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Sam and Chris



"You know I was actually doing a little thinking since we arrived," Chris began. I knew that look on his face. It could only mean another dog!


"No more dogs, Chris!" I told him in no uncertain terms.


"I wasn't thinking about another dog, Sam!" Chris quickly added. "How many kids do we want?"


"Chris!" I almost screamed at him. "We are still getting used to Donny! We can't add another child to our family just yet!"


"I didn't mean right now, Sam," Chris explained his idea further. "I meant in the long term. How many kids do we want over the course of the next several years?"


"It would be nice, I think, for Donny to have a sibling," I told Chris. "I had a nice life as an only child, but I know sometimes, when there is not another sibling in the mix, it is harder for the kid to socialize with people his or her age."


"I thought the same way, Sam," Chris admitted. "I was also lucky because Luke and I were like brothers. Now, I have a half-brother. Which reminds me, I think we need to invite Matt and his boyfriend to join us for dinner! He hasn't met Donny...! Anyway, back to our discussion about the number of kids. I was thinking maybe we should aim for three total."


I used my squinty eyes to let Chris know I knew he was up to something. "You are plotting something, I can tell!"


"I would never be so devious!" Chris answered in mock horror. "I was just thinking out loud is all!"


"How in hell could we take care of three kids," I asked Chris. I was getting annoyed.


"This is my last year in school, Sam," Chris patiently outlined his plan. "So, if we were to tell an adoption agency that we would be willing to take on a set of twins after I graduate, I could take care of them while you finish school. That way Donny and his siblings would only be four years apart. I think that age difference will be perfect!"


"Okay!" I acquiesced. "Let me think about it for a few days. I will give you my answer by the end of next week. But, you have to promise me that you will finish school before we adopt another kid!"


"I promise, Sam!" Chris whispered to me in his kindest, sexiest voice. I knew I was in trouble already!


Chapter 47: Getting Started in Chicago


On Monday, Chris' mother arrived at our condo at 8 a.m. to take care of Donny while we were at our respective internships. She eagerly volunteered to stay with her grandchild for the summer. And, it was an easy commute for her since she had just finished moving into a totally renovated condo a few floors below us.


"We should be home around 6 p.m.," Chris announced to his mother.


"I'll fix dinner for you," Chris' mother volunteered. "I will leave it for you to reheat when you're ready. When do the dogs need to go out?"


"They have been out this morning," Chris told his mother. "If we aren't home by six, would you mind walking them?"


"I would love to walk them!" His mother announced. "You know I love dogs!"


"Thanks, mom!" Chris responded as we both kissed her on the cheek and Donny on the head.


Chris and I joined Tom, Harrison, Glen, Luke, and Sean in the lobby for our walk to the Washington Family Foundation office. Chris would work with Luke and Sean on a project at the foundation, and I would join Tom, Harrison, and Glen at the Home Front office which was located one floor below in the same office building. Sawyer was already on his way to Chris's grandfather's law firm.


"Hello, Sam!" Sylvia, the receptionist and Randy's assistant, greeted us as we arrived at Home Front.


"Good morning, Sylvia!" I told her. "You know Glen, of course. This is Tom and Harrison. The four of us are going to help set up the new website for Home Front."


"This is going to be exciting. We are ready for you to start," Sylvia explained. "We have put four laptops in Conference Room A. It's the one next to Randy's office. But, before you get started, Randy wants to meet with you for a few minutes. He's in his office."


"No he's not," we heard Randy say in the background. "I'm on my way to get a much needed cup of coffee. Would you guys want to join me?"


"You bet!" Tom agreed. "We didn't get our usual three cups of coffee this morning."


"I suspect we will need to increase our coffee budget this summer with the four of you here," Randy joked.


Once we had our coffee, Randy introduced us to the staff in the office before we headed into his domain to have our discussion. When we arrived at the finance team's workspace, Randy introduced a few familiar faces, "Guys, this is George Morgan, our chief of finance. You four, I am certain, already know his son Harvey. This is his other son, Robert Donovan. Harvey and Robert are here during the summer to help out their father with some special projects."


"Harvey!" Glen effused. "Great to see you! I didn't know you were going to be at Home Front this summer!"


"I didn't know it either," Harvey added. "But, my dads both said I needed to work this summer. And, this is as good as it gets!"


I explained how Robert played into the scenario. "Robert's brother Eric went to high school with Chris. We accidentally ran into Robert in February when we were in Chicago for Valentine's Day. Robert, these three are friends and classmates Glen, Harrison, and Tom."


