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Sam and Chris



"Daddy," Donny began as we were on the first block of our walk. "Why don't I tell the people the reason you should be in their school?"


"What do you mean, Donny?" Chris asked.


"I could tell them I like to hear you sing," Donny began. "I could tell them I would be sad if you didn't sing to me. That's why you need to be in their school!"


"How would you tell them, Donny?" Chris asked.


"I can write to them," Donny said.


"You know how to write?" I asked.


"Yup," Donny said. "Mrs. Graham is teaching me to write."


"What else is Mrs. Graham teaching you?" Chris asked.


"How to read, how to add," Donny said. "I can't subtack yet. But, she is trying to teach me to do that."


"You mean subtract?" I asked.


"Yup!" Donny replied. "Do you know how to subtack, Daddy?"


"Yes," Chris answered because the question was directed at him.


"Can you teach me how to sing?" Donny asked.


"Ah! Sure!" Chris replied.


"Then, maybe I could go to school with you, Daddy!" Donny added as we arrived back at the condo building entrance.


"Maybe we should start with the piano," Chris suggested.


"You mean like the one we have in Chicago?" Donny asked.


"Yes, like the one we have in Chicago," Chris said with a smile as we went inside our condo.


"Okay, Chris!" I said. "You win! Buy a baby grand and have it delivered!"


Chapter 53: Planning Stages


Chris and I were planning our Christmas celebration. We spent Thanksgiving with Chris's grandparents, my parents, and Chris's mother. Donny was taking his afternoon nap with the dogs.


"How many people do you think we could fit here for Christmas Day dinner?" I asked.


"We can fit 24 around the dining room table," Chris said. "So, it will be 24 or under. How many are you planning to be here?"


"I just wanted a limit," I responded.


"There are eight of us," Chris explained. "We have 16 spots we can fill."


"We also need a tree and decorations," I added. "How will we accomplish decorating, planning, and all of the other stuff if we will just be out of school the week before?"


"The tree and decorations issue is easy," Chris suggested. "We hire someone to do the decorations. I vote for a fake tree so we don't have needles all over the floor for the next 20 years."


I agree with you, Chris," I said. "It is also a fire issue. I would not like to be responsible for burning down Lake Point Towers."


"Yea!" Chris said with a smile. "It's bad enough we almost blew the place up. I don't think our neighbors would be happy."


"I think we need to invite Matt and his new boyfriend," Chris suggested.


"New boyfriend?" I asked. "When did this happen?"


"I heard about the guy a week ago," Chris admitted. "I thought I told you about him."


"Nope," I said. "What's he like?"


"He's pre-med just like Matt," Chris explained. "He's a nice guy. He's a great communicator. And, he's good in bed. That's all I know."


"He's covered all of the important things," I said with a smile. "We will find out when the time is right."


"We should also see what Randy and Anthony are doing," Chris suggested.

"And Sawyer, Glen, Glen's family," I added.


"We would have ten of the sixteen slots filled," Chris said with a smile.


"We could just leave it at 18," I suggested. "Oh! What about Luke and Sean?"


"I suspect Sean's family will take them in," Chris replied. "But, we can ask. They might want a break from the mob scene at Sean's parents' house. Luke goes nuts sometimes at family gatherings. Lots of people. Lots of kids. Lots of noise. Luke, after all, was an only child. And, we both know it's a lot quieter existence than a family with eight boys."


"We have company," I said as Donny sleepily stumbled into the kitchen followed by three dogs.


"Daddy," Donny said as he was wiping the sleep out of his eyes. "Lincoln, Roosevelt, Simon, and I are hungry. Can we have a snack?"


"Donny," Chris said. "Don't you think you need to have some clothes on besides your underwear?"


"Why?" Donny asked.


"You might get cold," Chris explained.


"But, you and Daddy run around in YOUR underwear in the morning when you first get up," Donny summarized. "Do you get cold?"


"Ah... Not always," I replied. "What do you want to eat?"


"Lincoln, Roosevelt, and Simon want one of their cookies," Donny declared. "Can I have some ice cream?"


