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Sam and Chris



"Why don't you guys go upstairs while I park this tank?" Chris suggested.


As I fished a sleeping Donny out of his car seat, I heard Kevin whisper to Erick. "They live here?"


"Yup," Erick answered. "Forty second floor. As I said, killer views!"


Once we were in front of the condo door, I somehow managed to unlock it without waking Donny. "Come on in, guys!" I said as three dogs arrived in the entry hall to welcome us. I decided to introduce the dogs to Kevin. "This one is Lincoln. That one is Roosevelt. And, Simon is the biggest of the three. If you don't like dog tongue on your face, don't get too close."


By the time the door was closed behind us, Kevin bent down to receive the obligatory licks.


"Erick," I said. "While I put this one to bed, why don't you take Kevin's bag to your room and show Robert where he will be staying? Then, we can have a drink."


"All I can say to you, Erick," Kevin began. "You'd better make a lot of money as a doctor because I am planning on living in a place just like this! This is amazing!"


Chapter 48: I Do


I was in Sawyer and Glen's room getting dressed for our wedding on Saturday afternoon.


"This tie is going to drive me to drink!" I hissed at the mirror.


"Glen can help," Sawyer offered. "He tied mine. I couldn't get the hang of it either."


As Glen put the finishing touches on my tie, Sawyer continued his banter. "So, Sammie! This is the big day! Are you nervous?"


"I haven't had time to be nervous," I told him. "Chris and I have been busy entertaining 200 plus guests this weekend. I just hope I don't forget the vows I had written."


"You'll do fine, Sammie!" Sawyer added some encouragement. "You made it through the press conference with the Mayor last winter. You can manage this, I am fairly certain!"


"Okay," Glen announced. "We are done here! You look great, Sam!"


"Thanks," I told the guys as someone started knocking on the door to the room. It was Tom and Harrison.


"You look the part, Sam!" Harrison gushed.


"According to our schedule, guys, we are due at the limo in 10 minutes," Tom announced. "Do you think we should make our way downstairs?"


"I am ready," I told the group. "If I can make it downstairs to the limo without tripping, do you think I can make it down the aisle?"


"If you trip, I am certain Chris will pick you up," Sawyer quipped.


We arrived downstairs to find Chris, Luke, David, Matt, and Sean waiting for us. I moved close to Chris and kissed him. "This is the day I make you an honest man!"


"And, what I am doing for you?" Chris asked.


"Making me the happiest person on earth!" I told him.


"I think we are tied on that point of view," Chris whispered to me.


"Maybe we should get going before this carriage turns into a pumpkin," Luke suggested.


All ten of us climbed into the limo and sped away to the church. When we arrived at the church we were ushered into the vestibule to the right of the entrance to await the beginning of the wedding.


Luke and Sawyer stayed with Chris and me while the other six groomsmen served as ushers. My father and mother, as well as Chris's mother, took us aside. "We all want to say how happy we are for the two of you," Chris's mother began. "We are proud not only for the relationship you share, but also the home you are making for a very deserving little boy! Donny is a very lucky child to have found two generous, loving people as parents."


My father continued, "We are grateful that our two sons turned out to be such outstanding young men!"


We all hugged. When the last of the 200 plus guests were seated, it was show time.


As Leo and Terry began to sing opening song, "I'd Want It to Be You," my grandmother and Chris's grandparents walked down the aisle. They were followed by my parents and Chris's mother. Next were the groomsmen: Luke and Sawyer with Lincoln and Roosevelt; Sean and Glen; David and Tom; Matt and Harrison. Donny and Simon followed as the ring bearer and ring bearer's assistant.


Once that song was finished, Leo began to sing "When You Say You Love Me." That was our queue to begin walking down the aisle!


"Here goes, love!" Chris said to me as he took my hand.


"You know I love you!" I said to Chris.


"Just like the song says," Chris said to me as we were on our way down the aisle.


When we were near the front of the church, I went to hug my parents and grandmother. Chris did the same for his mother and grandparents. We rejoined the group and stood in front of Jeffery just as the song ended.


