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Sam and Chris



"Hello, Chris," his mother said. "Any news about Donny's father?"


"Nope," Chris answered. "From what we know at this point he is still in Champaign. Our condo there is under surveillance. What about you?"


"I now have a camera that monitors the door of the apartment," Chris's mother announced. "Other than that, I am not involved with the security detail. Since my name is now Washington and not Williamson or Johnson, the officials thought I would not be in any danger. However, I know the building is swarming with police. How are you doing?"


"We are coping," Chris continued. "People are outside our door in the hallway as well as everywhere else anyone can think to put someone. Have you talked to grandma and grandpa?"


"Yes," Chris's mother answered. "There is a State Police cruiser outside their front door. But, as you know, their security system in the house is high end. So, they are not worried."


Chris and his mother continued to talk until Donny appeared from his nap. "Mom, I need to go. Donny just woke up. I'll talk to you soon."


"So, Donny," I began as I picked him up. "Did you sleep well?"


"Yea," Donny said in his sleepy voice. "But, the doggies and me are hungry."


Chapter 49:


After we had fed the dogs and Donny, Chris and I were sitting at the kitchen island discussing how we were going to work the following week. We were scheduled to resume our last week of our internship at the Foundation and Home Front.


"Do we need to speak with the Captain to decide what we should do?" I asked.


"Probably," Chris answered. "I'm not certain Donny will be willing to let us leave him after he saw the bad man's photo on the television. We could take him with us. But, that might be a distraction for the others."


"We could work from here," I suggested. "We could have the IT people move the network to our apartment. You, Luke, and Sean could also put the finishing touches on your project from here. I wouldn't want to put the Foundation or Home Front staff in jeopardy."


"Why don't we speak with Captain Hernandez?" Chris said as he pulled out his phone and dialed the Captain's number. When the Captain answered the phone, Chris turned it on speaker phone. "Captain. This is Chris Johnson. Sam is here with me."


"Good afternoon!" the Captain said. "I was about to call you because I have some information from the Champaign Police Department. Apparently, Carl McBride broke into your condo at school. The police were summoned by the people who monitor your security system there. McBride fled and stole a late model BMW registered to you, Mr. Johnson. That was about 15 minutes ago. We think he is heading to Chicago. The State Police is monitoring the roads out of the city."


"The car has OnStar. I can tell you where it is. Give me a moment," Chris said to the Captain as he launched the Internet browser and went to the OnStar website. "It's on route 45 just north of Champaign, but it appears not to be moving."


"He's probably ditched it. He may have commandeered another vehicle," the Captain told us. "Ah! Mr. Johnson, the state police arrived at the scene where your car was abandoned. It is on fire."


"No one is injured though?" Chris asked.


"The driver's side door is open, so we are assuming not," the Captain explained.


"Okay. I'll tell them," the Captain said to someone else. "A team of state police officers were about to enter your condo when an explosion occurred just inside the door."


"How bad?" Chris asked.


"I don't know yet," the Captain told us. "Let me call you back in a few moments."


"Yes, sir!" Chris said as he shut off the phone.


"I'm really getting to hate the bastard!" I said to Chris. I looked around to make certain Donny wasn't around.


"I didn't mind my car," Chris added. "But, the condo! Shit!"


"I think we need to call the guys to tell them we won't be joining them at work tomorrow," I said.


"I think you may be correct about that," Chris agreed. "We should probably tell them about the condo, too, but I want to wait until we know what damages there are."


My phone began to ring. It was Sawyer, so I put it on speaker phone when I answered it, "What's up, Sawyer?"


"Dude! I hope you are sitting down!" Sawyer greeted me.


"Why?" I asked.


"Tom and Harrison just called me," Sawyer began to explain. "They had gone to the condo at school to pick up a few things. Something exploded inside your unit."


"Are they okay?" I excitedly asked.


"Apparently," Sawyer continued. "Tom said his and Harrison's ears are ringing form the noise, but they are safe and outside the building."


"How bad is the damage?" Chris asked.


"They said our apartment wasn't badly damaged, but yours is lacking a few windows and a front door," Sawyer explained. "They ran out of the building immediately, so they were not able to check on anything else but our place and yours. Everyone in the building was evacuated. They think a cop was seriously injured. He was going in the front door of your place when the explosion happened."