"How about some fruit instead," I suggested. "We have bananas, applies, and grapes."


"I s 'pose," Donny agreed. "Grapes."


I picked Donny up and put him at his usual eating place on top of the kitchen island. The three dogs were sitting, with tails wagging, looking first at Chris then at me. Then Chris. Then me.


Chris grabbed a bag of grapes out of the fridge and put some on a plate in front of Donny. The dogs were still watching us. Their tails were sliding back and forth on the floor. I gave them each a treat.


"We should just move these three around the house," Chris said as he took three treats out of the treat jar. "We wouldn't need to worry about sweeping the floors."


As Donny was eating his grapes, he decided to tell us what was on his mind, "Daddy, when we had the birthday party for Lincoln and Roosevelt, they didn't get as many presents as Simon and me. Why?"


"Ah... They are younger," I said.


"Oh," Donny said as he continued to eat his grapes. The number of presents apparently was now a nonissue.


The dogs wandered off to the television room off the kitchen.


"I sometimes think those three are plotting," Chris announced.


"What makes you think that, Chris?" I asked.


"They have a look on their faces," Chris tried to explain. "They seem to be talking about us behind our backs. Simon is like the ring leader."


"Are we a little paranoid, Chris?" I asked.


"Just think about it for a moment," Chris began. "Shortly after Simon came to live with us, they discovered our son. Then, when the dude was after us, Simon stopped him in his tracks. I think they are planning our next adventure as we speak."


"I hope it is a good adventure," I said. "Speaking of adventures, we need to make reservations for Residence Inns on the way to Florida. They allow dogs. It's an 18 hour drive. How many days do we take to get there?"


"Are we in a hurry to get there?" Chris asked.


"Nope," I said. "I'm looking forward to a nice leisurely drive down. You?"


"Same," Chris answered.


"So, two nights in a hotel," I suggested.


"Sounds good to me," Chris replied. "We would have time for food breaks, bathroom breaks, and maybe to look around a little."


"Where are we going, Daddy?" Donny asked.


"Florida," I replied.


"Why?" Donny asked.


"It's warm there in January," I said. "And, we can play in the Ocean."


"I've never played in an Ocean," Donny replied. "Is it like Lake Michigan?"


"Bigger," I explained. "It is also saltwater. The fish are different. The waves are different. It will be fun."


"When are we going?" Donny asked.


"Right after Christmas," I replied.


"So, I don't need to tell Santa we will be somewhere else?" Donny asked.


"Nope," I said. "Santa will already have found you here in Chicago."


"Speaking of Santa," Chris changed the subject. "Have you told Santa what to bring you for Christmas?"


"Not yet," Donny replied. "I think I want him to bring us another doggie."


"Another doggie?" I asked. I was horrified at the thought of another four legged creature living with us. "Why? You've got Lincoln, Roosevelt, and Simon."


"They need a little brother," Donny said.


"How do you know that?" I asked.


"They told me," Donny replied.


"Oh," I said.


"Maybe I should ask Santa for a little brother, too!" Donny said as he finished off the last grape.


"Donny," Chris quietly said. "Santa doesn't bring little boys or dogs brothers. He usually handles only toys for little boys."


"Oh!" Donny said. "Maybe you could find a brother for Lincoln, Roosevelt, and Simon and a brother for me."


"We will think about it, Donny," I said. "Getting a brother for you and the dogs is something that takes time. Your Daddy and I will need to plan for any addition to our family."


"Okay," Donny replied. He stood on the kitchen island and gestured to be taken off the counter. "I'll go tell Lincoln, Roosevelt, and Simon we will need to wait for a brother."


"Good idea," I said as I lowered Donny to the floor. He ran off in search of the dogs.


"What brought that on?" Chris asked.


"I don't know," I replied.


"We need to have a discussion of our future family," Chris said. "Maybe we will have time for that discussion while we bask in the sun in Florida."


"Fine with me!" I said.




