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Sam and Chris



"Do we call Jeffery back now?" I asked.


"Sure," Chris replied. "We won't change our minds, I am certain."


"Nope," I said as I picked up my phone.


"This is Jeffery," he answered.


"Jeffery, this is Sam and Chris," I said as I switched the phone to speaker phone.


"Is the speed in your return phone call a good sign or a bad sign?" Jeffery asked.


"If you want us to adopt the boys, then it is a good sign," I replied. "At first, we were in shock. But, we seem to be a logical choice."


"I have every confidence the two of you will be excellent fathers to the two boys," Jeffery replied. "Philip and I talked about adopting them, but we are so far away from decent medical facilities. And, the girl's parents are from the area."


"Where do we go from here?" Chris asked.


"When can you two meet Emilie?" Jeffery asked. "She is living with her brother in Chicago. The father also wants to meet you. But, I must say, when I talked about the two of you, the mother and the father seemed eager to proceed."


"We are scheduled to be back in Chicago on January 14 to celebrate Sam's birthday," Chris explained. "Classes start on January 19. So, we could meet sometime from January 15 through January 17. Will you be there?"


"Yes," Jeffery replied.


"You can stay with us," I added. "Will Philip join you?"


"Yes," Philip answered in the background.


Chapter 55: Another Journey


The day after we arrived in Chicago from our time off in Florida, Chris was missing in action for most of the morning. He returned with the enthusiasm of a baseball player who just won the World Series.


"Something must have gone well," I said as Chris slipped off his coat and kissed me on the cheek.


"I've had an excellent morning," Chris replied. "How has your morning been?"


"Excellent," I replied. "I just finished what seemed to be two years' worth of laundry. Donny and I had a wonderful conversation about what kind of brother Simon wants. My mother and I are going computer shopping tomorrow. And, I think you are right: the dogs probably are plotting something. They've been huddled in the television room. They stop doing whatever it is they are doing every time I walk by."


"Now, who's paranoid?" Chris asked. "I thought it would be nice if you, Donny, and I went out to lunch. We could leave the dogs here to plot without interruption."


"Sure," I said. "Where?"


"Someplace nice," Chris suggested. "Emma's, Chicago Diner, Yoshi's?"


"Yoshi's," I replied without even thinking of the others.


We slipped on our coats and got Donny bundled up. Chris was unusually excited on the ride down the elevator to the garage.


As we approached our parking spaces, I finally realized something was amazingly different.


"Chris!" I exclaimed. "That's my Mustang! Where is your BMW?"


"I told you the lease on my BMW was up," Chris replied. "So, I thought we could save money by using your Mustang since it is already paid for."


"How did you get it here?" I asked.


"Your mother and father," Chris replied. "I also picked up an extra car seat for Donny. We don't need to switch from the SUV to the Mustang. Here are the keys."


I clicked the car unlocked and settled into the driver's seat while Chris buckled Donny into the back in his car seat. I was speechless.


"Thank you, Chris," I finally said. "I did sort of miss this."


I started the car and the engine sprang to life with a roar.


"Does this mean I will need to teach you to drive a stick shift?" I asked.


"Yup," Chris said with a huge smile plastered on his face.


I eased the car out of the garage and onto Lakeshore Drive. I made it through all six gears before we reached the exit for Belmont Avenue. As I pulled up to the valet, I saw a few familiar cars.


"What's going on, Chris?" I asked.


"A belated birthday celebration," Chris said as the valet took the Mustang.


When we entered the restaurant, we were greeted by my parents, Chris's mother, and Chris's grandparents.


"Happy birthday, Sam," my mother said as she hugged me.


"Thanks, Mom," I replied. "Thanks for the car, Dad."


"It was Chris's idea," my father said. "He thought you missed it."


"He's right," I said. "I did miss the car."


"It's more funner than the big one," Donny said to the group. "Daddy makes it go fast."


As we settled around the table, we chatted about our trip to Florida.


"So, you had a great time in Palm Beach," Chris' grandmother said.


"Yes," I said. "Donny was in heaven playing on the beach, meeting Mickey and his friends, and running around in the house. Chris was bored on the trip down. He perked up once we arrived."


