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Sam and Chris



"We could go to Disney World, too!" Chris said excitedly.


"Or just hang out at the beach," I added.


"Don't you want to go to Disney World and meet Mickey?" Chris asked.


"I've been to Disney World and I have met Mickey," I said. "But, if you and Donny want to go, I would be willing to accompany you! We will need to figure out what to do with three dogs while we are in Disney World."


"Oh!" Chris quietly replied. "We DO need to think this through a little more, don't we?"


Chapter 52: Adoption


The Friday after our visit with Tom, Tina, and their twins, Chris, Donny, and I were scheduled to appear in court for the final adoption proceedings. We were joined by Felix Jessup, the attorney from Mr. Washington's law firm. He specializes in same-sex couples adopting a child. We also had a bevy of relatives in attendance. My parents, Chris's mother, my grandmother, and Chris's grandparents.


There were three other people in the court room we did not recognize. When Mr. Jessup returned from his conversation with Ms. Carmichael and Ms. Graves, he sat next to Chris and me. "We may have an issue. It is nothing we can't take care of with Judge Kurtz. Those three people," Mr. Jessup said as he nodded to the three strangers. "One is Donny's mother's second cousin. The other is the cousin's wife. The third individual is their attorney. The cousin and his wife want to make certain Donny is placed in an appropriate home. I have this feeling they have smelled money!"


"We can't let them take Donny from us!" I said in a panic as I grabbed Chris's hand.


"I frankly don't think they will have a chance at taking him away from you," Mr. Jessup explained. "The husband is unemployed at the moment. The wife is a housekeeper at a hotel in Springfield, Illinois. The attorney is from the Family Protection Foundation—the right wing Christian organization who has vehemently opposed same-sex marriage in this state. I don't think the cousin and his wife can afford to take custody of Donny. Judge Kurtz, I believe, will see their action as a way of getting money out of the deal."


"As in a bribe? Chris asked. "Isn't that against the law?"


"Yes," Mr. Jessup said with a smile. "We will get through this proceeding with the desired results, I am certain."


Judge Kurtz settled into her chair before beginning the proceedings, "We will conduct this session of family court with a little less formality than most other court sessions. We are here today to discuss the permanent adoption of Donald Pierce McBride. And, Chris and Sam, congratulations on your marriage. Ms. Carmichael, why don't you explain the situation."


Ms. Carmichael stood to address the judge, "Samuel and Christopher Williamson have petitioned the court to formally adopt Donald Pierce McBride. We were eager to agree with their petition since they have taken such good care of the boy. However, I also need to point out, Mathew McBride, a second cousin to Donny's mother, has come forward to express concern about a same-sex couple adopting their relative."


Judge Kurtz interrupted Ms. Carmichael's explanation of the situation, "Why did I think today's proceedings were going to be so simple? Mr. McBride," Judge Kurtz said. "Why did it take you so long to become interested in the welfare of Donny McBride?"


"We didn't know about my cousin's death until we heard the news of the father's escape from prison and ensuing manhunt," Mr. McBride explained. "I am certain, knowing Donny's mother, she would not want a gay couple adopting her son. Apparently, his father felt the same way."


"Do you have an attorney, Mr. McBride?" Judge Kurtz asked.


"Yes, your honor," Mr. McBride said. "This is my attorney Harold Forbes from the Family Protection Foundation."


Judge Kurtz raised her right eyebrow before continuing, "Mr. Forbes, why would the Family Protection Foundation be interested in this particular case?"


"I am here as Mr. McBride's attorney, your honor," Mr. Forbes began to explain. "My client feels that a same-sex couple should not be allowed to adopt his cousin's son when he and his wife would be willing to take custody of the boy."


"Ms. Graves," Judge Kurtz said. "Would you please take Donny to the family waiting room? I think he would be more comfortable there."


"Donny," Ms. Graves quietly ask. "Why don't you come with me? We can find you something to play with while your Daddies have a chance to talk with the judge."