When we returned to school on the Sunday evening after Thanksgiving, we were tired. Donny seemed to have forgotten his questions about brothers for him and the dogs.


On Tuesday morning, we joined our gym group for our morning workout.


"Good morning, Sawyer," I said. "Where's Glen?"


"He decided he didn't want to join us this morning," Sawyer sadly replied.


"Is something wrong?" I asked.


"We haven't been getting along," Sawyer admitted. "Last night was a little ugly. We were having dinner at the pizza place down the street. We were talking. Laughing. Having a great time. Then, all of a sudden, Glen was a different person. He started talking about not wanting to be around me anymore. He was a little loud, but I managed to quiet him down. He told me I was selfish and unwelcoming. He told me he thought I was nothing but a cheat and a tramp. He accused me of having an affair with someone. I haven't even had sex with Glen because he doesn't want me to touch him. I'm worried, guys."


By this time Luke and Sean had joined us.


"Is he still seeing his therapist?" Sean asked.


"As far as I know," Sawyer replied. "We haven't had an opportunity to talk much. We mostly argue about things."


"Brandon, Harvey, Tom, and Harrison aren't joining us today," I told the group. "They have a conflict. So, it's just us."


We dressed in our gym clothes and proceeded to the weight room. Once we finished, we showered, dressed, and headed to the pasta joint for lunch.


"Chris," I said after we had finished eating, "we need to get back to the apartment. Mrs. Graham needs to leave in 30 minutes."


When we arrived at the apartment, three dogs raced out of our condo when we opened the door. They sniffed at the door of Sawyer, Glen, Tom, and Harrison's apartment. They stared barking and scratching at the door.


"Something is not right, Chris," I said as I knocked on the door. No one stirred. "Should we call Sawyer?"


"We need to find out what these three sense," Chris said. "It could be serious. Shit! Glen!"


Chris fumbled with his keys and finally found the one for apartment door.


"Glen?" I called out when we walked into the apartment. "Glen?"


"Check the bedroom," Chris suggested.


We opened the door of Sawyer and Glen's bedroom. Glen was lying on the floor. An open, empty bottle of pills littered the floor.


"Glen is barely breathing, Chris," I said. "Call 911 and get Mrs. Graham."


Chris dashed off to find Mrs. Graham. He had his phone out and had called 911. Mrs. Graham took charge of the situation.


"He's still breathing," Mrs. Graham announced. "Barely. He has a weak pulse."


Mrs. Graham looked at the prescription bottle.


"Dear god!" Mrs. Graham said. "This prescription was filled today. It was for 30 sleeping pills."


"Glen," Mrs. Graham began to repeat Glen's name and tried to shake him into consciousness. "Glen! Glen! Can you hear me, Glen?"


It seemed like forever, but the paramedics arrived fairly quickly. They took over and radioed the hospital emergency room.


"We are bringing in a 21 year old male, apparent overdose of sleeping pills, weak pulse, shallow breathing, transporting to Carl Hospital," one of the paramedics explained.


"Okay," said the paramedic who had been on the radio. "Let's move it!"


They quickly had Glen on a stretcher and were wheeling him out of the apartment.


I called Sawyer while Chris called Glen's brothers.


"Sawyer!" I almost screamed into the phone. "Where are you?"


"I'm about a block from our building," Sawyer calmly said. "What's with the ambulance that just careened by?"


"I'll be downstairs, Sawyer," I said. "Do you have Glen's Health Care Power of Attorney with you?"


"Yea," Sawyer said. He was suddenly extremely anxious. "It's in my backpack. Sam! What's wrong, Sam?"


"I'll be downstairs," I said. "You and I are going to the emergency room."


I grabbed my keys for Chris's car from the rack in the kitchen and bounded down the stairs to the front door of our building. When I saw Sawyer, I grabbed him by the hand and almost shoved him in Chris's car.


"Sawyer," I began. "Glen took a bottle of sleeping pills. The paramedics took him to the ER."


"Oh! Fuck!" Sawyer said. "I don't want to lose him, Sam! I should have known. He's not been himself."