"Before we begin this ceremony of uniting these two young men in marriage, Chris and Sam wanted me to thank you for joining them in this special day of celebration of their union. As you can probably tell by now, this will not be a typical wedding. Sam and Chris picked these songs to celebrate how they feel about each other, their families, and their friends."


Jeffery pause and looked at both of us and smiled. Then, he continued the ceremony.


"It is appropriate that this day is so beautiful, bright, and sunny." Jeffery continued his opening. "It is appropriate because these two exemplify the beauty of the day. They open their hearts to each other, their families, their friends, and, yes, even to strangers whom they do not know. I didn't realize two young men could bring about as much change in the world as these two have. But, Sam and Chris have brought positive change to people who love them, people who know them, and people who have no clue as to whom these two guys are. Their love of each other and the world around them makes our place on earth brighter, safer, and happier. So, Sam and Chris, as we celebrate the union of your two souls, we also celebrate your happiness and helpfulness."


As we continued with the ceremony, I was in a haze of joy. Finally, it was time for us to recite our vows to each other. Chris was first.


"Sam," Chris said as he took my hand and looked me in the eye. "From the first day I met you, I knew you were special. I didn't know how special until I got to know you better. You are the warmest, most caring, and kindest individual I have ever met. I love you with all of my heart, and I always will. I will be with you through the good times, and the bad times. I will be with you when you are happy, and sad. You are my life. You are my happiness. And, you are stuck with me until death do us part!"


It was my turn. `I hope I don't blow this,' I thought to myself. "Chris! When I first met you, I thought you were the most handsome man I had ever seen. And, you still are. But, you are not only handsome on the outside, you are beautiful on the inside. You wear your heart on your sleeve. And, it is a big heart. You make me proud to be at your side when you are with our friends, with our family, with me, with Donny, and with strangers you've never met. I love you with all of my heart, and I always will. I will be with you through the good times, and the bad times. I will be with you when you are happy, and sad. You are my life. You are my happiness. And, get used to it, kiddo, you are stuck with me until death do us part!"


The ceremony continued. We exchanged rings. And, at the very end, it was Jeffery's turn to, again, offer his good wishes. "Thank you for allowing me to be part of your special day! I will never forget the looks on your faces right now. I can see the love and devotion to each other shining brightly. You two make the room light up. Ladies and gentlemen, I am honored to present Samuel and Christopher Williamson as a married couple for the first time. You do get to kiss now, guys!"


I turned to Chris and he pulled me into a huge bear hug and we shared our first kiss as a married couple. We were both beaming as Chris picked up Donny and we made our way to the rear of the church. The four voices sang the recessional, which was "Lead with Your Heart."


When we made it to the back of the church, all of the groomsmen hugged us and wished us well. Then, it was our parents and grandparents. First my mother hugged Chris, "Chris, I didn't know you were going to take Sam's last name!"


"We thought it would be easier," Chris began to explain to my parents. "My mother returned to her maiden name, Washington. So, I decided I didn't want to be Johnson anymore. Besides, we won't need to confuse Donny when we adopt him. I will probably continue with Johnson professionally."


We were shaking hands with our guests. Finally, Phillip and Trevor were next in line.


"Guys," Phillip told us. "Congratulations! You are an inspiration to all of us!"


"This has been the most fantastic experience of my life," Trevor exclaimed. "I think I finally know what it means to be gay and to be accepted. Everyone here loves you guys!"


"We're so happy that you could be here to share this day with us, Trevor," Chris told him. "You are a really special young man."


"Thank you," Trevor added as he hugged both of us. He wiped a tear from his cheek.


We continued greeting our guests until the last had filed out of the church.


Finally, we were ready for the dash to the limo.


"Heh, husband," Chris whispered to me. "Are you ready to be pelted by rice?"


"Yea, husband," I whispered back. "No time like the present."


I picked up Donny and we quickly strode to the awaiting limo. Rice was everywhere.


Once we were in the limo, Donny told us, "That was fun, Daddies!"


