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Sam and Chris



"I loved that question the CNN guy asked," Tom said as we were going inside the building. "And, I am still wondering how the dude could get that close to the back entrance without being spotted. I think Simon should get a medal for bravery in the face of danger!"


"We are still being hounded by the press," Chris told the group. "However, we are adamant that we will not be making any statements anytime soon. That includes any ceremonies honoring Simon. I think Simon will understand."


We worked our way through the day. It wasn't until we broke for lunch that I learned what Chris had been up to.


"If I have to say `no comment' to one more press person, I will go absolutely nuts," Chris explained. "Members of the press have been calling the Washington Family Foundation trying to get a statement. Mrs. Timber was conveniently out of the office today. I was tempted to give them your phone number, Sam. However, I restrained myself."


"Thank you, sweetie!" I told him. "I'm sorry you've had such a stressful day. I'll try to make it up to you later."


"Promise?" Chris asked.


"Yes," I answered.


"Chris," Harrison interrupted. "We want a full report on how Sam makes it up to you!"


Chapter 50: Back to School


We had to rent an apartment for the first month of school until ours was renovated after the blast. Fortunately, a couple on the first floor knew we needed a place to stay, and offered us their place because they would be in Germany for two months visiting their daughter, son-in-law, and new grandchild. Mrs. Griffith was pleased that she would be able to stay with Donny again while we were in school.


We met the group at the gym on Tuesday of the second week after we started school. Everyone was in the lobby when we arrived.


"Hello, guys! Sorry we were late," I apologized as we were heading to the locker room. "The contractors wanted to show us a few things before they continued work on the condo."


"This is going to take some work getting back into the swing of things," Tom admitted as we were all naked. "We should have gone to the gym more often during the summer!"


"But, we didn't Tom," Harrison answered. "We were way too busy getting to know what it's like going to work and getting used to the area."


"Besides," Sawyer told the group. "Based on the sounds coming out of your bedroom every night, I think the two of you had quite a workout!"


About the time I was slipping on my jock strap, I heard a voice near us, "Sam, Sawyer! Good to see you, dudes!" It was Rick Livingston. He was exceptionally buff and tanned and was wearing nothing but a speedo.


"Rick!" I responded. "How was your summer?"


"Uneventful for me," Rick told us. "I did my usual summer crap for my Uncle's construction company. Tracy, on the other hand, was busy moving to a new house."


"Why?" Sawyer asked.


"Well, with her mother and father splitting," Rick began to explain, "the house needed to be sold. Tracy moved in with her Dad and his boyfriend in a condo in Evanston. Apparently, her dad hired this really, really good divorce attorney. Mr. O'Malley is now a very wealthy man! He got half of everything Tracy's mother owned—which was no small change! And, she had to pay Tracy's father's divorce attorney's fees. Needless to say, Mrs. O'Malley wasn't happy."


"You're looking pretty trim these days, Rick," I told him.


"You noticed, huh!" Rick said proudly. "Working construction all summer has its advantages! I've been dating this girl, too!"


"Congratulations, Ricky!" Sawyer said. "Is she local?"


"She lives not too far from my parents' house, and she goes to school at UIUC!" Rick told the group.


"When do we get to meet her?" Tom asked.


"She's supposed to meet me for lunch today," Rick said. "Do you guys go somewhere after the gym?"


"The pasta place near campus," Harrison told him. "Maybe the two of you could join our merry band of fairies!"


"Speak for yourself, Harrison!" Luke exclaimed. "Sean and me ain't no fairies! We just be butch queer guys!"


"I gotta run, guys," Rick said. "I'm meeting some friends at the pool. Hopefully, Cindy and I can join you for lunch!"


"That would be great, Rick," I said as he walked away. "Now, let's get to work, butch queer guys!"


After we finished our workout, we walked to the pasta place. Rick was with a stunning African American woman. "Hey guys!" Rick effused. "Guys, I'd like you to meet Cindy. Cindy, this is Sawyer and Sam from my dorm last year. Then, there is Chris who is Sam's boyfriend. Glen who is Sawyer's boyfriend. Tom and Harrison, who are boyfriends. And, Sean and Luke, also boyfriends."


