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Sam and Chris



Simon followed us into the office where we decided Donny would stay until we were able to refurnish the room. As we were tucking Donny into bed, he decided to ask another question. "You won't leave me tonight, will you?"


"Nope!" I answered. "You know where our bedroom is now! Good night Donny! We love you!"


"I love you too, daddies," a tired Donny said as Chris and I kissed him good night.


Simon was still sitting on the floor looking at Chris and me and then at Donny.


"Do you want to stay with him, Simon?" Chris asked. Simon immediately jumped on the foot of the sofa bed and curled up near Donny. We left them to get some rest.


As we were heading to our room, Lincoln and Roosevelt followed us. Chris made his announcement, "I think Simon has decided to guard Donny! That means we are back down to two dogs on our bed at night!"


"Chris!" I said as I looked at him with my squinty eyes. "We do not—I repeat—do not need another dog!"


"Did I say anything about getting another dog?" Chris asked in defiance of my statement.


"No, but I know that look!" I admonished Chris. "We have three dogs and one boy living with us. That is more than enough for the time being!"


Chapter 44: The Routine


I took Donny to my Wednesday morning classes. Chris took him to Wednesday afternoon classes. On Thursday morning, we went off to see Dr. Graham who was a pediatrician in Urbana and also familiar with HIV infections in children.

We were ushered into the offices of Dr. Graham. We were soon greeted by an extremely bouncy guy with a big smile, "Good morning, gentlemen! I'm Dr. Benjamin Graham." He held out his hand for Chris and me to shake.


"I'm Sam Williamson and this is my partner Christopher Johnson," I introduced us to Dr. Graham.


"And, this must by Donny! It's nice to meet you, son!" Dr. Graham greets Donny.


Donny slid closer to me and softly announced, "Hi."


"The nice man won't hurt you, Donny!" I said to him. "He likes little boys like you!"


"You do?" Donny asks very quietly.


"Yes," Dr. Graham tells Donny. "I have two little boys of my own at home. One is about your age. The other is five."


"Okay!" Donny tells the doctor as he scoots slightly away from me.


"So, Donny," Dr. Graham began to talk with Donny. "What do you like best about living with Sam and Chris?"


"They are nice, and they have three doggies," Donny announces. "One doggie sleeps with me. The other two doggies stay with my daddies."


"Aren't you a lucky boy to have three doggies to play with," Dr. Graham continues.


Chris and I spent the next 45 minutes talking about Donny and what needed to happen to make sure he would lead a normal life.


After we were pretty much finished with our discussion, Dr. Graham explained a few other details. "I am afraid that there will be frequent and routine blood tests that Donny will need on a fairly regular basis. That way, we can monitor his progress as we add some antiviral medications that are approved for children Donny's age. And, because he is so young, we will need to be aggressively assessing the impact of any medication on his overall well-being. So, this will not be a piece of cake, so to speak, but we have an awesome chance that Donny will lead a normal and long life. I will also refer you to a colleague in Chicago—I see that you have a residence there—who will assist with the treatment options we have. And, one last thing before I send you off to the lab. As you know, while Donny is in the foster system, the state will pick up the tab for his treatment. However, you will have the burden of paying for Donny's care after you formerly adopt him. The medication alone will run thousands of dollars a month. Some parents elect to keep an HIV child in foster care for that reason alone."


"We are going to legally adopt Donny when the time is right," Chris decided to enlighten Dr. Graham. "The cost of care or the cost of health insurance is, fortunately, not an issue in our situation. Our biggest dilemma is finding someone we can trust to help us with taking care of Donny while we are in classes."


Dr. Graham smiled at us before he continued, "I am happy to hear that you two young men are adamant about making a permanent and caring home for Donny! If the three of you will excuse me for a few moments, I might have someone who can help you out with your child care issues, at least temporarily. I will be back momentarily."


Dr. Graham left us alone. While we were sitting Dr. Graham's office, I decided to tell Chris another concern I had. "You know, Chris, when we had the three dogs in the back seat of your car, we mentioned it looked a little crowded. Now we have three dogs and a three-year-old boy in the back seat. Do you think it might be time to consider a bigger vehicle?"


