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Sam and Chris



After we finished our meeting with Mr. Washington, we went back to the living room. Donny was asleep.


"I think it is time we call it a night," Chris suggested. "Donny is not the only one who is just a little bit tired. We were up at 6 am this morning, and I suspect tomorrow will be the same."


We called a cab and carried a sleepy little boy to the cab and then into the condo. The dogs were immediately at our feet.


"Do you think we can get him into bed without waking him up?" I asked.


"I'm pretty certain he won't wake up until about 6 am tomorrow morning," Chris said with a smile. "So, let's get to it!"


Chapter 46:


The Friday appointments were finished. We had a boat load of information from the nutritionist we met this afternoon. We have our work cut out for us just feeding Donny the right foods so he will be healthy.


Chris, Donny, and I were just starting to walk the dogs when my phone started ringing. When I answered it, I heard a familiar voice, "Hello, Sam, it's Jeffery and Phillip!"


"So, where are you guys now?" I asked.


"We are heading out to get the car from the valet," Jeffery said to me.


"We are just now walking the dogs," I explained. "If you pull up to the main entrance, one of us can show you where to park while the other takes the dogs and Donny upstairs. Do you have a lot of luggage?"


"Nope," Jeffery answered. "We packed lightly!"


The dogs had done their duty, and Chris, Donny, and I waited at the entrance of the building. Jeffery and Phillip pulled into the entrance shortly after we arrived.


"Welcome to Chicago," Chris exclaimed as Jeffery and Phillip exited Phillip's truck. Chris was holding Donny who had his arms wrapped around Chris's neck. "Phillip, Jeffery, this is Donny. Donny, these two are friends of ours, Phillip and Jeffery. They will be staying with us for a few nights, Donny."


"Hi!" Donny exclaimed as he wiggled to the sidewalk. "Do you know the doggies?"


Phillip and Jeffery leaned down to Donny's level, as Jeffery began to explain, "We met Lincoln and Roosevelt a few months ago. Who is the other one?"


"He's Simon," Donny answered excitedly. "He sleeps with me. Lincoln and Roosevelt sleeps with my daddies. Do you like to play with doggies?"


"We love to play with doggies," Phillip announced.


"Good!" Donny answered as he was picked up by Chris again.


"Donny, why don't you and I go upstairs with the dogs while your daddy Sam shows the guys where to park the truck," Chris said to Donny.


"Okay," Donny said.


I crawled into the back seat of the truck and gave Phillip directions to the parking space. "Donny is adorable!" Jeffery told me.


"I know!" I say pensively. "He's changed our lives forever! He grows on you! Once you spend a little time with him, you will be forever attached to him in some fashion, I can assure you. First, it was Chris and me. Then, it was Chris, me, and two dogs. Next, it was Chris, me, and three dogs. Now, it is Chris, me, three dogs, and Donny! I can't imagine life without all of them on our journey forward together."


Jeffery and Phillip retrieved their two bags from the back of the truck and we all headed upstairs. When I punch the 42nd floor button of the elevator, it was Phillip's turn to comment. "Forty second floor? I am glad I don't have a problem with heights!"


"At first, I couldn't go near the window, but you get used to it," I explained as we headed out of the elevator and down the hall to our condo.


When I opened the door and Jeffery and Phillip were inside, Jeffery exclaimed, "Oh my God! This place is beautiful!"


"Thanks," I casually said as the three dogs followed by an exuberant Donny met us in the entry hall. Donny almost jumped into my arms.


"Are we going to show Jeffery and Phillip to their room?" Donny asked.


"We are, Donny! Why don't you lead the way," I said as I put Donny on the floor.


We followed Donny through the apartment and down the hall to the guest room. "We decided to put you guys in here," I explained as we entered the guest room. "We thought you'd enjoy this room. The furniture is from my parents' attic. And, since you said you like contemporary pieces, we thought this would be perfect for you. We'll show you the rest of the place after we have a drink."


"This is stunning," Jeffery said as I looked around the guest room. "We are trying to come to an agreement with your parents on the price for a few pieces that we would like for the new house. But, they want to give the stuff to us! We want to pay them for the items."


"Jeffery, Phillip!" I said as a broad smile crossed my face. "Don't fight them! You will not win!"


"Your bathroom is over here," Donny said as he grabbed Jeffery's hand and led him towards a door. Phillip followed.