"I still think we should have dropped in and said hello to Dolly Parton," Chris said. "But, Sam dissuaded me."


Once we were finished eating, my father handed me an envelope. "Your mother and I are not very creative, but we thought you could use this."


"Thanks guys," I said as I opened the envelope. It was a notice from my broker adding 20 shares of Microsoft stock to my account. "You really need to stop doing this. It will get really, really expensive when I am older."


"It's a tradition," my mother added. "We are old. You cannot tell us what to do or what not to do."


"Thanks," I said again.


Next up was Chris' mother's gift. Also and envelope. "Thank you, Gloria," I said as I looked at a gift certificate (dinner for 2) from Ambria French Restaurant in Lincoln Park. "Next to Yoshi's this is our favorite."


"It also includes a night of Donny watching from me," Chris's mother said. "I get a chance to spoil my grandson while you and Chris have a good time."


Chris' grandmother handed me another envelope. This was a large one. "This is for both you and Chris, but we decided to give it to you both now for your birthday, Sam."


I opened the envelope with Chris's help. I was speechless for a few moments.


"It is the deed to the house in Palm Beach," Chris' grandfather explained. "We have also included a trust fund which should cover maintenance and taxes."


Finally, I was able to speak. "Why?"


"We are retiring at the end of this school year," Chris' grandmother announced. "We bought a place in La Jolla, California, on a golf course. We thought the two of you and your family would enjoy the house. Of course, you can always sell it if you'd like. Palm Beach might be a little stuffy for a young family."


"Thank you," I finally said. "We love the house, right Chris?"


"Yes," Chris said quietly. "Donny had the best time there. Which leads us to another topic of discussion. Sam?"


"We have a possible situation developing," I said. "We are meeting with Emilie and Edward Sager from Olney. Emilie and Edward are brother and sister. Jeffery Harris LeBlanc will also be joining us and Martin Arnold. Emilie is pregnant and is a senior in high school. Martin is the father of the boys. She is due in June or July. We are considering adopting Emilie and Martin's twin boys."


"I had Emilie in one of my classes last year," my mother said. "I am so, so happy for the two of you. Do you need to tell us something else, Sam?"


"Chris?" I asked.


"We will know more after we have our discussion, but it seems Martin and Emilie have tested HIV positive," Chris explained. "So, Jeffery thought we would be the logical choice of adoptive parents."


"Martin is also African American," I added. "So, we will be adopting biracial twin boys."


"Baby shower," Chris's mother exclaimed. "Congratulations, guys!"




Chris and I both answered the door to the condo in Chicago.


"Jeffery! Philip!" Chris enthused. "It's good to see you again! How was your trip north?"


"Uneventful," Jeffery announced. "I'm happy Philip wanted to drive his truck. After living in San Francisco, I am not used to driving in the snow."


"We are not looking forward to going back to Champaign in two more days," I said. "It will be back to the snow and cold, back to the grindstone, and back to our lives as college students. But, every day, we are getting more and more excited about the boys."


"Uncle Jeffery! Uncle Philip!" Donny greeted our guests as he raced from his room to the entry hall. The dogs were in hot pursuit.


"Hello, Donny," Jeffery said as he picked Donny up. "How were Mickey Mouse and the beach?"


"I got Mickey's autograph. We dug in the sand on the beach. We made sand castles. We swam in the ocean," Donny explained our whole trip on one short blurb. "I want to go back."


"I'll bet you do," Jeffery agreed.


The buzzer sounded again as Jeffery and Philip settled in the living room on the sofas. Jeffery met us in the entry hall to greet Emilie, her brother Edward, and the babies' father Martin.


"Emilie," Jeffery said as he greeted the young girl. "These are the two guys I was telling you and Martin about. This is Sam Williamson and his husband Christopher Williamson. Sam, Chris, this is Emilie Sager and her brother Edward Sager. And, this young man is Martin Arnold."


We all shook hands before we all settled in the living room. Donny wanted a piece of the action.


"This is Donny, our son," I said as I picked Donny up. "Donny, this is Emilie, Edward, and Martin."


By this time the dogs were sitting and looking intently at our new guests.


"Do you like doggies?" Donny asked.


"Yes," Emilie replied.