"We are happy you were with us," I told Donny. "Now the real fun begins! Remember how we taught you how to dance?"


"Yes," Donny told us. "Dancing is fun."


"We will be dancing tonight!" Chris explained.


"Goodie!" Donny squealed as we reach the W Hotel.


We went to our room to freshen up a bit before we joined our guests in the ballroom. When we did arrive, the DJ was ready to introduce us to the group.


"Ladies and gentlemen!" His voice boomed through the music system. "I am pleased to present our guests of honor tonight Samuel and Christopher Williamson!"


As we entered the room everyone applauded. We started to dance.




The next morning we were again enjoying the company of our wedding guests at a brunch in the W Hotel hosted by our parents. My phone began to ring. I saw it was Beth Graves, the DCFS social worker who is handling Donny's case. I slipped from the table to answer the call, "Hello, Ms. Graves! This is Sam."


"Sam," Ms. Graves excitedly said. "I'm glad I could catch you. Is Chris there with you? I need to speak to the two of you about an urgent matter."


"Just a second and I will get him," I said as I went to our table. "Chris, can I speak with you a moment?"


"Sure," Chris said to me and then to our guests at the table. "Excuse me a moment, please."


I hurried to the hallway outside of the ball room where we were having brunch. "It's Ms. Graves. She said she need to speak with us about something urgent."


I turned the phone on speaker so we could both hear, "We're both here Ms. Graves. What can we do for you?"


"I have some rather disturbing news," Ms. Graves began. "It seems that Donny's father, who was incarcerated for murder, has escaped from prison in Colorado where he was being held. There is reason to believe he may be headed toward Illinois. Where are you and Donny now?"


"We are at the W Hotel in Chicago," I told her. "We were married last night, and we are with our guests this morning at a brunch. What do we need to do?"


"Stay where you are until you hear from me," Ms. Graves suggested. "We have time to set up security for you because he was involved in stealing a car in Nebraska about two hours ago. I suggest you notify hotel security immediately. In the meantime, I will call the Illinois State Police Department and request a security detail. From the report I have received, he is armed. I have more information for you, but I need to get a security detail for you arranged."


"Okay," Chris told Ms. Graves. "We will stay here until we hear from you."


"Thank you," Ms. Graves said. "Congratulations by the way! I will call you as soon as I know any more."


I looked at Chris and Chris looked at me. "Holly fuck!" Chris said. "I think we need to tell my grandfather and then hotel security."


"I'll call downstairs while you talk to your grandfather," I told him.


I called the front desk on the house phone in the hallway. "Hello, this is Sam Williamson. We are having a post wedding brunch in the ballroom. Something has come up, and I need to speak with the head of your hotel security."


"Is there an issue with some of your guests, Mr. Williamson?" The desk clerk asked.


"No," I told him. "The security issue would have to do with someone on the outside wanting to get in."


"I'll have Gerald Mathews, our head of security, meet you just outside the ball room," The desk clerk told me.


"I'll wait outside the ballroom, thank you," I said to the clerk.


Chris and his grandfather came out of the ballroom just as I ended the call. "Gerald Mathews, head of hotel security, is on his way here."


"Good!" Chris's grandfather said. "If the guy was in Nebraska a few hours ago, it will take him a while to get to Chicago."


"Is one of you Sam Williamson?" A tall, well-built man dressed in a suit inquired.


"That would be me, sir!" I told him.


"I'm Gerald Mathews, head of hotel security," Mr. Mathews told us. "I understand there is a situation that you would like to talk to me about.


Chris and I explained our problem to Mr. Mathews.


"Okay," Mr. Mathews said as he formulated a plan. "I will contact the Chicago Police Department. In the meantime, I will have two of my security people posted outside the door. I will also be outside here if you need me. In the meantime, please go inside and enjoy your guests. And, congratulations!"


"Thank you," I told Mr. Mathews.


The three of us returned to our guests in the ballroom. Chris and I continued to chat with our guests. We were trying to stay calm.