"Yea!" Chris agreed. "It looks like we may be doing a lot of traveling from here to Chicago. But, what do we do with the two cars we have?"


"Mine can go," I said to Chris. "I should call my father when we are finished here. He might have a few ideas to help us with the vehicle issue."


A smiling Dr. Graham returned, "I think I may have found someone who would be willing to help you out with the childcare issue. Her name is Monica Graham. She's my mother and a former pediatric oncology nurse. She loves kids and she and my father have two Border Collies. She is eager to speak with you and to meet Donny!"


As Dr. Graham gave us his mother's contact information, he also handed us a printout dealing with our conversation about Donny's care. "This is a summary of our discussion. I have also listed a couple of pediatricians in Chicago who deal with children living with HIV. Dr. Rodríguez would be my first choice. He is on the faculty of Northwestern medical school. We went to medical school together. If you can get an appointment with him, I will send all of Donny's lab work and our treatment plan to him. Do you have any questions?"


"Where do we go to have the blood work done?" Chris asked.


"First floor," Dr. Graham answered. "I put the blood work order into the computer. All you need to do is check in at the reception desk."


"Thank you Dr. Graham," I told him as we left.


Chris, Donny, and I met the gym group at the pasta place for lunch.


Once we were settled at our table, Chris introduced Donny to the group, "Donny, these are some of our friends. Glen and Sawyer you remember, right?"


"Yup!" Donny said as he popped a piece of pasta into his mouth without using a fork. "They are boyfriends. Glen was going to be my brother, but then I got to stay with my two daddies. So, now Glen and Sawyer are my uncles."


Chris pointed out each person as continued the introductions. "Those two are Luke and Sean. Those two are Tom and Harrison. And, those two are Brandon and Harvey."


"Tom and Harrison are in Daddy's class along with Uncle Glen," Donny added as he turned to Chris. "Are all of them my uncles, Daddy?"


"Do you want them to be?" Chris asked Donny.


"Sure!" Donny answered excitedly.


With introductions over, Sawyer started the conversation, "How did it go with the doctor?"


"Good," I answered. "Dr. Graham is a nice guy. Donny wasn't afraid of him after we had spent some time together. Donny did not like the N-E-E-D-L-E-S in the lab, though!"


"I don't blame him!" Harrison added. "I get a little queasy when I have to have that done."


"The doctor referred us to a specialist in Chicago that we will need to see from time-to-time," Chris explained.


"How does the insurance work?" Sean asked.


"We don't know the details, but, until we legally adopt him, DCFS covers his medical bills," I explain.


"Which reminds me, are all of you free the last weekend of July?" Chris asks the group.


"What's happening the last weekend of July?" Luke asked.


"We are planning a wedding," Chris announced.


"Congratulations!" Almost everyone said in unison.


"I think I know already know the answer to this question, but why so soon?" Luke asked.


"We decided to move things up so we could legally adopt Donny," Chris explained. "Judges aren't apt to grant custody to cohabitating partners."


"Where will this wedding be held?" Harrison asked.


"We have St. Pauls UCC Church in Lincoln Park reserved for Saturday afternoon at 2 pm," Chris told the group. "We are working on hotel accommodations and the reception. This has been put together rather quickly! Plan on being with us from Friday evening until Sunday morning. Henry is working on the details."


"This is incredibly exciting!" Brandon said to Chris and me. "You guys are truly amazing. I would be a wreck if I had to plan something this quickly!"


"Okay, boys!" Tom announced. "I hate to break up this love fest, but we have a class to attend!"


Donny and I kissed Chris goodbye. I took Donny with me to my CS study group. After class, Donny and I arrived at the condo the same time Chris did.


The three of us walked the dogs. Chris and I settled ourselves at the kitchen island. Donny was happily playing with Lincoln, Roosevelt, and Simon. "We should talk to my father about a bigger car," I told Chris. "I am certain he will have suggestions!"


I dialed my parents' number and turned on the speaker phone. My father picked up on the first ring, "Hello, Sam! How are you doing today?"


"Terrific! We took Donny to the doctor today for a preliminary visit," I announced. "It seems that we will be making some regular visits to Chicago to see a specialist there."


