyes, "You are not thinking about us adopting him, are you?"


"The thought had crossed my mind, but I can see that is probably not an option where you are concerned. Am I correct?" Chris asked.


"I think that sums up my position on the adoption of a third dog," I tell Chris. "On the other hand, what about Luke and Sean? They had mentioned they wanted a dog."


"Are you certain we don't need another dog?" Chris asked.


"Chris," I had to be firm. "If we lived, for example, in my parents' house, we could have two or three more dogs and no one would notice. But, the reality is, Chris, we live in a three bedroom condo at school and a four bedroom condo in Chicago. Two dogs are a stretch! Three would be an impossibility!"


"I see you are adamant about the extra dog, so I will speak with Luke and Sean," Chris acquiesced. "What if we met him and he promised not to be a bother?"


"No!" I answered.


Lincoln and Roosevelt were sitting between Chris and me. They looked at Chris when he was speaking, and, then, they looked at me when I was speaking.


"Maybe these two will be heartbroken that their brother will not be living with them," Chris pouted.


"They have managed to live their entire lives without their brother," I added.


"We will never have an opportunity to reunite the family again," Chris tried again.


"Two dogs are enough," I reiterated my position.


"What if we let him stay for a few days and see how he reacts to his brothers?" Chris asked.


"Because, Chris. You and I are both saps," I explained. "We couldn't decide which of these two to bring home. So, we brought them both home. Why do you think that their brother would be any different? If there were five dogs, we would have brought all five home!"


"I sense that you might be weakening," Chris whispered to me as he nibbled on my ear lobe.


"When do we need to make this decision?" I asked. I was weakening, but I didn't want Chris to know that... yet!


"Pat is delivering a puppy to a family in Effingham on Thursday," Chris began. "I told her she could drop the brother off here so we could find him someone to adopt him."


"I other words, you have essentially sealed the deal!" I said to Chris. I wanted to think I was angry, so I raised my voice.


"We can still find him a home," Chris insisted.


"Alright, we will have three dogs as of Thursday!" I tell Chris.


"You are not mad at me?" Chris asked.


"I didn't say that," I continued. "I just want you to know that you will pay for this for a long time to come."


"And, how will I pay for my sins?" Chris asked.


"You will need to make love to me from this coming Friday evening until Monday morning!" I answered.


Chris leaned over to plant a kiss on my lips, "I think that is why I love you so much! You and I think alike most of the time."


"I need to get out of these clothes," I said to my naked lover as I kissed him on the cheek. "What's the brother's name?"


"Officially, it's sort of long. King Simon Merryweather III," Chris answered. "Pat says he responds to Simon."


I slipped out of my shoes and sox. My shirt came off. Then, my Levi 511s. I sat naked beside my lover.


"You look good enough to eat!" Chris said in his most sexy voice.


"You're not looking so bad yourself... for a sap!" I responded. "So, do you think the three of them can fit on the foot of the bed at night?"


"I don't know," Chris answered. "Pat is bringing his dog bed and a few of his toys. She is also brining a bag of dog food. He eats different stuff than Lincoln and Roosevelt because he is -considered an adult and not a puppy."


"I guess I should have waited to get naked," I said. "We still need to walk these two!"


"I did that before you arrived," Chris explained. "They were pacing the floor when I returned."


"So," I leered at my boyfriend, "I don't need to get dressed again?"


"Nope!" Chris suggested. "Not until tomorrow morning!"


I stood next to Chris and put my arms around his beautiful body, "Mmmmm... I think, then, I need to worship your body a little bit before we get into studying. What do you think of that idea?"


"I like that idea," Chris whispered. "I think your body could use a little worshiping, too!"


I start kissing Chris and caressing his chest. I didn't touch his nipples... just yet. After a few minutes to sharing tongue, I started south. I licked each of Chris's nipples a couple of times. I licked my way down to Chris's rock hard cock. I began to nibble on the stretched foreskin of his big, black, uncut cock.


When I slid my tongue under his foreskin he began to moan, "Shit, Sam! You are a good worshiper!"


I pulled away long enough to hiss, "I've just started the worship service, big guy!"


I moved down so I could lick Chris's balls. I love his balls! I take each one in my mouth and give it the attention it deserves. After a few more moments, I decided I wanted his big dick in my mouth. I moved my mouth over the tip of my lover's dick and began to take it into my mouth. I slowly took more and more of his dick into my mouth. Finally, I decided to go for it. Chris's big dick was at my throat. I swallowed hard and took his dick down my throat. I never stopped until I felt his trimmed pubic hair caress my lips.