"Daddy?" Donny asked.


"Please go with Ms. Graves, Donny," Chris said. "We will come and get you once we are finished with a few details."


"Okay," Donny said as he took Ms. Graves' hand and left the courtroom.


"Mr. Forbes," Judge Kurtz began. "I am certain you realize, as of two years ago, same-sex couples in this state are allowed to marry. And, with the Supreme Court decision last June, same-sex couples are allowed to marry anywhere in this country. With that said, I am also certain you realize it is illegal for the court to consider the adopting parents sexual orientation. Is this your understanding of the legal principles of this state and this country or have you been hiding under a rock?"


"I understand the legal ramifications," Mr. Forbes said in a disgusted tone of voice. "However, the Family Protection Foundation is working to overthrow same-sex marriage. And, it is my aim..."


"Mr. Forbes," Judge Kurtz said as she cut short Mr. Forbes' statement. "I do not believe your foundation will be successful. So, I would make plans for another justification for your clients to take custody of Donny. Do I make myself clear, Mr. Forbes?"


"Yes, your honor," Mr. Forbes continued. "I believe my client would consider allowing the adoption to take place if Mr. McBride would be offered a settlement to ease the pain of splitting apart this God-fearing family."


"Mr. Forbes, Mr. Jessup," Judge Kurtz almost yelled at the attorneys. "In my chambers, now!"


Judge Kurtz quickly rose from her seat and walked briskly to the door leading to her chambers. Mr. Forbes and Mr. Jessup followed.


We waited several minutes for the three to return to the courtroom. I still held Chris's hand tightly. I was seriously panicked.


Mr. Jessup returned to the courtroom first. He was smiling. Mr. Forbes quickly followed. He was not smiling.


Judge Kurtz took her seat. "I have been working in the family court for over 10 years. I assumed I had seen and heard everything possible. But, today, I am seriously thinking about speaking with the bar association to formerly take away your license to practice law, Mr. Forbes. I am hereby rejecting any motion to attempt to block this adoption. Will the three of you get out of my courtroom before I have you arrested for bribery? Bailiff, will you please ask Ms. Graves and Donny to return to the courtroom?"


We again waited patiently as the McBrides and Mr. Forbes left the room. Ms. Graves returned with a very happy little boy. Donny managed to wiggle his way onto my lap.


Judge Kurtz smiled at Chris, Donny, and me before she explained the rest of the court session, "Ms. Carmichael, should we start over or pick up where we left off?"


Ms. Carmichael stood to address the judge, "I think we can easily start over, your honor. Samuel and Christopher Williamson have petitioned the court to formally adopt Donald Pierce McBride. We are eager to agree with their petition since they have taken such good care of the boy."


"Thank you, Ms. Carmichael," a happier Judge Kurtz continued. "Now, Donny. I need to speak with you in my room in the back of this room. Would you mind coming with me? Your daddies will be waiting here for us to finish."


Donny wiggled down to the floor and took Judge Kurtz's hand. They disappeared into Judge Kurtz's office.


"I think things should go smoothly from here on out," Mr. Jessup said as he smiled at Chris and me.


I was still holding Chris's hand while we waited. After about 15 minutes, a very happy Donny ran from Judge Kurtz's side and almost jumped into Chris's lap.


Judge Kurtz again took her seat behind the bench. "Sam and Chris, you have done a remarkable job taking care of Donny. I can tell by looking at the three of you that you make one another very, very happy. And, I think you will have your hands full at Donny's birthday party this evening! So, Samuel and Christopher Williamson, by the power now finally vested in me, by the laws of the people of Illinois, we hereby declare Samuel and Christopher Williamson legally the adoptive parents of Donald Peirce McBride Williamson. Congratulations!"


Chris and I stood to hug with Donny in the middle of us. Mr. Jessup stood to address Judge Kurtz, "Your honor. On behalf of my clients, Sam, Chris, and Donny Williamson, I want to thank you for your help with this adoption. This will be a very special day for all of us. Thank you.