"You can't blame yourself, Sawyer," I said firmly. "Glen needs you to be calm, okay, Sawyer?"


"I'll try," Sawyer said as tears fell onto his cheek.


We made it to the hospital in record time. When we arrived in the ER, the paramedics were moving Glen onto a gurney. Glen was surrounded by several nurses and a few doctors.


I found a nurse and explained Sawyer's position. "Sawyer is Glen's boyfriend. He is named on Glen's Health Care Power of Attorney."


She led him to the ER team. One of the doctors spoke quickly and calmly to Sawyer. "We need to pump his stomach and possibly put him on life support if his vital signs do not get better. You will need to sign these forms."


The doctor grabbed a couple of forms from a nurse and began to explain each one to Sawyer. Sawyer signed each one.


Sawyer stood beside Glen for a moment. He leaned down and kissed Glen on the forehead. "I love you, Glen." He whispered.


Sawyer had just gotten the words out of his mouth when the team rushed him off to some other place in the ER.


Sawyer turned to me and collapsed into my arms. He was sobbing and not saying anything.


Glen's brothers ran through the doorway of the ER.


"Sam, Sawyer!" Jamison almost screamed. "What happened?"


"Glen took several sleeping pills," I began to explain. "When Chris and I returned to the apartment after lunch with the gym guys, the dogs raced out of our apartment and started sniffing and barking at the door to Sawyer and Glen's apartment. We let ourselves in and found Glen on the floor with an empty bottle of sleeping pills nearby. We called the paramedics and here we are."


"They are pumping his stomach," Sawyer whispered. "They may need to put him on life support if his vital signs do not get better."


We sat in the waiting room. We waited. And waited. And waited.


Finally, the doctor arrived, "Doctor Foreman," Sawyer began introducing Glen's brothers. "These are Glen's brothers, Johnathan, Jamison. Guys, this is Glen's doctor, Dr. Foreman. Glen's parents are on their way down here from Chicago."


"I have good news," Dr. Foreman announced. "We pumped Glen's stomach. His vital signs are improving significantly. He will stay in the hospital for observation and evaluation for the next several days. He will be monitored 24 hours a day by a nurse technician. He will be, essentially, on suicide watch."


"When can we see him?" Sawyer asked.


"He is asleep, and probably will be for the next several hours," the doctor explained. "You can go in one at a time for a few moments. You can talk to him, but I doubt he will respond."


"You go first, Sawyer," Jamison suggested.




Finals were over for Chris and me. Chris and I were sitting at Starbucks with Glen and Sawyer right before we were to head to Chicago for our Christmas gathering—our first with Donny. Donny was staring at his Kindle.


Glen was his usual cheery person this afternoon. The medication he began taking right after his suicide attempt worked like a charm.


"It looks like he is reading a book," Glen said as he watched Donny turn the pages.


"He is," Chris explained. "Mrs. Graham has been working with him on reading and math. He can read at a second grade level. He has mastered addition and is working on subtraction."


"Wow!" Glen remarked. "You have a prodigy for a son."


"Chris is teaching him to play the piano," I added.


"He's doing fairly well, too," Chris explained. "We've been keeping it somewhat simple because his hands can't spread apart far enough to get all of the keys."


"You can send him to America's Got Talent," Glen said.


"How did you do with your finals, Glen?" I asked.


"I got A's on all of them," Glen replied. "I need to finish a couple of papers during the semester break. All of my instructors have been extremely flexible and helpful. And, I need to thank you guys for sticking with me. You were here for Sawyer when I was being an asshole. I owe you all a lot, especially Sawyer. I would never have made it through this experience if it hadn't been for him. Since I was put on antidepressants and antianxiety medication, I have been able to cope with life a lot better. I hope Sawyer and I can get back to where we were before this nightmare began."


"You're stuck with me, Glen!" Sawyer said as he grabbed Glen's hand. "I'm not letting go of you. We will get back to where we were. It may take us some time, but we will get there. Then, we can move forward from there."