"This is Lincoln, Roosevelt, and Simon," Donny replied. "Simon sleeps with me and Lincoln and Roosevelt sleep with my daddies."


Philip took Donny from me. "Why don't you show me your Mickey autograph while your daddies talk?"


"Okay," Donny said as he wiggled to the floor. "It's in my room. I have pictures, too."


Donny led Philip to his room. The dogs followed.


Once the six of us were settled in the living room, our discussion began.


"Sam," Emilie began. "I had your mother in my AP English class. I was a little disappointed she decided to take a sabbatical this year."


"She decided she wanted to get her Master's in Creative Writing at Northwestern," I explained. "It's something she always wanted to do. I hear you've been accepted at MIT. Very exciting, I'm certain."


"Yes," Emilie replied. "But, I don't know how I will ever be able to pay for going to school now that my parents have disowned me."


"We'll work on getting the money for college later," Edward added. "We have another issue to resolve first."


"Martin," Jeffery picked up the lead in the discussion. "Do you have any questions for Sam and Chris?"


"I'm a little nervous," Martin admitted. "But, I just wanted to say, I'm sorry about putting Emilie in this situation. I'm the one who really put a major wrinkle in the whole state of affairs."


"There is no reason to apologize for anything, Martin," I said. "We aren't here to blame anyone. We just wanted to have a discussion with you and make certain you would be comfortable with us adopting the boys."


"I'm a bit surprised you want to take responsibility for their health," Martin explained. "Why?"


"Perhaps Sam and I need to tell you something about us," Chris began. "Sam and I met one year ago in September. We started dating, and it didn't take us long to realize we both wanted to be with each other for the rest of our lives. Donny came into our lives last spring because of an ironic turn of events with our three dogs. We were married last summer. We live a comfortable life. We have this condo and we own another one in Champaign where we go to school. Sam is a sophomore. I am a senior. I am planning on going to graduate school while Sam finishes his undergrad degree. We have often talked about adopting more kids. When Jeffery told us about your situation, we agreed to consider adopting the boys. We are familiar with the health challenges we might face, but we are more than willing to take them. We believe we could give them a loving, caring, and stable home. Do you have other questions, Martin?"


"I just want them to be well taken care of and loved," Martin replied. "I hope someday to be in your position. But, you both seem so mature to be so young."


"Neither Chris nor I would change anything in our lives right now," I said. "Yes, we could be living a lavish lifestyle involving world travel and wild parties, but we love our life with each other, with Donny, and, if God is willing, with two more little guys."


"Do you have any questions, Emilie?" Jeffery asked.


"Not really a question," Emilie began. "Just promise me you will raise the boys to be kind, gentle, and upstanding people. I know your family, Sam, and I hope they become as community-focused as your parents, grandparents, and other family members."


"You have our word, Emilie," I said. "Chris's family is much like mine. None of us sit by and let things happen to other people. We're doers."


"I might add a couple of other items," Jeffery began. "Sam and Chris are the founding forces behind an organization here in Chicago called Home Front. The organization provides help to homeless gay youth in the Chicago area. They also sit on the board of directors of the Washington Family Foundation which funds various projects throughout the country."


"How did you manage to do all of this before you finished college?" Edward asked.


"We were in the right place at the right time," Chris replied.




"Who should know about our plans?" I asked Chris after we were back in the condo at school. Donny was taking a nap with the dogs


"Parents and grandparents already know," Chris suggested. "When do you want to tell our friends?"


"Tomorrow at lunch after the gym?" I asked.


"We get most of them informed at one sitting," Chris said with a smile. "Donny?"


"He should be part of the excitement," I replied. "But, we need to caution him we might face some obstacles. I believe you and I would be just as devastated as Donny if something goes wrong."


"Yup," Chris said. "There is also the issue of names and a puppy."


"Names I can handle," I replied. "Puppy is another story."


"Have you become anti-dog?" Chris asked.


"I love our dogs," I said. "But, another one will lead to mayhem. Besides, when do we add a puppy to the mix?"


"Summer. Do we need a house?" Chris asked.


"House?" I repeated. "You are now talking about a house? What brought this on?"


"Space," Chris replied. "We only have three bedrooms here at school. We will have three kids and three dogs... four dogs. I saw a for sale sign in front of a house around the corner."