"It is so nice to meet you," Cindy enthused. "Rick was trying to explain your relationships before we arrived, but it makes more sense when I see you in person."


"Rick," Sawyer began. "Sam and Chris are no longer boyfriends!"


"Really?" A surprised Rick asked.


"They were married in the wedding of the century at the end of July!" Sawyer added.


"Congratulations, guys!" Rick replied.


"Where did you grow up, Cindy?" Sawyer asked. "I think there is a slight French accent."


"That would be absolutely correct," Cindy told the group as we were in line getting our food. "I was born in Paris. We lived there until my junior year in high school when my father took a job as a professor at Loyola University."


"What does he teach?" Chris asked.


"He's in the political science department," Cindy explained. "He is involved in the public policy institute there."


"What did he do in Paris?" Glen continued the questions.


"He was with the Department of State," Cindy said casually.


"Cool! Paris must have been an exciting place to grow up," Luke stated. "Sean and I visited there when we did a semester in London.


"It was," Cindy admitted. "Lots of things to do, but I enjoyed the last two years of high school at Francis Parker."


"That's where I went," Chris added. "It was a great place to study."


We finished our food as we continued our discussion. Finally, I noticed the time. "Chris, we need to run. Mrs. Griffith needs to leave early today."


"Mrs. Griffith takes care of their son, Donny, while they are in school," Sawyer explained.


"Son?" Rick and Cindy asked at about the same time.


"We are in the process of adopting him," I explained. "He is three and lost both of his parents."


"Wow," Rick spoke up. "Is he related to one of you?"


"No," I explained to Rick as Chris and I threw our trash in the can. "To make a long story short, we were given custody as his foster parents immediately after his mother passed away. We have an adoption hearing the last week of September so we can permanently adopt him."


"See you guys later," Luke announced.


"You too!" Chris said as we turned and left the restaurant.




Chris, Donny, and I went to look at the renovations of the condo when it was almost finished. We were talking with the contractor about the progress.


"I'm going to go look at my room," Donny said as he wiggled from Chris's arms to the floor. He raced off to see the progress of his new room.


"The kitchen, as you can see, is finished," Paul, the contractor, told us. "We should have the floors finished at the beginning of next week. The tile guy for the bathrooms will be here at the same time that we are doing those floors. So, in three weeks from today, you should be ready to move in to the place."


"That is music to our ears!" Chris said. "I'm really impressed at the space you created from part of my old office! Now, I can get a baby grand for this place, too!"


"Chris, don't you think one baby grand piano is enough?" I spoke up.


"But, it is in Chicago!" Chris pouted.


"No, Chris!" I firmly stood my ground. "We would wind up with two baby grand pianos when both of us finally graduate!"


"Please!" Chris whimpered.


"No!" I said. I knew this would not the end of this subject.


"The kitchen appliances should be here right before its time for you to move back in," the contractor told us. "The dude who is decorating your son's room is doing a terrific job, by the way! If I didn't know better, I would think we were on a ranch somewhere in Texas!"


"That's what he wanted," I told him. "I just hope he doesn't ask for a pony. Chris and I have a hard time saying no to him!"


"That goes with parenthood," the contractor answered. "Tina and I have a hard time saying no to our boys, too!"


"Tina?" Chris asked.


"Yea!" the contractor told us. "Tina and I have been married eight years now. Our sons are two. They are identical twins."


"How do you tell them apart?" I asked.


"It's not easy," Tom continued. "One of them throws his mash potatoes. The other one eats them."


"How do you who is who when they are not eating?" Chris asked.


"That is more problematic. I've threatened to number them with a permanent marker," Tom told us. "Tina, however, vetoed that idea."


"We had that problem with Lincoln and Roosevelt when we first got them," Chris explained. "Then, one of us noticed that Lincoln had a slightly larger patch of white hair on his nose than Roosevelt did."


"If you have any more questions, I will be finishing a few minor things tomorrow morning," Tom told us. "Tina took the boys to visit her parents in Springfield this morning. They will be back tomorrow afternoon."


"Once we have the place put back together, we should have you, Tina, and your boys over to swap parenting advice!" Chris said with a smile.