"You're welcome Mr. Jessup," Judge Kurtz said. She banged her gavel on the bench. "This court is formerly adjourned."


We joined our family for hugs and congratulations. Mr. Washington suggested we go to lunch, "Lunch is on me today! I have made reservations at the Italian place you like so much!"




We arrived home around 3 pm. The caterer for Donny's birthday party arrived at 3:30. The apartment was aglow in activity.


"Daddy," Donny asked me. "Why are all of these people here?"


"They are helping us get ready for your birthday party," I explained. "Our guests will be arriving in about two hours. So, we need to change out of our suits and walk the dogs. Do you want help changing?"


"Nope," Donny announced. "I'm four now. I can change by myself. I'm a big boy!"


"Yes, you are a big boy now!" I said as I smiled at Donny and then Chris.


"I hope he is as helpful in about 10 years as he is now," Chris said after Donny left the room.


"Yup!" I said. "I have this feeling the next 10 years will be a flurry of activity!"


"I guarantee it will be a flurry!" Chris said as went into our room to change.


We had just slipped out of our suit pants when Donny came running into our room, "Daddy! Daddy! I forgot to get Simon his birthday present!"


"We have something you can give to Simon for his birthday present, Donny," Chris said. "It will be from all of us."


"You've done a good job changing so far, Donny," I said as I smiled. He did manage to get his pants on, but not his shirt. "But, don't you think you need to put on a shirt."


"Oh yea!" Donny said as he ran back to his room.


"At least the kid has energy!" I said to Chris.


"He gets that from his Daddy Sam," Chris said as he added a kiss. "We need to get dressed quickly or I might be forced to shove you on the bed and stick your dick in me!"


"We have dogs to walk and guests to greet," I hissed. "Once our last guests have left, I will make certain you get a little sack time, oh horny one!"


"Promise?" Chris asked.


"Yes," I said as we joined Donny and the dogs in the living room. "Grab Simon's leash, Donny. You and he can walk together."


"These two have a birthday the first week of November," Chris told Donny as we were in the elevator. "Do you want to have a party for them, too?"


"Of course!" Donny said. "They would be sad if they didn't have a party!"


"I think every day is a party for them," I said. "They lead a pretty idyllic life."


"What's idyllic, Daddy?" Donny asked.


"It means calm, relaxing, perfect," I answered.


"Do I have an idyllic life?" Donny asked again.


"I think pretty much, yes," Chris replied to this question. "We all have our moments of stress, but I am convinced we are very lucky because we have one another to make our days better."


"Are Trevor and Josh going to be at my birthday party?" Donny asked.


"Yup," I said.


"What about Uncle Sawyer, Uncle Glen, Uncle Luke, Uncle Sean, Uncle Tom, and Uncle Harrison?" Donny asked.


"They will all be there as well as your grandparents and great-grandparents," Chris explained.


"Does that mean I get a lot of presents?" Donny asked excitedly.


"More than you will actually need," I said. "Of course, you could always tell our guests you don't want any presents!"


"Nope!" Donny said as Simon led him towards the front door of our condo.


When we returned to the condo after walking the dogs, the caterers had things set up and ready for the party to begin. Naturally, my parents were the first to arrive.


"Are we too early?" my mother asked after we had finished with the kisses and hugs.


"No," I told my mother. "Donny is getting hyper. You might try to work into your grandmother role and distract him while Chris and I talk to the caterers."


"Got it," my mother said to me. "This is one role I really enjoy playing! It is so much easier to be a grandparent than a parent."


"You mean you get to leave whenever you think you are going to absolutely lose your mind," I said with a smile as I grabbed Chris to speak with the caterers.


"So, Mr. Duncan," Chris said to the guy who owned the catering company. "Are we ready for the onslaught of guests?"


"Definitely," Mr. Duncan said. "Judging from your son's excitement, this should be a very special event."