"Good to meet you guys," Robert said as he exchanged handshakes. "And, it is great to see you again, Sam! I have some news about Eric to tell you and Chris when you have time."


"Terrific!" I told Robert. "We will be in town all summer until school starts again!"


"Good luck on the website," George told us as we headed toward Randy's office. "Everyone at Home Front is eager to get a really good website up and running!"


Once we were settled, Randy explained the status of our project. "The Washington Family Foundation IT people set up the private network the four of you will be using. And, I was assured that you will have access to all of the software that you might need. We are giving you carte blanche to design and build the site. You know more about what we need than any of us here at Home Front does. Of course, Sam has an intimate knowledge of the organization and our goals. If you need copy written for certain pieces, the staff will be available to help. However, I suspect you can be just as creative as any of us—probably more so. Do you have any questions?"


"Guys?" I asked the team.


"Not yet," Harrison responded. "But, I am sure that will last for about two seconds!"


Randy handed us each an employee badge to let us in and out of the office. Once we were left alone in the conference room, we started our brainstorming session that lasted until my phone started ringing at 11:45. It was Chris.


"Hello, Chris!" I said into the phone after I answered the call. "What's up?"


"Luke, Sean, and I were wondering if you'd like to join us for lunch downstairs at the bagel place," Chris suggested.


"Guys?" I relayed the information to my teammates. "Chris wants to know if we want to join Luke, Sean, and him for lunch downstairs at the bagel place."


"Sounds like a plan," Harrison agreed. "I, for one, am starving!"


"We're in," I told Chris. "When?"


"Okay," I answered Chris and hung up the phone. I turned my attention to the guys, "We are to meet them downstairs in 30 minutes."


We continued working until it was time to make our way downstairs. When we arrived in the lobby to meet the other guys, we saw them waiting in front of the bagel shop.


"How is the Geek Squad doing this morning?" Luke asked.


"So far, so good," Glen answered Luke's question. "We have a lot of work ahead of us, though!"


"I am certain that you will do a bang up job!" Chris assured us.


"What are you guys working on?" Harrison asked Chris, Luke, and Sean.


"We are working on a plan to provide services to the youth in an underserved rural area in Southern Illinois," Sean answered Harrison's question. "At this point, Sam and Chris know more about the project than either Luke or I do."


We found a table and started on lunch.


"So, what does this project entail?" Glen asked.


"Sam?" Chris turned the question over to me.


"It's a long story," I began. "But, essentially, it involves a youth minister at my parent's UCC church who has taken on a leading role of getting the youth in my hometown counseling for sexual identity issues, drug abuse issues, family issues, bullying issues to name just a few."


"There seems to be a recurring theme here, don't you think?" Tom asked as he broke into a smile.


"If something resonates with me, it sometimes becomes a cause," I told the group. "I think it is just the way I was wired."


"Is that like being gay?" A smiling Harrison asked.


"I don't think so," I answered Harrison. "I think it has something to do with my family. A lot of them are like that. My mother and father, my aunt, my grandmother, and a host of others. We tend to leap in where others will just sit around and watch!"


"Part of me says that should be a college course that everyone is required to take," Sean suggested. "It could be called `Leaping for a Cause.'"


"I doubt that is a behavior that could be learned in a college course," Harrison added. "The course should be given to people in elementary school. It might become a way of life rather than some notes in a notebook!"


"Okay, men!" Tom interrupted. "It looks like our time is up here. We wouldn't want to return from lunch late on our first day of our internship!"


"Good point," Luke agreed.


Randy dropped by the conference room at the end of the day, "How are you doing?"


"We are making progress," I told him. "By the end of the day tomorrow, we should have the page structure of the site done. Then, the fun begins!"


"I'm happy to hear that," Randy told us. He seemed truly pleased. "By the way, I have a staff meeting scheduled for Wednesday afternoon. I hope the four of you can attend. I think it will help understand some of the projects we have going on here at Home Front."


"Super," Harrison enthused. "I think we are all excited about being a part of this organization. Ever since Sam told us about this, we have all taken a great interest in the outcome because we know not every person has a support system like we do. We were lucky. Others are not so lucky!"


"Okay, guys!" Randy told us. "Have a great evening! I'll see you tomorrow."


"Thanks, Randy," I told him. "Have a great evening, yourself!"