"I think we would enjoy that a lot! Fortunately, Tina and I have learned there are no rights and wrongs in parenting," Tom told us. "Otherwise, we would not have passed Parenthood 101


Donny came running back from his room, "Daddy! Daddy! There are cows and trees on the walls of my room!"


"Is that all?" I asked.


"There are horses, too!" Donny added as he indicated he wanted to be picked up again. I scooped him up.


"Talk soon, Tom," I said as went back to our temporary place downstairs.


"Tom is a nice guy," Chris said as we sat at the dining room table to study. We had given Donny his bath and put him to bed.


"He is nice," I said. "How old do you think he is?"


"Early thirties, perhaps," Chris suggested. "He's cute, too!"


"Yup," I said as I looked up from writing a paper for my econ class. "Do I have to worry about competition?"


"Nope," Chris told me. "I can still look even though I am married to you, can't I?"


"If all you do is look, then, yes," I said with a smile.




I came home late one Wednesday. Chris was sitting at the kitchen island with his laptop open. Donny was playing with the dogs on the kitchen floor near Chris.


"Hello, sweetie," I said as I dumped my things on the island and sat next to Chris. Of course, I kissed him. "Sorry I am late. I ran into Brendon and his brother Greg. They were telling me about their summer. Leo and Brian took them to Europe for a month. They were mostly in Northern Italy, but they did manage a few trips to France and England."


"Sounds exciting," Chris quietly responded.


"What do you want to do for the weekend?" I asked.


"I don't know," Chris replied.


"Chris," I said with concern in my voice. "Is something bothering you?"


"No," Chris answered.


"Spill, Chris," I said. "This is not like you. Something is wrong, I can tell."


"I heard from a director of a traveling summer troupe," Chris started to explain. "They had seen some videos of me, and have seen me in some of the shows I did in school. He wants to hire me as a singer and dancer in a musical variety show, similar to `After Midnight.'"


"Congratulations, Chris!" I said. "That's great news! Why do I think there is something else going on here?"


"I would be gone all summer," Chris told me. "There are six cities. Chicago for two weeks. LA for two weeks. London for two weeks. Paris for two weeks. Miami for two weeks. New York for two weeks. I would be away for nine weeks."


"Oh!" I suddenly realized why he was so down. "This is something you really want to do, right?"


"It has been a dream of mine to do a show like this," Chris quietly told me. "The director wants me to be the male lead. But, I can't leave you and Donny for nine weeks!"


"Donny and I could survive, Chris," I said.


"I don't want to be away from you and Donny for that long," Chris said sadly. "Hell, I don't want to be away from the two of you for nine minutes let alone nine weeks."


"Let's think about this, Chris," I suggested. "Could we go along with you?"


"I don't know," Chris told me. "I'm certain we would need to pay for your airfare to the various cities. Other than that, I don't know. At least rehearsals will be in Chicago beginning the first week of June. The show doesn't open until after July 4."


"Of course," I had another thought. Not a good one, but another thought. "We could come and visit you one week in each city."


"No!" Chris almost screamed. "I do not want to be trapesing around the globe with you and Donny at home in Chicago! I would be seriously depressed without you!"


"Talk to the director," I suggested. "Let him tell you what is possible and what is not possible. We can talk about this again when you have more information. But, Chris, I am not going to stand in your way to accomplish something you've worked so hard at making happen. You deserve some recognition for your talents."


"Okay," Chris decided. "I will talk to the director again. Then, we will make a decision. But, I want you to know you and Donny mean more to me than any show. More to me than any recognition. You two are my life!"


"Chris?" I whispered in his ear. "What if we were to go into our bedroom and I could kiss you and make it better?"


He raised his eyebrows, "And, where would you be kissing me to make it better?"


"You dick, silly," I whispered again. "Then I will put it in my mouth and make it happy!"


"What about Donny?" Chris asked.


"He seems to be happy," I told my lover.


"What if we wait until after we put him to bed?" Chris suggested. "That way, I will have something to look forward to doing. And, I might even kiss yours and make it better, too!"




We had invited Tom and Tina over for brunch the first Sunday of October. When they arrived, the dogs and Donny were clamoring for the attention of Tom and Tina's twin boys, Josh and Trevor.