"Oh my!" Phillip said as he saw the huge bathroom. "This is bigger than our master bathroom in the house!"


"And, your closet is over here," Donny added as he pulled Jeffery in a different direction.


"I assume you two would not object to a cocktail before dinner?" I asked.


"Nope!" Phillip told me.


We found Chris in the huge kitchen putting dinner together. "I think the guys need a drink!" I told Chris. "I'm certain we could convince you to have one as well!"


"I will have a scotch on the rocks," Chris answered. "I will meet you in the living room in a few moments."


I escorted Jeffery and Phillip into the living room, "What can I get you to drink?"


"Scotch on the rocks," Phillip answered.


"Same," Jeffery followed up.


"Have a seat and I will get the drinks," I suggested.


Phillip and Jeffery wondered to the window. "Sam! This view is stupendous!" Jeffery effused.


"We are lucky," I said as I was fixing drinks. "Wait until you see it at night!"


Chris joined us as I was putting our drinks in front of us on the coffee table where we had decided to sit. "How was your day?" Chris asked as he sat next to me on the opposite sofa.


"I had a leisurely stroll down Michigan Avenue, had lunch at the Burnham Hotel, and gave myself a tour of Marshall Field's on State Street before I met Phillip back at the hotel lobby," Jeffery explained.


"He left out the part about flirting with Bernard, the waiter at the Burnham Hotel restaurant," Phillip added. "However, it was a productive day for me. I am even more excited about the things we will be doing at the farm!"


"Oh! The house! Tell us about the house!" I effused.


Jeffery reached into his shirt pocket to pull out his phone with the photos. Phillip explained the house.


"It sounds terrific!" Chris responded.


"And, we are a little jealous as we look around at the things you guys found for this place," Jeffery told Chris and me. "Every room is so perfect! Did some of this come from your parents' attic?"


"The entire dining area furniture was from the attic," I began to explain. "The chairs and end tables in this room were from the attic as well. We found the sofas and the coffee table at a gallery in the Merchandise Mart. Most of the art in these two rooms were from my grandparents collection."


Out of the blue, Donny decided to ask a question, "Are you two married?"


Jeffery looked at Phillip and they both smiled before Jeffery answered him, "Not yet! We want to be, but we aren't yet."


"My Daddies are getting married," Donny announced. Donny turned to me, "Are they invited to our wedding?"


"Yes," I answer before turning to Jeffery and Phillip. "We actually have a question for you, Jeffery. Would you be willing to perform the wedding the last week of July here in Chicago?"

"Me?" Jeffery asked. "Of course! I would be honored!"


"This is rather sudden, isn't it?" Phillip asked.


"We want to permanently adopt Donny," Chris explained. "The courts are more apt to give legal custody to a married couple rather than a cohabitating couple."


"Where is the wedding going to be held?" Jeffery asked Chris and me.


"The wedding ceremony will be at St. Paul's UCC church in Lincoln Park," I explained. "The reception will be at the W Hotel on Lakeshore Drive."


We talked a little more about the upcoming wedding. I decided to change the subject, "So, Jeffery, how is your work going?"


"Well," Jeffery began. "You would think that there would not be a lot of big issues facing young people in a town like Olney! But, that is not the way things are working out. I have been on the job a total of almost two months. I've had four gay leaning kids come to me for advice. I've had three kids contemplating suicide. I've had four sets of parents who wanted to talk to me about drug addicted kids. I've had two kids whose parents are abusive. I've counseled two kids who are being bullied in high school. There are no resources to help these kids. People want to sweep these kids and their problems under the rug. Mental health services for kids in distress are nonexistent in the area. Drug treatment centers for minors are nonexistent. Child psychologists who understand gay leaning kids are nonexistent. Support in the schools for kids who are bullied is nonexistent. So, you might say I have been more than just a little frustrated."


Chris and I looked at one another before I began, "Have you mentioned the camp idea to the higher ups at the church?"


"Yes," Jeffery told us. "There is interest in the idea, especially from your family."


"I have a suggestion," Chris announced. We all turned to him to hear his ideas. "What if Home Front or another organization were to get involved to provide help for these kids—even if it were in Chicago? Sort of like a scholarship for drug rehab or mental health care. Or, could a center that could provide both be located in your area that could serve the entire southern part of the state?"-


"Wouldn't that be expensive?" Jeffery asked.