We met Chris, Luke, and Sean in the lobby of the office building and prepared for our walk home.


Chris made an announcement, "Luke, Sean, and I have decided we need some coaching on Excel spreadsheets. Can any of you help us out?"


"Sure," I told Chris and his band of interns. "When do you need this assistance?"


"As soon as possible," Luke announced. "We have information that we need to organize. I think a basic course before the beginning of next week would be terrific!"


"You could come over to our place for a brief session, and I will make dinner for us all sometime this week," Chris offered.


"You know how to get us there, don't you, Chris!" Tom announced.


"I thought that might get your attention," Chris answered. "Is that okay with you, Sam?"


"Absolutely," I said to Chris then turned my attention to Tom, Harrison, and Glen. "Hold out for more! I think they are more desperate for Excel help than we are for being fed."


"I'll even throw in a few beers before dinner," Chris decided.


"Deal!" Harrison answered.


We talked more about general things as we continued our walk home.


When Chris and I entered the condo, three dogs and a little boy came charging at us. "Daddy! Daddy!" Donny screamed as he launched himself into Chris's arms. In no time, he held out his arms for me to take him. "Daddy, Grammy and I made us dinner. It was fun!"


"And, the kitchen is clean again!" Chris's mother announced. "We got a little carried away. We also walked the dogs. Around 5 this afternoon, they were circling the front door looking forlorn. So, we took them out."


"Thanks, mom!" Chris said to his mother. "We hope you had a good time!"


"Absolutely!" She replied. "I thought we might go to the zoo tomorrow if you don't mind."


"Sure!" Chris told her. "Just don't let him wear you out. He can be very energetic!"


"I know," she said with a smile. "I am going home and relax! I hope you had a great day!"


"We did," Chris answered. "We are getting into the swing of things. It is nice being useful instead of just soaking up information at school."




"So, Chris," I began. "My parents will be here next week to look at places in Evanston. These are the listings the realtor suggested. Any comments?"


"They are all great locations if your mother wants to walk to class," Chris explained. "The one on Chicago Avenue, even though it is more money, would be ideal. It is fairly new. The other two will probably have cranky heating systems. But, that would be their choice."


"Thanks! I'll let them know," I told Chris as I started to compose an e-mail to my parents.


As I pressed the send button, Chris phone started to ring. "Chris Johnson."


There was a short pause before Chris responded, "Eric Donovan! It's good to hear from you! How are things in California?" Chris put the phone down and turned it on speaker phone.


"I am actually visiting my brother in Evanston," Eric answered. "I was wondering if you and your partner have time for a cup of coffee or something. I'm here all this week and next. I have an admissions interview at Northwestern Medical School on Thursday. Other than that, I am free!"


"Of course!" Chris told him. "Where are you staying?"


"At my brother's foster parents' home," Eric said.


"Sam and I are not working on Friday," Chris explained. "Would you like to come here for dinner?


"I'd like that a lot, Chris!" Eric effused. "I think we have a lot to talk about."


"I am certain of that!" Chris said. "It's been three years since we were face to face."


"When and where?" Eric asked.


Chris gave him the address. "How is 7 pm?" Chris asked about the time.


"Perfect!" Eric answered. "I'm really looking forward to this!"


"Me, too!" Chris replied. "See you on Friday!"


"He sounds perky!" I told Chris.


"Yup!" Chris answered. "That was typical Eric. Now, my dear man, how would you like to talk wedding plans."


"I'm game," I said.


"Music!" Chris started the conversation. "What kind of music do you want?"


"Something contemporary," I explained. "Nothing stodgy. Suggestions?"


"I have convinced my classmates to help on this project," Chris explained. "Leo and Terry would be the two male voices and Michelle and Anna the two female voices. And, I thought two violins, two cellos, one drummer, one pianist, and two trumpets could provide the background sound."


"This is beginning to sound like a Broadway musical and not a wedding!" I told him.


"But, I want this to be memorable," Chris pleaded. "After all, we will only have one wedding!"


"You are right, as usual," I told him. "What kind of songs?"


"Pieces about how we feel about each other, our families, and our friends," Chris explained.


"I don't suppose you have them already picked out, do you?" I asked.


"Of course not!" Chris told me. "We want to do this together!"


"Give me an idea," I pleaded. I knew full well he already had a few songs in mind.


"'I'd Want It to Be You' that is on Barbara Streisand's Partners CD and `When You Say You Love Me' on Josh Groban's Closer CD for the entrance songs," Chris explains. "The first one for our parents and grandparents and groomsmen. The second one for us."


