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Sam and Chris



"Ready for bed?" I asked.


"No," Chris replied. "I want to look at your naked body. Then, we can go to bed where I will proceed to do obscene things involving some of your body parts."


"How about another drink to get us in the mood?" I asked as I kissed Chris.


"Do you want to bet on what body parts I will choose?" Chris asked as he began adding more ice and vodka to our empty glasses.


"No," I replied. "Surprise me."


"Should we take the upstairs bedroom or the one downstairs for our master?" Chris asked out of the blue.


"I assume upstairs so we can be close to the kids," I replied.


"What about sex?" Chris asked.


"What about it?" I asked.


"We will need to be quiet if we are upstairs," Chris explained.


"Maybe we can have a sex room downstairs in the basement," I thought out loud.


"Brilliant idea, Sam!" Chris enthused.


Chapter 56: Graduate School, Baby Showers, and Final Exams


I was putting my things away after our first day of class. Spring Break was history.


"Sam!" Chris almost screamed as he hurried into the condo. "Sam! I got a letter from the graduate school of music!"


"What does it say, Chris?" I asked.


"I don't know," Chris said excitedly. "I haven't opened it. What if they rejected me?"


"Chris," I said. "Calm down. Why would they reject you?"


"I'm not good enough," Chris said. "Can you open it and let me down easily?"


"No, Chris," I said. "Sit. We will open it together. I have every confidence they have accepted you into grad school."


Chris ripped the envelope open and pulled out the letter and packet. "I'm in! They accepted me! Sam! I'm going to graduate school!"


I leaned over and kissed him. "I told you that you would get in."


Donny came running into the room where we were standing. "Daddy! What's wrong?"


Chris picked Donny up and hugged him tightly. "Nothing, Donny! I am accepted into the graduate school of music."


"Goodie, Daddy!" Donny said happily. "They had to accept you after I wrote you a letter of rec... rec..."


"Rec-com-men-da-shun," I helped Donny with pronunciation.


"Rec-com-men-da-shun," Donny said.


"We need to celebrate," I said. "What do you want to do? Go out for dinner? Invite friends in? Have a quiet dinner at home?"


"Quiet dinner at home," Chris said as he added me to the hug fest. "Why don't we order in?"


"I could grab something at Whole Foods," I offered. "I would offer to cook, but I don't think we are ready for my cooking just yet."


"We could do something together," Chris suggested.


"You have phone calls to make, Chris," I replied. "Your mother. Your grandparents. My parents."


"Let's walk the dogs before I start calling," Chris suggested. "We can stop and see the progress of the house. Tom wants us to make some decisions about the kitchen."


"Okay," I said. "Let's get this dog and pony show on the road."


"Daddy?" Donny asked.


"Yes," I replied.


"Can we get a pony, too?" Donny asked.


"Oops," I said. "Not in town. You need to have a home in the country to have a pony."


"Okay," Donny said as I helped get his coat on.


"We are ready," I said.


"Can we go see Mabel sometime, Daddy?" Donny asked


"Ahm... Sure," I replied. "We will need to make certain your grandmother and grandfather are at home in the country."


"Okay," Donny said.


As we started out on our trek, Chris warned me about the house. "Don't get upset when you see the house. The first floor has essentially been knocked down. The new dry wall will start going up as soon as the electricians are finished with the wiring and the plumbers have the pipes roughed in."


"In other words, it is a mess," I replied.


"Sort of," Chris admitted.


When we approached the house, I immediately noticed all of the new windows. "This place looks terrific with the new windows."


"It does, doesn't it," Chris agreed as we stood on the front porch before we went in.


"Holy sh... cow!" I exclaimed as we walked in. "This place seems huge without the walls."


"It will look even better after a couple of more months," Tom said. He was carrying some plans. "I'll give you a tour and then we can look at the kitchen plans."


"You can see the whole place from here," I said.


"We've gotten rid of all the downstairs walls," Tom continued. "The electricians and plumbers will finish next week. Then, we will get onto the fun part of putting up new dry wall. You will really notice the difference. The crews are also working on updating the bathrooms. The carpets are all taken out. You will need to make some choices on tiles and other items for the bathrooms. Let's go upstairs."