"I'm certain it would not be cheap, but what would you rather have?" Chris continued. "Help for kids in your area or a lot of dead kids who didn't have any help available?"


"I've asked this before, but how could someone get the money?" Jeffery asked. "I suspect we are talking millions of dollars a year!"


"I suspect that might be the case," Chris answered. "However, Sam and I were put on the board of the Washington Family Foundation because my grandparents want the money in the foundation to be put to use to help people instead of sitting in the bank drawing interest!"


"One other minor issue," Jeffery added to the mix. "Do you really think the town would go along with a facility for gay, drug addicted, or mentally ill kids?"


"Besides the bigots?" I added.


"Like whom?" Jeffery asked.


"Mr. Ritter for one!" I exclaimed.


"Your father's friend is a bigot?" Jeffery asked.


"Big time!" I replied. "Someday, I will tell you the story, but right now, I am just trying not to be mad at the whole town!"


"Daddy," Donny began as he looked at me. "What's a bigot?"


"A bigot is someone who doesn't like people who are different from themselves," I answered. "Right, Chris?"


"I think that is an accurate definition," Chris answered with a smile. "I think we may need to reconsider how we react to conversation!"


"I think you may be right!" I agreed. I turned his attention back to Jeffery. "Jeffery, I know this may sound farfetched, but you could put a facility for kids outside the city on private land in the middle of nowhere. It might even be affiliated with the UCC church in my hometown!"


"I can see wheels turning in my boyfriend's head," Chris announced.


"Sometimes you scare me, Sam," Jeffery said to the group but mostly to me in particular.


"Why?" I asked.


"I'm starting to see a pattern here where you two are concerned!" Jeffery explained. "What can't you two accomplish?"


"World peace!" Chris answered. "Jeffery, some people will say that Sam and I are very privileged because our families both have money. And, we wouldn't be sitting here in this condo if we didn't come from money. We wouldn't be driving a Mercedes SUV if we didn't come from money. We wouldn't have three dogs and a three year-old boy living with us if we didn't come from money. But, that does not define us. Sam and I are softies when it comes to kids and dogs and other living things. Convince us of the need, which I think you already have, and we will both go to bat for you to find the money to make it happen, right Sam?"


"Yup!" I agreed. "I have some thoughts on the subject that I want to share with you. However, isn't dinner ready, Chris?"


"Yup!" Chris answered.


We continued our conversation through dinner. It was an early night because we had a long and early day starting in the morning!




The Tuesday after our visit to Chicago, Chris and I met the group at the gym. Mrs. Graham was staying with Donny.


Sawyer, Glen, Tom, and Harrison were in the lobby of the gym. The others had not arrived.


"Good morning, guys!" Sawyer called out. "It's good to see your smiling faces so early this morning!"


"It's 10:30 am, Sawyer," I told him. "It is not that early! Donny usually makes certain we are up at 6 am!"


"I guess that is one of the disadvantages of parenthood," Harrison added.


"But there are lots of advantages that make up for everything!" Chris replied.


Luke and Sean arrived. Luke announced their arrival, "Greetings space aliens! Let's get this show on the road!"


As we were getting dressed in the locker room, Luke captured the locker next to Chris and me. "While you were away in Chicago, we received some interesting news from our hometown."


"And, what might that be?" Chris asked.


"Well, it seems my illustrious, holier than thou father is in deep shit trouble," Luke began. "His hand was discovered in the collection plate at the church where he is the minister."


"No shit!" Chris exclaimed. "What's this all about?"


"We don't know the details yet," Luke continued as he pulled on his jockstrap. "But, there is a very large possibility that he has been helping himself to some extra cash for some time now."


"Why?" Chris asked. "He's well paid, isn't he?"


"Yes," Luke told us. "However, the money he is paid is direct deposited into my parents joint account. My mother manages that account and pays all of the bills, buys food and clothing, and all of that stuff. But, it seems my father has been involved in some extracurricular activities with another female. And, it is rumored that the cash he was taking from the weekly collection plate—not an insignificant amount of cash, I might add—goes to his girlfriend for support."


"Why does this all sound so familiar," Chris asked Luke.