"You will need to work on getting back to where you were, but I have no doubt you'll make it through this and onto the next level of your lives," Chris said. "You two are strong men. You love one another. And, if you need someone to lean on or to vent to, let us know. Right, Sam?"


"Yup," I said.


"Besides, I wasn't exactly without blame," Sawyer admitted. "For that, I am really, really sorry."


"I only wished I had asked for the medications before things got out of hand," Glen said. "You didn't deserve me screaming at you every time you touched me. I drove you away from me, Sawyer. My parents now call me every day to make certain I am not freaking out again."


Glen put his arm around Sawyer's shoulders and hugged him.


"Did you just do what I thought you did?" Sawyer asked Glen.


"Yea," Glen said. "I sort of hugged you."


"Feels good," Sawyer said. He was shedding a few tears.


"Now, on to bigger things," Glen said as he wiped away a tear and changed the subject. "What can we bring for Christmas Day dinner?"


"Just yourselves," I said. "We have everything taken care of. Right, Chris?"


"Yup," Chris agreed.


"So, Donny," Sawyer said. "What do you want Santa to bring you?"


"I originally wanted a younger brother for me and a younger brother for Lincoln, Roosevelt, and Simon," Donny said. "But my Daddies said Santa didn't bring brothers for dogs or boys. So, I just asked him to bring me a music machine like both of my Daddies have."


"What kind of music do you like, Donny?" Sawyer asked.


"I like the Tenors because they sound like Daddy," Donny said. "I also like Maroon Five."


"Good taste!" Sawyer added. "Do you like Rap?"


"Nope," Donny replied. "Rappers sound weird. I wrote a rec... recom... rearcom...


"Recommendation," Chris interceded.


"Yea," Donny said. "One of those for Daddy's application to graduate school."


"He did," I said to the group. "It was very well written."


"I don't suppose he had any help," Glen said.


"Only Mrs. Graham," I explained.


"You guys are really, really lucky, you know," Glen said as he looked at Donny and smiled.


"Yes," Chris said. "We are very fortunate to have found one another. The three of us meeting and coming together as a family is beyond belief in some ways."


"What are you doing Christmas Eve?" I asked.


"My parents," Sawyer said. "Glen's family will be joining us. Your grandparents and parents will be with you, right?"


"Yup," Chris replied. "We will have eight for Christmas Eve dinner. It should be fun. It will also be a dry run for Christmas Day. Brandon, his brother, and his brother's foster parents will also be with us on Christmas day. So, we have a full house at 22 people and three dogs."


"We will get to meet Matt's new boyfriend, too," I added.


"What's he like?" Sawyer asked.


"We don't know," Chris replied. "We will all be in the same boat."


"We are meeting my brother's boyfriend on Christmas Eve," Sawyer announced. "They are planning on going to the senior prom together. Let's just hope they last that long."


"We should be going, Chris," I said. "The dogs will be running around in circles when we get there."


"Take care, guys!" Sawyer said as he hugged us both. Glen did the same. Donny was not left out of the hug fest.




We left school on Saturday morning after finals were finished. We have five days to wrap up the loose ends for our first Christmas celebration at our condo. When we stepped into the front door of the condo, we were hit with the smell of pine.


"Holy cow!" I said as we first saw the tree. "It's beautiful!"


"Wow," Chris said. "I knew he was good, but this is unreal!"


We had hired Chris's grandmother's florist to decorate the tree and the main living area for the holidays.


"I hope I didn't overdo it," Clyde said as he stepped into the living room. "I was just putting some finishing touches on a few of the decorations."


"It is perfect, Clyde," I said. "


"I also will do separate arrangements for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day for the table," Clyde said. "The Christmas Eve one will be more casual. The Christmas Day arrangement will consist of three smaller, more formal arrangements. I hope you don't mind."


"It's our first Christmas in this condo and the first one with Donny," Chris said. "So, over the top is perfect!"


"I thought maybe you might say that," Clyde said. "I'll bet you are excited about seeing what Santa will bring you, Donny."