"It is cause for celebration," Chris began. "This is Donny's fourth birthday celebration as well as a commemoration of the first day he is legally our son. The adoption was finalized this morning! We are all more than excited."


"Congratulations!" Mr. Duncan added. "He certainly looks like he is one happy little boy!"


"Don't tell him he is a little boy," I suggested. "He is four now and considers himself a big boy now!"


"Got it!" Mr. Duncan said. "My partner, Sid, and I are hoping to adopt a child in the near future. We are working through an agency here in town. We've also heard of an organization in Chicago who helps young, gay, homeless youth. I believe the name is HomeFront. We thought about being foster parents if they will let us."


"Let me give you a number to call," I said as I retrieved Randy's phone number from my phone. "Call Randy Allan. He is the executive director. Tell him Sam and Chris Williamson suggested you call him."


"Do you know him well?" Mr. Duncan asked.


"Yes," I said. "His son Glen will be at the party today. I'll make certain to introduce you!"


"Thank you, guys," Mr. Duncan told us. "Now, I need to get back to work."


Chris's mother and grandparents were the next to arrive. Chris and I were exchanging hugs when Donny came running into the entry hall and jumped into Chris's arms.


"I'm reading a story to Grandma Williamson," Donny said excitedly to his other set of grandparents. "Do you want me to read it to you, too?"


"That would be marvelous!" Chris's grandmother replied. "You are getting to be such a big boy! And, you are reading!"


Donny jumped to the floor and dashed back to the living room. His other three grandparents were right behind him.


Tom, Tina, Trevor, and Josh arrived. Tom was laden with gifts. Tom explained, "Trevor and Josh each wanted to pick out a gift for Donny AND Simon. Plus, we couldn't come empty handed."


Tom handed Chris a bottle of Merlot.


"Thank you!" Chris said as he took the bottle. "Donny is in the living room reading a story to his grandparents. You can join them if you'd like. Otherwise, the bar is set up in the kitchen."


Trevor and Josh dashed off to the living room to hear Donny's story. Tom and Tina headed to the bar.


The last barrage of guests included all of Donny's "Uncles" as well as David and his boyfriend. Glen's brothers Jon and Jamie were with Sawyer and Glen.


"Thanks for inviting us, guys," Jon said to Chris and me. "This is our first official party since we started school here! And, I think Donny will have one or two things to unwrap from the looks of the gift mound."


"Some of the gifts are for Simon," I told them. "Simon's birthday is today, also!"


"How does it feel to be Donny's legal fathers?" Sawyer asked.


"Today was probably one of the happiest days of our lives," Chris said. "Of course, the other happiest day of our lives was when we met! Right, Sam?"


"Yup!" I replied. "A lot has happened in a year!"


"Gentlemen," Mr. Duncan said. "The buffet is ready for your guests to enjoy."


"Thank you, Mr. Duncan," Chris said. "We have an announcement, Sam."


We worked out way through the crowd and retrieved Donny. Chris picked him up, "Thanks for coming to celebrate Donny's fourth birthday. As most of you know, today was a very, very special day for the three of us. Donny is now legally Donald Pierce Williamson."


There was applause for the group.


"Don't forget Simon," Donny reminded Chris.


"And, we have another birthday to celebrate today," Chris continued as I brought Simon to stand with us. "Simon is three years old today. So, we have some dog treats for our three fury friends while we enjoy Mr. Duncan's meal."


"I think we have a song or two to sing, Chris," David announced. "First, our birthday greetings to a very special boy."


David and Chris led the group in singing happy birthday to Donny.


"Chris has another song he wants to sing," David said as he took his place behind Chris's keyboard.


"This is for Donny," Chris said. "He is one of the best gifts to come into our lives. The song is called `Forever Young' by Bob Dylan."


May God bless and keep you always 
May your wishes all come true
May you always do for others 
And let others do for you
May you build a ladder to the stars 
And climb on every rung
May you stay forever young
Forever young, forever young 
May you stay forever young.