"It is always good to have the best people on your team," my father told us.


"Which leads us to our next item," I begin my explanation. "Chris's car was a bit crowded with three dogs in the back seat. So, when we add Donny's car seat to the mix, I think we might need more room. We were wondering if you might have a suggestion for something bigger!"


"It turns out I have been looking at something for your mother and me," my father explained. "We were thinking about a Mercedes GL63 AMG. It seats seven with the third row back seats up. I drove one the other day. It's a nice car."


"How much will that set us back?" I asked.


"Your mother and I were looking at a high end one with a lot of options. It was about $120 thousand and some change." My father told us.


"How much could you get for my car?" I asked.


"Do you really want to get rid of it?" my father asked.


"We don't need three cars, Dad," I told him. "Besides, mine is sort of useless when you put more than two people in it!"


"Okay," my father decided. "Do you like red?"


"Sure!" I answer. "Chris?"


"Red is nice," Chris affirmed.


"I'll get the one your mother and I were looking at. We will drive it to visit you on Saturday. If you like it, we'll drive your Mustang back home," my father explained. "We can register it in yours and Chris's name. We can decide what to do with your Mustang later!"


"You will let us pay for it, right?" I told my father.


"Sure," he answers. "What time do you want us to be there on Saturday?"


"Anytime," I tell my father. "We just need time to walk the dogs and get ready. We should be all set by 10 am, I would think. The dogs don't let us sleep beyond 8. Now that Donny is here, it's earlier."


"Plan on us about 11 am, then," my father decides. "We're looking forward to our visit."


"We are too!" I effuse. "Donny is excited, as well!"


When we ended the phone call, Chris decided it was time to speak with Dr. Graham's mother. "Good evening, Mrs. Graham. I'm Chris Johnson and my partner, Sam Williamson, is with me. Your son gave us your name!"


"I am so thrilled you called," Mrs. Graham effused. "Ben told me about you two and Donny. I think it is so amazing that you want to take care of the boy!"


"He grows on you rather quickly," Chris said to Mrs. Graham. "When do you have time to meet us?"


"Any time after tomorrow morning," Mrs. Graham suggested.


"We are both out of class at 3 tomorrow afternoon," I tell her. "So, could you drop by our place around 4?"


"That would be perfect!" Mrs. Graham agreed.


When we ended the call with Mrs. Graham, Donny joined us at the kitchen island. Chris picked him up and put him on his lap. "Daddy, did my mommy die?"


Chris and I looked at each other with fear in our eyes. Chris decided to go for broke, "Why did you ask that, Donny?"


"She hasn't been around since you found me," Donny told us. "She always came back to get me. Sometimes she came back to get me with a mean man. I didn't like him."


"Did the mean man hurt you, Donny?" I asked quietly.


"Nope," Donny answered. "Sometimes he hit my mommy when she did something he didn't like. Sometimes he broke things. Then, he would leave. I liked it when he left."


"Do you know his name?" I asked.


"Mommy called him Carl," Donny said to me as he wiggled to my lap. "Daddy, can I have a cookie?"


I looked at Chris and smiled, "After we eat dinner, you can have a cookie."


"The doggies get a cookie when we get back from walking them," Donny announced. "Why don't I get a cookie then?"


"The treats we give the doggies are not really cookies, Donny," Chris forges ahead with his answer. "They are doggie food so they can get big and strong."


"Oh! Okay!" Donny said as he wiggled his way to the floor so he could sit and play with the dogs.


"That was close," I whispered to Chris.


After we ate dinner, Chris and I settled around the kitchen island to finish some of our schoolwork. Donny was playing with the dogs!


Around 8 pm, I noticed it was quiet in the living room. Donny had fallen asleep on the sofa with the dogs. Chris carried a sleeping Donny into his room. We slipped his clothes off and his pajamas on. He didn't seem to notice. The dogs stayed with Donny while Chris and I finished our schoolwork.


We decided to call it quits at 11. We went in to check on Donny who was still asleep. Lincoln and Roosevelt followed us into our bedroom. Simon stayed with Donny.


