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Sam and Chris



"Has Glen ever shown any sign of jealousy?" Chris asked.


"Not really," Sawyer replied. "He is always joking about me flirting with everything with a dick... At least, I thought he was joking."


"Have you tried to call him?" I asked.


"Like every hour since he left!" Sawyer said. "It always goes to voice mail immediately. Fuck! Do you think he could be hurt or in trouble?"


"His phone could be dead if he didn't have a charger with him," I said. "Did you call his brothers?"


"They haven't seen him," Sawyer sighed. "If anything has happened to him, I will hate myself!"


"You two continue your discussion," Chris said. "I will call the police officer who was involved when we found Donny in the bushes. Maybe he can help."


"Who does he know other than the guys in our little group?" I asked.


"No one really well," Sawyer acknowledge. "I thought the first people he would contact would be his brothers. They, as you know, are tight with each other. There are a few people he talks about in his classes, but I really don't have any way of contacting them."


"What about his mother and father?" I asked.


"His brothers were going to talk with them," Sawyer said. "If they found out anything, they said they would call me."


"Where are Tom and Harrison?" I asked.


"They will be back this evening," Sawyer explained. "They went to Chicago to a family thing."


"Do you think Glen contacted them?" I asked.


"I don't know, Sam," Sawyer said. "I'm scared, Sam! What if I've lost him? What if something happened to him? I will be the cause of everything. Shit!"


"Calm down, Sawyer," I said. "Getting all worked up when we don't have all of the information will not do anyone, especially you and Glen, any good!"


"I just talked with Officer Michaels," Chris announced as he returned from his phone call. "He has no word of an accident or other incident involving Glen. He suggested we file a missing person report, but a relative needs to file the report. I suggest we call his brothers. They are both 18 and can legally report him missing."


Chapter 52: Finding Glen


Sawyer took a nap in our bedroom while Chris, Jonathan, and Jamison filed a missing person report at the police station. I stayed behind to watch Donny play with the dogs. Chris, Jonathan, and Jamison returned around noon with information from the police. Sawyer woke up from his nap when he heard the voices and joined the group. He was shirtless and in his boxers.


"We filed the missing person's report with the police," Chris explained. "The police will contact Jonathan and Jamison if they find anything. Now, we need to wait. I can fix us lunch. I assume you are all hungry!"


"I just realized I haven't eaten anything since Glen left," Sawyer said.


Chris busied himself throwing together lunch for everyone. We ate around the kitchen island. Donny, of course, was sitting on the island counter.


Sawyer was picking at his food, "I think I am feeling sick!"


"You need to eat something, Sawyer," I scolded him. "Just eat slowly. You will be fine!"


"I just hope is alright!" Sawyer said as tears started flowing down his cheek. "He is like my right arm!"


We continued to eat lunch in silence. As Chris and I were cleaning the remnants of lunch, Jonathan's phone rang. He left the room to answer it. He quickly rejoined the group.


"Guys!" Jonathan announced. "The call was from Glen. Chris, can you drive Jamison and me to Rantoul?"


"Sure!" Chris said.


"I'm going with you!" Sawyer announced.


"No, Sawyer," Jonathan explained. "He specifically said he didn't want you to come with us. He needs time to think before he can face you, Sawyer. He was bawling his eyes out on the phone. Saying `How am I going to explain this to Sawyer? I didn't mean to hurt him!'"


"But...," Sawyer began before Chris cut him off.


"Sawyer," Chris explained. "He needs time to figure things out. Give him some space to do put his thoughts in order, okay, Sawyer?"


"Yes," Sawyer said in an almost inaudible whisper.


Chris, Jonathan, and Jamison left in a flash to retrieve Glen.


"At least he is safe, Sawyer!" I said. "At least you know he is safe! He'll be okay, Sawyer. Just give him time to think things through. You know he loves you!"


"Yes," Sawyer replied. "He is, as you said, safe! I only hope we can get back to where we were before I made that fucking dumb comment!"


"Give him time, Sawyer," I said again. "Now, do you want to continue your nap?"


"I should go home and at least take a shower," Sawyer replied. "I smell! Call me if you hear anything, okay, Sam!"


"I will call you, Sawyer," I said. "I promise."


Sawyer left our condo with his shirt and pants slung over his arm.


I waited for a couple of hours before Chris called me. "Sam, I am dropping Glen and his brothers at their dorm room. Glen wants to talk with you before he talks with Sawyer. I will be at the condo in a few minutes to take care of Donny while you talk with Glen, okay!"


"I'll be ready to roll," I replied. "How is he?"