"So far, so good!" I told him.


"And, then, during the ceremony `Amazing Grace' and `You Raise Me Up,' Chris suggested.


"What about when we take our first walk to the back of the church after we are a married couple?" I asked. But, before I let him respond, I added, "'Lead with Your Heart.'"


"Did you read my mind?" Chris asked.


"I can finish your sentences, remember!" I told him.


"You're right, you can!" Chris said with a laugh.


"How about "Sugar" by Maroon 5?" I asked with a smile.


"We could tap dance," Chris decided.


"Or not!" I countered. "I'm not a tap dancing kind of guy!"


"It would be fun teaching you," Chris told me.


"What else do we need to talk about?" I asked.


"I thought it would be nice if EVERYONE stayed at the W Hotel on Friday and Saturday night," Chris suggested.


"Maybe we could pay for everyone's rooms," I added.


"How thoughtful," Chris responded. "What brought this on?"


"I want everyone to be with us, and I don't want it to be a hardship for anyone," I told him.


"Good point," Chris agreed. "I'll talk to Henry. He arranged everything, so he should be the one to take care of the room payment."


"Anything else?" I asked.


"Well, Donny is going to be in the wedding party," Chris began. "Our friends are groomsmen. Jeffery is the minister. Do you think we could find a part in the ceremony for Lincoln, Roosevelt, and Simon?"


"As a matter of fact," I answered. "I thought about that very topic the other day. My idea would be to have Lincoln and Roosevelt's accompany Luke and Sawyer. Simon could accompany Donny up the aisle."


"Excellent idea!" Chris exclaimed. "I'll have Henry check with the W Hotel to see if they will be allowed in the reception."


"Anything else?" I asked.


"We need to put a kid to bed," Chris said as he nodded to the sleeping boy surrounded by dogs.


"Then, do I get to play with my future husband's body?" I asked.


"It can be arranged!" Chris agreed.




Eric arrive promptly at 7 pm on Friday evening. Chris and I greeted our guest. Chris pulled Eric into a hug, "It's good to see you man!"


"You, too!" Eric said to Chris. "You look as handsome as ever!"


"This is Sam Williamson, my boyfriend and soon to be husband. The little one is our son, Donny," Chris introduced me as I picked Donny up. "Sam, this is Eric Donovan."


"It's good to meet you Eric," I told him as we shook hands.


"Do you like doggies?" Donny excitedly asked.


"As a matter of fact, Donny, I do like doggies," Eric said as he knelt to pat the three frolicking dogs. "What are their names?"


Donny pointed to each dog as he announced their names, "Lincoln. Roosevelt. Simon. Simon sleeps with me. Lincoln and Roosevelt sleep with my daddies!"


"I'm taking drink orders." I announced as I put Donny down.


"Do you have a beer?" Eric asked.


"Yup," I told him. "Chris?"


"Vodka on the rocks, please," Chris said.


"Coming right up!" I added.


Chris led Eric into the living room. When I returned with drinks, Donny sat between Chris and me while Eric took a seat across from us. Eric started. "I want to thank the two of you for helping my brother earlier this year."


"We just helped out a friend," Chris told Eric. "He's a good kid. It is too bad your father was such a prick!"


"I didn't mind when he pulled the plug on me," Eric explained. "But, I was already in school. The semester had just begun, so everything had already been paid. So, I had time to figure things out. Robert wasn't that lucky."


"He seems to be doing well," I told Eric. "I met him at Home Front earlier this week."


"He's a good kid," Eric told us. "He's been accepted at Northwestern. He's over the top happy about that. Especially because he has a full ride scholarship. That doesn't surprise me. He's really bright. I'm just sorry he had such a rotten existence for a while. "


"How did your admissions interview go?" Chris asked.


"I'm really excited about the prospect of going to med school here," Eric told us. "This meeting was more about financial aid than anything. If I am lucky, I will get something so I don't have huge student loans to repay when I finish. Or, I might need to rethink medical school as an option for me. Enough about me, tell me about you three!"


"We evolved over time," Chris began. "Sam and I met at the beginning of the school year. We just clicked. Donny came to us by a miracle of sorts. We are planning on adopting him permanently after we get married this summer."


"The doggies found me in the bushes," Donny announced to Eric.


Eric look at us with a raised eye brow.