We were startled awake by the motion of two dogs jumping off the bed and scampering down the hallway. It was 1 am by this point.


"I think we need to see what's going on!" I said to Chris as we quickly slipped on our boxers and headed to Donny's room.


Donny was making whimpering sounds as Chris switched on the bedside lamp.


"What's wrong Donny?" I ask as Chris and I sat on the bed.


"I had a dream. The mean man that was sometimes with my mommy was after me," Donny whimpered. "He was chasing me!"


By this time, Donny was out from under the covers and was clinging to Chris.


"We won't let the bad man catch you, Donny!" Chris tried to quiet him. "Besides, Simon was here next to you. He wouldn't let anyone hurt you either."


"You won't make me go with the mean man?" Donny asked as his whimpers were subsiding.


"Nope!" I answered. "As far as your Daddy Chris and I are concerned, you are with us now. We are your family, Donny! We love you very much and will be here to protect you!"


"Okay!" Donny finally said. He was still clinging to Chris. "Can I stay with you in your room, Daddies?"


Chris and I looked at each other. We both smiled. Chris answered Donny, "Sure! For tonight, you can stay with us."


Chris carried Donny to our room and the three dogs followed. He deposited Donny in the middle of the bed and whispered in my ear, "We can't say no, can we?"




Chris arrived home with Donny in tow. I had just taken off my jacket when they bounded through the door, "Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!" Donny yelled as he launched himself into my arms. "I got to hear Daddy sing!"


Chris kissed me as he started to slip off his jacket. "We should make him sing more often, don't you think?" I asked Donny.


"Yup!" Donny agreed. "I like it when he sings! Can you sing another song, Daddy?"


"I'll sing another song before we have dinner," Chris promised Donny. "But, right now we need to get ourselves cleaned up before Dr. Graham's mother visits us in a few minutes. We need to wash your face and hands."


Chris turned his attention to me, "I made the mistake of getting him a hot chocolate while we were in the practice room. He has most of it on him rather than in him."


"I'll take care of cleaning him up," I say to Chris with a smile. "Why don't you start some coffee? I, for one, could use a little caffeine in me."


Chris was right! There was considerable amounts of hot chocolate on Donny's face, hands, and slacks! I told Donny what the sequence of events would be, "First, we need to wash your hands and face. After that, we need to change your pants! Did you actually get to drink some of the hot chocolate?"


"Yup! Some," Donny admitted.


Once I was finished washing Donny's face and hands and he slipped into new clothes, we joined Chris in the kitchen. He had two cups of coffee and a glass of milk waiting. "You were quite successful, Sam!"


"It didn't take much," I told Chris. "I do think, however, white milk will be safer than chocolate in the long run!"


About then, the land line started to ring. It was exactly 4 pm. Chris gave Mrs. Graham the apartment number.


Lincoln, Roosevelt, and Simon greeted our guest as I opened the door. "Thank you for coming, Mrs. Graham. These three are Lincoln, Roosevelt, and Simon." I told her as I pointed to each dog. Then, I turned my attention to Donny who wanted to be picked up. "Donny, this is Mrs. Graham. Dr. Graham's mother. We want to talk to her and get to know her better."


"Why?" Donny asked.


"We want to," I said. "Don't you want to get to know Mrs. Graham?"


"Sure!" Donny said to me. "Do you like doggies?"


"I love dogs, Donny," Mrs. Graham told Donny. "My husband and I have two dogs that look like these three. They are Border Collies just as Lincoln, Roosevelt, and Simon are. You are a very lucky boy to have three dogs to play with and to have such loving fathers to take care of you!"


"I know!" Donny said to Mrs. Graham. "I love living with my daddies and the doggies!"


"Tell us about yourself, Mrs. Graham," Chris suggested after we were settled in the living room with coffee in hand.


She launched into her professional career and ended with a description of her family. "My husband is a dentist in Urbana. I have two boys. One you met, Dr. Graham. My other son, Dennis, lives in Boston and is an instructor at Northeastern. He teaches political science. And, I have two grandchildren. One is three, just like you, Donny. The other boy is five. They are both Benjamin's children."