"He hasn't explained anything to anyone yet," Chris said. "He cried all of the way back from Rantoul. We picked him up at a gas station where he made the phone call. His phone is dead. He didn't take the charger."


"Okay," I said to Chris. "Should I tell Sawyer yet?"


"Not a good idea, Sam," Chris advised. "You need to figure out why Glen was in Rantoul for one. And, you need to find out where he spent the night. There might be a lot of shit he is trying to sort out!"


"You are right, Chris," I said.


"I'm downstairs," Chris said. "I will be right up. Take my car."


I kissed Chris hello and good bye and ran out the door. I raced to Jonathan and Jamison's dorm room.


I knocked on their door,


"It's open," Jonathan said.


As I opened the door, Glen made a mad dash towards me and grabbed me. He was sobbing on my shoulder. I hugged him for several minutes before he calmed down.


Finally, he was able to manage to say his first words to me, "I really fucked up, Sam! Sawyer will hate me!"


"Glen," I said. "Why don't we sit down and talk this through?"


Glen took one desk chair and I pulled the other in front of him. "Now, tell me what happened from the beginning!"


"I got pissed at Sawyer about some stupid remark he made to a high school friend of his," Glen began. "I suppose Sawyer told you about that!"


"Yes, Glen, he did," I said to Glen. "And, just to let you know, he is worried sick about you."


"But, I really fucked up this time, Sam," Glen repeated. "After I left the apartment in a huff, I walked around for about three hours. I hadn't eaten anything so I went to this seedy restaurant and ate a really awful meal. Then when I came out of the dump, I saw the bar we went to. I don't know what I was thinking, but I went in. I sat at the bar and bought a beer. A guy sat next to me, and he started talking to me. He kept buying me beers with a shot of something. The next thing I know, I was smashed. The guy said he would drive me home. I must have been totally out of it and passed out. The next thing I know, we were in front of his house. I had no idea where I was. My phone was dead. Then, he started to take my clothes off once we were inside his house. He said I could stay at his place until I sobered up."


"So, what is this guy's name?" I asked.


"Sam!" Glen said with horror in his voice. "I have no fucking idea! I must have fallen asleep for a few minutes, but the next thing I know, he handed me a glass of water. He said I would feel better after I drank it. I drank the whole glass before I realized it didn't taste like plain water. Then, he was naked and beside me. He put his hands all over my body. I don't know why, but I didn't tell him to stop. I let him touch me. Sam! I let him fuck me."


"Did he use a condom?" I ask quietly.


"No," Glen replied in a whisper that was barely audible. "He started to kiss me after he had cum in me, and I let him fuck me again. Then, his boyfriend came home. He smelled like cigarettes and beer! He said something to his boyfriend. The next thing I know he was on top of me and fucking me. But, I didn't tell him to stop. I wanted to get fucked."


By now Glen had tears rolling down his cheek. "I know they both fucked me at least two more times each. When I woke up this morning around 11 am, I found my clothes and my phone. I managed to run out the front door without them hearing me. I think they were passed out. I saw a gas station in the distance and I ran there. That's when I called Jon. I am so sorry, Sam! I ruined everything! I'm scared, Sam! I'm really scared! I'm scared Sawyer will hate me. And, I'm scared they might have some fucking disease. What can I do, Sam?"


"Okay, Glen," I said calmly. "First, let's not panic. We need to get you to the emergency room to get you checked out. I'll have Chris call Officer Michaels and have him meet us there."


"Can I take a shower first?" Glen asked.


"I'm sorry, Glen," I said as calmly as I could. "You can't do that until the people at the emergency room check you over."


I called Chris and gave him a quick summary. He agreed to call Officer Michaels.


"Okay, guys," I said. "Let's go!"


The four of us walked to Chris's car, and I drove quickly to the hospital. Officer Michaels pulled up at the same time we did.


"Sam!" Officer Michaels said. "Chris called me. Let's go inside and get things going."


We followed Officer Michaels into the emergency room. The triage nurse quickly took Glen's information and led him down the hall to and exam room. Two hours later, the nurse asked us to accompany her. We followed her to Glen's exam room. Two doctors were chatting with Glen. He was sobbing.


"I am Dr. Hammond. Glen, do you want to explain our findings to your brothers, the officer, and your friend, or do you want Dr. Seabrook and me to explain your situation?"


"I can't," Glen said through his sobs.