"That was my thought when I first heard about the situation," Luke added with a smile as we closed up our lockers and headed to the weight room. "But, at least your father didn't steal the money from a church!"


"What's going to happen to your father?" I asked Luke.


"My sources within the church leadership committee told me they want to keep this under wraps," Luke explained. "The church is giving my father a few weeks to replace the money in the church coffers. Once he does, he will probably be asked to resign."


"Why do you still have sources within the church leadership committee?" I asked. "Don't they think you are a sinner for being gay?"


"No everyone in the church believed my father's bullshit about gay people," Luke continued. "They especially dislike the fact that their revered minister is an adulterer!"


"And, how does your mother feel about this situation?" Chris asked Luke as he positioned himself on the bench press.


"She, apparently, doesn't know about it yet," Luke explained. "That will probably change once my father needs the money to repay the church. She will definitely know if it comes from any of their joint accounts."


"Perhaps your mother should ask my mother for the name of her divorce attorney!" Chris suggested.


"I suspect, if she finds out about this incident, she will definitely be in contact with your mother, Chris," Luke continued. "They were good friends until the details of our lives came to light."


After our workout, we stopped at our usual pasta joint to have lunch. Once we were seated, we resumed our conversation.


"So, Sam and Chris, I assume you two didn't have anything to do with the e-mail I received from Mr. Washington's law firm about a summer internship," Sawyer asked Chris and me. There was a smirk on his face.


"Or, the e-mail Tom, Harrison, and I received from Home Front offering us an internship position for the summer to build their website," Glen asked.


"Or, the e-mail Luke and I received offering us a summer internship at the Washington Family Foundation," Sean added.


"That would have been my grandfather's doing, not ours," Chris told the group. "I assume you will be accepting the offers."


"We would be nuts not to accept the offers," Harrison told us. "If I didn't accept the internship, I would be working at McDonalds for $10 an hour instead of what turns out to be about $40 per hour for a 32 hour work week!"


"But, you will be suffering in silence since the six of you will be crammed into one three bedroom condo in our building," Chris added with a smirk of his own.


"How many bathrooms?" Luke asked.


"Three," Chris answered. "The condo is about the size of our place here at school."


"I can live with that," Tom announces. "Now, we need to get moving. Mr. Albertson awaits our very cute smiling faces!"


We ditched the remains of our lunch in the trash cans and headed out to the sidewalk.


"So, Chris, I will see you back at the condo around 4?" I asked Chris as I gave him a peck on the lips.


"Yup!" Chris said as we parted ways. "We can take the dogs for a walk when we get back."


Tom, Harrison, Glen, and I rolled into Mr. Albertson's classroom about 5 minutes before class was set to begin.


"You four look chipper today," Mr. Albertson suggested as we took our seats.


"We just came from the gym," Harrison explained. "And, we are excited about our summer plans."


"And, what might those plans be?" Mr. Albertson asked.


"The four of us have an internship this summer at Home Front," Glen offered. "We will be building the group's website."


"Terrific!" Mr. Albertson effused. "The experience will be great for your resume. Also, you might get undergrad credit for the work you do on the project. Would you like me to look into that?"


"That would be cool!" Harrison effused.


Mr. Albertson started the class. When we were finished, I dashed home to relieve Mrs. Graham. I was met in the entry hall by three dogs. Donny followed and took a leap into my arms. Fortunately, I had dropped my backpack and caught him.


"Daddy! Daddy! You have to see what I did today," Donny said as he wiggled to the floor and ran into the kitchen. Mrs. Graham was sitting at the island. She was smiling broadly.


"I may have unleashed a monster," Mrs. Graham said quietly.


"Daddy, I took pictures with Mrs. Graham's camera," Donny proudly explained. "See!"


He was pointing to Mrs. Graham's tablet.


"I took pictures of Lincoln, Roosevelt, and Simon," Donny continued.


"They are very, very good, Donny," I told him. "Did you like taking pictures of the dogs?"


"Yes!" Donny said to me. "It was fun following them around and taking pictures. But, I think they got tired of the pictures. They went to sleep in the television room on the sofa. See!"


Donny showed me the last photo of three sleeping dogs. They looked angelic—which we all know they weren't.




Chris and I were sitting at the kitchen island late Saturday afternoon doing our school work and studying for our exams. Donny was napping with the dogs in his bedroom. We had refurnished the room to look somewhat like the one he had in Chicago.