We discussed Mrs. Graham's duties and decided she should start taking care of Donny on Tuesday so we wouldn't be away too long.




My parents arrived promptly at 11 am on Saturday. I was holding Donny when I opened the door of the condo to greet them.


"Mom, Dad, this is Donny!" I tell my parents. "Donny, meet your grandparents!"


Donny pauses to look at me, then my mother, then my father, then back at me. "You look alike!" He says as he reaches out to my father who holds him. "Hi, grandpa!"


"Hello, Donny! It's good to meet you!" my father tells Donny.


Donny next reaches out to my mother who also takes him in her arms. "Hi, grandma!"


"Hello, Donny!" my mother says as Donny wiggles to the floor.


"Do you know Lincoln, Roosevelt, and Simon?" Donny asks my parents.


"We've met Lincoln and Roosevelt," my mother told Donny as she leaned down to pet Simon. "But, we haven't met Simon!"


"Simon sleeps with me," Donny said proudly. "Lincoln and Roosevelt sleep with my daddies!"


"Simon has taken an interest in protecting Donny," Chris added. "He was the one who found Donny in the bushes and woke him up."


"Aren't you a good dog, Simon!" my mother said to Simon who promptly licked my mother in the face.


We moved to the living room and took seats on the sofas. Donny chose to sit between my parents.


"How are the wedding plans coming?" my mother asked.


"Chris just talked to Henry right before you arrived," I said to my parents. "He is a miracle worker! We have a huge block of rooms at the W Hotel on Lakeshore Drive plus the ballroom on the thirty-third floor."


"How did he manage that in such a short time?" my father asked.


"Henry pulled in a few favors, I think," Chris explained.


"We will have a good time regardless," I added. "We still need to ask Jeffery to officiate. I hope he can!"


"Okay! It's 12:10. How about lunch?" Chris finally asks.


"I'm ready," I tell Chris.


"Out or in?" Chris asks.


"How about out since you are cooking dinner tonight?" I suggest to Chris. "We could go to the pasta place where we have lunch on Tuesday and Thursday or the Thai restaurant. Do you think Donny will like Thai?"


"Maybe not," Chris answers. "How about the pizza place?"


"Great idea, Chris!" I enthuse. "You took me there on our first date!"


"You can practice driving your new car!" my father said as he threw me the keys.


We grabbed our jackets and headed outside. We stopped at Chris's car to get Donny's car seat. As I unlocked the doors, Chris whispered into my ear, "This thing is fucking huge!"


"We wanted more room," I whispered back. "And, we've got more room!"


Once we had Donny secured in his car seat, my mother and father took their place in the same row as Donny. When we arrived at the pizza place, I pulled into a parking space.


"Holy cow!" Chris said to me. "How did you learn to park something this big that easily?"


"Chris, I grew up on a farm," I told him. "We had trucks a lot bigger than this!"


"Oh!" Chris exclaimed. He was smiling broadly. "I want to see you parallel park this thing!"


"It parks itself, Chris," my father added to the conversation.


"I hope it works well!" Chris told my father. "Otherwise, I won't be driving it!"


Chris was carrying Donny into the pizza place. Dominic, the waiter I met when Chris first took me here greeted us, "Christopher! What a surprise! And, you're Sam right?"


"Yes," I answered. I introduced my parents and Donny to Dominic.


"You guys don't waste any time! The last time I saw you two here was after you first met," Dominic said as he led us to our table. "Now, you have this cute boy with you and your parents, Sam! Is there something I should know?"


"We are engaged," Chris began to explain as we started to settle at our table. "We are going to be married at the end of July in Chicago. And, then, once we are legal, we plan on adopting Donny!"


"Then, this is a celebration!" Dominic told us. "I'll get Donny a special chair in a moment. What do you want to drink?"


We ordered a pitcher of beer and two glasses plus a glass of milk for Donny.


"I'll be right back with your drinks!" Dominic enthused as he headed off to the kitchen.


It wasn't long before we heard a shriek from the kitchen. Angelina, the owner, came dashing over to our table.


"Christopher! Dominic told me the news! Congratulations!" She exclaimed as she pulled Chris in for a hug. She did the same with me.