"Shit! Sam!" Chris hissed. "Oh! Shit yes!"


I dislodge my throat from Chris's shaft, but I wrapped my hand around his dick. I began working both my hand and my mouth up and down on his rock hard cock!


"Shit, Sam! You are going to make me cum!" Chris hissed.


"That's the plan, dude," I hissed.


I kept at my goal until Chris began shooting inside my mouth. "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!" He moaned as I lapped up his cum.


Chris pulled me off his cock and pulled me in for a hug. After a few moments, his hand was on my rock hard dick and he was stroking it. "I love this thing!" Chris whispered. "I could do this all night!"


"Keep this up and you will be covered in my cum, lover boy!" I whispered back.


"That's the plan, dude," Chris hissed.


I was so horny that it didn't take long for Chris to push me over the edge, "I'm going to cum all over you! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


Chris pulls me tight to his body, "I may never let you go, Sammie!"


"Promise!" I whisper.


"You are definitely stuck with me," Chris whispered back.


Lincoln and Roosevelt trotted into the kitchen. They were sniffing the air.


"I think they are trying to tell us we smell of sex," I whisper to Chris.


"And, they would be right," Chris answers. "Do we want a shower?"


"Nope!" I tell my lover. "Maybe if we stay this way you will be horny again in a few minutes."


"If I am around you, my dear man, I will definitely be horny again," Chris explains. "However, we need to feed these two and then start to study. I have a special treat for you for dinner!"


"I hope it is your dick!" I say.


"It's something to actually eat and not just suck on!" Chris told me. "It will be a surprise!"


"I can't wait," I answer.


We both pull out our laptops and hit the books.




Chris's phone rang at 10 am on Thursday morning. It was Pat. Chris put it on speaker phone, "Hello, this is Chris!"


"Christopher! It's Pat. I'm downstairs," Pat announced.


"We'll be right down to help you with things," Chris said and he ended the call.


We slipped on our coats and met Pat downstairs. Simon jumped out of the car with his leash already on as we arrived. He was scampering around our feet.


"I think he likes you guys," Pat said. "I have some things for you in the back of my car."


Chris and I helped Pat unload Simon's dog bed, a bag of toys, and a bag of dog food. When we let ourselves into the condo, Lincoln and Roosevelt welcomed the new arrivals. Lincoln, Roosevelt, and Simon's tails were getting a serious workout.


"They have grown so much!" Pat gushed as she leaned down to greet Lincoln and Roosevelt. Naturally, they licked Pat's face.


We let Simon off his leash and the brothers began to do some serious sniffing. Once the sniffing was complete, they were again at our feet.


I leaned down to Simon and offered him my hand to sniff. It didn't take him long until he was showering my face with serious dog tongue. Chris did the same and was met with the same eager response.


Chris decided to introduce the dog, "Lincoln, Roosevelt, this is your brother Simon. Simon, these two are your brothers Lincoln and Roosevelt."


It wasn't long before they were playing catch the tail with each other and rolling around on the floor. Lincoln must have decided he and Roosevelt needed to show Simon around. The three of them were scampering from room to room to explore.


"I can see they will get along just fine!" Pat added. "I'm so glad you agreed to take Simon. The former owners were heartbroken they had to give him up, but they had no choice."


"We can send photos from time-to-time," Chris offered. "Maybe even a phone call or two if they would like!"


"I'm certain they would enjoy that," Pat explained. "I put their phone number, address, and e-mail address on this card. They hope they can stay in touch with Simon."


"We will certainly share information with them," I tell Pat. "Did you give them our contact information?"


"Yes, I did," Pat explained. "I gave them your phone number and e-mail addresses. I didn't know which physical address to give them. Now, I must be on my way! I have a puppy to deliver!"


"Do you think Simon will be okay here without one of us for a couple of hours?" I asked.


"Of course! From the looks of these three, they will keep each other company," Pat answered.


After we had said good bye to Pat and put Simon's dog bed in the living room, Chris and I joined our group at the pasta place for lunch.


"How is the new dog?" Sawyer asked as we settled around our regular table with our food.


"Lincoln, Roosevelt, and Simon seemed to be getting along famously when we left," Chris answered.