"That is true," I said to Eric. "The dogs did find Donny in the bushes. We will give you the other details later."


Eric smiled and nodded his head.


"Donny," Chris said as he tussled Donny's hair. "Why don't you get your pictures of the doggies and show them to Eric."


"Okay," Donny said as he scooted to the floor and ran to his bedroom.


"He's taken up photographing animals," I explained as Donny ran back to the living room with his tablet in hand. "It's become an obsession with him."


Donny took his place beside Eric and launched a photo slide show of his animal pictures. "It starts with the doggies. Then, there are pictures of the animals at the zoo."


"These are really good, Donny," Eric said after looking at several photos. "Which animals do you like the best?"


"I like taking pictures of the doggies," Donny told Eric. "I wanted rabbits and fish to take pictures of, but daddy said rabbits and fish don't travel well."


"I think your daddy might be very right," Eric said as he smiled at Chris and me.


"Donny," I told him. "Why don't you go say good night to the doggies? I'll help you put on your pajamas when you're finished, okay?"


"Okay, Daddy!" Donny said as he ran off to say good night to the dogs.


"He has a lot of energy," Eric told us.


"That is an understatement," Chris replied. "He will be waking us up at 6 am sharp! And, it happens seven days a week!"


"But, I don't suppose you would trade him for a little longer sleep!" Eric told us.


"Nope!" Chris and I said in unison.


"I'll get dinner ready while you put him to sleep," Chris suggested.


"Deal," I answered as I herded Donny and the dogs into Donny's bedroom.


When Donny was finally asleep, I snuck out of his room and joined Chris and Eric in the kitchen.


"Chris was telling me about Donny's background," Eric said to me. "It is amazing that such an energetic bundle of a kid has managed to overcome so many problems. And, you two are incredible as well."


"We couldn't turn our backs on him," Chris told Eric. "We happened to be in a place to help him when he most needed help."


"Just like you were there when my brother needed help," Eric stated. "My drama was not as severe as Robert's, but it was drama nonetheless. I was afraid to come out, and I almost lost my boyfriend over it. He didn't want to live in the closet. I guess you can say my father saved my relationship with the man I love. Isn't that ironic?"


"So, you're still with your boyfriend?" I asked.


"Yup!" Eric said proudly. "Kevin is my life. I wanted him to come with me, but we decided we couldn't afford two tickets. I miss him a lot!"


"Does he have anything planned for next week?" Chris asked.


"Nope," Eric answered. "He's off work next week. Why?"


"Just asking," Chris added. "Would you excuse me for a moment? I will be right back."


"Sam, what is Chris up to?" Eric asked.


"I don't have a clue," I told Eric.


Chris returned to the kitchen with his laptop in hand. "Can Kevin be at the San Jose airport tomorrow at 12 noon?"


"I guess so. Why?" Eric said.


"There is a 1:30 pm flight direct to Chicago," Chris told us. "I can have a ticket waiting for him at the counter."


"Chris, I can't let you do that!" Eric protested.


"Listen, shithead," Chris said with a smile. "You miss your boyfriend. I am certain your boyfriend misses you. Tell him to pack and be at the airport at 12 noon or before. And, yes, you can let me do this! Call!"


Eric took out his phone. "Kevin! Hi, babe! How are you?"


Eric paused for a moment, "Yea! I miss you, too! I'm having dinner with Chris and Sam... The ones who helped Robert. I'm going to turn this on speaker phone because Chris wants to ask you a question. Okay!"


"Hello, Kevin," Chris said into the phone.


"Hello, guys," Kevin replied. "What's up?"


"Can you be at the San Jose airport by 12 noon tomorrow?" Chris asked.


"Yea! But, why?" Kevin answered.


"There will be a ticket waiting for you for a 1:30 flight to Chicago," Chris explained.


"Why is there a ticket waiting for me?" Kevin asked in utter amazement.


"Because I am going to book it," Chris answered in a matter of fact voice.


"You can't do that!" Keven protested.


"Yes, I can!" Chris said firmly. "Do you miss Eric?"


"Yes, of course I miss Eric," Kevin answered.


"Do you have anything to do next week in California?" Chris asked.


"No, but...," Kevin started to protest.


"How do you spell you last name?" Chris asked.


"Eaton. E-a-t-o-n," Keven said.


"Middle initial?" Chris asked.


"J," Keven again answered.


"Birthdate?" Chris asked. The conversation went back and forth until Chris had the roundtrip ticket book. He didn't mention it was first class.