"Christopher," I began. "Please tell me you haven't made an offer on the house."


"I haven't made an offer on the house," Chris said with a smile. "However, I did make an appointment to see it tomorrow afternoon at 3 pm."


"Chris," I continued. "We will only have one kid and three dogs until this summer. Why would we buy a house now?"


"I understand it needs work," Chris explained. "An older couple own it. They are moving to California to be near their son and grandchildren. It has five bedrooms, four bathrooms, and is about 5,000 square feet of living space... more if you count the finished basement. It also has a fenced in back yard. We could just let the dogs out in the back."


"How much?" I asked.


"It's listed at $329,000," Chris explained.


"What do we do with this place?" I asked.


"Rent it out or sell it," Chris replied. "Or, we could throw the guys out of the place next door and combine the two units into one."




We were at our pasta place near campus after the gym.


"Guys," Chris began. "We have some news we would like to share with you."


"You're getting divorced?" Luke asked.


"No," Chris continued. "We have agreed to adopt twin boys who will be born in late June or early July."


Everyone in the group stopped eating and looked at both of us without saying a word.


"Did you catch a virus that causes dementia while you were in Florida?" Sawyer asked. He was still staring at us.


"Baby shower," Sean almost whispered. "We need to plan a baby shower."


"We didn't even know you were in the market for twin boys," Glen added. "How?"


Chris and I explained the situation with Emilie and Martin.


"Only the two of you could pull this off," Luke added. "Your three dogs find a kid in the bushes who becomes your first kid. You almost get blown up by the kid's escaped convict father. Now, you are adopting twin boys who are biracial. Are you getting another brother for the dogs or will it be brothers?"


"The dog part is still undecided," I replied.


"We are looking at a house around the corner from the condo this afternoon at 3 pm," Chris said.


"When do you buy a minivan?" Harvey asked.


"There will not be a minivan in our future, Harvey," I explained.


"Baby shower," Sean said again. "When do we host a baby shower? We can hire a band. Dance until midnight."


"Sean, honey," Luke interrupted. "You do not have a band and dancing at a baby shower."


"Oh!" Sean replied. "I got a little mixed up."


"Names," Sawyer said. "Have you thought of names?"


"Not yet," I replied. "We have six months to plan for the names and other items."


"What about grad school, Chris?" Glen asked.


"I haven't been accepted yet," Chris replied. "We still need to decide on some parameters with the addition of the twins. Do I delay grad school or do we hire a nanny?"


"Chris," Luke began. "I can't see you as a stay at home dad. It's just so not you!"


"I'm adaptable," Chris explained. "I can do many things, including being a stay at home dad if necessary."


"This house," Harvey said. "What's it like?"


"Five bedrooms, four bathrooms," Chris replied. "It's about 5,000 square feet. I was told it needs updating. We'll let you know after we see it this afternoon."


"Why do I get the feeling there is something you are not telling us, Chris?" Luke asked.


"What do you mean?" Chris answered Luke's question with another question.


"Why were you on the short list of potential adoptive parents?" Luke asked.


"There is a health issue with the twins," Chris replied.


"And, you can pay the medical expenses of the mother," Luke added.


"Yup," Chris replied.


We continued to talk with the group about topics other than the twins and the house until it was time to leave for our appointment to see the house.


"We need to run, guys," I said. "We need to pick up Donny before we look at the house."


"Take pictures," Luke suggested. "We want to know what your manor house will look like before we visit."


"We will," Chris assured the group. "We will show them to you to make certain you approve before we make an offer."


As we walked back to the condo, Chris was silent.


"Is something wrong, Chris?" I asked.


"No," Chris began. "I was just thinking about our lives. Who would believe a year and a half ago we would be looking at a house for our three kids and three dogs?"


"I know," I said. "But, would you change anything?"


"Nope," Chris said with a smile. "Not a thing. We have each other. We have a terrific four year old boy. We are about to adopt twins. And, we are looking at a house. I would not change anything."


"I didn't think so," I said as I grabbed Chris's hand. "I wouldn't either."


When we arrived at the condo, Donny was chasing the dogs around the living room. Mrs. Graham was smiling broadly.


"Is there something we should know?" Chris asked.