"Yes. I originally wanted a younger brother for me and a younger brother for Lincoln, Roosevelt, and Simon," Donny said. "But my Daddies said Santa didn't bring brothers for dogs or boys. So, I just asked him to bring me a music machine like both of my Daddies have."


"Do you like music?" Clyde asked Donny.


"Yup," Donny replied. "I especially like music when my Daddy sings to me."


"So, your Daddy is a good singer?" Clyde asked.


"Yup," Donny replied. "I wrote Daddy's graduate school a letter explaining why he should be in their school."


"He did," I explained. "It was a really good letter, too."


"Who are these three?" Clyde asked pointing to the dogs.


"Lincoln, Roosevelt, and Simon," Donny explained as he pointed to each dog. Their tails were wiping up the tiled entry way floor as they wagged them back and forth. "Simon sleeps with me. Lincoln and Roosevelt sleep with my Daddies."


"One dog for each person," Clyde replied. "Very good balance. Now, I need to run. However, if you think of anything else you need, please let me know."


"Thank you, Clyde," I said. "Right now things look pretty perfect. But, we will keep your offer in mind. We might be in more of a panic mode in a few days."

After Clyde left, we began the task of getting settled. We took Donny's bag to his room first. Clyde added some holiday decorations to Donny's room. They were in the cattle ranch tradition of his room. Santa was riding a horse through the sky with his bag of toys slung over his shoulder. Oh well!


"Daddy," Donny turned his attention to Chris and me. "Why is Santa overweight?"


"Ah...," Chris begins. "He lives at the North Pole where it is really, really cold. He needs the extra weight to keep warm."


"So, he must run around the house in his underwear like you, Daddy," Donny said to Chris and me.


Chris and I look at one another in surprise.


"We don't run around in our underwear except when we wake up in the morning," I explained.


"You also run around in your underwear before you go to bed," Donny added. "Then, you take them off when you do go to bed. Can I sleep naked, too, Daddy?"


"Chris," I said. "I'll let you explain this one."


"Thanks, Sam," Chris said as he thought about a sensible explanation. "How do you know we sleep without our underwear?"


"When I woke you up yesterday morning," Donny continued. "You didn't have blankets on you. You were naked."


"They must have somehow come off during the night," I replied.


"Okay," Donny replied. He was now onto a different subject. "I need to buy presents for Lincoln, Roosevelt, and Simon. When can I go shopping?"


"We can go tomorrow," I suggested. "We can go to a dog store and you can pick something out for each of the dogs."


"Okay," Donny replied. "Have you been planning for a brother for me and the doggies?"


"We will discuss brothers for you and the dogs while we are in Florida," Chris said. "We won't be distracted with school while we are there. Now, we need to get something to eat."




Chris and I were trying to sleep late on Christmas morning. Our families were with us on Christmas Eve. Donny had announced Chris and I would be talking about brothers for him and the dogs to my parents, Chris's mother, and Chris's grandparents. The announcement was a show stopper. Donny decided we needed to get out of bed.


"Daddy, Daddy," Donny screamed as he came racing into our bedroom followed by Simon. "Santa has been here. There's presents under the tree. One is for me. There are three others. So, I guess you have been good Daddies like I have been a good boy!"


He leapt onto the bed and landed between Chris and me.


"So, are you excited?" Chris asked.


"Yup," Donny replied. "I've never had something from Santa before. My mommy always said Santa couldn't afford to bring us things. He must have gotten a raise this year."


"So, do you think he brought you what you wanted, Donny?" I asked.


"Unless he made a mistake," Donny replied. "He has a lot on his mind this time of year. Do you think he has things puterized?"


"You mean computerized?" I asked.


"Yea," Donny repeated. "Puterized."


"Probably," I replied. "He probably has a tablet to make certain he doesn't make mistakes."


"Why don't you go back to your room and get dressed," Chris suggested. "Then, we will open your present from Santa."


"Are you going to get dressed or just open presents naked?" Donny asked.


"We will be dressed," I replied. "Why did you ask if we would open presents naked?"


Donny pulled down the blankets. "You don't even have your underwear on, Daddies."