"The police think the guy is on his way to Chicago," I told Sawyer. "Chris's car was also torched."


"I guess this guy is really serious about doing you some harm," Sawyer said. "Are the cops still outside your unit?"


"Yes," I told him. "There are four on this floor alone."


Chris's phone began to ring. "Chris Johnson."


"I gotta go, Sawyer," I said and ended the call.


"Mr. Johnson, this is Captain Hernandez," he said.


"Any news?" Chris asked.


"An officer was seriously injured going into your condo when something inside exploded," the Captain answered. "It appeared to be a bomb just inside the front door. There are some broken windows in your unit, and the front door was blown off its hinges. The state police officers who surveyed the scene where your car was abandoned suggested a bomb could have been detonated inside the car. So, we are hoping he doesn't have any other explosives with him. But, we are deploying a bomb squad outside your condo building in Chicago just in case. I would like to put a couple of plain clothes officers inside your unit if you don't mind."


"I don't want to scare Donny," I told the captain.


"I know. It will be your call," the captain advised.


"Perhaps, if we wait until you know he is in the city, we would be more agreeable," Chris said.


"I will keep you posted when he shows up again," the Captain said. "Any questions at this point?"


"We are scheduled to go back to work on Monday for our last week of internship at the Washington Family Foundation and Home Front," Chris explained. "What do you think about us going in?"


"You would need a security detail with you," the Captain suggested. "That in itself might be a little distracting."


"What about having the others on our team work from our place here" I suggested.


"How many?" the Captain asked.


"Five others," I told him.


"It might be doable," the Captain told us after thinking for a moment. "Why don't we wait until tomorrow to make that decision?"


"We will wait to hear from you, Captain," Chris told him as we ended the call.


"This is getting seriously annoying," Chris told me. "Are you worried?"


"Not yet," I said. "As long as the police are outside and at all of the entrances of the building, I feel fairly secure. You?"


"I agree," Chris answered.


"Do you want to walk the dogs or do you want me to do it?" I asked. "I don't want Donny to go, however."


"I can walk them," Chris told me. "You went this morning. I will tell security I am going."


Chris talked to the door person to let him know he was taking Lincoln, Roosevelt, and Simon out for a walk.


"He's sending a plain clothes guy with me," Chris told me as he kissed me. "I'll be back shortly. Come on, guys!" Chris and the dogs left Donny and me alone.


I was reading a story to Donny before his nap.


"Daddy," Donny interrupted me. "I don't want to go to sleep until Simon is back from his walk."


"Okay," I assured him. "Simon, Lincoln, and Roosevelt will be back with your Daddy shortly. You can wait to go to sleep until Simon is here."


I had barely spoken those words when I heard a loud noise outside. One of the security officers outside our door was knocking furiously. "Mr. Williamson!" I heard him yell through the locked door.


I ran to the entry hall and noticed one of the plain clothes officers was excited. I opened the front door and he quickly entered and shut the door behind him.


"Mr. Williamson, a car exploded outside a short distance from the front entrance of the building...," the officer explained as he was listening to something in his ear piece. "There is a scuffle with a dog and someone, possibly the escaped prisoner... The person was attempting to slip through the back entrance of the building... Shots were fired... It was definitely the escaped prisoner... He's in custody... Thank God! Your husband and your dogs are safe..."


My phone started ringing. It was Chris, "Chris! Are you okay?"


"I'm fine, Sam," Chris answered. "A little shaken up, but we are fine. I will be upstairs in a few minutes, but we are okay. When the car exploded, the officer with us pushed me to the ground. Simon took off like a lightning bolt toward this big bald dude and lunged at him. The guy lost his balance and fell. The police wounded the guy. He's restrained. Shit! Sam! Call the vet. Simon is hurt."


I called the vet in our building who Chris and I met on one of our regular dog walks. He found his way to our place through the maze of police officers and security detail. He arrived about the same time Chris and the dogs made it upstairs. Chris was carrying Simon who was bleeding from his right front leg. Chris was visibly shaken.