"We are waiting for final test results from the lab, but our preliminary investigation shows traces of Chrystal Meth in Glen's system," Dr. Seabrook explained. "We also did what we call a rape kit. The semen found in Glen's anus contains traces of an HIV infection. We want to give Glen a Post-Exposure Prophylaxis. A PEP involves taking anti-HIV medications as soon as possible after exposure to HIV to reduce the chance of him becoming HIV positive. These medications will keep HIV from making copies of itself and spreading through his body. Glen will need to take this regimen for 28 consecutive days."


The other doctor took over, "Glen should see a rape counselor. I will give you the name of an excellent one at the student health center."


"But, I wasn't raped!" Glen said. "I let them fuck me. No, I didn't let them. I wanted them to fuck me!"


"Glen," Dr. Seabrook interrupted. "You were drugged. Chrystal Meth makes you unbelievably oblivious to what you are doing. You WERE RAPED! We will need to see you in three days to review the final test results. Call this number for an appointment on Wednesday."


Dr. Hammond added the final comment before we were allowed to take Glen home. "Glen should not be left alone. Can any of you stay with him?"


"One of us will be with him," I said.


"Do any of you know his boyfriend?" Dr. Hammond asked.


"We all do," I responded. "Why?"


"He seems to believe his boyfriend will hate him," Dr. Hammond continued. "Glen needs to explain his actions, but he also needs to be careful with unprotected sex for several months to come."


"I believe his boyfriend, Sawyer, will be extremely supportive!" I said to Dr. Hammond.


"We will have the nurse discharge Glen in a few moments. Then, you are free to go home," Dr. Hammond said to us before he turned to Glen. "I am sorry this happened to you Glen, but you will get through this if you see the counselor. Do you have any questions?"


"No," Glen whispered.


We waited for another 30 minutes for Glen to be released. I called Chris to let him know what was happening, "Chris! Glen should be released shortly. Where is Sawyer?"


"He's here with me waiting for you to come home," Chris said.


"Glen needs a shower before he talks to Sawyer," I explained. "We will stop at Glen and Sawyer's apartment before we bring him to talk with Sawyer. Please keep Sawyer with you until we can get Glen cleaned up."


"Got it!" Chris said.


"Chris!" I said and stopped.


"Yes?" Chris replied.


"I love you!" I said to my husband. "This could be a long night!"


After Glen showered and changed, we went to our condo to talk with Sawyer. When I opened the door, Sawyer and Glen were immediately in a long, silent embrace. Sawyer was the first to speak, "I am so sorry for what I said, Glen. I was so stupid. Please forgive me!"


"It is not your fault, Sawyer," Glen almost whispered. "You won't want to be with me after I tell you what I did."


"Glen," Sawyer added. "I love you! Of course I will want to be with you!"


We didn't notice Donny had slipped out of his bedroom in his pajamas. He went straight to Glen and Sawyer as they stood hugging one another. "Uncle Glen," Donny said as he indicated he wanted Glen to pick him up.


When Donny was in Glen's arms, he added, "Daddy said you would be sad. Don't be sad. We love you!"


"Thanks, little dude," Glen said as he kissed Donny on his forehead. "I love you too! Your uncle Sawyer and I need to talk. And, I think you are supposed to be in bed, right?"


"Yup!" Donny said as he wiggled to the floor. He went back into his bedroom followed by three dogs.


"Do you two want some privacy so you can talk?" Chris asked.


"I would like you to be here," Glen replied. "I can't do this alone."


We all settled in the living room. Chris handed out bottles of water for everyone.


"Sawyer," Glen began. "This is hard for me to tell you."


Glen quietly explained what happened to him during his absence. Sawyer quietly listened and didn't interrupt Glen's explanation. When Glen was finished with his story, including the pronouncements of his doctors. Sawyer was silent for a few moments.


"Glen," Sawyer finally said. "I loved you before you left the apartment. And, I am so, so sorry you had to go through what you did. I am sorry I said stupid things to my friend on the phone. I didn't want to hurt you. I was worried sick about you. But, you are home now. You will get through this horrible ordeal. It will be painful, I am certain. My first reaction was shock that you would think I don't still love you or I wouldn't want to be with you! I will always love you, Glen. I will always want to be with you. I am here. We will work this out. I will help you through this. You will help me through this. If you think for one fucking minute you are getting rid of me easily, you are so, so wrong. Got it?"


Glen and Sawyer were again in another silent embrace. Tears were rolling down their cheeks. Finally, Glen spoke, "I love you, too, Sawyer. But, how can you forgive me?"


"There is nothing to forgive, Glen," Sawyer said firmly. "You didn't do anything wrong."