When we were at the top of the stairs, I was amazed at how clean the place looked. "For a bunch of construction workers, you are a pretty clean crew. Everything is spotless," Chris enthused.


"It's the way I work," Tom explained. "I can't stand a dirty workplace. For the master bath shower, I think we need to do in custom tile because of the shower setup you want. For the other two ensuite bathrooms, we can get away with pre-built enclosures. We can talk about specifics next week for this part. However, we need to make some basic decisions about the kitchen so we can have the cabinets custom built. Shall we head downstairs?"


"Lead the way," Chris replied.


"Notice the tape on the floor," Tom began as we stood in the kitchen area. He unfolded the plans for the kitchen on a work table. "These are some renderings of the completed kitchen. The kitchen designer did an outstanding job. I think you will both be extremely happy with his plans."


Tom showed us the renderings of the finished kitchen.


"Holy sh... cow," Chris exclaimed. "This is beautiful! I love the choice of colors. The blue accents look terrific against the white cabinets. What's this over here?"


"It's a combination wine storage and pantry," Tom explained. "We could put in another sink and dishwasher to cover yourself with large gatherings. Not only do you have a wine cooler, you also have tons of room to store serving pieces, cooking supplies, and other items. By having such a large pantry, the kitchen is less cluttered and sleeker. You can see the outline of the cabinets and appliances where the tape is on the floor. Naturally, the new window looking out to the back yard brings the whole space together. What do you think?"


"I think after we finish school, we will want to put this house on a truck and move it to Chicago," I suggested. "How much will this cost us?"


"If you do the Wolf range, Subzero fridge, and drawer dishwasher system, the designer is estimating about $120 thousand," Tom replied.


"Oh!" I said. "We were trying to keep the renovations under $200 thousand."


"Do the math, Sam," Tom added. "You bought the place for $300 thousand. You can probably sell the place when you are out of school for over $900 thousand. So, if you put in $300 thousand to renovate the place, you'd still make at least $300 thousand."


"He's right, Sam," Chris interjected. "This is not a time when we do things on the cheap."


"Can we do all of this, including a $120 thousand kitchen, for $300 thousand?" I asked.


"Probably around $275 thousand," Tom replied.


"I see Chris drooling over the kitchen," I said with a smile. "So, if Chris is drooling, we will be spending."


"So, you've heard it from the master," Chris said. "Do the kitchen. Any other pressing items?


"Nope," Tom replied. "We've got it covered for the next week at least."


"Good," I said. "We have dogs to walk and dinner to eat before we put the little one to bed."


"I'm not little, daddy," Donny reprimanded me. "I'm four now."


"Okay," I replied. "You're not little anymore."


"They grow up quickly," Tom said. "All too quickly."


"We've noticed," Chris said as we exited the house to finish our dog walking.


When we returned from our walk around the block, the dogs were eying us intently.


"They are hungry, daddies," Donny explained. "They need to be fed. I'm hungry, too, but you'd better feed them first."


"Okay," I said as I grabbed the dog food. "It makes it easier to feed these little monsters now that they are all eating the same food."


"Have you noticed they are eating us out of house and home?" Chris asked. "We should talk to the vet to make certain they aren't obese."


Three dogs stared at us. Their tails were not wagging.


"Sorry guys," Chris apologized. "I didn't mean to call you obese. It just slipped out."


The three dogs stopped staring at us and began finishing off their food.


"Now, it is our turn," Chris said as he shoved dinner into the oven.


I put Donny on the counter of the kitchen island. He likes to be on top of things.


"What are we going to name my brothers?" Donny asked.


"I don't know," I said. "Any suggestions?"


"Winthrop and Wallaby," Donny suggested.


"Where did you hear those names?" I asked.


"Mrs. Graham read me a story about Winthrop the Rabbit and Wallaby the Kangaroo," Donny explained. "They were in search of animals in the forest to help. They helped two birdies build a nest. Then they helped a snake who had lost his mommy. That's as far as we've gotten."


"We will put those two on the list," I said. How about Mathew and Joshua?"


"Too biblical," Chris replied.


"We would call them Mat and Josh," I countered.


"Alastair?" Chris added. "Alastair and Andrew."


"Has merit," I said as I recorded all of the names.


"What about the names for the doggie's brothers?" Donny asked.