"No," Mrs. Graham replied. "Donny is trying to find his shoe. Apparently, the dogs hid one of them. They are not cooperating either."


"Try our bedroom," Chris suggested. "The dogs use it as a shoe depository."


Donny stopped chasing the dogs and ran to our bedroom. When he returned, he had his shoe.


"So, are you ready to go see a house, Donny?" I asked.


"Why?" Donny asked.


"We might move into it," Chris replied.


"Goodie," Donny exclaimed. "The doggies want a back yard to play in."


"How do you know this?" I asked.


"Simon told me," Donny replied. "Are they coming, too?"


"No," Chris said. "Just the three of us. We are meeting our real estate agent at the house in a few minutes. So, get your coat."


Donny grabbed his coat from the rack and stood while Chris helped put it on.


"We will see you tomorrow morning, Mrs. Graham," I said as we left to see the house.


We arrived at the house to find our real estate agent standing outside on the front porch.


"Good afternoon! You must be Sam," the man said to me. "I'm Harry Donovan. I helped Chris buy his condo."


"It's good to meet you, Harry," I said.


"This is our son, Donny," Chris said.


"Hello, Donny," Harry said to Donny as he leaned down to Donny's level. "I hope you like the house."


"I do too," Donny said. "The doggies told me they wanted a yard to play in. So, that's why we are here."


"We have three border collies," Chris explained. "The oldest one appears to have a direct line of communication with Donny."


"I see," Harry said as he stood. "Shall we start our tour?"


As Harry opened the front door, he started his sales pitch. "As I told you over the phone, Chris, the place needs some updating. But, the bones of the house are in perfect working order. The roof is only two years old. The HVAC system is one year old. Most of the floors on the first level are hardwood or tile. This entry hall extends to the back of the house as you can see. The first room on your right is the formal living area. It is quite spacious."


"It is cheery, but a little on the dark side," I said.


"It needs bigger windows," Chris added. "Plus, it will look a lot different if it were not painted such a dark color."


"The furniture is a little heavy, don't you think?" I asked.


"We will probably be raiding your parents' attic again," Chris said.


We followed Harry out to the entry hall and into another room. "This is the formal dining room. It is almost as big as the living room."


"And, just as dark," I said.


Harry was not deterred as he led us into the kitchen. "The owners haven't done much with the kitchen in several years.


"Gut rehab," Chris said as he surveyed the room. He looked from the kitchen to the family room. "Why are there so many walls in this space? It should be one huge open space. Are any of these walls load-bearing?"


"I can check," Harry said as he made a note on his tablet. "The family room has a door to the three-car garage."


"The paneling needs to go," I said. "Even my parents' home built over 100 years ago is not as dark as this place."


"Removing the drapes will help," Chris suggested.


"Now, why don't we look at the first floor bedroom suite," Harry suggested as he led us to the front part of the entry all and opened a door opposite the living room. "This and the master bedroom upstairs are exact copies."


"This room is actually fairly bright and roomy," I said.


"It also features an extra-large bathroom and a walk in closet," Harry explained.


"It needs updating, but it's a terrific space," Chris said as we entered the bathroom. "I like the separate shower and bathtub."


"Two sinks," I said as we continued to wonder around.


"Let's take a look upstairs," Harry said as we were back in the entry hall before heading upstairs.


"Carpets need to go," I said as Harry led us into the other bedroom which could serve as a master bedroom. It was, indeed, an exact duplicate of the room downstairs. The other three bedrooms were large. One had its own bathroom. The other two shared a bath.


Once we finished looking at the house, Harry took us to Starbucks to talk.


"So, what did you think, guys?" Harry asked.


"It needs work," Chris replied. "However, we will only be in it probably two years. So, we could live with most of it."


"If we paid the asking price and then added another $200 thousand in renovations, could we get our money out of the house when we were ready to sell?" I asked.


"I can look into other homes in the area which have undergone similar renovations more thoroughly," Harry said. "However, I know one just down the street which was basically gut rehabbed sold last month for a little over $900 thousand. If the house had been further out of town, it would have sold for about $600 thousand. So, yes, I think you could get your money out of it."


"Can we get our contractor, Tom, into see the house before we make an offer?" Chris asked.


"Yes, of course," Harry said. "When can you and he go through the house again?"