"We can't have sex for several months until the doctors decide whether I am HIV positive or negative," Glen added. "I don't know if I can do that to you!"


"Listen, boyfriend!" Sawyer replied. "I love you. I want to be with you. We can practice safe sex. I don't care if we just hold each other for the rest of our lives. You mean more to me than any wild sex. Do you want to go back to our place and let me hold you?"


"Yes," Glen said through his tears.


Sawyer took Glen's hand in his and stood up. "Guys. Thank you for being here for Glen and me. We love you all. We can talk later. But, right now I want need to wrap my arms around this man and get some much needed sleep. I need to feel his body next to mine. So, good night!"


Sawyer and Glen left. Chris drove Jonathan and Jamison back to their dorm room. I had a double vodka on the rocks.




On Tuesday morning, our gym group met, Chris and I arrive at the same time Luke and Sean arrived. Tom and Harrison were next. Finally, Sawyer and Glen arrived.


"How are you doing, Glen?" I asked.


Glen paused for a moment before answering. "I'm still in shock. I start seeing a therapist this afternoon."


"He's been having nightmares, too," Sawyer added. "We have had a few tough nights! Glen is filing a complaint with the police. I hope they get these bastards for what they did to Glen. The fucking nerve!"


"Don't get upset again, Sawyer," Glen pleaded as we headed to the locker room. "Please don't get upset!"


"I'll try not to over react again!" Sawyer said.


We all stripped naked and began to put on our workout clothes. Brandon and Harvey walked by us.


"Guys!" Brandon greeted us.


"Hello, Brandon," Luke replied. "How's it going, dude?"


"Good!" Brandon said. "Glen, I heard you had a problem with a couple of guys over the weekend. Is that true?"


"Yes," Glen said quietly.


"I know now is probably not the time to talk about this, but if you ever want to talk to someone, call me! Anytime! Day! Night! Whenever, okay?" Brandon said.


Glen, still naked, stood and hugged Brandon, "Thanks, Brandon! I appreciate the offer! I am seeing a therapist this afternoon! I am still in shock!"


"You will be for a while," Brandon said. "The therapist will help, but miracles take time to happen! Trust me, I know!"


"Do you want to join us in the weight room, guys?" Chris asked.


"Harvey and I are going to hit the treadmills today," Brandon said as he and Harvey retreated out of the locker room. "But, thanks for the offer!"


After our workout, we settled in at the pasta place for lunch. No one mentioned Glen's issues. And, then, Glen's phone rang.


"Shit!" Glen said. "It's Officer Michaels! Hello, this is Glen!"




"I am seeing a therapist at 2 pm," Glen said. "I will be free after that."




"Sure, we will be back at the apartment by then," Glen answered. "Thanks for your help, Officer Michaels."


"What did Officer Michaels want, Glen?" Sawyer asked.


"He has some information he wants to share with me," Glen quietly said. "I hope I won't need to relive this event over and over! I want to forget it and get on with my fucking life!"


We were all quiet for a few moments. "Glen," Sean spoke up. "When will you know about the test results?"


"The quick tests already showed I am not yet HIV positive," Glen said. "However, the longer range test results will be available tomorrow afternoon. I am going to see the doctor at 4 pm after I finish classes. For the next six months, I will need to redo the tests once a month. If the results are not positive by then, I will need to get retested every two months for another year. The doctor said he was just being cautious. As most of you know, I am on meds to prevent the infection from kicking in. This is NOT the life I planned!"


"How are you doing, Sawyer?" I asked.


"Like Glen, I am still in shock!" Sawyer explained. "But, Glen and I will get through this together. We WILL get our lives back to normal!"




On Thursday, our gym group gathered at the pasta place for our usual lunch.


"How did the meeting with Officer Michaels and the doctors go, Glen?" I asked.


"Officer Michaels feels very strongly the two who raped me—and I am just beginning to be able to use that word—has done this to other people. Over the last year, he is aware of three other complaints. But, just like me, no one can remember names. Rantoul isn't that big, so Officer Michaels is hopeful the pair can be located. I am the only one who has pressed charges. The others didn't want to be linked to these two people... On a brighter note, the doctors say I have not seroconverted to HIV positive. Both doctors are cautiously optimistic. So, Sawyer and I have been trying to get our lives back together."


"We even bought condoms!" Sawyer announced.


"A lot of good it's done!" Glen almost whispered. "I can't get the thought of those two assholes repeatedly fucking me! My therapist said it might be a long time before I can be intimate with Sawyer. I think I would have lost my mind by now had it not been for Sawyer's support!"