"We could name the dogs Winthrop and Wallaby," Chris suggested


"Let's settle on names for your brothers before we move on to the dogs, okay?" I asked.


"Okay," Donny said as his eyes started drooping.


"It is someone's bedtime," Chris suggested as he scooped Donny off the kitchen island and carried him to his bedroom.


Once we had Donny in bed, Chris and I again sat in front of the kitchen island.


"What should I do about grad school?" Chris asked.


"Go," I replied.


"What about the twins?" Chris asked.


"We can hire a nanny," I replied. "You can't give up on your goals just because we have a family. I'm not and neither will you."


"What if I want to?" Chris again asked.


"Not an option," I replied.


"Spoil sport," Chris said as he leaned in to kiss me.


"Chris?" I began.


"Will you make love to me tonight?" I asked.


He leaned in for another kiss. We both stood as Chris led me to the bedroom. We were both naked in record time.




Time flew by. We watched Tom transform our house. It was an amazing process.


The last Thursday of April, the gym gang devoured food at our pasta place.


"You haven't told us about your plans for the summer," Sawyer said. "Will you be at Home Front again?"


"Not full time," Chris announced. "We have some child-care issues we need to address. We will split up and forage alone every other day. I think we will survive. We may need battle pay, however."


"Have you thought of names yet?" Luke asked.


"Donny wants Winthrop and Wallaby," Chris began. "We are leaning toward Mathew and Joshua."

"How about one being called Luke Sean Williamson?" Luke asked.


"It's not going to happen," Chris interjected. "We thought of Mathew Charles Williamson and Joshua Thomas Williamson."


"I guess Sam's father and your grandfather should get first dibs," Luke acquiesced. "Maybe the next round."


"Next round?" I asked. "This is probably it for kids."


"You never know with you two," Sean suggested. "Like you said earlier. You both are suckers for needy kids and dogs. Shall we take wagers?"


"I wouldn't bet on anything," I cautioned. "It's fifty-fifty! We either do or we don't add another kid to the mix. I do know, however, there will not be an additional dog."


"Then, why is Chris smiling?" Glen asked.


I looked at Chris with squinty eyes, "NO MORE DOGS, CHRIS."


"Yes, Masta'," Chris replied. I knew I was in trouble already.


"Shall we share our news? Harrison asked.


"Sure," Tom said. "Go for it."


"We've both decided to be priests," Harrison said. Fortunately, no one believed it. "Actually, we've set a date to get married. I know it's a long way off, but we promised our parents not to get married until we were out of school. So, plan on Saturday, June 17, 2017."


"Where?" I asked.


"The reception will be at the W Hotel on Lakeshore Drive," Tom explained. "I hope you and Chris don't mind, but we had such a super time there at your wedding."


"We're flattered, guys," Chris responded. "You should hire Henry to help plan it. He knows everyone in the city, especially after our wedding."


"We will consider him," Harrison said. "One other item... well more than one... Chris could you and your merry band of tenors sing at our wedding?"


"I can't speak for them, but I will be there," Chris replied.


"Sam, Sawyer, Glen, Luke, Sean, would you be in our wedding party?" Harrison asked. "We are not naming a best man or groomsmen. Neither would you be on any side in particular."


"I will," I answered.


The others agreed.


"We need to go relieve Mrs. Graham," I suggested.


"We are also going to do another walkthrough of the house," Chris added. "The dogs can come this time and let us know what they think about the back yard."


"Will they be suggesting additional landscaping or just minor improvements to make the back yard more dog-friendly?" Luke asked.


"We won't know until Donny talks with Simon, or Chris has a conversation with Roosevelt," I explained.


"What about Lincoln?" Sean asked.


"Lincoln just wants to jump Sam's bones," Chris said with a smile.


"Stop it, Chris," I said. "Some people might get the idea we are into bestiality."


"Roosevelt told me Lincoln likes to look at Sam's naked body," Chris added.


"I think the three of you are a few bricks short of a load," Sawyer announced. "First it was Simon talking with Donny. Now, it's Roosevelt talking with Chris. Finally, Lincoln is into Sam's body."


"According to Roosevelt," Chris explained. "He told me in the strictest of confidence."


As we walked home, I brought up the subject of names. "It was very nice to add my father's name and your grandfather's name as middle names."