"Sam, grab a couple of pillows from our bed," Chris suggested as he carried Simon into the television room.


I retrieved the pillows and put them on the floor next to the sofa. Chris gingerly put Simon on top of them. Dr. Stein began examining Simon. When he had the bleeding stopped, Dr. Stein announced, "I think Simon will need a few stitches. He doesn't appear to be injured elsewhere."


"Simon is a heavy dog," Chris announced as Dr. Stein began stitching the wound. "And, I think I should change my shirt."


Donny sat at Simon's head and began petting him while the doctor finished his work.


"Is Simon going to be okay?" Donny asked.


"Yes, Simon will be okay," Dr. Stein told Donny. "You are a very lucky boy to have such a brave dog who loves you like Simon does."


"Simon sleeps with me," Donny said. "Lincoln and Roosevelt sleep with my daddies."


"I put a few stitches in the cut on Simon's right thigh," Dr. Stein told Chris, who had returned with a clean shirt, and me. "He will be fine. He might be sore. I don't think there is any internal damage, such as broken bones or internal bleeding. But, I would like for you to bring him into my office on Monday morning. If you notice anything unusual, don't hesitate to call me before Monday."


"Thank you for coming here so quickly, doctor," I told Dr. Stein. "This has been a very difficult day for us, and we appreciate your help with Simon."


"My pleasure," Dr. Stein said as the officers let him out our front door.


"So, Donny," I began. "Do you and Simon want to take a nap now?"


"I can sleep here so Simon doesn't need to move," Donny told us.


"Let me get you another pillow," I suggested. When I returned from the bedroom with another pillow and a blanket, Donny was snuggled next to Simon. They both seemed comfortable and asleep. I put the blanket over the two of them before I joined Chris in the living room. He was talking to Captain Hernandez.


"Sam," Chris filled me in. "Captain Hernandez just told me McBride died on the way to the hospital."


"Wow!" I said as I sat beside Chris. "I can't say that I am not happy he won't be bothering us anymore... But, he was Donny's father. How do we explain this to him? Or, don't we?"


"I vote no," Chris told me. "But, maybe we need to talk to Donny's psychologist."




We were watching the Sunday morning press conference on television. Captain Hernandez took the podium. "Members of the press. I would like to give you a brief summary of the events that led up to the capture of Carl McBride yesterday evening."


The Captain paused before continuing his description. "One week ago today, Carl McBride escaped from a federal prison in Colorado. He made his way across several states until he reached Champaign, Illinois, which is the jurisdiction where Samuel and Christopher Williamson are adopting his biological son. He attacked a social worker outside of her office before he broke into the Williamson condo. McBride left an explosive device inside the condo that was triggered by opening the front door of the condo."


Again, Captain Hernandez paused before continuing. "A Champaign Police Officer responded to the security firm's request for assistance. The officer was badly injured when he opened the front door and a bomb exploded. McBride eventually made his way to Chicago and was attempting to get inside the building where the Williamsons live. Another car exploded outside the building in Chicago. The Williamson's Border collie, who was outside the building, noticed the intruder and attacked him. An Illinois State Police officer noticed the incident and immediately investigated. He recognized McBride and ordered him to surrender. McBride attempted to flee the scene and the officer shot McBride in the leg. McBride was subdued and taken by ambulance to the emergency room where he was pronounced dead on arrival. He apparently suffered a serious wound in another altercation prior to arriving in Chicago. Are their questions? Yes."


A Chicago Tribune reporter asked the first question, "How did Carl McBride escape the federal prison in Colorado? And, why was he attempting to harm the Williamsons?"


Captain Hernandez attempted to answer the two part question. "We are still awaiting a statement from the federal prison as to how he escaped. He was seeking to harm the Williamsons after he discovered the couple who was adopting his son were gay. Next question? The gentleman from CNN."


"So, the suspect may have entered the condo building unnoticed if it were not for the swift action of a Border collie. How can that be?" The CNN reporter ask in disbelief.


"We have not been able to speak to the dog directly...," there was some muffled laughter from the press in the room, "however, the dog, Simon is his name, apparently noticed McBride's photo on a news cast and acted to protect his owners. Next question. Ms. Chung from CBS."