Chris's phone began to ring. It was Luke, so Chris answered it on speaker phone. "What's up, dude?"


"Well, Chris!" Luke began. "I thought I should give you and update on the situation with my father."


"And, what has happened at this point," Chris asked.


"He is getting justice for his fucked up ways," Luke continued. "I got a call from my extremely furious mother. My father told her the sordid details of his meandering because he needed money from their joint investment account to pay off the church."


"And?" Chris responded so Luke could continue with his story.


"She went to the bank with him and withdrew $50 thousand for him to pay back the church," Luke went on to describe the situation. "Part of the deal for him to get the money was to take his name off all of their accounts. He was furious, but complied. Otherwise, he could be in jail within days. He has also been asked to resign effective immediately. My mother and yours talked about divorce attorneys. She is hiring one. She also packed my father's belongings and left them on the front lawn. She has a restraining order restricting him from setting foot in the yard of the house. So, that's my news!"


"Things are happening quickly, I guess," Chris said quietly. "How do you feel about all of this?"


"I don't know how I feel about this yet," Luke admitted. "In one way, I feel sorry for my mother who is going through this embarrassing scenario with my father. She told me she wanted to try to patch up the relationship with her and me. She said she missed me. I told her I would need to think about that part of the issue. I promised I would call her sometime next week once I have my head around all of this."


"What does Sean think about all of this?" Chris asked.


"He's been very, very supportive of me," Luke added. "He told me I would need to decide how or if I wanted to rekindle the relationship with my mother."


"If you need to talk," Chris offered. "Don't hesitate to call me. Maybe we should meet for coffee sometime?"


"Thanks Chris," Luke agreed. "I knew you'd understand. I'll keep you posted of any breaking developments."


"See you!" Chris said as he ended the call.


"I guess there is justice after all!" Chris said to me. "I hope Luke's father is truly remorseful. But, somehow, I think he will blame someone other than himself."


"Like `the devil made me do it'?" I quietly said to Chris.


"Something like that," Chris answered. He was smiling. "I think we have a visitor!"


A sleepy Donny was walking down the hallway from his bedroom. The dogs followed.


"Daddy!" He said wiping the sleep from his eyes. "I'm hungry!"


"What would you like to eat?" Chris asked as he scooped up Donny in his arms.


"Milk and cookies?" Donny whimpered.


"I can get the milk and cookies while you wash his hands," I said to Chris.


I had the milk and cookies ready for Donny when Chris and he returned from the hand washing.


"Where do you want to eat?" Chris asked a now wide awake boy.


"On top of the counter," Donny suggested.


Chris put him down on the counter, and I slid the milk and cookies in front of him. "Wouldn't you be more comfortable in a chair rather than on the counter?" I asked.


"Nope!" Donny answered. "I like it up here! When do we take the doggies for a walk?"


"After you finish eating your milk and cookies," Chris answered. "I think the dogs are eager to get outside."


"I think you might be right," I agreed with Chris. "Simon seems to be circling around the front door!"


Donny finished slurping down his milk after he polished off the last of two cookies. Chris scooped up Donny as I put the leashes on the dogs. At least the weather was turning warmer. We didn't need coats today!


"Daddy," Donny said as he held onto my hand. "Can I have a camera? I liked taking pictures with Mrs. Graham's camera."


"Ah, Chris," I began. "Are there camera's for three year old boys?"


"I don't know," Chris answered. "I guess we will find out when we return. I am certain there would be something that would not overwhelm him."


"What would you take pictures of, Donny?" I asked.


"Doggies, people, plants, rabbits, fish," Donny suggested.


"But we don't know any rabbits or fish!" I told Donny.


"We could get a fish tank and have lots of fish," Donny suggested.


"What would we do with the fish tank when we were not at home?" Chris asked.


"We could take it with us just like we do the doggies!" Donny informed us.


"I don't think fish OR RABBITS travel as well as dogs, Donny," I told him. "We could go see them at the zoo in Chicago. We don't live far from Lincoln Park Zoo!"


"You could take pictures of other animals, too!" Chris suggested.


"What kind of other animals, Daddy?" Donny asked.


"Well, they have elephants, donkeys, tigers, lions, and a whole bunch of other animals," Chris told Donny.