"What possessed you two to get a third dog?" Luke asked.


"Simon is an older brother to Lincoln and Roosevelt. Chris convinced me that we needed to reunite the family," I said to the group. "All three of them are a lot alike. They even look similar. Simon is bigger, of course!"


"When will we get to meet the new arrival," Sean asked.


"Well, Sam and I thought we might have a welcome to the family party on Sunday afternoon," Chris announced. "A light brunch and a lot of dog bonding!"


"Awesome," Harrison said. "We'd love to meet our newest friend."


"Harrison is a sap for dogs," Tom explained. "He's been after me to get a dog since the Chris and Sam adopted Lincoln and Roosevelt. But, I don't think we are ready to share the condo with a dog and two other people!"


"Maybe it could be a group dog!" Sawyer suggested. "We could take turns walking it and feeding it."


"That's an idea," Harrison eagerly responded to Sawyer's suggestion. "Who would take the dog when summer break comes?"


"We could work out the details!" Tom said.


"You should give me the name of the breeder, Chris!" Glen explained. "My parents want to get my brothers a dog for their birthday at the beginning of June."


"She has a waiting list, but I will give you her contact information," Chris agreed. "Keep in mind Border Collies need a lot of exercise."


"The dynamic duo wants to take the dog on runs," Glen explained. "They are jogging nuts!"


"Then, a Border Collie would be terrific!" Chris said. "Sam doesn't know this yet, but, when the weather gets warmer, we will take Lincoln, Roosevelt, and Simon out for a jog several times a week."


"Sounds terrific!" I answer. "I think jogging along the lake will be a lot of fun!"


"You jog, Sam?" Sawyer asked incredulously.


"I was on the cross country team in high school," I explain. "So, yes, I like to jog. It will take some time getting back in shape, but I will enjoy it!"


"I guess, Luke, we will be the only dog less couple of the group!" Sean added sadly.


"We could go to the pound and find a dog one weekend soon," Luke decided.


Sean was suddenly happier, "That would be great Luke! I love you dearly, but I think we need the company of another living thing in the condo! Luke kills plants!"


"It's time to head to class, men!" Tom announced. "We don't want to keep Mr. Albertson waiting!"




Chris and I arrived back at the condo after our last class on Thursday. We were met with three very energetic dogs. I surveyed the living room to see that everything was in its place. Fortunately for our three furry friends, everything seemed intact.


"The good news is that the living room is just as we left it," I said to Chris.


"I think they want attention," Chris said.


Lincoln, Roosevelt, and Simon were circling our feet and wagging their tails. When we leaned down to pat them, we were showered with three dog tongues on our face.


"Should we take them for a walk now?" I asked Chris.


"Sure," Chris answered. "Let me get their leashes."


Once we had the leashes on our pets, we headed out for our walk around the block. As we were about half way around the block we heard our names being called, "Sam, Chris! It's good to see you again."


It was Ron from the gym. He was with a cute blond guy, "Sam, Chris, this is my boyfriend Ted. Ted, these two are Sam and Chris. You remember I met them on Tuesday at the gym!"


"Of course, Ron told me about meeting you," Ted explained. "He was excited to bump into you."


We exchanged handshakes.


"And, who are these three?" Ted asked.


Ted and Ron both offered the guys their hands for a sniff. Once they were assured they were not going to be attacked, they leaned down to pet Lincoln, Roosevelt, and Simon. Ron and Ted received some serious licks.


"They are certainly friendly," Ted assured us once they were standing again. "They are Border Collies, right?"


"Yes," I explained. "We adopted Lincoln and Roosevelt in December. They were both eight weeks old. Simon just arrived today. He's two years old. They are all brothers."


"Why did Simon just arrive today," Ron asked.


"He belonged to an elderly couple," Chris started to explain. "They needed to go into assisted living and could not take him with them. So, here he is!"


"By the way," I began. I decided if Chris could make a decision about another dog, I could certainly decide to ask Ron and Ted to our gathering on Sunday. "If you aren't doing anything on Sunday afternoon, we are having a group of friends over for brunch. We would be delighted if you could join us! The gathering is sort of a welcome to the family for Simon."


Ron and Ted looked at one another before Ron responded, "We'd love to join you! When? Where? What can we bring?"


"Just yourselves," Chris answered. "We will have plenty of food and drink!"


"Awesome!" Ron enthused as we went our separate ways.



To be continued...


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