"Do you like the idea?" Chris asked.


"It would be great," I said.


"It's sort of like the Tenors song `A New Day's Begun' on the Under One Sky album," Chris suggested.


"That's beautiful thought, Chris," I said as I grabbed him by the arm as we continued to walk home. "You know, Chris, I have decided your gift is giving people the music they need during an appropriate time in their lives. Just like you decided to do `You Raise Me Up' at Johnathan's father's funeral in Olney. And, then, the one you sang `Angels Calling' from the Tenors Under One Sky album to someone you didn't even know who was crying in Lincoln Lark last summer because he had lost his partner of 45 years. You give so much to the world and the people in it with your voice and your empathy, creativity, and talent."


"Thanks, Sammie," Chris said with a smile. "That's one of the nicest things anyone has said to me about why I am so enamored with music. Maybe you, Donny, Mathew, and Joshua will be inspiration for some of my other songs."


"What about Lincoln, Roosevelt, Simon, Winthrop and Wallaby?" I asked.


"'Dog Days of Summer as Told by Simon,'" Chris said as we met Tom on the front porch. "So, Tommie, show us your magic!"


"Let's go around back and see how the dogs like their new space," Tom suggested as he led the way to the back along the outside of the house. He opened the new white gate of the new white dog proof fence. "We will need some landscaping back here, but I don't think these three will mind."


When we unhooked their leashes, Simon took off at a dead run with Lincoln and Roosevelt right behind him. They circled the back yard about four times before coming to a stop in the middle of the lawn and began to play with one another's. One tail chasing another. Around, around, around they go.


"Let's go inside," Tom suggested as he led us into the back door. It opened to an interesting mud room. "We kept this so you could dry off wet dogs and drop your snow covered boots. It also connects to the three car garage. Now, let us continue."


We walked into the family room which was now completely re-dry walled with a French door to the outside.


"After we get the inside finished," Tom began. "We can add a deck out back. We can talk about the deck later. Over here is our kitchen area. The cabinets should be here in three more weeks, and then the real eye popper will make this place come alive. Let's go upstairs to see the work on the bedrooms and bathrooms."


We entered our bedroom. It was stunning.


"This room is essentially finished," Tom explained. "We need to finish putting in the vanity and fixtures in your bathroom.


"I love this," I said. "We need to visit my parents' attic post haste."


"Once we furnish this house," Chris began. "I don't think there will be much left."


"My parents will be ecstatic," I replied.


"Your bathroom is coming along," Tom said as we walked into the bathroom. The tile in the shower had been laid. There was not vanity or fixtures. The place looked huge. "What do you think?"


"I'm excited," Chris responded. "Sam?"


"I'm excited, too," I said. "I love the color of the tiles. And, Chris the shower is bigger than the one in Chicago!"


"What plans do you have for this shower?" Tom asked.


"We'll let you know once we have discussed it," Chris replied.


"Okay," Tom replied. "Let's look at the other bedrooms.


"So, what do you think, Donny?" I asked.


"Horses, cowboys, and cows!" Donny exclaimed.


"We will move the furniture from your room in the condo into here," Chris suggested. "Is that okay with you?"


"Yes, Daddy," Donny replied.


"This is the bathroom Donny and the twins will share," Tom said as we walked into the Jack and Jill bathroom.


It was complete with a separate shower, bath tub, toilet, and triple vanity. The vanity had pull out steps to help Donny and his brothers reach the sinks.


"I hope you don't mind," Tom explained. "But I took the liberty of taking part of a closet in each room to make the space bigger. They will still have one walk in closet apiece."


The fourth bedroom was also complete, including the attached bath.


"You've done a great job, Tom," Chris said. "This is an amazing transformation."


"Thanks," Tom said. "We should be finished with the inside by the end of July. The outside, including the front and back decks along with the landscaping will be done by the time you start school in August."


Three dogs scampered up the stairs.


"How did they get in?" I asked.


"I put in a dog door in the back," Tom said. "You can lock it when you want. They are quick learners."


"They are take charge dogs," I said. "Now, we should head back. We still need to eat dinner and get you-know-who put to bed."


"Thanks, Tom," Chris said, "for all of you hard work. It is amazing what you have accomplished in such a short time."