Glen's phone rang. "Shit! It's Officer Michaels again! Now what?"


"Answer the phone, Glen!" Sawyer demanded.


"This is Glen," Glen said into the phone.




"I'm with some friends at lunch right now," Glen told the officer. "I am finished with my last class today at 4. I can be at your office by 4:30. How long will this take?"




"Okay!" Glen said. "Do I need an attorney?"




"Thanks! I'll see you this afternoon!" Glen said.


"What's up?" Sawyer asked.


"They have two guys in custody whom the police believe are the dudes who abducted and raped me!" Glen said. "He wants me to come to the station and identify the two guys in two separate line ups."


"Will you be okay doing this, Glen?" Sawyer asked.


"I have to be," Glen said. "I want this behind me."




On Friday morning, the two men who abducted and raped Glen were arraigned in court and held without bail until their trial begins. The trial was scheduled for Tuesday, December 8.




About three weeks after Glen's problems began, I came home from class. Chris was sitting at the kitchen island which was covered in paper. It looked like a bomb had exploded and left behind mounds and mounds of debris in the form of paper!


"So, Chris!" I said as I dropped my coat on the stool next to Chris. "What is all of this?"


"If you can believe it, this is the application and forms I need to fill out to apply to grad school," Chris explained. "The paper work would be less if I were applying to work at the fucking State Department! I need to explain why I want to be in the Master program for music on form 1077. On form 4930, I need to tell them what my professional goals are. On form 5211, I need to write an essay about why I am qualified to study music at UIUC. This is just the beginning. Then, there is the application where I need to list every fucking course I took in college and my grade for the course. What are transcripts for? I also need to explain my professional experience! I'm a fucking senior in college! I don't have any fucking PROFESSIONAL experience! And, this is the kicker! I need to explain why I need or don't need financial assistance. My application cannot be considered complete until I list every FUCKING asset I have, my parents have, and my spouse has. I want to say I am a fucking rich dude with a $50 million trust fund. I don't need their fucking money! Give it to someone who does. This is a bureaucratic nightmare!"


Donny appeared. "Daddy! What does `fucking' mean?"


"Yea! Chris!" I said sadistically. "What does it mean?"


"Donny," Chris began. "Come over here and sit on my lap, okay!"


"Yes, Daddy!" Donny said gleefully as Chris picked him up and put him on his lap.


"Donny," Chris continued. "I shouldn't have said that. It's not a word that people should use. I was just angry. It just slipped out. Do you understand, Donny?"


"I think so," Donny said. "Is it like when you said `shit' when you stubbed your toe the other day?"


Chris looked at me with horror in his eyes. I sat on the bar stool next to Chris and Donny. "Sometimes your Daddy and I say things we shouldn't. If we do, we will try to explain to you why we shouldn't use words that slip out of our mouths at times. We will both try to be more careful. So, I am asking you not to use those two words, okay?"


"Yes, Daddy! I won't use those words," Donny said as he held out his arms indicating he wanted to sit on my lap. When he was seated, he added, "We don't want to let Lincoln, Roosevelt, and Simon hear bad words, do we, Daddy?"


"Nope!" I said. "Now, Chris why don't the three of us take the dogs for their walk."


Lincoln, Roosevelt, and Simon were circling the entryway. They were ready for a walk.


"Daddy," Donny began as we were on the first block of our walk. "Why don't I tell the people the reason you should be in their school?"


"What do you mean, Donny?" Chris asked.


"I could tell them I like to hear you sing," Donny began. "I could tell them I would be sad if you didn't sing to me. That's why you need to be in their school!"


"How would you tell them, Donny?" Chris asked.


"I can write to them," Donny said.


"You know how to write?" I asked.


"Yup," Donny said. "Mrs. Graham is teaching me to write."


"What else is Mrs. Graham teaching you?" Chris asked.


"How to read, how to add," Donny said. "I can't subtack yet. But, she is trying to teach me to do that."


"You mean subtract?" I asked.


"Yup!" Donny replied. "Do you know how to subtack, Daddy?"


"Yes," Chris answered because the question was directed at him.


"Can you teach me how to sing?" Donny asked.


"Ah! Sure!" Chris replied.


"Then, maybe I could go to school with you, Daddy!" Donny added as we arrived back at the condo building entrance.


"Maybe we should start with the piano," Chris suggested.


"You mean like the one we have in Chicago?" Donny asked.


"Yes, like the one we have in Chicago," Chris said with a smile as we went inside our condo.


"Okay, Chris!" I said. "You win! Buy a baby grand and have it delivered!"



To be continued...


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