"Donny, why don't we go a little slower here," I suggested. "Josh and Trevor aren't used to three year old boys and three dogs. Sit on the sofa next to Tina, and she will introduce you to Trevor."


"Yes, Daddy!" Donny said to me as he settled beside Tina who held Trevor on her lap.


"Donny," Tina began. "Tell Trevor how old you are."


"I'm three, Trevor," Donny said. "How old are you?"


"Two, right, Mommie," Trevor said.


"Yes," Tina


"Do you like doggies?" Donny asked.


"I don't know," Trevor said. "We don't have doggies. Do you like doggies?"


"Yes," Donny continued as he pointed to each dog sitting on the floor looking alternately at Donny and Trevor. "That one is Lincoln. This one is Roosevelt. The bigger one is Simon. Simon sleeps with me. Lincoln and Roosevelt sleep with my daddies."


"Why don't we have doggies, mommy?" Trevor asked.


Tom quickly sat on the other side of Donny. He was holding Josh.


"Donny, this is Josh," Tom said.


"Hello, Josh," Donny said. He, too, looked at Josh then Trevor. Then, back to Josh, and again Trevor. "They look alike! How do you tell them apart?"


"Mash potatoes," Tina told Donny. "Josh throws his. Trevor eats them."


"Do you like doggies, Josh?" Donny asked.


"We don't have doggies," Trevor announced. "Can we get doggies, Daddy?"


"Donny, why don't you show Josh and Trevor your room?" Chris suggested.


"Okay, Daddy!" Donny replied as he slithered to the floor. "Follow me!"


Three little boys scampered off to visit Donny's room. Three dogs followed in hot pursuit.


"We are sorry about the dog question," Chris explained. "Those three dogs are why we have Donny. So, they are important to Donny and Sam and me."


I explained how Simon had led us to Donny asleep in the bushes and all of the details about his upcoming adoption.


"Holy shit," Tom said. "I knew there was an explosion here, but I had no idea it was because some lunatic was after you for being gay!"


"All I can say is that Donny is a very luck boy to be surrounded by three sweet, energetic dogs, and two wonderful, caring fathers," Tina told us.


"I think we are all very, very lucky," Chris said as he smiled at me. "Now, what would you like to drink? I made a pitcher of Bloody Marys. And, we have almost everything else you can imagine."


Tom and Tina both selected the Bloody Mary as their drink of choice. So did Chris and I.


Once we had our drinks in hand we heard the rumbling of three boys follow by three dogs running back into the living room. "Mommy, daddy, Donny's room is fun! Can we get one like his?" Trevor asked.


"Or, we could just get a doggie," Josh added.


Finally, it was time to eat. Chris pulled food from the oven and fridge and put it on the kitchen island. We got the kids food and put them around a small kid-sized table in the dining area. Once Tom, Tina, Chris, and I had our food, we settled around the dining table.


"Where were you when the blast happened here?" Tom asked.


"Fortunately, we were in Chicago. We spent the summer at our place there," Chris explained. "We received news of the escape the day after our wedding. This happened here five days later. The whole situation was more than just a little scary."


"You have a place in Chicago, too?" Tina asked. I think she was a little floored.


"Yes," I answered. "We were both working as interns. Chris was at the Washington Family Foundation, and I was with Home Front."


"What does the Washington Family Foundation and Home Front do?" Tom asked.


"The Washington Family Foundation is an organization that funds certain charitable projects," Chris explained. "Home Front is an organization that helps homeless gay youth. Sam was instrumental in getting Home Front going after he read about a gay kid who was murdered in Lincoln Park."


"One would hope homeless gay youth are few and far between," Tim interjected.


"It is all too prevalent," Chris added. "My parents sent me away to live with my grandparents in Chicago once they discovered I was gay. If it hadn't been for my grandparents I might be in the same boat as the kid who was murdered.


"You seem to be pretty busy guys for college students!" Tom said with a smile. "I never asked. What are your majors in school?"


"Mine is computer science," I told Tom. "I am essentially a computer geek."