"We will have a lot of finishing touches to complete outside," Tom said. "But, I assure you, you will be able to move in before school starts next August."


We returned to the condo. Chris fixed dinner while I gave Donny a bath. As we were eating, my phone began to ring.


"Good evening, Randy," I said as I put the phone on speaker.


"Good evening, Sam," Randy said. "Is Chris there?"


"Yup," I replied. "The phone is on speakerphone. What's up?"


"I have some news for you," Randy began his explanation. "There are two bits of news. One, there is a foundation out of Colorado who wants to take HomeFront concept into Denver. They want to speak to the three of us sometime in June. They will provide the funding, but are interested in partnering with us because of your reputation around the country. What do you think?"


"We are flattered, Randy," I said. "How do we separate responsibilities and funding?"


"I talked to our attorney," Randy replied. "He suggested we move HomeFront up a notch and call it HomeFront USA. The others could be HomeFront Chicago and HomeFront Denver."


"You, naturally, would move up to HomeFront USA," I said.


"Not going to happen," Randy said. "I'm having too much fun here. I am happier working here than anywhere else in my life. I'm not leaving."


"Who then?" Chris asked.


"I was thinking about your father, Sam," Randy explained. "Charles in an astute business person. If he can run a 5,000 acre farm, he can run a multi-city nonprofit group. Do you think he would be willing, Sam?"


"I can ask, Randy," I replied. "I think he is somewhat bored with his consulting business. He might jump at the idea. And, my mother has definitely decided she will not be teaching anymore. She wants to write. I will call him tomorrow. I don't have class until 11 am. It's best to spring something like this on him in the morning."


"Good," Randy said. "The second item of business is also involving HomeFront and could be a terrific opportunity to spread the word about our work here."


"Why do I think this involves us?" I asked.


"The Mayor of Chicago wants to award this year's Chicago Humanitarian of the Year Award to the two of you in an event in August," Randy blurted out.


"What?" I exclaimed. "After our initial press conference, I vowed never to do anything public again. I am sticking to my guns. Why not you, Randy?"


"Not going to work, Sam," Peter explained. "The spokeswoman for the mayor is adamant she wants the two of you. You are college students. You helped change the state of homelessness for gay youth in this city. It was your vision. It was your planning. It was your enthusiasm. It will be the two of you... Please guys?"


"It there something you are not telling us, Randy?" I asked.


"I already told her you would be honored to accept the award," Randy replied. "There will be a press release sent to all of the media. It's probably already been released."


"Sam," Chris began. "It's the least we can do. Randy is right. We need to spread the word. Remember what Jeffery told us about his work in San Francisco. We can't let these kids down. You could be helping hundreds of gay homeless kids throughout the country."


"You mean `we,' Chris," I said.


"No," Chris replied. "You. It was your idea. Your persistence. Your vision. It should be you."


"I've already committed the two of you," Randy said. "You can explain to people at the award ceremony it was Sam who started the project, but you supported his every effort. This is for the two of you. Think `Role Model,' guys."


"May I think about this award thing, Randy?" I asked.


"Yes," Randy said. "But you WILL BE the Chicago Humanitarian of the Year Awardees regardless of your decision."


"You are a slave driver, Randy," I said. "Okay! We will do it. I am agreeing to this because of the concept of HomeFront NOT us. I will make my thoughts known immediately following the announcement."


"Okay, Sam, Chris," Randy replied. "This could be an exciting time for the organization and homeless gay youth across the country."


"I agree," I said. "The program's success is directly linked to your enthusiasm, perseverance, and creativity, Randy. Chris and I just pushed little money at the problem. You did the work."


"Thank for the kind words, Sam," Randy said. "I'll let you get back to your evening routine."


"Talk soon, Randy," I said as I hung up the phone.


"What's humani... humanit... humanity, Daddy?" Donny asked.


"Humanitarian," Chris corrected Donny's pronunciation. "It is a person who promotes helping others. You need to be very proud of what your Daddy Sam has accomplished in the last few years. We can talk about it later, dude. Now, we need to get you ready for bed."


"Okay, dude," Donny said as Chris picked him off the island counter.


"I'll clean up the kitchen," I said. "I'll be in to say good night before you are asleep, Donny."


"Okay, Daddy," Donny added.


Chris and I returned to the kitchen island after Donny was officially asleep with three dogs.