"The flight gets in at 6:30 in the evening," Chris explained. "Look for Eric at the baggage claim area. Sam and I will wait outside in the car. We're looking forward to meeting you, Kevin!"


Eric and Kevin continued their conversation privately. When Eric finally came back in the room, he was smiling.


"I can't believe I let you do that, Chris!" Eric said as he put his hand on Chris's shoulder. "I owe you one!"


"Become a doctor and save a few lives," Chris quietly told Eric. "That will be more than enough payback!"


"Now, I need to figure out where we can stay," Eric said. "I have been camping out on the sofa in the family room of Robert's foster parents' home."


"We have two vacant guest rooms," I explained. "You and Kevin can have one. Robert can have the other. That way you three can spend some quality time with each other."




We arrived at the airport promptly at 6:45. Eric had been tracking the flight on his phone, and it arrived at 6:30. He went inside while Chris, Donny, Robert, and I sat in the car.


"Thank for doing this, guys," Robert said to us. "Eric has been moping around all week. He really did miss Kevin."


"We can understand that. Can't we Chris?" I asked.


"Yup!" Chris added. "I'm not a nice person to be around when Sam is not around. I get just a little bitchy!"


"Daddy? What' bitchy mean?" Donny asked.


"Chris?" I gave Chris the floor on this one.


"I shouldn't have used that word, Donny," Chris admitted. "It's not a nice word, so please forget I said it. Okay, Donny?"


"Okay, Dad," Donny said. "I won't say it, but what does it mean?"


"Complaining. It means I complain a lot," Chris explained.


Eric almost skipped out of the door of the terminal. A really handsome guy was holding his hand.


Chris, Robert, and I stepped out of the car.


"Kevin! This is Chris, Sam, and my brother Robert. Guys, this is Kevin," Eric introduced us all.


"I don't know how to thank you two for doing this for us," Kevin told us as we shook his hand.


"Just enjoy!" Chris told him.


When we were all situated again in the car, Kevin asked, "Who's this little guy?"


"I'm Donny," Donny proudly said.


"Well, hello, Donny!" Kevin said to our son. "How old are you?"


"Three," Donny answered as he held up three fingers.


"And, it is his bedtime, so he probably will be out like a light in a few minutes," I told Kevin.


"When I was looking out the window when we were flying in, I thought the skyline of Chicago was breathtaking!" Kevin told us.


"Wait until you see Sam and Chris's place," Eric announced. "Killer views!"


"Two cute Border Collies, too!" Robert added.


"Three," Eric corrected Robert.


"Three what?" Robert asked.


"Border Collies," Eric explained.


"You mean since I first met you you've gotten another dog AND a kid!" Robert exclaimed. "You dudes work fast!"


"So, where are you from, Kevin?" I asked.


"Seattle," Kevin told us. "I grew up just outside of Seattle in a little suburb in a little house. I am an only child. Ever since I met Eric, I wanted to move to Chicago. Maybe if the med school genies are aligned, I might get that chance."


"You'll love it here," Chris explained. "It's almost like living in Manhattan without the expense. By the way, what's your major?"


"Computer Science," Kevin explained.


"Me, too!" I exclaimed. "What kind of work do you want to do?"


"Something that pays well," Kevin said. "I have to put this dude through medical school! Where are you from, Sam?"


"I grew up on a farm in Southern Illinois about 250 miles from here," I told Kevin as we pulled in front of the condo building.


"Why don't you guys go upstairs while I park this tank?" Chris suggested.


As I fished a sleeping Donny out of his car seat, I heard Kevin whisper to Eric. "They live here?"


"Yup," Eric answered. "Forty second floor. As I said, killer views!"


Once we were in front of the condo door, I somehow managed to unlock it without waking Donny. "Come on in, guys!" I said as three dogs arrived in the entry hall to welcome us. I decided to introduce the dogs to Kevin. "This one is Lincoln. That one is Roosevelt. And, Simon is the biggest of the three. If you don't like dog tongue on your face, don't get too close."


By the time the door was closed behind us, Kevin and bent down to receive the obligatory licks.


"Eric," I said. "While I put this one to bed, why don't you take Kevin's bag to your room and show Robert where he will be staying? Then, we can have a drink."


"All I can say to you, Eric," Kevin began. "You'd better make a lot of money as a doctor because I am planning on living in a place just like this! This is amazing!"



To be continued...


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