"Sam," My father said as we tapped me on the shoulder. "What's wrong? You seem upset!"


"You mean it shows!" I said.


"Yup!" My father said. "Spill."


I explained about Donny's father and the potential security issue. "Oh my!" My father said. "I'll try to stay out of your way, but let me know if I can do anything."


"Thanks, Dad," I told him. "Thanks for everything! Despite our drama here this morning, this has been the best weekend of my life."


"Your mother and I feel the same way, Sam," My father told me. "Enjoy the time with your guests and let the others worry about the security issue."


I found Chris who held Donny while chatting with Jeffery, Phillip, and Trevor. "So, guys! Are you enjoying yourselves?"


"Everything about this weekend has been a blast," Trevor announced. "I can't wait to tell all of my friends."


"I meant every word I said yesterday," Jeffery explained. "You two do light up a room!"


"This has been a terrific weekend!" Philip told us. "You guys must be exhausted, though!"


"We wouldn't change a thing. Having all of our family and friends around this weekend has been the best," Chris said. "We have taken the week off. We aren't going anywhere, but we are just going to enjoy each other. No plans. No strings. Just enjoy."


"Ah, Chris," I said as I noticed Mr. Mathews enter the ball room. "I think we might need to get an update."


"Could you guys take care of Donny for a few moments?" Chris asked Jeffery and Philip.


"Of course we will!" Jeffery said as Chris handed Donny to him.


Chris and I hurried over to Mr. Mathews. "I just wanted to let you know," Mr. Mathews said quietly, "we have two uniformed police CYPD officers in the lobby near the elevator. There are two officers walking the hallway outside. You won't know who they are, but, be assured, they are there. We haven't heard any other news about the fugitive. The Captain of the CYPD in this precinct is a friend of mine. He has promised to keep me posted if any other information becomes available."


"Thank you, Mr. Mathews," I told him. "We want everyone safe, but we don't want to alarm people either."


"We will do our best to blend into the woodwork," Mr. Mathews promised us. "I understand you are checking out this afternoon. Do you need security assistance after you leave here?"


"We haven't thought that far in advance," Chris answered. "This is all sort of new to us."


"I know that my Captain friend has a car at Lake Point Towers to keep watch for any unusual activity," Mr. Mathews told us. "I think the Captain will want to speak with you before you leave here this afternoon."


"Thank you Mr. Mathews," I told him as he slipped out the door of the ball room.


"Let's mingle," Chris suggested.


As the afternoon wore on, our guests began to leave for their return home. We decided we needed to talk with Luke, Sean, Sawyer, Glen, Harrison, and Tom. Donny was entertaining my parents.


"Guys," I began. "We have a situation that is in the process of unfolding. Chris and I would appreciate it if you could keep this to yourselves, but we thought you should know about this. We found out during brunch that Donny's father has escaped from prison in Colorado. He is apparently heading to Illinois. We might be the reason for his escape and travel plans. We are hoping the authorities find him before he finds us."


"Holy shit!" Luke exclaims quietly. "Why is he after you?"


"Our attorney sent a paper for him to sign away his parental rights so that we could legally adopt Donny," Chris explained. "He signed it, but he subsequently found out that we were a gay couple. He is not a happy camper that two gay men will be raising his kid, apparently."


"What if they don't find him?" Sean asked. Everyone looked worried.


"We will have round the clock security outside our apartment door and outside the building provided by the Chicago Police Department until this matter is resolved," I told them. "They will also be following us whenever we go somewhere."


"Why was this dude in jail?" Harrison asked.


"He committed murder," Chris quietly told the group.


"So, he doesn't really have a lot to lose!" Sawyer added.


"Nope," I answered.


"What can we do to help?" Glen asked.


"If you see someone suspicious, make sure you are safe and then call the police," Chris suggested.


"Are you going to get a security system?" Tom asked.


"We haven't talked about it, but that is a possibility," Chris said.




The next week flew by. We were getting used to people following us around. Most of the time they blended into the background. Simon wouldn't leave Donny's side. We think the dog knew something was amiss.