"Let me ask," Chris said as he pulled out his phone. "Tom! This is Chris Williamson. Sam and I are looking at a house around the corner from our condo. We'd like you to see it and let us know what you think about the renovations we want. Are you free Thursday afternoon around 3 pm?"


"Good," Chris said. "I'll e-mail you the address once we finish with the real estate agent."


"How is Thursday at 3 pm, Harry?" Chris asked.


"Works for me," Harry agreed.


"Should we make an offer pending a review with our contractor?" Chris asked.


"And, pending approval of a mortgage," Harry said.


"There won't be a mortgage," I said. "What should we offer?"


"They would be happy, I think, with a $300 thousand cash offer," Harry replied.


"Then, do it," Chris suggested.


"Give me a few minutes," Harry said as he pulled out his laptop and began the process.


As Harry prepared the offer, we turned our attention to Donny. "So, Donny," I asked. "What did you think of the house?"


"The doggies will like the back yard," Donny said. "Will I share the bathroom with my brothers?"


"Do you want to?" I asked.


"Of course," Donny replied. "Can I have a room like mine now?"


"Sure," Chris said. "You aren't getting tired of the cowboy look?"


"Nope," Donny answered. "What about a brother for the doggies?"


"Once we get your brothers settled into living with us, we will talk about getting the dogs a brother," I said.


"Brothers," Donny said.


"Brothers?" I asked.


"If I get two brothers, the doggies will want two brothers," Donny replied.


"Help me out here, Chris!" I almost shouted.


"Why don't you and Simon talk about how many brothers the dogs want," Chris suggested. "Maybe they will be happy with one brother."


"I'll ask," Donny replied.


Harry returned from his talk with the current owners. "It looks like you've bought a house pending review with your contractor."


"Terrific," Chris enthused.



We closed on the house March 1st. Tom began ripping out walls on March 2nd. March 19th Spring break began along with a round of doctor's appointments for Donny and meetings with Emilie, Devon Wright, and a host of others.


We were sitting at the kitchen island on Friday evening. Dinner was finished. Donny was tucked away in bed. Chris and I were sipping our first double vodka on the rocks of the evening.


"I'm exhausted," Chris finally said. "We've been on spring break for a week. It seems like months. I can't wait to get back to school."


"I know," I added. "At least Donny is healthy. The twins are doing as expected. Emilie is happy."


"Now, we need to think about a dog," Chris suggested.


"We are talking only one dog, correct?" I asked.


"I will let you make the decision about one dog or two," Chris replied.


"Gee thanks, Chris," I said. "When we go dog shopping, we will take Donny, the twins, Lincoln, Roosevelt, and Simon. They will make the dog decision."


"What if there are four puppies to choose from?" Chris asked.


"We will NOT be bringing home four puppies," I exclaimed. "Tell Pat to pick out two who will be similar in temperament to the three we already have. That way we will have no surprises."


"We need an equal number of dogs to people," Chris said. "We each have a dog to call our own."


"Which one is yours?" I asked.


"Roosevelt," Chris replied. "He and I had a nice long chat a few days ago about our mutual interests. Roosevelt told me Lincoln has a dog crush on you."


"A dog crush?" I asked.


"He likes to look at your naked body," Chris said. "He and I are a lot alike in that respect."


"I like to look at his naked body, too," I said with a smile. "He's one hot little dog."


"You're hotter," Chris said.


"Ready for bed?" I asked.


"No," Chris replied. "I want to look at your naked body. Then, we can go to bed where I will proceed to do obscene things involving some of your body parts."


="How about another drink to get us in the mood?" I asked as I kissed Chris.


"Do you want to bet on what body parts I will choose?" Chris asked as he began adding more ice and vodka to our empty glasses.


"No," I replied. "Surprise me."


"Should we take the upstairs bedroom or the one downstairs for our master?" Chris asked out of the blue.


"I assume upstairs so we can be close to the kids," I replied.


"What about sex?" Chris asked.


"What about it?" I asked.


"We will need to be quiet if we are upstairs," Chris explained.


"Maybe we can have a sex room downstairs in the basement," I thought out loud.


"Brilliant idea, Sam!" Chris enthused.



To be continued...


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