"So, go get dressed. We will do the same. After you open your gifts from Santa, the three of us can walk Lincoln, Roosevelt, and Simon. So, dress warmly, okay."


"Goody," Donny said as he jumped off the bed and ran off in the direction of his room. Three dogs followed closely behind.


"So, Chris, let's get dressed," I suggested as we slipped out of bed. And, yes, we were naked. We need to rethink our sleeping situation.


"Do we need to put on underwear?" Chris asked.


"Nope," I replied. "It will be less stuff I will need to rip off you after we walk the dogs and before our guests arrive."


"Are you propositioning me?" Chris asked.


"Yup," I replied. "Do you mind?"


"As long as I get to kiss you, no," Chris said with a smile.


"Deal," I said as I kissed Chris before I pulled on my jeans and a sweatshirt. Chris began doing the same. When we came out of our bedroom, Donny was impatiently waiting in the living room in front of the tree.


"I thought you would never finish getting dressed," Donny said. "Sometimes, you don't make it out of the bedroom as quickly as you say you will."


I looked at Chris. Chris looked at me. We smiled at each other.


"Let's see what Santa brought," I said as I walked over to the tree and picked up Donny's first gift from Santa."


Paper flew in every direction as Donny ripped open the wrapping of his first gift from Santa. "Look, Daddies!" Donny said holding up the box to his new iPod. "Santa DID bring me a music machine!"


"Do you want help getting it out of the box?" I asked.


"Yes, Daddy," Donny said as he quickly brought the box containing his new iPod. Once I had it out of the box, he quickly plugged in the earphones, pushed a few buttons, put the ear buds in his ears, and began listening. We had loaded several albums onto his iPod.


"Daddy!" Donny almost screamed. "It's the Tenors!"


"Donny," Chris said as he tapped Donny on the shoulder to get his attention. Donny removed the ear buds and pressed pause.


"Yes, Daddy?" Donny asked.


"Santa left you a few other things you didn't ask for, too," Chris said as he handed Donny one of the three other wrapped boxes.


Wrapping paper began to fly again. "What's this, Daddy?" Donny asked.


"You can plug your iPod into this and listen to it," I explained. "You don't need to have the ear buds in your ears. You can share your music with other people."


"Goodie!" Donny said. "I like sharing."


I handed him another wrapped gift from Santa. Once he had it unwrapped, he began looking at the object. "Daddy," he asked as he turned to me and held up his gift. "What's this?"


"It's a piggy bank," I explained. "If you have any change left over from going shopping, you should put it in the piggy bank. Once in a while, you will be able to take it out."


"Then what do I do with it?" Donny asked.


"You could put it into a savings account," Chris answered. "Or, you could keep it in the piggy bank until you have enough to buy something you really want."


"Like what?" Donny asked.


"Music for your iPod," I suggested.


"How much does music cost?" Donny asked.


"Depends on what kind of music and how much music you want," Chris continued the explanation. "When you are ready, we can help you, okay?"


"Sure, Daddy!" Donny replied.


"Santa left you one last item, Donny," Chris said.


"I only asked for one thing," Donny replied. "Why did he leave me more stuff?"


"Because you have been a good boy," I answered. "Besides, he thought, since you hadn't gotten anything in the past few years, he decided to try to make up for some of the years he missed."


Chris handed Donny his last present from Santa. Paper again flew in every direction. The dogs were watching each piece fly to a different part of the room.


Donny opened the box. It contained swimming trunks, a pail and shovel for the beach, sandals, shorts, polo shits, and a summer weight jacket.


"Why did Santa leave these?" Donny asked.


"Because he thought you needed them for our trip to Florida," I replied.


"Are we going to have fun in Florida?" Donny asked.


"Yes, Donny," I replied. "We are going to have a fun time in Florida. We will go to the beach. We will go to Disney World so you can meet Mickey Mouse and his friends. We will take walks. We will see other things around where we are staying."


"Goodie," Donny said as he turned his attention to the iPod.



To be continued...


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