Chris and I were sitting at the kitchen island the Friday after our wedding when my phone rang. It was Sawyer, "Sam! Turn on channel seven. I think they are talking about Donny's father."


I flicked on the television and saw a reporter standing in front of the DCFS office in Champaign. There was a photo of a bald, heavily tattooed man on the screen as well. "The attacker was believed to be Carl McBride who escaped from a prison in Colorado. McBride was serving a life term for murder in the first degree. He is extremely dangerous and appears to be armed. The DCFS worker that was attacked is in fair condition. Back to you, Brad."


"Holy shit!" Chris exclaimed. "Why did he attack a social worker?"


We heard a whimper behind us. It was Donny. "Donny," I said in a hushed tone as Chris and I knelt in front of Donny. "What's the matter?"


"The mean man... was on television... in the picture!" Donny said between tears. "Is he... coming to get... me?"


"We won't let him get you, Donny!" Chris said. "We will protect you. He can't get inside the building."


My phone began to ring as Chris picked up Donny and held him tight, "This is Sam."


"This is Ms. Graves. Where are you, and is Donny with you?"


"Yes, Donny is with us, and we are at home in Chicago," I told her. "We just saw the channel seven news. Why did he attack a social worker?"


"The social worker was Ms. Carmichael," Ms. Graves solemnly told us. "She may have had your case file with her for review because of the upcoming adoption proceedings. We are hoping that the file was not with her at the time of the attack."


"Is she going to be okay?" I asked.


"I haven't seen her yet," Ms. Graves told us. "I have requested that the State Police put a security detail at your condo in Champaign. I have also asked that they have a detail sent to your Chicago apartment. They should be there shortly and coordinate their efforts with the Chicago Police Department. The FBI is also involved because he killed someone in Kansas."


"Okay!" I told Ms. Graves. "This whole situation is more than a little bit difficult to process. Chris is trying to calm Donny down. He saw his father's picture on the television. We didn't know he was standing behind us. He called him the mean man who was chasing him. He's had a few nightmares about the guy."


"Oh dear!" Ms. Graves said. "Go help Chris. I will keep you posted."


"Thank you Ms. Graves," I told her as I switched off the phone.


I found Chris in Donny's room. He was holding Donny tightly. Donny seemed to be asleep.


"Chris," I whispered. "Can I talk to you?"


"Sure," He whispered back as he put our sleeping son on his bed with three dogs close by.


We both stepped out of the room.


"This is not good," I explained to Chris. I told him about my conversation with Ms. Graves.


"I never thought in a million years that we would be hiding from a murderer," Chris whispered.


My phone rang again, "Sam Williamson."


"Mr. Williamson," The voice said. "I am James Rodriguez. I am the head of security for the building. I am on my way up to speak with you. I have a State Police Captain and a Captain of the Chicago Police Department with me. We want to explain a few things to you. I will call you when I am outside your door. Do not open your door under any circumstances until you get my phone call."


"Yes, SIR!" I told him as the call ended. I explained the situation to Chris.


After Mr. Rodriguez called us again, I opened the door.


"Hello, gentlemen!" A very handsome, ruggedly built man in a suit greeted us. "I am James Rodriguez. These two gentlemen are Harold Devin from the Chicago Police Department and Marcus Lopez from the Illinois State Police Department."


We exchanged pleasantries and Captain Lopez began explaining the security, "We have two police cruisers from the State Police on the property outside the building along with two unmarked vehicles. We also have two plain clothes officers in the lobby and in the entrance from the garage. There will be two officers outside your door on this floor."


"I am having one of my security technicians install a video monitor for the entrance of your apartment," Mr. Rodriguez told us. "Once it is installed, do not open the door for anyone you do not know. All of the officers on the property should show their badges to you."


Captain Devin was the next to explain his position, "If you need to leave the building for any reason, please call downstairs. The doorman will have your vehicle waiting. You will be accompanied by a CYPD plain clothes officer in your vehicle and another two officers following your vehicle in an unmarked car. We prefer you not leave here, however."