"Can we go tomorrow?" Donny asked.


"Not tomorrow," I told Donny. "We will be in Chicago for the rest of the summer in a few weeks. Then, we can go to the zoo!"


"But, I still need a camera," Donny told us.


"We'll see what we can find when we get back from walking the dogs," Chris promised.


"Goodie!" Donny answered as we headed back to the condo.




With final exams behind us, we were ready for another adventure in Chicago. This one would last almost three months.


"Just think," Chris began our talk as we were relaxing with a drink in the Chicago condo before dinner. Donny was playing with the dogs in the television room. We were sitting at the kitchen island. "We will be married soon. We will be petitioning the courts to adopt our son. We have some interesting experiences to enjoy this summer."


"I know," I told Chris. "Just think this time last year, we didn't even know one another! Do you think we have moved too quickly?"


"Nope," Chris answered quickly. "I would be lost without you, the dogs, Donny, our friends, our families! Fast can sometimes be good! I think this is one of those times!"


"I wouldn't know what to do if I didn't have you, the dogs, and Donny in my life," I agreed with Chris. "I would probably spend the summer in Southern Illinois hating every f... minute of it!"


"Good save, Sam!" Chris said with a huge grin on his face.


"I was wondering if I needed to go to Macy's before the weekend is up to buy some clothes. I am going to work four days a week," I said to Chris. "I have some things to wear, but not enough."


"We can go tomorrow if you'd like," Chris agreed with me. "Besides, some of Donny's clothes are a bit too small. Have you noticed?"


"I noticed yesterday that his shoes seemed a little small," I agreed. "Maybe we could also stop at the Microsoft store and look for a tablet for a three year old. Donny's photos have been piling up on my tablet. He doesn't really know how to get to them. I heard there is a really, really simple Android tablet that is good for small kids."


"My technology geek boyfriend will need to make that decision," Chris decided. "I can feed everyone, I can sing, I can talk, but I cannot make technology decisions!"


"The other thing I was thinking after we arrived here yesterday evening is something you could take care of," I told Chris. "I think a baby grand piano in the corner of the living room by the window would look really, really nice."


"Really?" Chris effused. "You would really let me get a baby grand piano?"


"Yes, sweetie," I told Chris. "Consider it an early birthday present!"


"My birthday is not until August!" Chris reminded me. "So, you mean I need to wait until August before I can get the piano?"


"No!" I replied to my boyfriend. "I said EARLY. Whenever you find the perfect one, you can get it."


"You know I was actually doing a little thinking since we arrived," Chris began. I knew that look on his face. It could only mean another dog!


"No more dogs, Chris!" I told him in no uncertain terms.


"I wasn't thinking about another dog, Sam!" Chris quickly added. "How many kids do we want?"


"Chris!" I almost screamed at him. "We are still getting used to Donny! We can't add another child to our family just yet!"


"I didn't mean right now, Sam," Chris explained his ideas further. "I meant in the long term. How many kids do we want over the course of the next several years?"


"It would be nice, I think, for Donny to have a sibling," I told Chris. "I had a nice life as an only child, but I know sometimes, when there is not another sibling in the mix, it is harder for the kid to socialize with people his or her age."


"I thought the same way, Sam," Chris admitted. "I was also lucky because Luke and I were like brothers. Now, I have a half-brother. Which reminds me, I think we need to invite Matt and his boyfriend to join us for dinner! He hasn't met Donny...! Anyway, back to our discussion about the number of kids. I was thinking maybe we should aim for three total."


I used my squinty eyes to let Chris know I knew he was up to something. "You are plotting something, I can tell!"


"I would never be so devious!" Chris answered in mock horror. "I was just thinking out loud is all!"


"How in hell could we take care of three kids," I asked Chris. I was getting annoyed.


"This is my last year in school, Sam," Chris patiently outlined his plan. "So, if we were to tell an adoption agency that we would be willing to take on a set of twins after I graduate, I could take care of them while you finish school. That way Donny and his siblings would only be four years apart. I think that age difference will be perfect!"


"Okay!" I acquiesced. "Let me think about it for a few days. I will give you my answer by the end of next week. But, you have to promise me that you will finish school before we adopt another kid!"


"I promise, Sam!" Chris whispered to me in his kindest, sexiest voice. I knew I was in trouble already!



To be continued...


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