May you grow up to be righteous 
May you grow up to be true
May you always know the truth 
And see the lights surrounding you
May you always be courageous 
Stand upright and be strong
May you stay forever young
Forever young, forever young 
May you stay forever young.

May your hands always be busy 
May your feet always be swift
May you have a strong foundation 
When the winds of changes shift
May your heart always be joyful 
And may your song always be sung
May you stay forever young
Forever young, forever young 
May you stay forever young.


I was wiping away the tears like many others.


"And, the good news," I finally said. "You can help yourself to the food. It is on the dining room table. Thanks."




On Sunday morning Chris and I were sitting at the kitchen island reading the Chicago Tribune on our respective tablets. My phone started ringing. It was Sawyer. I turned the call onto speaker phone, "Hello, Sawyer! What's up?"


"I think I screwed up big time," Sawyer said. "Glen and I had our first real argument. He left last night about 6 pm. I haven't heard from him since."


"May I ask what the fight was about?" I asked.


"A misunderstanding," Sawyer began. "A friend of mine from high school wanted to talk to me about an issue he was having. He's going to school at Eastern in Charleston. When he told me over the phone he was gay, I made a remark. Glen heard it. He got paranoid. I continued my phone call with my friend for over an hour. Glen had time to let my comment fester. So, when I was finally off the phone, he started yelling at me about being in love with someone else. I tried to explain, but he stormed off."


"What was the comment, Sawyer?" I asked.


"I believe I said something like, `Geez, Ron, if you had told me this news when we were in high school we could be boyfriends by now. I always thought you were cute as shit!'" Sawyer said.


"I could see where the comment may have been misinterpreted," I said to Sawyer. "Why don't you come over here so we can discuss this in person?"


"I was hoping you would suggest an in person conversation," Sawyer said. "I am in the hallway outside of your apartment."


I walked to the door and saw a red-eyed Sawyer standing there looking completely distraught. "Come in Sawyer! Can I get you something to drink?"


"Coffee would be terrific!" Sawyer answered.


Chris refilled our cups and handed one to Sawyer. "Do you want to talk to Sam alone, Sawyer?"


"No, I think you might be able to shed some light on what I might do," Sawyer answered.


"Has Glen ever shown any sign of jealousy?" Chris asked.


"Not really," Sawyer replied. "He is always joking about me flirting with everything with a dick... At least, I thought he was joking."


"Have you tried to call him?" I asked.


"Like every hour since he left!" Sawyer said. "It always goes to voice mail immediately. Fuck! Do you think he could be hurt or in trouble?"


"His phone could be dead if he didn't have a charger with him," I said. "Did you call his brothers?"


"They haven't seen him," Sawyer sighed. "If anything has happened to him, I will hate myself!"


"You two continue your discussion," Chris said. "I will call the police officer who was involved when we found Donny in the bushes. Maybe he can help."


"Who does he know other than the guys in our little group?" I asked.


"No one really well," Sawyer acknowledge. "I thought the first people he would contact would be his brothers. They, as you know, are tight with each other. There are a few people he talks about in his classes, but I really don't have any way of contacting them."


"What about his mother and father?" I asked.


"His brothers were going to talk with them," Sawyer said. "If they found out anything, they said they would call me."


"Where are Tom and Harrison?" I asked.


"They will be back this evening," Sawyer explained. "They went to Chicago to a family thing."


"Do you think Glen contacted them?" I asked.


"I don't know, Sam," Sawyer said. "I'm scared, Sam! What if I've lost him? What if something happened to him? I will be the cause of everything. Shit!"


"Calm down, Sawyer," I said. "Getting all worked up when we don't have all of the information will not do anyone, especially you and Glen, any good!"


"I just talked with Officer Michaels," Chris announced as he returned from his phone call. "He has no word of an accident or other incident involving Glen. He suggested we file a missing person report, but a relative needs to file the report. I suggest we call his brothers. They are both 18 and can legally report him missing."



To be continued...


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