"I'm studying music and dance," Chris explained. "I am not a computer geek. It is useful to be married to one, though!"


"A director is trying to persuade Chris to join a traveling summer musical review," I added. "There are some issues to be worked out."


"Yea," Chris said. "Like being away from Sam and Donny for nine straight weeks."


"That could be problematic," Tom agreed. "Sam, what kind of computer science?"


"Anything, really," I told Tom. "Three other classmates and I have been doing websites for some artists, Chris included. We also developed the website for Home Front."


"So, you've essentially started a business and you aren't even through the first half of your sophomore year in college," Tom added. "Very impressive. I should talk to you about a website for my contracting business."


"How did you get into the contracting business, Tom?" Chris asked.


"I worked for my uncle during the summers at his homebuilding firm," Tom began. "After I graduated from college with a history major, I knew I needed something to do so I could make money. I started with some handyman projects, and now I am a licensed contractor. And, it's something I love doing!"


"What about you, Tina"?" I asked. "College?"


"Yup!" Tina explained. "I have a degree from UIUC in business, and an MBA specializing in marketing. Then, of course, these two came along. The rest is history. After the boys were three months old, I went back to full-time work. But, I decided to chuck it all in favor of being a full-time mom. Are you guys planning on any more children?"


"We have talked about it. It is a timing issue rather than a yes or no issue," Chris explained.


"Tom and I both came from very conservative, very religious families," Tina added. "They were aghast when we announced we weren't having kids right away because we needed a nest-egg to support ourselves. I was supposed to be a baby machine. Tom was supposed to be a money machine."


"She was actually making a lot more than I was in the beginning," Tom said with a smile. "We conveniently didn't share that information with either family."


"Religiously conservative families, I would say, are responsible for producing a majority of homeless gay youth," Chris suggested. "That is just a guess on my part."


"If our kids turn out to be gay," Tom began. "I will do all I can to keep them away from the ranting and raging of our families."




"Sam," Chris said as we were studying the day after Tom and Tina's visit. "I was thinking..."


"That's dangerous," I quip.


"Just for that remark, I will be forced to withhold sex for a week," Chris said as he looked at me with squinty eyes.


"Chris," I hissed. "You will never make it!"


"Anyway," Chris continued. "I was thinking it would be nice to have Christmas at our place in Chicago."


"Let's do it!" I agreed.


"Then," Chris continued. "After Christmas, we could drive down to Florida and stay at my grandparents' house until we are almost ready to return to school. That would be almost three weeks in the warm weather."


"You would need to clear that with your grandparents," I suggested.


"I already have," Chris told me. "They are going be in Southern California for most of January."


"Why are we driving?" I asked.


"It would be fun, don't you think?" Chris asked. "Besides, we would have a dog issue on a commercial flight."


"We might have a dog issue on a three day trip to Florida in a car," I told Chris.


"They love to travel!" Chris observed.


"Chris," I interjected. "They have been in a car all of three, maybe four, hours at a time. This is a 20 hour trip. And, do you think Donny will entertain himself for all of those 20 hours."


"So," Chris pouted. "Is that a `no'?"


"No," I said. "We just need to think about this before we pack the car and take off."


"What do we need to know?" Chris asked.


"How do we entertain Donny in a car 7 hours each day?" I began. "How many times will we need to stop and walk the dogs? Where are dog friendly hotels located?"


"In other words, now that we have a kid, we need to plan and not be impulsive," Chris said with a smile.


"Exactly, oh great one," I replied.


"What about Luke and Sean, Sawyer and Glen, Tom and Harrison?" Chris asked.


"What about them?" I asked back.


"Do we invite them, too?" Chris asked.


"My first inclination would be `no'," I told Chris. "I think it would be good for us to have some unencumbered family time with our kid."


"We could go to Disney World, too!" Chris said excitedly.


"Or just hang out at the beach," I added.


"Don't you want to go to Disney World and meet Mickey?" Chris asked.


"I've been to Disney World and I have met Mickey," I said. "But, if you and Donny want to go, I would be willing to accompany you! We will need to figure out what to do with three dogs while we are in Disney World."


"Oh!" Chris quietly replied. "We DO need to think this through a little more, don't we?"


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