"Don't be mad at Randy, Sam," Chris said to me. "He is right, you know. It will help HomeFront if we accept this award. All of the publicity we can get will be helpful to the cause."


"I know," I replied. "But, I am not looking forward to public appearances."


"We can hire a publicist to the help with HomeFront business," Chris said. "I can talk to my grandfather about good ones whom we can put on retainer."


"Sounds like a plan," I replied as I kissed Chris, grabbed his hand, and led him to our bedroom.




"Dad," I said as my father answered the phone.


"What can I do for you this early in the morning?" my father asked.


"I have a couple of questions for you, Dad," I began. "What are your plans career-wise after Mom finishes her degree?"


"I haven't give it much thought," my father replied. "I've been doing a little consulting with the organic food industry, but I am getting bored. Why?"


I explained the Denver situation and forming a US holding organization for regional ones.


"How would you like to run HomeFront USA?" I asked.


"Me?" My father asked in surprise. "Why me? I haven't the foggiest idea about how to run a nonprofit organization."


"Randy, Chris, and I disagree, Dad," I continued. "You ran a 5,000 acre farm for Christ sake. You've been on the Board of the church for as long as I can remember, served in leadership capacities for several causes in the community."


"But, nothing this big!" My father countered.


"Dad if you can run the farm, you can run a nonprofit organization," I explained.


"Where would this organization be located?" my father asked. "Your mother and I are looking forward to moving back to Olney and our simple life there."


"Dad," I said. "You would be in charge. You can put it anywhere you want to put it. Build an office beside the house if you want. We don't really care."


"Let me talk to your mother about this," my father suggested. "When do you need to know?"


"It is not super urgent, but the Denver group wants to meet with us in June," I explained. "You could be the pro-temp leader at least."


"I'll let you know soon, Sam," my father said. "Anything else I should know about?"


"One last item," I said as I explained the Chicago Humanitarian of the Year Award and why we were accepting it.


"Exciting news, Sam," my father enthused. "Not only will it help the organization, you and Chris deserve the credit. You are two remarkable young men. I am proud of both of you."


"Thanks Dad," I said. "I have to run off to class. We can talk after you've discussed your idea with Mom."


"Thanks, Sam," my father said as we ended the call.




Chris's mother and I conspired to honor Chris' graduation from college. We decided to have it in the back yard of our unfinished house. Tom cleared the back yard of any debris. Henry volunteered to do the food and planning.


Tom supervised the tent installation and preliminary setup. We changed our dog walking pattern to eliminate the house the last few days before his graduation and celebration. We managed to pare the guest list down to 100 people. Good thing our back lawn was extra-large.


After the ceremony, Chris, Donny, and I walked from the venue for the School of Music and Theater Studies. I told him we were going by the house for a look around before heading off to lunch with our parents and grandparents.


Tom met us on the front porch, "Congratulations, Chris!"


"Thanks, Tom," Chris replied. "It feels good to have my undergrad degree under my belt."


"Let's start our tour from the back," Tom said as he led us to the back gate.


When Tom opened the back gate, every one yelled, "Congratulations!"


"You are devious, Sam," Chris said as he kissed me on the cheek.


"Your mother helped," I explained as she walked to where Chris was standing and pulled him into a hug.


"I am so, so proud of you, Chris," Chris's mother said wiping away the tears. "My little boy has grown up to be a fine young man. You will do good things, Christopher. I can feel it."


"Thanks, Mom," Chris said. He was a little teary eyed himself. "You gave me the inspiration and courage to do all of this. I will forever be grateful for your support."


Chris turned his attention to the guests, "Thank you for coming. I really didn't expect this many people to really care. But, I am grateful you do care. I want to thank my mother and my grandparents for giving me the opportunity to accomplish this goal. I also want to thank Sam's parents and other family members who have given both of us the love and support to move forward with our lives. And, as most of you know, I am not a church going dude for the most part, but I want to say, `Thank God I met Sam and that Donny came into our lives. I hope you also share our excitement about our adoption of twin boys in late-June or early-July. It all seems like a dream, but I am certain, when we have to newborns to care for, we will wake up to the reality of being fathers once again. Thank you to you all for everything you've done to help me—and Sam—with our lives so far."


To be continued...



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