Once I introduced Angelina to my parents, she turned her attention to Donny. "And, what is your name?"


"I'm Donny," Donny quietly told her.


"It's nice to meet you, Donny!" Angelina softly said to Donny. "How old are you?"


"I'm three," Donny proudly told Angelina as he held up three fingers.


Dominic arrived with a pitcher of beer, four glasses, and a glass of milk. Once they were on the table, he pulled up a high chair for Donny. Angelina helped him get settled.


"So what do you like to do, Donny?" Angelina asked.


"I like to play with the doggies," Donny gleefully added.


"We have three Border Collies," Chris said as he handed Donny a carrot.


Angelina started to say something and then her eyes grew bigger, "Oh! The paper! You? Donny?"


Chris nodded his head yes.


"Why does this news not surprise me?" Angelina quietly said as she turned to my parents. "You must be very proud of the two of them!"


"We are," my father answered.


Angelina continued, "The last time the guys were here, Sam mentioned that you live in Olney. Do you know a John Ritter? He was an army buddy of my husband's."


"Of course we know John," My father announced. "He lives a few houses away from us. He is a friend of mine."


I looked at Chris and smiled. Chris smiled back.


"John told my husband about a big farm that was recently sold near his house. Do you live near that?" Angelina asked.


"We used to own it," my father announced. "It had been in my family for several generations. We sold it last fall. The new owners are in the process of turning it into an organic farm."


"How exciting!" Angelina said to my parents. "What are you going to do now?"


"I am going to Northwestern to get my masters in creative writing in the fall," my mother told Angelina. "It is something I've always wanted to do!"


"I'm along for the ride," my father said to the group.


Angelina and Dominic disappeared as we ate our pizza. Donny had managed to get more on him than in him. We must teach him to manage pizza and hot chocolate better!


"Dominic," Chris flagged Dominic down. "May we please have the check?"


"Nope!" Dominic said. "It's taken care of. Momma A insisted. And, you know that what Momma A wants, Momma A gets!"




Chris, Donny, and I watched my parents speed off out of town in my Mustang. After we walked the dogs, Chris and I worked on our school stuff until it was time to put Donny to bed. Once he was properly tucked in, we continued with our school work.


"Okay!" I said to Chris. "I am done studying. It's 10 o'clock. What do we want to do now?"


Chris leaned over and kissed me, "I was thinking that I would like some alone time with my boyfriend. We've never gone this long without making love! Do you think we can lock the door and play with each other's bodies?"


"I think that is a very good suggestion, Mr. Johnson!" I said to Chris as I pulled him closer to me so I could kiss him.


Once we closed and locked the bedroom door behind us, we were naked and lying in bed. Chris was resting his body on top of me as he kissed me.


"I've... missed... this!" Chris whispered between kisses.


"So have... I!" I whispered back. "I need you... in me..., Chris! And..., I need it... now!"


Chris grabbed the lube from the nightstand and quickly slathered some on his already hard dick. He pulled my legs onto his shoulders and lined up his cock with my asshole. He leaned in to kiss me as he started his descent into my ass. He paused just as I felt his pubic hairs tickle my balls.


"I may not be able to last long tonight," Chris whispered into my ear.


"I know the feeling, big guy! But, I love you in me anyway!" I whispered back.


Chris began to slowly work his cock in and out of my ass. My dick was rock hard as I felt him rub my prostate with each loving stroke.


After several minutes of making love, I hissed at my lover, "I think I am going to fucking cum! Shit! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!" With each moan I deposited copious amounts of cum on my stomach and chest.


Chris was right behind me, "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


As Chris rested his body on top of mine, he announced, "You are a beautiful lover, you know that, Sam?"


"So are you, sweetie," I whispered as we both lay motionless.


Finally, Chris rolled off me. "I don't really want to leave this bed, but I think we need to wipe the smell of sex off our bodies and check in on Donny!"


"I think you are right!" I reluctantly agreed.


Once we were relatively clean, we slipped on our boxers and checked on Donny. He was sound asleep. The dogs stirred slightly as we turned to leave our son's room. Lincoln and Roosevelt follow us.



To be continued...


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