"We were originally told that Samuel Williamson and Christopher Johnson were the two involved in the adoption," Mrs. Chung began. "And, in your statement you name the adopting couple as Samuel and Christopher Williamson. Which is accurate?"


"Samuel and Christopher Williamson were married on Saturday," Captain Hernandez explained. "They started the adoption proceedings as Samuel Williamson and Christopher Johnson. Next question? Yes."


"I'm Chet Morris from NPR. When will we be able to speak with the Williamson family?" Mr. Morris asked.


"Mrs. Timber, would you like to answer that?" Captain Hernandez asked the Washington Family Foundation public relations officer.


Mrs. Timber stepped up to the podium to read her official statement: "I am Alice Timber from the Washington Family Foundation. On behalf of Samuel and Christopher Williamson and their son Donny, I would like to express the deep gratitude to the Department of Children and Family Services, the Illinois State Police, the Chicago Police Department, the Champaign Police Department, the security team at the W Hotel Lakeshore Drive, and the security team at Lake Point Towers during the past week. These heroic police officers and security personnel enabled the Williamsons to move forward from the horrific experience that followed the unfortunate escape of a mentally unstable murderer from a federal prison in Colorado. The family will be indebted to all of you for the rest of their lives. Thank you."


Mrs. Timber paused for a few moments, "The Williamson family is not planning to make any statement to the press at this time. They have undergone an extremely traumatic event, and they would like for the press to realize that their privacy is very important to them. The boy, who is three, is traumatized because the dog who attacked the escaped convict was injured in the incident. Thank you. Captain Hernandez."


The Captain again assumed control, "I would like to thank the members of the press for their presence. When further information is made available, we will update you.


My phone began ringing immediately after the press conference, I answered the call and put it on speakerphone. "Sam! This is Mel from Olney! Was that you and Chris they were talking about?"


"Yup," I told her. "That was us. Needless to say, we had a very stressful week after a very memorable wedding last weekend."


"But, you are all three okay?" Mel asked. "Physically, I mean."


"We are physically just fine," I answered. "It is not an experience we want to repeat anytime soon, however. How are things in Southern Illinois?"


"How do you think it is?" Mel answered. "Just the same as always. Slow. Quiet. Meaningfully void of any particular reason for getting out of bed in the morning! I will let you go, Sam. I am just glad the three of you are okay. I'm certain you will have a billion calls from people."


"I may turn off the phone if it comes to that," I told her. "Thanks for calling Mel!"


I ended the call, looked at Chris, and smiled, "Mel gave three extremely accurate reasons why I cannot live in my hometown."




Order again arrived on Monday at 8 am. Chris's mother arrived to be with Donny while Chris and I went to our internships. We joined the others for our walk to work.


"So, guys," Luke began. "How bad is the condo damaged?"


"We really don't know yet," Chris answered. "Sam's Dad is driving down today to look at the place. Hopefully, it is not too badly damaged and we will be able to move back before school begins."


"I only hope ours is still intact!" Sean interjected. "How is Simon?"


"Simon is getting around," I told the group. "He's a little slow moving. Chris's mom is going to take him to the vet this morning. He still won't leave Donny's side."


"I loved that question the CNN guy asked," Tom said as we were going inside the building. "And, I am still wondering how the dude could get that close to the back entrance without being spotted. I think Simon should get a medal for bravery in the face of danger!"


"We are still being hounded by the press," Chris told the group. "However, we are adamant that we will not be making any statements anytime soon. That includes any ceremonies honoring Simon. I think Simon will understand."


We worked our way through the day. It wasn't until we broke for lunch that I learned what Chris had been up to.


"If I have to say `no comment' to one more press person, I will go absolutely nuts," Chris explained. "Members of the press have been calling the Washington Family Foundation trying to get a statement. Mrs. Timber was conveniently out of the office today. I was tempted to give them your phone number, Sam. However, I restrained myself."


"Thank you, sweetie!" I told him. "I'm sorry you've had such a stressful day. I'll try to make it up to you later."


"Promise?" Chris asked.


"Yes," I answered.


"Chris," Harrison interrupted. "We want a full report on how Sam makes it up to you!"



To be continued...


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