"Are there any questions?" Mr. Rodriguez asked.


"Do you know where this guy is at the present time?" Chris asked.


"We think he is still in Champaign," Officer Lopez explained. "He has not been spotted since he attacked the social worker. We suspect he will try to find you in your condo in Champaign."


While we were being briefed, the security technician arrived to install the video monitor. By the time the three men were ready to leave, we had a security camera monitoring our front door. We also had a 32 inch flat screen television in the entry hall. Our door was on one frame. The other five frames alternately showed cameras in strategic places in the building.


"Thank you for your time, gentlemen," Mr. Rodriguez told Chris and me. "If you need me for any reason, please call downstairs and the doorman will get in touch with me. Oh! One other item. You have dogs, correct?"


"Yes, we have three Border Collies. Why?" Chris asked.


"When they need to go outside, call downstairs," Mr. Rodriguez told us. "One of the security personnel will accompany you. And, just to let you know, we have some highly visible people living in this building. We are well-versed in security procedures."


Once the three men left, Chris and I looked at one another for a few moments. We said nothing. We didn't move.


"Shit!" Chris finally whispered. "It seems we are prisoners in our own home. I think we need to let our families know what's happening."


"I think you are right," I agreed.


We checked on Donny before we called our families. He was still asleep with the three dogs surrounding him.


I was the first to call my parents who were getting settled in the condo in Evanston. "Mom!" I said as my mother answered the phone. "Is Dad there?"


"Yes," she said as she switched the call to speaker phone.


"How are you doing?" My father asked.


"We are sort of in lock down," I began to explain. "We didn't realize this until a few hours ago, but this building is like a fortress. The security team here probably rivals the police department in Olney. Anyway, between the building security, the State Police, and the Chicago Police Department, we have people crawling all over the building both inside and out. We now have a video system that monitors our front door as well as various other points of entrance to the building."


"Have you heard where this guy is at this point?" My mother asked.


"The officials think he is still in Champaign," I continued to explain. "There is an Illinois State Police team watching our place there."


"They are here, too," My father told us. "An Illinois State Police Squad car is sitting outside on the street near the entrance of the building. We have been told there is also one outside of the grounds of the house. I am assuming Chris's grandparents also have some protection."


"This is bigger than I thought," I told my parents. "I hope this is over soon because Chris and I are getting a little claustrophobic. We even have a security detail with us when we walk the dogs."


"How's Donny?" My mother asked.


"The only time he will leave our side is when he falls asleep," I answered. "He's still scared the mean man from his nightmares is coming to take him away! Anyway, I won't keep you. I just wanted to give you an update as it were."


"Bye, Sam," My mother said. "We love you both."


"Thanks Mom! We love you too!" I said as I ended the conversation.


"We've now involved our respective families," Chris said as we looked at one another in disbelief. "I think I need to see how my mother is doing downstairs."


Chris dialed his mother's phone number, "Mom! Hi!"


"Hello, Chris," his mother said. "Any news about Donny's father?"


"Nope," Chris answered. "From what we know at this point he is still in Champaign. Our condo there is under surveillance. What about you?"


"I now have a camera that monitors the door of the apartment," Chris's mother announced. "Other than that, I am not involved with the security detail. Since my name is now Washington and not Williamson or Johnson, the officials thought I would not be in any danger. However, I know the building is swarming with police. How are you doing?"


"We are coping," Chris continued. "People are outside our door in the hallway as well as everywhere else anyone can think to put someone. Have you talked to grandma and grandpa?"


"Yes," Chris's mother answered. "There is a State Police cruiser outside their front door. But, as you know, their security system in the house is high end. So, they are not worried."


Chris and his mother continued to talk until Donny appeared from his nap. "Mom, I need to go. Donny just woke up. I'll talk to you soon."


"So, Donny," I began as I picked him up. "Did you sleep well?"


"Yea," Donny said in his sleepy voice. "But, the doggies and me are hungry."



To be continued...


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